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Verizon Cloud

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  • Current Version: 19.2.21
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Verizon Wireless
  • Compatibility: Android
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Verizon Cloud App

Securely back up, sync, access and share your important content across operating systems & devices – anytime, anywhere, with Verizon Cloud. All of your contacts, photos, videos, music and documents – all in one safe place. Download Verizon Cloud today! 
Premium features allow you to: • BACK UP your photos, videos, contacts and more to a secure cloud storage • SYNC & ACCESS across devices – Backup, sync and access your content when you need it, from your smartphone, tablet or computer • EASILY MANAGE your Verizon Cloud account and storage plan • ORDER PHOTO PRINTS & GIFTS using your favorite photos in app • CREATE CUSTOM PHOTO COLLAGES & ADD STICKERS TO PHOTOS – Do even more with your photos by creating collages, adding fun stickers and editing your photos directly inside the app • EXPLORE FLASHBACKS – Relive your memories from past years with Cloud’s weekly Flashback photo feature • DISCOVER VIDEO STORIES – Using the photos and videos right from your Cloud, easily create custom movies using unique filters and music • BEAM TO YOUR TV – Share your pictures, videos and music with family and friends on the big screen • SHARE select media content from your Cloud using your favorite native apps Get started with a premium Verizon Cloud account today to securely back up, access & share photos, videos, contacts & more! The Verizon Cloud app can be downloaded and used on both iPhones and iPads. Go to for the complete list. New Verizon subscribers: Download and install the Verizon Cloud app on your iPhone for a 30-day Premium trial of 500GB of storage. You will automatically be billed $5/month once the trial ends. You can opt out of the trial through the Verizon Cloud app at any time during the 30-day period and enjoy free 'Contacts Only' support.
 *Data charges apply.

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Verizon Cloud app reviews

  • Review 5/5

    By Lanell Green
    I have had this for years and today it paid off. My phone was. Run over by a car and my cloud had all my info, photos everything and it went right back on .
  • DavidNunn 2/5

    By bugjam0924
    I am so fed up with the cloud you pushed on’ve made it so difficult to download photos to other devices,memory cards and even sharing without having to open a link from”look what Verizon cloud has for you” ..I’m fed up..I’m leaving Verizon as soon as I pay for a data transfer or just plain give up all my memories that you charged me monthly to store....I’m also filing complaints on this “holding out data hostage”
  • Spam engine for your phone 1/5

    By love spam, buy this!
    Sign up for this and get daily spam ads for photo printing that you can’t unsubscribe from. You will get an alert, stop what you’re doing, dig your phone out of your pocket expecting a message from someone, and instead have your daily advertising blast from Verizon. Only way to fix it is to cancel your subscription. There are lots of other better and cheaper ways to back up stuff than Verizon anyway- iCloud for Apple.
  • Cancel it 3/5

    By BobELena47
    it says it’s going to charge me five dollars a month for this app that I do not have how do I or who do I get a hold of to make sure you don’t charge me for something I don’t have
  • Cloud 5/5

    By Gregory2018
    I don’t like name cloud. Think of a different name Like my Goodie file or Never For get. Maybe I want to Keep
  • Cool 5/5

    By Someone farted
  • Rate 1/5

    By Starlet1616
    After hours support is horrible!!!
  • Mr.rad 5/5

    iCloud best way to save all your photos !
  • Impossible password requirements 3/5

    By OldPharts
    6 letters, a capital, 2 numerals, and a special character make a password. Not
  • Corporate Greed 1/5

    By Mad Loyal Customer
    Stop changing for cloud usage!!
  • Back up I cloud 1/5

    By amazon60
    Paid for the service on three phones for three years and every time her family go down there was no back up when we did try to back up it included hours and hours and never did
  • Verizon isn’t trust worthy 2/5

    By Jayjay434
    Verizon has proven themselves eager to voluntarily sell everyone’s information to government agencies and third parties. You might as well send all of your personal information and pictures to social media and any of the three letter government agency’s servers.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By ilovelini
    Backed up all photos and vids 3 times to the Verizon cloud. Only 3 of 48 vids uploaded and could not find a trace of all photos except 1 taken this year. Verizon help chat told me it takes 24 hours to see the photos and vids that were uploaded. That was two months ago.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By rettirlorac
    Worked for a brief period but now no matter what it doesn’t work. Agree with other 1 star or less reviews. The app will not back app your files like it’s supposed to. I try to back up but it does nothing.
  • Cancel service 2/5

