V LIVE :App for stars and fans

V LIVE :App for stars and fans

  • Category: Entertainment
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  • Current Version: 5.0.5
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: NAVER Corp.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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V LIVE :App for stars and fans App

Connect & Share Moments Together V LIVE, the community where stars and fans connect # Connect with your star and other fans Visit your star's channel! Keep up with the star's updates and connect with other global fans. # Get comments and likes from your star Check out your star's comments and likes and get closer to them. Maybe you'll get comments and likes from your star, too! # Watch live moments of your favorite star You'll be surprised at your star's special moments in their live broadcasts. Send live chat messages and hearts to your star no matter where you are in the world. # View updates by each star member View posts and photos posted by each member, and also leave a fan letter. # Never miss your star's upcoming events Check all schedules including live broadcasts, concerts, birthdays, etc. # Special benefits for fans Join your favorite star's MEMBERSHIP and enjoy benefits that your star has prepared for you such as Welcome Kit and early ticketing. [Subscription] You can subscribe to MEMBERSHIP in the app. Price: The monthly subscription fee may vary depending on the membership product. You can check this out on the product purchase page. Period: After an auto-renewal/purchase of 1-month subscription, you can manage the subscription and auto-renewal through iTunes Account Settings. ---- Developer Support : 1588-3820 [email protected] 6, Buljeong-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

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V LIVE :App for stars and fans app reviews

  • Please fix it! 2/5

    By H00RTT
    The new update ruined everything! It lags a lot, and also the fan levels are changing by itself so please fix this problem...thanks
  • Why the upgrade 2/5

    By nataliarochellenelson
    I think that the upgrade makes the icon look pretty, but there was literally nothing wrong with the original version. whenever i try to play a video now, it just loads and loads and when it does play, there is bad quality
  • update 1/5

    By elodists
    new update is terrible, every 5 seconds the video stops and takes about 10 secs to reload, sometimes even 30 secs. please fix this immediately.
  • Naver! Get rid of this garbage! 1/5

    By Sftasy
    Am I here to watch the ads? If not, why it is the only time that my screen isn't freeze? And it freezes my comment too? Don't find Excuse and claiming my WiFi is poor. Even my idol complains about having trouble to see comment during the live broadcast. Also, my level dropped down from 7th to 2nd, overnight? This garbage really worths 4.2 stars? Excuse me, Are you kidding me???
  • I’m making a COMPLAINT 4/5

    By 13430 :(
  • Chemibeats 1/5

    By LightCooking
    Downgrading levels without notice is not a good move it makes me want to switch apps
  • How to use new VLive 4/5

    By Tamaki Miku
    1. Click idol 2. Click from Star - it has 2 options 3. Click Star Board 4. Click images, videos, whatever and you can sort 5. Fan board is for fan stuff
  • new layout is horrible 1/5

    By hggirlonfire
    as the title says. many also feel the same, but its absolutely HORRIBLE how impossible it feels to not find videos easily on an artist’s page. which is the entire point of vlive, NOT seeing fans talking to air, spamming meaningless stuff. i want to watch the artist. fix this.
  • I gave 4 star just for bts and I’ll give one more if u add arabic subtitles 4/5

    By Hyfhfhg
    I gave 4 star just for bts and I’ll give one more if u add arabic subtitles i mean hello! There’s a lot of saudi and arab army!
  • New update Struggles 2/5

    By College art major
    I almost always miss vlives because my notifications never work and then when I’m watching vlives the connection has been cutting out and I have to restart it ten or times to get it to work. Now I’ve been watching them on my computer cause they don’t cut out there. What’s up with the app??
  • hate the new layout 1/5

    By memetae
    i HATE the new video layout... i dont want to see what other “fans” have posted... i just want to see the videos that the artist has posted, and now i have to scroll so much to get to older videos. please change it back to how it used to look :(
  • Updated Version is not good 2/5

    By Minoaka808
    The updated version is NOT USER FRIENDLY.
  • Worst Update Ever 1/5

    By DejaJean
    this update ruined everything. i use to be able to use this app with no trouble. now the app is hard to navigate through and now it seems like a low budget version of weverse. PLEASE go back to the old layout.
  • The update 4/5

    By EynJin
    Ive been on V LIVE for a bit now but THE update ruined it! The subtitles are so late that i just turned them off it’s annoying. Other then that its great!
  • new UI makes zero sense 1/5

    By akm5422
    I don't normally leave negative reviews on anything but this update is just absolutely terrible. The new UI is not user-friendly AT ALL and I had to actually ask a friend how I could find an artist's videos, which should be the first thing you see when you click on their channel considering videos are the ENTIRE POINT of vlive, but it isn't. I don't visit an artist's channel to see what other fans are saying, I'm sorry. I'm just not interested in that. I don't want to see that front and center, nor am I interested in writing my own post. I don't visit vlive for a social media experience. That's not the point. Honestly, if the artist I like didn't use vlive to do livestreams, then I would delete this app immediately. The previous UI was EONS better and easier to use.
  • The new update is bad 2/5

