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Verizon My Fios

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  • Current Version: 5.18.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Verizon Services Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Verizon My Fios App

Get access to your Verizon Account and Services when you want, where you want with the newly redesigned My Fios app. Not limited to Fios, the app allows all Verizon TV, internet and home phone customers to interact with Verizon bill pay, rewards, support and more on their smart phone or tablet, 24/7. Tools and features include: - BILL AND ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT – View and pay your bill, see bill history, sign up for paper free or auto pay billing services, update your profile and more. - COMMUNICATIONS – Listen to voicemail, review call logs and important messages from Verizon. - MY REWARDS+ – Check point balances, track recent activity, redeem points for gift cards and learn how to capture more awards. - SUPPORT – Type your question and get support information and tools for your Verizon services. - CONTACT US – Have a question or an issue you can’t solve through support? Chat with us or call us directly. - MY WI-FI INFO – Your home network wireless details are at your fingertips with My Fios. Connect all of your devices in a snap. - SPEED TEST AND Wi-Fi ANALYZER – Test your home network speed and the health of your Wi-Fi connections (available for Quantum routers). Get step by step instructions on how to improve your Wi-Fi health. -ENTERTAINMENT – Access featured movies and trending shows. Seamlessly connect to the Fios Mobile app for advanced entertainment features.

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Verizon My Fios app reviews

  • Weak WiFi 3/5

    By Tnh1116617
    Can’t get good WiFi on the font end of the house.
  • The worst app 1/5

    By ThaFreshPrinze
    You can barely use it, almost nothing works except paying for the darn bill, can’t look at past history, it’s slow, i hate it. Just enjoy paying my bill on there.
  • Your automated system is not automated 1/5

    By JustinRod7486
    Annoying text and emails everyday Your credit system is always late And your representatives always give Erroneous information Hilton
  • No mobile 2/5

    By Dazenx9
    I cannot watch my Fios remotely when I am not on my home WiFi
  • All tech & no play! 1/5

    By UNuseful App
    Why have Fios the service is crap and no people want to help people. It’s all bots & rocks because that’s what it feels like your under a Rock & hard place.
  • Parental controls are awful 1/5

    By Fix oarental controls!
    I rely on parental controls to block a number of devices. Whenever you block a device service drops out and when you try to reopen the block it won’t let the device back online. We lose router service constantly and have to constantly reboot the router. Also no time limits! You have to set all blocks manually. And once you set up home protection on the app you can’t go online through your pc to set up blocks. You get locked out. We have xfinity at our summer home and the parental blocks work so much better. I never leave negative reviews but this app is a serious chore.
  • Parental control schedules are a disaster 1/5

    By lofeteire
    I was forced to update to this new version with Home Network Protection. The parental control schedule setting within Home Network Protection is terrible. Once you finish setting up all the schedules for each profile/device, you are not allowed to make any changes. For example, if you want to change the start/end times, say by 15 minutes you basically need to delete that entry and create a new one entirely from scratch. This is extremely time consuming and annoying for parents as we try to manage kids online use. Flexibility is key for a feature like this, as we all know given the level of negotiations always involved around device access. This, in addition to the extremely frequent error of router not available, etc. Plus the super annoying question about notifications that is re-asked every time the app is used. Verizon, we have little option other than use your app, so please fix this asap!
  • Convenient 4/5

    By raul paye
    I made payment very fast and without any hassles, and on the go ... really good feature
  • Reoccurring issues 1/5

    By annoyed-customer_33
    I called about this about three months ago and someone was supposed to come and change my router and never did. (You can check the notes) we did the rebooting while the agent was on the phone and still nothing. THE ISSUE I AM HAVING IS THE INTERNET KEEPS DROPPING EVERY TIME I’M USING IT AND IT OS REALLY ANNOYING. IM PAYING FOR A SERVICE THAT’S NOT WORKING PROPERLY. THIS IS UNFAIR TO ME.
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By majorly disgusted
    Thanks for not letting me pay on the internet and MAKING me download this app. Then I tried to call and all I heard were scam advertisements for a gift card to Walmart and if I was an addict. Then when I kept hitting the pound sign, as Verizon requested, when I didn’t want these scams, you were then repeating loudly “hang up, hang up, hang up”. Then a SQUEALING sound. It was like mind games from the 1960’s and you were testing out hallucinogenic drugs on me. Good job Verizon.
  • CA 5/5