    By JWlocal
    256 740-1881 cancel cloud service 24Feb2019.
  • Poor program 1/5

    By dkeicnfoe
    I have tried multiple times to backup files and if if gets interrupted, it just starts over again doing the same pictures instead of picking up where it left off like it’s supposed to do.
  • Didn’t work 1/5

    By Shabana22
    Kept giving me an error message. Waste of time! Doesn’t work at all!
  • Nice security net 5/5

    By lisabudd888
    It’s very nice to have a dependable place to store my important pictures and documents.
  • Backups 3/5

    By Amanda2024
    I’m having a hard time backing up my pictures/videos with and without WiFi. After a few minutes it says waiting to backup
  • Efficiency of the cloud function 3/5

    By jbstarks
    Ok program Will evaluate after more usages
  • Back up 1/5

    By jonesy's mommy
    I have consistently had issues with the cloud backing up properly. I am tired of fighting with it. It has once again stopped automatically backing up
  • Keeping my info safe 5/5

    By Mccisme
    Verizon Cloud is great. I know my special pics are there no matter what
  • Best protection! Great customer interest and 5/5

    By Woodruff1912
    Jonathan is super-very good customer interactions, which is very critical. Thanks- l will return the brown iPhone to you—hope u have a great weekend. I-6 Thanks again! Elizabeth Welsh 479-422-9771 Retired/home most of time
  • Not organized 2/5

    By Mandi5555
    I wish that when the cloud synced from my phone it would sync in the albums I currently have. That way it would be easier for me to find it than in a time line form. Also when I synced the photos from my phone it added all the photos I ever deleted. Very annoyed
  • Lacking 2/5

    By takes a week
    A phone backup after losing all data takes way too long. I’m finding nothing updates as it uploads. I have to go update everything later and my organizational plans are erased. I am going to spring for apple back-up and not spend a week getting my phone in order the next time. Thanks for keeping all of my photos though.
  • Where are my photos? 1/5

    By kodiakjade
    I downloaded this app for my MacBook Air and it won’t load. I am now manually downloading photos but can’t seem to transfer them to my computer. This is a racket to add some dollars to your monthly bleed don’t get hooked in, find a different way to back up photos. There is nothing convenient about it.
  • Deleting Pics 2/5

    By Quefessor
    Please make it easier and more efficient to delete files!!!
  • Lost all pics n iCloud 1/5

    By upset meme
    I backed up my phone one night in November of 2018, the next am All my contacts and pics were gone!!! Went to nearest Apple store, they were able to restore my contacts but not any of my photos because icloud would not recognize my password . I still have not been able to retrieve any of those pics that went back to 2008 the birth and baby pics of my 1st great grandchild. And pics of my grandson who has since died. So I’m afraid of iCloud losing my favorite pics again!!!
  • Photos not updating from phone 1/5

    By Prettygoodgirl
    Worked with someone for two hours today and still not updating photos on phone. Deleted and reloaded app. Need credit back for the charges for this app.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By lake18wood
    The app keeps on crashing
  • Back to iPhone 4/5

    By Plumb purple
    It keeps downloading pictures now the 3rd time
  • Cloud 5/5

    By Three grand babies
    I’ve been waiting for awhile to have an app. That would back up all my pictures n files. I love this app. Thank you
  • Worst cloud ever 1/5

    By Ninjayuniki
    I tried this for first time and thought it was gonna save my photos and videos but I was wrong. It takes forever to back up and forever to download my videos back. Left my phone on whole night for couple times trying to redownload my videos but didn’t even finish. All my short video downloaded fine but any video longer than 8 mins will never finish downloading or backing up. Couldn’t even back up my long video. Will never use this service again.
  • Login issues 2/5

    By AJ2475
    Since the last update to “bug fix”. I can’t even login. Keep getting try later. NICE

    By txgrmy
    Just before Christmas my app stopped backing up; every time I open the app and tap to back up, app states everything is backed up. I’ve used only 1% of my space so I know that’s not the problem. I have lots of pictures from Christmas I’d like to back up but app won’t do it. Why am I paying for an app that won’t work????? Update: now, all of my pics and videos are gone except for what did back up last month. Ridiculous!!!!!
  • Unnecessary notifications. 1/5

