VeryFit 2.0

VeryFit 2.0

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  • Current Version: 3.50
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: an he
  • Compatibility: Android
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VeryFit 2.0 App

----VeryFit2.0 main functions - 1. including exercise, sleep quality monitoring, smart alarm clock to wake up 2.etc.Application's live view through physical activity and Kaluri's consumption, monitoring the effect of walking and running. 3. when VeryFit2.0 enters the sleep state to monitor, record the deep and shallow sleep, sleep time, sleep to help users monitor their sleep quality. 4.because the application needs to realize the background reminder, so it has been running in the background. 5.connect sync data to HealthKit , achieve exercise data, sleep data and consumption of calories synchronously recorded to HealthKit.


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    By 💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By its_johnny_time
    App and band won’t bind together. I’ve done everything to fix it.
  • If I could give it no stars and that still count I would 1/5

    By Pepper not
    This app is so confusing it says I never sleep and tells me I have 0 steps when I have over 10,000 I hate it I’m gonna stick to the original VeryFitPro
  • Just one complaint 4/5

    By Pubtopub
    I like the app and find it consistent and useful. But it annoys me that it for years now it zeroes the step count each time you cross time zones. That just seems like a bug not a necessity. I’ve reported it many times.
  • Heellllp 3/5

    By Appsuxair
    I need a new band for mine
  • Glitching 1/5

    By Toneconsultant
    This app is really frustrating. It crashes often and deletes my information and won’t let me access certain settings anymore, so I’m stuck with it on incorrect settings.
  • Damaged 1/5

    By Hel2018
    So levid just bought it and it arrived and the watch does not even charged. Returning it back too much of a hassle.
  • . 2/5

    By Kmbktb
    I think that it needs to re-sync with the fit bit when you open the app so you can put in the information. I don’t really even use the app anyway but I still think you should put in some improvements!
  • Doesn’t send heart rate data to iOS 1/5

    By andrewnwilliams
    There are 2 versions of this app Veryfit 2.0 (this one) and Veryfit for Heart rate. They do almost the exact same thing but the UI is designed a little differently. Most importantly 2.0 DOES NOT send Heart rate data to iOS health while the other one does. This is extremely confusing especially because both versions seem to be actively worked on and they don’t distinguish when to use one vs. the other. Also, the HR band I bought says to download 2.0. What’s the point of a HR band/app if you can’t record HR data?! This whole ecosystem is really confusing, and if I was a hardware manufacturer I would not work with this app. Also, so far I have yet to actually get the data in the other app to successfully write to iOS health. This band was pretty cheap, so I guess you pay for.
  • Won’t sync 1/5

    By Danka1313
    The app will not sync with the band all the way it shows heart beat but steps and basic settings will not sync with it no matter what I try.
  • Missed steps 2/5

    By Bewleyamc
    Literally misses hundreds of steps. There is consistently a discrepancy between the device/app, my phones default step tracker, and my old school pedometer. I’ve sent emails to the company on several occasions with no response. I was hoping to use the device to track steps as part of my health insurance discount but kinda hard to do when it doesn’t accurately track your activity. Device is less than a year old
  • App 5/5

    By andoogy
    I agreed that the app worse for a while, but i figured out you just had to bind it. Yayyy. 5 stars
  • Change the time 1/5

    By mxfrog816
    I would give this app zero stars if I had the option! I bought these for my 9 year old twin daughters and this app only displays military time and there's no option to change it. It's pretty darn useless for a 9 year old. Very frustrating.
  • Sleep 1/5

    By stacy hoyt
    The app/ tracker isn’t catching my sleep or recording it .
  • Does not work with IOS 11.0.3 1/5

    By KempHere
    Please update to correct pairing issues.
  • Won’t bind 1/5

    By NancieC
    This is suppose to be a better version of VeryFitPro....yet it doesn’t bind to my watch. I’ve reverted back to the old app. Needless to say there is much to improve here
  • Doesn't allow user to change time display 1/5

