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USA TODAY - News: Personalized

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USA TODAY - News: Personalized App

Instead of sifting through the clutter to find stories, our USA TODAY app will do it for you. From your interests and passions to the sports teams you cheer for – you’ll always stay updated, informed, and instantly notified about breaking news you want to know. Here’s how. • Personalize your news: With My Topics, you choose what you want to read about, and get notified when there's something new. • Be the first to know: Turn on breaking news alerts so you always know what’s going on. • Eliminate interruptions: Get the same great storytelling with no ads for only 99¢ for your first month, then pay only $4.99/month. • Relax with games and podcasts: Play the daily crossword and sudoku (iPad only) and listen on demand to your favorite USA TODAY NETWORK podcasts. • Unplug with quiet time: Just because USA TODAY’s award-winning content is updated 24/7, doesn’t mean you have to be • Local weather updates: Know if it’s time to grab the umbrella or the sunblock before heading out for the day. *Subscriptions are charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and automatically renew each month or year, unless turned off in your iTunes account settings at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. See "Subscription Support" in the app's Settings for more details and customer service contact information.  Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Questions or comments? Visit  or email:  [email protected]

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USA TODAY - News: Personalized app reviews

  • I deleted this app 1/5

    By jobranch
    To many intrusive requests to ask me to subscribe to their premium articles. I don’t mind seeing advertisements, but this new initiative to gain subscribers now includes alerts to my Lock Screen for me to view premium articles. Too annoying for me.
  • Pushing subscription 1/5

    By US-NAY Today
    Less and less stories available for free. Garbage content. I am deleting app after this review.
  • Greedy Subscribership 1/5

    By Jeffburm
    Seriously. Can’t read half of the articles because you must subscribe. Either cut them off or quit forcing me to see them!!!!!
  • Payment for subscription 1/5

    By Allendenver
    While I’ve used USA Today for years as one source for news I would never consider paying for a subscription. If USA Today didn’t have a very left bias I might consider but currently, no When an app decides to charge a subscription fee after it’s been available for many years without one, it means USA Today is failing with its ads. I am removing this app immediately as now the only articles one can read is whether Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie can amicably raise their 9;kids.
  • Ads Ads Ads 1/5

    By Nick197928
    Ads load before content and have to watch ads before video plus I want written news NOT videos. This whole subscribing thing is wrong. You already have ads all over the place and now they even pop up and you want people to pay for you “special” articles hahaha just deleted app
  • Used to like 1/5

    By Cosmic7i
    Not worth it now
  • Enjoyment 5/5

    By HM Pedigo
    I can count on USA Today to bring the most important events to print. My first read each day.
  • Not dealing with the pop up ad anymore 1/5

    By Helps89
    Used to enjoy the app. Now an ad pops up every 5 mins asking me to pay monthly. So, deleted. I
  • Pop up city 1/5

    By Justdingsklaubbpiphg
    Pop ups make hard to use. Then it tricks you into selecting add
  • A good app destroyed by ads 1/5

    By Flea77
    This is a great news ap, or at least it was. In the past few weeks it has gone from a few ads to being overrun with pop ups, subscriber only articles, slide ups, and more all on top of all the ads it had before probably quadrupling the number of ads. This is just crazy. I don’t mind some ads, they have to make a living, but this is way over the top.
  • Far too many ad pop ups 2/5

    By No refund and not happy
    Frequent pop ups are very annoying and frustrating. It’s been obvious for several months that this app was going to a subscription service with more and more articles requiring a subscription. Looking for another source admirer several years here to get my news. Apparently the ad revenue isn’t enough of a profit generator to avoid charging the readers who have to deal with the pop ups.
  • Worst news app update now 1/5

    By Blampee
    Too many ads, pop ups, and subscription only stories. Deleted it today after years of use.
  • Cost 2/5

    By Dogger244
    Here it comes…Typical…more and more “stories” you click on can’t be read unless you are a subscriber. Slowly this will continue with more and more stories until you are forced to, “subscribe.” Watch and see.
  • Readability 5/5

    By TexRobert
    I’m done with so many of your headlines unreadable with a subscription to your sight or a third party sight. CNN works just fine.
  • Pop-up Ads Must Go 2/5

