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Veo App

Veo makes your daily commute easier and faster. Download the app, grab a Veo e-scooter, bike, or e-bike and just enjoy the ride. HOW VEO WORKS Step 1: Find the closest e-scooter, bike, or e-bike. Step 2: Scan to unlock! Scan the QR code (or enter the scooter's or bike’s ID number) to unlock it. Enjoy your ride! Step 3: Park in a designated parking zone (shown in the app) when done. To finish your ride and stop the fare, just tap the "End Ride" button in the app or push down the lever on the bike lock. We do the rest! Questions about Veo? Send an email to [email protected] or visit our website,, to see all the places you can Veo today!

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Veo app reviews

  • Funny and fun too 5/5

    By $willjr
    The ride was awesome an it was funny how fun it was!
  • New ride in DC with Veo 5/5

    By Powder, Milk
    One of the better things about getting around in DC all these little bikes that I Electric, powerful and fun all at the same time please remember to wear helmet

    By Andrew762
    MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS BEFORE PURCHASING A RIDE There is a HUGE catch with these bikes. There are mandatory parking zones for these bikes that can be MILES from where you want to go. You CANNOT end your ride until you are in one of these zones. So i go for a 1.6 mile bike ride back to my car dealer to pick up my car, and find out the nearest zone is more than 2 miles away, FARTHER than the ride itself. I leave the bike by the curb to retrieve my car, and while doing so, call customer service to explain the situation. She as much said too bad, the clock is still running, thanks for your money, you’re not getting any kind of refund, and oh, put the bike back where it goes. So im forced to shove this thing in the back seat of my prius with both side doors open as i drive 40 mph under freeway overpasses. Worth mentioning this thing weighs probably 80 lbs. The bike itself was fine, brakes were a bit worn, but fine. My problem is with the company. The city forced them to make these parking zones, and they know how unappealing that is to the consumer, so what’s their solution. Don’t mention it. Put it in fine print in the terms and conditions and then blame the consumer for negligence. Ha. Truly embarrassing. Companies like this will never thrive. Anyways. Give your money to companies that don’t operate in the shadows.
  • First ride was all push 1/5

    By Entropy accepted
    The bike said it had 80% battery when I got it, it died after 5 min in a no park zone so I had to push it for a mile to a place where it would let me end the ride. App says no refunds. I paid $10 for retrieving their defective vehicle for them.
  • Fun family ride. 5/5

    By Mann
    Kids were cranky wanting to go home for video games and the Veo bikes and scooters were found on the walk home and we had 20 minutes of fun riding around town!!!
  • Promo codes 1/5

    By mahmzaqo
    Why do you send notification about promo codes that doesn't work
  • Terrible support and app 1/5

    By tylsz
    App cannot function. It does not ever let me turn off my device even despite being in the correct parking area. I had to talk to support 4 times and still nothing has changed. They just manually stop it on their end which is absurdly frustrating and annoying to deal with sending an email and making a help ticket in the freezing cold. Fix your terrible app. Wish i could give less than 1 star
  • Used to be decent, gotten worse 1/5

    By kfjsixhsldb
    Used to use veos all the time to ride to and from work but lately it’s like every bike I take has an issue. Be it the brakes don’t work, or the accelerator is sticky, accelerator won’t work, or the app says the battery is decent but then when you get on the ride it dies within 5 minutes. Awful app interface too. To report problems you have to fill out a million fields with info they should already have. Hate the app. Moving on to a new service.
  • Group ride is a fraud 1/5

    By Shay_Family
    We rented in Santa Monica, one a sit down, one a stand up. We turned down a street, the stand up said “you are entering a no ride zone” then it shut down. The sit down still worked, so we tried to end the trip but the app wouldn’t let us because we were in an unauthorized area. Not knowing where the approved area was, I pushed the unit to where others were parked, the app would still not end, despite others zooming by me, meanwhile they continued to charge me. Fortunately I did not have auto recharge on, so then both times out. When I called for a refund, the customer service person did give a refund for the unit that stopped working, but not the other one. Customer service said I was not telling the truth on multiple occasions during a very tense call. If you must use Veo, I suggest you do not use the Group ride feature.
  • Fun ride! 5/5