    By zihrani
    In the new update, old studios cannot be found, and this is sad, so it is worth two stars, please solve the problem.
  • Crashes 2/5

    By yvesxo
    Despite the constant updates I have to watch an ad every time it kicks me out and it tends to freeze multiple times throughout a live. Other than that it’s a pretty fun app to connect with your favorite artist live.
  • Love the design,just a few problems 4/5

    By goejvkdnfkdojvd
    Honestly this is a great app! But I just have one problem. My internet is perfectly fine but when I go onto vlive to watch something it takes forever to load or it just doesn’t play the video and when it does play the video it stops multiple times and every time I have to click the screen and press the pause and unpause button and it does it almost every 5 seconds and it’s kinda of annoying and my wifi is fine I don’t know what the problem is but please fix and also fix the subtitles please
  • Subtitles 1/5

    By Jimin_💜
    Do not get the update version of VLIVE it does not have subtitles and it’s confusing to use
  • Enjoy the app but subtitles don’t cast to TV with chromecast 3/5

    By Screamatthestars
    I have used the vlive app for a long time but recently when I try to use Google chromecast with the app the subtitles won’t show up. As soon as I stop casting the subtitles come right back. It’s frustrating to not be able to watch content on the larger screen with subtitles.
  • Internet connection 3/5

    By Transfering Music
    I’ve been using vlive for a while but I’m noticing that it only works on WiFi. I have the use network connection if the WiFi signal is weak incase the internet at home isn’t working so I turn on my actual phone data and it doesn’t work. The whole time it either skipping, freezing, or the screen is going black. I’m currently using the iPhone XR 14.2 and it will not work. I don’t know if it’s my phone or vlive needs to work on their internet connection.
  • Horrible update 1/5

    By dea 99
    This app was perfectly fine as it was, but ever since it was updated, now everything on the app is much more complicated than it needs to be and it's difficult to manage/browse. videos are much harder to find, many people prefer how the video layout was before where you just scrolled down to the see the videos instead of this annoying side-by-side video setup. i wish there was a way to go back to the old version. more and more people and uninstalling vapp now because of this awful update. this update brought no improvements, just unnecessary irritating changes.
  • New update 2020 5/5

    By StacyISAcurlyHEAd
    So this update is so confusing like how do you even watch videos and the fact that you have to pay for more stuff is um not helpful for people who can’t pay for it now how am I supposed to watch the new MV and bts run I don’t really like the whole layout of it it was better before now the app is way more expensive and overall confusing.
  • Love 5/5

    By Sasha_eats_potatoes
    Hi hi I am just going to vip I am going to unfrind you tomorrow night I am going to unfrind is y’all going to be home tomorrow night I will come come back to you later bye bye love you bye bye love ya ya know ya ya right ya ya know ya ya right ya ya know ya ya right ya ya know ya ya right ya ya know ya ya

    By s_loves_jesus
    Why is there no way to easily look through videos now??? The entire artist page is just fan chat. MOST PEOPLE DON'T EVEN USE THAT SO WHAT'S THE POINT??? Please change this so we can find old VLIVEs again. THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING!!
  • Can’t watch the video on my phone 3/5

    By Sarangeheyokpop
    I have V-Live notifications on to notify for comebacks and special episodes. Whenever I tried to click on the notification for the videos, it did not play and I can’t press the full screen button. I tried to quit the app and try again to get the video play, but it still did not work at all. All I can see is the thumbnail and the comment section.
  • Update 2/5

    By psychochick
    The update is so confusing. I don’t understand it. Now my light stick I paid for 100 yr subscription won’t show up during the live broadcast to give out double hearts. I’m upset.
  • vlive alarm 5/5

    By viviminaj
    as another review said, it would be great if an alarm went off whenever a our faves went on live. as an international fan, i have never had the opportunity to watch a live because of the time zones. please incorporate this idea into the app. other than that, the app is great

    By lexi_pbm
    As a international fan and as someone who enjoys multiple fandoms I liked to go through all the way to an idols or groups first episodes and watch from there until I reach recent episodes but this update makes that impossible to do anymore. Please change it back to how it was before this makes browsing for videos very difficult
  • The Update 3/5

    By RavLac
    It is very buggy and lags. There is also no cast option like there was before. Please fix these; everything else is ok.
  • I'm confused 3/5

    Idk how to get to live streams that I miss a lot are not there????
  • No caption when casting 2/5

    By kibud9
    It’s disappointing to see that the caption ain’t available when the video is casted to TV. This issue has been existing for months.
  • Vlive and chromecast 4/5

