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Verizon Call Filter

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  • Current Version: 2.9.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Verizon Wireless
  • Compatibility: Android
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Verizon Call Filter App

Your phone is your door to the world, and you shouldn't open it for just anyone. With Call Filter, you can screen incoming calls, auto-block spam and report any unwanted numbers. Or, upgrade to Call Filter Plus with Caller ID for added security. Put a name to the unknown numbers, make your own personal block list, and even assess the risk level of incoming calls. Enroll today and start answering with confidence. Key Features: • Get real-time alerts on your incoming call screen so you can better avoid spam calls • Automatically send spam callers to voicemail with the spam filter • Report a number as spam so you can help improve our algorithm • See each spam call’s level of risk so that you can learn more about the caller • Manage other unwanted calls with a personal spam and block list • Block all incoming calls from international numbers • Search our spam database to see if a number has already been identified as spam • Identify unknown numbers by name on the incoming call screen, call log and eligible messaging apps, even if the caller is not saved to your contacts • Seamlessly update your contacts with newly identified numbers Eligible customers get a 10-day trial of Call Filter Plus. Customers can choose to enroll in Call Filter to get just the basics (spam detection, blocking and reporting) for free, or subscribe to Call Filter Plus for all that and more for $2.99 per month, per line. Accounts with 3 or more eligible lines can subscribe to Call Filter Plus (Multi-line) for $7.99/mo by logging in to My Verizon. If you choose to enroll in Call Filter or Call Filter Plus via the app, the spam filter will be automatically set to block high-risk spam callers, but you can change your block settings at any time. Data charges apply. Please reference and for step-by-step instructions on how to use the app and answers to frequently asked questions. For additional details on Call Filter and Call Filter Plus, please see

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Verizon Call Filter app reviews

  • Lies 1/5

    By lickmyballskyle
    Apps says I’m not a Verizon customer, my bill I pay every month says I am. When I click become a customer now and add my phone number, Verizon says I AM ALREADY A CUSTOMER.
  • Great but be sure to check the app from time to time 4/5

    By agenturge
    I’ve been quite pleased with how this app has worked, however I’ve had two occasions where I noticed several unknown callers showing up, none of which were leaving messages and it turned out the phone had uninstalled the app, therefore disabling the feature. I recommend checking the app regularly in order tower it from being u installed.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By mr latina lover
    I’m so glad I found this app the calls I was getting were too much now it’s better thank you

    with the call filter I am able to see who’s calling and dismiss anyone I am able to block and prevent calls trying to scam me. No mor
  • Esim is not supported 1/5

    By Goolmoon
    I have verizon on esim and another carrier with sim card. When I open the app it only recognizes the non-verizon number and it can not activate the free plan. Please update the app and add dual sim card feature.
  • Thank you so much to the developers of this app!!!!! 5/5

    By Recee62
    absolutely love this app. I’ve had nothing but a great experience. It definitely blocks ALL spam callers. I’m sending a special shoutout to the developers of this app. Thank You!!!!!!!
  • Free version not working 1/5

    By lrlalsla
    Downloaded the free app, gave it all the permissions and immediately got another spam call with no name and no number showing
  • Worked for a while 1/5

    By Ralifawn
    Seemed to work for a while then I stopped getting calls altogether even from people in my contact list including my wife! The few that were getting through had no sound to the ring. Voice mail inconsistent in the missed calls. Disabled the app and phone working normally now. While blocking all calls is a strategy I guess I’d save myself the phone bill and not have one is the better strategy . iPhone XR.
  • Prizing Spam app. Love it 5/5

    By John Law 137
    Love it
  • Works but too well for me 3/5

    By mrchisb
    The app does what’s its intended for. However, it blocks my good incoming calls too. My doctor is at various hospitals with many different call back numbers. Dozens. So, it will block an important call from time to time. I can’t add this number to my contacts, because it continuously changes. And I’ll miss yet another important call. I had to disable it. I do however miss the good that it goes.
  • It’s great to see who is calling 5/5

    By Lad Ken
    I’ve been getting so much for so many of these calls on my cell phone I wish to pay part of my bill but that’s not gonna happen it’s nice to know when I look at my screen I don’t bother with them shut it off you’ll love it
  • Why isn’t this free ? 1/5

    By Hans Vestbergg
    Sad money grabbers .. Verizon has no interest in stopping spam calls because they make money off of things like this. Be better, not greedy
  • Please add support for eSIMs 2/5

    By rasfl3
    I’m unable to use the app despite subscribing to the service because it’s not compatible with eSIM lines. Please add support for eSIM lines!
  • Incorrectly flags numbers as spam 2/5

    By BaxterTheCat
    I receive legitimate numbers constantly marked as spam by this app. There’s no way to whitelist these numbers or otherwise have them not be marked as spam. Very frustrating
  • Verizon call filter 2/5

