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  • Current Version: 1.0.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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Veho Mobile App

Take charge of your deliveries with Veho! We are a technology company rethinking last mile logistics. We enable personalized, fast, and transparent deliveries which means you can easily track and find up to date information about your orders. Realize you need to go into your office tomorrow? Veho provides the ability to quickly update your delivery information to ensure that your package gets to you. With Veho you control the delivery down to the exact location you want the package delivered. Provide our delivery partners with instructions to leave the package at your front door, inside a storage locker, with a doorman, or next to the garden gnome. We're on a mission to reinvent the delivery experience: - Easily track & find up to date information about your orders - Quickly update your delivery information - Add customizable delivery instructions - Be able to quickly connect with our Support team over text

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Veho Mobile app reviews

  • Login Loop 1/5

    By Tfcalex96
    Stuck in a loop of asking for a verification code, receiving one, typing it in, and then being brought ti my order page where it asks me to login if I’d like to leave or change instructions. This is my first and only time “using” the app.
  • Terrible company terrible service 1/5

    By alexkindofcares
    Rude and slow responding company not worth your time or business.
  • Incompetent 1/5

    By SarahOct
    Veho delivered to the wrong address and is not responding to messages. The app is useless.
  • Package Delivery 5/5

    By November SE
    I’m able to leave instructions easily for the package delivery person so the porch pirates won’t see it
  • This is the WORST delivery service EVER!!! 1/5

    By 1459701
    If you see a package being delivered by this service immediately get your money back because the drivers will take your items at your dime! Not to mention the customer service is absolute TRASH.
  • Worst customer service. 1/5

    By Bear6309
    They keep delivering to my neighbors house. I keep asking them to update the delivery instructions as you can’t do it on the app. 3 week and aNo response - and when I pressed the matter my HelloFresh order was almost fully melted, as if they left it to go bad. Even on the phone the delivery people will get the address wrong because none of them actually understand English but besides that they have the WORST customer service ever. There’s not reason I have send over 10 messages to them in the last 3 weeks and nothing has been acknowledged.
  • Zero customer service 1/5

    By AkraLiz0414
    I’ve never liked Veho deliveries (instead of putting packages in the **safe** package lockers like other services do, they always abandon them outside my building, which stresses me out if I happen to be at work while it happens.) When there is a problem, like their delivery person delivers it to the wrong address (they sent a photo of the latest delivery and it is NOT my door, I have no idea where the package is) customer service is no where to be found. All I want is an apology — I’m not asking for the moon here.
  • Absolute trash 1/5

    By Suckmahballs
    Customer support fails to respond after losing packages and the company I buy from has to reimburse me. Hopefully all these food services will just find another way to send stuff because this service is stealing their money
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Rachel Chicago Rescue
    Originally I wrote a terrible review because no one was responding to me but I left my license in a return that Veho picked up and they found someone to find my package and pick it up and bring it back to me so I could get my stuff. Thank you
  • Easiest food prep yet! 4/5

    By Lakeland CR
    Still getting used to the amount of food that is delivered. Myself, I do not like cutting up bigger chunks of meat so I would prefer meals that are mostly cut up. The taste has always been good even the things that I do not like, seem tasty. I gave it four stars because of the amount of chicken, not one of my favorite meats. I might have to start getting only five meals a week. I choose to eat fish on Fridays, so I am always looking for your new fish recipes. Salmon and mahi-mahi are my favorites. Thank you for this type of food prep.
  • Perfect at Everything 5/5

    By Crazy Wild Animal
    Veho is the delivery company that my meal service uses. Their timing, deliveries, communications — everything they do is better than my meal service. In fact, if Veho wasn’t so good, I may have switched meal companies already. Veho sends me a reminder text the day before and the day of deliveries. They also text when the items are actually delivered and include a picture. The text communications are detailed and concise and do not leave me guessing. They have even sent me the customer service number for the meal company once! I just downloaded the app today and in under 30 seconds, I was able to reroute my order to my daughter’s house as I am stuck out of town! How amazing is that?! Veho employees and their tools are on point for customer service satisfaction. I know apps cost money to create so thank you to the marketing team and decision makers for doing it right! Great job!!!
  • They delivered my package to outside my office building 1/5

