Verizon Smart Family™

Verizon Smart Family™

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Verizon Smart Family™ App

Smart Family gives parents the ability to locate and manage their child’s device all in one app. You can schedule alerts for their device location, block apps & websites, pause the internet, view their text and call history, and so much more! Verizon Smart Family- Your partner in parenting. ----------------------------- KNOW WHERE THEY ARE –Rest easy knowing your loved ones are where they should be. Set an alert to track their device so you know if they made it home or to practice, or check on your own time by viewing the real time device map. CHILDPROOF YOUR INTERNET - Block access to inappropriate apps and websites. You can block most social media, messaging, and gaming apps; unblock just as easily when you feel they are ready for them. SET SMARTER BOUNDARIES - Take back family time by instantly pausing the internet or limiting access to calls, texts and data. You can also set purchase limits for apps, games, and music. MONITOR USAGE & ACTIVITY - See who is calling and texting, and when. Block unwanted contacts, and see the sites your child is visiting on their device every day. You can also keep an eye on their device's battery life. IN-HOME & ON-THE-GO - Control your child’s online experience whether they’re using Wi-Fi or your data.

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Verizon Smart Family™ app reviews

  • Why? 1/5

    By Karamia1971
    I haven’t been able to get onto my Smart Family app and calling Verizon takes so long for an operator. This is frustrating especially when you need to get into it in an emergency... 😔
  • Great idea, sorry performance 1/5

    By Youdontwantarating
    We have had this app for about a month and about every other day I have to “reconnect” my kids phones. I have even made an hour and a half round trip to the Verizon store for them to get one of them to work. This app was the reason I let my kids have a phone. Funny how Verizon doesn’t have to keep their apps working and the signals are getting worse, but we don’t get a reduction in our billing and in fact it would cost us to get out of the sucky contract. A hammer may be in order.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Yesikah
    Please don’t waste your money on this app. My teenage son knows how to disable the app.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Ifyousays0
    App will crash and will not have access to limit restrictions and can not do anything about it til the app starts working again. It a hit and miss sometimes good then other times you will get frustrated.
  • Good sometimes 5/5

    By MyTurnStoreyTime
    I may not have the same situation as all the teens here but I like it because there are bad people in this world and my family wants to keep me safe I want to say this to all parents trust you kids it’s ok to use it so they don’t get kidnapped but to control how they do everything is wrong please think about it.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By parental disaster
    I Downloaded this app to try and monitor my child’s screen time along but I haven’t been able to access anything I registered my number created a username & password and every time I want to login it says my info is incorrect I have reset my password 5 times and still continue to get the same error message!!!
  • Do Not Use 1/5

    By JQuinS
    Garbage. It worked for a few days until we tried to update a time restriction. Now zero restrictions show up but they’re still enforced. We have no way to undo them. Have uninstalled, unsubscribed... nothing. GARBAGE app.
  • Got life360 instead 1/5

    By Chris$$
    This is by far the worst app I have ever used! The locations are not accurate, it’s pricey and it didn’t work half the time. I called Verizon for help numerous times for help. I waited hours on hold in total. I was hung up on, given the run around and never gotten back to. Over numerous months of asking for help getting my daughter signed up, I gave up. My daughter introduced me to Life360. It gives for free what Verizon charges for. You can pay a little more for more features though. If I could cancel Verizon phone service I would. That’s how bad this whole experience has been.
  • Restriction times don’t work right 1/5

    By Dogrolling
    Doesn’t update new restriction times for days, and then only sometimes works right. Frustrating.
  • This app is garbage 1/5

    By bdmof3
    The knowledgeable Verizon reps will tell you straightforward, this app is useless if the device you are managing is an apple device. Take it to the Apple store and save your $$.
  • Keeps restricting my phone also 1/5

    By adhg123
    I’m about to remove this app. It keeps restricting my cell also, not just my child’s.
  • Kids can still use “blocked” sites!!!!!!!!! 1/5

    By ema819702
    What a JOKE!!!! Along with constantly forcing our kid off the WiFi (due to the VPN according to the guy at the store). The customer service people on the phone CONSTANTLY discounted our concerns about this! Then, on top of all of that, we find out our kid was still able to access all of the websites we had blocked!!!! ALL of them!! Snapchat. Facebook. YOLO (that was a new one to us). We were paying for MONTHS for an app that was not even working!!! $10.00 a month. No one cared at ALL!!!!!!! ZERO STARS!!! None! I’m literally sick over what we have seen. No blocking. No accuracy. What were we handing over our money for!!
  • No 911? 1/5

    By heathermocker
    I was attacked by a freaking crazy person this morning I called 911 Who didn’t answer. Now Verizon said I am cut off
  • Idk 1/5

