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Verizon Call Filter

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  • Current Version: 2.2
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Verizon Call Filter App

Put an end to mystery calls with Verizon Call Filter. Get spam alerts right on your incoming call screen and block calls based on your preferred level of risk. Call Filter also identifies unknown callers by name and helps you manage unwanted calls with a personal spam and block list. Now, you'll actually enjoy the sound of your phone ringing. Key Features: Get real-time alerts on your incoming call screen so you can better avoid spam calls Automatically send spam callers to voicemail by turning on your spam filter See each spam call’s level of risk so that you can learn more about the caller Manage other unwanted calls with a personal spam and block list Search our spam database to see if a number has already been identified as spam Identify unknown callers by name on the incoming call screen and call log, even if the caller is not saved to your contacts Seamlessly update your contacts with newly identified numbers Try it for free! Eligible customers get a 10-day trial. After the trial ends, you can choose to get just the basics (spam detection, blocking and reporting) for free, or subscribe for all that and more for $2.99 per month, per line. If you’d like to enroll in the free version right away and forgo the 10-day trial, you can enroll in free spam protection through My Verizon. Data charges apply. After your 10-day trial, to enroll in free spam protection, open the Call Filter app, tap “Turn on for free” and set up your spam filter on the “Block” tab to start auto-blocking spam calls by sending them straight to voicemail. Please reference for step-by-step instructions on how to enroll and set up the app. For additional details on the free and paid versions of the service, please see

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Verizon Call Filter app reviews

  • It’s not worth it 1/5

    By KukuG2018
    They charge you 2.99 a month and the spam calls are still going through I had to use another plan which is amazing Verizon is not protecting its customers They gave leaked our phone numbers to foreign companies
  • Not effective 1/5

    By Santa Babarian
    Worth free. I will not subscribe.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Thomas412
    Doesn’t work. I still get distracted by robo calls. But it labels them sometimes. Yay! Insulting garbage.
  • D Ver spam event 2/5

    By Steiger d0es not no!
    Geezzeee ! What do they want 2 hook u 2...??? Just like a scammmereee for free then you Pay!!! $$$$$$$~~~~~>>>>Bill for law<<<<< In YOUR 5 minute call to your fav Senator......Now GO!!!
  • Worthless 1/5

    By John Doe Reviewer
    For the last few months I have been inundated with mostly international robocalls. This app and Verizon themselves have been been unbelievably bad at combatting the problem. There has not been any signs of improvement.
  • -__- 1/5

    By Troy.meow.meow
    Oh so now when I get spam calls they are labeled as spam? Omg super helpful!!!! Uninstalled! 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
  • Not for pre-pay 1/5

    By FauxRetired
    Apparently this app is not designed for pre-pay accounts. After installing, never came up with option in settings to enable it, finally decided to pay for it, and said not eligible
  • More of the same 2/5

    By Jags gushers
    Calls marked spam or potential still ringing through. Every day or do i have to disable it in the app and iphone call blocking then re-enable. Works for a day or so then back to the same problem. Better than before using it but much room for improvement.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Tiriels Man
    As far as I can tell, after a couple weeks use, only one or two calls have been blocked, and I have the filter configured to screen the maximum. A bunch of calls get through identified as “potential spam.” That’s no help at all. I want spam blocked, not just identified as worthy of being blocked. The filter is useless and a waste of money.
  • I don't need you to tell me unknown name 1/5

    By WhyTheFlipDoINeedANickname
    While the filter does seem to stop calls, it's infuriating Verizon feels the need to tell me "UNKNOWN NAME" and therefore hides the number from me. Just let the number show as normal.
  • 2.2 E-sim update still not working on iPhone XR 1/5