    By Bonniez1234
    I’ve been in my office building for 10 years and I receive packages all the time and never in my life and I received a package that was delivered after hours when the building was locked and the person decided to leave it on the front sidewalk. The clear instructions were to deliver it to my suite or at least two outside my suite door. Instead, they delivered it to the outside of the front of the building on the sidewalk and it is now a holiday weekend so I am certain it will be stolen. I would never recommend this delivery service! Ups and FedEx would never have done this!
  • Arrived at Veho facility 1/5

    By Gabepimentel
    Dec 19: arrived veho facility Dec 19: arrived at veho facility (ya on the same day within an hour) Dec 20: arrived at veho facility Dec 21: arrived at veho facility What kind of tracking updates are these? Literally every other shipping service at the very least tell you the city/state location for an event.. how am I suppose to tell when something is wrong or if I can actually expect delivery today? I haven’t even gotten my package yet and I know now to avoid retailers that use Veho. So stupid
  • If you don’t want your package - use this service. 1/5

    By Elie V
    I don’t know if these people train their employees at all !! The drivers do NOT follow instructions. Many time they left Blue Apron package outside when it was 100 degrees, when it rained, delivered to the wrong address etc etc etc. The absolute worst and careless delivery service ever. It’s a shame hello fresh and blue apron use them!!!
  • Cannot recommend 1/5

    By Tiefoon
    Absolutely horrible service. Delivery drivers never follow delivery instructions and packages are constantly lost as a result. Avoid at all costs.
  • Great Delivery Service!! 5/5

    By jazzy1224
    We live in the Austin area and we’ve had great success with Veho. Our delivery person is awesome! We order from Everyplate and have never had a single issue with any delivery. Just installed the app and it works great! I know some have complained about not getting the code, but it came quickly and everything works.
  • Awful App 1/5

    By Spdrace025
    This app is useless on my iPhone 12 Pro Max. I’m unable to enter the PIN code to log into the app for the first time. There should be a web based program that I can use.
  • This app is a nightmare 1/5

    By LINYmermaid
    Waited 2 days for my food package to arrive. Kept receiving texts with delivery windows in the middle of the night. Am I expected to wake up and grant access into my gated community between 1-4am? It wouldn’t matter because the access code I provided was never utilized anyway. I cancelled my home chef subscription and will not be using them again due to Veho. No way to even contact anyone from the company. Feels like a scam. BEWARE!
  • The worst delivery provider, hands down 1/5

    By m_fizzle
    AWFUL delivery service and the app is terrible too. No info in the app that isn’t provided on their site, which is very limited too. If you do end up having to use veho to deliver something, just give up cause it will never get to you. They are absolutely incompetent. Over the course of two weeks they tried to deliver my package a half dozen times and no matter what info I gave them they could not find my place. No other service has EVER had trouble locating me or getting in the community. Asked them 3x to call if there was an issue finding it or getting in and nope. They just wait until you text them say oh sorry we had an issue yesterday. Well why didn’t you call?????? Told them just return it and I’ll get a refund. That was the only east part.
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By Deahanaca143
    The absolute worse if you can avoid using them i would the driver left my package 4 towers down and at the wrong door why ask for specific instructions if you’re not going to use them thank god the people were honest that live there and gave me my package
  • Deliverer 1/5

    By EbbySM94
    The Veho delivered to the wrong house and when I went on the app to talk to support it tell you to Message them and I did multiple times and no one replied. What’s the point of having the message for support if you get no support. So now I can’t receive my delivery. The crazy thing is you delivered to me last month and this month with the same address you go to the wrong house.
  • Awful App and Service 1/5

