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  • Current Version: 1.2.5
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  • Developer: Upright Technologies Ltd
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NOTE: This app is suitable only for the UPRIGHT GO device (and not for the UPRIGHT PRO). The UPRIGHT GO is worn discreetly on your upper back and provides you with immediate posture feedback. In TRAINING mode, the GO gently vibrates when you slouch, to remind you to maintain an upright posture. The vibration can be easily customized to best fit your personal lifestyle and preferences. In TRACKING mode, the GO keeps track of your daily posture habits without vibrating. Through the UPRIGHT GO mobile app, you will be guided with tutorials, and you will be able to track your progress and view your daily statistics. The app features live monitoring of your posture status, using an animated character. The app generates a personalized training plan customized to meet your individual needs. A training plan includes a set of daily training goals. Each goal represents the recommended time for you to train each day. The app also writes your workout data to the Health app (HealthKit), to enable integration between workouts and Upright training. In the Apple Watch app will enable you to view your current posture status, to switch between TRAINING and TRACKING modes, and to get live training feedback on the go.


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  • Waste of money 1/5

    By ptcaparas
    The idea is good but it will cost you more stress. Not only you have to buy additional adhesives (which cost you more) you need to be aware all the time of your device if it’s still in your back. It’s so lightweight you’ll never know it’s there or already gone.
  • Upright go 4/5

    By exoticona
    It’s working much better now that I’ve updated my phone and it seems to be working lots better on my iPhone 8. Also it helps to log out and log back in as kind of a reset. It’s nice to have the helpers at upright go contact messages and help.
  • A Life Changing Device 5/5

    By Linda in Fort Worth
    I am a 62 year old female who has lived with kyphosis (hunched shoulders) my whole life. I would try to stand up straight whenever someone, or myself would tell me to. Unfortunately that thought would not last very long and I would be slouching again. If given the choice of being the perfect weight (I’m chubby) or having good posture, I would choose good posture. I know without intervention my posture will continue to decline as I age. Yes, the Upright-Go came to my rescue. Through behavioral modification and strengthening of less-used muscles, my posture is changing...my subconscious behavior is acting as a reminder when the device is not on my back. In my monthly visit to my chiropractor visit four days ago, he observed a change in my spine! He says my shoulders are more even with each other and my spine is straightening. He plans to X-ray me next month to confirm and observe what he felt in the examination. He has been monitoring my progress and may soon be recommending the Upright Go-Pro to his other patients based on my success. Also, customer support was there for me, checking on me, offering tips, the whole journey. Another bonus, I’m getting used to feeling like I’m taller because when I look down at the ground, it’s farther away, like when I wear high heel shoes. Looking taller, thus slimmer, is the Holy Grail of most women... sign me up! I love you guys forever. I never knew this could happen to me. Signed, Linda
  • Be careful about this 1/5

    Saw the marketing gimmick , high demand, shortage of supplies, waiting period - typical Apple iPhone sales gimmick. Got the product 21 days later. The stick pads got exhausted after a few tries and it falls down often as it does not stick. Been a hassle to get it to work every time it falls as you have to calibrate it. Also I could not shop for more stick pads making my experience frustrating and then I realized that this is all one big marketing crap. I am planning to rerun if I can’t get any more sticky pads. Where on earth do I get them. There is a waiting period (another marketing gimmick). The company thinks they can continue to fool customers all the time and every time. Be careful.
  • Success! 5/5

    By LMacM
    I NEVER write reviews, but this device really works. I got it to help my posture in front of the computer screen at the office, and find it works just as well on morning walks. I saw immediate results when I began using it in November. My discipline took a hit over the holidays, but I was able to get back into it in January. The chat service is helpful if you have questions ... And they continue to make improvements with each release. I’ll warn you that the device isn’t as helpful while doing chores around the house, because it reads bending over as slouching. I choose not to wear it then, but believe the benefits carry over. I couldn’t be more pleased!
  • The Best Solution! 5/5

    By Montana Medic
    I work both as a Paramedic as well as a high tech executive. Lately, I’ve noticed that the 8+ hours a day on a computer has made me a professional sloucher. It’s only Day 4, but I’m hooked! The gentle reminder to sit upright is fantastic and after the first day, i was more cognizant of my body mechanics. I stand taller. I fell better. And, it solved a problem that I couldn’t fix. Thank you UPRIGHT GO!!
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Vegas craps
    At first there is a bit of a learning curve but once you understand the process, everything goes smoothly. Great functioning unit, helps train posture
  • Buzzer 3/5

    By V2.69 69s 4Eva
    It’s great but I want to feel it ? I’m a nurse I need to feel it when it buzzes! Any suggestions ? It’s all the way up
  • Third day impressions 5/5

    By tallsenior
    This tool is great! It is improving my posture already! I used it playing 2 hours of tennis yesterday and found out my normal posture during tennis is bad. It even improved my serve! It feels so good to frequently be reminded to straighten up.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Walves
    Latest update fixed bugs.
  • Getting the job done 5/5

    By jasonaeiou
    Upright GO is providing the information I need to begin the work for improving my posture. Now it’s all about sticking with it!
  • Exactly what I was looking for 5/5

    By Origreenberg
    Great product, great design - resolved my back pain problem within two weeks.
  • Surprisingly this gadget really works 5/5

    By ilanmarcos
    I was skeptical after trying so many different solutions for my back ache resulting from hours of slouching over my computer. I was particularly impressed with the simplicity of the solution and how I become aware of my posture within days of starting to train with the upright go. Not to mention that my back ache was gone within days. Loving it!
  • horrible 1/5

    By eitelkeit
    i received a broken device that only works while plugged in. thanks for wasting my money.
  • Irresponsible! 1/5

    By shashankiim
    I thought it would be a good idea to purchase one and test the results. However after ordering I realized how irresponsible is the company. Despite ordering weeks before, I still haven't received the product. It is well beyond the delivery date. Despite repeated email and messages, I have not received any replies from the company regarding the order.
  • Great app under certain conditions 5/5

    By Madcoast
    I would recommend this app and the device that goes with the app for persons that have jobs or life styles that allow them to work in doors in cool to cold conditions. The device that goes with the app does not work at all in hot to humid conditions that cause you to sweat. The device can not stay on your back if you sweat. The device is only good for conditions where you sit still, relax, or work in cool to cold conditions that does not allow your body to sweat. Otherwise the app itself is working good.
  • Love this product! 5/5

    By bailey3401
    I got this as a gift for Christmas and have already seen results! It does work and I like how small it is, can’t notice it under my shirt. Great product and very happy 😊
  • Awesome device but... 1/5

    By 4wak3n
    I seriously hate your sticky pads!! They are the worst. Switched to lumo lift because their magnet attachment is so much better. The stick pads are such a pain they drive me crazy. Why not just make a magnet like the other guys!?!
  • Servers down 1/5

    By Pagoatse
    There has only been enough uptime in the last 3 day for me to make an account. Why does my phone need to connect to the servers to sync with my upright go?
  • Does not work 1/5

    By AlFung
    Literally it does not work. I got my device almost 2 weeks ago. I wore it for 3 days without issue. Then suddenly it stopped calibrating. When I reach out to customer service I was told it's a "known issue" like that's gonna help me with my posture. I was told an app update is supposed to occur sometime soon but it doesn't bode well for the devices future to malfunction so quickly.
  • It's good 5/5

    By Please add rmhyh
    I know it's new but I would love to be able to know when my training in done for the day or able to see my entire training plan but I love it so far.

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