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Verizon Smart Family™

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Verizon Smart Family™ App

Smart Family gives parents the ability to locate and manage their child’s device all in one app. You can schedule alerts for their device location, block apps & websites, pause the internet, view their text and call history, and so much more! Verizon Smart Family- Your partner in parenting. ----------------------------- KNOW WHERE THEY ARE –Rest easy knowing your loved ones are where they should be. Set an alert to track their device so you know if they made it home or to practice, or check on your own time by viewing the real time device map. CHILDPROOF YOUR INTERNET - Block access to inappropriate apps and websites. You can block most social media, messaging, and gaming apps; unblock just as easily when you feel they are ready for them. SET SMARTER BOUNDARIES - Take back family time by instantly pausing the internet or limiting access to calls, texts and data. You can also set purchase limits for apps, games, and music. MONITOR USAGE & ACTIVITY - See who is calling and texting, and when. Block unwanted contacts, and see the sites your child is visiting on their device every day. You can also keep an eye on their device's battery life. IN-HOME & ON-THE-GO - Control your child’s online experience whether they’re using Wi-Fi or your data.

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Verizon Smart Family™ app reviews

  • Trash 1/5

    By buufghgdf
    This app is terrible on doing what we with my son on his phone he now hates his life Bc I can see and restrict every thing he does. THIS APP IS TERRIBLE
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Jdsidn
    If you use this app you dont know how to be a parent.
  • Complete lack of respect and privacy 1/5

    By Sam0055
    My mom decided November of last year to get this app and track my location. Tracking my location is not my biggest issue with this app. My mom can turn off my internet whenever she wants. I am in high school and I have never gotten into trouble and I am now being restricted. When my internet is off, I can’t text or call anyone. How does she expect this to be a useful app if I can’t ever contact her? But it’s not like I would call her because I have lost all respect and trust for her and it seems like she doesn’t trust or respect me either. I would give this one star if I could.
  • Doesn’t work; Tech Support can’t resolve 1/5

    By Florida PE
    A waste of money. When using I consistently get Something went wrong error. Two long hours with tech support and they’re still scratching their head. Sorely disappointed.
  • Breaks Trust 1/5

    By Anon41703
    You want your kids location? Ask them. Don’t expect them to tell you after you’ve installed this. (I speak for teenagers, I understand using this for children under 12). This app ruins communication between child and parent. I know you think you’re protecting them, I get it. But think about equipping them for bad situations rather than preventing bad from happening bc it WILL happen regardless of how much you hover. My parents hovered over us and you know where it got us? My sister was raped several times and I was assaulted, leaving me with PTSD. Is this what you’re trying to prevent? This app does NOT prevent that. Trusting your kid does! Trust them and they will trust and be open with you! You cannot expect your kid to tell you anything when you invade their privacy like this. Yes, THEIR privacy. They are your children, but they are not yours. These are their bodies, their lives, and their human rights that you’re violating. You may say that the world isn’t as safe as it used to be. I agree, it’s getting worse! PREPARE THEM FOR IT. Teach them to see red flags. Teach them to pick good relationships, but do NOT pick for them. Let them love who they want, boy, girl, or otherwise. Let my family be an example. Don’t repeat the mistakes we made. One star. App does what it says it does. Functions. Breaks trust.
  • Misleading! Beware 1/5

    By Big-bean
    Don’t believe me just do yourself a favor and try it on your own phone. Read on You can “block” or “restrict” data, text, calls etc. Even choose “trusted contact” for restricted days/ hours. BUT as long as you have WiFi and some sort of available data. Your restrictions and blocks will NOT WORK. I block social media, text, calls and data for certain hours during some weekdays. And my children where still getting text and on snap and Twitter. I called customer service and the rep explained that there WILL be some things getting through because it’s an iPhone and they can use other vpn’s, iCloud for iMessage, and some data. It will not show on the app because “technically” the phone isn’t using data!!! So this app will not catch it. They charge 100% of service and only deliver 50% IF THAT!! RipOFf!!!
  • Apps lover 1/5

    By KUHH-7777
    Don’t get this app it’s full of repeating ads
  • Great concept, fails to work 2/5

    By Charky123
    I really wanted this app to work well, but we have constant issues with the kids version. Their phones will lock up at undesignated hours, it doesn’t monitor at times who they are texting, and more. I really hope they get this fixed.
  • i hate this app 1/5

