Verizon Smart Family™

Verizon Smart Family™

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  • Current Version: 3.23.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Verizon Wireless
  • Compatibility: Android
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Verizon Smart Family™ App

Verizon Smart Family is your partner in parenting, with location tracking, parental controls and driver insight features. Locate your child’s device, block content, filter websites, view device usage, understand your child’s driving habits and more. The Verizon Smart Family app lets parents set controls and tracking, and is paired with the Verizon Smart Family Companion app on their child’s smartphone. Verizon Smart Family lets you: • Set alerts to find out where your child’s device is at a certain time of day or when your child enters/leaves a pre-set geofence. You can also check the real-time device map anytime. (Premium only) • Childproof the internet with blocking features to filter social media, messaging, gaming apps and websites—plus set purchase limits for apps, games and music. • Detect driving events such as speed, rapid acceleration, hard braking, hard corners, and phone usage. You’ll receive an alert with your child's location if they’re ever involved in a potential collision. (Premium only) • Monitor your child’s phone usage and activity with features that allow you to review texts, call history and their device’s battery life. • Review which apps users visit in a 7-day period, and the amount of time spent on each. For iOS phones, you can also access a list, by category, of URLs visited by the user. Get Premium and try all of the features for free for 30 days ($9.99/mo thereafter). Download Verizon Smart Family now and get peace of mind, knowing your child’s online experience is safe.

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Verizon Smart Family™ app reviews

  • Doesn’t work and meet basic needs, at expense… 1/5

    By Shadow13849
    #1 iPhone screen time is free and meets all needs. #2… kids can still call people not in contacts #3…. Blocking calls doesn’t work (not real-time. They say it works eventually) #4…. Read the kid one star reviews on the companion app, they are real funny!! I don’t think this app is directly responsible for these one stars, and many of those build my opinion of the app. Only to eventually agree it doesn’t work as some kids said. #5…. I now have a support call to uninstall this app from my kids phone. But have to wait 24th a incase some magical server update so it can be removed. Last thoughts: I have no problem paying for a better product, but this is not better. I expect real-time behavior. Even removing the app is based on “waiting” for server update data it’s ok to uninstall. FaceTime is real-time, free, only down side, it does send blocked calls to directly to voicemail. But that ok for me since this has all other “basic” requirements.
  • Customer support needed 4/5

    By urboydanny
    I am not interested in getting automated suggestions. I’m old school and want to talk with a real person from Verizon. The parental controls is a great concept. I asked when at the Verizon store about this when I bought the phones and no one knew about this!! No one in the local store is educated with this app and they should be. I love being able to turn off internet and data of my teen but the sharing should NOT have to be agreed by my child’s phone. My teen won’t allow many things. The purpose of parental controls is to be able to see what they are doing. I’m paying the bills and the phone, why do I need his permission to have controls? Is there a way to do all set up without his permission such as location alerts?Thanks
  • Time restrictions doesn’t work 1/5

    By kbtucson11
    The time restrictions “reset” after I set them. I set the time restrictions (and yes, I save them), then close the app. A few hours later when I log on the Sleep Hours are gone and I have two random time restrictions for 12am to 3am (completely random). Same with the school hours. It makes the app useless. Also, it would be help to be able to lock the phone during certain times so games can’t be used. I guess you get what you pay for considering it’s $5/month. But I will definitely be exploring other options, possibly a different service.
  • Horrible service 1/5

    By Pplanner
    The tracking is off. It won’t tell me that my kids left the house until they are more 5 miles away. A big waste of my money right now.
  • Absolutely useless 1/5

    By Samuelnotsam
    Sets up a VPN which isn’t allowed in school settings, so he can’t access the schools wifi all day at school, which is necessary to run required apps. Is this the best they can come up with?
  • Probably worst app I’ve ever had 1/5

    By pickingadumbusername
    Probably the worst app I’ve ever installed on my phone. The app wouldn’t work, any time I tried to set up limits I’d get ”error try again later” for days, even got that on Verizon’s website. Couldn’t set up the child’s dad on the app because it would set him up as a child, it would say no calls made when we clearly called and to top it all off it prevented everyone with an android phone from calling or texting even the child’s dads phone. All this for $4.99 a month. CANCELED!
  • Not enough options 1/5

