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Verizon Call Filter

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  • Current Version: 2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Verizon Wireless
  • Compatibility: Android
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Verizon Call Filter App

Put an end to mystery calls with Verizon Call Filter. Get spam alerts right on your incoming call screen and block calls based on your preferred level of risk. Call Filter also identifies the names of unknown numbers in calls and helps you manage unwanted calls with a personal spam and block list. Now, you'll actually enjoy the sound of your phone ringing. Key Features: ● Identify unwanted callers with real-time spam detection ● Automatically send spam callers to voicemail by turning on your spam filter ● Manage other unwanted calls with a personal spam and block list ● Search to see if a spam number is already in the database using the spam lookup tool ● Get caller name identification on your incoming call screen and call log, even if the caller is not saved to your contacts ● Seamlessly update your contacts with newly identified numbers Try it for free! Eligible customers get a 10-day free trial. After the trial ends, you can choose to subscribe for $2.99/mo. Data charges apply.

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Verizon Call Filter app reviews

  • Cannot get past the part that asks for my number 1/5

    By The Gadget Wiz
    Non-function. First thing it does is ask for my phone number. Then it just ignores it and asks again. No error messages at all.
  • NOT FREE 1/5

    By Agin nah
    It’s a joke that this service does not come free with a plan. I’m reporting Verizon to the FCC for being complicit in spamming and scamming customers. In this current climate of international calling scams, it’s unacceptable that mobile carriers do not provide a free solution.
  • Can’t use if you have a esim 1/5

    By gdbjr
    I can’t even launch that app since it is so poorly written that it doesn’t even recognize esim.
  • Doesn’t work very well 2/5

    By JimInWis
    I’ve been using this app for about three weeks. I dutifully report every robocall I get. And yet I continue to receive more calls. Same area code, same exchange, just a different number. This idiot app can’t figure out the calls are coming from the same place!
  • Waist of time 1/5

    By topper142
    Couldn’t get it to work.
  • Works better than other services 5/5

    By DLWIdaho
    I have been a user of Hiya for several years and it only occasionally reported a spam call. Out of frustration, I tried the much touted (by iDrop news) product called Call Control. It was equally worthless. Then I switched grudgingly to this Verizon product. While I share others frustrations that this service should be included given Verizon’s claims to be a “premium” carrier, the truth is that this is the first product that really works. If the spam and Robo calls have reached the frustration level that you are willing to pay an additional $36 per year, then this is an excellent choice. Since we converted our land line of 30 years to a mobile number, we were getting a ton of unwanted calls. It also provides additional information on valid phone numbers - essentially a better caller ID. I highly recommend the product and I would argue that the low ratings are based on principle rather than the effectiveness of the product. EDIT AFTER 1 WEEK: I am still generally pleased with this app, however, I have two additional observations now that I have used it a bit. First, the number of unwanted calls have approximately tripled since I installed this app. To be fair, I had also recently tried the Call Control app and removed it because it was ineffective. So I don’t know if either app is responsible for the increase in calls, but it is suspicious. Secondly, the feature to block those calls that are identified as spam doesn’t generally work. Since I enabled the feature, it has only blocked on call. I have it set to the option to block ALL spam calls. So before you pay a monthly fee, just make sure your expectations are adjusted accordingly.
  • Free 5/5

    By AJO621
    I can confirm this app is now free. Just have to call Verizon, if you do it from the app it will charge you. That part is a scam but I’m keeping it at 5 stars because it’s no longer a paid service!!
  • Should be free 1/5

    By Princesa1129
    Seriously $3 more a line for service that’s already too much
  • Deleted after two days. 1/5

