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Vacasa - Vacation Rentals App

With the Vacasa app, get instantly connected to thousands of vacation homes across North America to book your next vacation. FIND YOUR NEXT VACATION Search through our thousands of remarkable vacation rentals to find the perfect one for you, whether it’s nearby or further away. Filter results by home size and desired amenities, or use your device's location services to see what’s near you to discover. See property photos, cruise through 3D home tours, and read reviews. BOOK YOUR STAY Booking directly through the Vacasa app couldn’t be easier, especially with our descriptions that leave no unwanted surprises. Just a few taps and you’re off on your next vacation to make memories, or you can save homes to your favorites for when you’re ready to get away. After you book, you can add guests to your reservation and share the itinerary with anyone. TRAVEL EASIER Before your trip, get the necessary details for a smooth journey, like driving directions and home entry codes. Even if your reception is spotty (it happens), our offline mode makes accessing those details a snap. When you’re entering the vacation rental, get instantly connected to the home’s WiFi. We make the journey just as effortless as the destination.

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Vacasa - Vacation Rentals app reviews

  • Vacasa review 5/5

    By Nobark00
    Telephone customer service long wait Language barrier Property had piano not in working order
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By Floorman00
    I booked a 6 day vacation at the pelican beach resort for my family and I in Destin Florida through Vacasa. The good - the check in was easy, the location was good and the views were great. The bad - got to the room and there was black mold on the ceilings and walls I call vacasa and reported it and was told that they would move us to give them an hour or two to work out the details. At this point it is 5pm at around 7:30/8 pm someone from vacasa called and said they have found us a places at 2 different locations that would require us to sleep 2 nights at one place and the other 4 at another I told them that would be fine I was told to let them call me back with the details this is on a Friday night. Never got a call back Saturday rolls around nothing, Sunday comes and goes with me calling to no avail no return call, Monday morning at this point my son starts to have reaction to the mold so I call vacasa again I finally get someone that has no clue of the situation and said she would look into it and would call me back. We leave the room to get my son away from the mold while waiting for a call that never came. I go to the front desk and say something to them and was told to call vacasa that vacasa would have to handle it at this point I am very annoyed and frustrated. I go up to the room pack our bags and we cut our vacation short and went home. Just know this could be you and your family if you go through vacasa for your vacation.
  • Will not use again 1/5

    By Bhmal
    I will not use again.
  • Cannot trust Vacasa 2/5

    By Grateful Phred
    Vacasa may cancel your reservation with no explanation and no additional compensation of any sort. But expect to pay extra non-refundable fees to additional companies when you book… that you only get back if Vacasa screws you over with a last-second cancellation. Horrible double standard. Be careful! Check things thoroughly before you pay and certainly check the rental (bedding especially) when you arrive.

    By J.Velaz
    This place was by far the worst experience I have had. The whole place was honestly DISGUSTING!! The beds were unmade with stains on it. The floor had sand all over it. The bathrooms were awful. The whole place smelled like urine and feet!! Bags full of trash outside the door. Roaches roaming around the place. It looks like the place hasn’t been cleaned in weeks. I was told that someone was going to come by and clean the place and nobody showed up in the 3 days I was there. AWUFUL AWFUL AWFUL!!! I do not recommend coming here it’s like throwing money in the trash. I am currently trying to get my money back because this was a steal.
  • Vacasa ignores and suppresses bad reviews 1/5

    By GuntherCycle
    We rented a vacation home in Mendocino through Vacas. There were many issues with the care of the home which were noted in our review. The review has never been published and no contact with us has been attempted. It’s pretty clear that a slew of other bad reviews have probably been suppressed on this home as there have not been any reviews since last year, and yet we saw many people coming and going from the other residence on the property. I’m guessing that they are suppressing bad reviews in order to keep people renting these homes as frequently as possible.
  • Not able to leave a review in the app 1/5

