V LIVE :App for stars and fans

V LIVE :App for stars and fans

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  • Current Version: 5.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: NAVER Corp.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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V LIVE :App for stars and fans App

Connect & Share Moments Together V LIVE, the community where stars and fans connect # Connect with your star and other fans Visit your star's channel! Keep up with the star's updates and connect with other global fans. # Get comments and likes from your star Check out your star's comments and likes and get closer to them. Maybe you'll get comments and likes from your star, too! # Watch live moments of your favorite star You'll be surprised at your star's special moments in their live broadcasts. Send live chat messages and hearts to your star no matter where you are in the world. # View updates by each star member View posts and photos posted by each member, and also leave a fan letter. # Never miss your star's upcoming events Check all schedules including live broadcasts, concerts, birthdays, etc. # Special benefits for fans Join your favorite star's MEMBERSHIP and enjoy benefits that your star has prepared for you such as Welcome Kit and early ticketing. [Subscription] You can subscribe to MEMBERSHIP in the app. Price: The monthly subscription fee may vary depending on the membership product. You can check this out on the product purchase page. Period: After an auto-renewal/purchase of 1-month subscription, you can manage the subscription and auto-renewal through iTunes Account Settings. ---- Developer Support : 1588-3820 [email protected] 6, Buljeong-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

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V LIVE :App for stars and fans app reviews

  • PIP 4/5

    By sfh0325
    now that ios supports PIP it would be great if you add PIP on ios version!
  • Please 🥺please my 5/5

    By dyuwj
  • Please let us edit subtitle font 5/5

    By marabiebar
    I love the app and watching videos but I hate when I want to watch something from my iPad the subtitles are so small. I wish I could edit the font/text size to my liking!
  • Ok does it work on iOS 14.7 1/5

    By W o a h your mom/HAILEY
    I wanna now if it works for iOS 14.7 because when I get it,it wont let me in and takes me to settings says something about wrong time and to check it I’ll change my review if I can get it because it’s bot working for me😨🤨
  • Amazing 5/5

    By btstbh
    I just joined BTS fandom 5 months ago and other army’s who go to my school has been telling me to download this app. It’s amazing #STANBTS4CLEARSKIN #BTSARMY #BTS💜
  • Please🌟 5/5

    By 🌸Embrace💜🇲🇲
    I really love this app and thanks for connecting with us and BTS. But , there was a problem while Replay BTS Live with Live Chat Replay. When i click Live Chat Replay, I see only new ones and it was not Live. There was Millions of Comments and not easy to scroll down to see my comments in Star' Live up to time. Not only me, others also saying about this. Please can you fix this problem. Thanks with Love💜.
  • Vamazing 5/5

    By oohkingbeast
    I love it I watch bra vlives all day long
  • QR code 3/5

    By babyamirah
    The new update logged me out on my tv(lg) and now the QR code doesn’t work to sign me back in🙃
  • Need to be available to download on APPLETV 1/5

    By mystique1117
    I would love to watch BTS on a big screen when they are live, such as my 80 inch tv which has an Apple TV box hooked up, but the VLive app is not available to download on the Apple TV only on Apple Phone and IPads .. it’s weird!!

    By Topbridge
    I’m on iPad. I tried to go into settings, profile and there is NO OPTION TO CHANGE PROFILE PICTURE OR IT IS HARD TO FIND BECAUSE I CANT FIND IT FIX PLEASE
  • My Review 4/5

    By keji (^^)
    love the app, however, when i watch a replay of a vlive, i would like to see the replay of the comments as well. it’s rather interesting to see what the person is talking about and what the comments say in reply.
  • CRUCIAL 2/5

    By btsarmyforever_95
    i’ve had this app for a long time and there was english subs. but now there isn’t a sub anymore. i rewatch enhypen lives and there is not option for english sub
  • How to renew 1/5

    By rozhernandez
    How do you purchase this app? So confusing?
  • Good but 4/5

    By sarah123!?
    The app is great but there are sooo many fake accounts, people are faking celebrities and that makes it hard for fans. I don’t want people to fool me, please do something about that. Either pin the real accounts for the celebrities or deny the fake ones please!!!
  • :(( 5/5

