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Vanguard App

Use the app to do the following (some features may not be available for employer-sponsored plans): • Manage account activity (check your balances, monitor performance, view account statements and messages, review employer-sponsored plan). • Buy & sell (trade mutual funds, ETFs, and stocks; use your camera to invest by check into an eligible account; transact on your employer plan). • Stay informed (use the portfolio analysis tool, track market index trends, research investments, view and share the latest news). Financial advisors: Visit the Vanguard Advisors site at Our mobile friendly website designed for you. Disclosures **Vanguard ETF Shares can be bought and sold only through a broker (who may charge a commission) and cannot be redeemed with the issuing fund. The market price of Vanguard ETF Shares may be more or less than net asset value.** U.S. Patent Nos. 6,879,964; 7,337,138; 7,720,749; 7,925,573; 8,090,646; and 8,417,623. **Visit or contact your broker to obtain a Vanguard ETF or fund prospectus containing investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses, and other information. Read and consider carefully before investing.** Mutual funds and ETFs, like all investments, are subject to risk, including the possible loss of the money you invest. Images are for illustrative purposes only. iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. © 2021 The Vanguard Group, Inc. All rights reserved. Vanguard Marketing Corporation, Distributor of the Vanguard Funds.

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Vanguard app reviews

  • Vanguard’s customer support told me their app doesn’t work all the time 1/5

    By elisapar.k
    I keep getting a message “the security service is unavailable. Please try again later.” when I try to log into the app. I’ve been trying for 3 days now and called the customer service line to get some help and the man literally told me that the app doesn’t work all the time and is unreliable so my “best bet” is to use the browser. Not sure the product team and customer support team’s relationship at Vanguard but the man on the call seemed quite defeated saying the tech team always just tells him to tell customers to remove and redownload the app. I tried this and issue still occurs…not a great customer experience and I don’t understand why a large company like vanguard has a spotty app and their team telling people it “doesn’t work all the time so use the web browser.” Lol. If anyone sees this on the vanguard IT team, please help.
  • Mobile Check does not work 1/5

    By RedGuitar:)
    Tried on 2 phones and an iPad and mobile check deposit does not work. Clear picture. Appropriate lighting. Signed check. Still get error saying “Oops something went wrong!” Please fix.
  • Cost Basis crashes app - is now FIXED!! 5/5

    By bunch of apples
    Please fix! This has been two weeks. Far to long. Glitch is fixed - be sure to update vanguard app - can now open cost basis lot details.
  • cost basis 2/5

    By giovghhhhhhh
    recently cost basis freezez. please step up the game and make it a user friendly app like ameritrade. also remove second password when entering buy/sell section
  • stopped working 1/5

    By like for real tho
    Can’t get passed the log-in page since pre covid :/ just a window that says “Access to the app is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.” I am deleting.
  • Crap 1/5

    By Toni-Alexis
    This app is crap it crashes everytime I try to login
  • New update is buggy 1/5

    By Gamerduder
    Can’t click on a stock in cost basis to get details. App freezes and crashes. Same thing happens in a couple of other places too. Hope they fix it soon.
  • App is garbage 1/5

    By AW559
    I still cannot process transactions, too many security windows with delayed 2 factor authentication. Hard to browse stocks or funds. They may be a great company in terms of their financial business offerings and index funds, but their app is the worst compared to all others I’ve tried. The GUI looks like windows 95. I would rather use Fidelity, Robin Hood or SoFi (I haven’t tried schwabb).
  • App is outdated 3/5

    By Nesscoolcoolness
    I get it. You aren’t trying to appeal to the same retail investors as Robinhood. However, your app is prehistoric and does not function up to the standards I expect as a modern investor. I won’t be dropping you based on the app, but I am discontent—not a phrase most financials institutions like to hear.
  • Return Rate 3/5

    By DakotaMilkshakes
    I moved my 401k into a traditional IRA with Vanguard two months ago. Every time I open the app is shows my return rate as 0.0% even though it’s growing. What gives??
  • Cost Basis Section 3/5

    By Desire19
    Checking the cost basis of individual stocks has just stopped working and freezes then closes the app for me every time I try tapping on a stock. Everything else used to be/was working fine, despite the app looking outdated.
  • Worse than junk! 1/5

