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United Airlines App

Say hello to our redesigned United app. With our everchanging environment and the need more than ever to empower our customers with more ability to self-serve and stay informed, we’ve worked to enhance our United app to deliver information more consistently, timelier and easier than before for all users – all while keeping many of the same features you know and love. The app is your all-in-one travel partner - Our redesigned app will now deliver information you need more consistently than ever before with improved navigation for a more seamless experience. The design updates also serve as a complement to our enhanced accessibility support for screen readers. - During your trip, our app home screen gives you quick access to important details by opening to the most useful and relevant information, for all users whether you’re signed in or not. When it’s time to travel, check in for your flights on the home screen and view real-time updates. See what amenities are on your flights and your position on the upgrade and standby lists. While at the airport, explore interactive airport maps to find a United Club location near you and stay up to date on your flight status through our push notifications delivered directly to your inbox. Manage your MileagePlus® account - Enroll in MileagePlus and check out our newly envisioned “My account” experience. You can also earn miles with MileagePlus programs and use these miles to book award travel on the app, too. Search for flights and book travel - Look for flights across our global network. When you find one that’s right, book it on the app using money, award miles or even your electronic travel certificates. Easily manage your reservations on the app - View and change your seat assignments, or enhance your trips by adding Economy Plus® seating, Premier Access®, United Club℠ passes, travel bundles and more. You can also change, cancel or rebook your flights right on the app, all through the “My trips” section. Continue using the app in the air - With United Private Screening on select flights, watch TV shows and movies on your own device. Plus, track the status of your checked bags and see which gate you’ll arrive to once you land. Travel-Ready Center - Use our Travel-Ready Center to navigate everything needed for travel. Learn about COVID-19 travel requirements and upload the necessary test results, vaccine documentation, and destination entry forms. It even integrates with Apple Health, allowing you to seamlessly provide your proof of vaccination. Have questions? - Message our contact center directly through the Contact Us section in the app.

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United Airlines app reviews

  • Check-in icon 3/5

    By frustrated-201
    Why during the check-in process on the United APP does it no longer allow you to send a PDF of the boarding pass to your email for printing at a later time. 1. My smartphone has a privacy screen and the boarding pass doesn’t always work at the TSA checkpoint or boarding area…that causes issues. 2. I prefer a printed boarding pass on plain paper on my laser printer rather than the chemical laden thermal board pass issued at the airport kiosk! 3. I like my paper boarding pass so I can put my smart phone away before entering the TSA line!
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By Maroonfacelift
    I have an account all my information is saved and I can’t book a flight through the app. Been this way for over two years I always keep it updated. Absolute GARBAGE APP
  • System glitch unable to put a space between first name and middle initial/middle name 2/5

    By seanbarrr
    Middle names and initials seem to be unable to put a space between so name doesn’t match up causing a lot of difficulties in getting boarding pass including wait time at the airport waiting for an agent to approve. United need to fix this glitch as I was not the only one experiencing this problem
  • Very easy to use. 5/5

    By bakerboy53
    For a first time user was great. Send me all the information I need to have. No problems at all!!!!
  • Clunky app 2/5

    By Dtrilife
    Checking in for flights takes way longer than it should. User interface is not so great.
  • Horrible experience 1/5

    By Morgan Jalili
    Not only United cancelled my flight few hours before departure but also gave me the cheaper seats. I paid for Polaris lay-flat seat and United switched them with a regular seats without offering a partial refund Customer service is very poor
  • Never on time. Should have stayed with Delta. 1/5

    By Parsonthefirst
    Never on time. Should have stayed with Delta.
  • Shady business practices 1/5

    By Zplilly
    The fact that you are only allowed a personal item and not a full size carry-on is just another way a trillion dollar company milks it’s patrons. Never flying United again.
  • non standard luggage. 4/5

    By DianaTurrell
    No info on non standard luggage. I need to call and ask, hopefully I wouldn't wait for an hour to get the answer.
  • United Airlines App 5/5

    By De. Par
    United makes it easy, efficient & effective to use their App!!!
  • Poor flight experience. Buggy app. 1/5

    By Five Steele
    Fly Delta instead.
  • Great App with On-Time Notifications 5/5