    By 15600651
    I’m not able to leave a review in the app. The place we rented in Gilchrist, TX is trash. One of the tubs in a 2 bath house is broken. The flooring is coming up. None of the doors open/close properly. There’s a tiny sofa for seating in the living room. The beds in 2 of the 3 bedrooms are pathetic. This was advertised as “private beach access.” This is not a private beach, nor is there private access to the beach. Vehicles are allowed, and it’s trashy. Never been to a beach before where I have to make sure everything is locked because of theft.
  • Run away! Far, far away from this company 1/5

    By Mindy8706
    We stayed at one of their properties in Savannah, GA June 18th-26th and when we arrived the air conditioner was broken and the house was 85 degrees. I called dozens of times and after three full days of staying in this hot house they finally got someone out to fix it and I told them then that I wanted a refund for the three days I had to stay there with no a/c and I was told that I would get something back. After a couple of weeks of not hearing anything, I emailed them and got a response back a couple of weeks later about high email volumes (gee, I wonder why?), and after a couple more weeks I finally got a response on July 30th refusing my refund due to there being fans in the house. The fans they are referring to were two box fans that were running in the bedrooms when we got there which tells me they knew about the a/c being out BEFORE we got there and did nothing about it. Terrible company, terrible ethics.
  • A breeze!! 5/5

    By timl2223
    Great properties. Great company!!
  • This has been a nightmare 1/5

    By annemarieneedswine
    The customer service and everything has been a joke. We rented a house a month in advance in a respite we love. They cancel on me a week before the trip and move my family to a condo. I let it go since it’s peak season and I can’t really do much. Then the call me at 10pm that my reservation was canceled again!! And moved to a different city and a small unit. It’s cheap and I can’t get my price difference. Oh and to top it off the 3 day stay is broke into 2 units cause they have no space. My sister in law works for hisd so august is not an option. We are supposed to leave at 3am and now I’m on hold at 11pm cause the first person tell me this news didn’t send me a confirmation. Just to call again and find out it was never reserved in that other location. Please stay away from this website. I will never again go here. I got here cause it was cheap and caused more headaches!!!
  • Vacasa is HORRIBLE 1/5

    By SF Skin
    This company scammed my family and our friends by renting us a house, taking our money and holding it for a month, then cancelling our booking several hours before our check-in. We had driven 17 hours with two families and were three states from home. We had to stop on the side of the road for two hours trying to find and book something else last minute. There were no comparable rentals left. We had to book a terrible hotel for way more money than the house was. We lost the ability to stay together in our vacation. We lost the kitchen for cooking, making the food more expensive and less healthy. The list goes on. This is a terrible company. Do not take the chance and have your vacation ruined by a bad property management company.
  • What a find!!! 5/5

    By q fam joy
    Kick off your flip flops and do nothing at all or make aGourmet meal in the equipped kitchen. Barbecue with your entire familyAnd maybe take out a kayak. A close walk to the beach. Great parking. Food store around the block. Roomy, clean and relaxing but close to anything you want or need. Great extra space with a pocket door for some added lounging privacy. Really a great place. I’m scared to say too much because I want week options left for us!
  • App works fine 2/5

    By Vinnova82
    The places they rent out are people owned and the one we stayed in was dirty with urine running down the wall in the bathroom. Wife spent 3 hours cleaning the place and it shifted our vacation into an afternoon of cleaning because she was so disgusted we couldn’t go with our plans for the day. I would not rent with them again.
  • It is a scam 1/5

    By GIXZ
    The business practices of Vacasa is a complete scam. Do not use them ever. You have been warned.
  • There’s zero response 1/5

    By Mf012e
    8k on a 1 week rental. Stuff doesn’t work. They won’t answer their phone, text or email. Stay far away from rentals with Vacasa.
  • Reservation cancelled the day before 2/5