    By YupItsAFailure
    I subscribe to RoboKiller, but it doesn’t catch all robocalls. Lately I had been getting an extreme excess of robocalls, so I figured I’d try Verizon’s to supplement RoboKiller. Setup was relatively easy, but it didn’t show up in my phone settings until 30 minutes after downloading the app. Then I set it up to block all potential spam/fraud calls. It would identify the robocalls as “Potential Spam,” let my phone ring to voicemail, and wouldn’t even try to block calls. Terrible app. Do not bother downloading the free version, or buying the subscription.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Wncol
    Flat out fails. Doesn’t block anything Mr number works better and is also free.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By fire708
    Doesn’t block spam calls, just makes adding numbers to your blocked calls list take longer. Will only allow you to block individual numbers, Well, the spammers change to a new spoofed number Almost every call so blocking calls doesn’t work. Followed Verizon’s instructions to block unknown calls, still getting calls from unknown numbers. Verizon won’t let you block calls from prefix or individual countries. Let’s be honest, Verizon loves you getting spam calls so they can charge you to put up with spam. The only difference between using Verizon call filter and doing nothing is Verizon makes money off you getting spam calls if you use call filter.
  • I do it, but they can still leave voicemails!! 1/5

    By Chanlis3
    Why can they still leave voicemails??
  • AT&T’s is free. 1/5

    By Jlshu
    AT&T has a free version, CallProtect. It works well. There are upgrades you can pay for but I never did that. Verizon: capitalizing on something they could prevent that left unchecked diminishes phone use and satisfaction. Disappointing, typical.
  • Does not even work. 1/5

    By greenland_
    More accurately, the only part that works is the part where they charge you extra.
  • Skeptical at first 4/5

    By Mrsbcullens
    I AM so sick of spam, robo & fraud calls! Seriously how is it we are in the Technology age and no way to STOP this EPIDEMIC. Needing a SOLID solution I called Verizon mainly to complain!!!!!! Yes it was a little therapeutic - I was pointed to this App...I reluctantly downloaded and even after wasn’t expecting much, BUT & HOWEVER after 5 days my “Spam list” has grown and the MASS influx of Spam call of all types have SLOWED (some blocked not even ringing)...Pleasantly surprised! Next level for Wireless providers is to COMPLETELY SHUT OUT these scum bag Scammers!! Thanks VZ!
  • Doesn't even open. 1/5

    By m_greenberg
    The app just says "you must be a Verizon Wireless customer to use Call Filter". I am a Verizon Wireless customer, connected to the Verizon LTE network. Tried VZW Wi-Fi and toggling my VPN as well. No dice. Build a real app next time.
  • This works!!! STOP being lazy and set the app up! 5/5

    By 404mami
    Yes. There’s a fee. But if you follow the instructions properly, your spam calls will reduce dramatically. I went from 25 spam calls a day to 2 after my set up. Yes., it takes a few minutes to set things up but if you are annoyed by these calls, I recommend this app. Stop crying about the $3. Carriers have no control over these calls. But this app DOES! People sign up for contests,etc. using their number and then wonder why they’re getting these types of calls. EDUCATE YOURSELF! STOP SAYING IT DOESNT WORK WHEN YOU HAVEN’T EVEN SET IT UP PROPERLY!!! Don’t be lazy. READ and set it up right or stop whining.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Annette627
    I tried this app and all of a sudden I was receiving UNKNOWN CALLER calls; this app was supposed to let you know who was calling from those numbers. It never did, in fact I was receiving more calls like that than I have ever had ! Don’t waste your money or your time !!!!
  • I agree. It should be FREE. 2/5

    By ThatBabyAintMine
    I can save $35/yr by just blocking the numbers right after they call. I do feel that Verizon is being a little greedy by charging for their spam filter, but then again, you’re not force to use it. For those of you defending Verizon and think that we should be grateful for the phenomenal coverage, we’re not in 2008 anymore... we’re in 2019! Where other carriers such as T-Mobile and AT&T are at the same reliability level.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Marcoalexisj82
    The number of malicious calls did not decrease at all. I’m so disappointed with Verizon
  • Didn’t help 1/5

    By JCoolRadio
    I tried this for a few weeks and robocalls still make there way thru. I followed the direction to ensure the app was enabled. Problem is it can’t block if the number is blocked. Not worth my money.
  • Annoying as the Robocalls& Spoofed calls 1/5

