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United Airlines App

United is pleased to offer the United Mobile App. The United app is optimized for the iPhone and compatible with the iPad and Apple Watch. From flight booking to flight status and much more, the United app is your indispensable travel companion. Key features include: Check-in • Check in for flights, domestic and international for eligible travelers • Change your flight • Select alternative flight options if there are significant flight delays or cancellations • Purchase Award Accelerator®, Premier Accelerator℠, Premier Access®, Economy Plus® seating and upgrades, subject to availability Mobile Boarding Pass • Store your United mobile boarding pass in the United Mobile App or save it to your Apple wallet for easy access • Store mobile boarding passes for select partner airlines when you are connecting from a United flight to a flight on one of the participating airlines Flight Booking • Full-featured, native app flight booking, including the ability to search and book using miles for MileagePlus® award travel • Purchase Economy Plus seating, Premier Access, and United Club℠ one-time passes, subject to availability Flight Status • Check the status of your upcoming flight or search for the status of other United flights with a flight number or route • Access and view upgrade and standby lists • View aircraft seat maps • Get departure and arrival information • View the current location of your flight’s aircraft • See amenities offered in flight • Receive flight status push notifications: Monitor a selected flight and receive automatic updates sent to your device Reservation Management • Manage your booked reservations • Add and view current United reservations • Change seats • Change or cancel reservations • Automatically upgrade and receive upgrade information if you are an eligible MileagePlus Premier® member • Purchase Travel Guard® Insurance, Premier Access, and Economy Plus seating, subject to availability • Add reservations directly to your calendar MileagePlus Account • Enroll in MileagePlus • View your MileagePlus account information • See recent activity and statements • View flights, including current, past and canceled flights • Add MileagePlus card to Apple wallet Other Important Features • Track the status of your checked baggage • Stream and watch popular movies and TV shows from your own device on select flights • View interactive airport maps • See United Club locations and hours, and purchase one-time passes • Eligible MileagePlus Chase Card members can access their one-time passes • Schedule Uber transportation to or from the airport • Play Sudoku games • Share your reservations and check-ins with your social network and view our recent tweets


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United Airlines app reviews

  • United 1/5

    By lorayn31
    Horrible at saving your member points. Every time I try to save what I have reserved, it says it takes a few hours then disappears.
  • Horrible Airline! 1/5

    By Leo2018!
    What a terrible experience. First of all, there is no TVs available during 8 hour flight. Second of all, you have to pay for slow wi-fi to download an app to watch movies. What do you do if you don’t have a smartphone?! Why this airline assumes everyone has one?! At least have a library available for those who don’t have a smartphone. I really hope I won’t fly with United again. This airline does not look after its customers.
  • Sliziest airline ever 1/5

    By zeuskkk
    Got myself booked on a "basic economy" ticket unknowingly and now I can't even check in online.
  • Pain in the glass cockpit 1/5

    By Zazajdh
    C’mon United. This app is a microcosm of how poorly your organization is run so it doesn’t surprise me it’s terrible. You need to have someone from your user experience design team become a frequent flyer on Southwest and design your app better than theirs. It is simple to book, intuitive and simple to make changes to a flight. Your app is SOOOO click happy and the user flows through a bunch of small hard to read prompts. Have some 47 yr old guys and gals who are just starting to need reading glasses use your app without their glasses. It’s not fun.
  • My reservations not showing up 4/5

    By Rom1review
    Just had to login again in the app and after re-install the app would not show any of my current reservations. I have the app also running on Android phone and there is no problem there. Please fix!
  • Can’t add credit card 2/5

    By SF 20 Something
    Tried to book a flight (good news is the search for rewards travel was easy) but wouldn’t let me add credit card info so had to book online...
  • Confusing - But Still Works 2/5

    By gregory.balzer
    OK. I understand writing an airline app is difficult. Particularly when a customer wants to checkin for both himself and his wife, and passports also need to be uploaded to checkin. I get it. It’s complicated. But honestly, this app feels like it was written by somebody who has a hard time understanding how most people think. I was able to checkin, finally, but only after much confusion. Remember how (illogically) mobile phones operated BEFORE the iPhone? That’s how this app works for checking in multiple people. It’s just perplexing. OK. It’s a first world problem. It’s a very confusing app to checkin with. You will probably be able to get it to work too. But it won’t be a wonderful experience if you are checking in multiple people - particularly if scanning passports is required.
  • Where do I begin 1/5

    By Jacob0lson
    It took 4 tries to book a flight You HAVE to use your frequent flyer number to sign in Part of the app says I don’t have any future travel / flights but another section says I do. Persistent “data unavailable” errors I don’t feel confident that this will work when I arrive at the airport.
  • slow to download 1/5

    By DIYWannabe
    Too slow to download
  • Credit card bugs on mobile check out 1/5

    By ThisGuysNameIsDanDLion
    Trying to use a saved credit card without an email address gives a billing error - it’s been a few versions and this hasn’t been fixed. Now, there’s a credit card that doesn’t show up in my saved list but when I try and add it says it is already in my saved list. Never have I ever experienced a company making it so hard to spend money with them!
  • 2+ years to download 1/5

