Upwork for Freelancers

Upwork for Freelancers

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  • Current Version: 1.50.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Upwork Global Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Upwork for Freelancers App

Looking for quality freelance work from high-value clients? Look no further. Upwork is the largest online talent solution connecting businesses and skilled freelance professionals. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of finding rewarding work from anywhere across the globe, including opportunities to work with startups to large, established brands. Upwork was created to give freelancers and agencies the ability to start, run, and grow their own businesses. The path to a successful freelancing career is now at your fingertips, easy to navigate, and reliable with built-in protections to ensure fair and timely payments for the work you do. Freelancers make things happen. Show the world how. With millions of jobs posted on Upwork annually, freelancers are earning money by providing companies with over 5,000 skills across more than 70 categories of work. Upwork was created to help freelancers find more clients and to start, run, and grow their own businesses. Clients are paying top price for great work across categories such as: - Programming - Web Development - Mobile Development - Design - Writing - Admin Support - Customer Service - Accounting - Marketing - Sales ...and many more. How it works for freelancers and agencies: Discover We’ll help you find top-jobs based on the information you provide on your profile. Or, simply search for a job on your own. Get Hired Submit a winning bid, then agree on scope and price to get started on the project. Work Use Upwork to communicate, share files, and collaborate throughout–from your desktop or mobile device. Get Paid Upwork Payment Protection uses a simple and streamlined process that helps you get paid on time–with direct deposit, PayPal, wire transfers and more. If you are interested in being an early adopter which allows you to receive the latest updates first and influence the app, use this link https://testflight.apple.com/join/ef3GQatk and follow the on-screen instructions. Please reach out to us with any questions may have at [email protected] Terms of Use: https://www.upwork.com/legal#terms-of-use To learn more about opting out of the "sale" or "sharing" of your personal information, please visit our Privacy Center: https://www.upwork.com/legal#privacy-center

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Upwork for Freelancers app reviews

  • Scammers 1/5

    By jonvictoreminem123
    Beware of scammers.
  • Blank screen 1/5

    I can no longer view job details. It’s just a blank screen
  • My hope 5/5

    By Oji chi
    Very good still hoping to get job
  • Get rid of connects 2/5

    By PapiTrumpPleaseStop😖🥺
    New to Upwork and am having a difficult time getting a jobs due to these connects. Please get rid of it!
  • Best freelancer website 5/5

    By Unenda Sesugh
    I enjoy working here as a freelancer
  • If I could give this 0/5 I would 1/5

    By Yt:exposingmedia
    Your better off finding a part time job or doing surveys online unless your planning to spend about $500 on connects that are mostly bots from Upwork it simply isn’t worth it down to no communication with any of the people you try and work with to most of the jobs being posted by bots you’ve probably seen this on a add on YouTube or twitter and they only did that for money bc there is nothing to do on this app
  • Don’t waste your time - Just use Fiverr 1/5

    By RadtaChron420
    This app is full of scammers. It’s verification process is more than a headache and the app itself is not that user friendly as far as communicating with clients. I had hoped this app would make it easier to promote and find gigs because it is a lot smaller of a community than Fiverr, however I was wrong on that thinking. You’re better off just being patient and growing with Fiverr.
  • Useless 2/5

    By Kevbo SF
    It seems to silently log me out every so often and then I don’t get notifications. Almost a totally worthless app
  • Membership 1/5

    By app 1$
    When you click on a job the system takes you to another page & wants you to buy the same membership that you already have. Plus the system always want you to buy something else, instead of take you to the job you click on. Not worth the $27.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Clif Michaels
    This app is terrible.It doesn’t work it just keeps spinning around in a green circle.So disappointed
  • Worth trying 5/5

    By Sarabeardp
    Not only is the app good but if you want to work from home this is the site to use. Building a profile and client base is worth the time and effort. It has a wide range of clients and jobs. The app makes it easy to apply and keep in touch with clients.
  • No response for a year straight 1/5

    By Jay Damage
    WARNING! Every single person I contacted has not responded. I’ve reached out to other designers and they have told me similar stories. I’m officially giving up smh I’ve been on this app for a year and I have seen no results and I have contacted at least over 100 people.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Herrendez
    I have tried logging in, resetting my password and ever tried starting a new account, but for some reason I am not able to log in or create a new account! I tried using the web help chat, and it would randomly reset and I would have to start my conversation all over. This happened three times. When they did send me to an account recovery page it had the same random reset issue and all the form fields would reset! This happened twice when I had fully filled out the form. I’m done. Upwork is garbage!
  • Not a good site 1/5

    By jdsjddjjdj
    They have scammers all on here. Fake jobs beware
  • Too many scams on this site 2/5

