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USPS Mobile® App

Access popular® tools on the go with the “USPS Mobile® app: calculate shipping prices (limitations apply), find a Post Office™, look up a ZIP Code™, schedule a next-day pickup, request USPS to hold your mail, access Informed Delivery® to track packages and digitally preview incoming mail, and more. WHAT CAN IT DO? The USPS Mobile app allows you to: • Check the status of shipments sent using Priority Mail®, Priority Mail Express®, Certified Mail®, and certain other delivery services. Nickname your shipments and sign up for text and email alerts to notify you of the delivery status. • Calculate a Domestic or International Price to determine how much postage you will need when you ship a letter, card, large envelope, or package (limitations apply). Choose retail or online pricing, add any extra services you need, and view the total, too. • Find USPS® Locations when you need to get to a Post Office™, Self-Service Kiosk (APC®) or collection box with an easy-to-filter locator. The USPS Mobile app uses your device’s GPS to show your closest options on a map, along with their Regular Hours, Special Hours and Last Collection Times, and provides mapped results with driving, walking, or transit directions. • Look up a ZIP Code™ for any U.S. or Canadian address. • Schedule a free next-day pickup and have your Letter Carrier pick up Priority Mail®, Priority Mail Express®, Global Express Guaranteed®, or Merchandise Return Services shipments from your home or office during regular mail delivery. • Request Hold Mail Service while you’re away, and we’ll keep your mail at your local Post Office™ for you to pick up or be delivered by your carrier when you return. • Scan the barcode on shipping labels with your device’s camera (Note: this function is not available on iPad 1 and iPod Touch models without rear-facing cameras). The app recognizes the shipment and stores the label number, so you can stay on top of delivery status. Link to Informed Delivery to track packages and digitally preview your household’s incoming mail arriving soon; view grayscale images of the exterior, address side of letter-sized mailpieces.

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USPS Mobile® app reviews

  • Incompetent app by incompetent service 1/5

    By Beinola
    The app and website say I do not have a PO Box. I’ve had one for the last 25 years and I was just charged for a renewal. Spoke to an idiot from the tech department and all she could say was that it was a mystery to her. Meanwhile I’m unable to manage my box online. Incompetence at its finest.
  • Doesnt work 1/5

    By toonblast break player
    I uninstalled the app as its pointless. Luckily what I was waiting for arrived but I was uninformed by the app. Which was why I signed up for it. It all sounds good if only it did as it said. Technology isnt all its supposed to be cracked up to be. I will stick to trusting the USPS workers to do what they should and not need an app to be a watchdog.
  • Upset 1/5

    By obsired
    I got this app to see when I would receive my mail, and each time I were to look at it, it told me that I would eaither create a new account or my username or password wasn’t the same.
  • Constant errors 2/5

    By MWM86
    I say at least 50% of the time I try to use this app, there is some sort of “error“ and I cannot track any packages, add new ones, or search by number. I am sending packages all the time, and my experience with the physical. Post Office is great, but this app definitely needs some work because it seems to be crashing intermittently throughout the day almost every day.
  • Have recently became useless 2/5

    By 0327Criss
    I have used this app for years & honestly have never had a real problem until recently . In the last few months it won’t allow me to paste tracking numbers and when I do try , the window where tracking numbers are placed doubles .
  • What’s the point of logging in all the time 1/5

    By robsalzz
    I wish this app would stop logging me out. Take a cue from the UPS and FedEx apps and let us stay logged in!
  • Useless. 1/5

    By Loren22
    I tried to scan a code. But it forced me to take a survey. Are these people insane?
  • Nice app But.... 4/5

    By Gottagojoe
    I really enjoy using this app, let’s me know what’s in the mail for today. What would be nice is to be able to clear out old mail like a reset button. I don’t need to look at mail that was delivered 2 weeks ago. Otherwise app is pretty nice.
  • Useless 1/5

    By M0716
    The app is as efficient and worthless as the USPS. When trying to track a package, all it says is "Your package is moving within the USPS network and is on track to be delivered to its final destination. It is currently in transit to the next facility." It doesn’t say where it is or when it’ll be delivered, even with notifications.
  • 🤮👎🏻 1/5

    By Carole Brooklyn Marie
    USPS has screwed up so many of my packages. And their workers don’t care about where they deliver packages. I’ve had my neighbors have to bring me my mail bc usps just drops it off anywhere. I wish everyone just started to use ups. Smh.
  • Useless 1/5

    By SpiritedTreasure
    Useless app. Deleted.
  • Push notifications will be great for tracking!!! 5/5

    By Daminan
    This application will be more great If have push notifications, also if USPS make only a tracking application like the one they did with informed delivery would be more great. You can add package but if you do not open the app you do not know the actual status of the package if you open it then you can get updated of the status. Also if USPS make this changes or improvements to this app could get more stars and more downloads in the stores from their customers or not. Thank you for this good app.
  • Does not do what intended 1/5

