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UNO!™ App

Play the world’s number one card game like never before. UNO!™ has all-new rules, tournaments, adventures and so much more! At home or on the move, jump into games instantly. Whether an UNO!™ veteran or completely new, take on challenges and reap the rewards. UNO!™ is the ultimate competitive family-friendly card game. - Play classic UNO!™ or use tons of popular house rules! - Connect anytime, anywhere with friends from around the world! - Two heads are better than one in 2v2 mode. Use teamwork to win together. - Compete in tournaments. Win rewards. Climb the leaderboards! - Go on an adventure in the UNO!™ Universe. FEATURES The Classic Game at Your Fingertips Play the game you know and love in UNO!™ Classic Mode. Or let us recommend the game mode that suits you with Quick Start. Play instantly anytime! Buddy Up Work together with your friends in 2v2 Mode. It’s a totally unique way to play with teamwork and more strategy. You win when either you or your partner plays the last card! Rule Your Room Get your friends together in the Fun Room and set up a game with your favorite house rules! Play the new “Discard All” card to completely remove one color from your hand. Or use the popular “7-0” house rule to swap hands with someone else. Turn up the pressure with the “Stacking” rule and watch your friends pile cards onto one hapless player! Go big or go home. Go WILD. This no-holds-barred mode is the ultimate UNO!™ challenge. House rules on, two deck play and winnings up to 80 times what you put in! But beware, in this wild scenario, you win big or go home empty handed! Are you up for the challenge? Tournaments Climb the ladder and prove your skill in regular tournaments. Keep winning to take the fast route to victory and win prizes. Journey the UNO!™ Universe Discover new places, meet new characters, and collect unique rewards. The UNO!™ Universe is an exciting adventure around the world. Follow the story as each chapter unfolds. Connect, Chat, Yell UNO!™ Easily connect with friends, send voice messages to the other players during a match, or yell UNO into your device when you’re about to win. Make a strategy with your partner in 2v2 mode or cheer on your friends as a spectator! Break Boundaries to Reality Bring UNO!™ into the real world with the augmented reality mode. Play virtual cards onto a real table almost like they were physically there! Now you can have the truly classic UNO!™ experience even without a deck of cards.

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UNO!™ app reviews

  • Simple, fun, broken. 3/5

    By chienyowhat
    It’s your classic Uno card game, but on mobile and with a twist. Tons of new game modes to play and tons of people online always. I would highly recommend this game, in fact, my girlfriend and I play it all the time together and with our friends. Lately, ads have changed and some are either broken, where you have to close out the app because there’s no way to close out of the ad, or some just freeze you outright. There are other times during gameplay, the game will just freeze and not allow you to play a card. Eventually, you time out and it plays a card that it thinks is best. It happens multiple times per day while trying to play(both ad problems and playing problems. The ads a quite new to the game, but they really need to check ads first or add some type of ‘report’ option for ads. 3/5 great game, would be 5/5 without constant problems.
  • Meh 2/5

    By birdycooper
    Is Uno fun? Sure. Is this app version of Uno fun? For a little while. I agree with other reviewers that it’s difficult to strategize in this game and you could be on a week+ losing streak and then not want to play any more. That’s where I’m at currently. And it’s too hard to get coins to continue playing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • It’s soooooo long to wait for coins!!!! 3/5

    By yesssirrrrrrreredgdjxc
    If you love UNO I’d suggest you to get this game but... I’ve been waiting and waiting for hours to get coins and when ever I play a match I lose and then I lose All of my coins and I have to wait for hours. It would be better if you put ads on and earn coins by watching them.
  • Fun but errors with coins 2/5

    By Savvy01
    I didn’t realize this issue, until I had a larger coin balance and played higher cost games, but the coin calculation is “broken”. I had over 2000 coins on start of a 500 entry game. I lost the game, but my balance is now only 700?! I’m glad I didn’t buy the coins to play, or I’d say this game is a scam! Fun game but be warned!
  • Great game, but... 4/5

    By Asianiqu3
    Is it possible to sync your facebook account after you have started playing? Im on level 33 and I have been trying to figure out how to sync my facebook account! Please help
  • Unfair 1/5

    By Rahshida
    This game is addicting but very unfair. I would rate it 5 stars but as I said it cheats and there is no one to complain to.
  • Advertisements every 2mins or less 1/5

    By DaxOi
    With “Pass” seems to be climbing that money trend. Uno shouldn’t be like battle royal games, or have (forced) advertisements at all, It’s an old classic game, should be like chess apps, allowing full access to the game, and any additional modes should require in-game purchases. Why would i pay for a game free-to-play players wouldn’t be able to keep up with ? Spamming advertisements after every match (30s~2mins) —— Games don’t last as long as you’d expect.. —— Limited matches, you need gold to play! So losing can easily stop you from playing.. —— No text chat, unlike poker and other related apps communication is limited to either voice or emotions.
  • Disgusted 1/5

