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Vectornator is an intuitive vector graphic design software that empowers you to design anything you can imagine. Create sophisticated illustrations, interfaces, beautiful designs, amazing layouts — all in one super powerful tool. Vectornator does not look or feel like any graphic design tool you have ever used. It combines all the powerful tools, advanced features, and high performance that desktop apps offer with a revolutionary card user interface that is built for the touch of your finger and the precision of your pencil. FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS: • Create detailed vectors using our Pen, Node, Brush, and Shape tools. • Easily Align, Group, Mask, Order, Scale, Rotate, or Duplicate your objects. • Use Advanced Vector operations such as Corner radius, Boolean, combining, separating, outlining paths, and more. • Typography tool with full control over line height, kerning, tracking, font import, ability to outline text and placing it on a path. • Automatically turn bitmap images into vectors with Auto Trace. • Work with different artboards in a single document for an optimal UI and Web design experience. • Add any of our 80K icons from the Iconator library to your designs. • Color Picker with support for Gradients, Palettes, Hex input, HSB, RGB, Color blending, and Wide color gamut. • Precisely insert values instead of sliders with our keypad and move your objects by point with our built-in Joystick controls. INTEGRATIONS: • Compatible with Adobe Illustrator and Creative Cloud • A wide range of import and export options (AI*, PDF*, Sketch, Figma, SVG, PNG, JPG) + Individual layer export • Supports Drag and drop, Keyboard shortcuts, Split View, and Custom fonts. • Optimized for iPad Pro and Apple pencil, Supports digital input devices such as: (Apple Pencil, Adonit Pixel Stylus, Bamboo styli, Bamboo Slate, and Bamboo Folio). CONTACT: Do you have questions, feedback, or good ideas? We are always happy to hear from you! Please contact us at [email protected] Read more about Vectornator on Also follow us on Twitter @vectornator, Instagram @vectornatorpro, and like our Vectornator Facebook page. NOTES: For optimal performance, we recommend using Vectornator on iPad Air 2, iPad Pro models, and iPhone 6s and later.

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  • Saving 5/5

    By raleighwebb
    Love the app but i cant save my work which is very disapointing
  • Just started using, but this is giving me access to something I didn't think I could have right now 5/5

    By ReviewNiceName
    Thank you for making such a beautiful and easy to use application. It must have taken a lot of hardwork. Also, thank you for your generosity in making it free to use. I'm using this to take an Adobe course and it has everything that I need so far! I didn't think that I would be able to take the course right now, but with this I can. You took away a barrier to me learning new skills for future opportunities. Thank you a million!
  • Stunning vector application! 5/5

    By PDXer
    As a 30 year professional user of Adobe Illustrator, I have to say this is such an amazingly well done alternative! Free yourself from Adobe’s subscription and feel confident your clients will be satisfied with the professional level of the Vectornator file format. Desktop, iPad & iPhone versions available and eager to try them all.
  • Simple yet powerful 5/5

    By thegenius200x
    Just recently started getting into simple animation and sign design creation, adobes illustrator is unfortunately very barebones and yet this still provides a tad more and effortlessly.
  • Tutorials 1/5

    By 😈😍😘😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    So far you tutorials are terrible. They assume we have more knowledge than we do & go too fast.
  • I can't save my work 4/5

    By kkbby1537
    I love the program and how simple it is to design. This app would be perfect if it didn't freeze each time I'm ready to save my work
  • Best App for drawing 4/5

    By Lemonadpleas0
    Sooooooooooo goood! 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
  • Glitching on mobile 3/5

    By nano kurd
    It really really glitches when working on mobile exactly when working on it for too long like example I worked on a project for 30 minutes after that anything I selecte it will be deleted or shape get messed up or shape is appear outside of the frame and can’t select again every time I have this problem I have to close the app and open again please fix that I know mobile users maybe not that much but please fix those issues as well. And if that wasn’t my issue I was gonna give the app 5 stars🌟 for other app but I’m gonna give other stuff 5 star! (Thank you vectornator)
  • a few complaints about app. 3/5