    By Robdoggie1984
    For a monthly rate there are not many options. Why would my teenager need to be kicked off her phone at the same time on the weekends as the weekdays? I wish there was a “kill” button too. Where I could kick her off at any time. For being a multi million dollar company, I’m definitely not impressed.
  • Set up not intuitive 3/5

    By APKnoche
    The set up and managing the controls are terrible. There were so many glitches I was always on the phone with Verizon and the technicians would have to switch me around to get a solution to finally somebody who knew more than their average tech would fix it. Verizon used to be a top notch company lately whoever is writing their programs is terrible!!!!! Now I’m trying to correct my husband‘s setting on the family plan to a manager. The App listed him as a child automatically! I Will definitely be investigating a new provider if Verizon can’t get their acted together!
  • Location? Fine for safety. Seeing who we text? Privacy invasion. 1/5

    As an older teen who has never done anything bad in my entire life, this app is a nuisance. I’ve never tried to sneak out, lie to my parents about where I was going, I’ve never even had a boyfriend. My mom only took it off our phones because she didn’t want to keep spending the $10 because we’re poor. It’s a complete invasion of privacy. I know it sounds like i’m just saying this because i’m a bad rebellious kid, but I’m not. In my experience, if you want to be able to trust your kids you have to let them have their privacy. When you try to control them to a far extent they want to rebel and they will. Being able to see your location is fine, it’s for safety and I understand that. But seeing who we text, call, what apps we’re on? It’s not about safety anymore. It’s about spying on your kid. About being curious and nosy about who they’re talking to and what they’re doing (apps & websites). My mom only started saying she trusted me when she could track every single thing i was doing. And that really hurt me and has caused resentment to build up. I’ve had the opportunity to lie and do bad things, but i haven’t done them. Why? Because i just don’t want to. But obviously my parents think I do to put this on my phone. If you’re a parent getting this, I know you most likely like to be the controller. If you’re a good normal parent, you would get Life360. I don’t even feel like i have privacy anymore unless i’m taking a shower or at a friends house. And I know if parents are reading this they’re probably scoffing and rolling their eyes, but everything Ive said is true and it’s time to start listening and trusting instead of assuming. Thank you.
  • I hate limits 1/5

    By WHFiveOH
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By boobear8669
    Downloaded this app to block certain things on my daughters phones, and it basically turned their phones into overpriced paper weights. My daughters couldn’t use their phones to talk or text with their friends. And whenever it would tell me of anything my daughter looked at while at home that was questionable, it wouldn’t show me exactly what it was, it was very vague and definitely needs to be worked on.
  • App does not work as of 6/28/2022 1/5

    By CLock2929
    I had this app for about 10 years and worked great. The last week or so the app will not load just circles. I have deleted off phone reinstalled also called verizon and put a ticket in. Verizon stated no issues found. I am paying for the app but can use it.
  • Useful app for parents 4/5

    By BPNYC77
    Great app for parents trying to monitor kids activities online. The driver safety feature is excellent and lets parents know if their kids are safe while in a vehicle. I think the location controls could be a lot better. You have to refresh the app to get the location. In 2022 that shouldnt be necessary. In addition I think the app should allow tracker support so you can track items like keys or pets through the app for the $9.99 monthly cost.
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By martinez 33q
    It ruin everything and you get 0 personal space
  • Great idea but truly useless in reality 2/5

    By struggling single momma
    The whole reason I got my child the phone, plan and installed this app is to help keep my child safe. To have a more accurate up to date way of keeping track of their location and exposure online but this app is just about worthless. They refuse to offer accurate location services because the notifications on my child’s phone are not on. All other settings are on and active but they can’t make noise on my child’s phone. Like there is any logical reason Verizon smart family app would need to send notifications or contact my underage child. Sometimes my kid forgets to silence their phone and any notifications to their device could have a negative impact on them. It’s doesn’t make any sense at all. These forced notifications are unnecessary and putting children at greater risk 😡
  • Child uninstalled app 1/5