    By Dan.The.Man.79
    Does not scan tracking labels has to be manual entered. I tried on two IOS devices does not work.
  • USPS 3/5

    By Broncs4life
    I loved this app when I was in high school, but now that I need accurate updates now that I’m in college buying books for my courses. One time my package said delivered on the app, but it didn’t show up till 3 days later! It was a good app but when I click on the tracking button it is always having “technical difficulties.”
  • Helpful but unstable 3/5

    By Geco123
    It’s really nice to be able to see what’s being delivered so you can be sure you receive the occasional important mail. Quite often, though it just seems to be down. Tracking packages is nice although you could always do that anyway if you know the tracking number. If a package appears in informed deliver that you don’t have a tracking number you can see it there but you can not set up text/mail alerts. You have to leave that and try to copy/paste or the tracking number into the tracking part of the app. Pretty annoying and seems like an unnecessary step.
  • Used to be good... 2/5

    By Hibiscusbreeze02
    This app used to be great but here recently I’ve been having issues looking up tracking numbers. When I enter a new one an old one I’ve deleted appears and I can’t seem to track the one I’m looking for it’s very strange.
  • Horrible - please fix it 1/5

    By JFW Cook
    Every time I hope. The app to track a package it jams me with a user experience survey. Not helpful.
  • Good but could be way better 2/5

    By Telex29
    Tracking multiple orders is great and much better than website Informed tracking is a pain. It never stays logged in and it doesn't show all the mail you get or at least not yet Make informed tracking save my login and use apple security like face recognition please
  • Works well 5/5

    By Achsr
    Nice App. Tracking and scanning works Really well. Keep up the good work.
  • Fantastic… when it works. 2/5

    By Kataydid
    I love this app because I love shipping and receiving via USPS. I’m a big user of click-to-ship. Unfortunately lately it doesn’t allow printing of a label purchased from the app. So I have to request a refund and repurchase from the website. Very frustrating!
  • Lost package 1/5

    By gughujwhisjisj
    Absolutely horrible. I got my package delayed for 13 days!!!! Turns out it was never delivered. My initial package was stolen and filed a claim. NOTHING HAPPENED! Never doing USPS ever AGAIN!
  • Can’t use the barcode 1/5

    By Mikmet
    I try to put in the QR code For tracking and it kicks me out to a survey
  • Can’t order shipping supplies 1/5

    By Catdaddy821
    I thought the app might be easier to quickly order boxes but it doesn’t even give that option. On the full site, if you’re ordering on your phone, it’s not possible to order a pack of 25 boxes. It automatically selects packs of 10 without the ability to change. It seems like there has always been little glitches in their ordering system that has kept me from getting what I need. Like ordering 5 packs of 10 envelopes and what is delivered is 5 single envelopes. It’s sad and keeps me from doing business efficiently.
  • can’t reprint label 1/5

    By colubrid
    if for any reason the app crashes before you print the label -// you are out of luck - you’ll have to log into a desktop/laptop site to get that function.
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By Rick (spooky1)
    The actual mail piece seems to work most of the time, if you have mail being delivered at say 1200 noon, the app will show pictures of most mail by about 1000am the day it is being delivered. Packages on the other hand are a disaster. At least 24-48 hours behind if it ever shows it being picked up at shipper. Most packages show up in mailbox or door before they ever show being picked up for shipping. Seems the usps wasted a bunch of money on something that is an abysmal failure.
  • Changing shipping classes is next to impossible to figure out. 1/5

    By beefarmgirl
    I have been frustrated for a few days now. I can log into the app and get a shipping quote and be fine. But when I log in and try to make a label I cannot change shipping classss. It keeps quoting me more than double quoted prices and there is no where (that I can find) to change it. So I literally have to take everything to the post office and do it there
  • Horrible. 1/5

    By jimbgreen1978
    Horrible. That’s it.
  • Useless piece of crap APP 1/5

    By EDS106
    This is useless app. Can’t do a lot of stuffs on it.
  • Tracking 3/5

    By Kiki Swaggin Hard
    This app is very convenient to have but my biggest issue is the fact that every few hours the system goes down and I can’t track my items. This should be fixed.
  • System Error when i open app. 1/5

    By KKFin
    I try to open the app to check the delivery status of my medications, and instead get an error telling me to contact the System Admin! What is going on??
  • App broke 1/2 time! 2/5

    By HeatherKansan
    The app constantly has a system message saying it’s having difficulties and not working at the moment. Postal employees don’t scan packages and provide info until the end of day so it’s not precise.
  • “Fair” is the best I can give it... 2/5

    By Drown Pilot
    I use this app as well as the FedEx and UPS apps to track my packages. The USPS track service is down about 20% of the time. They miss expected delivery dates about 20% of the time. Packages are unaccounted for or miss delivered 20% of the time. Eventually, you get your stuff (they say it’s not lost if it’s in their system...). I guess it’s too much to expect the government to perform as well as the private carriers above who keep their tracking up and packages moving on time and accounted for...
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Lanini 24
    I just tried this app to track a package I sent after putting in the tracking number it does nothing no button to press to track after several attempts I gave up and deleted it.
  • Usually works well 3/5

    By Bangheart
    But today not working so well keep getting a message saying, ( Sorry we are having technical difficulties please try again later) and will not allow me to use it while it’s like that, so I surely hope that it gets fixed very soon but otherwise great app
  • Doesn’t work anymore 1/5

    By lkb4jsd
    It says all the time lately that the tracking number could be wrong or the status has not been updated on my package which is arriving tomorrow. The arrive app is awesome and I love it.

