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USAA Mobile App

The USAA Mobile app gives you convenient and secure account access from your mobile device. Manage your finances, investments, insurance, and much more. USAA is an organization founded by military members for military members and we understand the unique needs of U.S. Military servicemen and women and their families. With just a few clicks, you can transfer funds, pay bills, deposit checks, and place trades. USAA Mobile App features include: -Banking: Pay Bills, Send Money with Zelle®, deposit checks, calculate your loans, and locate an ATM. -Insurance: Get an Auto ID card, request roadside assistance, and report a claim. -Investments: Get real-time stock quotes, place trades, read relevant articles, and watch informative videos. -Secure: Use a PIN or biometrics to quickly log in to the app. -Digital Assistant: Access EVA, our digital voice assistant, at any point within the app to answer your questions. -Widget: View your accounts and balances on your device widget without the need to log in each time, thanks to the help of our secure authentication infrastructure.

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USAA Mobile app reviews

  • Could be better 4/5

    By Roshe man
    Amazing app however needs to be cleaner. Organized better and make the font cleaner and crisper
  • Investment information 2/5

    By Andy in SATX
    My wife and I share an account, I updated my external account and my wife can now see the update. My wife updated her external account and can now see correct information while I cannot. Also goals have not updated in over two years.
  • So-so 2/5

    By Sqirrel5376
    The app is sketchy on depositing checks. It continuously gives an error message that bottom #s of check can’t be seen. I hold the camera very steady but the app fails at the rate of 1 in 10 tries is successful. This is the main feature I use the app for. Updates haven’t fixed it in the past 2 weeks. Cmon USAA, please fix this!
  • Hijacked? 1/5

    By picelgunfog
    I tried to log into USAA but could not without giving Apple permission to track my whereabouts even when the app is not in use. I declined to update which means I can’t reach my USAA accounts at all now since USAA requires the update to proceed to log in. This stinks! USAA has sold out its members -again. Now we are all just a pawn (merchandise) in Apple’s game. USAA should look out for its members better to protect them from being used by Apple. Sad!
  • How many clicks does it take to get to the center of the USAA app? 1/5

    By HaugenHaus
    As an organization USAA is amazing and their service is second to none. BUT the app user experience is easily the worst I’ve ever seen from a financial services company. I can’t believe that a proper UX design team has ever reviewed the app when it requires 6 clicks just to view a document from the inbox. Additionally, though I don’t mind advertising in many types of apps, I don’t believe that it’s acceptable to push added services in this way for this type of service provider. It makes the app experience seem like that of a low class freeware app that is likely to steal my information. Yet another major frustration for me is that I cannot see a complete transaction ledger when I view my savings account. Rather, the historic interest transactions are shown but the deposits and withdrawals are only available by viewing a PDF statement which you cannot get to from within the Savings account view. Simply! and give the user a single clear path to accomplish a task!
  • Excellent Service 5/5

    By bobalmike
    I’ve had USAA banking and insurance services for over 20 years. I’ve have great service and am completely satisfied with their improvements and upgrades of their mobile tech.
  • Epic fail 3/5

    By Jess0908070605
    Why doesn't Zelle work? It used to. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app three times but it still doesn't work.
  • Trying to do too much 2/5

    By Josealvarez85
    I understand USAA is an online-only bank and their app needs to reflect that. But the usefulness of the new features does not outweigh the clunkiness of everything. I’ve been a member for 8 years and I can’t think of a single thing I can do on the app now that I couldn’t 5 years ago. The widget doesn’t work 90% of the time, the “smart” chat feature is a joke, and the important information like account and routing numbers are harder to access and in tiny text. Simply put, the app is trending in the wrong direction.
  • Same issue 1/5

    By Ball24/7
    Communication center button not working in messages
  • Very Buggy App Experience 1/5

    By RyJohn01
    When using the App, it will vibrate with haptic feedback every 30 seconds or so and is constantly signing out. Logged back in only to be presented with a “log in” screen. Also will not retain Face ID setting, defaults to PIN unlock when opening app to check accounts. This has been happening all weekend. Signed in and now getting a message that the account is locked. This is a clean install of iOS 12.1.2 and I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app multiple times. Logging into the website on my PC works with no issue, the problem appears to be isolated to the mobile app.
  • Too many pop ups 2/5

    By sammireneeecx
    I enjoy USAA although I hate this app. Every time I click anything on it about 3 or 4 random windows pop up when I just wanted to go to one place. Its extremely frustrating
  • Widgets stopped working 1/5

    By Juelz8302
    The widget for displaying account info has been broken for almost 6 months... still not fixed
  • Failure 1/5

    By hmj106
    Does not work on iPad.
  • Performance Issues 1/5

    By Shay0701
    Terrible. Crashes every time I try to use it.
  • Opus 3/5

    By Brybemarried
    I’mu has on our tptjjko l
  • Access to accounts 3/5

    By S#!*
    I have been trying to get into my account for mor than a month. I can’t remember my I’d or password and I am frantic! I have checks which need to be deposited and keep receiving notices but I am at a lost as to how to re-enter my account. Please help me! S#!* I have been signing in and an Apple notice appears to give their ID and password. How is that possible? I am beyond frustrated! Please fix this or I’ll change banking institutions. Dale Sturges
  • Can it scan check 4/5