    We made a reservation in February of 2022 for the week of July 4th. The day before we are supposed to check in Vacasa tells us the home is no longer available due to a maintenance issue and gives us a refund. Okay, things happen, right? It’s not quite that simple though. We managed to find a place in the same area at the last minute through another provider. While we’re in town we notice that there are people staying at the home we had rented through Vacasa. Hmmmm, doesn’t sound like a maintenance issue to me. More like either Vacasa just decided to screw us, or the owner decided to lie about a maintenance issue so they could use the place over the 4th of July holiday. Either way, no concessions from Vacasa, just a refund and a ‘good luck saving your family vacation with less than 24 hours notice’. Long story short, don’t trust Vacasa with you major holiday vacation plans as they or their property owners can just yoink your reservation out from under you and you’ll be stuck with whatever you can find if you’re lucky enough to find anything at all.
  • Poor support and terrible partnership 1/5

    By d3r3kj
    Got matched up with Vacasa thru marriott and I regret giving them a chance. Needed support on a reservation and it took 5 days of trying all channels (phone, txt, etc) before finally giving up and falsely claiming that i had a safety issue to get someone who could assist. by then it was too late for them to do anything to help me and so i was just left unaccommodated. would not use them again under any circumstances because it will be just you on your own when something goes wrong.
  • Booked next trip and haven’t even left yet❤️ 5/5

    By jbarrow
    Doesn’t that speak volumes? House is perfect! We have had a blast. So peaceful and quiet and comfortable and staff at Vacasa was great! Beds are comfy. There was only two of us so we had our own room and bath. A plus! For sure!! Kitchen is well equipped and next time we are bringing our e-bikes🤗🤗🤗. Can’t wait to return… see you in a couple of months
  • App needs work 2/5

    By JShockley
    When using credits on vacation it still shows total being billed. That’s scary and not in actuality the truth. It needs to show breakdown again of total for rental, amount of credits being used, and balance!!! being billed to your credit card.
  • Sterling Breeze 5/5

    By Dcordel
    I stayed at Sterling Breeze and booked through Vacasa. The ladies at the reception area were amazing. They were so friendly and helpful. I will use Vacasa in the future. Dcordel
  • More filters 4/5

    By bethy poo m
    Such a king bed etc
  • PCB 1/5

    By Mikey_L_P
    Booked a week stay with them and just hours before check-in they canceled my reservation due to me only being 24. We had someone over 25 with us but they refused to allow us to book it in their name. Customer service was terrible. Got transferred so many times. Was one the phone with them multiple times after they canceled my reservation and an agent even met us at the condo location to let me know I’m am now banded even through I did absolutely nothing wrong.
  • Big Bear cabin 5/5

    By needed vaca
    We enjoyed our stay very much everything we needed will come again
  • Shooting Star @Cades Cove Reserve 1/5

    By kjctn
    From the moment of arrival on Sat after driving for 12 hours, the smoke detectors were chirping and saying low battery. We were relocated to a condo unequal to the 2 bed/2bath we had rented at 10 pm. Received a refund of $15.41 which was difference in nightly rate. After uncomfortable night on a sofa, we hung around within phone service (Smokies) and missed out on our plans while waiting to see if we were to be moved back or to a different location. After at least 3 calls to Vacasa, we found out batteries had been replaced at Noon so we moved back on Sun. However discovered that the breaker had been tripped off for a bedroom and when turned back on, chirping started up again. Had maintenance come on Mon. Wed night at 2 am chirping began again. Maintenance came again on Thurs. We returned to condo Thurs afternoon to chirping. It took from 6 pm to 9:30 pm for them to tell me they would not refund me for Thurs and Fri if I moved out nor compensate me for Wed night after listening to the chirp for hours. They insisted on relocation for the final two nights of trip. The last condo was very nice but on 2nd floor which was not easy for us. The only compensation I have received for all of these troubles that negatively impacted our vacation was $107 from local service fee. Local hosts are not actively available all hours of your stay. They rarely respond directly to renter. Hours are spent on the phone and waiting for return calls. We wasted at least 24 hours of our time. We left on Sat at 7:7 am. I noticed Shooting Star was back on the web site on Sun for rent. Batteries are not the problem. Bad detectors or faulty wiring which requires an electrician is needed. And by the way, the dishwasher stunk and was not installed to fit. Bathrooms were not clean either.
  • Beautiful 5/5

