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Unfold — Create Stories

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  • Current Version: 3.9.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Unfold Creative
  • Compatibility: Android
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Unfold — Create Stories App

Features: · Templates 25 templates + 75 premium templates. Find the collection that fits your style. · Fonts 5 fonts + advanced text tools. Set the mood of your story. · Photo & Video Support We support photo and video media. Tell your story how you want to. · High Quality Export Export your stories in high resolution for seamless sharing to other platforms. · No Account Required Just download Unfold and start creating stories. No strings attached. Thanks for creating with Unfold! We love hearing your ideas and feedback. Email us at [email protected] or DM us on Instagram at @unfold.

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Unfold — Create Stories app reviews

  • Pages do not save proportionally 1/5

    By Mwe1106
    Just downloaded the app and first time using it. I created a really awesome looking story for an event I’m having today and when I saved the pages to post, the text was all on top of the images where it wasn’t supposed to be. Tried moving text down and saving again, didn’t solve the problem.
  • love this app! 5/5

    By jayy_anya
    this app is great, i love the templates and the ones that you pay for are so worth it!
  • Great app 4/5

    By soma17
    Use it on the reg, but would love a simple “blank page” template to add photo and text as I like instead being constrained to the templates.
  • Missing Template 3/5

    By Wheremytemplateat
    I realized some templates are missing. E.g. the purple polaroid from the Tommy Hilfiger pack. I was just using it few days ago but now I can’t find it
  • love this except one thing 4/5

    By jessdawnh
    I love this app! The one thing I cannot figure out is how to rotate/tilt the text box. Is that possible at all? I would love to have the option to not have the text perfectly lined up all the time.
  • Love this app! More fonts Plz 4/5

    By Girl Foodie
    Love this app!! Excited and hopeful for more fonts that can be added...
  • Unfold App 5/5

    By elizabeth krause
  • Would give it 5 if..... 4/5

    By Syv94
    First of, I love it’s simple and minimalistic design. It definitely changed my insta story game. However, I think it would also be nice if you could change the orientation of the text. Since if the text is horizontal on a template, you can’t rotate it to an angle or change it from horizontal to a vertical orientation. I wish I could modify it.
  • Abbas shirzad 5/5

    By Afghanistan abbasshrzad
    Very nice 💯💯💯💯💯💯
  • Is perfect!!! 5/5

    By browtifulmel
    what I was looking for
  • Love it BUT 4/5

    By Sk0rpia
    I love this app because it makes my IG stories less boring , BUT I would LOOOOVE LOVE LOVE IT if you guys can let us add gifs PLEASEEEE. I love an animated background but I don’t want to record my whole screen just to get that feature ! So please support our GIFS \(^.^)/
  • Almost Perfect 3/5

    By Vivaladiamond
    In the last update you can’t purchase the new template pack. There’s an error. Also, the Unfold parts in the pack should be optional if they’re not. You don’t want to have a branded template pack you paid for. You should be able to customize the window text. Speaking of text the way you’re able to move text bubbles is still glitchy. Like Instagram stories it should be easier to move them around wherever you want. A color picker to match the text and template color to whatever you like would be great too. That would up how the templates come together a lot more then just the options given. Love the app though! It keeps getting better. There are lines through the fonts when the story is downloaded and the highlighted blocks aren’t center. There’s also a centering bug when using all the fonts. These issues have existed for a while now. A bug fix would be great to use the app to its full capability.
  • Unfold is great 5/5

    By Ellie💓💓
    I love the themes of this app with “love” so cool it gives inspiration to use for film😯😀❤️love it so far it’s really great! It’s promises what it says above

    By I am Al
    Learning how to use the app was Frustrating, but Hey I’m a Dog so what the Heck Do I Know!
  • Would love the app if it worked! 1/5

    By alexiknight26
    Love the idea of the app...however, it quits out every time I get to the second page of my story! If it actually worked this would be a five-star review!
  • App assistance 2/5

    By Crystalcafe
    On the app somewhere there should be “help”. After the first tutorial there is no type of instruction and no way to get help. I’ve been told how great this app is by multiple people, I’m intrigued buy the video on the App Store but I can’t figure this app out because I wasn’t the first person to use it on my phone:(
  • Amazing but has glitches and no customization 3/5

