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From Pulitzer Prize winning storytelling and photography, to rich-media videos, full 360-degree experiences and virtual reality, USA TODAY is able to not only tell the news, but allow you to be completely immersed in it. And with our local-to-national coverage, you can add news stories happening right in your own communities. FEATURES: • NEWS: Browse national, local, most popular and recommended stories. • NEWS ALERTS: Get news as it breaks by opting in for push notifications on News, Sports, Life, Money or Tech. Rich notifications allow you to get an article preview, save and share from your lock screen. • VIRTUAL REALITY: Bring the news to life with 360° video and virtual reality. Check out our new weekly VR series, VRtually There with three new thrilling VR experiences every Thursday. • WEATHER: Be prepared with live weather information from hourly to 10-day forecasts. Enable location services to customize local weather news and other location-based services. (Continued use of GPS running in background can decrease battery life.) • SCORES: Stay up to speed on the latest sports scores and schedules for NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, Golf, NASCAR, Indy Car, UFC, Fantasy sports and college football and basketball. • PUZZLES: Enjoy USA TODAY created daily crossword and Sudoku puzzles. (Sudoku available on iPad only) • STOCKS: Get a clear picture of the financial world, from stocks and IPOs to taxes and takeovers. Get personal finance tips and advice to improve your portfolio. • SAVED STORIES: Save your favorite stories to read later. • NIGHT MODE: Enable this feature to view the app using a black background and white text. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: • APPLE WATCH: Link the app to your Apple Watch to receive alerts to the stories you want to know as they happen. • WIDGET: Get a quick update on the latest headlines from your Home and Lock screen! No time to read the full story? Tap the bookmark icon to save for later. • iPAD PRO ENHANCED: Experience our captivating photography and stories in full screen or multitasking mode. • 3D TOUCH: Use 3D touch on our app icon from the homescreen for a quick shortcut to weather and your saved stories. AD-FREE SUBSCRIPTION OPTION: Now available on all of your devices - Subscribe today and experience great storytelling with no ads. Purchase an ad free subscription for $2.99/month with a 2 week free trial. Subscriptions are charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and automatically renew each month or year, unless turned off in your iTunes account settings at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. For more details, see "Subscription Support" in the app's Settings for more details and customer service contact information. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: TELL US WHAT YOU THINK: Our app features are constantly being improved based on your feedback, so we welcome you to tell us what you love and what you’d like to see more (or less) of. Contact us at: [email protected] or on Twitter @usatodaymobile. For additional information, please visit


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  • Ads crash the App 1/5

    By IM4Cards
    The ads crash the App and as long as that is the main ad, it is impossible to read anything longer than 10 seconds. I have been a long time user of the App but the recent ‘enhancements’ make unbearable to use. I read one response to a similarly critical review saying ‘the App has been fixed’, but it has not and is worse. Please fix or I will need to go elsewhere for my news.
  • I don’t mind the ads, I don’t want unmarked video content 2/5

    By CJDaniel
    I read new for reading, I don’t want to click on an article and have it go to video, which is always proceeded by an ad. I don’t mind if their is text article with a video above it, that I can choose to click on or not. But most of the videos are newscaster reading the news, I can read thank you.
  • CRASH! 1/5

    By Zagoloue
    After being a regular for the past 5 years, the USA Today app has started crashing on a regular basis. I think it has something to do with the advertisements loading. It just closes all the sudden and goes back to icon.
  • At its best....not up to “very poor” 1/5

    By Fuji apple
    Continue to receive requests for reviews, which is right in keeping with the rest of the poor quality of the entire app. Save yourself from disappointment, and pass on downloading....
  • Crashing since update 1/5

    By 1982 jrh
    App was very good but since the last update it crashes while I'm reading an article. This happens daily. My IPad is not old, the IOS version is 10.3.3. Unfortunately I will probably be deleting the app sense keeping it.
  • Sudoku puzzles not updating daily. 5/5