    By deb.johnson3056
    I was told by Verizon rep that the companion app wasn’t able to be uninstalled from the child’s phone by the child. I got an alert that it was uninstalled!
  • Signed me out and get any support from Verizon 1/5

    By porthelp
    I’ve had this app for a few years and never had this problem. It keeps saying to reset password but it’s for my Verizon not smart family!! Very upset! I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it several times and still won’t allow me to sign in. Help!!
  • Location is great but that’s about it… 1/5

    By Massive bong hits
    This is great if you need to know your kids location, however that’s about it. When you are alerted about objectionable content visited, all it gives you is the server web address, for example… I received a notification about objections content viewed. When I clicked on that link it gave me a unfound server. That does me no good. If you are thinking it will give you actual websites then you are wrong. I know the google play parental app does a lot better job of this compared to this app. When showing what apps are downloaded, nothing there as well. All it shows you is the server address in which the app was pulled from, nothing about what app it actually is. It’s does not show you text like other parental apps, does not show you really anything to be honest. I pay $10 a month for this app thinking it would do more but it has failed me. I am researching better parental apps for iPhones and then deleting this one.
  • Used to be okay, is now nearly worthless 1/5

    By toddnr
    Used it for a long time. It used to work most of the time, now it rarely works. Whenever it stops working, their only answer is to uninstall and reinstall, which requires reconfiguring everything.
  • Not even smart enough to know your time zone! 1/5

    By Wubledoo
    I put in place rules for school night so that my child would have their cellular data turned off after a certain hour. And it thought that we were on East Coast time rather than Pacific time and turned off the Internet three hours too early! Also it seems to track one child activity with text messaging and not the other. And now the one that did originally work just randomly turned off. This app is definitely not worth the money.
  • Family App restricting my (parent) phone!!! 1/5

    By pizza is awesome!🍕❤️
    I am a technology professional and the ‘Family’ app has been the most Frustrating experience. The biggest problem I have is that I AM THE PARENT but it puts restrictions on MY PHONE!!! I went to the Verizon store to clear them out but the restrictions just keep coming back! Of course when they occur, based upon time of day, I can’t clear them myself because the restrictions disable my phone. I couldn’t order an Uber or call a TAXI the other day, walked home in the rain! Not happy. I’ve been with Verizon for 10 years, love the coverage but I’m seriously thinking about switching everyone in my family to T-MOBILE if I can’t get some real customer service and a Family app that isn’t full of bugs.
  • My child disables her controls 1/5

    By AGMOM35
    I have a 13 year old and when I’m trying to discipline her and restrict her phone, she simply turns off her vpn and she can use it however she wants! Completely pointless! I read that this problem was pointed out YEARS ago, still no solution for it!
  • Useless App 1/5

    By Malibu Shylah
    Need to download “Smart Companion” just to use this app. An App that uses an App to function 🤔 In addition, the average review rating for “Companion” is 1.2 stars. Just a pointless app.
  • DOES NOT WORK!!!!! 1/5

    This app literally does nothing.I Shut my kids internet and social media completely off and he was STILL SCROLLING and Snapchatting. This is a waste of money! Unsubscribed. DO NOT PURCHASE!!!!!
  • Features don’t work 3/5

    By whyiseverynametakenonthisthing
    The blocking feature doesn’t seem to work. I blocked a phone number for one of the lines and the calls and texts still come through so I’m unsure why I’m paying $5 if it doesn’t even work
  • Not functioning properly 1/5

    By Ari_3
    This app does not function properly consistently. Going to find a different one.
  • Worst app so far 1/5

    By California family
    The worst monitoring app so far… Deleting. I can’t believe it’s being offered to paying customers, so frustrating. You have to “fix” settings daily and kids still able to access internet.
  • Cellular triangulation fixed 4/5

    By ShaneBDA
    Thanks for the support on getting things working! Verizon general support provided incorrect information so I appreciate the response here and through the app!!
  • No privacy or trust 1/5

