Upward: Christian Dating

Upward: Christian Dating

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Upward: Christian Dating App

Upward. The NEW App for Christian Singles. (Formerly known as FTH) Connect with Christian singles searching for meaningful relationships. Upward is the NEW App for Christian singles. A fun, fresh, free, and simple-to-use app where Believers meet. Our mission is simple: To create a faith-based community for single Christian men and women to connect based on shared beliefs, shared values, and similar likes and interests. The Christian community is full of diverse identities, denominations and levels of faith; Upward is created with all of that in mind: Whether you are Catholic, Evangelical, Lutheran, Methodist, Pentecostal, Non-denominational, or anything and everything in between, we are here and created for you. How Upward works: • Set up your profile in a few easy steps, and remember: It's important to showcase your best self! • Customize who and what you’re looking for… • Just like other apps, swipe right to like a profile and swipe left to pass… • Make a mutual connection and chat with other Christian singles near you for FREE! So what's next: • Download Upward today to find someone that shares what you believe in. A belief in higher values, higher power and a want for 'something more'. • And please help us spread the word! The more the merrier! Grace and blessings on your path searching for someone special, we’re here looking ‘up’ with you.

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Upward: Christian Dating app reviews

  • Sadly Disappointed 1/5

    By Jesticaw
    I love that this app is centered on our faith. Thank you for that. But unfortunately, there are less tools that make it challenging to connect with the right people. I would love to be able to control the radius of individuals. Also, the most upsetting factor is that the functions are very sensitive. I have accidentally scrolled away really great profiles without clicking x or heart. Very sad!
  • Finally a good app 4/5

    By DCCheetah
    So great to have a good Christian app to connect with folks my age. Although slow sometimes it’s a good app. Unfortunately, everyone is 250+ miles away.
  • Odd 3/5

    By ZGoodGuy
    You have to periodically delete and remake your account, because you basically will be seen for a day or two and then forget it. As a Christian man, it’s very annoying how sheltered girls here are. Very undeveloped mental maturity, and most are clueless as to how to even go about dating, or a relationship. Also writing this because my account is now disabled for doing nothing or saying anything improper, weird, just weird. You’re better off using a faith filter on another app.
  • Wont open 5/5

    By Lemon taffy
    Why wont the app open??
  • Needs. Filters. 2/5

    By Water23232424232324
    Desperately needs a distance filter at the very least but one for denomination would be nice too. Needs an undo button if you accidentally swipe the wrong way. And please, please stop giving me the same people over and over again. If I’ve swiped left on them once (or a dozen times as is now the case) at least ask me if I want to go back and reconsider people. You might get new matches but will have to spend significant time sorting through people you’ve already swiped on to see anyone new.
  • Freezes phone, Doesn’t show users area 2/5

    By okaynope2
    Freezes phone a lot. Repeats same users over and over. Does not show relevant information: location, height, ethnicity, career, status, children etc
  • Half Star at best! 1/5

    By fnx photography
    I’ve been using this app for 2 days and the only people that I’ve connected with are those who have put their snap of Instagram info in their profile! Everyone is a minimum of 250 miles away from me. Needs a filter and a way to see who you’ve liked. This could be a good app, but it has A LOT of work before it will get there.
  • Great!!!! 5/5

    By Notconvinced1997
    I used the app for a month until I got a meaningful match. Now we are a couple that has been dating for four months now! This by far the best dating app I have ever used!
  • Stinky Review 2/5

    By gogetter75
    Does not notify me about messages. Mean people on this app.
  • Great Idea of an App, buuuut 4/5

    By ThePianoGeek:)
    So I love this app. It has a simple layout that’s not confusing, lots of people seem to use it and of course the faith based system. It’s a lot better than your average dating app that seems to push hookups and as a christian, I stay away from that, lol. All in all it’s a great idea of an app, but there is one thing i’d love to see in an update. 1.) The option to choose your location. I’ve been seeing lots of young women who seem great and would love to meet, but they live 85 miles away. So it would be cool to see if we could lower our radius to find people inna closer vicinity. That is my only concern with the app as of right now.
  • Need More Filters ! 3/5