    By yeolknthings
    I’ve recently noticed that whenever I try to chromecast vlive onto my tv the captions don’t show up ?? It says on my device the captions are on but they don’t show up . I’ve tried this on two other devices and they each have the same problem. Other apps and websites work fine with their captions . I was wondering if it was something to do with the app or a me problem .... I’ve checked that both apps are up to date and the website gives me the same problem too . I’d really like so feedback on this :,)
  • Hi 3/5

    By TallChair
    It’s a really good app, but it keeps logging me out of my account randomly.
  • bad update 1/5

    By Emoji_gamer-girl
    this update is very bad because i cant find old videos as fast as i used to. what is the point of a chat room when there’s other apps for that plus people chat in the comments on a live. very disappointed i’m uninstalling and staying in weverse aka the better app smh. i can see this update tried to make a replica of weverse but obviously failed.
  • How do we work the widget thing I can’t figure it out 5/5

    By bellsbee114
    Pls help
  • No subtitles when you cast/ Can’t find videos 2/5

    By JoJo__1D
    Ever since a recent update subtitles no longer appear on T.V. when I cast anything. I’ve tried several methods to try and get it to work. I don’t always want to watch things on my phone and sometimes I watch with other people so it’s very annoying. The new format for archived videos is really annoying too, it’s hard to find anything unless you know the name of the specific video and most of the time I don’t. I don’t typically leave harsh reviews, but these inconveniences have made me use the app less and less and it’s disappointing because I like the content.
  • subtitles on airplay/appleTV 4/5

    By derozispissed
    love the app - wish the subtitles would stream to the TV when using airplay. subtitles stay on the mobile screen while video is streamed to the TV. cheers
  • The update 3/5

    By Tae Gi
    When I got a notification about the update I did it but I was wondering why it didn’t update by itself on my IPad since the app updated by itself on my web app and Andries. IDK how the update will turn out like when I update it but anyways I expect the best from the update.
  • IOS subtitles 1/5

    By xNamtiddiesx
    Subs will not show up on my IPhone or iPad when I cast from them to my tv. It’s been months since I sent in a report for help and no one has tried to contact me. It’s been this way since about June or July.
  • Dislike the new update 2/5

    By mirkai5
    The new update is not good. The older version was better organized and easier to use. It’s harder to find what I’m looking for with this new version.
  • Don’t understand the update 3/5

    By Weird Gurl watermelon
    Ok the app was perfect and great before, but now that it was updated. It’s terrible I don’t know where anything is. Like the other day I was watching a TOO vlive and it somehow kicked me out. Then I couldn’t get back to the video, and it was live. So I’m over trying to find how to get to the videos and I found it luckily after 5 minutes of searching. But I don’t know how I did, so please make it easier to find the videos on the channels. I’m about to go watch a tutorial or something cause I still don’t know. Also I saw another review about an alarm for when your favs go live, and honestly that would be very nice because us international fans are usually doing something like sleeping or working. Cause they all go live when I’m sleeping and that’s not fun 😕
  • I don’t receive notifications anymore 1/5

    By Lizreviewingapps
    I’ve redownloaded the app multiple times, I make sure notifications are on through the apps and through settings, yet I still don’t receive notifications when people go live. It’s frustrating and I ended up missing the lives.
  • i love the content, the update is confusing 2/5

    By beisythecreator
    i love that i’m able to watch content from my fav groups ! however the new update is really confusing and i don’t really like the design
  • captions 3/5

    By tired of tiny text
    please make an option to make the captions bigger. they’re too small to read on the screen.
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By xxxelxx
    The new update ruined everything. I can’t find any of the videos I wanna watch. Please change this
  • Don’t like the update 3/5

    By genalynnorton
    I love the vlive before the update, because I can look back on the lives that I love. But since the new update I can’t find the videos I love anymore. Yes I saved some from my moments but sometimes I want to go back to the old videos and Kpop groups gave us. I’m sorry but I don’t like it.
  • a little disappointed 2/5

    By katiievu
    i really miss how the old app was, but i can see why vlive decided to update their app. it’s similar to weverse’s layout which is nice, but the heart button is now smaller. it makes it more difficult to give hearts, and i end up fast-forwarding the video instead. also, we are no longer able to view how many hearts we’ve given in total, and there is no purple line to indicate whether or not we’ve already watched a video. these are all minor issues, but fixing them would be greatly appreciated. i want to continue loving the app, but i find myself watching each group’s videos on their youtube channel instead.
  • new and now useless 2/5

    By Crystal Xelina
    ever since the app updated to the “new and improved” version i can no longer find any videos, the auto play feature doesn’t even function properly (it’ll say the next video is up but then i won’t play until i refresh the video/page), and the search feature is absolutely useless unless you know the exact name of the video you want to find (which most of the time i’m looking for a video i don’t know the name of it)