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USAA Mobile App

We understand your unique needs because we’re an organization founded by military members for military members. And our mobile app is no different.   With just a few clicks, you can transfer funds, pay bills, deposit checks and place trades.   Some additional highlights of the USAA Mobile App include:   • Quick View Options: View your accounts and balances on Apple Watch and device widgets without the need to log in each time, thanks to the help of our secure authentication infrastructure. • Easy Logon: Use a personal PIN, your fingerprint or facial recognition to easily and safely log in to the app. • In-App Voice Assistant: Access EVA, our digital voice assistant, at any point within the app to answer your questions. • Siri Account Balances: Ask Siri to show your USAA account balances and statement details without needing to be in the app. • Banking features: Pay Bills, Send Money With Zelle®, deposit checks using your phone’s camera, calculate your loans and locate an ATM. • Insurance features: Get an Auto ID card, request roadside assistance and report a claim. • Investing features: Get real-time stock quotes, place trades, read relevant articles and watch informative videos.


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USAA Mobile app reviews

  • Got rid of wallet ☹️ 1/5

    By Fashaezzle
    I love the app overall, but the feature I used most was the wallet and now it’s gone.
  • It crashes every time I start it 2/5

    By Classafiedcaller
    It crashes everyone I start it
  • Can’t transfer 1/5

    By reezez
    Even though I like this app. What I don’t like is how I’m not able to transfer funds between accounts. USAA why isn’t this fixed yet??
  • Mobile deposit 1/5

    By Josh20181111
    Trying to deposit check and it states “cannot read preprinted number at bottom of check”. I have tried multiple times in multiple backgrounds/lighting. Then contacted USAA, was put on hold to get transferred to the right department. Prerecorded message said “wait time 3 minutes”, 15 minutes later the hold music stops and the call is disconnected. What is the deal USAA?!!?
  • Updated the app, now won’t let me deposit checks 1/5

    By Froogalmom
    I hate the new feature that takes pictures automatically when you try to deposit a check. That being said, it worked Ok until today. I updated the app 4 days ago and today was the first time I tried depositing a check. It’s fine, not smudged, not crumbles, there’s plenty of light and a dark background. The darn app keeps on saying it can’t read the numbers at the bottom. I tried and tried and tried. This is a check from Ebates, not from some shady company who might have sent a fake check! The app also logs me out in the middle of trying to deposit the check or, when I try to log back in, lets me start the deposit process before even finishing logging me in. It tries to take a picture of the check as it’s still asking me to provide my PIN and answer security questions! I’ve had it and now I have to mail the check to TX, like in the good old days, in order for it to be deposited to my account. It’s irritating. It worked fine before and I’ve deposited checks without all those problems in the previous versions!
  • Horrible app when updates 1/5

    By mtmason2017
    Whoever handles this app’s updates is consistent about releasing them without adequate testing. After a while, the app truly works beautifully. Until then, though, it’s unusable due to errors. Like right now where I can’t deposit checks, something an app like this absolutely has to get right since there are no bank branches to go to.
  • Auto loss issue 2/5

    By horsefur
    Cannot reach person who spoke to me while I was in car and not home where I could think clearly with the figures I had written down. I told claims person that then wrote down data they gave. I disagreed with first figure. She came back with better figure. I wrote that on small paper pad. She said she’d send figures by email. I looked and have many questions and cannot reach same person. I cannot use computer system except to read what is sent because I gave my email address. But that does not mean o can communicate with them through it. Extremely frustrating experience since I feel as if I am written off as a closed and finished case. I still want further conversation. Help! Thanks
  • Mostly better 2/5

    By Josh Ockert
    Many of the issues since the redesign have been fixed, but there are still unexplained bugs. For example, a recent update broke Transfer/Deposit from the menu - selecting it does absolutely nothing. The latest update won't show you anything past the welcome screen except a mobile web login page.
  • Takes forever to update balances 2/5

