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Vanity Fair Digital Edition App

Experience Vanity Fair’s high-profile interviews, stunning photography, and thought-provoking features in a whole new way. The Vanity Fair app delivers the look and feel of the print magazine to your iPad and iPhone, redefining storytelling for the digital age through the use of interactive graphics, galleries, and video. If you purchase a subscription in the App store, you can also enjoy unlimited access to, including the archive collections. Follow the prompts to “Complete Account Setup,” then use your email and password to log in to For questions about the Vanity Fair app, please call 1-800-667-0015. SUBSCRIBERS’ AUTOMATIC-RENEWAL FEATURE: Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your iTunes account will automatically be charged at the same price for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period (another year for annual subscribers, another month for monthly subscribers) unless you change your subscription preferences in your account settings. You can manage your subscriptions through your Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. Please go to for more information. Privacy policy and terms of use can be found at

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Vanity Fair Digital Edition app reviews

  • Repeat download of paid digital subscription ? 2/5

    By meggscando
    Is there a limit to the number of digital subscription that I can download on my iPhone? I did pay for them already right? Why do I have to keep re-downloading what I’d paid for already? Am I missing something?
  • Analog format for digital era 1/5

    By Sarcastaball
    I’m about to delete the app and cancel my subscription. I got into VF for the articles that would pop up on Apple News. Good stuff. Ad free. News is getting full of ads now, and why I’m leaving it. So I’m getting all the apps from the source, but VF wants me to have the whole magazine, without a search menu, so I need to swipe through everything including ads to get to what I want. This is the bad kind of old school. The point of subscribing, on the digital era, is that you get to bypass the commercial system. Good luck with your format, sorry to leave the good writers you hire.
  • Please fix your bugs!!!! 1/5

    By ATL-IT-VF-reader
    I lose all downloaded issues if I fully close the app. App can only download one issue at a time. Downloading stops if I leave the app. I am going back to paper issues until you get this fixed. Kindle app has been around for years without any of these issues. If you can’t bring yourself to spend the money to get a decent app, let some of your IT guys come to your Oscar party, maybe they will fix the bugs for free.
  • Subscription 2/5

    By ma0116
    I have a hard copy subscription. Why must I purchase online subscription? Am I overlooking something?
  • Grr 2/5

    By bangchut
    The app crashes every ten minutes or so, most annoying!
  • Why does VF refuse to use Text Zoom 1/5

    By TriLake
    A large portion of your subscribers use reading glasses. Yet VF steadfastly refuses to offer a real useable text zoom feature in the digital edition. Used to be there; worked poorly but there. Have been a user since the app was first rolled out and I am swiftly losing interest. Too much content elsewhere that is user friendly.
  • Awful app - No text zoom 1/5

    By JustMBG
    The app is terrible, the articles are impossible to read even by people with perfect vision: text size can not be adjusted
  • App doesn’t function 1/5

    By Ralph wig gums
    I haven’t been able to open the app since I upgraded my iOS.
  • App won’t open 1/5

    By redshoes315
    I’ve updated. I’ve shut down and restarted my iPad (iOS 11.X). Nothing helps. I try to open Vanity Fair app (USA edition) and it was immediately shuts down. This is a new problem. HELP!
  • 👎Still not updated for the iPhone X 1/5

    By A.Elliott
    It's outright user-hostile to have such a bad experience for a device that is so nice to read on. Either this team is under-funded or they have some seriously flawed technologies. Or both I guess. What a wasted opportunity.
  • Can’t access articles 1/5

    By heyyoukid415
    This app was great when it allowed me to download and read articles. Now it’s useless. No idea why it stopped working. Maybe because I don’t have an iPhone X? (I know-peasant.)
  • Need the zoom 3/5

    By MoMelick
    I agree with a few other people here that I am missing the zoom feature. If you cannot do that at least let us adjust the size of the text like in a library app.
  • Print too small 1/5

    By steveyoda
    Hard to read for the older crowd as you can’t zoom to enlarge the print. Heard it could be done until August update. S disappointing
  • Where's Zoom for text? 2/5