    By roxy_bean
    I love that there is finally an app where you can fine real Christians. I wish you could pick distance because I’ve been suggest guys 300 miles away. I don’t really want a long distance relationship. Also wish you could put job and height. Going to try and give it a little long.
  • Looking for someone on this app? 1/5

    By miguelcampos321
    If you want an app that matches you with someone who is 200 or 100 miles away. This is it.
  • Great app but needs a few fixes 4/5

    By kingsman024
    Great app to meet new people genuinely looking for a relationship but the app does not have the ability to limit results based on distance. Matched with one person but they were 200 miles away
  • No distance filter 1/5

    By gebralter01
    Pretty useless app when most of your matches are several hundred miles away, it’s disappointing to see that there is no filter to set distance with potential matches! Uninstalled for this reason
  • Scary 1/5

    By Tweez212
    Tried this service after Bumble and woah....the men on here look extremely creepy. Not trying to be vain but you can just see for yourself. I’m curious where this team goes to advertise this service.
  • It’s like no one uses this app? 1/5

    By s24j
    I’ve swiped on a lot of women and I haven’t received one match. Not ONE. I had the app for 2 weeks lol. Maybe there’s a glitch? Or nobody gets on the app? Or it’s all just fake profiles? Idk. Kinda weird.
  • Upward 1/5

    By bigmike369
    This app isn’t any good they have a good set up but all they want is your money you won’t get any matches until you pay them
  • Great! (But needs work) 4/5

    By Nate008711
    As a Christian, this app seemed to be the best one to meet actual like minded singles. So I applaud you for that. I would say that a distance filter would be great. I’m getting matches for like over 100m away that I am not interested in and I wish I could see some at least 50 m😥I also feel like I should be able to message girls I would like to swipe right on. It’s like ok this girl seems attractive, now let me sit and wait for 6 weeks until she goes on the app and MAYBE stays on it long enough to find my profile and THEN swipes right. That is the most frustrating feature for me hands down. I love this app though, so I plan to stick with it! Keep up the good work guys!!
  • Random matches 2/5

    By Price5555555
    I realized that Some of the people you get matched with are not people you pick or view. Some of these people I definitely NEVER picked. Please can you fix that? Also, no distance filter.
  • Cool idea but falls short 3/5

    By 1jfn
    It’s a cool idea and very simple to use but it’s showing every person with in 300 miles and almost never people near me. I live in okc, there’s a lot of people here so I know there are more closer to me. Please add a distance filter and a “go back” button. It really is super frustrating!!
  • Too far away 2/5

    By Frustrated in 2020
    This app is very frustrating. I want to see people in my area. It’s just not feasible to date someone who is 150+ miles away. I understand that it is a small community of users, but I have found this to be a waste of my time more than a successful dating site.
  • Showing matches hours away?!?!? 2/5

    By Jojo1andonly
    Why would your app be “matching” me with people who live HOURS away?!? Especially when you don’t give the option to set a mileage range or check your location settings. It’s quite disappointing when a match is 200 miles away and traveling to meet a strange nowadays could be extremely dangerous. Not to mention unrealistic expectations and gets hopes up or possibly to be let down. Lots of room for improvement. I’d be happy to bring my knowledge and experience with “revamping” your app.
  • Filters pls 5/5

    By SmithCB1234
    The ability to filter by denomination would be much appreciated 😇
  • Russian Roulette 2/5

    By femfusion
    This App is nothing but a game of Russian roulette! Kind of frustrating! Someone likes you = one bullet in the chamber, you, the seeker, have to sift through other profiles and like them to figure out who liked you rather than the app being straight forward = pulling the trigger to figure out where the bullet is!! So many potentials due to the fact that the location demographic is VERY wide which limitation would have been highly preferred! Introvert on this app because I thought this would have been less intimidating than in person but this causes anxiety because now I have to play a game which increase agitation when I want to meet someone and move on! But you keep swiping because of hope! So in hindsight, life is just a game just like these apps.… good luck everybody!
  • Distance filter 3/5

