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  • Current Version: 1.3.5032
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Chicago Transit Authority
  • Compatibility: Android
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Ventra App

Ride CTA, Metra & Pace with Ventra: Manage your fares, buy Metra mobile tickets, get arrivals. Use transit in and around all of Chicago: It's easy to manage and pay your fare on CTA, Metra and Pace buses and trains with the Ventra app. Find all the features you're used to on the Ventra website and more, including mobile ticketing for Metra trains! With the Ventra app, you can: • Check your balance and available passes in your Ventra Card's transit account. • Instantly load value or passes to your Ventra Card's transit account. • Switch autoload for transit value or passes on and off. • Buy and use Metra mobile tickets to ride any Metra train. • Use transit value you've loaded to buy a Metra ticket. • Get real-time account notifications so you know when it's time to load more fare or buy more tickets. • Get real-time arrival/departure information from CTA, Metra and Pace all in one app—by picking a stop, using favorites or looking at service near where you're standing.

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Ventra app reviews

  • 0/5 stars if possible 1/5

    By ZCreek
    Lost 3 rides on the Amtrak and half the time this app won’t open/work.
  • Schedule is inadequate 1/5

    By Zookeeper Q
    Looking at daily schedule is nearly impossible. You have to select a day and stops and then it will only tell you the arrival of the train/bus is 13 hours away. Why can’t it just tell me that the bus arrives at 5:34am? Needs to be more user friendly.
  • Not compatible w iPhone XR 1/5

    By Lisa-Piece-a-Pie
    Thanks CHICAGO
  • IPhone 10 still not compatible 1/5

    By Sexielexie
    Can you please make the app compatible with the iPhone 10?
  • Not functional 1/5

    By alyssa b r
    After their most recent update, it doesn’t even work anymore. Just won’t load. Also isn’t smart enough to let you transfer the balanced from a lost card.
  • Doesn’t Work on iPhone Xs Max 1/5

    By Dheeru Narla
    When are you going to update the app to work on iPhone Xs Max? All I can see is a frozen home screen of the Ventra app. It’s been almost a year iPhone Xs Max came out and Ventra still did not release an update.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Hessian9
    I have this app on my iPod touch 6th generation with iOS 12+ and it does absolutely nothing! On startup it loads the initial splash screen and that’s all I get! I waited several minutes and still nothing! I just loaded the latest update and it still does nothing! I just installed another update to version 1.3.5032. The initial splash screen is still the only thing that I get! Does anybody at Ventra or the app developer actually read these reviews? I have had absolutely no response from anyone about this problem!
  • Apple Wallet 5/5

    By AntonX777
    Love the app, wish that the ability to add to apple wallet would roll out soon, hopefully it includes payment on pace as well. Thanks for app services
  • iPhone X 1/5

    By Kelz4
    Doesn’t seem to work since I upgraded to the X.
  • Needs Update 1/5

    By greeda1
    Let’s update this to fit screen of all iPhones like other apps, just a common thing. Not optimized for 10 series and newer screens
  • App needs a design newer than 2008 1/5

    By csduncan
    Back in 2008 I saw websites and apps with better design that the Ventra app. Any IT person or developer will know what I mean. Not only is the app not compatible with full screen iPhone X/XS layout, it’s plain ugly/clunky to use. You have the backend and logic in place. Complete a design overall that follows best practice design/performance/accessibility guidelines. Every software application has a lifecycle and the project manager over this app should know that it’s lifecycle is nearing completion and needs an overhaul/upgrade. Get it done or be doomed to 1-star reviews forevermore!
  • Won’t load at all... 1/5

    By Dustin_UT
    The newest update made the app not load at all on my phone. Also, maybe figure out how to integrate with the “Transit” app on the App Store. It’s way better for route planning and favoriting bus and train lines.
  • Don’t work in iPhone XS plus 1/5

    By KingR.E.D.
    Don’t work in iPhone XS plus
  • Doesn’t open 1/5

    By --DAG--
    I switched to iphone xs max and when I try to use app it doesn’t open.
  • HORRIBLE APP!!!! 1/5

    By bsnsnansbs
    Trains are never labelled with the correct times or numbers, have missed trains because even other people are never certain which train is correct. Get it together, the multiple poor reviews shouldve been an indication on this quality
  • Nonfunctional. 1/5

