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Verizon My Fios

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  • Current Version: 5.18.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Verizon Services Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Verizon My Fios App

Get access to your Verizon Account and Services when you want, where you want with the newly redesigned My Fios app. Not limited to Fios, the app allows all Verizon TV, internet and home phone customers to interact with Verizon bill pay, rewards, support and more on their smart phone or tablet, 24/7. Tools and features include: - BILL AND ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT – View and pay your bill, see bill history, sign up for paper free or auto pay billing services, update your profile and more. - COMMUNICATIONS – Listen to voicemail, review call logs and important messages from Verizon. - MY REWARDS+ – Check point balances, track recent activity, redeem points for gift cards and learn how to capture more awards. - SUPPORT – Type your question and get support information and tools for your Verizon services. - CONTACT US – Have a question or an issue you can’t solve through support? Chat with us or call us directly. - MY WI-FI INFO – Your home network wireless details are at your fingertips with My Fios. Connect all of your devices in a snap. - SPEED TEST AND Wi-Fi ANALYZER – Test your home network speed and the health of your Wi-Fi connections (available for Quantum routers). Get step by step instructions on how to improve your Wi-Fi health. -ENTERTAINMENT – Access featured movies and trending shows. Seamlessly connect to the Fios Mobile app for advanced entertainment features.

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Verizon My Fios app reviews

  • MyFios app crashes 2/5

    By ITSailer
    The MyFios app crashes each and every time when I attempt to load and run the ‘Home Network Protection’ of the app. I’ve attempted loading the app on multiple devices including iPhone 8, iPhone XS, assorted iPads, and different iOS versions, including the latest release. Normally this would not be a big deal, however, the HNP portion of the service is not available to configure online. Please reply with a solution that will allow me to make changes in the HNP. Thank you. Also, I tried to submit this review in the app’s review portion in the menu and upon hitting submit, the dialogue box commented that it was unable to submit the review at this time.
  • Verizon at its best 1/5

    By fame240
    Tried to put my new debit card down and would not let me do so
  • Questionable 4/5

    By LynnELmm
    I love the service that VErizon provides but my only issue is my bill ,I can’t get a clear picture of it.Now I’ve made the biggest mistake ever to get wireless it’s a nightmare.My family is the reason why I’m still here.with them.
  • WiFi controls inop 1/5

    By He's dead, Jim
    The Fios app is unable to access the wireless router despite my strong iPhone connection through the same router. The main purpose for this app is totally non functional.
  • Autopay didn’t work 1/5

    By Mike Conners
    Issue was unresolved.
  • Has bugs 3/5

    By Gnkugbvg
    My app is bugging out I have deleted the app and reinstalled multiple times. I open up the app and every time I get this red alert that says SHPErrorcode.routerNotAssociated. When I click on the internet section it appears under the manage my devices section and then under the home network protection. This limits me to using one of the best features on this app which allows me to mage my protection... please fix! Otherwise love the app
  • My Fios won’t let me log in to my account 1/5

    By **Bad--App**
    For two months, over two different iPhones, I have been unable to log into my VERIZON account. The error message is that w the user name and/or password I entered does not match what VERIZON has on file - BUT IT DOES. I can log onto the Fios site through my computers and through Safari on my phone. I have spent hours troubleshooting the issue with Verizon and Apple, each blaming the other. I found the app very useful when it worked but I’m pretty frustrated now.
  • Horrible Service and Horrible Company 1/5

    I find the service to be horrible and the customer service to be useless. At the time of installation the tech did not provide a channel line sheet, nor anything to show how to set up favorite tv channels or eliminate the unnecessary channels. I called customer service and the rep was able to provide ZERO assistance all she was able to say was “I don’t handle that.” The phone call was a total waste of my time!!
  • Not very senior friendly 1/5

    By 14trys
    I live on a fixed income and asked for help in reducing my bill. I pretty much got an “I’m sorry but we can’t do anything to help you” I asked to talk to a supervisor but they would not allow that. There are a lot of older people who rely on their tv for company and entertainment. I don’t consider Verizon a very compassionate and socially conscious company. I may have to cancel my service. One star is generous. My advice is try someone else’s!
  • Review of App 5/5

    By BoThunder
    It was five star in my opinion. Very easy to operate and accurate.
  • Poor Service and Fake Bandwidth 1/5

    By Fake-FIOS
    Fios is a hoax, fraudulent and vicious campaign to defraud non IT savvy. It is too expensive
  • Fios Verizon 5/5

    By Tu Minni Pokahonta
    Bna Calidad
  • super easy 5/5

    By Ray Ray 10467
    Love this ap for watching tv and making payments super easy
  • Awful app. 1/5

