Uplive-Live it Up

Uplive-Live it Up

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 5.7.5
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Asia Innovations Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
3,978 Ratings
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Uplive-Live it Up App

-Uplive, Live It Up- Uplive is the largest independent social video entertainment platform for connecting, interacting and broadcasting! Stuck at home? Wish to gain following and cash? Join and become our official hosts today and show us what you got! Show us your talent and charm on stream, earn gifts and cashout, it's that EASY! Feeling bored? Want to meet new friends? We have plentiful users and hosts from across the globe waiting to connect! Chat in party rooms or support talented hosts in streams, fun is right in the palm of your hands! Not convinced yet? Here are 6 reasons to join us: #ENTERTAINING LIVE STREAMS -Talented and charming hosts from around the world awaits your arrival! -24 hours non-stop entertainment to watch anytime & anywhere. -Tons of fancy and interactive animated gifts to show your support! #GAIN FOLLOWING & CASH -Show the world your talent, whether it's music, dancing, gaming and more! -Simply stream, gain gifts, cash out and EARN CASH! -Get lit with our amazing gift effects, filters, profile frames and backgrounds. -Join in-app events to gain following, win rewards and even chances to explore the world! #CONNECT & SOCIALIZE -Follow your favorite hosts and be notified immediately when they stream! -Comment or link in video & audio streams and party rooms, chat away. -Message via our IM function or create a group chat to build new connections. -With Fams and True Love Groups, join and contribute in communities that suits you best! -Afraid of language barrier? Fear no more with our live translation function that INSTANTLY translates verbal and textual content! #STAND OUT -Recharge and send gifts to gain VIP levels and enjoy exclusive privileges. -Subscribe to our Premium Membership to earn badges, privileges and MORE! -Purchase entry vehicles and profile frames to stand out from the crowd. #SHARING MOMENTS -Share your live stream or highlights to over 5 social medias with ONE CLICK! -Show us your everyday snapshots by posting moments or short videos on Moments to earn likes, moments and gifts. -Wish to cherish a funny stream moment? Click screen-recording in stream and post in your Moment or save in your album. #UNIQUE FUNCTIONS -Tired of live streams? Play grand selection of mini games in the Game Center and win rewards! -Contribute in the crowdfunding function to send gifts with everyone's support combined. -Buy gifts in our Gift Market with discounts and vote for different gifts to be featured! -Complete daily missions and earn Beans to buy cool vehicles and profile frames. [Exclusive membership MVP monthly subscription instructions] - Title of Subscription service:Exclusive membership MVP monthly subscription - Length of subscription:Exclusive member MVP Auto-renew monthly subscription is valid for 1 month - Subscription price: 9.99 USD per month - Payment: User confirms purchase and payment first,then credits to iTunes account -Cancel subscription: To cancel subscription, user will need to manually disable auto-renewal in iTunes/Apple ID settings management 24 hours before the current subscription expires. -Renewal: Apple iTunes account will be debited within 24 hours before expiration. After the deduction successes, the subscription period will automatically be extended by another month. -Privacy Policy: https://m.upliveapps.com/up-doc/privacy_en.html -Terms of Use(includes more details regarding monthly subscription): https://m.upliveapps.com/up-doc/terms_en.html Want more updates? FOLLOW US! Website: www.upliveapps.com Facebook: @uplive.usa Instagram: @uplive.usa Twitter: @UpliveUSA Telegram: @upliveusa We constantly strive to improve, please contact our Official Customer Service if you have any feedback or inquiries! Wish to collaborate? Email us at [email protected]

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Uplive-Live it Up app reviews

  • Ok 1/5

    By dwdwdwdwdwdwdwdwdwdwdd
    Only for money cost
  • Disrespected and dissatisfied 1/5

    By acarface187GameAlive
    The worst customer service Asian steal your money app ,, don’t get scammed they don’t even care,, worst app of the decade,, no talent at allllllllll
  • Scam 1/5

    By charour1969
    This app is 100% fake and all scammers first I went live and it was really not what I thought it would be they literally asked if I could show my stomach and I felt really uncomfortable kids DO NOT! Download this app it is dangerous and really creepy all the other ppl rating it 5 stars might be forced to or being to to do so. So please do not download For your safety only!