    By jajesj
    I couldn’t even log in it kept saying the password was wrong 😤 it was not wrong .
  • No extra pay 4/5

    By LB760
    I would rate this and up higher if I didn’t have to pay for additional features.
  • Confused -updated 3/5

    By G4est
    Thought the app was draining the battery, but when In school mode it wasn’t showing me info. If I updated their map it showed me they were miles from school. Unsure what that is about. Also , I can see my sons info, but my daughters info is not updating. (Web and apps).
  • Glitches. 1/5

    By marcie van
    This app is so glitchy. It lets me control one child with no problem and the other account for my other child just keeps saying try again later. I redownloaded it, but no success. So basically I’m paying to use half the features.
  • Doesn’t work... 1/5

    By d Houston3
    I have3 lines on the kids account. At first it worked well. Then it stopped working. For months I could not log into the app, it said my account was not eligible. I spent hours, numerous times with Verizon customer support, and tech support numerous times. Finally today, they told me how to log in to Verizon smart family on the PC. That’s great, however not all the services are working from the PC. So, here I am with 3 lines I am paying for that don’t work.i cannot add contacts to allow them to make phone calls. Or do anything the Verizon premium is supposed to allow you to do. What a waste of time and money I’ve spent on this. I’m beginning to think I need to switch mobile carriers....
  • Love app 4/5

    By Nana Bravo
    Love the family App just wish my kids didn’t hv access to turn off their location.
  • This app does not work 1/5

    By Nicholas MD
    I purchased a week ago for my kids. They are still able to access apps that I blocked. Not Happy
  • So disappointed 1/5

    By Drsaver
    I tried this app for several months It was working nicely— although if your child already had an app like snapchat on their phone — you can’t block it Currently I am unable to see who is calling and texting— I sat on the phone waiting for support for over 20 minutes to just be told the app was functioning properly and that the website was delayed in doing whatever it needed to do to update the calls/texts /- call back again if doesn’t fix itself guess what—- STILL NOT WORKING—So now I have to call again🤬
  • Useless 1/5

    By chompe24
    Everything worked fine other than that I could not remove the restrictions on using my phone, I’m the parent. Spent time in a Verizon store and on the phone with Verizon costumer service while in the Verizon store and no one could figure out how to get the restrictions lifted from my phone. Online it said no restrictions but within the app, as the primary owner there was no way to keep my phone from being restricted on certain hours on certain days. Useless waste of time.
  • This App is junk 1/5

    By R. Grogan
    The locations services work if a couple miles is close enough. The call log is behind by a day sometimes even though they say 15 min and it causes my sons phone to never work because of the VPN so I wouldn’t have this app even if they paid me. Run and find a much better one that’s what I’m doing
  • Business accounts not allowed! 1/5

    By Mojomama10
    LAME! I am so bummed at all the problems we’ve had with Verizon since switching to a business account! And just add this to the list!! Why would you make the free smart family app not work with business accounts?? Some people using business accounts still have families!
  • Issues with Life 360 3/5

    By crsgthbobgddghgbnfdfh
    Too often 25%+ of the time, when I attempt to make a change in time restrictions, I get a pop up that says SOMETHING WENT WRONG and I can’t make the change OR I’m able to make the change in time restrictions but it doesn’t actually work and the phone is still operating without the restrictions I put in place. Frustrating
  • Easy to use and the features we need 5/5

    By Monica MV
    Thanks Verizon for making it super easy to manage our families talk and data usage!
  • Not perfect 1/5

    By jess ate
    Not consistent. Hard to access. Not user friendly, has glitches.
  • Wrong location 2/5

    By Tapout1962
    My son was in Hoboken Ga for several hours. And this app kept showing him in Dublin Ga. How is that helpful 😡
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By Izzybadams
    This app constantly glitches & freezes. If customers are paying for this service, it needs to work better than this. It is not as accurate, freezes up and has had to be reinstalled several times. What’s the point of monitoring kids’ phones/apps with this if it’s not actually working? I’m disappointed and question the quality of this application. I’m strongly considering discontinuing this service since from my bill!
  • Waste of money 2/5

    By kls158
    This app drains data and the location rarely works accurately. You can’t see anyone that texts from iPhone to iPhone so that’s pointless. You can’t limit downloads, just block things. The only good thing about it was using it to limit data usage, but even then it turns off all cellular if they hit their limit which also includes texting. So we deleted it and I’ll just keep a closer look on their phones.
  • If u hate your kid, this app if for u! 1/5