    By meamotta
    The bike was in great shape and bery comfortable for a 4 mile commute!
  • Terrible service! Terrible app 1/5

    By jgar0213
    The app logs you off, and veo still charges you full amounts when you try to set it up. Have had MUCH better experience with Byrd and Lime. I suggest avoid using Veo. I will be
  • Busted bikes, app, and customer service. 1/5

    By JondouSD
    Veo is falling apart. I’ve loved using them, but the app suddenly changed where the bikes work in my neighborhood and when I tried to start one it wouldn’t start, then it wouldn’t let me park because I’m in a no ride zone (which has never been a no ride zone), and I had to walk the bike for 3/4 of a mile before it let me park it finally. And to top it off, customer service refuses to acknowledge that this isn’t just a charge to be erased but a credit that needs to be given for having to spend extra time and effort to move their bike for them. Sorry, Veo, what happened to you?
  • Robbing me 1/5

    Don’t get this app, do not ride a scooter, buy your own. Why: * you spend an initial $1.30 or something to start your ride, but you spend that 1.20, just to find out that the scooter you payed for, doesn’t move. * then you’re walking all over campus with the same issue, I went through at least 11 scooters. I spent more money finding a ride then i did riding. Buy your own scooter.
  • Wont unlock 1/5

    By geoffbb
    I tried unlocking FIVE of them. Wouldnt work
  • Availability Of Electric Bikes & Turn Signals 4/5

    By Lincoln Heights DaeDae
    This is the best idea since city electric scooters came out. I used to sit on my water cooler on a regular electric scooter to sit down. problem is the availability of scooters around the city. Im in the heart of D.C. on Hst and there are only a few electric bikes. My other problem is, If we can’t ride on sidewalks shouldn’t there be turn signals on electric bikes?. Other Than That I Love It, I Love when people stare at me riding fast😊
  • Apple Pay still broken, Support takes much longer 2/5

    By Dgk164cpehs1
    Had the app since launch. The app at launch was a perfect 5 stars all around from boundary lines to selecting payment methods to customer service support. Today as of 3/2/23 the app has completely worsened. Customer support access is much lengthier than it was at launch meaning it’s way more difficult for people to report issues with their rides in the app. Apple Pay payments are broken meaning they cannot go through. I’ve tried multiple payment methods on Apple Pay and even switching the default card for Apple Pay on my phone but to no avail. At launch we were able to manually select our Apple Pay payment methods via the Apple Pay wallet window now it doesn’t. It was once such a good app to use but I find that the app changes are making the process of reloading funds more difficult. At launch for support on our rides all that we needed to do was take a picture of the QR code of the ride. Then it would send up the ride info to support and you would select the issue you were having and that was it. It would tie your account info to the support message. Now you have to add all of the info manually every time you have to report which takes wayyyyyyy too much time.
  • Done with this app 1/5

    By Zacklend0891
    It did not give me any funds after I paid for it and took my money it happened 3 times
  • In the beginning 1/5

    By Can’t find a undamaged scooter
    It would be 5stars rating but as of the area that there in the ppl tend to tear them up pull out wires all kind of destructive things now they don’t work properly and u have to make a phone call every day to get ur funds back on app. But this time it’s taking 3dats still no funds not a happy customer
  • Convenient 5/5

    By JoViAl123457689
    Loved the convenience. Ride was great.
  • Hate this App 1/5

    By Wacky jacky123
    Never works. Takes money and doesn’t work. Always. No matter what. Screws you over time and time again.
  • Reliable 5/5

    By Mooooooooooooooe
    Super affordable and reliable plus fairly priced
  • Own Florida license 1/5

