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Vanguard App

Use the app to do the following (some features may not be available for employer-sponsored plans): • Manage account activity (check your balances, monitor performance, view account statements and messages, review employer-sponsored plan). • Buy & sell (trade mutual funds, ETFs, and stocks; use your camera to invest by check into an eligible account; transact on your employer plan). • Stay informed (use the portfolio analysis tool, track market index trends, research investments, view and share the latest news). Financial advisors: Download "Vanguard for Advisors," our free app that's designed for you. Disclosures **Vanguard ETF Shares can be bought and sold only through a broker (who may charge a commission) and cannot be redeemed with the issuing fund. The market price of Vanguard ETF Shares may be more or less than net asset value.** U.S. Patent Nos. 6,879,964; 7,337,138; 7,720,749; 7,925,573; 8,090,646; and 8,417,623. **Visit or contact your broker to obtain a Vanguard ETF or fund prospectus containing investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses, and other information. Read and consider carefully before investing.** Mutual funds and ETFs, like all investments, are subject to risk, including the possible loss of the money you invest. Images are for illustrative purposes only. iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. © 2017 The Vanguard Group, Inc. All rights reserved. Vanguard Marketing Corporation, Distributor of the Vanguard Funds.


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Vanguard app reviews

  • Great Service Horrible App 1/5

    By Bcooney91
    The app is glitchy, poorly navigated/laid out, and makes you login to view things after you’ve already logged in. Why do I have to login twice??? Constantly shows new/unread messages but when you check the inbox nothing is there.... takes forever to load and always says I’m hit buttons when I was just scrolling. The website is now my preferred way to manage my accounts.... and I do everything in my phone.
  • Password errors and Touch ID fails 1/5

    By Mrcleen59
    Touch ID doesn’t work. The app starts with an incorrect password error before a password is even entered. If I try Touch ID two times subsequent to the first error my account is frozen and I have to call Vanguard to unfreeze it. Why bother?
  • Security Theater 1/5

    By jasonrm
    I understand that developer time isn’t free nor unlimited, but there should be support for third party password managers like 1Password. Especially when you continue to adhere to old insecure practices like “security questions”. Knowledge-based authentication (KBA) is fundamentally flawed, easily guessed and/or phished. SMS as two-factor authentication is also broken as many high profile attacks have shown. Two-factor authentication using Time-based One-time Password Algorithm (TOTP) and HMAC-based One-time Password Algorithm(HOTP) should be used instead.
  • Another Vanguard Win 5/5

    By CRRygh
    App is helpful and easy to navigate. Appreciate the two-step authentication.
  • Off to a rough start 2/5

    By Ed Brey
    On first sign in, I switched to my password app to get the password, and on return, the Vanguard app had lost my username. After I logged in, it immediately asked me to review. Poor timing, but since they wanted a review, this is it.
  • TD 3/5

    By S S Photo
    I am in the process of switching from TD Ameritrade to Vanguard. Vanguard ETFs are not commission free anymore. The bottom line is TD Ameritrade’s mobile app is much cleaner, and easier to use.
  • Improve the login! 1/5

    By Van Investor
    This app is adequate, when I can actually get into it. 60% of the time I receive a "We're unable to complete your request at this time" error message. I'll then login the website without issue. About 80% of the time touchID doesn't appear, despite being enabled. I don't have these issues with other apps from large financial institutions and expect better from Vanguard.
  • Way too complicated 1/5

    By DietSeth
    I’m really unhappy with the latest version of this app. It used to be very simple to log in and see my balances and to drill into each account for more specific details. Now the app is so loaded with frills that I can barely navigate. I’ll be using the full website for now.
  • Great company, bad app 2/5

    By Thavian
    Vanguard is great, but their app needs some serious design work. It's not very easy to use, and it's very unattractive. Competitors like Wealthfront have much better apps.
  • Way too complicated 1/5

    By Bonbon Shapiro
    Too many potholes. Too many security issues. You have our bank account on file to send proceeds of sale. I can’t make a sale today cause I can’t find the area you are sending me to. How to I get from sell to home without exiting the program? This is sake adverse, not for me.
  • Crashes while signing up. 1/5

