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United Airlines

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  • Current Version: 4.1.50
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United Airlines App

Say hello to our redesigned United app. With our everchanging environment and the need more than ever to empower our customers with more ability to self-serve and stay informed, we’ve worked to enhance our United app to deliver information more consistently, timelier and easier than before for all users – all while keeping many of the same features you know and love. The app is your all-in-one travel partner - Our redesigned app will now deliver information you need more consistently than ever before with improved navigation for a more seamless experience. The design updates also serve as a complement to our enhanced accessibility support for screen readers. - During your trip, our app home screen gives you quick access to important details by opening to the most useful and relevant information, for all users whether you’re signed in or not. When it’s time to travel, check in for your flights on the home screen and view real-time updates. See what amenities are on your flights and your position on the upgrade and standby lists. While at the airport, explore interactive airport maps to find a United Club location near you and stay up to date on your flight status through our push notifications delivered directly to your inbox. Manage your MileagePlus® account - Enroll in MileagePlus and check out our newly envisioned “My account” experience. You can also earn miles with MileagePlus programs and use these miles to book award travel on the app, too. Search for flights and book travel - Look for flights across our global network. When you find one that’s right, book it on the app using money, award miles or even your electronic travel certificates. Easily manage your reservations on the app - View and change your seat assignments, or enhance your trips by adding Economy Plus® seating, Premier Access®, United Club℠ passes, travel bundles and more. You can also change, cancel or rebook your flights right on the app, all through the “My trips” section. Continue using the app in the air - With United Private Screening on select flights, watch TV shows and movies on your own device. Plus, track the status of your checked bags and see which gate you’ll arrive to once you land. Travel-Ready Center - Use our Travel-Ready Center to navigate everything needed for travel. Learn about COVID-19 travel requirements and upload the necessary test results, vaccine documentation, and destination entry forms. It even integrates with Apple Health, allowing you to seamlessly provide your proof of vaccination. Have questions? - Message our contact center directly through the Contact Us section in the app.

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United Airlines app reviews

  • Great service 5/5

    By ZigsailJ
    Always efficient and customer service the best
  • Less than helpful service 1/5

    By Aivars22
    TSA pre heck is no longer available for unknown reasons that cannot be helped and no person is available to help.
  • Poor application 1/5

    By cybertodd
    Tried adding my credit card to the application so I could purchase inflight meals but the application keeps pre-populating the wrong information and won’t let the user correct
  • Crashes on IPad Pro 3/5

    By 39ob
    App won’t open on latest iPad Pro 12.9. It crashes when I try to open it.
  • Good experience 5/5

    By RL Grant
    I could even do this myself, great.
  • Awful app 1/5

    By EKatzin
    The United app is the worst app of all airline apps. For example you cannot check in from my trips and have to go all the way back out. Every time you try to simply check in they try to sell you more stuff or ask you to change flights. This app is not designed with a user in mind.
  • No way to change seats even in first class 2/5

    By Mike 10148
    The app is crappy can’t change seats Get assigned seats in different locations from partner even in first class even when seating shows seats open
  • A truly terrible app 1/5

    By Frustrated Million Mile flyer
    Photo function does not work. No apparent way to otherwise upload documents. Date selection “wheel” keeps moving back to whatever date it was on when I started the process. Very frustrating. And, why is this app not configured to work on an iMac ?
  • Check in is buried in menus 3/5

    By CustodiesGB
    If that is improved, I would increase my rating.
  • Stinks 1/5

    By Louie De Palma
  • Worst ever 1/5

    By anyone happy
    Worst airlines ever
  • Never works it’s trash 1/5

    By FL Patriot
    Try to login no connection. Try the click on support sorrry there was a problem. Useless
  • Imperdonable 1/5

    By guillermotcorona
    Me gustaría tener una explicación si hay para poder decirle mañana cancelar mi conferencia que tenía programada y el hotel y como le explico a mi cuerpo cansado que tiene que dormir en el suelo este es él servicio que una compañía puede dar sus clientes. Por lo menos pido una carta para poder dar una explicación graos
  • United Wors Service 1/5