    By Bryle Tristan
    This app won't read my driver So struck with e bike but not struck with their impose laws
  • Scooters have a major issue unlocking 1/5

    By Aar510
    Veo scooters have and issue unlocking, I tried two different scooters on two different occasions and they both registered to unlock and the blue light turned on but the lock did not come off. Customer service was not successful at troubleshooting or even providing general info on using the service in the future. They also told me I couldn’t get a refund even after experiencing these issues. I would not recommend this technology or customer service.
  • won’t let me scan my id 1/5

    By calcalcalcal284791935
    “scan the bar code” bruh it’s right in front of you. IVE TRIED 10 TIMES
  • Decent experience 3/5

    By Hopetons
    I have enjoyed riding with this company. My only gripe is that because of the snowstorm that lasted for three days they shut down operations for a couple months and did not allow me to get a refund that I could’ve use for Uber or other transportation..
  • So much fun! 5/5

    By jbarbeezy1
    My Son and I spent the day hanging out and we rode these bikes and it made the trip even more fun and special
  • These things are garbage and should be banned 1/5

    By zingzing
    Poorly maintained. Crazy expensive didn’t save me any time at all.
  • Ride turned off partway through my trip. 1/5

    By SeattleNater
    I had been riding for about 9 minutes when my bike/scooter shut off. The battery still had power but I was unable to continue riding. Also, I tried to submit feedback on the Veo app using my iPhone SE (2020), but there was no “Submit” button.
  • The service is great, when will it back 4/5

    By Annnnsherry
    I’m a student living in Champaign Urbana and VEO is super useful in this area! I deduct one start cause it’s lily toe costly but the service was really great. When I was charged wrongly because of a broken bike they always sent me the money back the second day. I miss is a lot. I feel sad when they say it’s not market season. Please come back.
  • Had fun 5/5

    By neffey93
    Me and my husband rode these. The price is reasonable and they go pretty fast
  • Florida fun 5/5

    By clutch dog
    We just loved the whole vibe
  • Shame on this app 1/5

    By bardiaaa
    Shame on this app and the developers. Yall have good scooters but the worse app possible. No wonder other companies are becoming better than you. Couldnt even scan my id to get starter, kept giving me an error. Deleted it and went with another scooter company.
  • Just bad 1/5

    By TurnerBMA
    Too expensive, no ride zones everywhere, parking in designated areas that are far apart
  • The scooter never turned on I was charged 100 1/5

    By kingkongalex
    I need a refund! Why would you charge me without my permission. Now I have to file a chargeback and file a report with the bb.
  • It won’t unlock! 1/5

    By AlexKlib
    “Press the button and wait for the blue light” … And then what??? I’ve now had two scooters and a bike that just won’t unlock, totally ruining my commute. Please fix the hardware issue or improve the UX so I can actually ride these things
  • No riding zone 1/5

    By Justheretohatelol
    What’s the point if I can’t ride it 80% of the places I wanna go “L App”
  • Best mobile scooters app 5/5

    By smoothkc89
    I think it would be a good idea to have a speed boost or turbo mode. Sometimes I find myself running a little late. A good 25mph speed unlock for long time app users or if you have a certain amount of miles traveled would be great.
  • Insanely bad. 1/5

    By dickseverywhere
    Use any other scooter app. This one will flagrantly charge you $10, $20, or other block amounts as many times as it wishes, not give you credit for those charges, and then its support team will smugly refuse to refund those charges that did not result in credit. A company that is so smug and self-assured in its fraud is one that is not to be trusted.
  • One of the worst scooter experiences 1/5

    By tim1234523
    Terrible scooters, bad customer service. My scooter stopped working 1 min into the ride. I then had to manually walk the scooter back to a proper parking spot. The app charged my card $10 for my balance. When asked for a refund to my credit card they would not give me the full amount back.
  • Unjustified deactivations, app issues and scooter safety hazzards! 2/5