    By ElsieWickford
    I enjoy reading hard copy (cover to cover) but find it advantageous to also use my iPad when I don't want to wear reading glasses since I was able to maximize text, so am very disappointed that feature disappeared as of August issue. I also miss the lack of pagination. It was helpful to me to track where I left off since there's no bookmark function. And when I am traveling or in a waiting room, I could select which articles I had time to read based on page length. Sure hope that more digital options and improvements are coming.
  • Great Mag Bad App 1/5

    By Makie2
    Love the magazine but this app only works in portrait mode so you can't use the iPad stand and the story selection screen has no pictures or useful description of the articles and organizing them by read time is not useful, why not by category; business, politics, technology? I prefer using the web site, thanks.
  • Photos within articles 2/5

    By Njeanne
    I still find it irritating that I have to click on photo to read caption and see other photos. I am not sure why it cannot be imbedded in article.
  • new version is terrible - now updated to 'better' 3/5

    By Katie4164
    Kudos to vanity fair for fixing the download and library issues. The readability is still compromised by the lack of an article-ordered table of contents (organizing by length of article is both silly and detracts from the experience). Editors and designers invest a lot of energy in creating the right balance and flow of articles in a magazine and this totally dishonors that. And in an attempt to share content with phone sized screens, the large fonts and limited white space on an iPad make it the reading experience unpleasant. So while I appreciate the responsiveness to all of the feedback on downloading, they still have a way to go to re-earn the 5 stars I gave them a year ago. ------------previous feedback associated with a '1'------------ I have waited over 40 mins for the current issue to download, and it's still not done. I lost 3 yrs of downloaded copies with the 'upgrade'. I will never be able to restore them all at this rate. If the downloaded version looks anything like the web version that I can (sort of) browse while trying to download, I won't want to read it on my iPad anyway. It's totally lost the magazine feel, as well as the ability to leave and come back to the same place and it now has ridiculous 'adds' like clustering articles by how long they think it takes me to read them vs following the flow of the magazine. The font is too large and there's no white space at the margins. I switched to the iPad version a couple of years ago and have been donating my paper copies, but if this isn't addressed, I'll delete the app and go back to the paper version. It's that bad. Please don't ruin the New Yorker reading experience by making similar changes to that app as well. Having to abandon the iPad version of that weekly will be even more painful.
  • No Zoom function on articles 1/5

    By Travelguy11
    Terrible. Used to be able to zoom in on the text in the previous version of the app. Now can only zoom in on the images/ads. Please please fix the app to enable zooming again on the text!
  • Terrible version has been updated. Thank you for the prompt response. 5/5

    By anorbeck
    No improvement here. Basically it's DOA.
  • "Improved" upgrade is total failure 5/5

    By Nini_Journey
    Thank you for listening to us and returning the app to the way it use to be! Whoever came up with this new version should look for a new career. Please bring back the last version. Lost all my previously save editions, when going back to article, have to scrolled back from front. Update is total failure. After all the bad reviews, Vanity Fair, go fix it!
  • Phew! 5/5

    By ::V::
    Thank you for bringing back the older, better app and making Vanity Fair Digital great again. I can once again enjoy my monthly routine of reading VF cover-to-cover, as I have been for the past 15 years. --------------------------------------------- The new version is awful. It downloads at the speed of sloths and only displays on about 2/3 the available screen width. Did Trump design this or pay Russia to hack you? Bring back our old, reliable Vanity Fair App, please!
  • 'Reformat' of prior review 5/5

    By LBakula
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, VF, for returning the app to the original format. My one-star review (below) is now a five-star review. Annie Leibovitz's photos are gorgeous again! ------------------ I was so sad to discover that the update to this app took away the gorgeous full-screen clarity that I loved so much. I used to show off my iPad Pro by pulling up a Vanity Fair digital cover to ooh and ahh over (and sold a couple subscriptions to the magazine in the process). No more. I lost all my downloaded magazines, and the new downloads are fuzzy and cropped. Truly the worst upgrade to an app I've ever experienced. What a shame for such a great mag. I hope this isn't indicative of financial problems at VF!
  • Credit where credit is due 4/5

