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From Pulitzer Prize winning storytelling and photography, to rich-media videos, USA TODAY not only delivers the news, but completely immerses you in it. With our local-to-national coverage, you can add news stories happening right in your own communities. FEATURES: • NEWS: Browse or search for national, local, most popular and recommended stories. • NEWS ALERTS: Get news as it breaks by opting in for push notifications on News, Sports, Life, Money or Tech. Rich notifications give you an article preview, plus save and share from your lock screen. • WEATHER: Be prepared with live weather information from hourly to 10-day forecasts. Enable location services to customize local weather news and other location-based services. (Continued use of GPS running in background can decrease battery life.) • SCORES: Stay up to speed on the latest NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, NCAA Football & Basketball scores as well as news from the worlds of Golf, NASCAR, IndyCar, UFC, Fantasy Sports and more. • PUZZLES: Enjoy USA TODAY created daily crossword and Sudoku (iPad only) puzzles. • MY TOPICS: Create a customized news feed with the topics that interest you most. Turn on notifications, and never miss out on the latest news that matters to you. • STOCKS: Get a clear picture of the financial world, from stocks and IPOs to taxes and takeovers. Get personal finance tips and advice to improve your portfolio. • SAVED STORIES: Save your favorite stories to read later. • NIGHT MODE: Enable this to view the app using a black background and white text. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: • APPLE WATCH: Link the app to your Apple Watch to receive alerts to the stories you want to know as they happen. • WIDGET: Get a quick update on the latest headlines from your Home and Lock screen! No time to read the full story? Tap the bookmark icon to save for later. • iPAD PRO ENHANCED: Experience our captivating photography and stories in full screen or multitasking mode. • 3D TOUCH: Use 3D touch on our app icon from the homescreen for a quick shortcut to weather and your saved stories. AD-FREE SUBSCRIPTION OPTION: Now available on iPhone and iPad - Subscribe today and experience great storytelling with no ads. Purchase an ad free subscription for $2.99/month with a 2 week free trial. Subscriptions are charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and automatically renew each month or year, unless turned off in your iTunes account settings at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. See "Subscription Support" in the app's Settings for more details and customer service contact information. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: TELL US WHAT YOU THINK: Our app features are constantly being improved based on your feedback, so tell us what you love and what you’d like to see more (or less) of. Contact us at: [email protected] or on Twitter @usatodaymobile. For additional information, please visit


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  • The Royal wedding is not breaking news 1/5

    By WDS1970
    I have received multiple breaking news alerts concerning the royal wedding. This is USA Today not the UK today, I understand covering the wedding but multiple breaking news alerts is ridiculous. New photos being released is not worthy of an alert. I thought this was a newspaper not a gossip magazine.
  • Notifications are not updated 2/5

    By Bubba from SF
    This new release keeps crashing on my iPad when I open a story to read it.
  • Now crashes 1/5

    By Smith44942
    After last update 5.8.0, app opens as normal but you click on article and it crashes.
  • Privacy, anyone? 1/5

    By Cdub013
    So, with recently I’ve become more consistent with limiting apps access to my private data. I understand certain apps trade our usage of their platforms for advertising dollars by gleaning as much data about us as possible. I’ve chosen to really limit that trade off. I’m the process of getting rid of Facebook, Instagram, etc... also, google products. Going through my google activity I was surprised to see something that both confused and irritated me. I’ve long eschewed google products because of their data mining. I’ve long ago turned off EVERYTHING I possibly could related to tracking and advertising with google. I don’t google to search, I do have a gmail account but it’s only used when other websites require an email address I give them that one and then never check it. I don’t use google for anything. So, why was 90% of the activity listed by google associated with...USA today???? No kidding. Almost every log it showed was USA Today related. The few others I could see where I’d clicked a link that took me to YouTube or something, completely understandable. But why USA Today? Where is that link? Is USA Today sharing data with google? That’s enough for me. Bye, USA Today.
  • Everything else is great but printing crosswords 1/5

