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Veo App

Veo makes your daily commute easier and faster. Download the app, grab a Veo e-scooter, bike, or e-bike and just enjoy the ride. HOW VEO WORKS Step 1: Find the closest e-scooter, bike, or e-bike. Step 2: Scan to unlock! Scan the QR code (or enter the scooter's or bike’s ID number) to unlock it. Enjoy your ride! Step 3: Park in a designated parking zone (shown in the app) when done. To finish your ride and stop the fare, just tap the "End Ride" button in the app or push down the lever on the bike lock. We do the rest! Questions about Veo? Send an email to [email protected] or visit our website,, to see all the places you can Veo today!

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Veo app reviews

  • Snooth ride 5/5

    By genuinejenny38
    Your scooters rock
  • Charged extra 2/5

    By FwFlacko04
    I applied for the first time free ride Qr code and it still charged me. Another thing about these scooters is that you can not pause the ride when you are standing still so it just runs up the payment. I was okay with being charged when it went over the free limit but it charged the whole ride. won’t be using again
  • Scam-ish 1/5

    By JCD89
    Used it while on vacation in California, it charged me more than I was using so I have a “balance” of $8. Of course, this service is not available back home in my city / state so now I just have a balance of $8 that I can’t use or get refunded. Called their customer service to explain I can’t use it where I live, and they advised “policy” states that deposit is not refundable. At least it’s only $8, but stay away unless you are ok with the company charging more than they need to charge for a certain ride, and no option for a refund of unused funds.
  • Dance Platform/ 5/5

    By Columbus & Cord
    Surfrider. Wear a helmet. Enjoy often. Just a part of waking’ up. ❤️🤙
  • My son got hit by a car 1/5

    By oncgf
    My son got by a car with those things and the brakes horrible
  • Deposits are Non-Refundable; Limited Drive Zone 1/5

    By Wethegreat
    Tried this new e-scooter service in Indianapolis and they charged me a $10 deposit one the first unlock. I assumed it is refundable at the time. So I proceeded to agree and let the deposit request go through. Driving for few minutes, I realized that it is a very limited drive zone around Indianapolis, intermittently stopping for going out of permitted drive zone. Stick to Lime or Bird! Such a rip off.
  • Easy to use, Simple 5/5

    By m is hcvhzc
    I liked it, it was fun.
  • Ripoff 1/5

    By Noelle 808
    Unlike the other scooter services I have used, Veo requires you to deposit money into your Veo wallet before you can use the scooters. Deposits have to be made in $10 increments. Very disappointed, I really wanted to go on a nice bike ride on my lunch break and instead I wasted my time.
  • Can’t take every where 1/5

    By 19-15-4-1
    Just wish I knew you could not just park it any where, i used it to take a ten minute drive to work and 3 and half minutes later I couldn’t use it and I couldn’t end the ride. U guys made out with $15 of none use. I should be able to end the ride as long as it’s in no one’s way. But it has to be a designated area, which to be fair is a big area, the scouters just doesn’t reach towards court and teal st.Apparently the one star is because I believe this will get better and I’m glad that you guys are at least trying to do better. Thank you for that.
  • Scooter was at full charge.I drove only on the street at times it would loose all power 3/5

    By Blow me 🙏
  • Rip Off. Do not use these. 1/5

    By KARKAR009876
    We did a group ride and got charged the initial $10. I also got charged $45 for no reason when the ride charged us an additional $36. This is unacceptable, there was no indication saying I would have been charged the 45. We basically got ripped off. If i could leave no stars I would.
  • Veo scooter experience 5/5

    By sumwd
    Awesome and safe scooters
  • Great ideal but always need “maintenance” 3/5

    By deedothew
    These are great for getting around Berkeley but most times they are under maintenance. Makes it hard to enjoy
  • To many issues and no way to resolve 1/5

    By kelo 132
    Bad experience
  • don’t go 1/5

    By ueiejene
    scooter stopped working after 1 minute and i couldn’t park it so it charged me $20 when i only put in 10. Never got any refund or anything.
  • Perfect way to see every street od the city 5/5

    By toci55
    This is great
  • Flat tire 4/5

    By erik the prisoner
    Back tire is flat. Don’t know how to report this. Normally a great ride.
  • Wish it was better 1/5