    By SueAnnah
    I was one of those who squawked when the last update came out so its only right to amend the rating and say "Thanks for listening!" I'll change it to a five star rating when you stop whining about the president. You're starting to sound like a petulant toddler.
  • Glad to see the old format 4/5

    By Singlespeed
    Sometimes things are best left alone. Thanks for going back! I'm glad I didn't take my iPad with me on my trip. While it would have been nice to read VF on the plane, I would have been frustrated by the revised app. So I only recently saw the new version of the app. Instantly hated it. I couldn't remember which issue I was reading. Tapping on a section at a time was ridiculous. The download speed was slow. It takes some time to download the entire magazine, but the revised app was not an improvement. That was my very brief experience with the revised app.
  • Back to Better 5/5

    By texcelt
    So glad you've gone back to the library format by which we can see at a glance what we have and have not downloaded.
  • Thanks for going back to the future 4/5

    By orvalle
    It good to know VF recognized their mistakes and rolled back to tried and true. Next issue will prove whether its works as well as it originally did.
  • It's back! 5/5

    By knowsclassic
    Thank you Vanity Fair for bringing back the previous format! I did not like the new format because it was distracting. I was gonna delete the app, but you bringing back what many of us enjoyed, I think I'll keep it!
  • 5.0 was much better 2/5

    By GrayBrown
    This update, 5.1, is regression.
  • WHYYYYY? 1/5

    By JJ bbghtf
    A great app ruined. This is by far the worst iteration Vanity Fair has ever come up with. Please go back. It was great. This is completely unusable. Hard to read and layout is complicated. Hard to download anything. The New Yorker got it right. Vanity Fair?... not so much.
  • ver 5 update is horrible 1/5

    By chillytunes
    Having the previous version 2.0.44 for so long and being a solid app that worked well on my iPad Pro 9.7, this ver 5 is horrid. First, it won't let me download any issues, keeps telling me "No Interner Connection" which is not true, as it lets me login to authenticate my subscription status. Plus, every other app connects to the internet without issue, even after 2 restsarts and testing on both wifi and LTE. All of my downloaded Vanity Fair issues were deleted with the update. The layout and UI is useless. Good thing I had a backup of the ver 2.0 of the app. I installed that and am back and happy reading VF issues again. Revert to the previous version.
  • Let me join the chorus 1/5

    By Scott Ritcher
    The new version lacks all intuitiveness, user-friendliness and most of all, it lacks all my saved back issues and bookmarks. What the hell? It is nearly impossible for people like me who subscribed through the app (aka via iTunes) to figure out how to log in and get all the old content back. Then once you do figure it out, all previous issues only fill about 80% of the screen. I want my bookmarks back. I want to use the entire screen of my iPad. I want to start reading where I left off. These are basic app functions which should not be problems for Condé Nast in 2017.
  • Why is this the new version? 1/5

    By Twinkie II
    I loved reading Vanity Fair before this! This new version got rid of my old downloaded copies and makes it difficult to read. Please allow subscribers to download the old version for iPad. I was so disappointed on my recent trip that I couldn't read My downloaded Vanity Fair on my iPad.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By YasCof
    The latest version of the app is terrible. If I'm out of the app for more than an hour, I lose my place and am taken back to the cover page when I reopen the app. And, unlike prior versions, I can't easily scroll through the magazine to find where I left off. The whole interface isn't particularly user-friendly, either. Based on the number of negative reviews, can VF please do something already?!
  • Childish 1/5

    By Alfadog33
    The new version is worst magazine app I have seen. Even the table of contents was created for a child. When/if you find an article and have to leave it when you return you are not back where you were. And it is painfully slow. I am cancelling my subscription.
  • This warrants 2 reviews 1/5