    By DEofPitt
    The sign in button does not work. I’ve deleted and re-installed to no avail. Are you a tech firm? Do you promote mobility solutions? Well, get your app to work!
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By joelene22
    It’s extremely frustrating that there are things you can’t do unless you use the app - like change home network protection settings - and the app doesn’t work. It won’t load, it crashes, it simply won’t work. I’ve deleted and reinstalled it, logged off and back on... nothing works. Just another issue in a very long line of problems with Verizon.
  • Everything changed! 2/5

    By Darla509
    Woke up yesterday to find out that everything on My Fios app has changed. I use it often to turn off Wi-Fi for my kids devices with no problem. Now all of a sudden their profiles are gone none of the parental controls are applied and I am not sure how to apply them. It’s not user-friendly anymore what the hell just happened????
  • Auto Pay 1/5

    By UnsatisfiedRaw
    This is the 3rd time I set up Autopay and miraculously It just wiped out from your system!!!! which lead me to pay a huge amount at once. Hopefully this will not be the 4th time. I cannot wait until my contract if over. So I can go back to Xfinity.
  • Not happy with customer service 1/5

    By Rischie79
    Customer service is absolutely terrible. Prices are way too high. Platform is not user friendly like Comcast. From day one of my contract Verizon was horrendous and actually cancelled contract to switch because even with doing that I still pay much less with Comcast. Bye bye FIOS! Hello COMCAST!
  • Weird glitches 1/5

    By AwfulAlex
    Every time I log into the app, like you know, TO PAY MY BILL, it turns off my routers WiFi capabilities. Then I have to call Verizon and wait through their awful automated menus just to reach a real person to ask them to turn the WiFi back on. Terrible app.
  • Not very useful 1/5

    By PowerWizard
    Most of the functions don’t work. I can’t discover most device’s MAC address. WIFI scan won’t work! The app always shows “Router can’t be accessed at this time. Try again later.” But when tried later it still says the same thing. Another glitzy home screen with dysfunctional software. Typical Verizon ineptitude.
  • Please fix 1/5

    By Sirschy
    The parental controls stopped working in the app. Now they don’t work when logging in through the web. This must be fixed. Please please please!!!!!
  • Home Network protection is so unreliable. It constantly not able to connect to router. 1/5

    By FeetAndConcrete
    Home Network protection is so unreliable. It constantly not able to connect to router. I could be in it once after trying 10 times and when I make a change and come back, I can’t connect - so frustrating. This need to be fixed ASAP.
  • Does not update arrival times like promised. 1/5

    By Sam4838294
    I downloaded this app on the assumption that I’d be able to better estimate the technician’s arrival. I’m now over an hour into my arrival window and the technician tracker has not updated beyond ‘Your technician has been assigned.’ Will immediately uninstall this now useless app.
  • App is junk 1/5

    By appressman
    Can't even sign in. The Sign in button doesn't do anything. Used to work. Delete reinstall no change
  • My Fios 5/5

    By killslasher
    I love this app
  • Love the tv app! 5/5

    By BGFoOtE28 from Howell,NJ
    I freaking love taking my tv on the way to work! I’m a pedestrian and take public transportation. I watch the morning news on the bus with my headphones on. It’s a good way to avoid panhandlers too while you are at the bus station.
  • Useless 1/5

    By campersc
    Before, the app just didn’t seem to work properly. Now, cannot even log in. Enter user and password but login button is not clickable. And yes, info is entered correctly. Utter waste of time.
  • App effects WiFi 1/5

    By maryann020202
    I don’t know why, but every time I use this app for parental controls, the WiFi is horrible for days after. It’s making it unusable!
  • I can’t see 1/5

    By kdastonjr
    My app is not working correctly I can’t see any of my account info all I see is my bill which says 0 balance due. This seems strange
  • Service calls 1/5

    By jadesmamii
    I’ve had horrible assistance this month about looking up my account Verizon reps call at least 6x a day to harass about a payment even after I have spoken when payment will be made

    By Sleepy-Grumpy.
    3 hours on here reentering all my information and it would not accept all the correct info I put in. WHAT!IT STOPS WORKING AFTER 5:00. The format 5 years ago was so quick. It said how do you want to and ones credit card info came up. Click on it and hear me....DONE. DONE so now I M DONE WITH VERIZON......Comcast I m coming back. Now it’s 4:30 am. . 4 hours....#@$#*%[email protected]%$&%$#@. 😳😩😠
  • National Security 1/5

    By PYT78
    This bill must be the most important bill in America to have. You have to pass retina scans, finger picks, DNA confirmation just make a quick onetime payment. The interface is awful for being a leading telecommunications company you have no idea what platform interface is all about. Try using your own app or going on line to your site that’s where the magic happens🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
  • Finger print?! 4/5

    By Ryuiihff
    What happen to fingerprint sign in ?