    By NickBohn23
    my phone was my one freedom and escape and now that is taken away from me.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By 😛Awesome pot
    If I could rate it 0 stars, I would. I haven’t even downloaded it yet and I already can tell that it’s a terrible app. Toxic, toxic, and even more toxic. Should be taken down. It just ruins relationships of children with parents
  • stupid 1/5

    By nikkidagoat
    my friend told me to give this a one star. i’m sorry, she really hates this app. js 😳
  • Little functionality 1/5

    By Paularis
    Not much you can do for the money it costs. App doesn’t work very well and some functions don’t seem to respond. Can’t get content filters to activate.
  • Joke 1/5

    By tgbonne
    It’s a absolute joke
  • Location of other phone 3/5

    By pin location
    Everyday it tells me it can’t find location of other phone makes me think it can’t work
  • This app is absolutely a waste of parents money 1/5

    By Randy017
    I have owned this app for 2 years or more. Do not waste your money on this app. Your child can remove this app! You always have to reapply the app! Find something else. It is a joke. I give this zero stars. Throw it in the garbage.
  • I hate it 1/5

    By ok bommer boomer lookin
    Trust issues
  • privacy invasion 1/5

    By Mom of 3 in TN
    this app is an invasion of all children’s privacy. this is showing parents it’s ok not to build trust with them kids because they can snoop through our phones, restrict when we use it, and even block apps. is this building trust?? no! this is showing that the parents don’t trust the kids and they don’t trust that i will get off my phone and go to sleep, so they shut my phone off with a time limit? ridiculous. it’s honestly causing a parenting problem.
  • . 1/5

    By august ligre
    Bad app
  • Not enough 3/5

    By dlsweet62
    It doesn’t keep them from all the things I need to keep them from.
  • teenage victim 1/5

    By teenagevictim
    this app has ruined my life it’s terrible. Whenever my dad sees me on my phone shuts it off completely. I’m a teenager like let me live my life. I can’t text people and try to hang with people when my phone is shut off. I know that parents now did not have tracking apps and apps to shut off phones. Therefore, they should not do it to us. They would feel the same way if they were in any other teenage body that has this app or life 360. It’s miserable. I’m just trying to live my last 2 years of high school but it’s hard when my phone is shut off A LOT and when I have to the tracker on my car. I rarely get in trouble so I don’t know why they do this to me. If I’m at a location they don’t know they tell me to come and my friends have to drop me off at my house. In conclusion, parents if you are reading this review don’t make your child or childs get this app. They would be so much better without it. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By hhhhhhhhhhhk bc ci g
    I had many restrictions set on my sons phone but somehow he was still able to download apps that were not allowed and was still calling and texting late at night even with the settings. Very disappointed in him and this app.
  • Are you kidding, no pun intended 1/5

    By fitnessmama1969
    I should’ve listened to the reviews. I’ve had the app for two days and for 9.99 a month, shows my child standing in a field a 1/2 a mile away when their in my house!?!?!? When my sons at work it shows him 2 miles away standing in a field where cows graze!?!?!?! I pay for these phones and they are mine, i will not download another app on his phone that he’s able to delete or should have to sync a phone for accuracy. As long as my child is living under my roof, they have no privacy so not sure why people think it’s a violation of the child’s privacy or trust. It’s about safety and being able to locate my son if he’s in an accident at the bottom of a hill, but it would take me hours to find him cause the tracking puts the phone within miles of where they actually are! Call me for future projects you begin Verizon, i’ll help you with concept modeling, process modeling, use cases, data flow diagrams and features that are out of scope....this app is out of scope and a complete failure.
  • gross 1/5

    By hqn3y
    i hate tracking apps and you’re disgusting if you use this to track your family down
  • For tik tok 1/5

    By Bella123.842love
    I’m doing this for a tik tok (@b.lllaa) butttttt I honestly hate this app so much, my mom has some troubles but still uses it. I. Hate. This. App. Periodt. Thank you
  • awful 1/5

    By McKLucas
    perfect tool for abusers, partners and parents alike, to have control over their victims and keep them there. Violates every level of privacy and trust, ideal way to get your kids to leave you in a nursing home
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By 𝒷𝓇𝓊𝒽 𝒾𝓉𝓏 𝓂ℯℯ
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By GoldenGlare200
  • AWFUL 1/5

    By hannah252
    If you were a good parent you would build trust-based relationships with your child instead of monitoring their life 24/7!!!
  • Scam 1/5