    By Meeeee63;$64(64($7
    Ios 10.3.3, iphone 6s. App crashes and glitches with a delayed response of up to 5 seconds when pressing a button or feature in the app. I will however sign up online through the browser, since I want to use Vanguard.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Global Venture Group SPV 1_2_3
    Extremely user friendly! Best app in the asset gathering arena.
  • App stuck on Consent page 1/5

    By SamuraiJack1
    With all the money that Vanguard gets from the commission on my investments, it's shameful how buggy, slow, and dated this app is. Vanguard, stop paying your executives all the commission you make from us and instead invest in updating the app. I had a critical exchange I had to do today and I missed the 4pm market closing deadline because this stupid app got stuck on a Consent page. Shameful.
  • Crash every time 1/5

    By keyqiiiiii
    Update: issue fixed on update on March. 1/31/18: Still unusable after update. Crash immediately after login, it is been half an year, right after the silly feed add in, it started unusable, is that so hard to fix the issue? Should the app be usable first before adding features?? It is a trading platform not facebook, what is going on there??? Again, iphone 7 plus, with ios 11.2.5 Another failed update, still cashing immediately on iPhone 7 plus with Ios 11.2.2. Update Dec 10th, update a couple of ago did not fix the issue. People with latest IOS still not able to access the app. Crash immediately after login every time. I am using iPhone 7 plus with ios 11.2 now. It starts right after last upgrade 1 month ago. I can’t believe Vanguard still not fixed it yet. It is a month no one with latest ios software can access the app. It is crazy this silly mistake can happen in a company Vanguard size.
  • How Does This App Have Over 4 Star Rating? 1/5

    By Noone476
    This has to be one of the worst financial apps I’ve ever used. The fact that I have to log in to access certain pages after I’m already logged into the app is a hassle. Making any changes to accounts take way more steps than necessary. I also use Charles Schwab and their app is on an entirely different level. Vanguard, just copy what Charles Schwab is doing.
  • Tom Taylor 5/5

    By chisercat
    The Vanguard security system is the best it’s a great job Thank You
  • Crashes, can’t accept full web password, 1/5

    By TroySCurtis
    After I set up an account via the web, I tried logging in using the Vanguard mobile app. Issue 1: The mobile app only accepts a 20 character password. I was forced to go back to the website and pick a shorter password. Issue 2: I tried to get in with my new password, and the app told me that either my username or password was wrong. I waited an hour and tried again, thinking that the Vanguard systems needed time to update with my new information. No luck. I logged back into the website with my credentials just to confirm that they are working. Issue 3: I tried to provide the same feedback using the app itself, but it keeps crashing.
  • Account locking 1/5

    By Sleep on it
    My account always gets locked when I launch the application. No luck with disabled the Face ID login too. It is a pain to reset the password after gets locked. Also this application gives the feeling of web site inside the mobile application. Every page jumps after accessing. Needs lot of improvement.
  • Welcome improvements 5/5

    By The Gniandster
    The Vanguard App is a great way to track my holdings. The new interface makes it easy to see where I'm at and how my finds are performing
  • UX/UI subpar compared to other finance apps 2/5

    By Pulse is
    Not a fan of Vanguard, use out of necessity for 401K plan. - asks you to login to web UI for certain areas even though you’re already logged in to app. - menus are inconsistent - some show in web UI vs mobile app. - functionality compared to other finance apps (Wealthfront, fidelity, betterment, pick any others) is subpar. Hope a PM on this app reads this - really disappointed with the app overall.
  • Works well, but forgets password every update 3/5

    By Rujimbob
    Super annoying. I enabled thumbprint so I don’t have to remember a password. Too bad it forgets my password every update and makes me start the whole process all over. Super annoying.
  • Not sure what is worse 1/5

    By Happytrees
    Not sure what is worse, the limited functionality of this app or Vanguards limited customer service.
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By InspectahPat
    This app is slow and keeps locking me out of my account for no reason.
  • New Vanguard app 5/5

    By Johnalaw
    The new app is great
  • News Feed 1/5

    By AvgTechConsumer
    I don’t want your useless feed forced on me every time I login. If I wanted that I would follow you on Facebook and Twitter. I just want to see details about my account.
  • App switching logs you out. 1/5