    By Mr. Utastic
    First ride, the scooter (which started at 44%) died in three minutes mid ride, told me to switch scooters paying the $1 fee again, and kept charging me after the scooter died. I really wanted this to be better than the competitors, but they even charge more on top of everything. I’d give it a zero if I could
  • not worth your money 1/5

    By Bingqiao456887645789
    Charged without authorization. They have the information to your card; will not let you make an account without it. Fined 2x, $25 each. By this standard, could they not take money from my account randomly under the premise of a fine? The first time I was told I parked next to the rack instead of “in” it. Understandable- I was careful never to do it ever again. This fine was reversed. The second time I was told the “orange wire” did not wrap around the rack. Not to mention I didn’t know this, but what is the purpose in this unnecessary, mindless rule? I’d estimate 80-85% of campus bikes don’t have the wire wrapped around the rack. Would it stop anyone from stealing it? No- it’s the actual lock that does that, not a useless string. This rules accomplishes absolutely nothing besides cater to bureaucracy: doing senseless tasks because someone somewhere decided it had to be a rule. Had a better experience with ofo.
  • Terrible location tracking 1/5

    By Gerbear310
    I’ve taken 4 rides on Veo scooters. It really only should have been 3 but I picked one up that said it had a full charge and had to push it to a new parking spot because it never got above 3mph under its own power. Every time I’ve tried to park them it has taken a minimum of 1.5 minutes to register that I’m in a designated parking spot even though I have full service. I’m using up the $30 I put into the app and will delete it.
  • Expensive 1/5

    By FrancisManuel
    Too expensive almost 13 dollars per average hour
  • Out $10 1/5

    By wdgatlin
    Saw a bike, thought I’d try the app. I thought I was just entering a payment method. Instead it charged me $10, and *then* told me the bike I wanted was broken. No others close by. No way to refund the $10.
  • Bikes are unsafe 1/5

    By D in Cville
    I have rented 3 bikes in total. In every case, the bikes were extremely dangerous to ride. Bike 1: front brake not working. Bike 2: 3rd gear (of 3 total gears) slipped constantly while pedaling. Bike 3: rear brake completely broken. 0/3. To make matters worse, the app makes you pay $10 on your first ride, and won’t refund unused $. What a dangerous ripoff!
  • Misleading customer service rep 1/5

    By Shiawaseda99
    Feel like I had a misleading customer service rep after calling ahead and noting that we would be riding on a trail and where we’d be ending to see if this was going to be feasible and that I wouldn’t be charged for a no-park or no-ride zone and the customer service rep just mentioned about a different section of town were there would be no ride zones and to be mindful of that —- not mentioning at all that the trail halfway in would be a no ride zone ! So we had to walk the remaining trip and still charged over $14. What a rip off. Take the bus and you will actually get to your destination faster. Veo only cares about $$ and not happy customers enjoying a share ride experience!
  • Price 2/5

    By Azua30
    The 39 cents per min is pretty expensive. I'm from Providence, RI, And There's more scooter company operating here but with lower rate.
  • Spams notifications with ads 1/5

    By ændrü
    Abuses push notifications to display advertisements.
  • Difficulty at the Beginning 3/5

    By Calvino Seven Directions
    I found the setup confusing with seeming dead ends and false starts with funding the Wallet. I Rode the scooter. It had a mechanical problem. I reported it. Why did it ask for my email? The app gave my route distance in kilometers but the label was miles. The app revalidated me twice via email. Why? Now I'm locked out. Account suspended. Why? It said call Customer Support. But there was no one available to take the call.
  • “Accidental” Overcharge 2/5

    By Anteaterrr
    Just skim the reviews, everyone has this problem and yet the overall rating is crazy high. The App Store is either pay to play, or there’s an army of bots helping Veo. The scooter itself was cool. But the app is built terribly and cannot tell if you’re in a parking zone. There’s no help or anything - you just have to keep paying as you try to troubleshoot this brand new app you downloaded and question the decisions you made to get to this point.
  • Bike died a minute into the ride 1/5

    By bgbhgfscbufv
    Bike died a minute into ride in a no park zone. Had to pedal ten minutes until I could park and end ride.
  • Super inconvenient and borderline theft 1/5