    By Michcat217
    I love using this app! We recently flew to Mexico, and the COVID restrictions on top of normal re-entry into the US was completely streamlined thanks to United’s technology. I uploaded all of my documents into the app and they did the rest! Plus I love getting text message notifications for the check-in, boarding, and layover processes. They tell me what gate to go to and how long it takes to get there—brilliant! I feel set up for success with this app.
  • Excellent check - in on IPhone. 5/5

    By rsaiken
    Perfect. Thank you. It’s been a long two years, it’s good to be back on United, my favorite airline for 40 years when I started my career as a young political appointee in the Department of the Interior early in the Reagan Adm. I joined Milage Plus on my first flight from Dulles to Denver, then to Phx. Been quite a run. Robbie Aiken
  • Flying United 5/5

    By nandeana
    Love to fly with United Airlines. Checking in to see easy person now are friendly and helpful
  • Fly the Friendly Sky’s 5/5

    By rkmbc
    An airline with great professional employees.
  • Feedback 1/5

    By X-ray PAC man
    I want my Continental airlines back. Don’t appreciate your executive’s politics. And I think your vaccine mandates are illegal and racist and the ceo should be ashamed and embarrassed.
  • Won’t scan new passports 1/5

    By Mike Sliff
    The app won’t recognize new passports when attempting to check in for international travel. Which means that the app is basically a waste of space.
  • Service at UA 5/5

    By Bo-Snow
    Flight and Ground services are always outstanding and never not address as I enter their spaces.
  • Website 1/5

    By k52f
    Can’t print from it. Can’t use United card to pay for bag. Reservations mixed up
  • The carry on policy 3/5

    By want to carry my bag on
    I think you should let people know when purchasing a flight what your carry on policies are. Or give people a chance to purchase a premier mileage number while checking in online.
  • Trip 5/5

    By glammynannie
    Excellent information sent
  • Very Difficult 1/5

    By Lanie413
    We are flying United to St Thomas. Of course there are requirements for Covid vaccines and negative test results. We easily uploaded these and got a green check mark. There’s a link to the USVI Portal form that was easy to complete. Then there’s a place to upload an “Entry Form” but there’s no explanation of what that is and where to find it. We uploaded our vaccine card and then our test results and after a yellow “pending review” status, we got a red X basically saying this was NOT what was needed. But there was no explanation of what WAS needed. Several hours later we got a green QR code emailed to us from the USVI portal. We tried uploading this but again got the red X. So now as a last resort we are going from our desktop to the United App on our smart phones. If this doesn’t work, we printed all of our documents to show at the airport. Suggestion: On your website can you please briefly explain what an “Entry Form” is and where to find it when assigning the red X status? Thank you. Karen
  • Best app in the industry 5/5

    By AghastJason
  • Technical Issues 1/5

    By LMarsh81
    App doesn’t always play videos on plane. It’s hit or miss.
  • Room for much improvement 3/5

    By sadness in Boston
    Site is a mis-mash of fonts and colors and confusing proliferation of credit card offers; needs a review and cleanup but dies the job.
  • Currently the Best App for me! 5/5

    By Cozibut
    Loving this much improved app. Just finished my Thanksgiving trip. I flew United and experienced “new” (at least to me) features like - notifying me of no cost and with cost flight options, signing up for standby status while maintaining current itinerary, notification of change from standby to confirmed status, automatically reflects seat number upon getting confirmed status, “track your bag” capability.
  • Ez pee z 5/5

    By lottavaghina
    Ez pee z lemon squeeze e.
  • App is useless for scanning your passport 1/5

    By Chicago user 456
    The app is absolutely useless for scanning your passport. It “automatically” scans it, when/how long does it take? Held it within the boundaries for over 30 seconds in all types of light. ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS. So glad I never fly United. Only reason I am this time because the trip was free.
  • Pretty good 😎 4/5

    By awesomestarperson
    It is nice u can watch movies
  • Great Experience 5/5

    By Chaps Don
    I always enjoy traveling with UA since a MP member starting in 1986.
  • Details 2/5

    By D.Water
    You ask for my phone number but prevent me from adding it
  • Terrible customer service 2/5

