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Ventra App

Ride CTA, Metra & Pace with Ventra: Manage your fares, buy Metra mobile tickets, get arrivals. Use transit in and around all of Chicago: It's easy to manage and pay your fare on CTA, Metra and Pace buses and trains with the Ventra app. Find all the features you're used to on the Ventra website and more, including mobile ticketing for Metra trains! With the Ventra app, you can: • Check your balance and available passes in your Ventra Card's transit account. • Instantly load value or passes to your Ventra Card's transit account. • Switch autoload for transit value or passes on and off. • Buy and use Metra mobile tickets to ride any Metra train. • Use transit value you've loaded to buy a Metra ticket. • Get real-time account notifications so you know when it's time to load more fare or buy more tickets. • Get real-time arrival/departure information from CTA, Metra and Pace all in one app—by picking a stop, using favorites or looking at service near where you're standing.

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  • Unreliable 1/5

    By Kaydog Keller
    Basic functionality (train tickets and schedules) are fine when the app feels like working. Other times it just hangs on a blue screen and doesn’t work at all however. I suppose it’s a fitting application for the overall dysfunctional and unreliable Metra system.
  • I don't think ventra cares 1/5

    By agrsivo
    Buggy: it often crashes which can spell trouble if you're trying to pay a fare in Metra or reloading when trying to board the CTA. I'm not expecting this to be fixed.
  • Just had to leave a train 1/5

    By kwf1987
    I got on the train. The app wasn’t working. I couldn’t load my ticket. I IMMEDIATELY approached the conductor asking if he’d seen it before. He didn’t even stop walking, just blew past me and mumbled something about needing a ticket. I pay 240 for the monthly pass. He comes back and I’m searching my pockets. I tell him I’m going to Chicago (Kedzie). He tells me the ticket cost. I admit it, I panicked and froze up. Not enough cash. He blows off. I realize there’s nothing for it, hes not going to work with me, but it’s not his responsibility to. I get up to get off the train. The conductor comes back around before I do. I tell him I don’t have any way to get a ticket so I’m leaving. As I get off the train the conductor shouts that this is where I wanted to go, anyway. He called me a liar. He waited until I was off the train and couldn’t reply, the coward. I have restarted my phone, enabled airplane mode, and flushed the cache. No effect. This whole scenario was initiated by my trust that using the recommended means of purchasing a ticket would be enough to see me to my destination. Don’t use this app. It will let you down, sooner or later. Still, what I really object to? I tried to do the right thing and was insulted for it, by an alleged professional.
  • Frozen In Time 1/5

    By kunsch2106
    The app is great when it works, but recently it has frozen and never works even free reinstalling. Oh and good luck if you have to reset your password. Almost impossible to use. I hope the developers see this and fix it. Hire me and I’ll fix it for you...
  • iphone xr not working 5/5

    By Jack12359
    Doesn’t work for iphone xr right now please fix cause i gotta take the train
  • No lost card button 1/5

    By Sammay hey hey
    There’s a lost/stolen card button on the website but not the app so i couldn’t report my card stolen and someone has free loaded 15 free rides off me in the interim. Also your call menu options are confusing I couldn’t find a place to report it there either.
  • Amateur App 1/5

    By TasteTheBacon
    The most unstable and buggy app I’ve ever been forced to use. Constantly freezing and resetting. Ventra spends very little on fixing or updating the app because the consumer has no choice but to use it. They won’t even update the app to fit your phone screen let alone fix the constant freezing and crashing.
  • Convenient but crashes constantly 2/5

    By Hudson977
    It is convenient to be able to manage a Ventra card from a mobile app, and it is extremely convenient to be able to buy Metra tickets. Shame this app makes it so inconvenient. It crashes when you open it. It crashes when you log in. It crashes when you buy a ticket. Best of all, it’ll crash three or four times while the conductor’s glaring at you, waiting for you to show your ticket. I don’t know what it is about changes in account status that flusters the app so much (for such seems to be the problem, or related to it, anyway). Such unreliability is just not acceptable for transit apps, though.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By NormMaple
    Shameful how bad this is.
  • Zero stars 1/5

    By Sgtppr1
    Absolutely garbage. Please fire all developers. Freezes constantly and is seemingly incompatible with iPhones. Takes 1/2 hour to have customer service reload your ticket once you re download the app. And then you’re doing the whole thing again two days later when it freezes again. This is the 4th time this has happened to me. Hunk of junk, worthless waste of time, money, energy and existence.
  • Never opens anything 1/5

    By stopmakingmewritranickname
    This app just constantly turns into a blank screen with the Ventura logo. It’s awful - this is the only option for me to buy the meters ticket on my phone only for it to never ever work.
  • Y’all some hoes 1/5

    By mina674
    This app never works and scams you out of your money.
  • Eat my tickets 1/5

    By mark fei
    Froze at log in blue screen in the train this morning. Had to delete the app and reinstall. Then all my metra tickets were gone!!!! I think the app remembers the device ID and can recover the tickets but not! I remember in the old version you were able to transfer tickets too but not the new version. Apparently Ventra isn’t making the app better.
  • Awful 1/5