    By CNByrne
    The only reason I have this app is for the crosswords. However, one big piece of functionality is missing - you can’t print out the crossword, which makes it mostly useless. If this is added this will be a 5 star review.
  • Embedded ads ruined it! 1/5

    By Twit lover, Twig hater
    I have the original print issue of this paper. Years ago I was thrilled to first get this app on my phone. Today is the end, that's the last embedded ad that jumps to a Google leads site that I'll be subjected to without notice. Shame on you all.
  • Now Featuring Customizable Fake News! Horrible Media Organization 🤬 2/5

    By GTD Meister
    Bloated app, biased news at its worst. A company completely betrothed to the Soros-funded radical left.
  • Dumping USA Today 1/5

    By euegei
    I am no a big trump fan but I am a fan of straight and honest news. Today I saw the USA headlines that Trump calls immigrants animals. And I saw the interview and he said the M-13 gangs are animals to which I hate t admit, but he right. After many years of being a committed reader of USA Toray and Given the miss reporting of this and other baseless claims I am going to delete this app from my phone for reasons I stated. I had enough of the false reporting.
  • Misleading Biased headlines 1/5

    By Ref53
    Trump refers to M13 gang members are animals not people and your politically biased editors allow fake news headline “ Trump calls immigrants animals “ your paper is a joke.... no wonder you have to give it away
  • New app? 2/5

    By MadMeg2
    Can’t get app to quit telling me to update yet I hit update every blasted time (over ten times now). I’m done Still the same. Come on...
  • USA sounds like MSNBC more and more 1/5

    By Steve from the Cape
    I'll never open the app again. I want good reporting, unbiased and true. Most of your political stories or opinions sound like they were written by unhappy DNC leaders than a journalist. This last story claiming Trump calling undocumented workers "animals", when he was calling illegal immigrants who are MS13 gang members "animals" show how biased and dishonest your articles are. I expect this nonsense from CNN and MSNBC, not from what is supposed to be a real newspaper.
  • To biased 1/5

    By Fed up and Frustrated 79
    I used to read the USA Today app but gave up due to its increasingly left leaning reporting. So I deleted the app. Years past and I recently decided to download the app to give it another shot. I literally got four stories in and saw an even more ridiculous headline then the ones in the past. Report the news. Don’t twist your headlines or stories to go one political spectrum or the other. It would be nice to have one outlet that just tells the news and nothing more.
  • Will not update on my Apple Watch 2/5

    By W49ers
    I love USA Today on my IPhone but, the app does not update on my Apple Watch Series 3. Even after I down loaded it again twice. Very disappointed.
  • Voiced advertisement 1/5

    By jim&
    Nap time for kids as I read USA Today and there is a voice coming from the app. I’m ready to delete this #$&n thing.
  • Video ads launch just by scrolling? 2/5

    By Mcalifornia
    Twice now, I have tried to read USA Today in a quiet zone, only to have video ads launch on their own simply because I was scrolling causing me to scramble to kill the volume and stop the video. DO NOT allow video ads to launch automatically! That is a bad very bad user experience and will cause me to stop using USA Today online!!!
  • Worst App Ever!! 1/5

    By USATodaySucks
    This App can’t get a weather forecast right for the life of them. No sense even looking at the App. You’re better off looking out your window. Unreal!! Meteorologists have it made, can be wrong 90% of the time and still get paid more the 90% of the world. God bless America!!
  • Unstable 2/5

    By Temple Runner22
    App crashes often and most of the articles have a significant liberal bias. What ever happened to just reporting news???
  • Great content, awkward interface 4/5

    By Turgon
    I greatly appreciate the separation of opinion and news article, and I still do enjoy the bulk of the content. I just wish the developer returned the highly effective simplicity of this app present at the beginning.
  • Editors must work 9 to 5 1/5