    By karma:x
    i like the app overall but am using it on my mac but i cannot use some of the featers in the app and also there is no optiion for free brush. if those things get fixed it will be a perfect app. thank you for readng my respose. and good luck for the app developers. (thums up).
  • Bruh… 1/5

    By Chaydhi Bearry
    i got this app b/c i wanted to start my digital art journey, basically testing the waters. so i got vectornator since it was free and i wouldn’t have to worry about wasting my money. although i didn’t waste my money, i wasted my time, AND TIME IS MONEY !! this app is constantly freezing for no reason. i just got my ipad so there’s about 5 other apps on it, no pictures so i don’t think my storage is the issue. also, it doesn’t have as much features as i thought it would. smh the app isn’t even good for beginners.
  • Best App ever. 5/5

    By Lemons Ware
    This app should not be free. I have been loving this app for a while now. I have been using the vectors that I created for 2d animation. It is very intuitive and a great choice for beginners. Would recommend it to everyone.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Skumarsusa
    One feature that I forgot to mention in my review is the library. Check out Iconator and Unsplash that give you access to millions of high resolution images and signs. I love this feature. I am experimenting with everything that is available on the app and I love it.
  • Breaks my workflow with other apps 1/5

    By erc eld
    UPDATE: the developer replied to this interview to say "use the 'Always Open In…' function on Finder to fix the issue with Sketch files." This solution does not work. Prior to writing the original review, I was having such trouble with this issue that I reached out to customer support, and they first told me to do Always Open In.., which of course didn't work, but after that they told me to run some terminal command. Running the Terminal command did make .sketch files open in Sketch as they should, but it did not fix the icon issue. .sketch files have an icon preview that allows you to see the content of the file just from the icon or the preview window or Quick Look. When Vectornator is installed, even if you have successfully gotten the .sketch files to open in Sketch, the live icon is replaced with the generic Vectornator icon, making it impossible to preview the contents of a file without actually opening the file. For this reason, I stand by my original review: In addition to the convoluted UI being form over function, Vectornator is simply not compatible with any workflow that makes use of Sketch, and I would strongly advise against downloading Vectornator. All I have to say is this: if you use Sketch, do not download Vectornator. It has completely hijacked my Sketch files in Finder, forcing them to open in Vectornator even when I tell it to always use Sketch. Worse still, Vectornator's thirst for my Sketch files has changed the icon from a live preview of the file to a generic jpeg icon. I have no comment on the functionality of the app beyond: seriously, if you need to use Sketch do NOT download Vectornator, I'm begging you
  • Almost a five star app 4/5

    By Tune Taur
    The one thing that keeps me from giving this app five stars is the lack of ToolTips. You know, when you don't know what a speicifc tool does, so you hove your mouse over it, and get a little pop-up that says what it is and what it does. As it is now, I have to actually click on it and try it, and hope Undo will correct if it's not what I wanted. The actual operation of the app is great!
  • Never Going Back to Adobe Again! 5/5

    By Mr. E. Centric
    I was only looking for a new program because the iPad Version of Photoshop is TRASH. It’s a early stage Beta that they charge for, but they don’t bother telling you its a beta. They call it real Photoshop. It cant even do CMYK. I bought the iPad Pro instead of new MacBook Pro based on full Photoshop being available. I have a business and often do my own graphic design. Anyway, after wasting a week trying to work around all the limitations, like no CYMK, I decided to look for another program available in the iPad. I’m so glad I found Vectornator! I used it to replace PS, but really it functions like Illustrator. I learned to use it over the weekend and made 2 detailed roll up banners and some marketing postcards. I can’t believe it’s free … I know it wont be for long and I’ll be more than happy to pay for it. Please make a PDF document product next!
  • Asks for reviews every day 1/5