    By rockin Robyn 1958
    The condo was clean , nicely decorated , plenty of room the only issue was the WiFi kept going on/off so I reported it and they fixed it soon after that. Check in was easy
  • Condo 2I 5/5

    By editting
    Very nice upscale comfortable unit on the second floor. Just at the beach walk way and a short distance from the parking lot. The living room has two lazy boy type chairs, three seated sofa that lets out into a full bed. A very nice comfortable place to stay.
  • Port A get away 5/5

    By ckwtutu
    Our weekend was a success. Our family was gathering to give our mom our final farewell. The house is very comfortable, there were 6 adults and two young children. The rooms are spacious and the beds were very comfortable. The pool is right across the street and the beach access was very convenient. I called Vacasa a couple of times with small concerns and the agents were helpful. My only complaints are the oven was a bit complicated and there were no kitchen dish towels. But we all agreed that we would stay in this house again.
  • 402e 5/5

    By 402e
    Everythjng was great nice place to stay very clean the only problem was the pools were not heated as advertised and some of the lights didn’t work in the condo!!!
  • Love this company 5/5

    By Shemiah20
    Very Good Listeners of the ideal stay of one desires.. Overall Great experience
  • Granite A 5/5

    By Dshooter20
    Great place to stay. The home was warm and welcoming. Would stay here again.
  • Don’t believe the reviews. 2/5

    By jeffe101
    If you try to post a negative review about a house, they don’t post it. When you contact them about why it wasn’t posted, they don’t reply.
  • Home sweet home 5/5

    By gramma dori
    It was clean and so enjoyable I even enjoyed the pool even though it was a bit cool
  • Ski Trip 4/5

    Bring pot holders! Hot tub works and is Devine. Heat is nonstop. Hot water is perfect, no one had cold shower. Nine adults (6 women and 3 men) stayed a week. VACASA was excellent. Every request answered! The house is sparsely furnished. Needs dining table and chairs for ten, night tables and lamps. A true ski-in ski- out.
  • Minimum stay issues 4/5

    By FitCurtis
    There are far less rentals available than other applications but also there is minimum booking requirements that make some of these not even feasible. For instance, I’m going on a cruise and I want to get into Miami the night before so I can plan accordingly, I can’t book a room for the one night before I get on the boat. I gave it 4 stars because that’s not entirely on Vacasa but they should incentivize property owners to reconsider this in towns where people are just passing through.
  • 2023 Flagler stay 4/5

    By Rob &Joy
    Vacasa app was helpful but we feel that the pictures of the home should be updated. Also after making payment address should be provided. Thanks
  • 902 5/5

    By vacation gals
    We had the best time. Condo was clean and updated. Wonderful to have wash soap, dish soap. Only missing coffee filters for first night. Beds were were comfortable. Loved it hope to be back.
  • Not Great 1/5

    By stinky house
    Not a good experience. Creepy owner watched the entrance and hot tub on camera. Strong dead animal smell permeated the first floor. Maintenance staff acknowledged the strong bad odor but did nothing to fix it. Bug in mobile app where refund looks like a charge.
  • Kim Schinkai 5/5

    By KGSJJS12
    Scoured the internet to find the perfect rental and I found in on Vacasa! Thank You!
  • Las marinas 4/5

    By dug and jan
    We enjoyed our stay at Las Marinas. We have a couple suggestions for #405. The shower door in the bathroom with the tub is dangerous. It needs to be replaced. The lint collector in the dryer needs to be replaced. The sink in the hall bathroom needs to be unplugged. Very slow drain. I realize it is up to the owner to make these changes. But maybe pass this on to them. Jan L.
  • Perfection 5/5

    By Todd420Crystal
    We plan to make this an annual vacation. This place was everything we could have imagined and more. This is our fav rental out of all the ones we’ve rented over the past few years traveling. I love this app it never disappoints. Which is why I use it.
  • Faulty App 1/5