    By jorge12345$
    I bought 3 seats together at extra price and I received an email notifying me than United change for another plane. So, my party has been split and we’re flying separate. And of course never the company reimburses the payment for special seats. Bad service! Jorge bzusa jb10445&299
  • Updated flight schedule and bad customer support 1/5

    By traveller-si
    Flight services have deteriorated and customer service have some unqualified folks working at united. They changed my flight and customer support made a big mistake and delayed my flight by another 6 hours. Will not fly with United anymore .
  • No more United 1/5

    By ColoradoCat
    Delays leaving my city, but I couldn’t get off the plane to stay in my own city. Had to wait 8 hours at the airport in Denver instead… lost the good seat I paid $100. for, $50. for lunch and now I will get into my destination AFTER the event I was going for AND will have to pay for an Uber because my ride can’t come in the middle of the night!!!!! Thanks for nothing United! I will never use United again.
  • No boarding pass 1/5

    By PCB traveler
    After numerous attempts the United app will not provide a boarding pass. Very frustrating. I entered name and locator number many times
  • Flight change last moment 1/5

    By traveller_no_united
    Flight was update last moment twice and customer support is unqualified to address any concerns. Will never book united again.
  • Passport Scanning 2/5

    By Hugh0959
    The passport scanning not user friendly. Please test passport that have been folded for years.
  • Best Experience when it comes to flying! 5/5

    By OctberRosas
    United is by far one of the best airlines ! The service and courteous crew staff make you feel so important. United makes everything seem less., from checking in to your flight to feeling safe♥️ Thank You to every single one of you for your dedication in what you do:-) and for making United be the best experience when it come to flying. God Bless all of you
  • Not user friendly 2/5

    By Speddie23
    Couldn’t add my tsa number.
  • Not a great app 1/5

    By Chwang dong
    They could have been a lot more clear where they were going with my transaction
  • Ugh! 1/5

    By HelenGraceSchroeder
    This app had me submit my passport like four times! And it would’ve kept me on that repeat loop forever! I finally simply refused to scan it again. I’d like to give this app ZERO out of five stars. Maybe even a -2.
  • Not to purchase tickets: horrific - inaccurate - a terrible waste of time 1/5

    By Isthisanicknamethatyouwillaccept?
    I spent several hours on the app (and on United’s website and then with their so called customer service) trying to spend thousands of dollars for their services. The app’s dysfunction and inaccuracy was the reason, but it was all above in concert that led to my worst ever purchasing experience of any product ever (and we are taking about tens of thousands). The app is not well designed: it does not reliably import the search (from Kayak or Google) and it is cumbersome to search again on the site (you don’t get the convenient flights that Google Flight found, if you break up the multicity trip to find various legs it can’t be combined and is very expensive, and you need to repeat tasks again and again to get what you want). Interestingly, the interface and ordering steps also change from search to search (I went through the entire buying process until payment 7 times after I found the itinerary and repeated early tasks many more times) On the plus side it remembers the names and birthdays of passengers from prior trips. But that helps little if you cannot complete a purchase: Kayak and Google found good tickets but listed Basic Economy tickets. I wanted regular Economy for an intercontinental family trip. The app offered an option to upgrade to that for $600 (sometimes it did sometimes it did not: it has no option to manually upgrade the ticket, but whenever it’s in the mood of upselling, it will prompt you to upgrade when you confirm your itinerary: I found no rhyme or reason when it did so, you just need to hope every time you try to buy it) Well, I lucked out and managed to spend the extra $600 for the luxury of sitting with my family on a red eye flight during COVID. Or I thought so: the Kaflaesque journey was just starting … when I completed the ordering process, the ticket was still Basic Economy. I thought I must have messed up something. Tried to repeat the purchase. The app can’t find the flight. Go back to Google Flight: still there. Back to United, try to upgrade, but it does not offer the option. Try it again from the beginning, now I can upgrade, end up with basic eco tickets again. Try again from Google, no upgrade option. Next same. Next, now I make screenshots of every step. Upgrade, extra $600, again ending up with Basic tickets despite doing everything right. Then comes the half hour on hold with customer service that leads nowhere, then the very insulting and completely senseless chatbot attempt to fix the matter. (Well I learned one thing the hard way: the way of breaking away from the chatbot is to drop a 4-letter word: after that it does not offer anymore repetitive unhelpful and irrelevant questions but sends you to a human rep — though it takes an hour for one to show up). It took an hour and half on the chat. Got connected and disconnected to to 3 or 4 reps. The final one told me it’s $600 more because the price went up. After I showed her the screenshots on being charged that money for the upgrade, she said just ignore the fact that the ticket is listed as Basic Economy (no luggage, no seat selection, etc on an intercontinental trip). By that time I just bought the ticket and told them that I will rely on EU laws if something goes wrong. There is some serious customer protection there that applies if fly to or from there.
  • passport scan is awful 1/5