    By Disappointed in my days
    I had this app it did so good at blocking calls it was blocking people whose number was in my contacts. Then when I called to get help I had to call three times to finally get a person to speak to I ask how to get a person instead of them forcing me to text that was two times. I got a person then I needed tech support just to be put back to waiting I waited 47 minutes then I hung up. Verizon is not what it was.I’m not impressed.
  • Only work when physical sim is in. 2/5

    By Justn16
    Been having issues for months on the 11 pro. I put a random unactivated sim in and it works. As soon as the sim is removed, it says not connected to the Verizon network. Activated on Verizon using the Esim. Must have a physical sim in for some reason.
  • Problem 1/5

    By Muleskinner01
    I signed up for identity of spammers! Where is that info?!?!
  • Excellent Spam Guard 5/5

    By annjo66
    This is an unbelievably excellent application. It filters out Sam callers. Unlike many apps, this one does exactly what it says, without much set-up skills, on the part of the customer.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By absentspace
    Switched from att to Verizon, and the spam calls went up exponentially. This filter does nothing as far as I can tell. I am not paying for premium, but I have the most aggressive settings, and i get multiple spam calls ringing my phone daily.
  • Non spam blocked 1/5

    By Mr Pac Man 1980
    You blocked calls not spam
  • Blocking all calls 1/5

    By sopdox
    So the app blocked all calls not from contact list numbers even though many were legitimate calls. Yet robocalls we’re still able to get through. I deleted the app but it’s still working in the background and I can’t make it stop!
  • How to improve! 3/5

    By RickBrookline
    Need to be able to better report spam calls: 1. Integrate the app with the cell phone call log so a user go through a list of calls and easily select the spam calls and report on each of them. 2. Often spammers will use highly unusual numbers that do not have the XXX-XXX-XXXX format. Verizon’s current app does not allow reporting these. Please correct this.
  • Works but politically biased 1/5

    By GinnTech
    Sadly people get your cell phone and call. This app filters junk excellently. I’m giving it a bad review because I find it odd that every DNC candidate calls get through, no alert of spam nothing it’s like it’s a contact of mine. I get a republican candidate call and it is flagged as high potential spam and blocked. I only found this because of the voicemails. People think we should worry about Russian voter fraud we need to look at US companies News and App Developers. I’d fire every one of you and ensure you never wrote another line of code for this violation of ethics.
  • Call filter 5/5

    By Lisa Oxenreider
    This app is worth whatever Verizon is charging . Since last week I have gotten way too many calls and this filter has saved me from pulling out my hair . I love it truly I do !!!
  • Works well for what I wanted 5/5

    By YuriNikko
    I’m not sure about others but I rarely use my phone to actually make calls and when I do it is from people I care about. When those calls are being outnumbered by scammers and spam then I feel something had to be done and thankfully Verizon offered this app. Yes, you can spend some money to get an upgraded version which I did because I was tired of getting illegitimate calls. I have it set to block everything identified as spam and I assume it allows people who are in my contacts because I have had not had any issues with receiving calls from any of them. Some simple things you need to know before you use this app: - You need to be a Verizon customer - You need to actively report spam calls as you receive them. They will still show up on your call list as a “missed call”. By sharing the caller with the call filter app you help build their database of spam. Bottomline: if you, like me, are tired of getting a call only to see it’s some unknown number then this app is worth a go. I opted for the paid version only because I wanted more options and services. Don’t expect the free version to be stellar.
  • Sounds great but... 1/5

    By Canada eh!!!
    It doesn’t catch very much at all. Only 1 spam in two weeks and I get them daily. Not worth it!!
  • Still no esim support 1/5

    By Arctic84
    As the title states, still not supported
  • Can’t tell any difference 1/5

    By Opeters
    Can’t tell a difference with the free app, of course they’re trying to sell you an upgrade.
  • Call filter 5/5

    By ads1266
    Blocks any unwanted phone calls! For me, the only phone calls that came through were the ones in my contacts, which is great, because I was receiving almost 20 spam, unknown, or no caller ID calls!
  • Does not work with eSIM 1/5

    By spltngheadache
    This still doesn’t work with eSIM. My Verizon line is on the eSIM and the app says “You’re not connected to the Verizon network. Join us today”. I don’t have a physical sim and I’m not using two lines so there’s no reason for it to be confused. How about giving us a chance to sign in with our Verizon credentials instead of your broken detection logic?
  • Verizon sells your number to sell you a service to block the spam they create. 1/5

    By Bored & Unimpressed
    Gotta love Amrit Pai allowing Verizon to sell your number to sell you a service to block the spam they create.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By zebra142
    I just had 22 calls come in in rapid-fire succession with in 5 minutes. All c C and from unknown numbers and left 17 second messages. Call filter did not evidently feel these could possibly be robo calls??? Unfortunately I can’t rate this as a zero star!
  • More spam calls now with the app 1/5

