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Vanguard App

Use the app to do the following (some features may not be available for employer-sponsored plans): • Manage account activity (check your balances, monitor performance, view account statements and messages, review employer-sponsored plan). • Buy & sell (trade mutual funds, ETFs, and stocks; use your camera to invest by check into an eligible account; transact on your employer plan). • Stay informed (use the portfolio analysis tool, track market index trends, research investments, view and share the latest news). Financial advisors: Visit the Vanguard Advisors site at Our mobile friendly website designed for you. Disclosures **Vanguard ETF Shares can be bought and sold only through a broker (who may charge a commission) and cannot be redeemed with the issuing fund. The market price of Vanguard ETF Shares may be more or less than net asset value.** U.S. Patent Nos. 6,879,964; 7,337,138; 7,720,749; 7,925,573; 8,090,646; and 8,417,623. **Visit or contact your broker to obtain a Vanguard ETF or fund prospectus containing investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses, and other information. Read and consider carefully before investing.** Mutual funds and ETFs, like all investments, are subject to risk, including the possible loss of the money you invest. Images are for illustrative purposes only. iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. © 2020 The Vanguard Group, Inc. All rights reserved. Vanguard Marketing Corporation, Distributor of the Vanguard Funds.

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Vanguard app reviews

  • Busted fingerprint sense 3/5

    By bobwe
    The app keeps detecting new fingerprints on my phone and requiring me to log in with my password - problem is I haven’t added any new fingers or grown any anew - so the app is screwy. Try to send a message to vanguard and they lead you in circles with tech support common issues and never give you a way to send them a message - even the app support on the AppStore page leads you to the vanguard website to run the same circles. Annoying web site too if you ask me.
  • Incompatible with password managers 1/5

    By Her perjury
    Can’t copy/paste from my password app without the fields being cleared. When you paste either li or pw and switch away from the app it clears the fields.
  • Too much security!! 1/5

    By yanesa123
    It’s a real problem to log in and check how things are going. Have to reset passwords all the time and now have to deal with phone call every time to just log in! Ridiculous!
  • Slick Interface, Need Options Trading 3/5

    By emagremrofni
    I know financial derivatives are antithetical to Vanguards puritanical buy and hold vision, but I, along with many other investors, would like the ability to seamlessly gamble my money away from the convenience of my phone. Otherwise, the interface is very slick.
  • Awful app - so slow 1/5

    By wateron
    Just downloaded app & takes forever to do anything. Open app, wait, go to settings, wait, turn on FaceID, wait. Really crappy app, deleted it.
  • Forever stuck on loading 1/5

    By JT Fritz
    I’ve never been able to make it past the loading screen after putting in my credentials
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By Cchhsarrlleess
    After logging in, opening screen appears for a fraction of a second and then disappears. Was working yesterday.
  • Crashes on login 1/5

    By 'Ru
    I enter my username & password, then enter the security code, and a split second after i get to the main activity/logged in page, the app consistently crashes. Using an iPhone 7 on iOS 13.3.
  • Worked great until least week 4/5

    By cholcombe973
    Crashes on startup on both my iPhone and iPad. I tried uninstalling it but that didn’t help. Also the native app functionality is a lot better than when it falls back on using the browser. When it falls back and opens a browser inside the app it’s a 50/50 chance it’ll work or burn up my battery. Vanguard should move more functionality into the native iOS app.
  • App crashing on launch 1/5

    By whatTheGP
    After upgrade to the latest version app is continuously crashing on launch.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Gdb111
    App constantly crashes on my iPhone. I can’t even open it.
  • App crashes immediately after logging in 1/5

    By byebye429
    App crashes the second you’ve logged in and try to click on anything. Get this fixed now!
  • Useless now 3/5

    By PasquoRocks
    Updated app crashes, used to work fine but multiple attempts to load just leads to multiple crashes
  • App No Longer Works 1/5

    By RTP Man
    App used to work great. Now as soon as you attempt to log in with Face ID you are kicked out of the app.
  • Vanguard app 3/5

    By divyesh03
    Keeps crashing
  • App is clunky 3/5

    By SYM112
    We need a refresh of the app.... app can’t even calculate investment returns correctly. I heard vanguard is investing in technology , but don’t know what technology they are investing in cos app, web page , and doing everything on the app or website is a hustle... please fix these issues
  • Zero intuitiveness, frustrating to use 1/5

    By Audio5050
    I am a fairly decent human in regards to figuring things out and making do with things that are not intuitive. This app however (and even Theo desktop site for that matter) are absolutely horrid. I doubt any employee has ever tried to use it. The functionality makes no sense at all. I am trying to give them more money to invest, but I had to exit out due to not being able to achieve what I wanted.
  • Very limited access to thing via the app 1/5

