Verizon Call Filter

Verizon Call Filter

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  • Current Version: 14.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Verizon Wireless
  • Compatibility: Android
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Verizon Call Filter App

Verizon Call Filter takes the guesswork out of answering your phone, with features that screen and automatically block incoming spam calls. With Call Filter, you can: • Identify suspected spam calls with alerts. • Automatically block spam based on their risk level and send them to voicemail (Call Filter automatically blocks high-risk callers). • Report phone numbers as spam. • Use filters to block other unwanted callers, such as robocalls. • Adjust spam filter settings any time. For added security, upgrade to Call Filter Plus*. Features such as Caller ID and blocking entire area codes give you even more control over incoming calls. Download Verizon Call Filter and start answering calls with confidence. *Eligible customers get a 15-day trial for Call Filter Plus. At the end of the trial, customers can choose to subscribe to Call Filter Plus at $3.99 per month, per line. If no action is taken, customers will be auto enrolled in the free version of Call Filter. Accounts with 3 or more eligible lines can subscribe to Call Filter Plus (Multi-line) for $10.99/mo by logging in to My Verizon. The spam filter will be automatically set to block high-risk spam callers, but you can change your block settings at any time. Data charges apply.

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Verizon Call Filter app reviews

  • Useless 1/5

    By A.Yeap
    Verizon charges you for a service that does not work. This should not be allowed. Edit update. An even worse joke, being asked to email my phone number to verify I have an app installed correctly. This is a waste of time for a useless app. I have already spent enough time on the phone with Verizon’s tech support to no actual resolution. It will take lawsuits to make them admit they are charging for an app service that does not work.
  • Does nothing 1/5

    By iBflat
    Verizon customer, have had the app installed for about a week. I get 5-7 spam calls a day. It has blocked one spam call, even with highest restriction level engaged.
  • Probably doesn't work 1/5

    By josh1152
    I've reported so many numbers yet I still get a ton of spam calls. The reports fall on deaf ears.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By GardenKeeper
    This app is just useless. Spam calls come in without any problem. Even better, when a nuisance call comes in and you try to look them up on the app, it says “this number hasn’t contacted you recently”. THE CALL JUST CAME IN. An utter waste of space on your phone.
  • Not very good 1/5

    By TROFG76
    A waste of time and energy. The free version is terrible.
  • Illogical app at best 1/5

    By Another Village Idiot
    Can't get it to even work. I set the time different than the network time for my own reasons. This app won't even let me explore it without setting my phone to be network time. That makes the app pretty much a useless item. And to think they want me to pay them an extra $4/month for the privilege of having to have to phone hijacked by Verizon to function. To me, that makes this app equivalent to a mobile virus. Great job programmers! Great decision Verizon. Not!
  • Allow list too small 3/5

    By rlbyer
    You need to allow listing of more than 10 allowed calls. The app blocks some legitimate calls, and I already have 10 in there, and there are more that I need to add. Hard to understand why there is any limit, but you need to allow at least twice and maybe three times as many.
  • It’s a start… 3/5

    By A.Maximus
    I will be elated when these calls stop all together but at least it’s a start. Thanks!
  • The app blocks 1/10 calls, terrible 1/5

    By jdjbsjak
    The spammers are smart. Verizon employees are not. Verizon has the worst customer service ever.
  • More annoying than useful 1/5

    By MrOBrian
    I’ve used other call filters in the past that did a really good job. This one does not. The phone still rings but you get a notification about 2-3 rings in that it might be spam. Yeah, I’ve already ignored it by then. And it keeps sending me notifications saying something like “We haven’t seen you in a while.” Uhhh, isn’t this app designed to just run in the background without me constantly having to open it for no reason? Plus, it has yet to actually block a single spam call.
  • Working now. 3/5

    By theoreticaljerk
    Working now, but I had to completely remove the Call Filter from my Verizon plan and reedit to get things working, right.
  • Nabs about half 4/5

    By SpyderCanopus
    Better than a poke in the eye, or a telemarketer calling
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Jburr88
    This app does not stop Robo callers or Scams. It also does not provide Caller ID. I’m not really sure that this app does anything. Definitely recommend TrueCaller if you’re looking to actually stop Scam calls. They offer an “upgrade for this app for $3.99” but I don’t think it’s worth the money and should be included in the top plans but isn’t. If you’re already spending $80+ a month on a plan they still want $3.99 every single month. *Don’t recommend *
  • Useless and doesn’t work. 1/5