    By tired of expecting better!
    What could possibly be the reason for problems in the sudoku puzzle area of this app. The more you fix it, the more broke it becomes. You can’t explain it, because you can’t fix it. I know. I’ve watched and waited for far too long. Just give up! It’s over your head. Hire some rogue teen to fix this thing!
  • Updates and puzzles 4/5

    By Old Man 20
    Please try not to break the puzzles with every update. This last update broke Sudoku, again. I have had to delete the app and reinstall several times in to get to the current Sudoku puzzle (it's not showing in the list). I'm not willing to do that every day. Sometimes if you reset and solve an earlier Sudoku the current puzzle then appears in the list. Then, sometimes it's selectable, sometimes not. When it is selectable, it loads with a portion of the puzzle completed. It's a real mess.
  • App problems = a no go on USA Today 1/5

    By Mason😎🤓😉
    I thought they had fixed the myriad problems with their App and was directed to download the “fixed version.” The download gets stuck about three quarters of the way through so I have not been able to download it. I give up.
  • Latest version crashes often 2/5

    By Simpledog22
    The latest version is buggy and crashes often.
  • Biased News and Liberal 1/5

    By J sokbjhcodn
    I’ve had the USA Today app for several years. I have noticed more and more that the news articles are very biased and liberal. Today was the icing on the cake when I heard that “I Can Only Imagine” exceeded expectations at the box office and it was not in the USA Today’s headlines. A Christian movie, it was not expected to do well. Instead, USA Today mentions other movies that are more liberal, but less successful. They never want to admit when conservatives and conservative movies are successful. Just the opposite. They bash Christians and conservative, flood the news feed with liberal stories and agendas. Huge media bias in the country and they are what is dividing the country. I am deleting their app.
  • Battery killer 1/5

    By Black Fox Zulu
    3/16/18 update. Few updates later and still have the battery draining problems with phone getting hot. As someone who likes to get his news at a glance without the usual bias, USA today has been my go to for years. The content has been solid and the opinion pieces varied. I’ve been through many iterations of the app, some good some bad. This latest overall has unfortunately made the app unstable and I think possibly dangerous to your iPhone. It doesn’t happen every app use, (I’d guess 1 out of 10 uses) but when it does watch out! You’ll notice that the app is slowing down, frame rate drops as you attempt to scroll and finally a hard crash. Then take a peak at your battery, which has plummeted and the back of the phone which is now white hot. Worst of all In two instances I’ve had my SIM card malfunction and not register due to the overheating and the phone won’t recognize it. After depowering the phone and letting it cool down, the issue will resolve. I’ve dealt with misbehaving apps before that drain the battery, but NEVER one that possibly was harming the physical phone. Sorry USA Today, this is inexcusable for a major app and you’ve lost a loyal longtime customer. Buyer beware.
  • Very good 4/5

    By Fruitninja love
    Loading process is at times slightly buggy; other than that........overall superb.
  • Sudoku 1/5

    By dsmiii
    Every morning I have to delete and reinstall this app in order to play Sudoku. Reading the reviews, I am not the only one with this problem. Cancelled my Ad-Free subscription because of this. Will resubscribe once this problem is corrected.
  • Absolutely HATE the new format. 1/5

    By JoniOneta
    Too hard to read. Why did they have to mess with a good thing?. I’m done with USA TODAY.
  • Sudoku Broke Again 1/5

    By srw1948
    Sudoku is broken again. It’s Saturday morning, and there has not been a new puzzle available since Monday.
  • Have to Delete and Reload App to Update Puzzles 2/5

    By Mick Gator Fan
    Why do you folks keep ruining the puzzles??
  • Liberal rag sheet 2/5

    By Gpsiitter
    Your photo of Bannon that looked like he was going the nazi salute was indicative of why you are a 2nd rate news source
  • Quit the SCAM adverts and VIDEO adverts 1/5

    By acrisis
    So frustrating to see all these SCAM advert “ suggested “ “articles” below every article and enough with the Video adverts with full blast audio!!! One is quietly reading some news, click on a headline for something .... BAAAM 100% volume video advert for thirty secs. Seriously, how long do we have to complain about this BS below articles and the videos not being muted? I understand the need for ads, no biggie, but you just keep degrading your product and eroding your support with your current implementation.
  • Fix sudoku 2/5

    By salsfirst
    The game itself works but you can’t navigate to different days. Seems to be stuck on March 5th.