    By Jinxsaw
    I feel as if i have no privacy with this app. Monitoring them constantly is not the way to make sure your child is safe. Do things to build trust so that when something happens they TELL YOU, not things to destroy trust and make them feel as if they have no freedom. If you're so concerned about your child being unsafe on the internet to the point of monitoring everything they do- don't get them a phone in the first place.
  • Doesn’t recognize family lines 1/5

    By Junction77
    I installed the app but the app doesn’t recognize any of the other 3 lines I have with Verizon so I can’t use it to monitor my kids’ accounts at all. I can’t even set the app up or connect my kids’ lines. Have reached out to Verizon for help and have had no luck.
  • Pretty worthless and to think they want 9.99 a month 1/5

    By tJ.n
    Restricted times don’t match what I’ve input and saved and phone still connects to the internet and takes calls and texts during the restricted times. IE bedtime and school time. app doesn’t appear to even work correctly. pretty worthless if it won’t restrict when I want it to. Calls and texts were still pouring in during restricted times. child was able to access restricted content even with it blocked. I give it a 1 because there’s no zero and I can track them and see obviously when and what they are accessing even though I can’t block it. SERIOUSLY VERIZON! Get with the program here. Customer of 13 years.
  • Works but charges you for free location services 1/5

    By @ramblingraven on oggl
    Works but I really hate the fact that the app disabled the free “find my phone” feature that IOS comes with and that you have to pay to have it back on your kids phone- they even make it sound like a special feature! 😡
  • This is why me and may dad fight 1/5

    By WyattWWatson
    Jesus well let’s set the story my dad told me to download this and I did but let me tell you this app ruined me and my dads relationship as father son I swear we have weekly fights cause of it
  • Do not waste your money. 1/5

    By HippoBrownMom
    The Application is not working as desired or as they describe. Have to log in every time, even if I ask for it to stay logged in. Can not set limits in the app or by PC. The locator options are so bad, heaven forbid if you need it. We have worked with the customer support on all these issues and indicated we wanted to not be charged for the service while they fixed it. 3weeks, still no follow up or improvements. Deleting this app and canceling the service.
  • Do better Verizon 2/5

    By Anathomemom
    What works? Location- kind of. Yes it shows the location of my child but constantly needs fixed. Um no. She did not remove the app or change any settings. Texts and Calls- kind of. It shows a very limited number of texts and calls. Does not show any Apple device communications like group texts or FaceTime. Time Limits- kind of. I have night hours set but I am unable to change them. Something Went Wrong. Yeah- your crappy app. Blocked Callers- no. I have added block callers but they still get through. Also I am a limitless contact but am unable to call or text my child after her set night limits. This is not only dangerous but a total failure of an app option. What I want from this app- -Show every call and text to and from her phone -Let trusted contacts have reliable two way communication at any time -Have limits on time that can be easily adjusted without Something Going Wrong -Show a proximate location when requested without the constant need to Fix It -Have a person answer questions about the app, not a generalized chat assistant when searching for answers online I would not recommend this app. Verizon provides a minimal service with constant inconsistencies.
  • Can’t stay on their phone so they don’t shut off at the restricted time 1/5

    By Llamalover_07
    I don’t understand how my kids can still get past these restrictions and be on their phones
  • Don’t waste your time. 1/5

    By 3m!1y
    My children turn off their location constantly and I cannot restore it without them responding to a request on their phone. It also sends various other alerts to my child’s phone which basically serves to remind them they are being supervised.
  • Don’t listen to the BAD ONES 5/5

    By nubyan652
    So I’ve had this smart family app and my review will be the most recent and honestly, HONEST !! My 11 year old climbed out of the window yesterday 2/27/2022 and literally walked across town to see one of his other ONLY 11 year old little friends 😭… If it was not for this app i would have had no idea where my son was, I instantly opened up the app and tracked his exact location and then proceeded to drive to that location and BINGO !! can’t quite tell you 🤐 what happened when I found him thanks to this Smart Family App 💥 but just know that the rest of his day didn’t go as he probably originally planned. You can control a lot of things from your phone so this app is definitely needed and necessary to monitor your child and they’re activities, it should come with more like seeing text messages and photos etc. but hopefully in the future they can work out these other additions being added on… thanks Verizon for this app
  • Horrible 1/5