    By allyson luquin
    SO SAD that there taking v-live off. Honestly will miss older v-lives and hope that we will get something similar to v-live soon! ~ally
  • Please add Arabic translation 1/5

    By azami.7
  • Annoying app 1/5

    By txtxxrxrxttxr
    I hate this app!! When I try to watch a video of bts a loading screen pops up and does nothing it’s so annoying. I just want to watch bts
  • The interface is too confusing 3/5

    By 💜🐱
    great app since it’s the main one many idols use to live stream but the user interface is trash. personally i don’t want to see the chatroom first and that takes up a majority of the idols’ home page. only the most recent live is shown which is super inconvenient if i wanna go back and rewatch old ones. there isn’t a way to search by year anymore, you literally have to keep scrolling until you find it. please change the interface back to the old one bc it was so much more easier to navigate. this new interface just makes me frustrated and makes me want to delete the app.
  • mostly great 3/5

    i love all the features that vlive has but the thing that really frustrates me sometimes and makes me not want to use the app is that the recently watched doesn’t work and i can’t watch from the middle of any video i was watching so i have to keep note of how far i got into a video if i can’t watch the whole thing. also i sometimes forget what videos i’ve already watched because it doesn’t show that i’ve finished a video like you’d be able to see on youtube or other services.
  • Feedback🖤💗 5/5

    By jazzypop_13
    Blackpink, a female group actually inspired me to get this app and now I am in love with this app after seeing so many lives from them.🖤💗
  • Does not give a sound alert 2/5

    By Reesaroo
    This app is only useful if I know that a live is happening. Please add a sound alert—otherwise this app is not useful.
  • i don’t receive notifications when someone posts… 5/5

    By Kai ❀
    after i updated the app, the “Select board” option stopped working.. i no longer receive notifications when someone posts. it’s really annoying having to constantly refresh the board.
  • notifications 4/5

    By baddie the rattie
    my motifs aren’t working sometimes what can i do?? i checked my settings and everything is fine
  • 100 5/5

    By Manaheh
  • Love it but having a few problems 4/5

    By x_lxny
    I really love this app. It allows you to watch any video, play it on a tv, etc. And it basically has any group you can think of. However, lately I haven’t been receiving notifications for any of the lives. And the worst part is I was awake at the time they went live but I wasn’t aware of the fact that they were live. I already have my notifications on and have received them before, but lately, it hasn’t been working anymore. This is really disappointing, as I rarely get to watch lives anymore because of the time difference. I don’t know if it is just a problem on my side, but I hope this is fixed if it is a glitch. I recently updated the app but that didn’t seem to fix it. I hope this is fixed. Thank you.😁
  • Captions 5/5

    By nsbsbbe
    I love this app but if we can have automated captions on the live’s? It would just help out all the fans who don’t speak korean💜
  • it’s kinda annoying 4/5

    By hchdjsnsks
    every time i go on a post and go to a different app for even 5 seconds, it brings me to a different post. i was trying to reply to someone on vlive and i went to another one of my apps, then it just brought me to a post that i didn’t even press. also, whenever i try typing something, every time i get a notification, it just closes out of the keyboard and i have no idea why. and yes, i know i can turn off notifications but i don’t want to miss a live from an artist
  • Love this app so much 5/5

    By karla pizza
    Honestly, this is one if the best kpop related apps I have, it notifies you when there’s going to a a live, but I do have suggestions. They are not problems but suggestions, idk if it’s the fans that do the subtitles but if it’s possible to have subtitles faster, I normally wait a week or 2 for English subtitles, it’s not a problem tho, also idk if I’m being to pressuring, but wouldn’t it be a good idea if there was an option for the idols to go live with fans/viewers. Idk but that seems like a great idea to me. Overall I love this app so much, there is all I need in it, i really recommend this app, and please consider my suggestions❤️❤️🙏
  • International Fan 5/5

    By Skye2blu
    Great app. Realize international fans are not your target audience but more and quicker English subbing would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • awesome! 5/5

    By Froggo 𓆏
    I love this app
  • Just one thing- 4/5

    By yaoi_child
    Yes I love how we have our favorite k-pop groups and get to see what’s going on but the thing is I don’t like I miss lives so it would be great if I can getNotifications when they are live
  • Alarm 5/5