    By gingercrh
    It’s a great concept of an all. However, please add a distance filter.
  • I was a skeptic 5/5

    By Waygood_Haygood
    I met the most amazing woman I have ever encountered on this app. I never tried online dating or anything of the sort. I always thought it was odd and unlikely to work. I’m happy with my results.
  • Not sure why everything is wrong 1/5

    By shqwjdndjwiqorijtfnanql
    The mileage does not work in settings, I get people 300miles away mostly. I also get women on my feed all the time (I’m a woman). I also get no swipe rights, it’s almost as if no one goes on this app. I’m not sure why the creators are not able to improve this app after so many months. I tried it when it was FTH and thought maybe it’ll be better but it turns out it’s not.
  • SUCCESS 5/5

    By kjoy98
    Myself and the boyfriend found each other on this app and the rest is history! Highly recommend giving it a chance!
  • Yikes 2/5

    By BUGmma
    Allow us to choose the distance we’d be willing to date and let us view who liked our profiles.
  • Best app. 5/5

    By eye stylez
    I’ve been on so many app and I can honestly say that this is the best.
  • Could be better 2/5

    By 123Arrii
    Keeps matching me with people from other states. It asks for you location but doesn’t actually filter or give you the option to filter mileage for local people
  • I like it, but I wish it had these features 4/5

    By Mr. Banjoman
    When will you guys make a distance meter? Like, where I can set the distance of how far I’m looking for? So far, everyone is like 350-500 miles away from me, and I’d liked to have closer options. Also, I’d really like a second look feature, and see whom I have liked as well. Other than that, keep up the good work, guys!
  • Adjust Distance 3/5

    By Cc-12
    It's a pretty cool app and an interesting idea, but they do not let you set a max distance so I keep matching with people 500-600 moles away
  • Buggy 3/5

    By iwasinyourpodcast
    Good app for meeting people but it is REALLY buggy and slow to start up! Needs work!
  • I don’t do dating apps 5/5

    By buzzf7
    Y’all. This is different. To find someone that is equally yoked is not as hard as you thought. I recommend this app to anyone who is looking for a Godly spouse that is pursuing the Lord!
  • Mixed 3/5

    By ❤️Pokemon 4ever ❤️
    I honestly dont even know what to say. The app works fine its just the people on it. It really feels like people just use it to attention seek and not really look for anything serious. You'll match with a person and they may never answer you back. Or if you guys even talk it feels like you are more so entertaining a bored person who can't converse for their life. They may just stop replying altogether, b4 you guys actually even get to know eachother! Theres so much to explain but i cant fit it in here. Im sorry but a lot of times, it feels like i just dont feel jesus from these people as it feels like people who just like to claim they are followers. But willingly treat brothers and sisters so worldly. Its so hard to explain. I know its not the developers fault, they cant track that Never had issues like this in person, so ive been using this during the pandemic. Honestly these people just leave me depressed.
  • It’s nice to be on a platform where most people are of the same mindset... really like this app 5/5

    By God'sSon!!!
    Very good
  • Location 1/5

    By SarahVivia
    Update: there still are no location services and I’ve had this app for months. Clearly that’s an issue most or all users are having with the app. Please just listen to the reviews and quickly update with location services. This app has a great concept! However, it needs location services. To have people in your feed that are mostly 250+ miles away is a bit ridiculous.
  • Distance filter 2/5

    By itunesdude145
    Why hasnt there been an update with a distance filter? Please answer my review with a good reason. Help us app users out!!!
  • No single match. 1/5

    By DLio_1
    It’s either I’m not good enough or the app doesn’t seem to have the right tool or even real profiles. 24 hours with no swipe, the people must be busy lol. Anyway, it was awesome trying y’all out. Peace. And this nickname thing, I came up with the most complex ones just to write a review but y’all couldn’t let me. I guess it was because of the 1 star. I’ll lift it up just to be able to comment.
  • Needs a distance setting 4/5