    By lakers2k177
    Just spins on checking account status. Calling to get a refund. Verizon into scams now. $2.99 for an app that don’t work. Same on you Apple for approving this for the App Store.
  • Hardly Filters Calls 1/5

    By x OhReezy x
    Recently, I’ve been bombarded with spam calls from local numbers in my area to numbers from different states almost back to back and throughout the entire day. Right after I purchased the service, I was still being hit with calls all day. I looked into it and was advised to clicked certain buttons to help further block calls. After doing so only 5 calls were filtered through the few days of having the paid service. Today, I have received 20 calls starting before 7 in the morning up until now which is quarter till 5. Today was the last straw. Worthless service to have because it wouldn’t filter the calls. If I could post a picture of my missed calls log to prove my post I would. At this point I don’t know what I can do to stop these spam calls.
  • App says this number hasn’t contacted you recently when you try to report it as spam 1/5

    By Cookingfeverfraud
    This app is useless. I am so frustrated. Some days I can get over a dozen spam calls a day and when I report it as spam on call filter, the app says this number hasn’t contacted you recently. Really, they JUST CALLED. How can I click on the number, click on report to go to app then it says this number hasn’t contacted you recently. So how much are these scammers paying Verizon to make sure these numbers aren’t reported as scams. I am so angry! I have been a Verizon customer for almost two decades but this makes no never mind to Verizon to assist their most loyal customers. In addition, most other calls are reported as VOIP networks like Commio, IP Horizons and other VOIP providers. Does Verizon try to block these pesky VOIP vultures. H E Double hockey sticks NO!! So how much are these VOIP providers paying Verizon to let these scam artists continue to harass their customers? I am so over Verizon. As soon as my contract is up, I will research and find a cell phone provider that cares about their loyal customers. This app is useless and so is Verizon!
  • Down the crapper 1/5

    By AdultingBoo
    This was so exciting when it came out. Doesn’t work at all on my IPhone. Literally have tried everything including a factory reset of my IPhone 14 pro max. I have Verizon Mobile Protect so I’m paying for the highest level. Additionally, why would anyone want to block anyone with the first 6 numbers that could be over 100,000 people. That’s ludicrous. Go back to just an area code. It’s like each new idea they come up with is dumber than the last. Is someone with severe social phobia running your idea sessions? “I’m thinking no more phone calls from Glendale, Salem, Tampa, and Syracuse. Bam. Just like that” Oh and good luck with looking up a phone number. You basically find out that it is in fact a phone number congratulations 🎉😂🫠
  • Update: not available on prepaid 3/5

    By AutomaticCandy
    Call Filter isn’t available on Verizon prepaid accounts. A good alternative is Number Shield. It does everything I wanted this to do, it’s free, and the developer doesn’t collect your data.
  • You get what you pay for 1/5

    By Candy Mule
    It doesn’t work. Don’t waste your time.
  • Worthless app 1/5

    By Sandywc
    The free call filter by Verizon is worthless. All it does is promote the paid version. I was getting 20 robocalls everyday before installing it, and 20 or more after. Every so often it warns you that a call is spam. But I already knew that and it provides no way of filtering or blocking without going to paid version that you couldn’t do anyway. For that reason I assume the paid call filter is equally worthless.
  • Not pick up my calls 1/5

    By Kathey528
    It used to pick up my calls, now there is like a 2 day lag in my number report. How can I report when I’ve forgotten who called
  • Really works 5/5

    By charliegeorge121
    This app is great at blocking U.N.-want calls. TY
  • I still get a lot of unknown callers. 3/5

    By ali y Amry
    I’m not impressed with this service.. I don’t understand why most of the calls coming in don’t display the name of the caller.. I expected to actually be able to know who’s calling.. hopefully they improve this at some point..
  • Dissatisfied 3/5

    By Mkscke
    Was told they could block calls from coming in on voicemails. Get at least one every day
  • Doesn’t block spam calls 1/5

    By fuhgit
    This app is pointless, it doesn’t even block spam calls. Now on top of getting a spam call I get a notification from the app saying spam call. No kidding, you don’t say.
  • Failure 1/5

    By jmore50
    This app is a complete joke and doesn’t work at all. Spam calls get threw like the filter wasn’t even there
  • Doesn’t do anything. 1/5

    By Oesman
    Installed it on my iphone, did all the setup, it doesn’t see any calls or block anything. Useless
  • Did not slow them down 1/5

    By Dratkcuf_
    Honestly seems like I have now received more spam calls after installing this. Not to mention seemed like my phone was catching more than the app was most of the time. 👎🏻👎🏻
  • Verizon Call Filter 1/5

