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The USA TODAY app puts the pulse of the nation in the palm of your hand. Experience comprehensive and personalized coverage the way you want it with award-winning videos, compelling photography, and interactive features that will always keep you updated – on your terms. FEATURES • PERSONALIZE YOUR FEED: With My Topics, you choose what you want to read about, and get notified when there's something new. • BE FIRST TO KNOW: Turn on breaking news alerts so you always know what’s going on. • ELIMINATE INTERRUPTIONS: Get the same great storytelling with no ads for just $2.99/month. Try it with a 14-day free trial*. • RELAX WITH GAMES AND PODCASTS: Play the daily crossword and sudoku (iPad only), and listen on demand to your favorite USA TODAY NETWORK podcasts. • UNPLUG WITH QUIET TIME: Just because USA TODAY’s award-winning content is updated 24/7, doesn’t mean you have to be. *Subscriptions are charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and automatically renew each month or year, unless turned off in your iTunes account settings at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. See "Subscription Support" in the app's Settings for more details and customer service contact information.  Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Questions or comments? Visit or email [email protected]


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  • Always balanced reporting 5/5

    By Truth-yesssssss
    USA Today Reports on Trump for what he is-a creepy narcissistic white supremacist con man. Making himself and his greedy buddies richer and doing everything to make the poor and middle class poorer while he soaks up the adulation of his misguided fans to feed his ego.
  • Freezing and crashing 2/5

    By Karensuega
    Over the last year the app is freezing and crashing more and more. Just frustrating.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By PTAer
    Usually this is my go to news app. However, the app is freezing up on my iPad whenever I open a story that includes a video. Keep waiting for an update but haven’t seen one since this started happening,
  • Will not update 1/5

    By The new WSJ
    App has not updated new news stories since last update (5.11.0). I have deleted your trashy App please keep your junk off my phone!
  • Old bug returns 1/5

    By s_albrecht
    When you tap on a story to read, then return to main page, it returns to the top of the main page instead of your previous position. This is lazy and sloppy programming. Perhaps you should hire a 12 year old to do the job.
  • Left Wing Rag 1/5

    By Jobba load
    Left wing biased “reporting”
  • USA Today—Trump 1/5

    By Obama moma.!
    Back to 3rd grade for you chump.!🙋🏼‍♂️
  • Negative one sided news 1/5

    By Americantaxpayer
    I used to like USA Today, but it’s the same bashing all the time. It seems you go out of the way to print negative news and photos of Trump. I’ve NEVER seen this on other Presidents, and it’s getting tiresome. You show clips and reviews from late nite shows that share your beliefs. Opinions of haters who share your beliefs.He is in office and I would like to read some positive stories for a change. I thought you were suppose to report news, not a constant barrage of one sided beliefs.
  • Ugly layout, difficult navigation 2/5

    By Squirrely_in_Chicago
    This app is an ugly sea of white, and switching between sections is difficult with excessive sideways scrolling and no way to filter or designate favorite sections. Lay it out like a newspaper, and it will be more usable.
  • Data Hog, poor reporting 2/5

    By Cosmic7i
    I used to enjoy USAToday but the last few years posted too many obscure video clips that gobble data yet tell nothing clearly. Too little support for the people of USA.
  • Navigation Issues 3/5

    By Scutmud
    Now they screwed up the navigation. After I close a news item it keeps jumping back to the top of the page. Also, the ads are causing the stories to jump around (AGAIN) as I scroll down. Overall OK app, but after each video it won't let me go back to the articles until another video starts. When the video ends it goes to the screen of other videos and there isn't an exit button. You have to wait 5 seconds for the next video, of which is not my choice, to begin before you can exit out. And, why is every video preceded with an ad? Can't they be more staggered to every 3rd video? And it's the same dam ad over and over again.
  • Just more of the same . . . blah, blah, blah 1/5

    By Majorpack5
    Is it at all possible for you to report any shred of positive news for our President?
  • Fix the glitch 1/5

    By jgreenkee88
    Just updated the APP and every time I click on an article and then click out of it, it jumps back to the very top instead of staying where I just left the main page.
  • Always jumping up to the top. 3/5

    Something is wrong with the app lately. After you read a story sometimes it jumps back to the top causing you to lose your place.
  • Something changed 2/5