    By E...cutie
    I Love this app so much. My only complaint is I need an alarm when they go live around 4 am here in the USA where I am. I want to see them live! So an alarm feature would be so helpful 💜
  • Alarm 5/5

    By Isabel72002
    I woke up to yet another vlive notification showing I slept through a bts vlive, and it’s super frustrating as an international fan. I would love there to be an option to have an alarm go off for specific groups within vlive. If an alarm went off I’d wake up and watch the live in a heartbeat, even if it was at 3:30 am.
  • International times 4/5

    By daisyy 🌈
    I don’t really stay up for bts’s vlives only because I’m sleeping at the time they go live, and it’s really hard because i don’t get the notification for when lives are starting, and we have different time zones, so I would like a notification or maybe a ring tone to go off whenever there’s a live starting or happening, I really think you should consider this idea, because for international fans, it will be much harder to join since we’re all sleeping or busy.
  • The notifications aren’t working 4/5

    By gymnast-32
    A couple days ago I looked at the scheduling to see if anything was going to be scheduled and it wasn’t. Well today I look again to see if any lives were going to be scheduled and I missed a live because it didn’t show on the schedules and I never got a notification🤨
  • fix the notifications 3/5

    By Zzzzeph
    From months ago I was following only ONE channel, and whenever they go live (its rare) I receive NO notifications. I had begun following about 6 channels and get notifs from all but the channel I want notifs from- please fix this.
  • I don’t have the subtitles option 4/5

    By Minpukipuki
    I am an International fan and I don’t have english subtitles. It’s very hard for me to understand what they are saying and most of the times I have to search the live video in some other sites where they uploaded the video with English subtitles. Having subtitles would be very helpful. I see others having subtitles but I don’t understand why don’t I have subtitles. Help me out here please.
  • Seriously needs mods 1/5

    By Blinez
    The amount of alarming posts that just don’t get monitored or removed is disturbing. Tons of very young kids on here with people posting self harm and horrible hate comments towards other fan groups. Shocked they are allowing to have this app without keeping it in check at all.
  • I love it ! 5/5

    By YoonSanha
    Ive had this app for at least 2 years and had no problems what so ever. I am able to watch my favs and communicate with them and other fans !
  • Captions 5/5

    By Bamassa
    The app is very great and a beautiful way for artists to interact with their fans. One recommendation I have is to have captions when the live is happening. Sometimes I catch the lives but unable to understand anything because of the language. And I have to wait until few days to have the captions on. It doesn’t feel the same. So please make captions during live a thing.

    By nataleeharper1406
    The app is great don’t get me wrong but I wish we had someway to wake us up for people in us (like me) it would help a ton♥️♥️
  • I love it but... 4/5

    By LAFC17JM
    You need to put a alarm so it can tell us when our favorite artist are live please and thank you😊😊😊
  • Confused 5/5

    Okay, so when I’m offline on vlive this thing pops up and says something like Your offline you can watch your downloads but like how do I download those vlive videos? Sorry, if that doesn’t make sense hope you understand what I mean.
  • disappointed lol 1/5

    By hisokalol
  • vlive 2/5

    By kpop_fan15
    so am confused why is there no english subtitles
  • take down post immediately 2/5

    By Dgvdfjhfg
    idc idc idc. people are posting gore and sh on boards. take those posts down immediately it makes everyone uncomfortable and so many people triggered.
  • Pretty Good But 4/5

    By melanari214
    The app is pretty good but is there a way to have the notifications for the fan board but not have them show up in the middle of the screen because it can be quite annoying not being able to move from a screen because the notifications keep popping up. I know that it would be best to remove the notifications but also having them on is the best way to know if there’s a live because sometimes (all the time) the notifications of lives don’t show up and having the fan board notifications help to know what is going on in the board. The app is pretty great but I would honestly want for that to be fixed or improved if it can be done. Thanks
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Tei Lin
    for the most part but a suggestion that I would like to make is for you guys to please add a Picture in Picture feature in your app. It'd be great for multitasking on my phone.
  • Please update and my rating will skyrocket. 1/5

    By jasmine4L
    Please have a feature where the screen can pop out and you can continue to watch the lives while browsing other apps. While you can browse elsewhere and hear sound, you cannot see the video, which is very inconvenient. Fixing this would greatly improve user interaction and usage of the app.