    By Preluding99
    News articles and reviews are announcing that Verizon is offering this service for free. Sounds awesome, right? Well surprise surprise the service will be free for only 1 month then you will be charged $2.99 per line per month. It’s so disappointing especially since I expect to have education and security as standard level of service for my monthly payment. Nope! Not here! Imagine if your credit card company allowed fraudulent charges to be billed to your account and didn’t notify you of a suspicious authorization. That’s how I feel now with Verizon.
  • Dont bother 1/5

    By Shawn5252
    Another way for verizon to grab at your money. This app/service did nothing to stop spam calls. I used the spam blocker on the highest level that was supposed to block any calls that had the slightest possibility of being spam. It allowed these calls to come through and told me they were spam. No blocking. I deleted the app and terminated the service after less than 24 hours.
  • $2.99 per month 1/5

    By 273734794603
    Don't be fooled.
  • Doesn't work even if you pay 1/5

    By Sashazur
    I'm paying for the service so I should get all features. But after I installed it and verified my subscription and set it to block all spam calls, within a few hours my phone rang both for a "Potential Spam" plus a call from a person's name I don't know, which clearly was also spam. Aside from the issue that those calls should have gone straight to voicemail instead of ringing (and yes I set up call blocking and ID correctly in the settings app), clearly Verizon is relying on a big database of numbers that's always out of date, just like all the other anti spam apps out there. The app also is kind of confusing to configure (some important settings are easy to miss) when it could easily have been dead simple. Overall I think this app is worse than the other anti spam apps I've tried - though they all have the same problem of never being up to date on spam numbers, at least the other apps were easier to use and didn't ring for the calls they *did* ID as spam.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By MamaKJnsn
    I was getting 20+spam calls daily. Blocking each caller on my iPhone. I finally went searching for some kind of app to do this for me so I didn’t have to keep adding things on my phone. What I found is fantastic, I am thrilled. This is a great app, it filters out the calls, it blocks them automatically. I can report them and most of the time calls don’t even come through anymore. I love it the peace and quiet is worth the $2.99. Very happy with this option. Obviously the previous reviewer didn’t have the level of Spam calls I have been dealing with.
  • Spam calls 5/5

    By Brandyls76
    This application is AMAZING. I downloaded this application yesterday and it has been wonderful. I have not received but 1 spam call. I have received 1. In a 24 hour period I usually get about 24 from the same place even though I block the numbers on my phone, they call from a different number. This application is AMAZING! Not sure of why all the bad reviews on this application. I WILL BE GLAD TO PAY THE $2.99 a month to keep all the calls from coming through.
  • VerioCall Filter 1/5

    By Nezmo the Magnificent
    Why in the world should I pay $2.99 a month for a App that purports to do something that Verizon (and the FCC) should already be doing? 🤬
  • Switching to AT&T 1/5

    By Dougaloo
    Verizon is terrible. Relies on their customers believing their network is better to prevent switching but things like this make me dislike the company as a whole. Should be a free service.
  • $2.99 a month? No way. 1/5

    By mrmachinetool
    And why doesn’t the App Store show me that the app is going to charge me?
  • Nope 1/5

    By spinergetic
    This is unethical if not criminal.
  • Good app wish it were free 4/5

    By HappySDsea
    I tried the app with their free trial, I actually really liked it. I just can’t pay another dime for this service. I have been with Verizon for over 20 years and it’s worth it but too expensive.
  • Rip-off to prevent rip-off 1/5

    By asmarquis
    It’s unconscionable that Verizon is charging for a service to stop their own customers from getting ripped-off by robot calls that they should be preventing in the first place. What incentive do they have to stop to robocalls when Verizon is profiting from them? Absurd!
  • Have to pay for the service. 1/5

    By Opie Vogel
    You’d think that as a loyal customer, spam blocking would be included in my monthly plan. It’s not. So, Verizon puts out an app that can do this...only its $2.99/mo for the “premium” service. This basically means that the service doesn’t do anything until you subscribe. I’ll be switching to AT&T when my contract is up.
  • Actually made caller ID worse 1/5