    By Arctic84
    Update supposedly supports e-sim on the iPhone now. Still not functional on my Verizon iPhone XR. Got a message that 2.3 will, still waiting and not holding my breath. A month we or two later. 2.2 which they lied about fixing the e-sim issue still broken. It still doesn’t recognize I’m a Verizon customer. 2.3 which they said would fix the issue still hasn’t been released.
  • Not worth paying $ for this 1/5

    By Mr. Bergle
    As others have pointed out, the app doesn’t seem to do anything. I get more spam calls since Verizon released this app, and none of them are flagged as spam calls. Too bad Verizon prevents the majority of its app users from being able to report suspected spam phone numbers by monetizing that feature of the app. Seriously?! Obviously, Verizon cares more about nickel and diming its customers than customer satisfaction.... If you need a real call filter app that works, consider nomorobo - I use that feature for my home phone and it works amazingly well!
  • Should be free 1/5

    By longhair28
    This app should wholeheartedly be free - 10 day trial then 3 bucks a month?? Garbage!!!!
  • More spam 1/5

    By Thisnicknamethimgssucks$(&;&
    Switched over from hiya and get more frequent obvious robocalls from spoofed number. I’ve seen it say potential spam very few times but it still rings through. You’d think the actual network could make a better app that would stop all the “hotel”, “credit card rate” and “social security” calls and eventually find a target who falls for them and annoy everyone else.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By notAceraTekie
    It might block one out of ten calls. I’m guessing they did it on purpose so you’d subscribe to the paid service.
  • Pay to Fail 1/5

    By DeVoiD
    First, charging for the app is a terrible idea. We are customers, we pay high rates, and offering this as part of their service would benefit their company. This app though is useless, and I concur with all the other 1 star reviews and all they say. Until the cell providers can somehow detect spoofed numbers, there isn’t a filter out there that works, including this one. You are basically blocking a legitimate phone number that some A HOLE is spoofing. Any review of 3 stars or above are probably written by Verizon bots or employees of Verizon, because what they say is blatantly untrue.
  • Does not reduce amount of spam calls 1/5

    By Buckeye homer
    Not sure what the benefit of this is. All the spam calls I used to get still come through. The only difference is there is a random name instead of a random phone number. Can’t believe there was a monthly fee for this.
  • eSIM doesn’t work 1/5

    By arieldavenport
    This app still doesn’t work with an eSIM even when it’s on the Verizon network.
  • Says not on Verizon network.... 1/5

    By BreenTronics
    I installed the app and it doesn’t even work. Says I have to be on the Verizon network, and I am. And yes I turned off WiFi just in case it had to be on cellular to activate. Worthless app
  • Do not use this BAD app 1/5

    By Sonnys465
    I’ve never hated an app so much in my life, I expected since this came from Verizon it would help stop the 4 or 5 spam calls I got a day. Even saw this being bragged about on television as Verizon’s solution to spam and unwanted Robo calls. Exact opposite of this happened. Once you turn it on and pay them the three dollars a month, my spam and phone calls as a whole went from 3 to 15 a day. All I can figure out is they now have sold my number. I had to go as far as turn on the do not disturb on my iPhone app to block any calls except from My contact list to stop them. Because of this “filter” when I call anyone that it’s not in my contact list, about anything, I have to put them in my contact list with the phone number they will call back on to get through to me. I had ATT cell service for years and never had this problem until I switched to Verizon. All my friends that have Verizon complain about the same thing, the numbers of spam calls they get. It does not help with SPAM or robots, The phone still rings and it just screams potential spam at you across the screen. now I’m scared to turn it off. GREAT job Verizon!!!
  • Useless 1/5

    By waitingtoleave
    Verizon does not have foreign call blocking, so I installed this little gem. Still get calls from multiple numbers in Lithuania. Have not tried the pay version. I already pay Verizon for cell service, now they want to charge me for something that should be done anyway.
  • Needs fixing and overhaul 1/5

    By hampsje
    No way to get help online for app as it’s through VZW. Get an error message 7 when attempting to remove a number from the Spam list as it is not a spam caller. Please FIX!!
  • Need ability to report potential spam 2/5