    By hisher10
    I have been using this app for two years now. It seems like as of this year, my app will lag or takes three days to update my balance.
  • Slow. In-app security code often does not work. 2/5

    By Bosscrab
    App is very slow to load and use. Also, the security code generated by the app is frequently not accepted when logging into the USAA website from my desktop browser. I have to wait for the code to refresh to get in.
  • Review of service 5/5

    By Don A B
  • Current version fails privacy test 1/5

    By Fanatic4rf
    Privacy and data harvesting are a common concern for apps now, and this most recent version (7.47.2) forces Location Services to be enabled in order to make a mobile deposit. This requirement is unacceptable - my location is irrelevant.
  • Auto claims 5/5

    By Dallas Ridgway
    Thanks for all your help with my auto claim. You all were great and I really appreciate all you did! Thanks so much!
  • Rating Hike, But... 4/5

    By Texas Toni
    I recently rated the app fairly low and then changed it to even lower. Out of the three issues I found with the app, I see that two of them have been fixed. I will know soon if the ‘redundancy’ issue has been fixed. Although it is a minor issue, I know I do not like choosing account “B”, let’s say, to make a trade, and then when I tap trade, the app asks me to choose an account - when I’m already in the account in which I wish to trade! Asking me to choose again is redundant and a waste of [potentially valuable] time and adds tedious steps. This can be frustrating if you are trying to change the amount on a limit and get in/out under the wire.
  • Poor check capture with iPad 1/5

    By littlegreek56
    It is impossible to scan the front of a check on an iPad. I have a 2016 iPad Pro (9.7 inch), so it’s not like I’m using ancient technology. Check scanning has worked well until about 6 mos. ago, but it is now a nightmare. I finally gave up today and used my phone. Please make it work again.
  • Barely works anymore 1/5

    By MikeJ45
    Always getting errors when trying to view my account. App used to work great..idk what’s happened with all these updates.
  • LOVE USAA! 5/5

    By Jen2887
    I have never had a bank that takes more time to assure that customer service takes precedence over all else than USAA. I’ve been with another credit union for almost 20yrs and what that credit union failed to do in 20yrs, USAA did in 20mins. I have never had any issues with the app so far and have enjoyed the ease and functionality that it’s given so far. Express deposits via phone have been like melted butter with USAA. It’s automatically done. Whereas, the other credit union would take 24-72hrs to “clear.” Thank you USAA!! Oh, and the auto insurance!! I am very pleased. When we sold the murano and bought the Forester it took all of 5mins for that exchange to take place. I am extremely happy with USAA’s services and banking thus far. Keep up the good work, USAA!
  • Keep asking to login 4/5

    By Drove19
    Keeps asking me to login twice a day, once a day, every two days. Why?
  • Scheduled Transactions 2/5

    By Fordham Mugzs
    It won’t recognize a transaction that has posted, and allow me to match the scheduled transaction. I wrote a check, scheduled a transaction, the check number is in the scheduled transaction, it won’t match up with the account when the check clears. It won’t allow me to manually match the transaction either.
  • Not compatible with my iPad 3/5

    By 7dulci
    Latest update says not compatible with my device, it's the third version of the iPad. Oh well, it still works for everything else I do on the iPad. 5/2018-latest version works now. Thank you
  • Says I need to update then won't 5/5

    By John002a
    This app is beginning to frustrate me. Works fine but it constantly says there is an update, then when I try and update it says the new version is not compatible with my device. It needs to recognize this and stop asking me to update. Update **Latest update fixed this issue. Works great now.
  • IPad Access Intermittent 3/5

    By Chrisk1171
    Latest update resolved signing in issue after I removed and reinstalled app. However, there are frequent crashes but usually able to quickly accomplish what I need between crashes.
  • Updated and Developer Response - Thank you! 4/5

    By R0ccoP
    After updates and developer response, this App is now working again!
  • Constantly Shuts Down While Logging In 2/5