    By Tcy022
    Driver did not deliver according to instructions so my package was stolen. I replied to the text thread within less than a minute from the delivery update asking to move it to the correct location and was told no. Contacting support did nothing. Downloading this app, as directed, gave zero additional information and the support option just sent me right back to the SMS text thread where they were already non-responsive and unhelpful. I won’t order from Nespresso again because of this awful service.
  • Why? 1/5

    By KingsCake
    Why am I being forced to install this for a coffee delivery? 0/10 no interest and don’t care.
  • They are the worst! 1/5

    By Umhosni
    They threw my baggage in the street, and someone found it and called them they didn’t care. Thanks to a beautiful lady , she had to drive all the way to bring it to me herself!
  • Ditto I don’t have my 5 digit code for need ! 4/5

    By Debbster2
    Need I write any more -where are our codes to do anything with the bloody app ? We don’t have any 5 or 6 digit delivery codes- Ok so I got contacted and I see they corrected the problem- Kuddos to them! So many places wouldn’t have even bothered- I’m impressed they fixed the problem! Thank you - I have reevaluated my Review and Rating as well!
  • Support is not even kind of supportive 1/5

    By ItMeBetty
    Support literally does not exist. No one responds.
  • I need more deliveries with this flexibility!! 5/5

    By chrisdelisle
    Okay I have no idea what’s going on with the people who aren’t able to get their 6 digit codes?! Everything worked according to the instructions provided on the app. The only hiccup I ran into was that after I logged in and verified my phone number, the app said “this order is not connected to this account” but I backed out of the screen and reloaded the delivery info and everything was connected as normal. I added my delivery instructions and it was so freaking easy. Can y’all start delivering my e-commerce business packages?! Oh and to the reviewer who gave 1 star be cause veho shares data with their business partners…not sure you know how third parties work??? If they didn’t share the data there would be no point in even offering this service.
  • Horrid app 1/5

    By Kboatwright1
    What’s the point of downloading if they redirect you to text a support that doesn’t respond?
  • No privacy in their policy 1/5

    By AliVegan
    Apparently the app is the only way to communicate with Veho regarding deliveries, and I do not want to agree to their privacy policy because they seem to share data with their business partners.
  • Where is the code? 1/5

    By Caregiving in Philadelphia
    I like all the other reviewers have the same problem-a text is sent but there is no code-I suppose you just don’t want anyone to add info or track shipment. I don’t know why Warby Parker just doesn’t use UPS or FedEx, heck they could use USPS for what they’re paying this site. What a waste of time.
  • Code needed but not provided 1/5

    By Ivysin
    Same as other reviews. This app asks for a 6 digit code that is never provided, making the app worthless. Why bother to create an app that asks for a code that isn’t provided? This is for a Factor meal package. It would be nice if I could give the gate code, but again, the app asks for a 6 digit code it doesn’t give in the text message link that directs you to the app. It doesn’t have anyway for you to request the code either.
  • No code sent 1/5

    By no code sent
    Have to download app to leave delivery instructions. Cannot do anything in app without 6 digit code that they never sent. Veho should allow adding instructions by replying to the text like they used to instead of pushing this app that has not been well thought out & tested.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By Cobras 68
    I received a text for my delivery and it forced me to download this app. Nothing came up. I responded via the text because the app offers “support” but it just sends you to the original text window. Feels like a scam. Will be contacting the company I ordered from and requesting a different delivery service.
  • Downloaded app- need my code 2/5

    By BlondePnyTail
    Marley spoon delivered perfectly from your service. Today is the first time in 8 months that I need to modify my delivery instructions. Downloaded your app per instructions in text, but the text message doesn’t have the 6 digit package code. So now I’m just frustrated. If you are “rethinking package delivery”, perhaps someone can THINK to include this vital info in your texts. I am so 2022Ooover apps that don’t have their own developers USE the app. Try it. One job.
  • App screen is too big for my phone 1/5

    By BigAlWood2
    Part of being able to use the app is being able to agree to the policies and procedures and privacy statement, which I would do if I could get to the accept link. I’ve tried swiping up, but it doesn’t seem to work. I’m stuck.