    By TDC0430
    Anything newsworthy news after 5—you will always find out last on this advertisement newspaper.nothing but ads
  • Total biased junk news 1/5

    By Dearie64
    I really would like USA Today to go back to reporting real news. This hate Trump campaign is getting old.
  • Opinion v. News 4/5

    By Ztaked
    It would be nice to have a settings customization option to opt out of opinion columns. Everybody is entitled to one but they are just that- opinions.
  • Turned to trash 1/5

    By kman336
    Barely worth the bottom of a birdcage, the most twisted propaganda reporting, must think readers are idiots, insulting
  • It use to be a great app... 1/5

    By Ace7even
    This app use to be my only news app but now they seem more concerned with adds and pop ups...if I want to see a story I have to sit thru a 15 second use to be I could just read the story but not anymore! It’s sad to see it have this format, it use to be a great app...
  • Deleting—Ads and videos are horrible 1/5

    By BillyFontaine
    If I have to watch one more Farmer’s Insurance ad, I’m going to blow my brains out. Get some new sponsors USAToday. Literally every ad is from Farmer’s Insurance. Same two ads over and over. They don’t differentiate between videos and articles well enough so I open videos in the early morning while my wife is asleep and wake her up by mistake. Sticking with Euronews and I’ll have to find a new US News app. Too bad. I’ve been using this app for years on multiple platforms.
  • Hockey scores gone 5/5

    By Floydbarber28
    UPDATE: scores issue fixed mostly. One bug. When viewing scores (i only checked NHL), swipe left for previous day scores works fine, but swiping back right to current day shows score from the previous game. It may be since they’re in playoffs the app sees identical games on both days. Minor issue, you can just close scores and reopen and it’s back on todays schedule. ====== Now that hockey season is finally here, I was disappointed to see the scores section only has 4 options, none as hockey. Please fix as I hope this is just an oversight with the latest version.
  • Used to love it.... 5/5

    By Cavaleer
    ....but now there is a horrendously annoying full screen Shoe Station ad (why Shoe Station???) that continuously pops up while trying to either browse the available articles or while actually reading them. If it appeared only once while using the app, I could live with it, but multiple times while reading a single story? Get Real! I will be deleting the app, sadly, as this USED to be one of my two go-to news apps. I will also be deleting my local news app, which is a USA subsidiary. Oh well..... Next day Update- issue resolved!! Thank you!!! Now I can again enjoy using this app. Am changing my review to a well deserved 5 star rating.
  • Suggested improvements 2/5

    By Lsceo
    I read the USA newspaper everyday, but it needs to be updated with stories that are current. They run the same story for weeks at a time and takes away from the news appeal of the paper. Once or twice is enough for a story. Stay current, it’s not supposed to be a history book.
  • Latest version of the app is buggy 1/5

    By WirelessProblems
    My biggest complaint is that when ads load the story one is reading shifts. So one losses their place in that story. Sorry USA Today but most of your stories are not interesting enough for me to find my place in the story.
  • Declining Quality 2/5

    By Secan3
    I used to rely on this as my primary news app, but I am finding it less and less desirable. Increased use of video instead of text articles, misleading click-bait headlines, and the choice in featured articles had diminished my satisfaction.
  • Frustrations 1/5

    By jrp71
    The app on my iPad repeatedly shuts down. I have deleted it and reloaded it several times but continues to shut down when I move from one Section to another. Not sure how to fix it.. Need a fix or I will delete the app permanently!!
  • Video launches 1/5

    By SydReviewBoo
    I cannot stand when news agencies are too lazy to write anything about a story and launch a video (AD really) onto a READER!
  • Awful!!! 1/5

    By Unhappy 68
    Despite set for no popups, ads will frequently popup when reading articles and hard to get back to artIcle. Site constantly reloading even in middle of article and makes you lose your place where you are reading.
  • Too many ads 3/5