    By USA17762020
    Great app overall. It runs smooth and I believe there is less bots (fake accounts) compared to other dating apps. The only thing this app really needs is a distance filter setting. Some days when you log on, you’ll see people who close to your location and then boom, the next person 100-300 miles away. It would be nice to see who’s actually close to your location and be able to change the distance of who you see!
  • A bit buggy 4/5

    By keystonek
    Compared to other dating apps I tried it seems very buggy. When I removed people it added them back into the mix of profiles to swipe on again. I removed them for a reason. The notifications for messages and matches is wonky and sometimes the conversations get lost because there’s nothing signifying if I replied or not. Often I have to refresh the app (leave and come back) for new messages to show up. Great concept and met some nice people though!
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By propheticwordkey
    I like the idea of a free Christian dating app. However, you will get likes and not have any clue who’s liking you. Only way you will find out is if you have liked them too. So you have to swipe endlessly and hope the person you liked has liked you back. I think there should be a way to see if someone has liked you or not. That would give people some kind of hope in finding someone .
  • Just Okay 3/5

    By TGuns86
    There needs to be a distance filter. Also I have had no matches yet.
  • A couple of suggestions 3/5

    By jessiebess
    Please add a distance filter! And the ability to backtrack if/when one accidentally swipes the wrong way on a profile. But mostly a distance filter!
  • Scams R Us 2/5

    By timmtamma
    There are countless fake profiles on this app. I understand that is gonna be a given with anything like this but many other dating apps require so form of verification like a picture. All that to say, I feel there’s more harm then good here, so be careful. Decent app design.
  • Great idea, poor execution 1/5

    By Nightbringer7
    In a world of efficiency, upward doesn’t value your time. The streamlined startup is clearly built to facilitate joining, from there the system has no unique features or even the features of most apps. While I enjoyed connecting with other people of faith, having most connections in the ballpark of 1000+ miles away simply isn’t conducive to real world relationship development.
  • Great potential but not there yet 2/5

    By Looking For Her Boaz
    So the only reason why this app is even getting 2 stars is because this is the only Christian dating app I’ve found that is free and has more than 100 people on it. But besides that? There are some much needed improvements to take this to the next level: 1) F i l t e r s - Why are they none? Are you trying to hide how little options there actually are for some people in certain areas? I got the app so I could meet Christian guys near me but I’m getting shown guys who live 200+ miles away! Additionally, I like to be able to chose what filter denomination/s I am getting shown. Not all denominations are compatible... 😬 2) U n d o - This is also an option that 90% of dating apps have and for some reason, y’all don’t? The amount of times I’ve accidently swiped ‘no’ on somebody is just unfortunate. However, I have noticed that they’re most likely not gone forever. You guys seem to cycle through all the options so if I keep swiping, I will eventually get back to the beginning and find the person I messed up on. BUT, who’s got time to cycle through 2,000+ guys?? 2) G l i t c h e s - I currently have notifications turned off for your app because even though I clicked the button that said I only wanted notifications for matches, but I was getting notifications for likes (also, why can’t I find out who likes me until I happen to swipe on them?! Please show us who likes us!) and just random annoying notifications saying I need to keep swiping. It was super annoying and frustrating so now I turned off all notifications. Another glitch is how I definitely remember swiping ‘no’ on certain people and then I’ll find them on my lists of matches and it’s like wait, what?! Long story short , I’m disappointed with this app. The idea is great and it has the potential to be something that a lot of Christian singles are looking for, but right now it’s proving to be more frustrating than helpful.
  • Good, but it doesn’t send notifications 4/5

    By Hambo guns
    This is a really good dating app. But an update happened that stopped Upward from sending notifications via “Badges, Sounds, and Banners”. When I opened the app, I did not get the tab that says “Upward would like to send you notifications” like other apps do. I also checked my Settings, and the option to turn on notifications for this app is not even there. So I do not know who has messaged me or when, so I have opened this to find messages which are days old. Please add notification options

Upward: Christian Dating app comments

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