    By faithallways
    It is just absolutely absurd that the Veo company has so many problems and not even one has been fixed. Literally every single ride that I take I have to report and message about service errors, it not unlocking, horrible breaks that are extremely worn down or too hard and I can go on for two pages of everything that is wrong! In the Year 2022 I actually shattered my knee WHILE walking the scooter to a bike rack to end the ride and the scooter flips and drags me into the pole. The Throttle button is way too sensitive on these scooters and cause many injuries.This event is still very traumatizing and Im still waiting for a response back about the legal action or even medical compensation I’m entitled to receive. Not to mention I had to buy a completely different branded phone just to be able to scan the scooters out on my own. The veo app never works properly on android devices. Not to forget to mention that Veo’s Computer system and Finacial Computer system is completely flawed. As a LOW INCOME (veo access) Customer using a company service I should be able to get my complete refund back into my credit/debit account. It is already hard enough as is not making enough money and having to keep spending it on a scooter account that is not going to be giving me my actual money back into my card accounts.

    By mmwallet
  • Does not scan NJ barcode!!! 1/5

    By Димон Знает Толк
    Not working with NJ driving license - does not scan license back side barcode
  • DO NOT USE 1/5

    By Jwatkins29
    the bikes have no power and will still collect your money. when you sign up you have to deposit funds in $10 increments rather than charge by use. places to stop paying for the bike are not clearly marked (used color on map that wasnt obvious). Worst experience with any type of scooter / bike product. i hope nobody else gives VEO business.
  • Spontaneous ride 5/5

    By mecolicious
    Had no idea on price nor process… bikes Parked on a trail corner. That allowed me to create an account and easily rent scooter. Within 3-5 mins go through and rent the scooter to bridge a 1/2 mile gap my fam was ahead of me. App made it quick and easy, fair price. Would do it again
  • Died 1/5

    By ReRay021487
    Bike died after 5 minutes when it started with 98%. Stranded me. Id like a refund please
  • No bikes zones at a beach boardwalk that has millions of bikes? 1/5

    By DHL64
    It’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. How can you have no bike zones all around the beach area where there are so many bikes, and so many scooters being used. Thank you for taking all my money and giving me no service at all, forcing me to push the bike all over the place until I could find one of your stupid bike zones. I guess I’m a sucker. I have no idea how you got so many good reviews.
  • So many glitches 1/5

    By mfiviwpakxjc2274
    This service has been consistently sketchy since I started riding it a few months ago. Half the time the scoots won’t unlock. Occasionally it’ll say it’s unlocked and charge me the unlock fee but not actually be unlocked. And just now, I was riding for less than 2 minutes when it just ended my ride — I was on the street, what if I had been in an intersection? I could’ve been struck by a vehicle. I tried to restart the ride and it said I had insufficient funds — which is fine, I’m happy to add more but it should tell me that before I even start a ride. It’s unsafe to just stop a ride mid way (less than 2 mins in!). I’m over this product.
  • Most frustrating rip-off ever 1/5

    By Fiddle skittle
    Don’t do it. Don’t get the app. Dont step on the scooter. Just walk, bike, or take an Uber/Lyft. This app is so incredibly frustrating, buggy, and unreliable. So are the scooters. They overcharged me, I called, they said it would be refunded, it was and then another random change appeared a week later, I had to call again, and they said that charge would be refunded… but at this point, who knows. I wish I hadn’t given them my credit card info. Also, THERE IS NO ASSISTANCE IF YOUR SCOOTER CRAPS OUT ON YOU. The app will continue to charge you by the minute until you park it in a designated area. I was scootering with my brother and despite it saying it had full charge, it crapped out 2 miles into our ride. These scooters are heavy and have a lot of resistance if they’re not powered. We took turns pushing the POC 2 miles back to a designated parking place. Not how we planned to spend our visit to St Pete’s from CO.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Veo is trash 69
    Long setup. Parking impossible

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