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USA is your destination for full episodes of your favorite USA shows, including new episodes available the day after they air on television and back episodes of some shows. Log in with your TV provider account (cable, satellite or telco provider of TV) and open up a whole new way to enjoy USA – anywhere and anytime. USA Features: • Full episode viewing when you sign in with your TV provider account • Save your favorite shows to your watchlist for quick access to the latest episodes • Chromecast and AirPlay! You can now start the episodes in the app and stream USA to your TV and Apple TV. • Free trial – watch up to 3 full episodes of your choice for one month • Can't finish an episode in one sitting? The app saves your place! • Special clips, interviews and behind-the-scenes video • USA TV program guide • Facebook, Twitter, and email sharing This app features Nielsen proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. To learn more about our digital measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit for more information.


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USA Network app reviews

  • Can’t watch new content the night of 1/5

    By Ryan760
    Pretty ridiculous you can’t watch new content the night it premieres on this app. Get with the times USA
  • Stay away from the latest version of the app. 1/5

    By TheGame81
    You can watch whatever is currently live but after about a minute, a message box comes up and says “User Not Authorized Error” even though I do have a valid cable subscription and it was working perfectly fine using the previous version of this app. Must be some pretty terrible engineers developing the app to cause something like this to occur so I am staying away from this app and you should too.
  • Weekly user. 3/5

    By DenDenDay
    I use the app for over 5 hours a week. It helps sharing the TV when you’re ok with using a cellular device. Unfortunately, starting tonight the app told me that USA isn’t a part of my package, but it actually is. So it creates a notification warning me and kicks me out when you click ok. I’m quite disappointed that this happened, hope it’s a bug fix that can be made. Otherwise it would be a 5 star app.
  • Annoying. 1/5

    By .lopers.
    All it does is crash 🙄
  • Trouble app 1/5

    By Jk4567812
    No skip ahead option and now tonight I can't why live tv because it now tells me the tv provider I've been using now has an authentication error. Very upset.
  • Review 1/5

    By sc0902
    The app currently doesn’t let me watch live tv it says there’s a problem
  • Love it 5/5

    By Junebbug73
    Love the app..... hate all the commercials.......
  • Absolute Garbage 1/5

    By wdwrd68
    You need to find a new developer. This app freezes and skips all over the place. I tried this app a year ago and thought I would try it again. Same issue, please don’t waste your time with this app.
  • Ads look great, too bad shows don’t 1/5

    By Xgeuarubl
    Funny that the ads come in perfectly clear, but the shows are terrible video quality. Very jumbled looking and unclear. Totally unwatchable.
  • Not good 1/5

    By _Lilith
    Used this app to cast to my chromcast device. Why so much buffering? Whyyyy???? We have high speed internet, other apps that we cast donor have this issue. Tons of hiccups with this app. This is truly frustrating when we are trying to watch a program. Plus, what’s up with all the commercials? All the money that we pay for this channel and others to begin with and we still have to see all the commercials like we’re watching it on tv.
  • So many commercials it’s hard to watch the shows 3/5

    By Michelle McGraw
    I truly appreciate the the content access and like the programming a lot... but the constant bombardment with commercials is overwhelming and takes away from enjoyment of the programs. I understand that ads are financially necessary, but there are way too many, they’re repetitive, and occur too frequently (expectations are different for streamed programs vs. live TV.) I was excited about starting to watch some of the other series shows USA offers, but will instead go elsewhere (Amazon Prime, Netflix) and watch non-USA programs to avoid the constant interruption of commercials.
  • So far so good 5/5

    By Iris D.
    No problems to see The Colony, love it!
  • Won’t play 2/5

    By Abby Akers
    After watching a show I got off and when I went to get back in it wouldn’t load. I tried going on to other shows and closing the app but it still would not work. After deleting and reinstalling it still wouldn't work (I have an iPhone 7)
  • Works on iPods now !! 😃 5/5

    By BoPs419
    This app wouldn’t work on any iPods for at least the past year, and had major issues on iPhones older than iPhone 6s The newest update finally fixes that !!! Wahooo !! GREAT APP NOW 👍🏿 !!
  • Keeps tell me app timed out please retry opening😡 1/5

    By Nasty hook
    Not happy with app
  • Terrible 2/5

    By DJ Ducati
    Whether on data or WiFi it is next to impossible to watch a complete show without stream interruptions. I literally only use this app because it is the only way to watch WWE Raw and Smackdown as they air from my phone. I stream all the time, Hulu, Amazon Prime, WWE Network and I rarely have any interruptions. With this app I literally cannot watch a single show to completion. Horrible.
  • Hope you don’t use chrome cast..... 1/5