    By STL Capt America
    App used to work fine but somewhere along the way, it became horrible. Pausing or blocking apps doesn’t work anymore. Completely useless now. Waste of money
  • I Agree….nothing stealth about this app! 1/5

    By JessaneerG
    The review left about this app being pointless is 100% accurate. It sends up a dozen red flags to your kids phones and can be disconnected by them in a heartbeat. All someone has to do is turn off their location and they can visit whatever they want, then reconnect and act like nothing happened. You get an msg that their location isn’t working. Then suddenly you get another msg that their location has been restored. Ta-dah! Then you pay foe the ‘service’ as if it does what it says it does. Nope. Worthless.
  • Junk!! 1/5

    By Mat0494
    The app is as much junk as the Facebook app. Does not work the way it is described to work, does not monitor or display any of the information is claims it will. The app never stays logged in. The app always claims that the parent needs to update to allow requests for rides but always says it’s up to day. I am so glad Verizon gives me the app for free because I would never spend a penny to use it with all its problems. Verizon if your reading this fire everyone that maintains the app and start fresh because the concept is there but your employees failed you and you failed us, the customers with the execution of it.
  • Help 5/5

    By irmaniurka
    I am trying to contact you . Since 1 day I am unable to sign in . I paid for this app on my Verizon , and unable to sign : said username or password incorrect,
  • Awful 1/5

    Doesn’t work. Crashes phone. Never logs in. Wrong locations. Blocks phone on wrong things. Deleted it -stars if possible
  • Can’t add other children’s lines to app 2/5

    By spencerhar
    When I attempt to add more than one child to the app I get a generic ‘something went wrong’ message. This has been an issue for over a month. I called VZ two days ago and was told the issue was unknown. That they would escalate their support ticket and follow up with me the next day. No follow up. No fix.

    By craisins
    This app literally gave me depression. My mom down loaded this for me and I spend hours lying my bed crying. What more needs said? DON’T DOWNLOAD. I am not able to contact any of my friends or even watch any videos!!! I’m almost 13 years old not even aloud to watch YouTube.
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By kwc88
    I want to love the idea behind the app, and I do… when it’s actually working. It’s frustrating to have to restart your phone every time my child ask to download an app. I shouldn’t have to turn off my phone in order to get notifications from the app. It blocks things on my child’s phone that I haven’t blocked from my end, and it won’t let her text her approved contacts, which is a HUGE safety concern of ours. The reason they are approved is because she needs to be able to contact them in case of emergencies. I am not impressed with this app at all.
  • Restrictions don’t work 1/5

    By madden complaint
    Not as advertised
  • App won’t let me change limits or phone numbers 1/5

    By SuzanMae
    As of this morning I can’t get this app to do anything. My daughter asked me why her internet isn’t working. I went into the app to see what’s up and it won’t let me look at or change anything. It just says, “Something went wrong. Please try again.” I checked to see if there was an update available & there isn’t. Please FIX!!
  • Deceptive 1/5

    By RustyKay
    So this app is with the companion app. It says they are unable to uninstall the companion, but that is not true. I watched my daughter uninstall it WITHOUT the deactivation code. I was not notified of her uninstalling it. The ONLY way to see if it’s been uninstalled is to go into the parent part of the smart family app and you’ll see where it says fix it. Then, unless you have their phone in front of you or they are willing to go in and redo the settings on their phone it is useless because the tracking and monitoring do not work until that is complete. Meaning filters etc DO NOT work until fully enabled on child’s phone. I pay $10/mo for something that does not update the location and have the time doesn’t even say she has left or will say she has left when she is sitting in front of me. Now, the time limit part of the app isn’t working. It keeps telling me something went wrong please try again. Will be unsubscribing and I will go with another product.