    By Jdayx
    Have a 10 digit confirmation code and app only allows 8 digits. Unable to find my reservation. Terrible interface. Needs work to be any use for travel.
  • Very disappointing experience 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 1/5

    By Peace is the key
    We rented a house with Vacasa for 5 days in Bonita Springs, Fort Meyers, Florida on January 10th,2022, with 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms,, for 6 people (me, my daughters and my nieces), the reason we rented this house with a pool and hot tub is that because we needed privacy to swim that the hotels don’t provide. When we arrived the house wasn’t clean, there were trash and cigarettes 🚬 under the beds, stains on bed sheets, towels in the bathroom were folded while still wet, I had to wash them again with some hand soap because they didn’t have laundry detergent, that time I also noticed that the dryer is not working really good,, and that’s why whoever washed the towels before we arrived didn’t really care, and btw the laundry room smelled so bad like dead rats, because it was close to the garage that was full with garbage🤮 the floor wasn’t clean, so we had to keep our slides on the whole time, one of the bathrooms didn’t have hot water, which made us take forever to shower every time after we came back from the beach🤦🏻‍♀️,,, the dishwasher was so dirty there were water and leftover foods stuck in it 🤮, obviously it was clogged, we didn’t use it, I had to wash everything at the sink before and after use, Now the most important part is the hot tub and the pool, The hot tub was empty and the pool was dirty and the pump wasn’t working, so we sent them a message, the guy called me and said that he didn’t notice that when he checked the house before our arrival (seriously 🙄), and said that there was a storm before Christmas that’s why he pool wasn’t clean, are you kidding me (we arrived to the house 2 weeks after Christmas) they had enough time to fix it if they were professionals they’ve would done it. He promised to fix them and guess what, the hot tub worked just the night before we left, and the pool pump never worked so we didn’t use it at all, the manager called me two days before we left saying that we will not charge you for the days the hot tub wasn’t working, and never mentioned anything about the pool, And the whole reason why we rented the house was for the pool and the hot tub, because it wasn’t warm enough to swim in the beach😞 We were so disappointed and we decided not to rent with Vacasa ever again 👎🏽 We took some pictures if anyone needs to see them, let me know. I hope that my review will be posted,
  • Buckhorn Cabin 5/5

    By BdayFail
    We thought the cabin was amazing! Beautiful and relaxing. Unfortunately we only got to stay one night of our 3 night trip due to weather. :/
  • Great 5/5

    By judgegordo
    Very helpful and kind
  • Yellow house 4/5

    By Rosbud1
    The house worked for us but if you have kids or a lot of people it’s not very roomy only one sitting area and it’s part of the kitchen and dining room and the furniture is cheap and not comfortable and no cable so no regular tv ( it does say that in the description) just heads up! Over all I would rent again.🙂
  • Easy to book trip 5/5

    By samthach
    I love to use this Vacasa
  • Booked but Not Happy 1/5

    By Bolesy498110
    We have been vacationing at Sea Colony for 20 years and have always loved it. Although we have booked again for Summer ‘22 we are very disappointed by the massive price increase since Vacasa took over the resort. We were forced to choose a different unit than usual when we found that the weekly rate had been increased by $1,000 (20%). This year will most likely be our last year at Sea Colony, as there are far more cost effective options of equal quality.
  • Love love love 5/5

    By grantnado
    We enjoyed this trip so much we already book again. Extremely clean, kitchen was well stocked with cookware and dishes. Love the beautiful views ❤️. After staying here you won’t want to leave
  • Please don’t use this APP! 1/5

    By candicewangggg
    1. The check-in and out time was really strict, 4pm to 10am. I had a meeting at 10am and asked if we could expanded 30 mins and the customer service answered very cold, no. 2. The outdoor lighting is totally out of use, we couldn’t use the swimming pool over night, which was the reason we booked the house. We asked the customer service if there were a hidden switch and they let us to found out ourselves. 3. There were cleaning ppl entered our house without notification during our stay in the early morning. In summarize, cold customer service with no flexibility and care to the customer.