    By jozosz
    This app is a waste of your money. Life360 is so much better and accurate. This is way too easy for your kid to bypass. It doesn’t even work sometimes. When my kid does a check-in, I don’t even receive it sometimes. Same thing for when I try to check their location. It drains their battery, glitches their phone to the point where they have to restart it, and takes away their internet sometimes when I don’t want it to.
  • Don’t waste your money 1/5

    By ans105
    Well this sounds like a great idea to monitor and restrict cell phone usage for your child’s phone, it was not good for me at all. So, first you have to sign up for it and Agee to the charges. Then after you’ve done that, you have to install an app on your childs phone-good luck with that one! I hid the app several times in her phone and she found it every time and deleted it. Second of all, they say you can restrict WiFi, sounds great but most people use WiFi in their house. If I turn off the WiFi then I can’t even watch tv! I had this service for 4 months and I was never even once to take advantage of it. Finally figured out how to cancel this poorly designed service
  • Never works 1/5

    By jahhereme
    I have been receiving texts on a daily basis telling me that either my teens phones content filters ( Smart Family app) are either not working or have been removed. I have contacted Verizon several times to complain about this and they even put in some kind of network ticket, but nothing has ever been done to fix this issue. I have installed and reinstalled and have tried to resolve this several times, but the problem just keeps coming back!! Why can’t Verizon help me?
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Mila Alvarez
    This is the first review I have ever written of an app. I was motivated by the absolute garbage this app is and the fact that I had to pay for it. First off it doesn’t work. I wanted to stop voice, text, and data for my daughter’s phone for 48 hours as a punishment. It didn’t work. Second, when I tried to cancel this service the app sends me to a Verizon log in screen where I managed to navigate to the Verizon Family App thing and there is no option to cancel the service. Worst app I’ve ever paid for and worse than 99% of free apps. Doesn’t work and no way to unsubscribe online. I guess I’ll call Verizon and wait on hold until someone gets to me.
  • L 1/5

    By emuracer2004
    Wowdrew sent me
  • Defaults Resetting and Restricting 1/5

    By Too Expensive - too many bugs
    This app has the potential to be awesome but for the price is not worth it. The defaults reset randomly and the app restricts phones automatically for no reason or not following parameters setup. I’m going to cancel. I’ve replied to surveys and shared this feedback multiple times - no improvements.
  • 0 star rating 1/5

    By EastOkla
    Rarely if ever works properly. Not user friendly. Spends hours on hold through multiple customer service reps. The idea of the app and program to protect you kids is great. That’s all it is though is an idea. None of it ever works like it should.
  • Horrible reliability 1/5

    By sikorskimomof3
    I can’t say enough about how inconsistent, faulty and difficult this app is. I put up restrictions or filters, and it enforces nothing on a constant basis. It sends false reports to my disappointing and frustrating!!!
  • Stops working daily 1/5

    By cdog1200
    Get messages almost every day that location services isn’t working properly and needs to be reactivated. Requires action on both phones. This app really does not work well at all.
  • Missed the boat. 1/5

    By TheToeJoe
    So many problems. I set this up while I had Verizon on the phone. One of the first screens it asks me to select the lines and name them to participate. But it doesn't say what role they play. I ask person on phone. It's clear they don't know. My wife ends up as a child on the plan and it wouldn't let me change her role. Then my young adult children still on my plan are getting text and emails about setting up there phone and I start getting emails about their usage and text that their phones aren't set up. I don't want to see what they are doing. All I want to be able to do is turn my 17 year olds phone into a brick temporarily when he gets out of line. It's all or nothing. You can't choose. I immediate canceled the plan and uninstalled the app but now I get emails on everyone's usage including my wife's and adult children and it won't stop. I don't see a way to make it stop. Yet ANOTHER long call to tech support is in my future. Ugh!
  • Can’t believe it 2/5

    By badwithteens
    Can’t belive it, that kids must to download an app in order that parents control them. Worst if I pay that phone, their do not have the right to decide of keeping on or off the app, this doesn’t work with teens. As a parent and the owner of my account because i am paying it MUST WORK JUST with Smart Family at parent’s phone. So disappointed
  • Terrible! required VPN Blocks EVERYTHING 1/5

    By WahiniD
    Don’t waste your time! Looks like it will allow you to customize what websites and apps you want to block, but it only gives select ones. Then requires you to install the “companion” app on your child’s phone with a VPN that clogs up EVERYTHING. My kids can’t view their funny animal videos I’ve approved with this app. Worthless!
  • Disgusting 1/5