    By Bev3740
    I like to browse the articles but I wish they would get the sudoku and crossword puzzle fixed. It constantly is out of order and won't go to the next date without deleting and reinstalling. Come on guys....get it fixed!
  • Ms Lorraine 2/5

    By Giveup1
    Used to be a good AP Ages ago. Took forever to b e updated to iOS 11. Won, let u even review/ comment unless pay. for ads, sports. Not news...I. Will look for another news AP.. I used to love this AP too. I,m still getting the response it must be updated to ios11 and today is Mar. 14.... feel the same as previous commenter. I stopped watching news because it consisted of nothing more th an blasting commercials, sports, and now hours of dissecting every imaginable concept of the weather over and over. SAD
  • Puzzles don't work -- again! And what's with the spelling? 1/5

    By R10507
    Day 5 and still no sudoku! Continue to wonder how such useful media can't get its act together and stop the crash of your puzzles.
  • News Content Decreased 2/5

    By Stevenblaze
    I have had this app for years and have always enjoyed it. Over the last few months i have become disappointed. There have been fewer and fewer news stories, sometimes the stories stay up for a week to two weeks. The articles from the other news organizations are a bore too
  • I love the paper 3/5

    By Christi-simple
    I love paper. Fix crossword
  • Bad 1/5

    By Hshshshshshs
    I deleted the app today. For years i made USA today my go to for news but it has become to left. It is CNNs little sister and it is boring. All done.
  • Jumpy articles 2/5

    By Vonniers
    I was so excited to see that the jumpy article was fixed, but, my happiness was short lived. The jumpiness of the articles did disappear for a few days. Now it is back. When I am reading an article it jumps several paragraphs down so that I need to scroll up to the place I was reading.
  • My favorite news app until recently 2/5

    By PtadaJ
    I don’t know what’s going on but the app has been crashing during use quite often lately. If this could be resolved that would be great or I’m considering switching to a different news app if it’s not.
  • Puzzles 3/5

    By 4Kukla
    My only complaint is the suduko is always messed up.
  • Mr 3/5

    By cyclist29
    Crossword won’t load again
  • Crosswords 3/5

    By Mikerose65
    Sometimes crosswords do not appear, example: March 9,no puzzle
  • Hate the layout. Bring back the old app 2/5

    By Kurt's Krap
    The old app had everything broken down in sections. It felt like you were reading a newspaper. Now I just feel like I’m endlessly and mindlessly scrolling. It’s not a good user experience. I’m going back to reading USAT on Flipboard.
  • NCCA Men’s Hockey 3/5

    By Obscessed
    The 2018 men’s division 1 hockey is going on right now. Please provide coverage of this, not just NCAA B. Also, the women’s tournament is also going on. Thank you!!
  • I mean, it’s OKAY but could be better. 4/5

    By Game lover 228
    I like this app, but some of the news stories aren’t very detailed and are very short. I also think that “The Latest” feed could be a little more interesting. Some of it is just about Trump and politics. I recommend this app, but if you need a very reliable news app, I’m not sure that this one is it.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Rer626526
    Since the latest update the app is jumpier than before and now crashes long before I can read an article. Used to be a good app, not so much anymore.
  • Oscars & Grammys are not “breaking news” 2/5

    By savylili
    Overall I find USA todays articles to be mediocre. It might as well be People or TMZ. I have only enabled breaking news articles in my notifications but I get bombarded with celeb gossip articles & alerts for who won whatever award for being popular. I don’t care what awards celebs give themselves & I don’t consider it to be important enough to be considered breaking news. Seems like a lot more opinion pieces than actual facts reporting & like almost all media it seems to me to be overly biased to the left. I’m deleting it now & I won’t be missing this app or their content.
  • Too much Entertainment News 2/5