    By CMP1126
    It seems like 95% of what I want to view requires me to sign in again, to what appears to be the website. They should integrate more into the app, or at least have a way to pass login credentials between the app and website to prevent being prompted again for authentication. It’s 2020, your app functions like apps did 10 years ago.
  • Stil not fixed 1/5

    By Barry Mackochiner
    Keeps dropping fingerprint sign in.
  • Login access 1/5

    By Not_Sure_
    My login name that I set up on the website is too long to use for app, therefor I am unable to login and use the app. Any chance you can allow more than 12 characters for the login name on the app?
  • Constantly crashes. Unusable. 1/5

    By HankHeim
    Used to work just fine. Now unusable due crashing 2 seconds after opening. Needs fixing ASAP.
  • Doesn’t work with Touch ID or face recognition 1/5

    By BD35
    If you try to use Touch ID or face recognition to log in, it almost always fails. As a result, it then locks you out of the app. Then you have to quit the app and log on to their web site, where you have to input all your personal information, answer numerous security questions, and be sent a temporary password (so much information is demanded that you have to wonder if you’ve actually stumbled onto a phishing site and your life savings is about to disappear). Oh, but the temporary password doesn’t work with the app, so you have to log back in on the web site on your computer and change your password back to the original one. Then you can log back into the app. But if you accidentally touch the home button or allow the iPhone X or 11 to look at your face, it locks you out again, and you get to go through the same process again. If you instead spend all that time working a second job, you’d make more money than you would by investing with Vanguard and using this app. I and others have informed Vanguard of these problems, but they’re in denial on this matter. In contrast, the Fidelity app works very well, has much more info on it, is much more intuitive, and doesn’t have any of these problems. And, by the way, Fidelity’s phone tech support is also much better. So there’s a simple solution: trash this app, ditch Vanguard, and invest through Fidelity. After fighting with this awful app, I did just this and am happy that I did. (By the way, I have no affiliation with Fidelity, and this is an honest review.) It’s been over a year since I wrote this review, so I checked it again in the hope that maybe the problem is fixed. But it’s not. If Vanguard is as incompetent in investing your money as they are with this app, then you’re in trouble.
  • Vanguard’s brokerage platform is antiquated 1/5

    By User 826A7719EB
    Seriously, vanguard needs to step up and provide a better platform for options traders and stock traders. Vanguard is a decade behind others. Unless these changes are made , We will continue to move to a competitor that offers better platform
  • Very frustrating app 2/5

    By anon eee mouse
    I've found the Vanguard app to be very counterintuitive and unduly difficult to conduct basic functions such as buying ETF and mutual fund shares; cost basis; gains. The Schwab app runs circles around this messy interface. Do better, please! UPDATE: Even though I've entered my complex passcode, then added Face ID to login to the app, when already logged-in with the app and accessing basic functions such as "Order Status" or "My Prices and Returns", the app requires logging in AGAIN with my passcode -- during the same live session. Makes zero sense and makes me wonder about the security protocols operating between the app and Vanguard's servers.
  • Company switched from Fidelity 2/5

    By Pair Free
    Fidelity tools were better. Vanguard tools are awkward and appear designed primarily to encourage you to pay for extra financial advice.
  • App needs help! 1/5

    By Mesmerizingt
    Not very intuitive... only 2 weeks in and I’m already looking at other banks that have a user friendly app. Face ID doesn’t work and I find myself constantly googling or visiting YouTube on how to use it!
  • The company to invest through, but not the greatest app. 2/5

    By Lukey7430054
    Without a doubt Vanguard is the best company to invest through, especially for those within the FI movement. However the app is really bad. A successful company such as themselves needs to invest the money into a better app, and even a better website. Entry level investors are sure to gravitate towards more intuitive applications.
  • Great App - 1Password Support 4/5

    By Regenter56
    Thanks Vanguard team for building a great app. Could you add password manager support on the login page please. I would love if 1Password could identify the correct password by matching the vanguard URL. Thank you
  • Great when it lets you in 3/5

    By BallroomBlitz2
    It’s a great app assuming it lets you in. It regularly times out or deletes the touch login token. I can never tell if it’s going to work.
  • Web interface in a native skin 3/5

    By Sydmalicious96
    I love Vanguard. It's my first investment platform and it's everything I could ask for to manage my investments. This app is just...not good. To access certain things it kicks you out to a mobile version of its website. Not a fan of that. No iPad app is a terrible oversight; I'd like to be able to sit down on the couch and review my portfolio and see what stocks are trending. I don't want to use my phone for this and I don't want to add a Safari bookmark to my home screen. Please reconsider your iOS development strategy and please, for the love of all that is holy, create an iPad app. 10 years of iPad means I shouldn't have to use an iPhone app in 2x mode on my iPad Pro.
  • Previous attempt to “contribute” failed 3/5