    By Robsan67
    So silly b
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Typical teenage girl
    Vanguard is very helpful. Their customer service people are fantastic and are so nice. I know my investments are safe there and I trust them entirely. #govanguard
  • Excellent Apps 5/5

    By Rommel13
    Very nice application
  • What happened? 1/5

    By marinphil
    Terrible now. Accounts overview just shows pie chart with allocations
  • Over-the-top customer service! 5/5

    By Mo Kilar
    So glad I am with Vanguard and look forward to many years of investing.
  • Recent update (version 8.7) is great! 5/5

    By Chosen7Stone
    I already appreciated the app as it was, but the redesign in the latest update is so much clearer. The feed means the things I was already clicking around for are now all in one place when I open the app. Love it. Thank you!
  • New etf/fund profiles are a huge step backwards. 2/5

    By Tx5!ttgln143%d
    Very disappointing. Less information, harder to understand, more difficult to navigate and work with. Starting to look now like a packaged one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf design which is to say, pretty useless. It’s harder to actually do work from this mobile app. Back to the desktop.
  • The very best at everything. 5/5

    By C O P
    I use it every day.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By kan444444444444
    Why do I have to login again for some parts of the app. And when will you understand the difference between a mobile webpage and an app. Guys its 2018. Use some money to improve your app. Fidelity has a much better app. Atleast be at par.
  • Trades 3/5

    By Dus10johnson
    Love the app, but when one fund closes, you can’t change ANY of your holdings (even if you leave the closed one alone) without calling customer service.
  • Nice job 5/5

    By sister helena
    Much better display of fund info in the latest app update. Keep up the good work.
  • Nothing but a web view 1/5

    By 0x866DD
    This app has virtually no native controls. It’s nothing but a wrapper around mobile website. Terrible UI controls. Website is always out of date. Takes DAYS for 401k contributions to show up Fidelity app by comparison is way better. More responsive and easier to use and always up to date. Orders and transactions are always in sync with desktop view
  • Keeps going to username /password page 1/5

    By Marmoset Killer
    I log in with Face ID and with almost every action I try to take within the app, I get redirected to the login screen. Not very user friendly!
  • Transparent app & well-trained & helpful staff 5/5

    By Tightlinesinc
    For a person who doesn’t know much these people are ready and willing to help explain and assist
  • Allow setting default view 2/5

    By Moses T.
    Instead of showing the useless feed by default, please let me pick a default via settings.
  • Great awesome. Shut up 5/5

    By Jukingjobba
  • Love it 5/5

    By Phish Taco
    Great app
  • Asking for rating prompt... 1/5

    By LeviKanwischer
    ...App looks good so far, but I repeatedly was getting spammed with Ratings Prompt’s. Ask once, then never again. Don’t let a good product be ruined by poor marketing.
  • Should be way easier to invest 3/5

    By marchummel
    This is a decent app compared to most other banking apps but it should be way easier to invest. ie setup/change auto invest, move money, make a 1 time deposit. Should be fun and easy, like sending money to someone w Square.
  • I can’t use this app 1/5

    Every time I log into my account it instantly crashes. I haven’t been able to do anything with this app
  • Garbage app keeps locking me out 1/5

    By nopicforme
    This app used to work perfectly fine, but ever since some recent update, it gives me password errors every time I try to use Touch ID. Then when I finally resort to logging in with my actual password, it says my account has been locked. It’s infuriating. This is basic stuff, guys...
  • Latest version crashes after logon on Iphone SE 1/5

    By SarvateMandra'
    The app crashes systematically after logon. Never had an issue before. iOS has not been updated to latest build.
  • It’s easy to use! 5/5

    By isamatica
    What more could you want?
  • Push notifications 5/5

    By cfack
    Love the app and vanguard! It would be nice to receive push notifications when orders are executed, etc. text and email are good, but for the app, push would be even better
  • Skip the App go to web 1/5

    By dedm079
    Touch ID never works. So when you open the app and try your finger, it gives an error code. Naturally, you try again, and perhaps one more time....then it locks you out and you must reset the password at Then you try the whole thing over again ...with the same result. Skip the app and stick to the web.

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