    By Braylin2005
    There is always a red 1 showing a notification on the app. I have no notifications. My messages are also empty. The app is garbage.
  • Bugs 2/4/19 1/5

    By BG101878
    Still has bugs even though ya’ll allegedly fixed it with an update 2 days ago. Still shows (2) notifications from unread emails that have been read at least 30 times in last week alone. If ya’ll cant fix it or stop with bs adds, Ill delete and discontinue service. I hear AT&T or Sprint would love my business.
  • Get this app ASAP 5/5

    By JoBali1
    So happy I got this app when I pictures were all safe n always there even when I thought I had lost everything :) dont waste time be safe n get this app..I strongly suggest this. Great app :)
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By ChicoKravitz
    I have gone in circles for three days trying to set up a new phone using Verizon Cloud. There are so many security protocols and so many redundant steps that it took several hours and re-setting of my account multiple timed just to start the process. The app didn’t like recognizing the new device and set off a series of security hurdles. It then asked different security questions than I had selected and would not let me log in. If you try to use “help” you have to log in first,which if you can’t log in is no help at all. I eventually had to reset my account, but it wouldn’t accept any of my first 20 username or password choices, telling me— even though I followed all the guidelines— that I needed to be “ more creative” but not telling me what that means. After finally getting in the app said it “couldn’t perform functions now. Try again later.” After trying many times over several hours with the same message I finally got in to use a system without instructions. I got through some of it but couldn’t figure out the rest. So I tried to use the chat help (from inside the app) It required me to login again. I did that and got to a person that asked me for a name and PIN. I’d already logged in twice to get to this chat and now they wanted different passwords. I asked what PIN?!and they couldn’t tell me. They finally settled for my name but then could not provide instructions on how to download contacts out of cloud or where to find instructions and then disconnected. NOTHING should be this hard. Totally ridiculous and frustrating. I have wanted to throw my phone through the window several times. I cannot recommend the cloud app or anything Verizon related at this time. I’d call and complain but my phone doesn’t work...
  • Those dang “messages” about the sales 1/5

    By txcandie03
    Can you please stop sending so many notifications on the same sale on prints over and over and over or tell me how to turn that off!!! I have gone to notification manager and turned it off there and they still keep coming, every hour on the hour...ENOUGH ALREADY PLEASE STOP IT IS INSANE!!!!
  • Frustrated! 1/5

    By ~Wittle Gurl~
    I have had verizon cloud on back up for DAYS and it still shows 1 notification on the app..same thing with a notification about a message on there. I’ve opened it every day since the 27th and it keeps popping back up as a new message!
  • Memories 5/5

    By L Zander
    I LOVE this feature! Who knew it would be the last pics of our Chow Chows. We since have gotten a new Chow Chow & are taking lots of pics of him. Thank you
  • Love Verizon 5/5

    By RobAshmore
    Been very helpful with everything
  • Reseña 5/5

    By Migy51
    Organiza todo en perfecto orden simplifica mis archivos por orden de fechas y localidades.
  • Cloud backup 2/5

    The process meeter hangs or stops without and info to what’s going on.
  • Does not update on its own. 2/5

    By interestedparty
    Whenever I open the app to check my contacts, the app goes into update mode and gives me an exclamation point. It failed to update. I then launch a manual update and it will succeed. This happens 3 times out of 4. There should be some sort of setting for me to set an update, in the background, on a regular basis. I have an iPhone X.
  • Lost text messages 2/5

    By Lady DHolliday
    I was give an Apple Xr and the VZ cloud cold not get my Text on the New iPhone, unfortunately the content app did not work either, been working on the issues for 8 Days now and numerous calls to tech support and Apple support.
  • Typical bait and switch service 1/5

    By fjhibu
    Free free free and then you get a text saying verizon will start billing you in 30 days even though you never agreed to pay.
  • App would be good if it didn’t crash constantly 1/5

    By !!!nonicknamesleft!!!
    I have found it backs up photos and contacts fine but crashes constantly with any large video files when updating from my phone. The app literally just shuts off in the middle or end of a large video file upload. Have reinstalled the app several times with no luck. Phone is an iphoneX and is up to date.

Verizon Cloud app comments

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