    By Elimsz
    Bring back the option to manage the parental controls from the router, the option to set up schedules to block/allow access to the internet instead of forcing us to download this useless application
  • No app/router interface despite NUMEROUS calls 1/5

    By smee4
    After several months and numerous phone calls we have no resolution for the lack of connection of Verizon app to our Verizon router. We have attempted on several devices and have rebooted, uninstalled, reinstalled and retried all connections at the recommendation of several Verizon tech employees. Nothing has worked and we are still unable to access router, configure security and web access/control features. After countless efforts (and almost 8 hours) on our part we were ultimately told the issues lies between Verizon their security vendor McAffee and a projected date of resolution is unknown but I can keep checking back. Has been MONTHS and still not fixed. Have been very disappointed with service.
  • Quitting Verizon 1/5

    By KMX868
    This is ridiculous .. my bill jumped a whole 50% in one month
  • Review for Verizon 5/5

    By New vigilante
    This app is great! Makes it easy to pay bill at any time! Thanks
  • Functions once again! 2/5

    Seems to be working again, but without a software update. Must’ve been some problem in the network itself. While it was malfunctioning I tried turning off the security scan function to see if that was the issue. Of course I couldn’t turn it off, because nothing was working. A week later I got a barrage of notifications from the app, these were all changes I had made a week prior. What a delay.! Since then it’s working again, in its clunky way.
  • DSL 1/5

    By sangram11
    I don’t have Fios at my location they gave me DSL
  • Too much 4/5

    By Zqueen22
    Bill is way too expensive
  • Horrible 1/5

    By LawlessGear
    I get signed out every time I try to use this app. The worst thing Verizon’s has ever put out. I’m just trying to pay my bill and they have to make it more difficult for no good reason.
  • Home network protection 1/5

    By Jay Rod 27
    It is useless, home network protection stop working in November.

    By MrHeavyDuty
    This app really needs an overhaul. I reviewed it once before when the McAfee Home Network Protection first came out and it was bad. Could never get to parental controls and when I did I would set it for the watch times allowed but then it would never cut off at time I had set plus when I hit switch to completely disable it would not cut feeds to devices at all. Now when I log into app every time then go to manage internet devices I press on the Internet option it goes from one screen to the next as usual but under Manage My Devices it says Home Network Devices then quickly it changes to Parental Controls and I get the constant SHPerrorCode.authFailure. Then I try to turn off a device and as always get reach router at time time popup message but I am sitting right in front of it so I know it is running fine. I dread even going on the app most times to have to manage anything with managing anything on my network. I have been putting off digging out my equipment and order some more advanced pieces since I had moved however I can’t deal with the terrible time I have using this app so I believe it’s time.
  • Some great features! 5/5

    By BronxDave
    I love this app, especially how I can put my home phone on “do not disturb” mode and block callers with one tap. I just wish I could schedule “do not disturb” mode for bedtime like I can do on my iPhone.
  • FIOS 1/5

    By goomba13
    Poor at best!
  • DVR scheduled programming gone 3/5

    By Terp2011
    With your new update you took away to see scheduled programs tab on DVR. Please bring back with next update! Thank you.
  • No support, no answers. 1/5

    By Zad113
    Fios support team cannot support. It hasn’t worked for at least three months. They keep telling me that they’re working on an update. I wish they could give me honest answers. I loved(past tense) this company since the beginning of fios. i’m beginning to think otherwise now. I hope Verizon is paying attention. Been a customer since the beginning. If you could give -5 stars I would’ve.
  • Miss Montavo 5/5

    By zipp the monk
    Thank you we got disconnected when I drop the phone but you were absolutely marvelous thank you so much for your help I opened the text I hope all the best for you you are an asset to your company God bless you Pat and Michelle monkeying
  • Has never worked properly twice in a row 1/5

    By 2Grimbergens
    Occasionally I can use this to view my bill, but it has never worked for customer support. So I assume that is on purpose, to drive away questions and complaints. If their goal is to use the app experience to turn customers with a small issue into customers full of rage actively searching for a better alternative, then they have succeeded. Twice when I have had internet issues it was outside mon-fri 9-5 hours so I went to the app for help. “Chat” is one option, so I tried it. I have only ever received “We’re sorry, but the access token for your request has expired. Please try again.” Hit retry, same message. Hit new question, type again, enter, same message. Log out of app, close app, turn off phone, select chat — same message. Small print says must log out of chat — I see no log out of chat button. If an app is well designed, either it will log you out after a time, or after closing the app, or have an easy to find @terminate this chat session” button. Unbelievable. Lowers my trust in Verizon, makes me tell everyone about the bad customer experience, makes me receptive to other offers.

Verizon My Fios app comments

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