    By Bklyn_Dad
    The app is mostly great except the check image capture never works, it always says it cannot read the bottom numbers. This has been the case for many different types of checks. This has been an ongoing problem for at least a year, which is why I am surprised it hasn’t been fixed yet...
  • Not as good as it once was... 2/5

    By AMU_Student
    The USAA app used to function flawlessly, now it’s buggy and doesn’t allow certain features to load. The app refuses to let me add non-usaa accounts, review messages, or enable simple sign on using Face ID on an iPhone X. All of those features worked with previous versions of the app (some quite recently). I’ve tried reinstalling the app without success. With dozens of people taking the time to comment and write reviews critical of the app on the App Store recently I hope USAA takes notice. USAA: Fire your iOS app guy (or girl)!
  • Convenient, sometimes 2/5

    By #getitrightalready!
    I love banking with USAA, especially as a service member, but this app will crash 2 out of 3 times when logging frustrating!!
  • Constant Crashes 2/5

    By AlphaApache
    This version crashes nearly every time I open it, and often when it is already open and being used.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By Airbornegrant
    The app is encountering too many errors. I had to log in multiple times and is continuing to show an error page every time I click on something in the menu.
  • What happened?? 1/5

    By lvinova
    This app worked very well for me for a long time and the widget for a good while also. I used the widget a ton and now it won’t work at all, and the app gives me an error and also doesn’t work half the time. What the heck happened?!
  • Bad rating for Not usaa the company but the app 2/5

    By Aedallycat
    I love usaa but I hate the app. Because of its failure to communicate and post pending payments or give a receipt which it did for a bit then stopped. I paid my bill twice because it looked like I never paid it the first time. Now I’m down that amount in my bank account. Hoping I can fix it in the morning when I call usaa. Wish they made it to where when you paid it immediately shows up and not days later.
  • The app doesn’t match the service 3/5

    By jimmbuck
    I really like USAA but this app is nothing short of tedious. Every time I go to log in Touch ID is not working and I gave to go though the whole login process again which is a chore. I get that they’re trying to be secure but none of my bank apps are even remotely as flaky when it comes to login. Plus I feel like the information in the app is not entirely intuitive to find where USAA files it away. Like I said, their service is excellent, the app is middling at best.
  • The APP and Website 1/5

    By Cap10john
    I can't get anything done with any degree of efficiency any longer. The APP shows me messages FROM USAA but doesn't let me REPLY. The website just kicks me out after I go through the PAINFUL process of logging on. I don't know what has happened. I've been a loyal customer for decades but am seriously thinking of going elsewhere.
  • The best 5/5

    By amhdji
    USAA is a great company and this ap is top notch. I can deposit checks, transfer money, set up bill pays, start car accident claims, and get life insurance quotes. I’ve been electronically depositing checks before smart phones. This ap is just as friendly as the website.
  • Good bank, terrible app 1/5

    By PhoneGui
    This app looks amazing. Unfortunately, one of the major things I want from this app is extremely difficult to achieve get the BALANCE DUE, MINIMUM PAYMENT, and DUE DATE. Simple, yes? No. Whoever commissioned this app, made obfuscating that goal their primary mission, and the succeeded, at the expense of their customer. It should be very simple: launce the app, sign in (Touch ID works brilliantly), touch a 'link' and get three simple bits of data, quickly. This could *easily* be shown on the Watch app, but no. They just show balance due, no more. It takes about 12 clicks to get that information. I called USAA and was transferred to Tech Support (?!) when I was show a 'short cut' that reduced the process (yes, it's a *process*) to half as many. And that's still too many. Why it's such a process is beyond me. All I want to do is pay my balance on time, or make a partial payment if need be, on time. You'd think they would encourage that. It's *very* disappointing that a bank this good could have an app that bad.
  • Apple Pay & Usaa 1/5

    By Angry with process
    Apple/Usaa verification. I spent 40 minutes on the phone trying to get my account verified. Shuffled from 5 different associates going back and forth from department to department no one talking to each other me getting more frustrated by the minute. After my fifth rep said he was going to transfer me I asked for a supervisor waited another 10 minutes on hold. Finally hung up. I will just update my Apple Pay to my Navy Federal Cards and pay that way. This is ridiculous.
  • Why? 1/5

    By bandjoe
    Deposit no longer works.
  • No compatibility 1/5

    By Joe Bai
    I have iOS 9.5 and an iPad from 2012 but this app says it's not compatible with my software. Very disappointed with USAA making an app that is only compatible w/ the newest iPads. Can't even use this app even though I have a perfectly fine iPad.
  • An amazing bank complimented by an absolutely awful app 2/5