    By ReginaDieci
    Even with updates, this app manages to shut down. Even with updates, this app shuts down in the middle of logging in. I’m already apprehensive about using banking apps and this makes it worse. I’ve tried trouble shooting and still I run into this issue. When it works it’s actually a great app. Please fix your bug!
  • USAA is the best 5/5

    By tmilagros
    From roadside assistance to insurance rates to their super friendly agents I can’t say enough about how much me and my family love USAA and we’re so thankful to have them on our side. Thank you USAA!!
  • Finally fixed! 5/5

    By Cvsmith87
    I received an email from Usaa, they reviewed and updated the app so now there's no issues. Thank you! Previous: I've been using the app for over a year, but recently I've been notified that usaa is no longer compatible with iPad.
  • Works great! 5/5

    By Maf8274744
    The app does what one would expect, and the devs are very responsive to bug and issue reports! Thanks for the super support!! 👍👍
  • Hey! Can’t Deposit Checks 3/5

    By PCArtisan
    I love this app, but I can’t deposit checks if the app keeps telling me that it cannot read the numbers at the bottom of it. (Yes, the numbers are legible and I’m using a dark background and enough light.) Please fix this scanning/deposit ability. Otherwise the app is great.
  • Amazing App 5/5

    By loganxtym3
    USAA, Can you please remove the extra account number and transit routing number words under account information? Just show the numbers beside the words like the card information. Also, just show routing number, not “transit routing number.” Ex. - Account Details Account Number 000000000 Routing Number 000000000 In transaction descriptions, it would be nice if USAA showed the customer name for ACH Transactions on the app like it shows on the website. Also, for debit card purchases, show the first two and last two digits of the card number on the app like it shows on the website. Thanks for the consideration!
  • Errors, crashing. The end of a great app 4/5

    By Juan Esteban Delgado
    [Update] May 4th update seemed to fix this previous issue of crashes when accessing the 'all accounts' screen. I think it looks good, will use it and update to 5 stars if everything checks out.
  • Update just broke some options 2/5

    By pdxpirate
    I have the same problem now with the update, the transfer deposit option doesn’t work and considering they don’t have physical branch locations this was really imperative for my family. I tried to contact app support but the link goes to the main page for USAA where there’s every option but app support. I feel like I can’t do anything but sit here and hope enough people say something so that it gets fixed.
  • New IPad not supported 1/5

    By j.markle
    Just got an update and now it keeps crashing. New app is saying my Ipad is not supported. Is this an error or does this mean my IPad will not be supported anymore with the updated app?
  • This newest update is unusable 1/5

    By BearAZ
    It crashes almost immediately after signing in. Ugh! What happened USAA?
  • Update broke Zelle 2/5

    By Vibeguy74atl
    The latest update broke the ability to send money via Zelle. The Transfer/Deposit option in the checking menu now does nothing when you click on it. I’ve had to use my iPad with an older version of the app to send Zelle transfers.
  • Love! 1 little bug still 4/5

    By Rallyallyba
    We have banked with USAA for almost 10 years now... I cannot say enough amazing things about USAA or the App. My only complaint is that EVERYTIME I try to “match” a scheduled transaction once it clears, 95% of the time, it cannot/won’t match. I end up just having to delete the original scheduled transaction.
  • Cant get help 2/5

    By Claude99999
    The app keeps freezing in the chat. I wanted a loan to add a deck to my house. Its like pulling teeth to get someone to help. The app chat wont let you talk to a person and it only offers me car loans. I had to give up and go with a different bank for the loan.
  • This app hates me 2/5

    By Saaavanna
    I got the new iPhone X and for some reason my usaa account doesn’t recognize me every single time. I’ve changed my pin and password countless times and it always logs me out and makes me do the “send a verification code to you phone” thing EVERY SINGLE TIME. please fix this. I can’t do anything with the app most of the time.
  • Username 1/5