    By RadioStormNY
    I was really enjoying the USA Today app. Then I started started to see a number of articles only for subscribers. While I was disappointed to see, I understood. But then the pop-up ads started showing up every time I open the app. As a result I am now putting serious thought into removing it which could happen before the weekend is over.
  • Works for Me 5/5

    By johntellsit
    I teach Government & Macroeconomics so I don't have a lot of time during the day to peruse through long articles. This USA Today App works for me because I can get jump in and out and catch up to the date news as the day moves along. The subjects I teach are very current so having the availability of short articles helps me stay on top of things during the day. It's convenient.
  • Diverse content, worth the time spent scrolling 5/5

    By Giridharj
    I have found the news content to be highly diverse, covering current affairs, local news, international affairs, and a good mix of business, ethical news. Worth the time for news hungry readers.
  • Constant Ad Walls 2/5

    By Yarlen
    Since USA Today started aggressively promoting their subscriber only features and stories this app has become almost unusable. Constantly nags you with ad walls and pop ups to pay.
  • Both the New and the Old Versions of USA Today 4/5

    By An Old Mitch
    I enjoyed the old version very much. The problem that occurred when you introduced the new version was that it always started with the old one and it made you go back to the store, tap on "open" and (hopefully) the new version would appear. This wasn't always the case. The New Version seems pretty good but, when you view pictures, you can't do it as a slideshow. I think a replica edition would be best!
  • $$ 2/5

    By Joe85!!
    I’ve had this app for over 4+ years. Recently the app advised I can’t read the news unless I pay $4.99 a month. No thank you. Thanks for ruining a great app
  • From my #1 app to no longer using it 2/5

    By Breathe deeply
    A very nicely designed and useful app, ...until they starting forcing never-ending long video ads. I can put up with the occasional 10 sec ad, but back-to-back 30sec adds has pushed me away to other options. Orthographic errors galore from a newspaper as a regular occurrence? Not acceptable.
  • Deleted 1/5

    By DP Reader
    Tired of the “pay for reading” when the same articles are available in other venues
  • Just the News 5/5

    By Jsr8484
    No pontificating.
  • The move to Subscriber content has crippled this App 1/5

    By ByTheSea0828
    USA Today was a great news source. Their change requiring a financial subscription to access many of the articles is a money grab given their advertiser model. I’m deleting this App in favor of free, open source content.
  • Now flooded with pop ups and ads 1/5

    By larrybeo
    This use to be my go-to app for news. The recent increase of pop ups/pay walls have rendered it unusable. Sad really.
  • It’s all about the dollars 1/5

    By Bill12215
    Many news stories are available only if you fork over a subscription fee. I have only two words for you. Delete APP.
  • Got greedy 2/5

    By shaffadelic
    Have loved USA Today since they first started publishing color papers. As time went by and free time got shorter, I switched to the app to get a free and quick analysis of what’s happening in the world. Now half of the stories are for “subscribers only”. Way to go people. Now you want me to pay to see news and sports. You are losing customers. Bad decision.
  • Filled to the brim with add garbage 1/5

    By gritz79
    USA Today is my favorite news source. However, this app is unusable because of their trying to get subscribers. I know nothing is free, and I don’t mind apps that have to use adds to bring in revenue, but the changes they have made to this app make it untenable. For the first time in years, my iPhone will no longer have the USA Today News app. Goodbye and good riddance. I’ll catch your articles on Flipboard.
  • Constant ads for paid subscribers only 1/5

    By JosephAlan
    Will no longer tolerate the multiple pop ups per day about random crap that I can’t read anyway. No option to stop receiving this spam and so now the app is deleted after 10 years.
  • Ads freeze 2/5

    By Shea911
    The Cover Girl ad has been freezing for the past four days to the point I am considering dumping USA Today from my iPad. If I’m doing (or not doing) something please advise.
  • Not a subscriber 1/5

    By statement prints
    Now USA Today is pulling a Trump and giving fake news. The article headline is Yes, vaccinated people can still get COVID-19. Here’s what you need to know. But. I can’t read it because I’m not a subscriber. The headline leads me to believe the worst and I can’t read the news story.
  • Raised the price too high 1/5