    By Tim"s Songs
    I have been trying to download this for 2+ years, and I’m still only about 30% there If you are going to only make the “private screening” available on tablets/phones and not laptops, at least make an app that is efficient
  • An awesome time saver! 4/5

    By pltandy
    Access to my ‘ticket’ and flight information is so quickly is awesome! Wow, I remember having to go down to a ticket office(30 min) and spend an hour having someone else tell what they thought my flight options were (60min) and then having to print a ticket and keep up with it(never) and then strategically place the ticket where I can present it to 4 different people so I can make it through the airport including checking in for flight (60min+) then security, gate agent, and flight attendant all while stopping to check the board for which gate (15min) and any updates and heaven forbid I have a connecting flight and another flight coupon! Only complaint is I seem to have to closedown the app to get it to update added reservations - even if I made the reservation with the app. But maybe that is because I have gotten so used to having the information right away! It actually seems like the app, through notifications, gets the updated flight information quicker than the gate agents and flight crews! Makes me feel like a seasoned traveler - Well Done! Keep those updates coming.
  • Don’t use United 1/5

    By amy-ro
    All I wanted to do was get to vacation and then get home. Perfect weather both ways and both flights are delayed, so we need new connecting flights. Now sitting at the airport for an extra 5 hours. Never United.
  • Unable to view reservations on v2.1.48 1/5

    By kclr
    Unable to view my reservations on iPhone after updating to version 2.1.48 on 20MAY18. This is essential app function!
  • Bug fixes? 1/5

    By RobertValenzuela
    WHAT was fixed?
  • Class Action Lawsuit 1/5

    By Docamundo
    Someone PLEASE file a class action lawsuit against United Airlines for wasting people’s time and hiding the entry of your known traveler number. Some CEO obviously asked a $10 prostitute to design an app for his airline. Not funny and not cool you Rectal Cavities at United!
  • Useless 1/5

    By Aniemous!!
    I’m in the airport. The app says the flight is on time. It is over an hour since the flight was supposed to leave. The app has no update or info. What a piece of poop app. But then it is from a piece of poop airline so what can you expect.I HATE UNITED.
  • Entertainment feature is junk 2/5

    By Newsboy99
    Only works some of the time. Gives an error of needing most recent version of app. I have the most recent and still nothing. Download your video from Netflix and avoid the frustration.
  • Ok... 3/5

    By Lostinspaceagainandcantgethome
    Does the main things. If flight is delayed the your flights will show on time. Not until you go into the flight itself does it show the delay. Be careful with it...
  • Trash 1/5

    By hazyintherfv
    Just absolute garbage.
  • Not User Friendly 1/5

    By jsc77908
    Constant data service errors. Managing existing reservations is a hassle since there’s no easy way to view and change your seat or upgrade.
  • Wasted 1.5 hours & deleted my data 1/5

    By getsynced
    Spent 90 minutes adding passport and related info for 5 family members, had to minimize the app to go to United’s websites to complete other info, came back to the app and everything was gone. Thanks.
  • Error 3500 1/5

    By - - V - -
    From your Platinum member - United, please fix the app. Error 3500 on all apple devices. Had same error a year ago. Nothing changed. So many complains. Your mobile product manager should resign.
  • Can’t make reservations for someone else 3/5

    By Big Sur Ridge Walker
    You can’t make reservations for someone else with this app. You can’t use your Miles to make reservations for someone else, such as your wife, husband, or children. You can only make reservations for yourself as the traveler.
  • If i could give a negative rating i would 1/5

    By Karennadoll
    Update: the new app crashed. When I reloaded it does not give me the icon. Unreal. Just downloaded the new app so i could watch movies. Now the want me to update passwords and security questions. using my tiny phone screen. To add insult to injury i can not enter my custom answers. I have to pick from their answers. Guess they want to guarantee i can not use their APP if I forget the new password they are demanding Guess that serves me right for not flying with my regular airline partners.
  • Two flights app didn’t work error 3500 1/5

    By Error 3500
    Both flights I was on the United App repeatedly gave me an Error 3500 and I was unable to view any of the TV/Movies. It would not work on my iPhone or my iPad.
  • No boarding pass 1/5

    By tropix17
    Great idea
  • New release does not work with mileage search 1/5

    By Jacj123123
    New release does not work with mileage search — miss the old Continental airlines app. After that, each release seems always a disappointment — with slow performance. Pleas QC your release! Thanks! Update: A new version was just released after my comment — stating bug fixes. However, the mileage search function still does not work — I want to see what is the lowest mileage required for a flight but the fare sort function does not have that option for mileages. Can somebody in the development team have some common business sense on what would customers want see when they search for flight?!
  • C+ app 3/5

    By Beardfoot
    Like most of us, i feel compelled to write a review when an app is sucking. Usually it’s okay, but recently the entertainment aspect is blowing it. in the last 3 weeks i’ve been on 5 flights and the movies do not work with the most recent version of the app, or with ALL 3 supported browsers on my computer. It seems so demanding to expect movie streaming from my phone at 30,000ft while traveling at 500mph....but... it’s real annoying when you spend half the flight trying to load a movie and then they announce the app isn’t working. It was fine before the last update, not sure what the deal is.
  • Not great 2/5