    By carlosA2827
    Excellent app, everything is so easy to navigate.
  • Good but 3/5

    By im VVOLF
    App is a good and convenient way to pay bills and stay up to date. It’s just very slow and kinda buggy.
  • The worst app ever 1/5

    By resedent of ny
    It’s always doesn’t work and shows a msg cannot reach your router right now please try again later and even after I called the support number it still the same. It’s yuk.
  • Reconnect fee 1/5

    By Kieth Wallace
    Screw your reconnect fee. Biggest scam ever.
  • Account suspended 1/5

    By She usage
    You suspended my account and I’m sure you will charge a high reconnection fee
  • Slowness 2/5

    By CVguz
    Router issue and very slow connection drops and have to unplug and plug back in very annoying
  • Junk 1/5

    By MixPix285
    I downloaded this app as Verizon promoted the user to be rewarded with 100 points. Not only can it not connect to my Wi-Fi (standing right next to router), it doesn’t give me any useful information whatsoever. Note that my phone IS connected to Wi-Fi as well as all browsers on my phone. So WHY can’t this app? Also, the feedback page within the app would not submit, stating that I needed to choose an effort (number of stars). Which i had! So I had to ma i to this site to rate it. Obviously defective
  • Hostage 1/5

    By paper bowl
    Make it extremely hard to speak with a human being. Not easy to work with if not computer savvy. Will not allow for paper bill to be sent to home. Not a happy customer Booooo
  • No internet controls with McAffee update 1/5

    By SMD2013
    App use to work great. I could control the internet access to all devices. With the McAffee Home Protection update, the app stopped working. It says it’s activating my service and no devices show up. An hour and a half on the phone with tech support yielded nothing. I got a call from Verizon 24 hours later saying I should call Verizon for tech support to solve the issue. Right. Fix the app!
  • Good when it works 3/5

    By ToborThe8Man
    Handy and useful to check/manage account/billing, call records/voicemail, router access, TV services, etc. After most recent update kept getting locked up on screen “We’ve improved the MyFios experience just for you...”, but cleared up after a few days. Would be nice if the call management screen would allow much higher # of blocked calls (current limit 100 is useless for robocall assault), and ability to filter/save the call records for better call screening.
  • This new version of the fios app does not work at all. 1/5

    By iMonaeVargas
    Every time I open the app it says “unable to activate Home network Protection, try again”. I am unable to configure any rules or control around my electronic devices. The earlier version was good and worked but this new version is exactly the opposite.
  • Crashes every time! 1/5

    By TheShape222
    Can’t use it! It crashes every single time I try to use it!
  • Fraud 1/5

    Verizon provided me with a service that never worked. I was charged for services after I cancelled. I am enrolled in autopay, but it states that I am overdue. When I try to make a payment, it states that I owe $3.50 extra regardless of method used. FRAUD FRAUD
  • Home network security doesn’t work 1/5

    By Femisoccer247
    Keep getting a message to “check back later”. Support is useless. Got the runaround. “Try resetting your router or re-installing the app”.
  • This app would be great in theory 2/5

    By spnteach
    But it constantly says it can’t connect to the router so I can’t manage any of the devices on my network.
  • Can’t submit feedback! Hilarious! 3/5

    By Dingyboy
    In the app I attempted to send feedback. After filling out the feedback form and pressing submit the app says “can’t submit feedback now, please try again later”. I was trying to report a feature that doesn’t work properly but I guess the app has bigger problems.
  • SPAM APP 1/5

    By 1982red
    Do not recommend. SPAM APP. I do not want techsure plus!!!!!! But no way to remove the adds on the app. Also 4 emails from Verizon about techsure plus.
  • Verizon scam about amazon prime 1/5

    By chubby5600
    It is a shame that Verizon is encouraging you to get their service on a lot of bad gift service they promise 1 year amazon prime and echo and then send you several bad link to redeem it of which none work so you get nothing not to mention calls and chat service to put you to crazy link and they will hang up on you and the service stinks for those contracts
  • Verizon My FiOS app 1/5