    By do_not_get_this_app
    Hi, I’m a teen and my parents use this app to see EVERYTHING that happens on my phone. I get good grades, I’m in all honors classes, I’m responsible, and i have never snuck out so I think I’m a pretty good kid. This app is awful because now I can’t even text my friends without worrying that my parents will be reading it. This app just shows how little my parents trust and respect me. So now I don’t trust them either. I don’t tell anything because i do not think I can trust them with my private information. Additionally, every time I think of them I think of restricting and bad parents who r ruining my high school experience (which I’m told should be some of the best times of my life) So if u care about your kids and want to have a strong connection with them do not get this app
  • Not happy. 1/5

    By 2382 dnaldn
    Keeps restricting my own phone during school hours and not my daughters
  • Horrible 1/5

    By PauleenaJS
    It keeps saying password is incorrect but can log in on the regular Verizon app just fine.
  • This app should be free 1/5

    By Saved By Technology
    No way will I pay for something that should be included with the phone service.
  • Texting doesn’t work without data! 2/5

    By JBGHS
    Love that there’s a data limit but why does it affect my child’s texting on her iPhone if the data limit has been reached? Her texting ability is completely shut off without data.
  • Hate it 1/5

    By noahday77
    Hate it, it’s completely terrible the worst thing you can put on your kids phone it’s so controlling even for a bad kid that doesn’t stop
  • Only ok 2/5

    By andlizspe
    The main problem with this app is that after I’ve set all the limits and restrictions, it will randomly reset itself as if I had never set anything. That defeats the purpose of having this app, to be able to restrict.
  • Bypass it with WiFi on iPhone 1/5

    By blessed mom to 7 boys
    If they are connected to WiFi then “time restrictions” doesn’t work, “time restrictions” just shuts off their data it will not shut off WiFi(even though it says it will, it WONT) they can also audio FaceTime to friends through WiFi since “time restrictions” does not stop WiFi use
  • Family Verizon app. 5/5

    By kranz girl
    I like the family Verizon app. It make it easy to control what see sees on the phone
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By ifoneexpert2008
    The app won’t let me sign in or do anything. Screen goes blank. Called Verizon support. They kept me online for 30 min and have no answers.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Masterchef218
    This app is utterly useless. It makes your kid’s phone almost unusable.
  • Does not work!!!!! Waste of money.... 1/5

    By Sugarplum~
    I initially loved the app. Then found out if your kids down load the app (VPN 360). Verizon smart family will not work. It will say on the parents end it’s working, but on the kids end.. They can use there phone all hours and what it says is blocked on Verizon smart family is actually not blocked.. I wasted money on this app for nothing... Seriously bummed..
  • He just turns off the VPN 2/5

    By CG Pilot
    Recently, I paused the internet on my son’s phone. Later I went in his room and found him watching videos. When I told him I had paused the internet access, he stated that he thought it was a mistake, and he had just turned the VPN off. I didn’t even get a notification. I don’t think it it’s supposed to work this way.
  • Barely works 1/5

    By Tyriyjuh
    Location doesn’t work most of the time, used to work great on the iPhone till this app was installed. Controls are mediocre. Overall disappointed on how it works for how much they charge monthly.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Keith831
    Doesn’t shut internet off when it’s supposed to, and doesn’t have accurate location of my child, y’all are about to give me a heart attack with this wrong location!!! Why am I paying for this?!!!
  • Frustrating and part of the problem 1/5

    By Batesmotelny
    This app/service from Verizon is a complete frustrating disappointment. In theory, the intent of the app is great; however, the functionality is poor and settings are super slow to respond and update. For tracking our kid we have to reference Life 360; a much more accurate with real time updates for gps tracking. To rub salt in the wound; have you ever called Verizon for tech support??? Plan to sit on hold for 20 minutes or longer; then a tech will search the manual clicking away on their keyboards (YES! KeyboardS as I’ve made several calls to them) and they can’t figure it out either. This app is a waste of time and money unless Verizon makes some major improvements.
  • Trusted contact list does not work. 1/5

    By TJN17TJN18
    I am using this app specifically to restrict who my son can text. I have three numbers on the Trusted Contact List and he can text anyone outside of this list.
  • No Spanish feature 1/5

    By Toolfan916
    I am a Spanish speaking user, all applications with Verizon have option for Spanish or automatically make in Spanish but no this one. Please add option for Spanish
  • The app is impossible to setup 1/5

    By DD123456789012345
    You have to use your MyVerizon account setup info to setup the app. If you’ve ever tried to work with MyVerizon, you’ll know what a difficult process it is. I’ve been working to get it setup for 2 hrs now, and I’m giving up...will just download and use another app because the Verizon account info is always a nightmare. I’d suggest you save yourself a lot of time and frustration and do the same.

Verizon Smart Family™ app comments

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