    By Maxine Trudy
    I got a message saying there was a problem, while booking my flight online, saying my transaction could not be completed and was directed to call a phone number for assistance. After waiting 45 min for the agent to pick up, the page with my reservation timed out. The agent was not able to retrieve it and then told me that there were no available seats on any flights from Newark to Denver that day (3 weeks in advance of my travel date and including both cash and Mileage Plus options) and there was nothing further to be done about it. I asked to speak with a supervisor (waited another 25 min), who confirmed what the agent had told me. After I hung up, I tried again and booked the same flight I had originally. Very poor service.
  • Snacks 2/5

    By Gemom
    I was not happy with the snacks served on the flights coming toKansas. Not only were they not tasty on the last leg most of the food was thrown out because it was so bad. That is a waste of money, food, and no one was pleased. This was not first class food. Jan Campbell
  • Great 5/5

    By gashlover
    Great application
  • Smooth 5/5

    By trae shipley
    Really smooth application and always works
  • Fly Spirit 1/5

    By bffisno more
    Spirit is so much better and they don’t treat you like a low life form.
  • Pleasant flight 5/5

    By Susiejoys
    This was the easiest check in and flight. So happy with the service once I actually got a ticket. That was an issue with putting the wrong name on my ticket and then had to cancel my flight and rebook. Other than that very pleasant.
  • Ridiculous app 1/5

    By cfhk HP vikndeinb
    It took 45 minutes to check in. Pathetic. I wouldn’t have wasted the time and would have checked in at the gate but I have played that game with United before where they give you reserved seat away if you don’t check in a half day before the flight . And it’s an international flight and I don’t want to be jammed into a small coach seat. The app repeats the same questions over and over. Pathetic.
  • The airline is hot 1/5

    By pilot for the company
  • Contactless payment expiration date cannot be entered in the app 1/5

    The format Contactless payment requests is "mm/dd" but you can't enter the backslash so it's impossible to enter a credit card (gives you a formatting error). This is a requirement to buy anything on the flight. The rest of the app is great but this problem is incredibly inconvenient with the new system and it's shocking it didn't get caught during a QA process and hasn't been corrected yet.
  • Flight/app Review 3/5

    By Jarpo!
    App is great. (Some) Flight attendants r terrible and there are no outlets on the plane????
  • Big step backwards 1/5

    By abasddhatye4y
    The latest versions of the app are a great step backward for business travelers. All sorts of marketing information about vacation travel, etc. hides the information that I really go to the app for, things like “is my flight today on time?”, “what are the scheduled times of my flight flight in two weeks?”, etc. There is also little information coordination between the app and the United website. For example, three weeks ago I quickly checked possibilities to fly from SFO to SEA. I then talked to contacts in Seattle about schedule, went to the United website and bought tickets. Now, every time I go to the app it pesters me to complete my travel plans to SEA, because it isn’t smart enough to know I’ve already done that. But if I hadn’t, it’s because either United wasn’t competitive on price or schedule, or my travel plans fell through. In summary, I’m really tired of the constant, annoying and inept marketing that hides the information that I actually need while traveling.
  • Error 2/5

    By gpsgiy
    Always an error when the app opens!
  • Exceptional service 5/5

    By Little. Chicken
    United has always treated me with respect and kindness. The service and knowledge of the employees is beyond compare. They are professional and knowledgeable.
  • Over charged 2/5

    By foood4me
    I had to change the day I flew out but the flight number and times were the same from the original booking just the day changed and there was plenty of seats available? The flight had lots of seats available but I was charged an extra $150 for my round trip ticket. Denver to New Orleans and back. Any time I can fly some other airline I always do. Not this time and cost me? Weak!
  • So complicated to check in. 1/5

    By The J&T
    Should improve the process especially scanning the passports
  • Horrible. Not user friendly 1/5

    By FitAF16
    Not a great app. At all
  • Upgrade? 2/5

    By pleasestopwiththenickname
    No ability to check status on upgrade wait list or even confirm that we’re on it.
  • Won’t accept the number “6” in my phone number. 2/5

    By Semiceri
    Won’t let me enter my phone number correctly, Then the app just crashes and gives me a red error about “unidentified is not an object in n target testing map”

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