    By ftoffo
  • Best 5/5

    By Kekausa
    Great App
  • United App 2/5

    By ntrospctv
    Appreciate the technology but the numerous steps with the uploading and downloading on a smartphone can be frustrating and nerve wracking for the flier who hopes all steps were followed and completed successfully.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By fly delta6969696969
    Entering in the same information 3 times is slightly annoying.
  • Tweak your app 1/5

    By scdeegee
    You app is very cumbersome
  • Great airline 5/5

    By Bmr Snr OU
    The organization for being travel ready that United has installed is efficient & easy to use.
  • Great assistance !! 5/5

    By TCM5!13
    We both need assistance with bags , technology and walking. Agents and staff went to extra effort to make our flight pleasant.
  • Checking in 1/5

    By Ms. Walmart
    Trying to upload passport is bad tried gif hours
  • The app needs work 3/5

    By Sonofsonofa
    It seems like every time I fly on United, there is some other change your new piece of information, or something is wrong, such as my name being all matched up with my middle name. Traveling is stressful enough these days and adding this layer of something else yet to do at the last minute is annoying. Please hold off on the constant changes and updates and all this other nonsense keep my information correct
  • 3 Hours later 1/5

    By Pink frogs flying over moon
    Makes me want to never fly United again.
  • The app is a waste of time 1/5

    By shenjingbingg
    Have fun trying to upload your passport
  • Can not find airports 1/5

    By Hilton sacked
    Can not find DEN (denver). Or LAX. Map feature shows LAX ticket pricing, but wont let it be select. Messy. Mobile App fails to allow you to book a ticket. Must go to the PC
  • Charging the fee for carry on is something new to discover 1/5

    By Romveyson
    I expect less legroom and extra charges for breezing in the near future, next time I will be extra careful with United booking…
  • Great svc 5/5

    By hollistergirl07
    Great svc
  • Award Winning for Poorest Travel App 1/5

    By NC Rantcast
    Currently writing into a blank screen. Just when you think it cannot be any worse, it does
  • Worked poorly 1/5

    By GrumpyTraveler
    Scanned passport repeatedly/Said I was set, then reneged. Awful.
  • worst app ever 1/5

    By DeSavage kama
    spend a pretty good amount of time trying to check in scanning passport and kept saying something went wrong and plus scanned passport gave me a different nationality… can not even got nothing done .. bad service
  • Seating map is NEVER available 1/5

    By Princess Shrek
    Fix the seating map!!
  • John Pencer 1/5

    By JPP072119
    I’ve been working for two hours to try to get boarding passes for our flights. I’ve had to download passports twice. There’s got to be a more customer friendly method.
  • Love United 5/5

    By 1026ps
    Love flying United out of CAK! Great service and friendly staff.
  • Data Hog 2/5

    By Jphil6672
    Takes up more room than almost any other app I have. Why is that? No idea. Does what it is supposed to do
  • AWFUL!! 1/5

    By Les Fer
    The app is bad, but chatting with customer service is even worse!! No one can help, “it all has to be done at the airport”. You know, where you can’t find a person to help…..
  • Clunky and not user friendly 1/5

    By axsiegel
    The interface for sorting flight selection is not intuitive for best prices and any updates take forever to load. Pretty much clicking anything in the app takes forever to load and that usually results in the prices changing. Would not have booked with this method unless I absolutely had to. Don’t plan on booking this method or this airline much in the future either because of this.
  • Difficult 3/5

    By Colorodent
    Very frustrating! Colorodent
  • Terrible 1/5

    By bioubu
    Kept telling me a seat was available. When I picked it, it would switch to unavailable.