    By Lilyd00274
    App won’t even open on my brand new XR. Incredibly inconvenient to not have access to timetables/ metra/ refill.
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By krish's apple
    Useless app. Just stops working when the need comes. Sometimes logs out by itself and sometimes freezes.
  • The worst app I own 1/5

    By DD-BBB
    Most unreliable app I own. If rarely works. If I can give it no stars I would. Pay hundreds of dollars of year to ride a train and are presented with this piece of garbage to buy tickets? Needs to be gutted and rebuilt from the ground up.
  • Horrible and never reliable 1/5

    By vuong22
    I have never used such a horrible app. It's never reliable and takes forever to sync let along log in. This app needs more reliability when buying metra tickets. I had to pay on the train because the app was not working when I had CTA transit value available. Very disspointing when people's mode of transportation is CTA and Metra to get to work.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By newpuckrising
    Hey CTA, fix your piece of crap app. It work as well as your union leaders do. Inefficient.
  • Don’t input your credit card information 1/5

    By Blitzkrieg_exe
    Once you enter credit card information to your account in this app, you cannot remove it unless you replace it with another credit card. Do yourself a favor and use Apple Pay if you have to. Don’t let Ventra keep your financial information hostage.
  • App won’t load 1/5

    By pls fix ventra
    Horrible app. The auto-load feature has never worked in the 2.5 years I’ve had the app. And now finally the push to write this review - my app won’t even load on my phone making it impossible to add funds or make changes on my Ventra card. When I open the app I just get the static blue screen background for the app and nothing else loads after waiting and waiting.
  • One Star is Generous 1/5

    By Morgankoppy
    It works... sometimes. Basically as reliable as Metra. It’s glitchy, sketchy, and a big waste.
  • App hasn’t worked for two months 1/5

    By alexerin2jobrofans
    Ever since I updated I can’t even get the app to load
  • One of the worst apps.... 1/5

    By Deviced in DG
    I would give it 0 stars if I could. It just doesn’t work. It won’t allow me to put a payment method in - fields are blocked. Error messages give no information. Three of us all struggled with the app on 3 different phones. It needs a complete rewrite.

    By kk_chicago
    I use this app everyday, and it never ceases to frustrate me that I can’t organize my favorite train/bus stops in the order I would like. Not only do I have to go scrolling through a massive list that has no order (I have approximately 20 frequently used stops I check constantly), if I add a new stop the order of the list scrambles around again and I have to re-memorize the new random order of the stops. I would like to have customization so I can put the stops I check most frequently at the top and not have to go scrolling for them. FIX THIS PLEASE, I’M STUCK USING THIS AWFUL SYSTEM EVERYDAY.
  • Update app to work with iPhone Xs! 1/5

    By CyberpunkDad
    One star until you get the app updated to work with the new iPhone Xs. I have $70 in digital tickets I cannot use. Please fix this ASAP.
  • Piece of 💩 App 1/5

    By ©1980
    This app doesn’t recognize my registered ventra card although I’ve had it for 2 years now and have confirmed with customer service countless times that is registered. Every single ****ing time I try to add money to my ventra thru this app it makes me re-logging which then makes me go thru a 5 minute process to reset the password. When I reset the password a wheel spins and does not log me in. I swear I have NEVER HATED and despised using a single app so much smfh. The only reason I don’t delete it is because it actually works when buying a metra ticket or checking my ventra balance. But it will not recognize my registered ventra card so I can never add funds online. It can’t be that ****ing hard to program an app that is user friendly for the millions of customers that ride the ****ing CTA every day. All the money generated and you cannot create a seamless online app for your customers? So I have to go out of the way to go to a ventra machine or to a store to pay a “convenience” fee to load or call the customer service and give my card info to some stranger. I just wanted to say I hate you people dearly to whom ever designed this ****ing piece of 💩. Thank u for wasting countless amounts of time I will never get back. Sincerely 🖕🏾
  • Blue Screen of Death 1/5

    By Thor Eric
    I open the app and get the blue splash screen. That’s it. It does nothing else. Yep.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Young Mali-Mal
    This app always glitch, I can never see whats in my account. I can only see it sometimes. Doesn’t show my full amount. I can’t use different cards like that cause I always have to update my address which I don’t understand. Please fix this app it’s killing me.
  • Fine for the most part. 4/5