    By Brenda Goodhue
    It’s my second attempt to try out Upwork and already inundated with fake employer claiming to be proctor and gamble. Please fix this
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Berri1977
    Could not even complete my profile because it could not find my address. No way to get help or override it. Complete waste of time. If this app cannot get something as simple as a US Postal Address entered, I doubt it can do anything else correctly.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By BurhanKhawaja
    Its been 4-5 months, I’m unable to view the job description. When I click the posted job the app shows blank screen.
  • its giving scam 1/5

    By NaeShort
    its been 4 jobs into my time here and all have been removed or turned out to not actually compensate.
  • No response and no 1099 for 2022 1/5

    By CornellJon
    Customer service is non existent with this service. I have not received my 1099 for work well over $20k in 1099 compensation; calendar year 2022 and cannot get a reply via any contact method with Upwork. Simply requesting that they send my 1099 is an impossibility with this non-customer service app.
  • If I could give 0 stars I would 1/5

    By lockkie
    This company has no live support for freelancers. I had put in over 20 hours into a contract and they have refused to give me any of my money. Now they are telling me to hold off on working that contract until they take a closer look at it. I have submitted tickets to get help for over a week and have gotten no response from their team. This is soo weak from what is supposed to be the most reputable company in the freelancing industry. How do you not take care of the freelancers who do work through your company?
  • User interface 5/5

    By ArtOfWinning
    The app is user friendly.
  • The app works great, but I can’t login via PC 2/5

    By TennesseeTweety
    I can’t log into my account by web or PC. I’ve spent the past two hours changing my password, logging in on other browsers and running in circles with chat which either refers me to a web login or tells me that I need to be logged in to receive help. Which I’ve stated over and over that I CAN’T DO THAT!!! Since I have no other way to communicate with Upwork via the web this is what I’m left with. If it’s possible to get help from any that breaths I would appreciate an email.
  • Enriched with jobs 5/5

    By Wahab017
    If you are skilled, these kind of sites are best to build up
  • I keep trying to upload picture to login it won’t me 🤕🤕 1/5

    I’ve been trying to upload my picture on this app it keep saying style must be decimal percent and and all which I’ve never heard before after all the stress I went signup this app is waste of time 🤕
  • Non existent support 1/5

    By Kotor Varos
    I’ve submitted projects a week ago and they are still in review stage. Customer service still didn’t bother to send me an email when the process will be over.
  • Jobs won’t load 1/5

    By Surfingalien
    I’ve gotten work through upwork and have made a decent amount. Went back to look for more work a few months later once my freelance has run dry, but now the jobs won’t load when you expand it to apply. Just get a blank screen. I’ve had to get on my computer to even get a functional experience which defeats the purpose of this app. Support also never gets back to me. Awful.
  • Not letting me long in 1/5

    By Flora_1.618
    I have been trying to login, and it says that my phone number is already in use… But my phone number is not in use! When I tried to login with other emails it says that I am a customer and I am not! When I try to contact customer service… They are useless and do not connect you to a live agent. they do not answer emails and only care about taking your money in your hard earned wages and leaving the divide between the rich and the poor a nice big giant fat gap.Companies like Upwork and Thumbtack and Home Advisor are destroying businesses
  • The best job platform! 5/5

    By SingleMomOnTheMove
    This has changed my view on freelance work!
  • App goes blank when tapping on a freelance job 2/5

    By renascence_consulting
    The app shows job recommendations but goes blank when I tap on it to see more information. I like upwork but not the fact that it creates more work for me by having to use my computer.
  • Ridiculous set up 1/5

    By StreetMagician
    I first downloaded the app just go see what if offers. Well, there’s no way to even preview features unless you set up an entire profile, verify your information, email, address, phone number, upload your picture… literally every piece of information. Once you’re in the app interface is really clean and very easy to navigate. Before I could even apply to a first job it’s already asking for more, including sending my ID and further information verification. What a pain in the back. Too much to deal with.

    By whattheactualfuk
    Ever since I created my account, I’ve received nothing but Spam calls and Scammers! I try to cancel and disable my account, it gives me an error saying that I can’t cancel my account at this time to call the support number. I call the support number and I’m told to withdrawal proposals first before I can cancel the account. I do that, and still can’t cancel it still. THIS WHOLE APP SEEMS LIKE A SCAM!
  • Newest update has killed functionality 1/5

    By googlyeyes93
    Newest update has made the app basically useless. I can browse jobs but posts with further info or the option to submit my connects will not load. My submissions page also will not load, and I’ve had to just send pdf or Google doc copies to my clients and hope for the best. This is ridiculous that Upwork takes so much of my hard earned money as “fees” but can’t keep up their platform with any of it.
  • Done with Upwork 1/5