    By Wisdom59
    The most basic functionality that I need does not work. The app will not keep my username. Every time I open it I have to retype it.
  • Deposits not working. 1/5

    By Prince Kiskeya
    Since last update, the most important feature which is “Deposits” stopped working. Very frustrating since there’s no local branch or ATM to make deposits.
  • Updates cause more crashes 1/5

    By Mojo Surf Design
    Was originally thrilled with the 2 recent updates that supported 32 bit phones on iOS 9. But after sencond update now the app is back to crashing constanting can't even get into my accounts, after logging in before crash happens. Just a horrible mess, they cant get this app right. Used to work great and was trend setter. What happened USAA? Too many added features, make it a simple interface again.
  • 2.5 stars — Consistently mediocre ... 3/5

    By 0101101z
    ... which is an improvement. Check depositing seems more functional, although I am perplexed by the repeated redesign / reordering of the steps required to capture the images. Also, will never understand the need to click through an incomplete list of accounts on the opening screen to get to ALL info - why would I want to see a partial list of accounts? Finally, ‘help’ seems hard to find - I now have to communicate with the text version of a profoundly annoying voice mail tree before I finally give up and just call them. Customer service seems to be suffering in many ways, not just this app.
  • Locked out EVERY DAY 1/5

    By ammogirl
    For the past two months every morning I attempt to log in to my app but find my account locked. I then have to call or go online to unlock my account. Every morning. I have deleted and redownloaded the app. I have the latest version of my phone and software and the app. I’ll receive my temp pin, log in on my phone. Then I go online on my laptop and redo my security settings to reflect an updated pin/password etc. During that day I can log in as many times as I want...but the next morning the cycle starts over again.
  • Generic update gets generic review 1/5

    By quinoje
    Generic update gets generic review. Stop with the "updates and improvements" BS and tell us what you fixed. The people who actually care about an update want to know more.
  • Only one annoyance 5/5

    By Annoyingrandomname25447
    The overly frequent "some account information may not be available" disclaimer.
  • Check scanning is poor to impossible 1/5

    By flyingsnowball
    From snapping the front of a check a second time before I can turn it over to the back or repeatedly failing to discern the edges of checks, this app has created real headaches for me. When you can’t reliably make deposits — sometimes deposits are impossible — then the USAA app is truly infuriating! I have bills to pay and can’t get checks deposited no matter the background and lighting for the checks I use.
  • Love it, but still has bugs 4/5

    By MinnersAndDadasMama
    I love this app and I love USAA. I’m finding, however, that there are still several bugs. The one that is really holding me back right now has to do with the “Request a Pay Of Quote” for my loans. The screen won’t actually show me the drop down menu for accounts or the reasons. I can only select the payment date. A bit frustrating, but I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong. Either way, I’d like to be able to use this feature. I can’t find it’s counterpart on the main website.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By MontyyPython
    Every single day it lock my husband and I out and we have to call to get them to unlock it. It is highly inconvenient because we can never check our account in order to pay bill and check our finances
  • Bill pay doesn’t work 1/5

    By CSacket
    I can’t select the account i want to pay a bill from in the bill pay. It’s just a blank screen. I’ve restarted the app several times. It worked just a couple days ago. But not with the newest update
  • Cannot deposit money 3/5

    By Hudnyaface
    Cannot deposit money. Extremely frustrating! You guys are great, but please quit fixing what wasn’t broke! The more automated the deposit function gets, the more I get an error message.
  • Jail breaking 1/5

    By Dellmill85
    Why the hell would you update the app so that people with jailbroken phones can’t use the app? You ha e an Android app that has far less security then even a jailbroken phone and you still allow them. What about a pc, do you understand how many attack vectors someone could use on someone accessing your website on an outdated computer? This is ridiculous USAA, I thought you were better then this!

USAA Mobile app comments


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