    By Denver_Neal
    Because you’re in for a wild ride of getting up every five minutes to reset the stream.....
  • Stops in the middle of a show 1/5

    By Juanse 821
    Unbelievable disappointed with this app, there is no excuse for an application to work this bad... it stops streaming every time I’m watching a show or live tv.
  • Can’t even binge watch 1/5

    By sanchezmia
    This why premium channels and Netflix better like I can watch this continuously if. There’s an ads I can’t skip
  • Across All Platforms, This App Needs Work 1/5

    By Cleonallie
    I’ve tried watching Captain America on the USA Phone app, USA online using multiple internet browsers on my computer, and the app on my Apple TV. The video doesn’t completely fill screen across all platforms. Of all things to miss, full screen is probably the first thing that needs to be available. To watch a video cropped with a black boarder isn’t appealing at all.
  • Pathetic Attempt at a Player 1/5

    By Ronfrank
    Seriously? This thing is a joke! 1. It never saves my place in correctly in the last show I was watching. 2. It doesn’t automatically play the next show in a series, nor does it give you that option. 3. It doesn’t remove the episodes from the Watchlist that I watched through to the credits — EVEN THOUGH I MANUALLY REMOVED THEM FROM THE LIST. 4. There is no Forward 10 Seconds, only Rewind. 5. Clicking Search shows a slow animation instead of just immediately coming to life. 6. There is no way to add a series to the watchlist, you have to do so one episode at a time. 7. You can’t download an episode or two to watch on the airplane. Soooo bad! If Mr. Robot weren’t such a great show, I’d never use this app.
  • Utter garbage 1/5

    By Nsighter1
    The “livestream” in the app is always several hours behind what is actually being broadcast on the TV. To the app developer, Inexcusable in this day and age of technology, fix his piece of junk app or get rid of it if you’re not gonna put the effort into making this a usable app.
  • Obnoxious 1/5

    By zhopen11
    It’s great that when I stream an episode on my chromecast it takes twice the time to get through the show itself whether it be due to disconnection, lag, or not allowing me to skip back to where I was before the app disconnected, etc., but it’s even better that I have to rewatch nearly every commercial to skip back to the point where I lost connection, and those are always crystal clear with no issues
  • Not the best app 2/5

    By Pokey, Tazzy and Khan's mom
    Not fun to have to sign in every time I use the app on my Apple TV. In fact, I have to sign out and then sign back in. Every time.
  • Constantly Freezes 1/5

    By Bo805
    The app always freezes for 10-30 seconds at a time & when it comes back that 10-30 seconds is skipped over, so you end up missing parts of whatever show your watching. This has been going on for years now. I always update the app hoping the freezing has been fixed, but still does it. Very disappointed.
  • Directv Now no longer supported? 1/5

    By GraphikJules
    Why would you take away this provider? Was in the middle of a show and it told me to log in, then told me Directv Now was no longer supported. Why?
  • Terrible streaming 1/5

    By jharms09
    I have this app on my Apple TV and it’s infuriating. It is always stopping and resolution is crap when every other app is fine. Trying to watch Suits and total nightmare. Please fix! Also, they run 2 minutes of ads every 5 minutes of show and same ones over and over.
  • Took DirecTV away as a provider 1/5

    By Big Ran35
    A lot of people who watch this channel have directv & this is very foolish to take it away as a TV provider.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Jimmy Jo Jericho
    When I am on Wi-Fi the “live feed” is three hours behind but when I’m on cellular data it’s actually live… There’s no excuse for that. Garbage for watching Live TV. buffers every 30 seconds no matter the connection speed.
  • Unstable 1/5

    By Panduv
    Very poor stability and streaming. Doesn’t provide their basic services up to the market standards.
  • No good at all 1/5

    By **^Mary^**
    You can see an episode, it stops and takes you back to hime screen. It’s a shame! Totally Worthless I experienced the issues trying to view Suits
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Tifferrsx3
    I mean it’s a free app so not much to complain about but it certainly isn’t worth the space it takes up. Make sure you check if your show is actually available. I googled “Watch Queen of the south season 2” and it led me to believe I could watch it on this app. LIES. They only have clips from season one even though they are on episode 13 of season 2. Looks like I will have to find it online somewhere and not use USA Network to watch their show.
  • App is terrible 1/5

    By Jsweezy23
    The app will freeze whether I’m on WiFi or my cellular network. The sound will randomly cut out for no reason with the only solution being to force quit and restart. The closed captions will not turn off no matter how many times I toggle it. Would not recommend.
  • Works fine for the most part but.... 3/5

