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Vans Family App

Get in the Family! The Vans Family app is a loyalty program where you earn points and unlock access to personalized content, exclusive products and member-only experiences. It’s also the only place you can get some awesome app-only features. Keep the Fam in the palm of your hand.

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Vans Family app reviews

  • I love it but.... 4/5

    By thetruthhurtsoof
    I love this app and have been using it for a few days now but there are some problems. First I can’t put in my shoe size for one of the things to get points and it’s hard to share the link for your account. Also I don’t have a vans store even close to me (2 hours away) so I can never get my rewards. :(
  • It’s good but.. 4/5

    By silgilmyas
    It has this loading thing and it won’t give me points. I’ve did the referral thing and it started to load and it’s been like this for an hour. I need some help how to fix it please!
  • ??? 1/5

    By Addison bowers
    it won’t let me sign up! Been trying forever, it says “the login ID “*” already exists” 👎🏻
  • Vanz Family 4/5

    By vanz_youtube
    This is a great app it functions great and it works really well. There is a little problem with the thing u have to send to a friend, it won’t work and won’t send the link it needs little improvement but after all it is an cool app whether your getting shoes or stickers etc.
  • A glitch, or bug? Idk. 1/5

    By piperskkchcindb
    I love vans and when i heard about the app i was stoked! But when i try to earn points and complete them. I look at my profile and it still says i have zero points. Any help?
  • My points won’t show up? 1/5

    By SamiaBaby
    I watched a video and it said I earned points but when I check it says I have 0 still.
  • Bugs or something 3/5

    By Avenlea Hughes
    I saw on tik tok that if i won 2000 points on the app i could win a duffle bag. I downloaded the app and i did the whole what’s your shoes size, what do you like to do. i earned like 450 points and saw them in the earned category , so i know i earned them but when i went on the home screen at the top it shows how many points you have and it said 0 but i knew i earned points. So why didn’t my points add up?? can anyone tell me what to do
  • Things not working? 4/5

    By eggfuyoung
    The app is great and I was so excited to see what things I could possibly get however my points won’t load quickly at all so I don’t really know how many points I have until like an hour later. Another issue I keep having is when I try to refer a friend it will not work. This is a good app but I wish it would be just a little better.
  • Good but something is broken 4/5

    By hdhdhjff
    Its a good app but when I was trying to earn points it was saying I had none when I did the offers.
  • Points amount not displaying 3/5

    By Cannonskier12345
    It says I have 0 points but I counted and I earned over 500.
  • No points 1/5

    By michelle032117
    i have watched all videos and took many surveys and i still have 0 points
  • Can’t even login 1/5

    By 7Logan2
    It says error CMN0620E The logon id “*” already exists. There are no * in my sign up
  • It’s glitchy 3/5

    By That girl Avery
    Iddkkijust want free stuff and it’s rlly slow
  • Program doesn’t work well app lacks features 1/5

    By Ravensend
    The app lacks features. There are no exclusives for Memebers. The points from purchased don’t transfer to the family program and customer service just doesn’t respond. The only way to earn points is to watch crappy videos with the worlds most obscure Indi bands no one wants to hear. And crappy skate videos that are all in the style of burns film footage and chip cuts. Vans needs an update and this app isn’t helping.
  • Can’t even shop on the App 2/5

    By whisbr Bi u
    Okay I download the app to SHOP... why is there not an option for that?? You can’t order shoes, clothes or anything.. I thought that it would include all that?? Just like every other retail store has an app where you can browse, add to cart, etc...
  • Shopping 1/5

    By Sammix27
    Please add a shopping option
  • 👍 4/5

    By sleppingirl
    I like this app but I have one problem I dint get my awards on the right date so I’m little mad
  • Doesn’t Open 2/5

    By Daniel the Mouse/Deets
    A few months ago, I was able to have access into the app. Today, I can’t access it at all.
  • good app, one suggestion 5/5