    By ZSFDB
    Horrible app. Very glitchy. Purchased a 10 ride Metra ticket for $70 and was able to use 2 rides before the ticket just disappeared. Customer service is a joke and never responds. Typical customer service these says. Definitely recommend to just buy the physical ticket at the station. Don’t wast your time or money on the Ventra app.
  • Froze up on the train again 1/5

    By Kevin Mitchell
    Seems to want to phone home even if I'm not buying a ticket.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By bilancio
    It shows a Ventra logo and nothing else. 🚮
  • Can’t log In! 1/5

    By VictorLP1
    Not letting me log in.....frustrating!!!!!
  • Seems to have broken since upgrading my phone to 12.1.2 3/5

    By KenChicago
    This app has always functioned perfectly well, however I just bought a new iPhone and upgraded to 12. 1. 2, and now when I open it, I just see the background and no functionality. Have not been able to do anything to restore its proper operation.
  • Glitches galore 1/5

    By Skmchi
    I hate this app. Going back to paper tickets. Most recently it wouldn’t load any content. I deleted the app and reinstalled, all while the train conductor was hovering over my shoulder. Then I got to the ticket, and it got stuck on the “use” or “cancel” option. Took about 3 attempts of closing the app and restarting it before it worked. Please make this more reliable!
  • One of the buggiest apps out there 1/5

    By Cowboyili
    This app is terrible. Going from the menu to the actual app freezes, crashes, or otherwise just becomes unusable. Even if I close and reload the app it’s usually stuck where it last was. I understand why this app has a 1.5 star’s very unstable.
  • Crashed the first time I tried to use it 1/5

    By vulcanoctopus hydrothermalis
    I downloaded the app to buy a Metra ticket and the app froze right after selecting my destination. If it’s so buggy that it won’t make it through the first transaction, why would I ever trust it? In addition, I only bothered to try because the Metra website clearly states that you don’t need an account to buy Metra tickets using the app (I don’t need or want an account for something I only use once every couple of years) – only to discover that the new version has been “improved” to remove that feature.
  • Worst app in the store 1/5

    By ReviewThoseApps
    I have had to embarrassingly delete and reinstall this app nearly 10 times in the past few months as it freezes when I open it. This always happens when the conductor is asking to see my ticket. I have to reinstall and then call customer service to recover my lost tickets. Ridiculous waste of time - Ventra, please fix this awful app. Here we are in 2019 and I’m considering going back to paper tickets.
  • Painful to users 1/5

    By tmgsqrd
    Biggest issue I have is that the confirmation screen that must be shown to conductors goes away when you switch to another app. Add to this the fact that the app freezes or crashes often when you are trying to bring up the confirmation screen and you basically can’t use your phone for anything else while waiting for a conductor to confirm your ticket. This is unacceptable for daily riders. I would suggest metra let other developers create an app and allow competition so that there is an incentive to fix this crappy behavior.
  • Stopped working on new phone 2/5

    By TritzyF
    App was questionable at best before. I migrated to a newer phone and the app won’t even load.
  • App doesn’t even start anymore 1/5

    By Staaant
    Ventra app, website and services have always been garbage. But the app doesn’t even work anymore - reinstalling is no help. 0 stars Ventra.
  • Useless 1/5

    By DJW60654
    Will not open on my iPhone XS.
  • Bug-Freeze 1/5

    By Alor speed
    Come on.. If You want our money , then provide services.It Is very embarrassing to have a app like this and advertise it..
  • Is iPhone XS Max supported??? 1/5

    By Chips One
    Nothing loads on my app just a blank screen
  • Always Call Customer Support! 1/5

    By jwsid
    Every time the app crashes and will not work even with a restart on my phone I have to delete the app and reinstall it. Which is an action that deletes any current Metra tickets you have purchase despite your account history recognizing that they exist. So call customer support and have them reinstate it for you. While this is completely unacceptable behavior for users to have to manually manage the app’s broken issues the developers haven’t solved I don’t have high hopes it will ever be fixed anytime soon so I’m posting this for my fellow riders who have zero clue how to remedy this because Ventra does a extremely poor job communicating any of this to their users. So call customer support and have them reinstate your ticket!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Mehow99
    This app is the worst. Sometimes it won’t even open for me to show my ticket so I need to reinstall it. When it’s reinstalled all my metra tickets disappear and I need to call the support team to get them back. I don’t see why the metra tickets can’t be linked to an account rather than a device. My device hasn’t even changed either. Terrible app.
  • The worst app ever! 1/5

    By dory1220
    I use metra monthly pass every weekday to work. At least twice a month, this app would freeze and stay on the blue screen forever. The only way to fix it is apparently delete the app and reinstall it - which will lose all your metra tickets on the app and require you to call Ventra to move your tickets. it happened a few times when I’m already on the train. This is so inconvenience and disappointing considering how much a monthly pass costs. Please fix it.
  • What Happened?! 1/5