    By Zombie slayers
    Way beyond junk, Even after all the recent horrible reviews they won’t do anything to make this app usable 🤪 Unfortunately There are no negative stars, or I would have rated it with the maximum possible. Took forever to actually use it,weeks! This app is still nearly impossible to navigate. Info is buried everywhere throughout and lacking. Useless!! Wait until you try n find out how to transfer money into your account… hahaha, good luck 🍀 I Have fidelity, Robinhood, stockpile and M1, all for different investment strategies. With all the alternative investment apps out there, why vanguard wouldn’t get someone to entirely redesign this mess is beyond me. This investment app is far and away the worst mobile investment app there is. My suggestion, use something else, ANYTHING else! You have been warned!!
  • Kind of a nightmare... 2/5

    By MissyRooy
    This app needs some serious help. I just waited 2 full hours for a security code to get in the app. Craziness!!
  • The worst 1/5

    By B_randon!
    I truly hate the Vanguard app. I did an immediate transfer to buy stock, and kept getting an “insuffienct funds” error. I have never had this problem buying ETFs- in the past, as soon as I did the transfer from my bank to my brokerage account, I was instantly able to buy ETFs. Today, not the case. This cost me thousands of dollars in earnings. Outdated, unintuitive, worthless garbage.
  • Stop changing user interface 1/5

    By Dennison St
    Every time we get a redesign to the app it will no longer display half of my holdings. Support becomes more difficult to receive and will change the location of useful information.
  • Broken 1/5

    By Me20110214
    Cost basis screen doesn’t work, freezes my app. Wrote in app feedback as well. Wish the performance screens were more customizable and intuitive.
  • Vangguard up, freezer, cost basis screen 5/5

    By barbirxoxox
    When I log into Vanguard app, Freezes on cost basis screen. How do I fix this?
  • Mobile Check Deposit Broken 1/5

    By Grant3032
    The mobile check deposit feature hasn’t worked for the past four months even after multiple app updates!! Customer service has no advice on how to resolve and suggests mailing checks to a PO Box for processing in approximately two weeks! Absolutely worthless.
  • App freezes constantly - support doesn’t respond 2/5

    By NeverAskNeverTell
    When trying to click into the cost basis unrealized gains or realized it freezes every single time. App is broken and buggy and vanguard never replies with an answer on the fix. So I can’t even see gains for each lot right now via the app. It’s been a problem for over a month and still not a peep from vanguard. Ridiculous.
  • Cost basis 1/5

    By Mmensinger
    Lately, last 2 weeks, the cost basis functionality freezes/crashes the app. I’m glad I’m not the only one. Please fix and I’ll change my rating.
  • Horrendous design 1/5

    By JScottChrist
    This is one of the least user friendly apps I’ve ever used in my entire life. How is it this bad. Good god FIX THIS
  • Needs a redesign 3/5

    By KrillGrill
    Okay but takes WAY too many steps to buy a stock. App needs a total redesign and modernization. Looks like a website from 1995.
  • App is awful 1/5

    By Kyle Dugan
    So confused as to how this is rated so highly. The interface is disgustingly awful its hard to look at. Face ID is glitched so it is impossible to sign in with that. They text me every time I want to log in.
  • FaceID is not working 2/5

    By GAGARIN585896
    The option to sign in using FaceID is not functioning.
  • App Crashes 1/5

    By joshandjaydoe
    When attempting to upload a picture for identification purposes, the app consistently crashes whenever I try to access my photo library to upload or use my camera to take a direct picture. Not great.
  • Poor Functionality 1/5

    By Jgway2be
    This app doesn’t work well on my iOS device. I can’t scroll to get to different fields, it’s not easy to navigate, the information on the home page isn’t prioritizing KPIs. Garbage app that needs substantial upgrades!!!
  • Vanguard 2/5

    By neverpromptmeforbs
    Use FaceID or TouchID. Get rid of the security theater.
  • Mobile check deposit doesn’t work 3/5

    By kengeaten
    Mobile check deposit doesn’t work
  • Please fix mobile check deposit. 1/5

    By jayrtyop
    Mobile check deposit does not work. Please fix.
  • App text verification isn’t working over WiFi-calling/texting 1/5

    By Magical_smoke
    So they made you verify your password with a sms code now, which is super annoying. And now it doesn’t work because I’m using WiFi calling because I’m in flyover country. Either make other 2fa options available (I can use Microsoft or google authentication just fine) or let us turn off 2fa. I’m locked out of my app because some stupid algorithm somewhere thinks I’m a scammer. Ugh this is annoying.
  • Excessive security checks 1/5

    By spinferd
    How can an app justify the need to enter your password multiple times after successfully logging in to view your own data? Fix your auths.
  • Cost Basis Crash 1/5

    By Mge97
    Keeps crashing when I attempt to click on a security within the cost basis section.
  • App needs work 3/5