    By thats_naughty
    Click n ship does NOT work . On the App and on the website itself. Both just continuously load for infinite hopeless wait times. Please Fix!
  • Garbage.... 2/5

    By raythek14
    When I line up the barcode to my iPad in the viewer, it says “Are you sure you want to leave the USPS site? “. Never tracks the package. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? If not, garbage. Useless garbage.
  • Needs Touch ID sign in 2/5

    By Beachwalker40
    Update 1/28/19. The app is for customer convenience. It’s not convenient to have to sign in every time. Either Touch ID or allow customer to decide if they want to stay logged in after app is closed. Very helpful app BUT it needs to be updated to allow Touch ID sign in. App will not allow one to stay signed in so it’s irritating to have to sign in each time.
  • Authentication 1/5

    If I have to enter my credentials EVERY TIME I want to access my delivery status, then I say F...NO. Completely disfunctional. Fix it or leave it.
  • changes needed 1/5

    1-24-2019 I thought by now these issues would have been updated by now. What is taking so long? 3-9-18. Need a 2nd field in the tracking section separate from the tracking number. Name title and numbers should be 2 fields. Please add this week. Thanks! Update 10/9/17 Been a long while since this has been updated and still no changes for scanner or numeric keyboard??? Not complicated folks. Andddd, the APP SUPPORT button still doesn't go to App Support. You did notice that right? Fix this week please. 7/6/17. I updated the app and now the SCANNER DOESNT WORK! I sent this recco 6-7 months ago. Thought it would be fixed by now. Also some of my completed deliveries have the tracking info dropped off. ??? Still no numeric keypad to manually enter long tracking numbers. How long should it take to fix that? BY now I thought you would have added a large numeric keyboard IF YOU HAVE TO ENTER THE TRACKING NUMBER MANUALLY!!! Easy change. Also need a separate field or space for ADDING THE NAME OF THE PACKAGE AND NOT INCLUDE IT WITH THE ACTUAL TRACKING NUMBER. Add this to next update this week! Thanks!
  • Dead end email form 1/5

    By SteveCB1
    I have an important letter that I sent first class certified mail with tracking. It has been about nine days and still not arrived. I followed the online link to the form to send an email request for follow up. After filling out the complete, long form there is no Submit button.
  • Not reliable app 1/5

    By jmaldo100
    I have been using this app for a long time it is good to use to notify when A package has been delivered but when they post that it’s going to be delivered at certain day it never happens it’s always delayed by a day or 2+ they also will send you a notification at three in the morning but it doesn’t show up that day.
  • United States postal service 1/5

    By Morahei
    The app seems very put together. Unfortunately it is tethered to an apparatus that seems fundamentally flawed. My insured package did not arrive on time. The text updates for tracking did not arrive in a timely manner. Good luck.
  • Not able to get tracking info 1/5

    By its an ausm app
    I am trying to get tracking info for my package. Every time i scan the barcode, the website is taking me to customer feedback form, then instead of showing me the status , its redirecting me to stupid usps website where i am asked to create an account. Why cant it show the tracking info right after the scan. How many time i have to fill stupid customer feedback form. I have already filled it thrice but still have no info about tracking.Huh....
  • Bad app 1/5

    By N/ajdjfjfjfjfjdkk
    This app is not great keeps saying that not in the system even tho is is use PARCELTRACK app much better.
  • Sometimes good... sometimes not so good 2/5

    By Roadracer46
    It’s limited for sure... and I’m not sure why. Example... if you create a label on this app, and aren’t next to a printer... in order to print the label, you have to sign in on a computer rather than just being able to get it from your phone’s app. Needs to be rethought again.
  • CANCEL mail hold💩💩💩 2/5

    By HeloCaptain
    Can’t cancel a mail hold from within the app‼️ Really⁉️⁉️ 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
  • App is down 2/5

    By Full/Skirt
    I have to mail a lot today and the app is not working. I tried tracking, scheduling a pick up- all blank pages.
  • Doesn’t work on mobile 1/5

    By Azurephoenix_
    Clicking manage my move on mobile or in the app itself loads a white screen. In chrome and safari. Even requesting full site doesn’t work. Clicking app support takes you back to main USPS page. Useless.

USPS Mobile® app comments

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