    By Anthoun
    Found the scooters next to Long beach figure i’d drive one next to the beach. As soon as I reach the beach, the scooter turns off. The app does not warn me that this is a “no scooter” zone (it would probably say it on the terms and service but they wouldn’t tell you). I had to literally walk it for like half a mile outside of that no scooter zone for it to register that i left. All that extra time was charged. In addition, you can’t just park it in a safe place on the road next to other e-bikes and scooters. You need to find a permitted parking area on the app and the app is unresponsive, it doesn’t tell you which direction is which so that took me 10 minutes. I ended up getting charged a huge amount just for walking my scooter and finding parking. Just go with any other service if you can.
  • Not easy to end ride 1/5

    By Rkentb33
    Be careful. You cannot just end your ride when you’re done. You have to take the scooter to a designated parking lot first. They are not conveniently located.
  • Useless garbage 1/5

    By GooGooG'Joob
    Of course I got charge for this thing even though it was out of battery. Nice that the app tells me that after I already paid for it. I am now a half hour late for my appointment.
  • Veo 5/5

    By luv2chi
    That was a great ride I feel very safe and comfortable.
  • Fast scooters. Easy app. Good times. 5/5

    By Madden10ktd
    These scooters ZOOM. I rode on one of the sit-down scooters, and it handled great. Good acceleration once you come to a near stop around a sharp corner. 10 out of 10.
  • Inconsistent (College Park, MD) 3/5

    By - --- --
    Dice roll every time I use this service between an app with bugs—prevent ride completion or allow you to start a ride during no-ride times in no-ride zones (and force you to walk with a locked-out vehicle to an open spot)—or a malfunctioning fleet vehicle—bad brakes, bad motor, etc. Not impressed. Refunds are issued, but it doesn’t make up for lack of maintenance, availability, or bugs.
  • Fun, but… 3/5

    By E cakes
    The ride is fun, but it becomes a hassle looking for parking zones while the timer continues to run.
  • Bad customer service 1/5

    By kreeter2003
    Called to get help from customer service because scooter turned off in middle of road. I could not end group ride I had to walk this thing in The heat to nearest parking and the only thing the customer service was concerned about was how much to charge me for the ride. Like I’m concerned with time when that thing left me in the middle not going
  • Luv these 5/5

    By chrissy0080
    Luv these
  • I don’t recommend 1/5

    By frank-_-03
    I spent over $30 for only five minutes and when I call the company so I can get a return they say they don’t give a return or they don’t return the money:/
  • THIEVES! 1/5

    By AsteriscoRomero
    These people force you to upload $10 to your account balance and then you don’t get back the difference you did not use. When I called to ask what that was about, “iT’s In ThE pOlIcY Nd TeRmS n CoNdItIonS yOu AgReEd tO sIr”, a policy and t&c that of course would take anyone about an hour to fully read. This business WILL FAIL for its dishonest and opportunistic approach at making money.
  • Didn’t work 1/5

    By ADogSitter
    Wasted $$
  • This is amazing!! 5/5

    By tycanon
    Omg this is very amazing, a great addition to my city where there is no public transportation. It’s affordable, Convenient, and most of all they promote safety first it’s really a no brainer
  • Too many No Ride Zone 5/5

    By Barbie3131
    This is my second attempt to ride a scooter I went maybe 7 blocks if that it told me I was I a no riding zone so I had to walk the scooter to park it and I was charged 7 dollars these scooters are a rip off and I definitely will not be funding them any more. Trash
  • Rip off 1/5

    By Anigozanthos
    They refuse to refund me for a ride that never happened. Broken machine. Dont bother downloading this app. Rip off!
  • Unreasonable 1/5

    By honestAmir
    It won’t charge for what I use it only, it takes a $10 deposit so you have to use all of it or stays in your account. It stopped working out of no where so I left it nearby but got charged for leaving it there. I was supposed to carry the broken scooter somewhere else :l
  • Avoid and find a Lime 1/5

    By jay dee12321
    This service is horrible. Parking is difficult and the overall experience is not user friendly.
  • Fantastic most try!! 5/5

    By review number teo
    Fantastic experience to go on the town

    By trump hater 00007
    paid ten bucks and broke down in 20 ft
  • The bast 5/5

    By GutoTKD
    Better Than Taxi

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