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Verizon Cloud

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  • Current Version: 22.9.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Verizon Wireless
  • Compatibility: Android
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Verizon Cloud App

Verizon Cloud gives you space for your digital world, so you can easily backup and access your photos, videos and documents securely and privately. Keep your content handy on your mobile devices and access it when you need it from your smartphone/tablet and computer.* The Verizon Cloud app lets you: Enjoy unlimited storage across unlimited compatible devices (with our Unlimited plan).* - Share your content easily with family and friends using your favorite apps. - Share personal storage with up to 5 users on compatible devices (with our unlimited or 2TB plan). - Organize and find your photos by labeling friends and family using Tag and Search. - View and interact with photos/videos on a geographical map with Locations. - Order prints and gifts displaying your favorite photos. - Share your content freely across compatible devices, regardless of which operating system they use. - Safeguard sensitive content with a PIN-protected private folder. - Cast to your TV, so you can share your pictures, videos and music on the big screen. - Create movies and customize photos with filters and fun stickers to share. - Relive your memories with weekly photo and video Flashbacks and Stories. - Back up the original sizes of your photos and videos (with no degradation in quality) and sync your contacts. Download Verizon Cloud today and make the most of your digital memories. Available Plan options: 600GB (single user), 2TB and Unlimited (up to 5 users) Sign up today and your first 30 days are on us.** *Verizon Cloud does not back up operating systems, settings, apps, emails, external drives and uncommon file types. Backup varies by operating platform. See for service limitations. To view complete Terms and Conditions go to ** First 30 days free for new Cloud customers. Thereafter, you will be charged $19.99/mo. for Verizon Cloud Unlimited, $14.99/mo. for 2TB or $5.99/mo. for 600 GB (plus taxes and Verizon surcharges), respectively, unless you cancel before the promo period ends. Cancel anytime through the Verizon Cloud app or My Verizon.

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Verizon Cloud app reviews

  • Cannot playback video 1/5

    By AceZs_
    I can’t play videos from the app, not even regular videos shot from iPhone. Always just stuck loading or buffering. Update: Talked to technical support and they said they will look into it but never got back to me. The problem still persists.
  • Verizon 1/5

    By storage customer
    Verizon try’s to sign me up for plans I never agreed to🤬🤬🤬🤬
  • How Do I Back Up My Contacts? 1/5

    By Jimbo40
    I have a green checkmate that says contacts all backed up but I added several new ones and I don’t know how to back up anymore. How do you backup now? 9/10/22 Update since Verizon has broke this app I switched to East Backup. Free quick and easy.
  • Plan change reversed 3/5

    By Want Cloud
    I have cloud storage and am billed monthly but not $5. My previous plan was reinstated today as Verizon misrepresented the plan change and now back to original plan. Please reinstate my cloud plan as before. Want cloud
  • Missing cloud content 1/5

    By Sheila Wynn
    Been a customer of Verizon before it was named that,probably 30 years. Upgraded storage amount from 1T to 2T and received text my old cloud was deleted and I had 30 days to restore. All music files are not showing in new cloud and some of photo album with pictures of my dad has disappeared. Tried chatting with someone online and was disconnected for some reason. Is there anything that can be done to reverse this to help with retrieving lost content? Thanks
  • Fix last update 3/5

    By Leggooo
    Thought the app was great til the last update came out. Now I can’t backup anything. Please fix.
  • Add select all to private folder 3/5

    By HoloTheRedWolf
    Please add select all to private folder. It would take me hours to select all my photos in there and then more time for them to transfer. If not for that I'd rate 4-5 stars
  • Terrible Cloud App 1/5

    By hales1218
    This app works terribly now. I’ve had an issue for awhile with some of my videos not backing up no matter how many times I tried syncing. Now ever since the app update about 6 days ago, not even half of my pictures and videos are showing up in the cloud every time I close and open the app? Which makes me worried how glitchy this app is because I have plenty of photos/videos I don’t want to lose. There needs to be some improvements with this app because it doesn’t work well AT ALL and people shouldn’t have to be worried constantly the app isn’t going to work and they’re going to lose their stuff. If I could transfer all of my stuff to another app I 100% would, but the only reason I haven’t is because I don’t have the phone storage to download everything to my phone and move it to another cloud.
  • Failure to load 1/5

    By Krypshun
    App fails to load after latest update
  • Won’t complete a single backup 1/5

    By Sunflowers&Whiskey
    I have been trying for days to get one backup done. It gets hung up on one photo and never completes. I left it open all night and nothing! I’m glad it’s free because I would t pay for it.
  • I wish I could give it no STARS 1/5