    I just recently downloaded this app but I really love it. The t shirt giveaway thing ends on my birthday and I’ve entered bc a couple times so I hope I get them haha! But I do have one suggestion. I think there should be like a daily reward kinda thing, like every time you open the app you get 5 points or something. Or it could like build up like you open the app one day and get a point then you open it again the next day and you get 2 points and so on and when you reach 5 points it just continues going as 5 points until you miss a day opening the app then you start back at 1 point. Just an idea for a way to get a little extra points! But overall pretty decent app.
  • Why 3/5

    By OwenTriceVlogs
    Haven’t even gotten into the app yet because the login takes so long and why do they need my email 5 times!!
  • Can i purchase from the app? 2/5

    By ground provision
    So in other words your can't buy anything from the app itself? 🤨
  • Add Customization Vans selection 3/5

    Add customization Vans selection
  • Great App! 5/5

    By OtakuGoku😎😎🦄💎
    I’ve had this app for a year or two and the points system is pretty rad. I love stacking up points at the push of a button! Not to mention I just got a surprise gift from vans! Like are you kidding! I love them, it made my day i’m beyond happy.
  • review 3/5

    By kaynn c
    i love vans of course who doesn’t! but i wish i can purchase a pair while on the app which is a bummer but any it’s a good way to keep track of your rewards points! all in all i give this app a 3.5
  • Love Vans, the app, not so much. 1/5

    By Texas Joe Hotdog
    I’m a huge fan of Vans but this app is not all that great. When I make a purchase at a store the points never apply, it’s happened at least 3 times and it’s not worth wasting my time to do it manually since the prizes they offer if you redeem points are pretty sad. Offer better stuff such as discounts on shoes or maybe free shoes or merchandise once you collect so many points, also being able to shop in the app would be a great feature.
  • cool! but.... 2/5

    By 12234hailew
    i was very surprised when i got this app it’s so cool but it’s sad that i didn’t receive my 500 points : (
  • Amazing apppp🅿️🅿️🅿️ 5/5

    By ameerah 🅿️
    With the refer and friend u have to use the app for 30 days to do it and it’s a great app like u get free stuff so don’t complain and enjoy it like how r u supposed to complain ab something frees
  • Use to work… 3/5

    By 🎀🧸🍼🍭✨
    Ok so I’m not sure if it’s only me that has this problem but when I first got this app I had no problem with it at all, but now when I go on the app it just shows the front cover of the app and does not even work. I even tired deleting and reinstalling again but it didn’t work
  • Honestly what’s the point 1/5

    By 8675309-igotit
    What’s the point of this app . A reward program in which you earn points from your purchases and completing tasks . But all you can use your points for is to enter a contest in which you won’t win. My Birthday recently passed and all they offered were gifs . Basically this is a reward program with no real reward
  • doesn’t open 1/5

    By ElGeorgee
    was working fine a couple months ago, tried opening it now for a couple weeks, doesn’t even open.
  • 🤷🏽‍♀️ 4/5

    By 7_vte
    I really like the app but when I got it I assumed that it would be to look at different shoes and maybe even order a pair but overall it’s a good app.
  • Why? 4/5

    By ginga0975
    Why is it when I send a referral to a friend to get the points they never get a link?
  • Omg I love this app 5/5

    By amysees
    The points system is really cool. And it looks as though some of the rewards are pretty great
  • Works but referral doesn’t... 4/5

    By mrED123YT
    So i got this app, it was 3.7 stars and I was like cool! But I got it and it is a fine app, good graphics and good system kind of like the windows points thing system! So I was like let’s get some stickers or vans! And there is all of that the only thing is, when I try and refer a friend it doesn’t have a link so it makes it a bit acaward and I don’t get my 5x points for these stickers I want! Idk if the app is discontinued or if it’s just broken but if you try and msg someone or just copy the text it doesn’t send a link. But besides that good app but needs a little improving. Also they should have something to tell about this app if they are still funding it becuase I’m pretty sure the last time I went to vans, like 2 months ago, they didn’t have this or just didn’t tell anyone about it, ik nothing gonna change and I don’t want it to be like a GameStop where they flutter you with random crap you don’t want, but it’s just a thought.
  • Good app but lots of thing you can think improve 3/5