    By completely baffeled
    Dear uno, You are fat and greedy. While you were out sleeping . Ron was at the club grinding with multiple fat women and stuck his face in between two women’s breast. If I could give this app 0 stars I would. You are the reason climate change is real. There’s a second judgement coming and you got a lot of confessing to do . Sincerely , Ex- uno player
  • Don’t waste coins 3/5

    By LaDawna H
    Don’t waste coins on the clovers. Half the time you don’t get them to use!
  • I’m over it. 1/5

    By oXDead RexXo
    The game in of itself isn’t bad it’s a great game. But your chances of winning games are very slim to none with rare instances of win streaks. And one you’re out of coins and they’ve given you your freebies the only way you can play again is to pay for more coins or to wait until the next day. You could spend 20 bucks and could loose all of it in one game. I’d rather not have freebies and play different games to earn coins to continue playing then having to be forced to pay to play. And for this reason I’ve deleted the app until they fix that system. Which will probably never happen. I shouldn’t be forced to buy diamonds or pay money just to play a game that I’m forced to not play all day because of a few bad games. So I’ve uninstalled for good. Not to found of greedy business practices.
  • Rigged 2/5

    By tedddddddy bearrr
    I don’t receive all my coins when I win.
  • Not random draw 1/5

    By Slappy_1981
    Sadly it is not a random draw type of game. It’s fun but it’s skewed to get you to spend money.
  • Total Trash!! 1/5

    By diaz/alo
    Been playing for a long time and they will randomly take big amount of coins. There are days where you will loose a whole day and the next day you win and sometimes the wins are not worth it or don’t make sense. I feel like i am playing with dumb computers all the time. NOT WORTH IT!!
  • Unbelievable 1/5

    By theunknowuser
    This game is fun but it is unbelievable on the amount of coins that takes away from you when you lose lose. I would make this game take a few coins off instead of a big amount. What if someone just bought coins and loses them immediately? This game needs to change a few things to make it better for the people.
  • ... 5/5

    By duhgyf
    Super fun
  • Latest update causes lags 1/5

    By Le Feu La Glace
    I updated to the latest version and now the app lags, places me in third place after I only had one card left in one game. Tried to use ‘the contact us’ box and nothing would enter. It was absolutely a great app until the update a couple days ago. NOT HAPPY.
  • Total scam! 1/5

    By fuv00d00
    This game will steal your time and money. Do not buy anything! It will be taken away with no explanation at all.
  • Original 5/5

    By Quest718
    Fun game
  • The AR Mode is a scam 1/5

    By DavidThePK
    In the description it says “Play Uno in augmented relality...” I wanted to do that but i was tricked by the description for false advertisement.
  • Pay to win 1/5

    By Alexandra the Mild
    I have spent over ten dollars on this game and I can only play a couple of rounds before you either have to wait all day to get a bonus or pay to play again. The board game Risk is a much better value because you just pay for maps and play as much as you please. They should take a page from Hasbro. I feel like this company says once you stop paying to play and win, f*ck off. They are here for money to hell with everything else. Conflict of interest.
  • Frustrating 3/5

    By Becky Lynn B
    Prizes stink. Not enough coins no games to play when you run out
  • ADDICTED! But... 3/5

    By hshgdsjzjzn
    I play UNO everyday, sometimes big wins sometimes big loss. The point is when I lose my coins it’s almost impossible to gain coins to play again! Yeah I know there’s 24h lucky spin, but I’m getting 10 coins 3 times in a row and in the last 3 days I barely play UNO since the coins are not enough. Same condition to my friends who uninstalled the game because of this, but I love this game it’s the best UNO game version between all the other apps. So please, either find a way to gain more coins especially when we’re broke, or decrease the amount of coins needed to play. Thank you!
  • I like this version 5/5

    By rockandroll60s❤️
    Is way better I remember we had 7 cards now they give us 1🙃😁 that’s good 👍I have to make other account because I forgot my password my other account I was level 60 now I’m level 14 😭😢1-17-2020
  • Time out 1/5

    By 101Mouse1952
    It keeps timing out.
  • Rip off 1/5

    By Dickey Dozer
    Scratch off cards are laughable. Just a complete rip off.
  • It’s not bad 3/5