    By stacey10123
    This app is a complete violation of privacy
  • Not user-friendly , intuitive, or reliable 2/5

    By Heather845
    Syncing the phone with your child’s phone is key. You get this app- install that app on their phone (not the same app). You see the numbers of contacts but not the names. Installing and reinstalling won’t work consistently at times when you aren’t seeing info or getting status emails. Another interesting problem: the kid can uninstall the app and break the pairing. You aren’t notified of that- nor is it in the report email. There will just be zero activity. It’s not a very easy app to navigate through and trying to oversee the entire internet is impossible. ONE redeeming quality is an email update... that doesn’t show phone numbers or the full info just ‘activity during school hours’ or some other trigger. The frustrations of this app certainly does not help the big bill I pay every month.
  • Don’t waste your money 1/5

    By Notworthit13
    If you want to locate your kids, this is definitely not the app. Snapchat has a much more accurate location and half the time this app literally will not even ballpark the location. When it does, it’s waaaayyy off. It’s ok for limiting the amount of data the kids use but that is absolutely the most that this app does. Definitely not worth $10 a month in my opinion.
  • Disappointing and Frustrating 1/5

    By really frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is a great idea, sadly it does not work. Location service is spotty at best. Drops locations All! The! Time! If this was a free ap, that’s one thing. But we pay monthly to have a poorly functioning ap. Log off/ Unclick WiFi / reclick WiFi/ reset router/ delete ap/reload app... the perpetual ap circle jerk. It’s just not worth the money.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By loyalverizoncustomer
    We researched options and this app had all the features we wanted to limit and monitor our child’s first phone. Would have been worth the monthly fee if it had worked well. Unfortunately, it was glitchy and attempts to re-pair it with my phone were usually unsuccessful. We would follow all of the prompts to pair it with my phone and get stuck in a glitch. Verizon tech support was unable to troubleshoot the pairing issue. Three representatives in one day were unsure how to resolve the issue. All were friendly but could not fix what seems to be a straightforward problem. Decided to stop using this app during the call with the third rep. Also, child received regular notifications from Verizon that their information was being shared with my phone which provided a link that would walk child through the steps to stop sharing. Child received first of these messages the day after the app was installed. Verizon assured me there would be no more. Child continued to receive them. Providing the child a means to stop sharing with the parent’s phone undermines the point of the app. The glitches make it too inconvenient to continue paying for a service that isn’t working. Really disappointed, Verizon.
  • Not worth the 4.99/mo fee! 1/5

    By The Echols Clan
    I see reviews from a year ago and there’s still no fix to the problems stated. Come on Verizon!! For no more that what you offer, I can take her phone and find out for myself what you told me since you don’t offer more details. And to have to add this on my kid’s phone for it to work is asinine!! Figure it out how to do what the parents are asking for! Give me the option to dig further And bugs needs to be worked out! Hangs up all the time and won’t let you view precious days info. I do like the fact that I can see the websites, apps and phone calls/texts daily, but there’s no option to look further into what an app is or what she viewed from that website or what that site is exactly. Who’s number is that that keeps texting or calling? I want to go deeper and this is not possible. This is only with half the cost IMO! Parents of tweens that have a phone should be able to do more because they kids are still so young. The peer pressure today of all the kids having phones put intense pressure on our relationship. Earn good grades, get your phone on the weekends. I like the idea of the family share app, but this mom needs more so I can make sure my daughter is safe.
  • A waste 1/5

    By Csbbb
    I just downloaded this app last night. It seemingly worked fine until he just left for school, while on the way there it said the restrictions I placed on apps and internet are no longer there and to click the link to make them work again. The link sends a text to his phone(the kid) to allow me(the parent) to mess with his settings. We just went through this last night. Don’t you think it’s hard enough to set a monitoring app up on a teenagers phone the first time?!? I now must go through the same process again? That’s ridiculous! I’ve had these parameters on his phone via the actual website forever, but now that I have the app it is allowing any and eve. What a waste.
  • Complete control 5/5

    By fat cats stay wet
    I love this app
  • My child cannot call mom or dad 1/5

    By frustraded mom and dad
    We are having trouble connect my kid ‘s phone. He cannot call mom or dad from his phone . We trying to fix it, but it got frustrating

Verizon Smart Family™ app comments

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