    By minpit
    After creating an account, I spent a lot of time searching, applying and researching various jobs. I won a job, performed the job (which was a nightmare and poster wasn’t forthright or clear on job) was paid a partial amount. THEN Upwork sends me a notice that I needed to give them my social security number and fill a W-9 before I can collect any funds… funds that I earned. Upwork should have made that a requirement upon joining but they knew that would reduce the amount of users. It was my understanding that they would put funds into PayPal account (then PayPal would 1099 you depending on how much you made in the calendar year). Upwork should have been UPFRONT from the beginning.
  • Still terrible functionality 1/5

    By bstarke517
    Even with “bug fixes” the app is not reliable when it comes to submitting proposals or getting notification from potential clients.
  • Fake jobs 1/5

    By CccA666
    I tried to find a job but every time I find one is a fake job. Be careful don't trust a company called: “Tabuk pharmaceuticals”. They offer a job like a virtual assistant. I just had a text (chat) interview via Skype and then they told me to wait for a half-hour to see if I passed the interview. Then you passed and then they try to send you a “ check” and try to still your bank information.
  • Face ID 2/5

    By MBG1114
    Please fix Face ID it hasn't worked for months. I have filed multiple tickets with Upwork with no response.
  • Zero work for skill 1/5

    By Mateomane
    Zero work for skill
  • Blank Job Detail 1/5

    Job details does load.
  • Pretty Good aside from Switching Profiles 4/5

    By SpencerOKain
    The app is pretty good but I have both a talent profile and a client profile and wish it was easier to be signed into both with the separate apps rather than having to sign out of one in order to access the other.
  • App has some issues 3/5

    By Timmah83
    I've been using upwork for quite some time. The app has helped me respond to clients when I'm on the road. Here recently when I go to view a job to bid on, the job page keeps coming up empty. I've tried force resetting and even Uninstalled and reinstalled with no avail the issue still remains. Please let me know if you get this fixed!
  • Stay far away 1/5

    By Vince092
    They allow companies to use their platform who refuse to pay the people they hired. They also offer zero assistance with trying to get the money that’s owed to you.
  • Glitchy IOS 3/5

    By Shreeeeenbean
    I have the most recent version 1.48.1 and the freelancer app is pretty glitchy. I have to use the web version most the time because outside of the messaging most content won’t load. I’m usually left looking at a blank screen when trying to load project descriptions or error messages when trying to accept or reject an offer. The company is ok although as a freelancer they nickel and dime you a little too much between taking a pretty decent percentage of your pay, forcing you to purchase tokens if you want to bid on more projects (in order to actually make any real money), and then charging you to even get your money out on top of that (most egregious part in my opinion).
  • Not For Freelancers 1/5

    By Bacunnin
    Don’t expect to get too much support if you’re a freelancer. Clients can pretty much do whatever they want and disputing/mediation is a waste of time for a freelancer. The app is filled with posts that are scams and if you apply to them, they will suspend your account for trying to work outside of the system. That happened after I had signed up for a paid membership so I had lost a lot of connects on previous proposals. Would not recommend.
  • Decent app, horrible support and lots of phishing 1/5

    By hkevinmoore
    I joined UpWork based in online reviews with the hope of expanding my side gig. As a freelancer bidding is easy though I see little difference the number of connects one spends compared to real job offers from clients. LOTS of spam/phishing!!! And if you’re ever duped by a particularly good one UpWork manages to punish the freelancer by suspending their account, this from a company that advertises strong data protection for all users?!?! Now the trouble starts. Only way to contact is via email. And the first reply is an automated message telling you to go to their FAQ section or log into your account to file a complaint (odd since they’ve locked you out!). But they do advise you can reply to the email for real person support. Now the fun begins. This support must be freelancers too with no desire to help. They will tell you they can’t locate your email. This was a result of signing up with hide my email with Apple. Then they can’t find my phone number I used. So after going back and forth in many many emails (3 emails) the person tells you they’ve done all they can. Log into your account (still locked) to fix your email and that UpWork will not reply to any further emails on this ticket. So abandoned. Stay away. Go to Fiverr or Freelancer. Even Indeed and LinkedIn. But avoid UpWork. And definitely don’t pay for a subscription. That’s when all my trouble started. Need to add that I was told I received an email regarding the suspension but I never did.
  • Blank Page 4/5

    By Blackninjasquirrelz
    Everything is working but sometimes when I click an available job, nothing loads on the screen and there’s a blank screen. My phone is up to date as well as the app.
  • FIX THE BUGS. Can’t open jobs. 1/5

    By workout_freak
    With the latest update jobs won’t open on the app when I click on them on iPhone. So now the app is useless. Fix it please. It’s been weeks of this crap.
  • Messaging doesn’t work in latest update 1/5

    By laurensc234567890
    I have to use my desktop for Upwork as messages will not send to clients and I keep getting a “retry “ error
  • Best App if You have skills 5/5

    By Xi-Soft
    Skills matters
  • Excellent App for Freelancing 5/5

    By kandarp bhatt
    Upwork is an excellent app to find side gig.