    By Battlerunrobot
    It’s a good game i just don’t like how you have to guess a color on the draw four. If someone puts down a draw four and changes the color to green the game might ask me if they have a green.. i say yes and i have to draw 6 cards. Does he not have a green? They also might ask me for other colors like if they put down a red draw four they ask if that player has a green. I say no all the time just to avoid drawing so many cards. I honestly don’t like this. I think that you should just draw the cards and not have to challenge. Or just be able to put a draw four on top of a draw four and have the next person draw eight and keep the game going. Other than that it’s a good game
  • $3.99 for 3,200 coins 1/5

    By applerae
    If you choose to spend money, the money you spend and the time you get to play isn’t worth it. The wild card weekends are the most fun to play, but you have to spend 500 coins to access the cool cards and you don’t get to play for long. All levels should be included, including the 200 level in the wild weekend. The game developers are obviously greedy at this point. A subscription price for VIP not to exceed $15 per month should offer the subscribing player unlimited play. Considering how many people want to play UNO, that should be an option and would make players more satisfied and still adequately line the game developer’s pocket. Definitely have a la carte options that you can purchase, in addition to earning in game rewards. This game could be more fair if something like that was in place. Until something like that happens, I advise everyone against investing any real money in this game because whether you pay money or not, you only get to play for about 3 minutes...
  • Would not 1/5

    By not even!
    I feel like it just wants you to spend money to win, while they do have daily deals it just not enough to keep playing.
  • Extremely bad performance 1/5

    By avatar0403
    This game runs TERRIBLE performance... it does nothing but lag, kicks me out of games for no reason, and takes a long time to load menus and games, to the point where it’s still loading WHEN I’m in a game, causing my own turns to be skipped. It’s uno, there shouldn’t be a ton of content.
  • Fun but rigged and full of cry babies 3/5

    By cooln3rd
    This is a fun game, like one reviewer mentioned it’s a great time waster. The one thing for me that takes the fun out of it is usually grown men throwing eggs at you in the app because you hit them with a draw 2 or draw 4. It’s kind of embarrassing to watch and it’s weird when you’re playing a 2v2 match and your partner throws an egg at you as they can see your cards. Take the cry babies off the app and it’s 4 stars!
  • Rigged to take your money. 1/5

    By evman1396
    Everything about this new UNO app is designed to take your money. Down to a point where they tip the scales against you during a game to try and make you lose all of your coins until you have no coins left and must make an in-app purchase. It’s rigged against you from the get-go.
  • Fun but fixed 1/5

    By markjack111
    The game is fun to play. Addictive even. But there is something really fishy about this game. You go on major win streaks and then you go on major losing streaks where you can’t win a match. It’s fixed.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Mr slat
    When playing a game I should loose as many coins as it says, I shouldn’t loose 1,000 in a 100 coin match. Not only that but I cannot sell items in my bag for money. When you sell items no matter the rarity they are all worth 1 coin. Plus the only way to get back from being bankrupt is to buy coins or be lucky. With the system they have set up, you can loose more coins then expected or win less then expected makes it hard to play without buying coins. Not only that but after every game I have to watch an ad and the game encourages me to follow them on every social media for coins. This is ridicules because you can go follow them for more money then selling an item. If you follow them they make money but if you sell an item you worked for you don’t make any money. The game is infested with ads and it feels like they are trying to squeeze every last bit of money they have out of you. The game could be better if I could play uno, but all this game represents and exists for is an ad watching simulator, and a kids gambling simulator.
  • Liberal nonsense 1/5

    By Thorny1981
    Considers “Trump” in your name as sensitive content but “obama” isn’t. #maga
  • You will always lose more coins than win! 1/5

    By lucaszvdo
    Doesn’t matter how much matches you win, you will lose all your coins in a simple game. You’ll always lose 3x more coins than win. Always will run out of coins... app uninstalled!!!
  • DO NOT PLAY!!!! 1/5

    By DeanDean
    The game is fun but Mattel163 is a very greedy and unethical company. The game is designed to trick you into losing money. You win small and lose big. To play this game frequently for a year would probably cost around $500 - greedy! Very disappointed in Apple for allowing such greed and deceit in the App Store. Buyer Beware!!
  • Ridiculous coin loss 2/5

    By anklebiter1127
    Why would i lose 2000 coins from ONE LOSS?! That makes absolutely no sense! If I pay 100 to play then I should only lose 100 if I lose. Please fix this. It’s ridiculous because I lose all my coins and then can’t play till it gives me coins waaaaay later in the day or the next day. Doesn’t seem fair. So
  • I should be on level 18 4/5