    By vpshadow
    I recently switched devices and I chose the backup from iCloud route when setting up my phone. Unlike many people from other reviews, I had no issues retrieving my passes/tickets/balance. Although for the first boot up of the app since the new device, it stalled and didn’t load (stuck on splash screen). I tried restarting the app by force quitting but it didn’t work. I ended up fully deleting the app and redownloading it from the App Store. It worked fine since. The only gripe I have is that it hasn’t been updated for the larger iPhone screen sizes (iPhone X).
  • Sitting money 2/5

    By 12rhonda
    I have money in an account that I assumed I closed because I order a new one... NOT. Now I have to call a robot to get my cards right. It has to be a better way to maneuver YOUR money around. I hate this😒
  • App hasn’t loaded correctly on my iPhone 8 in months 1/5

    By Paise19
    This app stopped loading correctly on my iPhone 8 at least 4 months ago, and it still hasn’t been fixed. All I ever get is the blue Ventra background—no menu, no options to interact with the app. Get it together, Ventra; you used to be a useful app.
  • Clunky and glitchy 1/5

    By JD-cg
    Never maintained. Still not up to date to dimensions of newer phones. Randomly logs you out. Then won’t log you back in to network issues but everything else on your phone is working. About as reliable as actual Chicago transit... so at least it’s consistent.
  • Literally useless 1/5

    By gbaaaeee
    The app won’t load past the first loading screen for me, been like this for 2 months now I might as well delete the app
  • Terrible 1/5

    By behrnfo
    Always resets itself and locks me out of my account. One time if auto reloaded a monthly pass 3 times!!!
  • Top 3 worst “apps" I've ever used 1/5

    By Fasttunnelfanatic
    I am a software developer and this is easily one of the worst apps I've ever used. Constant crashing and ticket loss, forced logouts and failed syncing. Any other reviews with more than 1 star are just plain wrong. This app has cost me at least an additional $50 having to buy one way tickets because it doesn't load my already purchased ones. Oh, and the user interface is a disaster. It does not use native features of your phone. They constantly require you to enter your password and it doesn't work with password managers. Leave it to government to get the cheapest Dev work possible, and it definitely shows here.
  • Fails when you need it 1/5

    By Jamesguh
    This app worked in the past, but now it’s evident that it has absolutely terrible error handling. I can’t purchase a Metra ticket because the app is failing to sync my Ventra card to it. I can see my card and its balance on, but the app comes up blank. I had access to my Ventra as a payment option before I tried logging in/out, but even then it threw non-descript errors. I wish the city and Metra would move away from this system
  • The. Worst. App. Ever. 1/5

    By AEJB55
    Nothing but issues. Glitches and takes your money. Kicks you out of your account and won’t let you back in. It’s ridiculous.
  • Wow! Horrible! What idiot made this? 1/5

    By mpaulsonco
    The nicest possible way I could describe this app would be a steaming pile of poop. It’s that bad.
  • Busted 1/5

    By Touristan
    Not working on iPhone after iOS upgrade. Now what!
  • Broken 1/5

    By Redhawk12222
    App sits on the loading screen
  • City of Chicago: please fix this app and the bus system. Thanks 1/5

    By Lambo Leap Fanatic
    👎 this app stinks
  • Bad update 1/5

    By mass confusion
    The app literally doesn’t even open. It sits on the loading screen
  • stuck at loading screen 1/5

    By Yuxiang chi
    it just stucks
  • App won’t open 1/5

    By dane1326
    That’s it - app freezes on loading page.
  • Cannot open 1/5

    By Doctor.Z
    I cannot open the app and it just stuck at the opening screen
  • The worst app possible 1/5

    By Mike Khmarnyy
    I mean this thing is just a total trash. Half of the features don’t work. Was trying to link up my pace pass. Was working for months however now it keeps on saying to sign in.... Can you hire some decent dev team. Seems like you got at dollar store on sale.
  • Poor consistency 1/5

    By ChicagoTwirl
    I love the design and functionality. But the app. consistently fails to OPEN and fails to load AND deletes my ticket and account information. I do hope they can really make this a first-class application.

Ventra app comments

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