    By sbsmithjax
    I have removed this app, and canceled my previous subscription. This is due to the unfortunate choice to increaseSubscription from $2.99, to $12.99 instantly.Would have been happy with a small couple of dollars increase in subscription fee, but this looks like greed. Lots and lots of places to get good quality news from, free, including Reuters and AP News app app. You went to far with this price increase, by a long way
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By news hawk.
    Keep getting ad after ad to subscribe to the app for $5 a month. Also keep getting more and more articles titled for subscribers only. Keep your ad version and your subscription pressures.
  • Must now pay for propaganda 1/5

    By bnamamwirbfhejwbcjr
    Tolerated the daily propaganda but refuse to pay for news. Hello Google News.
  • Used to be great 2/5

    By nodnarb901
    I’ve used this app for 10 years to get my news. Now every time I open it I’m being asked to pay for the premium service so I can read the news that was free before? No thanks I’ll get my news from somewhere else.
  • Stop the constant pop ups 1/5

    By ekv146
    Once in is while ok, but they are now pervasive. Please stop.
  • New update is terrible 1/5

    By Mezzy316
    USA Today used to be my go-to news app. Not any more. Now when you click on half the articles they force you to pay. And there are constant pop ups begging for money. Deleted.
  • Subscription miss 4/5

    By TinselAnne
    I think that article about the 5 false co vid stories should be open to public. You’re doing a disservice to those who cannot afford a subscription but need to know what is false information.
  • Constant Subscription Nag Pop-ups 3/5

    This has been a good app with good articles. We now have to endure constant annoying pop-ups for the new subscription service. No way to turn it off without subscribing. I’ll see how long I’ll endure this before deleting the app for other news sources.
  • Constant prodding to subscribe 3/5

    By bring back the old version.
    I used to enjoy this app more… but now there are annoying pop-ups that intrude each time a read an article. Once a day is fine. Every minute or two is not.
  • Subscription spam 1/5

    By sad face 211
    How often can a pop-up to subscribe appear? WAY too often
  • Ads in front of videos 1/5

    By #Adless
    I have stopped watching USA Today videos. I am sick of the Lili Reinhart mascara ads in front of the videos.
  • Great news read 5/5

    By mama to6
    Up to date news, great stories and amazing pictures.
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By Sacrichie
    There are now too many pop-up ads. Also, more and more stories are for “subscribers only”. Never used to be that way. Time to get my news wrap up from another source.
  • Constant ads for subscription 1/5

    By silverladybug
    I used to enjoy this app, but now they constantly pop up advertisements trying to get you to pay for a subscription. I don’t mind the ads that are inserted but the pop-ups are super annoying and make the app almost unusable.
  • Traveler 5/5

    By BVgram
    My go to newspaper!
  • Used to be a five 1/5

    By 567432891
    Now every other article opens in another poorly loading (if at all) page. I seldom click those articles anymore. This cuts my usage in half. I'm down to using it more as habit after I've read CNN than actual want to use it. The content isn't news at all. If I want to read TMZ or US weekly I'll use their apps. The pop ups are becoming more prevalent. Between App Store trips and urges to write a review I find myself pulled from the app. Now that I've read it, I think I'll just go back to reading from a browser like a dirty caveman. Thanks pushy app, a few more like this and I'll be worshipping the sun.
  • I read most of my news from USA’s platform 5/5

    By BronzeDragon
    I like USA Today’s general news application on the Apple iPhone. USA Today has started to charge a monthly subscription fee for certain articles but not all, not yet at least. The thing is I wouldn’t mind paying a premium for their content as I’ve stated in previous reviews that I’ve read them for years and they have proven to me well worth it. However there s a negative, chiefly some of the articles which only subscribed paying members can obtain access to can be viewed for free on their very own platform through googling the articles headline. Secondly the monthly subscription price is simply to high. I would be willing to pay a couple dollars at most per month on a permanent basis. One more thing of note would be is perhaps you can view the article for free on google as opposed to the app is perhaps their intending on capitalizing on the convenience of going though the app. If this is the case even though their customers once realized you can obtain the article for free through Google will perhaps still feel like their getting cheated. Hope my review helps in some contributing factor.
  • Piece of crap has went to all ads and wants a subscription now 1/5

    By King Dog