    By aCarolinaMama
    Current version of app has some bugs. Cost basis freezes the app entirely.
  • Doesn’t work with existing log in 1/5

    By -Review
    The app username has a 12 character limit, my Vanguard account username is 15 characters. It works fine on web where I created it, but I can’t use the app since they have different username requirements between web and the app.
  • Cost basis 1/5

    By Ate6753O1
    I am having an issue accessing my cost basis. I have noticed the issue for two days now. It’s freezing on that screen and not showing any detail.
  • Privacy not there 3/5

    By emanc1pat0r
    Too much data is being collected in this app. At least that’s what ios14 shows. Why do you need to have data linked to me that includes my search history and other random actions?
  • Unable to sign up to receive a code 1/5

    By williamk96
    As of today, May 21, the app asks me to sign up to receive a security code. After entering my phone number and selecting “continue”, I get a blank screen in the app. This is occurring on the Web app as well, so it seems not to be an app issue. But if I can’t use the app, it’s a one star. When this problem gets fixed I may redo my review, that is if I remember. I likely won’t remember to do tbh. 🤷‍♂️
  • Usability well behind the Fidelity and Schwab apps 2/5

    By cacofonix1
    Usability well behind the Fidelity and Schwab apps I hate it when the app logs off when u temporarily switch to another app. Both Fidelity and Schwab log you off after 10 minutes of inactivity.
  • Vanguard app 3/5

    By Larry's apple stuff
    While useful for its basic features of transactions it is quite frustrating to have to continually add the security code to a device that I have used continually. It seems as if it has a hard time recognizing that this is a device that can be trusted so we have to keep adding the security code.
  • Crashes when trying to save pdf 2/5

    By Shugo88
    The app feels worse than just going on to the actual site with Chrome. Constantly asks for login.
  • Fidelity is much faster and easier to transfer to 1/5

    By answered
    I’m switching from robinhood. I already have fidelity and wanted to put some into vanguard but It said I had to mail in a document via post?(Is this the 90’s??) but then I called in and while helpful, frustrating that it wasn’t as easy to switch like fidelity. Also, depositing new money into an account means you can’t trade for 7days??? It’s like the boomer company wants to turn off any new clients
  • The App is Embaraasing 1/5

    By zackodst
    I can’t believe how antiquated and inept the app is. It is seriously a joke that Vanguard would publish something like this and expect it’s customers to enjoy using. The saddest part is that this is how the application has been for literally YEARS. Not once has the application been updated in my 6-7 years of using it. Top 3 Issues with the app: 1. Never, ever saves your login. Opening the app uses Face ID, but want to navigate to any other part of the app? Forces you to type in your password. Why is it using Face ID to begin with if it doesn’t do anything? This is purely developer incompetence. 2. New message notifications are never cleared. I can open any notices that are flagged as new and read them, but for days or weeks, it still says I have a new message. When I try to clear them by trying to click the envelope icon, well, see issue 1 for why it’s annoying. 3. Everything seems to just be a wrapper for a mobile web site. It’s not actually an App, just a browser, which explains issue 1, but at that point why put out an app at all? Vanguard needs to step it up if they want to retain younger audiences. We don’t have the patience that older generations do for poor tech. I am seriously considering moving my accounts to someone with better technology if they don’t update it soon.

    By Odicous
    It’s a good start for Vanguard to update. But I run my iPad in horizon mode all day long in the folio case. I have to take in off the keyboard case or go to the website. Needs a fix, Vanguard.
  • App with frequent login issues 2/5

    By krishna reviewing
    8/10 times, app could nt log me in. Either asks me to re-enter credentials every time i login(could not save creds on iphone) or asks to re-configure face id
  • Too many texts to confirm login 1/5

    By Jaydubbs1092
    I understand the need for security, but after I login with Face ID and typing in my password, I constantly get hit with a page asking for a code sent to me via text to continue using the app. It’s brutal.
  • Constantly Requiring Full Password 1/5

    By Nicksings
    Face ID to log into the app but then you have to manually type your password for literally any account actions. Makes no sense.
  • Delayed Market quotes 1/5

    By Atom Wood
    Trying to predict the market is hard enough as is but when you have to guess what it will do two days in advance it feels impossible. That’s where I’m at with Vanguard and that’s why it gets a CRAPPY ONE START!!!

    By Bar_rose
  • Touch ID doesn’t work 1/5

    By pwc 2021
    All that happens is the screen flickers and it keeps popping the keyboard up. Once I do sign in with password, I always have to enter the security code. I’ve checked my settings in the app and it’s all correct, but seems to ignore them.