    By V_ltron3.14
    was five stars. but i got annoyed that it asked for a review everyday
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Skumarsusa
    I recently downloaded this free software. After a few minutes, I got a hang of it. I found the website very usefull. It explained everything. My suggestion is to make the how to section for Mac better because everything was focused on IOS 15 for i phone & I pad. I was able to export SVG files and use them in Blender. I am not a professional artist. I am an amateur so for me it was a challenge to learn it and then use it. I found everything easy to follow and do. I love the software. I use it on my Mac and have so far found no bugs or issues. I am happy to give the app 5 stars.
  • Love this app but every update breaks it 3/5

    By AshhTrix
    They recently put out an update that fixed a series of issues but now I cannot edit an existing file create a new file or even edit vector lines without the entire app crashing every single time and I’ve been trying to do it for days.
  • Decent 5/5

    By zekkan7
    Honestly it works pretty good for mobile but there’s three things that it’s kind of limiting, One trying to merge layers is awkward (wish I could just pinch together the layers I want to merge), 2 I can’t paste line art I made in other apps like procreate (I wanted to paste just the lines so I wouldn’t have to switch back to the other app). And 3 you got to save like directly after a long “curve” made with a lot of points. Or the app will crash and you’ll definitely lose a lot of progress. But besides that it’s a decent app.
  • Great Digital Drawing App! 5/5

    By ✨AngryPomeranian✨
    Omg, I love this app, it’s one of the best things ever that has happened to me in drawing apps. I love how you can create your own brushes and how you can add text. I also really like the art boards. Oh yeah and News too! It’s a great addition, to talk to people who share the same interests while learning as well. Tip: If you want to change it up and have a more pixel-y look, then you can use blur; usually I use a small brush so 0.17 blur is good for me. It usually works best and too blurred when it’s under 1.00 blur :)
  • Really dig the app 4/5

    By Notorious M.I.T.
    Really really like the app, but it gets finicky when you work on a file for a bit. I think it’s a memory thing or something. I can exit a file, go back in and it runs smoothly for a few moves then gets finicky again. Mainly right now for me it’s the the bezeir curves and manipulating the points, things start to snap at certain degrees when I don’t want them to, even with all the “snap to” options turned off. The UI is pretty intuitive, not hard to find things. There are a few features missing from the tool kit I’m used to, big one for me is a shear tool or a skew tool. I don’t remember there being a gradient mesh tool or an array tool, but I could be wrong. Features do eventually get added if there’s enough interest for it which is awesome. It has definitely gotten more stable over the year or so I’ve had it. Starting to miss Adobe Illustrator less and less. This app has the potential sit next to or even move pass Illustrator.
  • Easily in my top 5 fav apps 5/5

    By Dillasaysgo
    Rarely do I see such near perfection and solid attention to detail in an application. Linearity did such an excellent job here on interface design and functionality. Also, from my experience, is virtually bug and crash free. I’ve only been using this app for a week now and I am truly confident this tool will remain in my essentials. A pure joy to work with on the 12.9” iPad Pro with Apple Pencil especially. To be completely honest, I have little to no experience in vector illustration but Vectornator is so freakin intuitive it’s not even an issue. I can create whatever my heart desires. It’s really easy to pick up as you go if you’re a novice. That is a huge plus for me but I feel advanced users will love it even more. So many features packed into a professional iOS app it’s mind blowing what you can do. I can see myself making some very complex designs in the coming days.
  • Best App 5/5

    By Rubelmahmud
    I was searching an alternative app of adobe illustrator. finally i got this one. it's just awesome. I am using this on my macbook, iMac also on iPhone.
  • No merge, no expand? 2/5

    By Korvidia
    I don’t understand the positive reviews & awards - maybe I’m missing something, but Pathfinder doesn’t appear to work on lines, yet there’s no way to expand lines or create outlines; there is also no way to merge layers! These are essential features.
  • Great app, still a bunch of bugs, and fucntionalities missing 4/5