    By SmokeAndMirrors13
    This app used to work flawlessly for me, but lately I’ve had nothing but problems. I have to constantly refresh the app every time I need to buy a new Metra ticket. It’s INCREDIBLY frustrating- especially when you see the train coming and you’ve been struggling to buy your ticket for 10 minutes!
  • Zero stars 1/5

    By Neverwakesup
    Everything about this app is horrible. The connectivity is unreliable. The interface is unusable. It’s far too difficult to add money to the card and it takes way too long for the card to update with the new funds. Unfortunately I need to use the app for my commute but if I could delete it I would.
  • App won’t load can’t buy my ticket on the train 1/5

    By asdfghjklpoiuytrewqwertyuiop
    Been sitting here for 20 minutes waiting for the app to load and it hasn’t. I restarted my phone still nothing. Fix this.
  • Never loads 1/5

    By xMcNipple
    The app never loads, so I would have to delete the app and re download to get it to work. If I had bought a train ticket and haven’t used it yet, and the app doesn’t load to where I have to re download it, I lose all my ticket that I had bought. The app needs to be worked in and isn’t reliable for transporting needs.
  • iPhone XS support 1/5

    By Alex67B
    Any reason this app doesn’t work for the iPhone XS? Very disappointing.
  • Literally doesn’t work at all 1/5

    By Disappointed user2015
    Used to be fine up until about a year ago, and now I cannot load past the blue Ventra logo. It’s ridiculous. I’ve updated, uninstalled then reinstalled. Nothing fixes it. I guess there was a time before iPhones where people had to use their brains to plan ahead having public transit fare. But for those of us that do not carry cash, this app is so important in keeping track of the balance of my card and being able to add money to it before taking a bus, or when I’m running late. My bus driver just got sh!tt& w me for not having the money, implied I should get off the bus and that I was lying about not being able to use this stupid app. & thank God i look harmless, because if I didn’t, I worry it wouldn’t be so easy to get a free ride out of this situation...:/ Also y’all are losing money that I’d gladly give you.
  • lost ticket 1/5

    By kp_123
    Poor customer support. I lost metra ticket in moving tickets from old to new phone. When I moved the app to be phone, didn’t see the metra tickets. I call the customer support and the representative moved the 10 ride but dropped the one from the previous 10 ride. Disabled my old phone. So I couldn’t show my 11 from the old phone and they keep on telling me that I used it or expired. I better go back to buy the 10 ride at the station instead of loosing the tickets for ventra app.
  • Does not work - screen is blank 1/5

    By hyttcg
    Click on app and nothing shows
  • App is broken 1/5

    By LSB98776
    App does not work. Same problem as other users/ no content is loading. Trying to buy tickets and nothing will work, even deleted and reinstalled. What a nightmare!
  • Since last update app doesn’t load 1/5

    By Soli2tesh
    This app had been working great until last update, in which it now doesn’t load any info, it’s just a blank screen. Sad how little developer seem to care considering this is an important app most commuters use. Please fix this ASAP, thanks.
  • Needs Update 1/5

    By greeda1
    Why is this not optimized for iPhone X, XS, XR screens ?
  • Pretty embarrassing to call this an app 1/5

    By Kytiffho
    Whoever works here is being overpaid, because it’s clear no one works on this app or cares about it. It does NOT work on iphone X as advertised. Probably a scam set up by Metra owners to steal from public transit riders
  • Bad app waste of money 1/5

    By Commuter0612
    Horrible app. Great when it’s working, but went totally dead on me and not responsive. Turned phone on and off, etc but didn’t work. Re-installed it and logged in, but all of my tickets were gone- I had 7 left. There is no one to call / no way to get my money back. This is the second time this has happened. I’m going back to paper monthly ticket.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By pabloingold
    Constantly crashes. It used to work and now has drastically gone down hill. I’ve deleted and reinstalled several times. I’ve been sitting here for an hour trying to purchase a metra ticket, which use to take less than a minute. Horrible experience when you’re counting on this to work.
  • Absolute least reliable app 1/5

    By koppster1
    Ironically, this is the least reliable transit app ever created. Fails to open on a daily basis. If you ride the Metra, fuhgetaboutit. Be ready to reinstall your app, call customer service to have them transfer your tickets over from “your old device” on a weekly basis. Complete garbage app.
  • App won’t open 1/5

    By megtar
    Just got an iPhone X and the Ventra app won’t even launch. Makes it so inconvenient because now I can’t use tickets via the app.
  • App crashes 1/5

    By Akajmowicz
    I seem to be having the same issue that a lot of other users are having. App simply hangs whenever I try to load it up. I delete the app, reinstall, then it loads once, but it forgets my saved tickets, even a new set I bought today, and after. Single use of the app goes back to crashing.
  • Does not work with iPhone XR/XS 1/5

    By ams0880
    I had to pay out of pocket, double price, on the train because the app does not function with my iPhone XR.

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