    By [--REDACTED--]
    Verizon wants access to me contacts. no. that's not happening. remove this requirement or I'll be forced to cancel the call filter service.
  • Didn’t work 1/5

    By Pqdrfthnv479$&
    I have international calls blocked in this filter but the calls still come through.
  • Call filter 1/5

    By boss buck
    Horrible I wouldn’t recommend it still get 15 to 20 calls a day. Don’t waste your time
  • Absolute Junk 1/5

    By Wm H2
    Got a RoboCall went into the app to report it. It doesn’t show anything since Oct of last year. 5 months ago. It’s as if they make these apps a face service. They don’t actually work.
  • I hate SPAM 4/5

    By Akex S
    Useful tool. Still get spam calls. Nothing is perfect. I really detest SPAM and spammers so at least this does something useful.
  • This app is complete garbage 1/5

    By Grubhub is a joke
    This app is not worth your time. First, it doesn’t filter calls, even if you max out the filter aggressiveness. Second, the app fails all the time, and when you try to open it, it says it can’t authenticate your device and won’t even load. Absolute joke.
  • Does Not Do A Good Job At All 2/5

    By C_AppStoreReview
    I installed this app on 2/01/23. So far this app has only blocked three spam calls out of the 15 that I have gotten between then and today (2/17/23). Most of these calls are numbers that share my area code, but because the fourth, fifth, and sixth digits of the numbers don’t match the neighborhood filter, it doesn’t work. I also have “all risk levels” set since day one. You also can’t make a neighborhood filter for less than six digits. I am currently using the free version of this app, and I am not paying for it just to make it work better when it has already demonstrated that it is bad at providing the most basic features it offers.
  • Scam Calls Reduced! 5/5

    By Jon H1
    It doesn’t stop all the spam but it drastically reduces the calls. I love the fact you can block and report numbers.
  • Useless 1/5

    By glaikind
    Does not catch spam. No improvement after install and using most aggressive filter option.
  • Not much help 1/5

    By Star 556
    Couldn’t see a difference, never slowed down any calls
  • What spam filter 1/5

    By ohioscanner
    It used to work but now 02/08/2023 it doesn’t. I contacted Tech support and help me delete it turn off my phone and they were gonna reset something and then they wanted me to reinstall it which I did and it still isn’t working. I’m getting several calls all day long and they’re all spam and Telemarketer’s. And a lot of them say unknown.
  • Not working properly 1/5

    By Skeptical 1460
    When I want to report a number, the app is not Loading right and it doesn’t allow me to report
  • Hate It 1/5

    By mec2cat
    Put it on, lowest setting, friends and contacts can’t call or text me.
  • Works ok but 3/5

    Sends you messages periodically that it hasn’t seen me in a while? Why the need to see me? Just do your job and block spam calls!
  • Doesn’t block 1/5

    By Frustrated with Robo
    I receive about 10 calls per day sometimes 3 in 10 minutes. All are robocalls same “company”. Not one is ever blocked. In the 2 weeks I have had this app not 1 call was filtered. They all came through. Zero stars
  • Simplify the app!!!! 1/5

    By Reboot03se
    When I want report the number, to many things I should do!!! It’s should be easy as 1,2,3 Add the number, choose SCAM, Report and Block ( one bottom) that it!!! But right now I need to choose categories!!!! Really????
  • Only allows you to not block 5 calls 1/5

    By NCAA 2322
    How is this even an app? I can only pick 5 people not to be blocked. Missed very important calls bc of this useless app. Verizon this is a terrible product service.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By xxcowboy69
    The app doesn’t block any calls. Worthless as anything. Not really surprised that something from Verizon doesn’t work.
  • App is blocking our local school 2/5

    By ShariJung
    I have had the app for a while, but it never really did anything. Yesterday it started blocking our local school corporation calling to say school is out due to ice. Then again tonight when they called again. I go in to mark them as allowed but the settings won’t let me turn on Call Filtering. Kind of a worthless app and now a feature that is harmful.
  • Useless 1/5

    By TwoHooligans
    Still getting many telemarketing calls all day, virtually no change after installing this app. It's up to you to report the calls and block the calls manually. When I call Verizon they try to push their paid version, Call Filter+. Will probably purchase a 3rd party app but refuse to give any more $ to Verizon.
  • App crashes when launched 1/5

    By mixxster
    I’m unable to launch the app on my iPhone 13, iOS 16, it crashes every time I open the app. App is garbage if it will not open.