    By VictorCharles
    There is no setting in this app that allows the user to change the time display on the watch- it defaults to 24-hr military time- I bought 2 of these for my little niece and nephew- they can't use these watches, they're useless. How could you forget to leave out that setting in your app??
  • Can I give 0 stars? 1/5

    By everyoneshoutsatme
    Did not "bind" with the device. At all. Please get a native english speaker to translate.
  • Snapchat 3/5

    By Very very very upset.
    i love the watch, i just wish for notifications on the watch you got snap notifications too. not just facebook and instagram... just a thought.
  • iPhone issue 1/5

    By jelly_bear18
    Won't track my sleep with my iPhone... very disappointing.
  • Can't get the app to sync 1/5

    By Ash_trini
    App does not sync steps and sleep. The wristband works great and the features on the app is great but without syncing steps and sleep it is pretty useless in my eyes.
  • love it! super easy 5/5

    By MangoBea
    this app is actually quite simple, between the swipes and the buttons to configure everything. i like the victory buzzes my watch gets whenever i've hit a goal :)
  • The Watch is fine...but this App, not so much 2/5

    By BlueSybil
    Initially I was using the first Veryfit app and it was practically less that useless. The 2.0 version seems to be a little better but it's still not very good (hence the extra star). Minimal instruction, counterintuitive interface and I don't really trust that it's keeping accurate data. I Still can't get it to record sleep data at all. Fortunately it does allow the watch to record to the Health app that came with my phone so I use that instead and just use this app for pairing settings. On the plus side, the app did bind no problem so there is that I guess.
  • Needs a little more 2/5

    By Lesleyjo
    I love this watch. I love the app but I wish it would automatically update or sync with my watch regularly. It seems I have to go to the app to get it to sync every time. I sometimes forget so I loose steps and sleep calculations. Please if u can help with this I will gladly add five stars and rewrite my review. I will also tell everyone this is a wonderful product and they need to get it ASAP. Thank u 😉
  • Good app 5/5

    By Delaney99
    I like it so far but I wish they would add SNS alerts for things like Snapchat and email.
  • Better than the other 5/5

    By Madonnadddd
    Tracks my sleep now, at least it did last 🌙
  • Update Issue 1/5

    By 2320Wight
    After the last upgrade I am unable to sync my data and it's asking me to unbind (I will loose everything). New update did nothing to fix bugs in the app. Feeling frustrated.
  • Very good app 4/5

    By Camila_0324
    I love it so far. I think it should have somewhere to comment or text because while I'm at work I can see how many steps my daughter has. Can you find friends that have the app too?
  • Gufi 3/5

    By Gufi9
    Device upgrade firmware don't work
  • Time Zone change issues 2/5

    By T1doyou
    Whenever I go across time zones, the step counter resets to zero. This is one big issue but it also has the zones wrong. I live in Ohio and it resets every time I go to Indiana. Indiana and Ohio are now on the same time zone. It changed 11 years ago! This app needs to be updated seriously! Otherwise, this has been a fairly reliable step counter.
  • Will not sync correctly 1/5

    By Time Warped
    I followed directions and the band synced once and they was it. When reach 10000 step, which was my goal, I excitedly went to my phone only to see a big fat zero. I keep better track of my activity on My Fitness Pal.
  • No problems, Iphone 6S Plus 5/5

    By BasedPenguin
    I turned off my wifi, then proceeded to turn on the bluetooth and it synced without a problem. You can turn on the wifi after you get it paired. It is true that it doesn't always display a current amount of steps, however, that doesn't mean that all of the steps aren't counted. It isn't necessary to restart the device, just swipe down with your fingers on the home page of the app to get an accurate and/or current amount of steps taken. I long press the button on the device to put it in sleep mode, and when I wake I hold it again to turn off sleep mode, and I take a few steps for the counter to start again. Except for the heart monitor, this is no different than a fitbit, except for the price. I have a fitbit also, which was an expensive piece of junk. Sometimes, you don't get what you pay for, I am having no problems with this device or app..
  • can't sync with iphone 1/5