    By Goldmaaaaan
    There’s a stark contrast between the quality of service you can receive through USAA, and the quality of the mobile app. FREQUENTLY unable to view accounts being given an “account information unavailable” error, and the widget legitimately never works no matter how many times you enable it. What’s the point of a banking app if you can never access your accounts through it?
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By Ressaw2011
    On the iPhone app cash rewards balance under credit card is hidden. Is this to discourage customers from accessing it? I have to jump through hoops to get to the money I’ve earned. Not convenient.
  • They got too big 3/5

    By Claude99999
    I have been with USAA for over a decade. But they have gotten so big they do not have time to talk. American Express and Chase love me and have been begging for my business. Usaa has not sent me a single offer for anything. Usaa helped me when i was establishing credit and wealth. Now i can play with the big boys and girls, but they make zero effort for my business. It seems backward. I still have an entry level card with usaa and top tier cards with chase and amex. So it makes sense to me to move my business away from usaa since being loyal is not helping me
  • Not IPad compatible again! 1/5

    By CW3 O
    USAAA has certainly gone downhill. Now, apparently the USAA App is no longer compatible with my iPad. USAA help center recommended I purchase a new one.App is only compatible with IOS 11.0 or newer. First I changed my auto insurance, now it will be my banking. So much for helping the veterans. Goodbye USAA.
  • Don’t bank with USAA! 1/5

    My overall banking experience with them is very unpleasant. I’ve had USAA for almost two years, in that time, I can say that their hold times when you call are ridiculous and have many other issues that they need to be resolved. The only good thing I can say is they provide cheap auto insurance. However, their auto department takes forever to process transactions.
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By Ret MAJ
    I have been a USAA member for 45 years, and have been consistently impressed with everything they do. Until now. The mobile app is confusing and difficult to use, requiring 4-5 clicks, when accessing a function could easily be done in 1-2 clicks. As an example, the app tells me they would like feedback on a recent claim, but never allows me to respond. You folks are great at insurance, not so good at app development.
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By Dislike2235437
    I haven’t been able to log in in weeks. Always says there is an error that occurred. Have to long in through website. Very frustrating!!!!!
  • After 36 years & no problems 1/5

    By retired CPT
    After purchasing a home this summer USAA sent out an inspector (20 days after I closed on it) & then 60 days after that I get a letter that says I’m cancelled because the roof is bad. It looked bad but it didn’t leak - HOWEVER- we were planning on replacing it. They didn’t give me any options - even knowing that I told them we could replace it right away. They don’t give you 10 days or 30 - NOTHING! They just said find new Insursnce. We’ve had 1 claim in the last 10 years & that was a deer jumping in front of our car! I’m more than disappointed! I’ve canceled all my car insurance with them & moved my banking elsewhere! They’ve become non-caring & greedy! I’m over them. Unless everything you own is brand new look elsewhere!
  • Ouch 2/5

    By bluewaterfan
    Latest version is very buggy. When I launch the app and put in passcode the app crashes. Relaunching app again may see the same results or it might work.
  • Update is a downgrade 3/5

    By ComptonSwapMeet
    What is going on with this app? I can’t transfer money from my bank account. I can’t even re-add a bank account to try to transfer money. I click on accounts and it says I have none but I do. I’m randomly logged off and can’t use faceid to login but must re-enter my password. USAA needs to fix this ASAP.
  • Stopped Loading 4/5

    By JScott1951
    Updated..... I removed and reloaded the app to my iPad. Hiccuped once during startup but finally go it to load and log in. We'll see it it remains stable. I am using iOS 12.1.1. Within the last few weeks, the app will not start up properly on my iPad. Still works on my iPhone X with face long-on. As soon as I put in my PIN or fingerprint on the iPad, it closes. Up until recently it worked great for me. Sigh
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By LoveTV
    Individual stocks does not display day gains/losses over brokerage account overview. Purchasing or Selling stocks is a long process. Terrible redesign.
  • App keeps logging me out 1/5

    By Baronokc
    As soon as I try to sign in and do anything it kicked me off and says thank you for logging out
  • Worst check photo app 2/5

    By Tahoe64
    Over and over I try to use their app to take pictures of checks for an automatic deposit but it does not work. Given that the alternative is to mail in your checks makes this a real inconvenience.
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By DDe Lovett
    Whatever updates you guys are doing please stop. Haven’t been able to log in since last two updates. App opens without option to sign in. Ugh
  • Terrible!! 1/5

    By IwantthisfixedNOW
    This App is terrible. It’s constantly crashing, every action follows with an “ERROR” message. The check deposit add on is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE, NEVER works... literally takes 20 minutes of constant agonizing attempts to get a picture of the check that will be accepted. This app needs SERIOUS work.
  • Deposit Issue 3/5

    By mwz247
    Even though I could see my balance through the app, when I tried to deposit a check through the app, it took the images of both sides, let me manually enter the amount, but it would not let me select the destination account. If you don’t use the app on a regular basis, the app is somewhat confusing.
  • Works well 5/5

    By OhSoAwesomeSauce
    UPDATE: The constant crashes stopped; the app works great again!
  • Update causes crashes 1/5

    By willisdavis
    New update just crashes the app upon opening. Can't get into my account.

USAA Mobile app comments

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