    By Happy2000
    This app has a pretty awful UI (compared to Delta, for example)... side bars on both sides, multiple tabs and pancake menus to drill down for the same reservation, no context awareness... just poorly designed in general. Needs a major overhaul.
  • Destructive baggage handlers 1/5

    By Shuttle:567
    We just returned home on a United flight. They broke our child stroller and said they wouldn’t compensate us for it. I have seen their baggage handlers violently throwing bags, and I’m sure that’s what happened to our stroller. We have no recourse, apparently. But at least I can warn others and encourage people to fly with other airlines.
  • Useful app 4/5

    By Azzedine
    I have used the app for several years. It works and is quite useful. I have both the phone and iPad app. I would give five stars if the watch complication worked. It never seems to read out anything even though the watch app works. I recommend it.
  • Latest update broke everything 1/5

    By TD_64
    All flights missing. Keeps saying login has expired and data services not available since last update. Completely useless at this point.
  • Apple Pay for seat upgrades?? 1/5

    By Vascaino1979
    Why is the Apple Pay experience so funky?!
  • Nightwriter2 1/5

    By Nightwriter2
    Planned a cruise for July 2017 to the Caribbean. Called and paid for our flights. Unbeknownst to us, the day after our checks cleared, flight was canceled. We were never notified until months after the cancellation. When we called to inquire about the our refund we got the runaround of our life. Making daily calls. We finally were told we would get a refund but for only half of what we paid much to our surprise. Well here it is one year later and we’ve yet to receive one dime!!! Come to find out, our reservation was made thru a third party located in the Philippines!!!!! I will NEVER book a flight with United ever again after this ordeal. Book at your own risk!!!!!!!!!
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By cvzxadqe
    Unfriendly app. Will fly another airline in future
  • Couldn’t get entertainment to work 5/5

    By Glam65
    Very very disappointing
  • Whyyy?! 1/5

    By Cooolnessssyo
    Keep refreshing the app to view my flight information but it doesn’t say or show anything. Deleted the app, restarted my phone and nothing -__- if the app is down should notify people who are using it.
  • Never Works 1/5

    By martim0t0
    Every time I try to use this app, it says data service is not available... Regardless of whether I'm on wifi with a strong connection or on Verizon with a strong connection. Most useless app on my phone... Even more worthless than bloatware.
  • Does Not Work on Apple devices 1/5

    By LarkspurKat
    Since the last update I cannot access my scheduled flights, check-in, or use the mobile boarding passes! I am a 1K passenger and the app does not work on iPhone X or my IPad Pro! All I get is a message saying “Data Services not available”.
  • Missed Connection 1/5

    By StarryCee
    Very disappointed in United. My flight coming in to Newark was late. I ran to the gate for my connector to Orlando and missed the flight by 6 minutes. United left me and several other passengers shifting in the wind. This was after I asked the pilot of my flight to Newark to call ahead of me and hold the flight. He refused to help. Why would an airline want to deal with the headache of re-booking a bunch of flights for their inconvenienced customers? It makes no sense! Do better United.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Ocean Shale
    Doesn’t work. Develops and QA fail
  • Just quit working 1/5

    By Red 원
    Couldn’t check in or get boarding pass after checking on computer. No tech service info to address issue. Come on United, get your act together.
  • Love the app! 5/5

    By tpfrom
    Amazing experience. Great job United!
  • Need WiFi 1/5

    By Marco461
    Will not connect with data. For some reason it always says no connection while everything else connects
  • Poor App 1/5

    By United APP
    Very poorly designed app. Not user friendly. When you pay for an upgrade seat and want to change to another, similar seat the app wants to charge another fee. Check out Delta’s app to get tips on a user friendly app.
  • Lets you get into movie before refusing to play second half 1/5

    By 60791368
    No movie would be fine, full movie would be fine, failing midway and refusing to play (without even an error message) is for maximum aggravation. Classic United!
  • App is why I’m going to other airlines 1/5

    By wisailer
    The only way to receive inflight entertainment is on your device using this App. Neither my spouse or I were able to watch video on back-to-back 5 hour flight then 6 hour flights our IPhone or IPad receiving “error 3500”. Flight attendants were unable to resolve and implied it was a problem with us, not United.
  • App loses access 2/5

    By Thisisterrible9999999
    This app is terrible. When I try to navigate I am asked to sigin again with my account code mot my Userid. I can’t remember that id and apparently neither can United. I also just lost access to the entire app due to the latest version not being compatible and this is on a 3 year old device. The app does not tell you when a new version is available so you constantly have to check manually for upgrades Also if they update the app sometime during the day you have to know when that is and download the app again. There is no warning or communication and your device will not work on the plane.
  • It’s simple to use 5/5

    By dan501960
    I’m not sure what the problem is with the guys with PHDs in computer science but this is a very easy program to use. Even with the internet down the aircraft GOGO system work flawlessly. Maybe he should have his kid work it out for him.

United Airlines app comments


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