    By LazaroFilm
    Great alternative to Adobe's solution, but There are some speed response issues (MBP 16") some bugs (modifying text is a pain, so is selecting multiple objects and aligning them) and some important, (negative lane spacing). A lot of pential, I'm still using it for small graphics but would not handle larger jobs.
  • I can't download the latest version because I use Catalina. 5/5

    By Starfy Stars
    But the version I have is still fire.
  • Used to be great now it’s trash 1/5

    By Milia Mikari
    This used to be my favorite app and I used it almost every day. But with every update they mess something up. I continued using it for a while hoping they would fix things, but the list of problems just kept growing until it has become impossible to use and just a frustrating mess. I’ve submitted videos of the glitches via Twitter but they’ve never fixed them. I’m sure this review will be ignored too or get a generic response with no action.
  • Update unfortunate 1/5

    By Sshull89
    I loved working with this app BEFORE the update. It was easy to use and navigate, now it is ridiculously difficult and the options I had before seem to be found nowhere. I will unfortunately be uninstalling this app and finding an easier, more fun one to use.
  • So many possibilities! 5/5

    By hdhsbzyxhshsgxj
    The moment I started using Vectornator, was the moment I started creating even more artwork.I was able to create artwork that I didn’t think would be possible, digitally. Thank you Vectornator and looking forward for more creations!
  • super limited 1/5

    By levstern21
    You can only make custom shapes and editing pictures is nearly impsoissible like they don't want you to. Putting stock images and trying to put so much as ANCHOR POINTS on the pictures and you can't. Only on shapes which is ridiculous and makes editing so difficult and not enjoyable at all
  • Free and perfect 5/5

    By Mustafa Al-Mohana
    A great and completely free vector application that really worth at least a try .
  • Jazz 4/5

    By RAPTORrats YT
    Ya like jazzzzz????? 👀
  • Can't save files 1/5

    By PnsettaInPsnRain
    8 hours of work completely gone because there's some sort of bug that is corrupting any files made if you "save" while working. Looking online for a potential fix showed me this has been a problem since January 2020. Not worth "free" when you can't trust your work will be safe.
  • Can't Open EPS Files 4/5

    By KoolAidRefuser
    I needed to open an EPS and save it to SVG but Vecctornator does not support EPS files.
  • Reccomended 5/5

    By ♢Ilisabith
    I just got the app a little over 3 hours ago and its awsome recomended for newbies!!!

    By Sexxy1991
  • Could be better 4/5

    Needs to have a tutorial on how to use all of its abilities
  • Handy Tool 5/5

    By kirala7
    I've been using an external tool to convert my line drawings to vectors, but Vectornator has made it incredibly easy to refine those drawings by editing the nodes. I am just scratching the surface of what this program can do, but it fits my needs incredibly well.
  • Freezing 1/5

    By Musty2468
    I use a iPhone 12 pro max my iOS is up to date anytime I open the app and try to create any new document it Freezes.
  • Not sure what to think 2/5

    By Apfelmaennchen
    This appears to be a very powerful tool that for reasons I have yet to understand is given away for free. My iPad mini 5 is on iOS 14.7. I created a letter-size doc and created a few circles and lines, so far so good. When I try to insert a text box, however, I only get to even see it if I set the point size to 1 point, at that setting it appears as what I would think is about 20 point, which is bizarre. I cannot resize that text box. I can edit it, but only with a cursor that appears to be 500 point size. Meanwhile, I can zoom out and in, but the zoom setting always stays at 999%. I have a feeling that those issues are all connected, but the result is that at the moment I cannot use this promising tool at all because of these frustrating issues. I the above issues (which I cannot believe would have slipped through testing but are caused by API changes or whatever) get resolved I’ll be more than happy to upgrade my rating to the 4 or 5 stars it appears to deserve.
  • Confusing 1/5

    By TUA_addict
    Very confusing hard to navigate
  • Im New to Graphic Art (<1.5yr) 5/5