    By Dr Eldon
    I've been using for several years now. Up to the minute news and happenings. Since the newest update, it locks up every time on various stories. It’s happening so much that unfortunately I have to look elsewear for news :(
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By JL Hawkeye
    The site is not balanced. I am VERY disappointed in any news organization that cannot simply report facts even when they may not support the editors point of view. It is time to report not sway and spin data.
  • Ads that won’t play 5/5

    By Spaghettihead
    I know it sounds strange to complain about ads that don’t play, but if you want to view a video article, you can’t play it until the ad plays! Many time I have been unable to view a video because the ad preceding it won’t is frozen!
  • Old rehashed Stories 1/5

    By Bmjaadams
    News feed is filled with same “news” from 196 days ago. Why???
  • Bugs ?? 2/5

    By Maxlite
    Every time I read an article and click back...the app automatically take me back to the top. This is annoying. Now, I have to scroll down to where I was.
  • Lack of presidential respect 1/5

    By Sjsuzman
    When Trump begins to tell the truth we might offer him a little respect despite the dangerous and vicious policies that are harming the planet.p and destroying the moral fiber of the US
  • Great reporting - easy to read 5/5

    By MNS5757
    Love the app and the reporting. Can’t believe Trump supporters would focus only on their political motives in rating this app. Most credible media channels are reporting consistent themes about a degenerate Prez. Hmmm, someone calls you a horse the first time - maybe fake reporting, the second time - think about it, the third time - time to buy a saddle... Great reporting USAToday! Keep our politicians honest!!!
  • LEFT Today 1/5

    By fabe2012
    I've been a subscriber since 2008 but you guys have lost your way. The constant left rhetoric is officially old and tired. Rarely is an opinion piece not slanted. It's not that we need right wing hyperbole either, just report the news, with integrity, without an agenda, without spelling or grammatical errors, write like nobody is looking over your shoulder (Gannett). In short I LEFT Today.

    By samsbun
    Tired of their biased opinions; if you want to hear more Trump bashing, this is your app! I want ethical, unbiased reporting! I’m smart enough to make my own conclusions! GOOD RIDDANCE USA TODAY!
  • Not for me any longer. 3/5

    By whydoihave2enteranickname
    App works well. Articles are heavily based on the opinion of the journalist. If I wanted that id subscribe to People or Oprah! Removing the app! Report the news don’t add your opinion where it is not needed.
  • Bias, click oriented headlines 1/5

    By Ref53
    Stilted misleading headlines continuously
  • Good concept but... 2/5

    By No-nick-name11111
    When crosswword is downloaded for offline use it works great until you close app. If you close app you lose the crossword puzzle. I cannot find a way to book mark it.
  • Need for at least one conservative journalist 5/5

    By Russell JB
    Rarely read your liberal bias newspaper. Not worth the money to read your fake news.
  • Pretty, but no longer useful 2/5

    By KLstil
    I've had this app for many years. While it's gotten prettier to look at, it's gotten less useful as time goes on. Absolutely every time I use it, the app shuts down on me no less than three times before I've scrolled all the way through the Top Stories. Also, there are now paid advertisements that look like stories, right within the midst of the real news. If you're not careful, you're actually reading advertisements from sources like The Motley Fool and others. This is deceptive, and rather cheap of USA Today to fund their app this way. Other news apps do not take this approach. On the whole, USA Today app doesn't always have the latest news. I'll read a story from another news source on Twitter that was posted several hours ago, and I'll head to the USA Today app for more information, only to see they haven't even written about it yet. It's usually there by the end of the day, but it's half a day behind other news outlets. On the whole, USA Today is a pretty app that doesn't always work, has paid advertising peppered throughout their real stories and is usually behind other apps in posting the latest news.
  • Another trash fakenews company 1/5

    By Anacanapooner
    More hate than truth
  • Crash crash crash 1/5

    By NickF85
    Used to be one of my favorite apps. After the most recent update all the app does is crash and close out. Can't even scroll through the articles. Tried multiple times to delete and redownload. Same result. Please fix!!!!!
  • Crap 1/5

    By Another extortion
    Just downloaded. It won’t open. Tried it again. Way to many adds. I’ll never try again.
  • Hey, Senior Citizens Like the News, Too! 3/5