    By MechZeus
    This is advertised to tell you more about who is calling you even if they’re not in your phone book. Well, this app actually made things worse. After installing this app I see “WIRELESS CALLER” along with city & state, but no phone number. I know the phone number is coming through because I can find it in my call log. Not being able to see & potentially recognize a phone number makes for a worse experience than without the app. I can see caller names if they set up their caller name ID only but please understand that the vast majority of callers have not nor will they do that. Suggestion: please add the incoming phone number to be visible unless blocked. I won’t mind seeing wireless caller so long as the phone number is there too. But if all I see is “WIRELESS CALLER” this causes more problems than it is designed to solve. Suggestion 2: consider including this in your unlimited plans as an optional feature. ATT & T-Mobile don’t charge for this. Charging $3 a month isn’t hard to swallow, except it’s ridiculous if it doesn’t work in the first place.
  • Doesn't with with eSIM 1/5

    By bobi4545
    Doesn't with with eSIM
  • Why isn’t this FREE ? 1/5

    By mrandy64
    $2.99 a month for an app that Verizon should provide for free? I quickly deleted this and downloaded HIYA app.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By 333M333
    Doesn’t work for me I followed all the instructions. Still getting spam calls. A few calls from Latvia this morning at 6am. A few from Belarus yesterday at 630am. Scattered calls throughout the day from other places where I have no contacts or connections. Every day. I add them all to the app’s block list. Other calls from other numbers from the same places continue to come in. I receive just as many spam calls as I did before.
  • Does Not Work 1/5

    By Frustrated Verizon User
    I downloaded it in hopes of stopping spam calls from overseas and local generated phones numbers. This app did absolutely nothing to impede or inform me of nefarious status. Do not download this app.
  • It was supposed to be free by now 1/5

    By DP1262
    In January Verizon stated that they were going to start making this service free. Well we are almost half way through March and now it’s nothing but crickets.
  • Why Verizon charge for this service? 1/5

    By jsperx
    Tried to delete and redownload multiple times, never showed up in the Settings menu. Not very helpful.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Skaterguy9989
    Kinda bad that Verizon is charging the prices that they do and then have the nerve to charge you for an app that blocks spam callers. Preying on people that just want to stop their never ending spam calls. You want to charge not just for the app but monthly as a service lol. You guys are so greedy it’s not even funny. This app should be free to Verizon subscribers. Grow up.
  • Was better 3/5

    By sandimascharvel
    A lot of spam calls lately are not showing any “potential spam” warning. Also, some calls now just say “Wireless Caller” and it doesn’t show the phone number anymore at all. I might recognize the number but without it showing I really have no idea if it’s legit or spam. Please fix this. The normal call ID would be better when that happens. I wish Verizon would make this a free app for those that have their service.
  • Verizon Scam 1/5

    By Yadah-yadah
    Clickbait joke. Anyone who falls for this deserves it. Verizon should be on top of this, instead of reeling paid subscribers in for an extra subscription for what they should provide for common decency.
  • Why pay extra 1/5

    By mrjjg23
    Why as a Verizon customer would I have to pay for spam call blocking as an extra .. Shouldn’t Verizon protect its customer
  • does nothing 1/5

    By ImRuss247
    free apps do the same thing, possible better, than this app/subscription. $3 a month i still get spam calls, telemarketing and unknown numbers. my phone rings, it may say “SPAM” when it rings.... BUT IT STILL RINGS! rip off, canceling.
  • Lol not going to shell out more to Verizon 1/5

    By eminembolism
    Verizon wants me to pay for their problem? Lolol, nope.
  • NOT FREE 1/5

    By MrSkary
    Just another charge I left AT&T and this was FREE and it worked well, and here Verizon want to charge for it. Nope!
  • Not free must purchase subscription after 30 days 1/5

    By FFXBlue
    Shame this isn’t a free service.

Verizon Call Filter app comments

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