    By BoredGuySteve
    I downloaded this app a little more than a year ago with basically no graphic art knowledge/training. Its amazing UI makes it easy to learn and navigate its plethora of tools (with a recent update making the workflow that much fast, currently retraining my muscle memory to accept the new suggestive toolbar). In short order I went from creating a mess to creating something that I considered impressive, been hooked since. I have a couple other apps, some even costing money, and I always find myself coming back to vectornator. Its not perfect, nor does it hae every bell and whistle, but its a solid product and irs FREE. Cant wait to see what the team does to it next! Keep up the good work!
  • So great 3/5

    By Designlove56
    Great, but there are some issues that need to be worked out. Firstly, there are file compatability issues with AI files or even PDF files. Files imported from illustrated sometimes don’t come in correctly. It has a hard time mapping over a gradient if a certain file has one. Sometimes it takes it in fine. So I’m not sure what that issue is, but having the ability to import AI, and PDF should allow for files to come into the software perfectly. Something seems off with the importing system. We also need EPS export and import. Another thing I notice is on some works and files when we move the canvs you can see the work become pixelated as you pan the canvas around. Wound up getting all typefaces in with Fontinator, but it wasn’t an easy process and took a long time.
  • Amazing intuitive app 5/5

    By eclu
    I started using this app as an alternative to adobe illustrator, seeing as I don't work in vector graphics as much as rastor based work, so wanted to avoid the expensive subscription fees for adobe. This app is suprisingly good, much better than I'd anticipated. It's more than enough for anyone to jump into making vector graphics, even if only out of curiosity. It also seems quite capable and can be a valuable design tool. I really appreciate the creators of this app providing software like this for people to use. Keep up the great work!
  • Best Free App 1/5

    By jaco33jaco
    I’ve been working with it for a while and it’s pretty easy and straightforward to use. It’s good for people who are used to working with vector drawings and files as such. But with the new update anytime I import an image the app crashes. I used to be able to add pictures to any layer or as a new document but I can’t import any image with pout the app crashing.
  • Good app, could use some improvements. 4/5

    By Cosimo Aho
    This is a really good app, but sometimes it can be a little bit frustrating.
  • good but not great 3/5

    By l smerf
    I hate the new update for this app it’s now harder to use and I hate that I have to update it almost every day so it’s good for drawings but I hate trying to use it it’s like the more I use it the worse it gets thank you for your time Ok so let me explain I hate it because after a few pictures that I make the app freezes and I can’t close it so I have to shutdown my phone and when I go back on to the app it deletes the photos that I just made and that is why I don’t like it I’m sorry I don’t but I still use it though
  • "Vectornator does not look or feel like any graphic design tool you have ever used." 1/5

    By fewerjunk
    That's not exactly a selling point based on every other graphic design tool I've used including: GIMP, Inkscape, Krita, Illustrator, Pinta, VectorStyler, Affinity Designer, LibreDraw, and Blender (that last one - took a while too). If it were more like any graphic design tool I've ever used: "Delete" might actually delete. It might be incredibly easy (not to mention intuitive to open a document in (or switch to) portrait mode (with white backround) rather than landscape. And, "Preferences" might be more detailed than: "Appearance" and "Canvas" each with only two options neither of which I'm looking for. I'm not really looking for, or interested in a whole new way of design with a graphic tool unlike any I've ever used before. What I've used before is working just fine at the moment and even if it doesn't do what yours does, I don't have to work nearly as hard at doing it.
  • Great free design app 3/5

    By erc eld
    I would say Vectornator is the best free design app out there. The interface is very different from most design apps, but might be easier to pick up for people who are more familiar with Procreate than Adobe. The biggest draw for me is that it is (or was?)one of the only alternatives available to Illustrator’s ImageTrace. Seems like I can’t find it in the app anymore though, so it’s possible that feature has been removed 🤷🏻 Anyway, the main thing holding me back from truly leaning in to using Vectornator on a daily basis is the fact that the Mac version hijacks .sketch files and removes their thumbnail preview. If Sketch isn’t a part of your workflow, definitely give this app a shot!

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