    By NonnaSue
    Being signed up on the do not call register, I would receive maybe 2-3 spam, telemarketing calls a month, since installing this app I get 2-3 a week 😡
  • Needs a lot of work 1/5

    By DominusTemporus
    Verizion is required to block spam calls. This app [or another workaround] is Verizons lame attempt to prevent spam calls. Verizon tries to charge for a required service. The free version blocks known good calls. Useless.
  • Should be frer 1/5

    By hyuyhgftujjgetugdryubhft
    Verizon is greedy. Spam blocking should be free for all! Free app does nothing. Verizon should offer full spam protection fir free!!!
  • And MORE Datatheft! 1/5

    By inkstainedwretch ,retd.
    The REAL problem is the telcos refuse to create a system that checks for spoofing. This CAN easily be done - since EVERY phone call in the US and rest of the world is Voice Over Internet Provider these days, it is simple to check deep header info instantaneously and check to see if it matches the Caller ID, easily spoofed because it relies on early 1960s technology- a number played in after the first ring using Bell 103 (max 300 baud, or about a hundred thousandth of current speed. If Caller ID does not match call header, it could be automatically blocked. But Verizon and other telcos MAKE MONEY selling lines to obvious robo-callers - US lines abd the IP lines that connect them to “boiler rooms”, phone banks, in Mumbai. So robocalls are good for telcos, the more the better. Unfortunately, the Trump-appointed FCC board has no interest in stoping the 12+ robocalls- including those which are outright criminal (Social Security “agents” don’t call you-ever, nor does Apple). If you get the SSI fraud call, report it IMMEDIATELY with the callback number to SSI’s Inspector General. But don’t bother blocking phony numbers that show up at random other than “800 -Service”. Use this app and you’ll find: Emergency call from a phone on the road? BLOCKED. Really important calls? BLOCKED YOUR CALL LIST? In VERIZON’s hands. Sounds like a bad deal to me.
  • Blocks calls that it shouldn’t be blocking 1/5

    By wmwchas
    I’ve missed one too many important calls because of this App. It’s only supposed to block computerized calls or calls highly likely to be Spam ...but it’s blocking any call that’s not in my contacts!!!! I’ve just missed multiple Apple Support call backs because they were blocked.
  • Needs Work 2/5

    By kduhkhchno
    Would love to use this app and help with the CONSTANT AND NEVERENDING (im at my limit) scam calls, but it needs an update. When I attempt to file a report for a number the “Report” button is just gone, I have a filled out report with no way of sending it.
  • Great 5/5

    By pinkladie929
    This is a great feature. Thank you.
  • Robo and Spam Calls Still Not Blocked 3/5

    By Luzi In The Sky
    So far, this is not working. I’ve had 5 calls today of spam or robo calls.
  • Still doesn’t work with eSIM 1/5

    By templeofstupid
    The app doesn’t work with phones using an eSIM, despite Verizon’s pledge to support the technology. Worse yet, despite knowing what customers have an eSIM, they indiscriminately mass subscribe customers for the feature. I’m disappointed each time because I keep thinking that they’ve finally added support for eSIM, only to discover it’s still broken. eSIM technology isn’t going away. How long will it take for this to be supported?
  • Customer 2/5

    By pupme2
    Last time I used the free version then they started charging so I will try again. Plus make a copy of the free offer!
  • Spam calls etc. can’t add unless you buy upgrade. I’m already a 3/5

    By Txvill
    blocker should be free to Verizon customer and can’t add unless you buy upgrade.
  • Does not block all spam 1/5

    By does not block
    Does not block all spam
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Maxwellsmart2
    Spam calls still ring thru, see more calls get thru everyday. Ridiculous that you have to pay for something to allow you to use a service you are already paying for.
  • Most names come up unknown 2/5

    By Princessmdo
    And the way this app works, if a call is unknown through the filter database, the app changes the phone settings app you came even see a phone number when the software doesn't have a number listed with a name. Craziness
  • Staff broke my spam blocker 3 times. Might as well hire dogs and empty chairs. 1/5

    By TiredOfSpamAndDishonestVerizon
    It’s all voiceover IP it just has to be addressed.
  • Hollow attempt 1/5

    By digital-junkie
    With out basic functions like submitting numbers Verizon has checked a box with out addressing the ever changing landscape of spam calls.
  • Not the right solution 1/5

    By Zysygy is Ygysyz Backwards
    I really wanted this to work! I get tons of spam calls, and there are only so many times you can get a kick out of faking out the spammers. Unfortunately, this feature blocked a lot of legitimate calls, especially since COVID-19 changed so many folks’ daily life. After it started blocking critical medical emergency calls from doctors, we tried to disable it both in the app and on the Verizon web site, and it still persisted in blocking important calls. Right now, we’re just hoping that tomorrow those calls will come through. To sum up, this app can make it impossible to receive important calls, so think twice, then a third time, before installing.

Verizon Call Filter app comments

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