    By mzbazant
    The fit bit is a complete waste of money due to this incompetent app. The device apparently works at counting steps and shows numbers on the screen, but it cannot sync with the VeryFit 2.0 app on my iphone 6s, no matter what I try. Obviously others have the same experience.
  • Won't sync 1/5

    By Jshshdifo
    Will only sync sometimes. I have to press the "sync" button hundreds of times before it actually transfers info to my phone. Very problematic. Updates needed BADLY
  • Not good 1/5

    By Becky Su
    This is the worst ever. I've had to restart the app several times
  • Cannot change sleep start 2/5

    By Hoddie2557
    I am not pleased that the sleep start time is always 11:59pm. There is not a way to change the sleep start time.
  • Tracking Steps 3/5

    By Shesgotvokhols
    The app does not continuously track my steps even with being in reach of the Bluetooth. Also, the heart monitor is NOT monitoring. I may look for a different app before returning device altogether
  • Very limiting! 1/5

    By EloJean
    Could you please develop an app that allows a person to use this device from a tablet instead of a phone. 10 year olds think this is great fun! But not everyone has a phone. Would love if my kids could use the family tablet to manage their steps and activity without cluttering up my phone! This is so irritating.
  • Won't sync or work at all 1/5

    By Gotcha2b
    Waste of money and waste of time. Won't sync with tracker. Won't work. Very disappointing! Don't waste your money, move on to another device/app.
  • The Boss 4/5

    By walker&sitter
    I love this thing, but it doesn't sync my sleep, and the heart rate is only Right Now, not the past.
  • Does not sync with my iphone 6S plus 1/5

    By Baboo8
    Downloaded this up for the smart watch i purchased but can't pair watch with my iphone. My phone can not even find the device on bluetooth.
  • Blueweigh 1/5

    By Kaylinandalicia
    Came with my blue weigh fitbit. I love that but this app isnt tracking my steps!? Why not!?!
  • Ladybug01 2/5

    By Ladybug1029
    I just got my tracker and it did not track my sleep properly. Can not figure out how to correct it or how to get in touch with anyone who can help me.
  • No Go 1/5

    By Zahnil
    I've had the same problem as other users. The app worked for about 4 months, then stopped showing the weekly or monthly statistics. I've tried re- booting, but it still doesn't work. I guess you get what you pay for. Would NOT recommend it.
  • Not very good 2/5

    By Lulupad0824
    What a disappointment. After three months it suddenly stopped working. There is no longer any light for me to see anything. So far I can check some things on the App on my phone. Has anyone experienced this proble. A piece of crap. Very disappointing.
  • Easy to set up and sync 5/5

    By minmei3013
    So far so good. Some have had issues getting steps to sync but you just swipe down in the main page like you are trying to refresh.
  • Piece of crap app 1/5

    By msterryinMontana
    It used to work somewhat, even though it missed my sleep about half the time and said I was sleeping when I was actually awake and texting on the same device the app was on. It hasn't recorded any history since December 31, 2016. It makes my watch useless as anything except a watch. I deleted and reinstalled the app in an attempt to get it to work and then had to remove the device from the Bluetooth on my phone before the piece of crap app could even find my phone. Completely worthless and my feedback had been ignored completely. I have told them repeatedly that it doesn't work and they've done absolutely NOTHING! Avoid this app like the plague, it's useless and does nothing but irritate me! CRAP, CRAP AND MORE CRAP!
  • Rebooting nonstop 2/5

    By Moose&Zeke
    The only way to sync the two is to reboot every day. It's quite annoying. The weekly sleep record doesn't work, only the monthly. Not the best...please fix!
  • App can't find device 1/5

    By Thayssa
    It worked perfectly for 2 days. Then suddenly stopped tracking my steps. Now the app can't pair with the device. I've tried every possible thing to fix this... but nothing changed. please fix your app. 請修復該應用程序,以便我可以使用它。謝謝
  • Womp womp 1/5

    By Snake Laydi
    Won't show me sleep data. I've updated it numerous amount of times after I been sleep for some time and still nothing. Steps are off too. Crappy. Please update

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