    By its ok123445826394
    Me and my sister literally did NOTHING wrong and we got banned. We where just singing and then we got banned?? What the heck?? I don’t understand WHY we got banned, I’m never downloading this game again, thank you. It’s horrible, bad quality, and BANS for no reason? Thanks a lot uplive, I’ll stick to OTHER games, not your banning idiot game. 👍🏻🥰
  • There are perverts on here 1/5

    By zorzor123
    I know this might be fun and all but watch out it is people on here that will send you stuff and hack you and say I love you and think that you love them but you really don’t they try to date you and everything so watch out stay strong
  • Hfhkd 1/5

    By gn fh
    You blocked my account so you get 1 star
  • BAD 2/5

    By hhubfjkfchvhk
    After 15 min I got blocked when I was doing nothing this is vary bad the only good thing is it’s easy to get viewers
  • Why did I get banned 1/5

    By bria245
    Ahhhhhh no star
  • I rated this game one star! 1/5

    By mayorxx109
    So I was having fun until it kicked me off too and I tried putting my username in again bug it didn’t work so now I can’t go live anymore
  • SCAM 1/5

    By gsishbsjdh

    By duhdks
    I was on alive and this guy or kid told me to take off my shirt and I had to end because I felt uncomfortable
  • Terrible 1/5

    By court_court666
    it's bad really bad it's not fun boring I'm not entertaining not not entertain so boring I say that already it's because it's if you're reading this don't download it please you'll save so much room in your phone if you don't do it come on don't download it it's bad boring bad I don't know what's worse actually nothings worse because this game is terrible /\_/\ • • ------🌭 here you go /\_/\ • • 🌭----------- nope it mine
  • Reason I gave it 1 start 1/5

    By chjxhiiiii
    It is because. -Reasons: it keep banning for no simple reason! Second. The app kept banning me and sending me message from Kevin! A person I do not know! Fix ur app. It is ugly and disrespectful!
  • Uplive 5/5

    Uplive es muy buena app es genial, divertido súper y bien
  • Love it...however 4/5

    By butlergirl83
    Love the app been on for almost 6 months!! I gave it 4 stars because the US region needs their own server!! The constant lagging and dropping of broadcast gets a little aggravating at times!!! Other than that I love the app!!
  • G-LOVE 5/5

    Excited to be apart of UpLive USA. Takes a little time and patience to learn the platform, but always gives opportunities to excel at your talents.
  • It’s not as good 2/5

    By katebrinate
    This app is nice but it kicks me and says my account was banned and all I was doing was singing and doing my hair 😑
  • A little fishy... 1/5

    By MWL15
    The country/region was automatically set to Asia. Despite registering the app with my U.S mobile number & the language being set to English, everything was in Chinese. In order to change the country/region, I had been asked to contact Customer Service. After seeking for help with Customer Service, I was disappointed with the unfriendliness also (for something as simple as changing the Country/Region) I was asked to take a photo of myself, holding up my ID card against my chest..... Very strange.
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By That_Bleep
    I hate this app because there is to many inappropriate things and I put a one stare because they were doing the most I hate this app and that’s on period I’m done with this app I will tell everyone I know about this app and how bad it is and disappointed how they lied saying it is not inappropriate
  • Hello. 5/5

    By pjcogar2120223
    Hi. I been blocked from all of my google accounts. Like when I go live and when I get off. It says,”Blocked” all I want is to never be blocked from my google accounts again please. Thank you -Detail Cogar
  • No 1/5

    By pizza yall should not get it
    It banned my account 3 time
  • Scam 1/5

    By cave973
    They cheat host putter money and change the contracts. They don’t honor the contract that was signed. Agencies are stealing money just like the app is.
  • so bad 1/5

    By millyrock $$$$$$
    this app is so horrible
  • Help 1/5

    By nylaya
    When I deleted it it still on my phone
  • What a joke! 1/5

    By miner11091992
    This app is literally full of dudes just looking for women to flash their boobs. Terrible! Waste of time!
  • Bugs needs to be fixed 1/5

    By Letters small
    Private messages doesn’t work. Sometimes it’ll work and sometimes it doesn't.
  • It’s fun but there some problems 3/5

    By Rubys6454
    So this is a pretty fun app but there are creeps on here and it kicks me off and blocks me for no reason
  • Live 1/5

    By MSummers29
    So when I was live for 2 minutes it kicked me off so I Tried to get back on but it said your account was blocked so I Tried to make a new one and that did not work

    By STUDENT-😝
  • this app is very very inappropriate 1/5

    By yo girlplays
    alot of pepole come and say or massege u on the app and say they want too have sex with you and mire inappropriate stuff nobody will like so if i would have to do something about this app is blocked
  • HELP 3/5

    By ♡︎jazzy♡︎
    I love this app...but...😅my account is blocked for no reason..all I did was go live three times and I got up to 1.5k people join then I tryed to go back and text someone,and when I did it logged me out and said YOUR AC IS BLOCKED.idk what do help plz..😅😔
  • Fighting for my account 5/5