    By Tick like son
    I think this app is good but there are a couple of flaws 1. The points you can only get 800 points there should be a way to get more 2. All it is is a app for points I think you should turn it into a store you can buy from too/pick up Overall it a good app besides these two things
  • T’queela 1/5

    By T'queela
    It won’t even let me create a new account
  • Add a shopping feature 4/5

    By 
    I got the app because I thought I could look at vans and make customs because the website wasn't working for me and although this app is a great way to earn points I just wish I could also shop while on this app
  • OMG WHAAAA 5/5

    By 253621
    i love this app so much it’s super helpful and i get money for free. they also sent me a big thing full of friction and soft cookies they are sooooooooo good omg
  • I love you guys 5/5

    By Crystal ooo
    Hi I’m crystal okeke I just received a cookie box from you guys , I honestly love you guys , thank you for the reward , this app is a great way for me to keep up with style and it’s so organized! Keep up the good work❤️. #vansfamily
  • Shopping 3/5

    By Anthony27827472
    They should put shopping here, shirts, shoes and more, they will get more stars if they introduce this. It’s way more easier.
  • Cool Idea. Not the best execution 2/5

    By Bill S. Preston Esquire
    The idea is pretty cool. There are many company’s doing these rewards programs now. Some are much better than others. I have a couple issues with this program... First: Vans stores do gift with purchase giveaways (not anything connected to Vans Family). Usually it’s spend a 100$ in the store and you get a free gift. THOSE gifts are usually pretty cool. Bluetooth vans speakers/vans blanket/etc. All of the gift with purchase items I have received are better than what I get on the Vans fam app and some you have to spend much more than 100$ to get enough points to receive. Second: All of the reward items are geared toward people that spend very little in a Vans store or do their little surveys within the app. Having those rewards is fine, but there isn’t anything special for people who spend high amounts at the store/online. My points balance right now is like 25,000.. and I’ve spent points on everything I want on the app. I just have all of these points with nothing to spend them on. This app could be greatly improved if there were higher end items that people could cash in on. To me, if you want this program to grow, you have to push new content out on it multiple times a week, and offer higher end prizes for people to have an incentive to keep getting points. I could literally rant on this for hours, but I feel this achieves the frustration release I needed. All this frustration with this app, and I have to say that I love vans. I always have and will. Skater for life. Vans till death. I just wish this app was as rad as their shoes/history.
  • Good app but needs work 3/5

    By briandecker187
    It’s a good app but I think it has to get a website type of feel with shopping. You should be able to place orders to ship to your house. Put your rewards card in Apple Wallet to scan at the store
  • Great app 5/5

    By elizabethhh27
    I think it’s awesome and fun way to earn points cause they have cool, little surveys that are super short and you earn points from just giving your opinion. Also, every purchase adds to your points and you can do all that straight from this app so what more could you want
  • Need more online website features. 4/5

    By FinnKeys
    I like that app but I wish you could do what you can do online far as in creating custom bans or even ordering a pair of vans. When I first got the app that’s what I thought you could do but it’s really only for keeping up with your points and using your points. Please add that to the app. The app should correlate to the online website.
  • Shop at 5/5

    By i_amahab
    This app is awesome. For all the haters and simpletons out there, you can shop and track orders on the app. Duh!
  • Doesnt log on 1/5

    By AnitaKan
    Trying to log in, wont work. Iphone 8
  • Good app but needs new update 3/5

    By MicahDavid1008
    I love the vans Co.and have a lot of merchandise and I like to use the app to redeem points, but lately half of the app doesn’t even work when I try to tap on surveys the app crashes and not that this is the apps fault but the vans store I live buy never has anything that I try to redeem my points for and when I try to ship the it says not available to ship to where I live. please fix bugs and app will be better
  • Love but glitchy. 4/5

    By ibarrajose
    I love vans and all but the app glitches a lot when trying to earn points. Love this app though.
  • Password 1/5

    By pizza delivery boy
    If you forget your password you will never be able to log in with that email again

Vans Family app comments

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