    By JLead830
    Please make the Cover Girl ads go away. Could be a great app except for the ads. Ridiculous.
  • Love app - 1 caveat 5/5

    By Hopefully one day...
    Whenever there is a list such as MLBs Biggest Surprises, or each State’s hottest market, it would be nice if you could swipe backwards as well as forwards. Living in Washington state I always have to go through 47 states before I can check out mine as well as most sports teams before I get to Seattle. Other than that, great app.
  • Adds 1/5

    By 1234 zombie
    Hard to read the articles as advertisement is added in the middle of it. You have to scrolled down to find the rest of the article to finish reading it.
  • Liberal bias at its worst 1/5

    By tellitlikeitisVA
    Journalism should represent both sides fairly and unbiased. USA Today has gown that it only supports liberal viewpoint and continually chooses to ignore all readers views. No more USA Today for me.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By JRBPA
    I used to consider USA Today a reliable source for news but now I feels it’s terrible and part of the problem. Yes I know the opposing views given but that is barely a band aid. Today it’s Huckabee Sanders obliterated to her face headline. Few headlines down it’s a promo for the obliterating comedian who tore her apart. Moving on, how the President holds hands with his wife is NOT news and certainly not worthy of two headlines. And PLEASE stop the headlines where some celebrity or celebrities rip someone/something apart like they are all experts and/or perfect role models. It’s not news. In my opinion, USA Today is a bully. You’re just as bad as CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. Here’s a headline I propose- How the Media Contributes to a Severely Divided Nation.
  • Repeated request to log in 1/5

    By J PDX
    I don’t understand the desire to ask me to login again every few weeks. Stop it please! It doesn't matter how good or bad your app is avoidable annoyances deserves one star.
  • Ads Ads Ads 1/5

    By Awesome505
    If you are watching news videos there is a commercial in between every video. You could not watch news videos consecutively. Every video has commercial.
  • Absolutely HATE the new format. 1/5

    By JoniOneta
    Too hard to read. Why did they have to mess with a good thing?. I’m done with USA TODAY.
  • Crossword Puzzles 3/5

    By apponetoo
    Why am I know longer getting daily crossword puzzles? The last one received was on 4/22/18.
  • Makes small town look advanced 1/5

    By nerfahana
    Same lead stories for three days now in golf “reporting” - news? Not so much.
  • At its best....not up to “very poor” 1/5

    By Fuji apple
    So much of the news is shallow coverage of celebrities clothing, and other insignificant information, with little depth. Not much more than click bait. Save yourself from disappointment, and pass on downloading this app.
  • Crossword unplayable now. FIXED! 5/5

    By MacSawdust
    They removed the option for real-time letter checking. Now you have to fill in a word then select the check option. Every time you type a word! The puzzle is unplayable now. UPDATE: the feature has returned! Yeah!
  • Keeps turning off 1/5

    By Randy84341
    I can’t get he USA app to say on, keeps dropping off.
  • Video articles need to go 2/5

    By Cb1016
    Video articles are undesirable and often have click bait names with lacking content. The videos are becoming increasingly common and do not offer the same content in text. Overall the app is quite obviously getting too aggressive with ads. I was open to paying for the ad free version but a monthly subscription rather than a one time fee is more than I’m willing to pay.
  • Best News App 5/5

    By Tsinder
    Replaced CNN and Fox as my go to news app on the iPad. Great layout and content.
  • Not even a Shadow 1/5

    By Highriseknitter
    It used to be so very good. I opened it on my IPad every morning, coffee cup in hand. What happened?!
  • Partisan news 1/5

    By Politico48
    Once an unbiased news source USA Today is clearly and unequivocally a news source if you are a democrat. Deleted the app today
  • morally unfit to deliver news 1/5

    By desesbede
    Almost every article has leftward leaning editorial. This site does not report news, it bends it to fit its own agenda. What are they teaching journalists in school, seriously?

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