    By NeSes8ab
    Get with the program, developers.....make the font adjustable for old eyes like mine.
  • Montley Fool articles are horrible 1/5

    By Erico1975
    Why do you have to have so many Montley Fool articles?? First off, every time I read one of their articles, the first thing I think of is this is nothing more than click bait crap. I’ve gotten to where if I open a article, the first thing I do is see who wrote it. If it’s Montley Fool, I do not read it. If you’re going to continue to put that crap on your app, at least give me a warning by putting the author on the headline page so I know not to click on it and waste my time. It won’t be too much longer before I delete your app if this keeps happening
  • Totally biased 1/5

    By jh9812637484&4&4
    Your one sided reporting and complete lack of fairness toward our president makes your content intolerable.
  • Superb Reporting on a wide spectrum 5/5

    By Prof. Teajay
    USA Today presents its readership with insightful tersely written yet richly covered stories and reports.
  • USA News 5/5

    By AliHajj
    I enjoy reading global current events and financial news.
  • Slow and slanted 1/5

    By GpaLeeBee
    We need a news service that reports ALL the facts without bias and re-write.
  • Diverse Opinions 5/5

    By Purple hat 1
    Whether I agree with the opinions or not, USA Today, always provides both sides equally and fairly. That is all you can ask for in the media today. I feel I am getting a full story on topics presented. USA Today is journalism, they are not there to make news or headlines only present them providing both sides
  • USA Today 1/5

    By SDPepere
    Newest version is the worst! I wish I could go back to the old version, but I can't. Like someone else said...If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Keeps quitting while I scroll, buggiest update yet!
  • Too political and very liberal 1/5

    By Chase Ryan Terrell
    There’s lots of things going on in the world but it appears that USA Today is just another one of the determined groups fixated on talking bad about President Trump. If you’re wanting to read something other than political crap then I don’t recommend this app.
  • Have respect and look for the good. 5/5

    By Oldtime Values
    Wishing more liberals would read and listen to what it is saying about respect. I so agree that there are as many negative things that could have been printed about Obama’s and still could be in explaining decisions made by Trump. Good Grief. Quit your belly achin and be an American with Respect and support and review the Positive. Make our countries reputation great. The press is tearing us down.
  • Was my favorite news app until update 1/5

    By patric99
    I should have never updated this app. It was much nicer before.
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By Rono!!!!!!!
    Ads are presented in same format news stories so readers think they are going to read an article only to find it’s a hidden ad
  • Support 2/5

    By imfor peace
    I believe I represent allot of citizens and I feel our president deserves respect. We are tired of the Russia story, tired of all the Trump criticism. Listen I did not vote for trump but I like what he is doing and will vote for him in the next election and will even work for him. I’m tired of the Hollywood population trying to tell us how awful he is when they are in glass houses themselves. Right now he is working daily to make America better and you know that is enough for me. Carol
  • Never loads correctly 1/5

    By puzzled1s
    I use this app just for the crossword feature but 50% of the time the puzzle doesn’t load and neither does the ad content that is supposed to come up first. If your advertisers look into what is happening to their advertising dollar maybe you would ensure the app and ads run correctly.
  • Biased News 2/5

    By joepar3
    So tired of the left leaning news. I’ll bet USA Today thinks they are middle of the road. Far from it! Not fake news, but definitely biased.
  • So FAR LEFT!!!!! 1/5

    By Frequent Marriott Guest
    I absolutely love your app and it’s layout. I am just baffled by the daily hammering of our president. I happen to be a Democrat, but regardless I have never seen this type of coverage for any president since I have been alive. Almost every article, constantly just hammers the president. Not sure how he is supposed to get anything done with so much coverage like this and it’s negative effects?Can you please, please try to just say one thing positive?
  • We get it. You hate America. 1/5

    By kurish30
    Too liberal
  • Overall great app, wish I could print crossword 4/5

    By FedeQuijote
    Overall a great app, I've had it forever. I just wish I could print the crossword from the app
  • Why do trump supporters think they have to defends him? Isn’t he a big boy? 5/5

    By small town America USA
    The president himself creates the circus, conflict, drama, & criticism. No media could make this stuff up!

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