    By WAdunk
    I am greatly disappointed with what the editorial staff choose as top stories these days. There’s always two or three stories about SNL in the front page. Half today’s stories were entertainment news. Looks like I need to find a better hard news source, that doesn’t openly show bias and promote an ideal perpetrated by out of touch Hollywood.
  • I had hopes for a change? 1/5

    By Gleamor
    Still the tired, methodical political bias. Rampant slanting headline titles and negative spins that always point to the left. I will try again next year.
  • Wish for 4/5

    By CMDR Chakotay
    I like the app but I wish it had landscape and portrait mode for the iPhone plus.
  • Fancy App, Biased “News” Cannot be Trusted 2/5

    By GTD Meister
    Pathetic, really. Could be so much more. But the app has a lot of bells & whistles.
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By I am dissatisfied now
    I find it disappointing that high school sports has a link in the sports section but there isn’t a link to women’s college basketball. Can’t figure out why they don’t deserve more articles, recognition, etc.
  • Quit the videos 1/5

    By tired of news videos
    I’m tired of top stories being told via video. First, you have to watch a 15 second ad beforehand. Then the video hardly tells the facts. I’m deleting this app. I’ll get my news elsewhere and without videos that are useless.
  • Not as good as it was 1/5

    By HuskerIn
    More sponsored content. More opinion articles in the app. Stories repeated in different sections.
  • Colby 1/5

    By cggatlin
    Try reading an article... terrible. Jumps all over the place. It caused my phone to constantly lock up, even when it was in the background. I deleted the app and immediately fixed the problem.
  • Pushing Liberal viewpoint instead of reporting the news! 1/5

    By RamRamVegas
    This used to be me sole source of news on my iPhone. Now I can’t stand to even open the app. For every unbiased news story there are four that do nothing but spout the Liberal anti Trump garbage. And the “Opinion” pieces are nothing better than garbage. I wish USA Today would go back to reporting the news and stop being like the tabloids.
  • Just need some HELP 3/5

    By Novice Nan
    How do I change the font size?
  • Love the look, and the writing 4/5

    By BleacherBum92
    You all need to release just a sports news app the writers do an amazing job and I would love to be able to follow my favorite teams and get customized news, scores and updates
  • Hate the new format even more 1/5

    By Katlinmat
    2nd update: And yes, you’ve managed to make your app even worse. It truly is unreadable now. I DO NOT want to watch videos in a news app. And your ads cause the app to jump around. Just so you know, on the few occasions I do look at your app now, any ad that interrupts the story I’m reading goes on my list of products I WILL NEVER BUY. Vendors who purchase these ads should know that they are wasting their money. Update: I didn't think this news app could get any worse, & yet, it has. The pop up ads are the last straw. I just deleted this app. The only decent piece of writing they've done recently is pointing out in an editorial that Trump is incompetent as a presidential candidate. I've found other sources for my national news. USA Today has lost credibility for me. It's just another click bait site.
  • My go-to news app 5/5

    By GoldLinds
    I always click on my USA Today app first. Out of all the news apps I have on my phone, this is my go-to. The content is updated continuously and I enjoy the stories of human compassion, life events/struggles, and tips on how to make life a bit easier. Thank you.
  • A. 5/5

    By Amazing work.
  • Too many push alerts that are not relevant 2/5

    By Remakes
    I don’t have any complaints about the usability of the app. However, I was getting too many notifications, so I selected only breaking news. However, even breaking news sent me alerts that are not breaking news. Tonight, for example, they sent out a Nancy Armour column. That’s not breaking news, and I prefer to only get breaking news. I have turned off all of my notifications now, but I really do want to get breaking news alerts. So I will probably use a different news source for that and see how it goes.

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