    By fhltyyy
    Yes I am a good networker and always mind my business and don’t do anything to get banned and my live is always live and direct with all my family friends and fans. Then I noticed my account said I got banned I was mad favortism is the biggest problem on here it’s not fair that you can help the other forein and not us people from the United States. And yes and please fix the glitching.
  • This app is creepy 1/5

    By axel_gacha
    My daughter is 15 and got the app she said she was going on a date about a week later so I let her go turns out this pervert she had met just wanted her body this app needs to take care of these type of people.
  • That’s why I hate it now 🤬🤬 2/5

    By hugtr hub
    I pick two stars because if you are not cute it will kick you off and you can not get back on that why I pick two stars pick what you pick it’s up to you !!!!!
  • Glitch with recent update 4/5

    By Charlenej2009
    Today I keep having technical difficulties receiving and sending messages please fix this
  • It is ok 3/5

    By Cierra Keown
    People are marking me get off
  • Love it 5/5

    By lamarcy315
    This app are awesome
  • Ped0s 1/5

    By bdbdbbdbwhs
    This app is full of peeves DO NOT DOWNLOAD

    By Gus gus number 7
    So, I rated this five stars but, I need some help 😅. When I went live for about 6 minutes, it kicked me off the live! This was my first time going live. So then, it told me to log back in, when I put in the password, IT SAID THAT MY ACCOUNT WAS BLOCKED! So when I went to log in again, it said the same thing! I tried about 15 times, but it says that same thing. Now I can’t get back into Uplive and I don’t know what to do. HELP ME! I don’t know if someone reported me or something but I can’t get back on the app, I’m new to doing a live stream on Uplive and I had only gotten about 3-7 fans and lots of people had joined my live and it made me really happy that people on there supported me and said that I had an amazing voice, but when it kicked me off the live and told me that my account was blocked and to contact somebody, it made me extremely mad, please fix this if your can so me and anyone else that has been kicked, can go back to having fun. August Autumn Morris To: Dev
  • Cannot even detect my country 1/5

    By Iamhenrychan
    Join the app for a host. Found out the country is wrong when I do a purchase. I am from Hong Kong. And detect I am in India. Lol Yet the customer support asked Sorry, this is a platform regulation, you need to provide a similar picture above to modify the local hand-held identification photo to help you modify Why this company allow to get my personal detail? I took a photo that cover my personal information. They don’t want to change my country. And they don’t even want to refund me because of it. Guys please delete this app.
  • Do NOT PLAY!!!! 1/5

    By Breanna Mays
    When we went on this game people were telling us to take down our shirt and said that we were sexy and these were 30-year-old men! And we were only 10!!! So please don’t let your kids play this it was a horrible experience for us.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Lynn_Lang
    Fun App Great People to Meet
  • Uplive 5/5

    By Rogersun-hanhan
    I love
  • Great for Beginners 5/5

    By jangalangartworks
    I have never used as app like this in the past. Uplive is easy to navigate and they walk you threw all the steps you need to learn the program. I’m a artist and have spent the past 2 years trying to figure out how to get my art out there into the public eye. With Covid blindsiding my original plan (booth at fair & sat markets) going to events , shows, exhibits where you can meet the right connections. I had to figure out a way to meet people and showcase my art. Well uplive seems to be that answer. With tons of cool customizable features easy to navigate menus. It’s fun going live and drawing for thousands of people I would of never met from all over the world (even better than going locally more diverse coverage). It will really get my business up and running. I’ve already landed 3 new gigs and 4-5 leads for custom Portraits. Only blew. On the app for one day so if this is a early sign of what’s to come. Thanks for creating such a great app that helps bring together supporters/new up and coming artist throughout the world. I hope others enjoy the app as much as I do and see you soon live. Thanks Beau James Kutney Jangalangartworks.com
  • I love this game❤️💗 5/5

    By Love this picture
  • Horrible customer service! 1/5

    By Mallory hatfield
    This app is a waste of your time! The customer service people are unfair and immature! They banned me from live streaming on there for being “underage” but yet I am 18 and I just got the app! For you information I was not doing anything inappropriate or nasty! I was drawing and listening to a chill playlist I found on YouTube.. how does that get you live banned? Exactly I have no idea! Also the still refused to give me my live stream privileges after showing my proper identification! So for people debating on downloading this app DON’T!!
  • Application space 1/5

    By SwiftnShifty
    For some odd reason this app appears to take up a lot of space.
  • The best app ever 5/5

    By do you J
    Whoever the created this app is there a genius
  • Not sure 2/5

    By ddgraca
    I don’t know much about it