    By Cowlesk
    I really love using Unfold for planning Instagram stories. It’s super useful for organizing long stories because it can get confusing knowing what comes next. I’m giving it 4 stars because there are a lot of issues that I was surprised to find, as well as embarrassed because I discovered the issues after I had posted for a client. If the videos aren’t 15 seconds long then they replay over and over instead of skipping to the next story. I posted a 3 second video which plays 5 times in a row... There’s not much room for customization. For example, you can’t use your own custom colors and you can’t move the text diagonal. The templates are what they are and even though I have purchased every pack it is a struggle to not reuse the same templates over and over. You don’t have the option to adjust the size of the squares so it would be nice if they offered variations of each template. It’s time consuming changing the text for every slide! I wasted so much time going setting the same font,color, size, spacing, etc. for every single slide. There should be the ability to set a default text style for a story. I recommend Unfold and think it’s a great app but until they fix the items listed above I’ll be looking for an alternative.
  • Great app 4/5

    By norajames
    I love this app very much. I just wish the videos that your upload could be longer than the 15seconds.
  • Great app. Hopefully more features are added 4/5

    By SikoraSikora
    What a great app. So many beautiful layouts to make my work look even nicer! I would love a png feature. Having the option to add a png logo would make it even better! Also backgrounds should be expanded to be either colors (more) or images.
  • Great app!! 5/5

    By Foxhound209
    I found this app very useful!!! Worthed!
  • 😱 5/5

    By aj2/00
    This is a great app i recommend it
  • Loving it! 5/5

    By Amelya Jayne
    Wow! I can’t wait to buy and use the beautiful templates. Its awesome! Great for branding! Who needs a website when u have IG and Unfold! I’m so excited!
  • La mejor para stories 5/5

    By Ultradani
    Genial recomendada @paragatoscats @harbour_blog
  • Short Videos | Boomerangs 4/5

    By angirle
    This app helped improved my stories and made everything elegant. My ONLY qualm is that it doesn't save short videos or boomerangs at their original length. It'll default it to 15 seconds, which is annoying because I'll have to save it and trim it. 😑
  • Just one little thing 4/5

    By wtfisgo1ng0n
    I read another review about template previews should match the actual templates, and I have to agree. My favorite set to use is FF1, but I’ve noticed that with the 11th template the frame is actually a lot narrower than what is previewed. I prefer the dimensions shown in the preview, and it’s kind of a bummer when it’s not exactly the same.
  • The App is cool, but... 3/5

    By Jpeeeezzzzyyy
    The App is amazing and takes social media marketing to the next for photographers & other creative media types. However my current experiences have been delays on in app purchases. Would love to be able to expand my horizons in terms of layouts.
  • Beautiful, but missing ONE key feature! 4/5

    By Peter McHoke
    This app is thoughtfully designed and puts tools in your hands that were previously only available on a desktop. However, there is no ability to rotate images or text! It is really frustrating to go into the Photos app and then rotate each of the images individually. Please add this feature and I will be a paid user forever! Much love to you all at the Unfold team!
  • Love the fonts 5/5

    By nish2728
    It is a simplified app, with minimal budget.
  • Security issues 5/5

    By xxxxhackd
    Please secure account- there has been a hacker erasing my photos and files via iCloud, and otherwise I have no ability to save them. Are my stories secure/backup somewhere, just in case I lose access, or my iPhone 8 breaks? And if so, what is needed to verify account information? Also, if you need a credit number to upgrade the account, or whatever else, please let me know. Thanks!
  • It’s cute but you have to pay for it 2/5

    By AshleyP🙈👀💁🏼
    They have only a couple of templates that are free, you need to upgrade to access the majority of the other ones.
  • Excelente 5/5

    By DianniPirela
    Me encanta
  • Filters 5/5

    By Dhjdjdkl
    You should put a option to put filters
  • love! but... 4/5

    By Fkhrn92
    i love the app, and of course would love more cool templates and fonts! but sometimes my text gets cut off, or the text background is not in line with the text. hope that will get fixed 😊
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Poncho Love
    Best user interface ever!
  • Trying to figure out how to use this 2/5