    By Fenchino
    Attempted yesterday to contribute to my Roth IRA and was unable to do so. I had to log onto the website to contribute. Was inconvenient.
  • Issue every time I login 1/5

    By LMJ98
    Without doubt every time I log in (or should say try to to login) the app says the auto fill of my password and Face ID fail.
  • Do not try to do substantial transactions on this 1/5

    By Dutch5g
    I have many accounts with Vanguard due to rollovers, personal retirement accounts, and non-retirement mutual fund investments. It was unclear as to how to initiate a purchase transaction from a settlement fund account since the balance was “0”. Vanguard is behind the times in both website design and app utility. Not locking in prices from a lower close prior day cost me money today. I care not to think about how much. But Vanguard is a provider that gives customers small savings month after month and year after year. This failure today compromises some of that savings, which can cause me to rethink future business and rollover transactions. Fidelity was much more seamless in that regard.
  • Vanguard Beacon? 5/5

    By Bryan07
    Great app looking forward to the launch of the new vanguard Beacon app.
  • Touch 2/5

    By BBABIN75
    This app constantly turns Touch ID off because it says it detects a new fingerprint when I haven’t added on in over two years.
  • Horrid... no words 1/5

    By BigChef1987
    I don’t even have words to describe what a responsive design page gets stuffed into and app and then into a navigational wrapper. This app is such low quality that I’m surprised Apple certifies it. Build a native app with modern architecture and a modern visual look and feel.
  • Never works 2/5

    By upsetgreg
    What an incredibly bad application. Frequently fails to work.
  • Transactions Issues 1/5

    By TopTenJesus
    Transactions conducted through the app aren’t processed according to the confirmation. An IRA contribution for 2019 will show up as 2019 correctly then move to 2020 out of nowhere despite what the confirmation shows. 2020 contributions will be added randomly to 2019 after showing as 2020 for several days putting you way over the $6000 limit. No one at Vanguard knows why this is happening either. I would not use this app until they figure it out.
  • Very glitchy 1/5

    By nate from HI
    The app is so glitchy it's completely unusable. It freezes and crashes constantly, says it can't connect to things, etc.
  • Not able to enter my user name 1/5

    By nillspaxe
    This is hilarious! My user name does not fit into the text box, so I can’t login at all. Apparently according to vanguard you can’t have user names greater than a few characters? Haha.
  • Great Company, Terrible App 1/5

    By jamisongza
    Love Vanguard, but the app is poorly designed. The UX is possibly the worst of any app I’ve seen.
  • great service. horrible app 1/5

    By disatisfied vanguard
    Vanguard is great 5/5. this app however is incredibly lacking on almost everything. it’s a basic, slow, clumsy web wrapper that makes me consider switching to a different brokerage just because of that.
  • Patrick 3/5

    By eff ittt
    There should be more user interface options that don’t force you to look at your balance each time you login. It’s not conducive to keeping a long term/ value mindset
  • Can’t use biometrics password to view anything 1/5

    By bensacola
    The app is terrible. You cannot view most details about your portfolio without entering a username password (can’t use biometrics/face id). You are better off just using a web browser. You would think Vanguard has enough capital to invest in application development with a pleasant user experience.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    I was excited to move my portfolio to Vanguard due to learning about fees and simple investment strategies from the founder’s book. Sad to say the app is way behind Merrill and Fidelity. You also constantly have to log in again. The app/website is painful to use and dated. I will give them one year or I’ll have to move my portfolio back to Fidelity.
  • Does not recognize same username + password as website 1/5

    By Brand0nH
    The app doesn’t recognize my username and password I use with the website. I verified these are the correct credentials but performing the login on website and again on mobile. No luck. Perhaps this is a bug or do I need to enable the mobile app somewhere in my account settings (I’ve looked and doesn’t seem to be anything there)?
  • User Name Field too short 3/5

    By JBycklyn
    The app is fine if I could get in. The user field is not long enough to accept my user name. On the website, I do not have this issue. Please fix it. Thanks, Steve
  • Please fix the login issues 1/5

    By mmermaid
    The app is useless if one cannot login properly. I can log in with face or Touch ID only to try to do just about anything which causes the password screen to pop up and want my password which it rejects. Same password logs me in just fine in a browser. But using a browser on a phone means teeny tiny font size and wonky menus/navigation. Beyond frustrating and unacceptable.
  • Touch ID 3/5

    By Fratedaw
    Enough! Just fix the Touch ID. Getting really tired of having to log on with password and secondary authentication to reset Touch ID about every third time.

Vanguard app comments

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