    By Death_BU
    Verizon My FiOS app: When I try using My FiOS app by Verizon, I can login with no problem & ”My Bill, Phone, TV, and My Rewards+ those options seem to be working but, when trying the Internet option I receive error message: “Unable to connect to your router. Try again later.” Every time I try the Internet option, I get the same message: “Unable to connect to your router. Try again later.” Please fix it!!!!
  • Update disabled App 1/5

    By Johnfoley77
    I can no longer use the app to change my wifi settings or anything else for that matter. I get a "This API only works with the BHR4 router! BTW that's the router I have which I rent from FIOS! This is frustrating enough for me to change providers.
  • App Update too complex, lots of bugs. 2/5

    By jf4318
    As a parent, the previous internet/WiFi controls were much easier to use. It was easy to set up restricted hours on devices. New updated version requires assigning devices to individual users before you can assign restrictions. Before you can do that you create the profiles for each user. On top of that, even after its set up, it does not seem to work well. Old way was easier to use, and more effective at the same time.
  • Just been in real 1/5

    By unhappy camper 62
    Never get no real help just headach never got my promotion never so I just feel bad about having it
  • Issues logging in 1/5

    By adamgnyc
    It keeps sending me to the forgot password screen when I put my login info in
  • Goodbye Optimum! 5/5

    By katsmeow!
    Wish we had switched a LONG time ago! Verizon Fios is OUTSTANDING!
  • Bugging out 5/5

    By ghostrecon19
    Every time I go to check my password for the internet it keeps going into a new page every time
  • Back room 2/5

    By MO61070
    The back room where I live the app is wack the service is crap ,, sorry but that’s the truth
  • Bad customer service 1/5

    By Mikes internet
    Canceled 2 times over the phone but still receiving bills with late payments
  • Home network protection never works 1/5

    By Hockeyplayer77
    The only way to get this to work is to delete the app and reinstall. It will work once and then you need to delete and reinstall each time. What a waste!
  • Never works 1/5

    By armarshall05
    Constant notifications but app doesn’t work or let me respond. Worthless.
  • Always a problem logging in 1/5

    By BigDickBiggerEgo
    I’ve never experienced this with any other application but literally every time I’ve tried to log into this app for the past 6 months I’ve gotten an error. To pay my bill I have to log in on a browser like some sort of pleb. Boo Verizon. 👎🏼
  • internet 1/5

    By pincheluis
    It is really ridiculous how you need to have your wifi connected in order to use the app. Because what if your wifi gets cut and you cant pay the bill because you don't have your home wifi this this basic knowledge come on now
  • Keeps crashing 😢 3/5

    By Gnkugbvg
    It’s great when it works. Been having a lot of issues with the app crashing and it pretty much unusable at this point please update
  • Straight forward 5/5

    By Desilu118
    Very straight forward, making it easy to use. Worth downloading thus far.
  • You’re the worst 1/5

    By ghgtvd
    I hate everything about FIOS and will try to replace my cable and internet service as soon as I can. Your customer service is horrible.
  • New home protection is useless 1/5

    By kmaa713
    New app update downloaded home protection service. Except it says “we are activation your service. Check back soon”. It has said that for 2 days now. Spent over an hour chatting with Verizon and than on phone with mcafee. They said they disabled it for me but when I go back to the app it says the same thing. Definitely a bug.
  • The worst network mgmt app 1/5

    By ninamass
    I’ve never not been able to access my router until now. Why is it that it won’t connect with my router at home?
  • Horrible!! Outrageous bills! 1/5

    By yelpreallysucks
    This was sold To me at $95 per month for the package and now they are bill me several times this amount. Verizon is such a horrible and dishonest company!!
  • API only supported for bhr4 1/5

    By Guy Paladino
    All of a sudden when looking at my internet settings app I am getting message “api only supported for bhr4”. No idea what this means. The app never had a problem in the past looking at my settings. Finding information online is very difficult and waiting on the phone with support is horrible.
  • Not working like used too 2/5

    By anjunabtz1687
    Doesn’t let me check manage WiFi settings anymore

Verizon My Fios app comments

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