    By The Xenomorph1414
    Whenever I try to watch Mr Robot the episodes I have watched won’t be marked as watched and any episode I’m currently watching will resume at a random point.
  • Good but 4/5

    By AEkema
    Good but I wish I didn't have to sign in because I can't remember my tv provider information and shredded the bill :(...
  • Not sure it could be worse 1/5

    By Gpcnyc
    Slow, unreliable, with navigation that prefers form to utility. Doesn't take you to shows you've been watching. Likely to drop from my cable package.
  • Wdym 5/5

    By tekasi69
  • Great App!!! 5/5

    By BCSurvivor40
    Great app!!! Especially considering it’s free!! TY : ) Seriously!¡! To those who only have ugliness to say just keep it to yourself. Please Stop being unworthy of kindness. Seek positivity without negativity. IDKW such self absorbed unnecessary pointless condemning & sheer ignorance of all who blast the developers of (this) apps. Because if U were capable of doing the work U'd definitely feel otherwise! U should be ashamed & know trash talk gets U nowhere! It isn’t that difficult to be a positive person instead of living a life filled with of negativity & profound loss of happiness Be grateful for the hard work & dedication of time it takes from start to completion in the whole process of creating an app. Imagine how difficult it must be to be in the spotlight; although dedicated to creating the best possible. Now that’s true talent! The patience persistence & intelligence making it happen. It’s simply mind boggling how easy it is to access & use apps; yet ya never stop long enough to think about or give the credit to the brilliance of the development behind the scenes working hard to create change fix improve adjust & etc via feedback but that alone doesn’t give U rights to be slamming! Developers are the reason why it’s available as they made it possible for us. So much is taken for granted & this is just one example… Unless U're the one who dedicated ur time energy & effort into the creation of making an app then U really don’t have the right to be so opinionated or express urself about what a perfect app should be. So spare us w/ur rude words of cruelty. Basically put a lid on it & shut ur pie hole! We could really care less about the derogatory remarks & ur blatant disregard regarding the overall situation. Some of us are actually thankful unlike yourself fool!!
  • Closed captions will not turn off 1/5

    By Marciles
    As the title says, no matter what I do the CC will not turn off. Whether icon is highlighted or not I get CC. I deleted and reinstalled the app, did a hard reset on my phone, no matter what the CC persists. Terrible.
  • 😭 1/5

    By DeeGee123456
    Used to be my favorite app. Just updated and now all it does is crash before it's fully loaded. I should've left well enough alone!!!!!! 😤
  • USA 5/5

    By Chriscasillo
    App is very good
  • App won't start 1/5

    By Anon73737373
    App won't start it's turns on and shuts down right away
  • Something went wrong 1/5

    By Jdh5153
    Will not load, says no internet connection...
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By SamStDaGr8
    On my iPad it says that the internet can’t be detected even though all of my other apps work (my iPad only works when connected to the internet). On my iPhone, you open it and it immediately shuts itself down. I have deleted the app and downloaded it again multiple times. Also it worked fine about 8 hours ago........and I haven’t updated my phone or iPad
  • Great and I use it often 5/5

    By Vamikey
    I have the app so I can stay up on all my shows. I love that you can see live shows are your favorite what ever you choose.
  • AppleTV? 3/5

    By Bkelevate
    Would love to have livestream available on the AppleTV app. That way we don’t have to airplay to the AppleTV from a phone. Other than that I don’t really have issues with the app. Great content selection. Easy to navigate.
  • No wonder it's free 1/5

    By maw147
    I can't complain too much, because the app is free when you enter your TV subscriber information. But it is not user friendly at all. And it has a very small selection. The app has a section to save the shows/movies you've started to watch, but nothing ever saves there. There is no organized way to browse for movies..not even a 'movie category.' So if you know exactly what you want to watch, this app isn't bad. Otherwise, you might as well pull up a list of tv shows and movies, and get ready to 'search' every title until you find something you like. I think I've used this app maybe twice..
  • Easily the worst streaming app I've used 1/5

    By Shmeegle46739264
    This app stinks. Buffers every 10 seconds. No problem when ads come on. Quality is blurry whenever there aren't ads on and sometimes the audio is ahead of the visual. Takes an extra 30 minutes just to get through one episode. Easily the worst streaming app I have ever used
  • Worthless on the west coast 1/5

    By Duke Crum
    It’s 2018, your internet stream should always be your east coast feed if you carry live content.
  • Won't even open anymore 1/5

    By Casmunkeeeeeeeee
    I've tried on multiple devices and I can't even get the app to open anymore. Now I have law and order withdrawals

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