    By RottiWeiller
    NOBODY LIKES THIS FORMAT! Listen to your readers. NO-one reads on an iPhone. Swallow your pride, put your tail between your legs and get your format and readership back. It'll only hurt for a sec and you can put it past you. Considered it a FAILED experiment. (I'll keep cutting down trees and keep the physical issue thank you very much). If that goes, so does my subscription. It was good while it lasted. Reading VF is (was) an experience. Now it's just a rag and a drag. VERY Disgruntled in LA U.G.H.
  • Awful new app 1/5

    By nicksixers
    Hard to believe that Conde rolled out the same junk app that they did for GQ. I guess they want to get all of their mags on the same terrible platform. SLOW downloads, flaky reliability, poor layout. A downgrade in every way from the prior app.
  • Bad update 1/5

    By jj431
    Every other review is a one-star review and I am adding mine to it. Everyone hates it and a frequent complaint is the letterbox on either side of the iPad. It seems to be formatted for an iPhone. Who reads a magazine on their iPhone?!? THIS UPDATE NEEDS TO BE FIXED!!!
  • Yikes! 1/5

    By Marylck
    I have subscribed to this magazine for 40 years and I have used the digital app since it came out. Please explain what hell you are doing with this new app. No place holder, impossible navigation, loss of library. You must be kidding! Please bring back the old app or I'm done.
  • Poor UX 1/5

    By Kb797563
    The new iPad app is a significant downgrade from the prior experience. Did you actually user-test with people outside of the company before releasing? You've taken away much of the great functionality and implemented features that do not make sense...(e.g. if you have a single image for an article why are you requiring me to expand it to see the was much better when it was displayed on the article directly previously). I'm considering going back to the paper magazine.
  • Designed by a lobotomized person? 1/5

    By discostu004
    Who designed this? Was this done by a disgruntled employee? Given the horrible liberal slant, it is only because of the rare non-political article that seems interesting that I keep my subscription. However if THIS is what constitutes progress, count me out. Is there a zero star choice, or a negative option?
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Michael 1800
    How could they take such a good app and screw it up so badly? Luckily I have not given up the printed edition, so I will read that until they get this app straightened out. It's the worst!
  • DR 1/5

    By DR.IBS
    TERRIBLE new layout. I can't believe how you spoiled a great looking magazine on the ipad: has anyone in the design team actually used it? Used to love how it looked, the black bars and artificially cropped pages look awful. Please go back to the previous look.
  • A Disgrace 1/5

    By oasisboston
    Huge black bars on the left and right, shrinking the magazine. I can't download issues before my subscription started. That makes no sense. I can for all issues of any magazine I have a subscription for on my iPad, including other Condé Nast mags like GQ. Great way to lose a customer when my sub runs out this year.
  • This update is awful 1/5

    By Drgiggles80
    Times out when downloading back issues.

    By Cork2u
    This used to be such a great app until this latest update. My God, what were you thinking?? Nothing works. My library is gone. The layout is idiotic. You can't access your VF account details from it. It only restores purchases through iTunes ... well, guess what ... my subscription isn't through iTunes; it was directly with Conde Naste, and it doesn't recognize that anymore!
  • Unnecessary update detracts from the user experience 1/5

    By Kingfish954
    The layout is awful. Gone is the ability to easily see what content has been downloaded, and that's if you can even download content.
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By CT_SM
    Stupidly, I updated the app without first checking the other reviews. Consequently, I was unable to read any of my issues while I was on vacation for a week. Please bring back the former layout!
  • Horrible, horrible, horrible! 1/5

    This is the worst! Loved the older version. I agree with every previous review! Nothing to like about this updated version. Why Vanity Fair, why?
  • Don't update!!! 1/5

    By lshopper
    This update removed all of my saved magazines while I was on a trip and found once on the airplane I had nothing available. I am now re-downloading the issues that were lost, but it is taking FOREVER to download each issue- about 5-7 minutes per. I'm sorry I updated.

Vanity Fair Digital Edition app comments

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