    By WillPanic
    Works okay at IDing most spam/scam calls. However, the app currently has no ability to report spammers/scammers. For example, ‭1 (800) 922-0208 ‬is currently calling Verizon wireless customers pretending to be Verizon and telling people their accounts have been locked and asking people for information to “unlock” it. This is a security risk and a SERIOUS problem and should have been fixed months ago.
  • Seems to be working 4/5

    By deb-tx
    I was bombarded with robo calls. 10 a Day was a slow one. I’ve had none since I started the trial. I’ll probably keep it but frustrating that Verizon is charging me for this app as a long time user. Time will tell.
  • Absolutely Useless 1/5

    By Wa4vif
    Does nothing. Blocks no robocalls or spam. Doesn’t even flag them. A total waste of time.
  • No white list feature unless you pay monthly 1/5

    By opinion machine
    This app does block spam callers, but it also blocks a lot of my regular contacts. Called Verizon to figure out how to white list a number, which I figured would be a critical feature, but in order to do that you have to pay $3 a month. Unfortunately, I feel like I’m already paying more than I should for cellular service.
  • Would Give a Negative Rating if Possible 1/5

    By FLK9
    Has to be most worthless app in history. It does absolutely nothing. Wait, I shouldn’t say that. It did put a little yellow triangle next to phone numbers of known users that I want to talk to, so there’s that. Otherwise, complete waste of time. Lets spoof calls through constantly, won’t let you mark them as spam unless you pay for premium app. Compete failure.
  • Bait and switch 1/5

    By Akiva96
    On the Verizon website there is a comparison of the free version (less functionality) and the subscription version, which leads you to believe that you can actually use the free version. Once the app installs however you learn that the free version is simply a 10 day trial. At that point I deleted the app.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By atari_64
    Update. Receive two calls today from different 800 numbers claiming to be Social Security Administration and that my Ss# has been suspended.... Wish I could give zero stars Blocks calls from Staffing agency regarding legit job opportunities but allows calls from spam companies regarding expired warranty for a car I never owned
  • Useless and Counterproductive - Unable to Report International Numbers 1/5

    By Rob00927
    Verizon gave me 3 months of the premium version of this app to see if it would help cut down on the number of spam calls I was getting (mostly from international numbers). I did not see any improvement whatsoever after 2 months of using the app. This app does not have the ability to report or block international numbers. It has a limit of 10-digits intended for domestic numbers only. Since all my spam calls are international (usually 12 to 16 digits), when I share my spam contacts with Verizon Call Filter (as instructed), the app cuts off digits and reports/blocks incorrect numbers. As soon as I learned this, I stopped using the app and canceled the premium version. As far as I’m concerned, this app is doing more harm than good as it is putting incorrect good phone numbers on a list and marking them as spam. I’m surprised Verizon is willing to put their name on this app and charge people extra for a service that doesn’t work. If you call Verizon, they do not have any solutions and recommend using other 3rd party apps than their own. I’ve recommended to Verizon that they allow you to block all international calls minus specific area codes of your choice or to send all international calls to a potential spam box so that they’re not all blocked completely. Their only solution is an all or nothing block or they give you the choice to provide up to twenty specific international phone numbers that can call you. Neither option is good if there is an emergency though.
  • Call blocking? 1/5

    By Wunderwoman
    The app isn’t showing up in my settings to enable the call blocking feature that I’m PAYING FOR! I don’t feel I should be charged until the service actually works.
  • Complete junk 1/5

    By Saberdemon
    Verizion advertised a free spam blocker for their customers and never delivered. Instead they brought out this $2.99 a month junk. Verizion currently is one of the worst companies out there. AT&T and Sprint are becoming true competition since they follow thru with what they promise.
  • Garbage compared to AT&T 1/5