    By Oliverweatherhead
    I am
  • Awful for Kids to Play 1/5

    By IPhoneEnjoyment
    This game teaches children, if their parent’s are aware of what their children are doing & playing & still allow them to play, this game teaches children it’s very cool & very funny & part of game playing is to be VERY RUDE & VERY DISRESPECTFUL, VERY SADLY!!!! NOT FUNNY for this game to allow others to THROW STUFF IN A MEAN & DISRESPECTFUL WAY at others, either out of ANGER or JUST TO BE FUNNY, which BEING RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL & THROWING THINGS AT OTHERS IS NOT IN ANY WAY FUNNY OR CUTE OR SHOULD BE ALLOWED!!!! NEVER ALLOW YOUR CHILDREN TO PLAY THIS GAME!!!! If you do, YOU’RE GOING TO TEACH YOUR CHILDREN THAT BRING RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL & THROWING THINGS AT OTHERS IS TOTALLY ACCEPTABLE & OKAY & in my MORALS & VALUES & LESSONS IS NOT OKAY FOR EITHER CHILDREN OR ADULTS TO DO!!!!
  • A-M-A-Z-I-N-G 5/5

    By djdns agan
  • Good game 5/5

    By Long John silver's
    10/10 would recommend!
  • Do not buy anything in this app! 1/5

    By Jazzyj202
    For the 2nd time they have charged me more than what I purchased. iTunes billing department is not helpful, they tell you to reach out to app developer. I’m stupid in the first place for buying in app stuff.... never again, I easily make2-3 purchases per week. They have lost a customer for good as well as my family. I work HARD for my money. This is STEALING when you purchase a $14.99 pack and they charge you $24.99 f***!!! I’m so angry I could break my phone and switch to Android.
  • Frustrating game full of idiot players. 1/5

    By PerkyPicklesReview
    Fun at first but the game is mostly dumb luck. They also force you to watch 15+ second advertisement after each game. The scoring system seems bugged as well. I wouldn’t recommend it given that there are more rewarding game apps out there.
  • Can’t Figure out new Update, +4, Don’t Add Chat, Where’s Skip-Bo????? 5/5

    By BluBiacky
    I Cant Figure Out the new Anniversary Update. I’ve Played GAMES ON GAMES ON GAMES. And One 50 COIN REWARD. I want a Badge. I played Games After, Cuz’ I don’t Give Up. And I DIDNT get Cake Coins. I even Did x4 Go Wild And Still Nothing. Am I Doing Something Worng? And If Nobody Knew, Have you Wondered Why The Color is Red And A Person Places A +4 And LEAVES IT RED???? Because, Example: Say the Color is Green, And A +4 Is Played. It’s Green. And IT WILL ASK YOU, Do you Think Titan Ryan66 Has A Green Card? It Will Always ASK YOU THE PREVIOUS CARD!!!! Pls Don’t Add Chat, I cant Play Games with a Chat Thanks To Info-Giving To Strangers Sister. And Where’s Skip-Bo??? Me and my Dad play it On the Floor Lots A Week. When I Joined Uno October 9th 2019, I Looked For SKIP-BO BUT all I Saw WAS SKIP-PO. That’s It Bye 👋
  • Fun game 2/5

    By tigger0099
    This game is a great time waster but there should be mode where you can play longer than 3 minutes online with other users just to make it a more exciting game.
  • Uno 5/5

    By Doink07
    It’s uno what more do I have to say?
  • Basically everything! 1/5

    By Coolboy42909
    I love uno, especially the uno video games. But there’s some problems with the mobile version. In Uno mobile, there’s no addon a like 7-0, stacking, and jump in. Also the announcer yells about everything! It’s so annoying! Also I can’t pick my own name or profile picture. If anyone reads this, if you want portable uno, get the Nintendo switch version. It’s the same as the PC version.
  • Good but challenge confusing! 4/5

    By DeniseFine
    I don’t understand the challenge when someone puts a draw 4. Then sometimes when I put a draw 4 I am forced to pick them up! In physical UNO we dont show opposing players our hand on a challenge - that would defeat the whole purpose of hiding our cards! The friends section is confusing a bit too. I cant find my friends who sent me invites when I went back in to approve them! Plus I’d like to see LIVE and OFFLINE status on my friends list... not just when I am a out to play a game to invite them. Also confusing how I can gain or buy other phrases to say during game to other players.
  • Suggestions 4/5

    By JMarie823
    This game would have received a 5. This is a fun game but, the game has only “Quick Phrases” to communicate with other players. Would love being able to send a chat to another player. Example: I had a game invite but had to decline due to not having coins. I don’t like how little coins you get and all games are expensive. Then you have to wait 24hours until you can get more coins. Pretty frustrating when you wanna play. Thanks!

UNO!™ app comments

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