    By Buntolasdrag
    I had never used the Verizon cloud before but I was curious about the app since the 2T storage came with the package. I cannot express how much of an absolute garbage this app. I had Verizon remote into my phone to see and test it out and they were not able to figure it out. I never been so frustrated in my life, please do not, I repeat, do not get this plans. I really don’t understand why would anyone pay for this storage service. No wonder they’re giving it for free. 8/2 they asked for an email but no response yet. Seems that all they care about is money 🤷🏽‍♂️
  • Rate the cloud 5/5

    By phylrob
    Verizon cloud love it storage for everything. Verizon is my phone company as well. Makes it easy and convenient.
  • Keeps Closing 1/5

    By Aunt Faney
    Can’t get the app to stay open, every time I *finally* get the two phones to connect the app closes without me doing anything then I have to start over again. Been working on this literally all day and still haven’t been able to transfer my files.
  • Mr Mark Hu 5/5

    By Mr Mark Hu
  • Does not work 1/5

    By gobucky78
    App does not work. When I log in, I get a blank screen. Was included with Verizon home internet. So far, seems like a scam. Looks like I’ll have to pay for extra cloud space through Apple. At least theirs works.
  • Does not work correctly. 1/5

    By GaryvGuo
    It just backs up some of photos and videos. I need everything backed up. What's worse, it can't load thumbnails. I can't see what is uploaded
  • Review 5/5

    By White Marlin 21
    Nice cloud backup
  • Wow 5/5

    By BlueCandyGaming353
  • Terrible 1/5

    By MisterShock
    I had to change my security question twice and it still wouldn’t accept my answer. So I tried logging in using my wireless number and it locked my account forcing me to change my password (which I did using the same password as before which it shouldn’t allow) and then when I can login it texts me a security code that takes me to a blank page. 20 minutes just trying to login and I’ve gotten nowhere. This is what every interaction is like with Verizon. I wish we had never switched fro Sprint. I hope you go out of business. I really do. You’re the worst when it comes to customer service of any company on earth.
  • vCloud 1/5

    By phloam
    I don’t need another cloud service, especially one that compresses files and dumps them without warning. As someone said, look around - both iCloud and Google cloud are reasonable. I know that google keeps your files, but makes them inaccessible if you’ve fallen behind in payments. - other than that, I’m cool with Verizon -
  • I love how easy it is 5/5

    By Truck3r_J
    The layout of the app so simple and clean and this makes it very easy to use. 5+
  • The perfect photo album 5/5

    By irek9367
    The best choice ever.
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By Jgnaustin
    I have a lot of pictures and after 3 days it was only able to upload my contacts. Kept saying it was scanning and would upload shortly. Then would say no photos detected? I canceled and will never look back!
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Nsh628
    Won’t back up my photos. Sits for hours and does nothing. A piece of junk.
  • Crap 1/5

    By Agdgdhbdhxbdb
    Says I need to connect to a network, yet I clearly am.
  • Disappointing and frustrating 1/5

    By Nessa72493
    This app and service from Verizon is 100% not worth the money you have to spend to use it. There are so many better and cheaper options than this service. I would like to first say the Verizon cloud does NOT back up text messages. I asked multiple people at Verizon if it would save my text messages over a few months span and every single one of them told me yes. Up until the moment I had to restore my phone, then all of a sudden it was switched to “saving text messages is not an option with the Verizon cloud”. Then made it seem like it was completely normal to lie to their customers about the service they are paying for, and as if I was out of line for expecting my messages to be there after being told they would be. Go figure. They do save your pictures though. But be aware it takes forever to upload to the Verizon cloud and you cannot leave the app while it is uploading or it pauses. So you won’t be able to use your phone for a few days and it cannot lock so you’ll need it on the charger that whole time as well. Honestly, choose any other app or service for this.
  • Not opening 1/5

    By Eq77
    I have been trying to open the app and it just sits there and doesn’t open.
  • Mediocre cloud supposedly 1/5

    By TDC0430
    Irritating popup ads to sell you things you don’t need. Oversteps it’s boundaries as an cloud service. If wasn’t included in plan—would not pay for. Confusing user interface. Poor picture quality and slow process of uploading photos.
  • Good app but if I could make a suggestion… 5/5

    By damgr8
    Well made app overall but I would like to make a suggestion/ request to the developers. At present, when you’re uploading multiple items, there’s an indicator bar near the top of the screen, but it’s not accurate and there’s nowhere to view the overall upload status. I think it would be great to add a screen that would show the status of all current and pending file uploads.
  • So slow!!! 1/5

    By ddolbae
    Too slow and too much buffering. It's especially bad for iPhones!!!!!
  • Doesn’t even work 1/5

    By I miss Samsung
    The app does not open. Even on high Wi-Fi is just doesn’t open. Not even once. Not even for a second. It makes having the do more plan worthless for me.
  • Garbage! Read the recent reviews to see why 1/5