    By oldessex
    I love the concept and I will probably buy one or more packages. However, I have already lost 2 Instagram posts I was working on when I went to get some added text. If there a cohesive explanation of how all the things in Unfold work - sort of a tip sheet?
  • Amazing and very worth it 4/5

    By The masks l
    I absolutely love this app! Being a social media person for more than one organization, it is been a tremendous help when it comes to generating stories for both Instagram and Facebook. I love that it expands your options with different templates and numerous font styles. The only thing that I do not like about this app is that it only saves 15 second video clips. So if I have a video that’s a minute long, I have to hope and pray that I can cut it at the right spot to make a smooth Transition when I bring it over to the app. I would truly give this app a fifth star if we were able to save longer videos!
  • Clean, Fast, + Simple Design 5/5

    By missjessicanne124
    It was my first day creating a story on Unfold! I collected all of my images and added them into the clean UI! It is SO much fun to use! I love the available fonts and style options! You can highlight and edit your text to make it stand out. There is a great color selection to make your design match with your brand. Looking forward to diving deeper to see the other stylized options Unfold has available —clean, fast, + simple!
  • Thank you! 5/5

    By Trevor B Dixon
    I’ve been looking to create a medical news page on Instagram for a little while now. As I’ve been looking for templates and formatting to creatively display my work, I stumbled upon this app. I figured I’d try it to see what it offered. It was exactly what I was looking for at the perfect time. I’ve only experimented with Unfold for about ten minutes and felt inclined to write this review out of gratitude.
  • Cool app - Would love to see advanced features 5/5

    By travels2
    This is a cool app with beautiful design. I would love to see some advanced features and a higher resolution option than just 1080 if I’m paying for packs. I’ll probably buy a few more of the packs anyway but I’d like to see high res at some point. Would also like the option to just bundle all purchases for a better price. I’m curious to see where the creators take this app next.
  • Love it, use it daily but... 4/5

    By Lanaxoxoxoxoxox
    I love this app and use it daily for my business and stories. With that being said I’m not sure why every time there’s a new release, an important and functional feature stops working????? THE UNDO BUTTON STILL DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Error when downloading stories with videos 1/5

    By tt120956
    Is there a solution or way to fix the error that comes up when I try to save collages that have videos in them? I can download final graphics that only had still photos, but cannot download anything with video involved, even though I’m able to watch it perfectly in the app.
  • Had to buy everything again?! 1/5

    By MatheusTrigoli
    I had several frames but I had to restore my phone I tried to download again and for my surprise I had to pay all over again! What should I do? I want my frames back and not buying it again!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By HS.MT
    Really really enjoy using this
  • No Photo Access 1/5

    By movieguy
    When I'm able to access my photos to add to a creation I'll change my rating.
  • Needs other platform access. 3/5

    By Beauty beware
    I created a great info cube but want to put it on LinkedIn. :(
  • Unable to upload 2/5

    By PaPa213
    Unable to Upload story to insta only allows me to upload current page
  • UM YES 5/5

    You guys I love this app. It’s my go to app for all my pictures!!! Especially for Instagram stories. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
  • Sticks 4/5

    By RasRaven
    I have an iPhone X running 12.1.2. For me, the story does not save as a story. It saves as a series of photos unrelated to each other. Was hoping to build it and then be able to post the whole thing at once. Hope this will be the direction. Now for the good parts! I have been totally immersed in the artistic features of this app since the download. So much fun, so stimulating. A great provoker of inspiration. Very artistic and beautiful. One of those apps you hope no one else discovers so you just look like a genius. 😎 Love it
  • Good app BUT 3/5

    By Chinidoll
    There is not a lot of customization! You have to pay for all of the options that you want...which I don’t necessarily mind BUT if I am going to have to pay I would like the option to choose the color scheme I want and have the option to custom the sizes of certain templates. With this app there are only 5 colors to choose from and if your brand colors is not one of those colors then you’re just out of luck. You can’t resize the actual templates...which is sad. Other than that the app is okay! If it had both of those options I’d rate the app a 5!

Unfold — Create Stories app comments

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