    By Timbo103108
    This “free” call filter still isn’t free. To auto block calls you still have to pay for it. AT&T Call Protect is legitimately free for their customers and works really well. I never got spam calls. I’ll be switching to Hiya which is the company that powers AT&T Call Protect. Verizon still wants money to block spam callers don’t fall for their “free” crap.
  • Verizon Call Filter 1/5

    By Arowlandtx
    Useless unless you pay for the full version which is currently $2.99 per month. What good is it to tell me it is potential spam when the free version serves no other purpose
  • Would give 0 stars 1/5

    By Aybabel
    Cool trial for 10 days before you have to pay to make it work correctly. Free version is garbage and does nothing. This full version should be given to Verizon customers for free.
  • Not accurate 1/5

    By 32027annie
    Calls that weren’t were labeled as Robo Call. Others that were robo calls were labeled as wireless call. Not only did it not do what was expected, made me missed calls I should have answered
  • Data suckage 1/5

    By Kger1012
    Since I downloaded this app and ran it in the background since March 2, my data usage has gone through the roof! I just got off the phone with Verizon tech and they confirmed that the app was the problem. Buyer beware

    By Trump is our President
    Had one or two a week then installed this app and received 6 in the first hour. So sick of this BS. It doesn’t deserve 1 star
  • Thanks Johnking34567 1/5

    By Schnauzer2
    You saved me alot of typing your review is right on!! $3.00 isn’t much, however I’d rather throw it to a panhandler than answer robo, spam calls all day. Getting rid of it thanks so much for your right on review if people read it maybe they won’t make the same mistake we did!
  • International Spam 2/5

    By Richie Go Hawks
    Doesn't work for international dialing codes Just tried adding a Spam call from Mauritania and it wouldn't allow the number to be added.
  • Breaks Visual Voicemail on Verizon 1/5

    By jdnorton22
    Spent two weeks talking to Verizon tech support and listening to them repeatedly blame apple for my voicemail ceasing to work. Got sick of this app not working right with their free Spam filter and, voila, voicemail works again.
  • Literally The Worst 1/5

    By jajarocks07
    When I first downloaded the app, I was excited because I assumed it would be complementary because I was a Verizon customer. I was wrong. To get/use any of the features that makes this app worthwhile, it requires more money. When calls come through as “Potential Spam” I don’t even get to see the number calling - just “Potential Spam”. Because of this, I missed a call telling me my mom was in the hospital. Really need to reprogram this one guys.
  • Won’t even finish installing 1/5

    By ImaginaryOne
    The app never appears in my settings so I can’t set it up according to their instructions.
  • Unable to detect I'm with Verizon 1/5

    By shadowben345
    It just fails and keeps telling that I'm not connected to the Verizon network; I'm using iPhone XS Max with the eSIM; so it seems the bug about detecting the network when one uses eSIM is still present
  • Doesn’t work on iPhone XS with esim 1/5

    By aussieboy 75
    If you run this on an iPhone XS with esim, it says you are not connected to the network
  • No blocking of international ‘one ring’ scam calls 1/5

    By Devin Carney
    I am getting these every day and I don’t understand why Call Filter can’t stop them.
  • Junk 1/5

    By gndixon
    Stupid application does work when there is a non-Verizon Sim (and Verizon service is the e-sim). Pretty sad simple things like this stump it never mind whether it actually blocks spam calls as others have reported...
  • Verizon business strategy fail! 3/5

    By Hiit Hot Gurl
    I agree with racer39’s comments - Verizon you’re totally missing out on a great business opportunity in lieu of being greedy and charging for this service. You could get valuable information by making the full service free to Verizon customers which would in turn make you money however you decide to use that information. Huge short sighted move charging your already paying customers for this service.
  • Additional subscription required 1/5

    By vandyfalcon
    This shouldn’t require an additional monthly payment, but it does. Ridiculous on Verizon’s part.

Verizon Call Filter app comments

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