    By Skyhawkd
    Wish I could give one star. I wonder if anyone at Verizon has even tried using this app. Assume each video takes 2 minutes to upload. So for my 27,000 photos and videos it would be uploading for OVER THREE YEARS!!! Shutterfly bulk uploads just fine. Google is a bit less stable. This app is an absolute joke and I'm deeply regretting using my Verizon Up credit to try it. Canceling and deleting immediately.
  • Eli my love 5/5

    By gidget62
    Is the most beautiful day and I love these pictures until he sound because I can’t to see him in person such wonderful memories from Mamma with love
  • M 2/5

    By mpainter323
    I’ve had this for many yrs and I was paying for it and one day I went in used my information to login in and it said that they didn’t have me on file so I tried to reset everything and the same thing happened again so I called about it and the rep said that they don’t know what happened and pretty much said that I lost all my pictures that I had saved of my family and my daughter when she was born the car accident that she was in so I’m not happy why pay for something if u can’t go back and use it
  • Can’t even create folders 1/5

    By beemie9629185
    Can’t create folders on mobile app
  • Too costly compared with other vendors…. 2/5

    By Gizmo043
    I get more space for the $$’s spent.
  • No able to see data 1/5

    By ppiotrowski
    I have been paying for this service for years and wanted to initiate a back up when I purchased a new phone . I can’t find how to do that! Tried the “chat bot” that sent me to Manage my cloud; every link I followed wanted to sell me more space. No easy way to find and see when my last back up was or how to initiate one. Tried to launch the app just got spinning wheel. Very bad experience with the app.
  • Wt.. 1/5

    By Thugman95
    Yeah. No , I refuse to pay for this app. It just doesn’t work. Dam shame. Then want to over charge for services. Uninstalled. I have over 1000 videos and photos it only uploaded 30. I also have documents it did not upload. Why can’t it do it’s job in the background like the apple cloud app. You have to open the actual Verizon cloud along with the app you’re uploading from. What’s wrong with you all. Fix this. It’s been years you all have had much time to fix this. Ugh.
  • Poor service. 1/5

    By Lost jewels lazygame
    App freezes Says it’s backing up but hasn’t uploaded any of my pictures in the last year. Plenty of space just doesn’t work.
  • Sells you picture frames 1/5

    By Short Stuff Mc Funkenstine
    Finally turned notifications off. All this app does is push you notifications about 46% off framing your photos. What a joke
  • User friendly 5/5

    By whopper16
    I love this app
  • Not the best 2/5

    By Elena_m987
    My biggest issue with this app is that some pictures don’t show the dates even when on my phone they had a specific date or if you take a photo from an app that’s not your iPhone camera it won’t upload the date either. Also the app just forces you to upload all your photos, you can’t individually pick photos to upload also. Everything else works good but these are features that should be included in the app. If I wasn’t a Verizon customer I’d use another cloud storage.
  • Poorly built 2/5

    By melliott79
    Verizon is one of the largest companies in the world, and you can’t figure out that if we are forced to leave our phone screen on indefinitely with the app open in order to upload our pictures and videos, that the LEAST you could do is give us a sense of how many items are left to upload? I have over 100gb of photos and such to upload and I’ve been working on this over nearly a year! And I still have no idea where I’m at, because this app doesn’t seem to track that stuff. I swear, Verizon does these things just to piss us off. This should be a simple, easy thing to add to an app like this.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Kalexander85
    I have the setting set to backup automatically. This feature does not work and I have to manually log into the app and back my phone up. When I used the iCloud back up, I had no issues and it backed my phone up when it was charging at night. This app does not do that unfortunately.
  • KatMacJer 5/5

    By KatMaciJer
  • Hasn’t worked for over a year 1/5

    By app_state_student
    I used to back my phone up all the time in here but it hasn’t complete a full backup in a year. Backing up contacts has always been a free Verizon service but in the past year it has sucked. I’ve done all the app updates but none of them have fixed the issue. Y’all need to figure out what’s wrong with this.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By ckeys707
    Works for me
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By never again in nyc
    I’m paying $20 a month for a product that doesn’t work. The app keeps asking to allow access through another app, requires multiple touch points and then says it’s not available. When clicking on the link in the App Store for app support, the page isn’t even available any more. It’s no wonder so many people are jumping ship for another wireless provider…says a very dissatisfied customer of 20+ years.
  • Shout out to Jake at the Verizon store on stone spring road Harrisonburg. 5/5

    By cloud useless
    Spent 1 1/2 months with tech support to get my Verizon cloud to work. Spent 40 min with Jake ok with tech support and more I have cloud service. Every time I have been in this store Jake has been tremendous help. Way to go Jake.