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VeryFitPro App

----The main function of VeryFit - Smart Band---- 1. Includes checking exercise, sleep quality, the state of the heart rate monitor, a smart alarm clock to wake up, APP message alert. 2. etc.Application through physical activity and calorie consumption, monitor the effect of walking and running. 3. When Veryfit sleep monitoring, recording deep and shallow sleep, sleep, sleep help users monitor their sleep quality. 4. Because the application needs to remind background, it has been running in the background. 5.This app may use your location even when it isn’t open, which can decrease device battery life 6. Connect to synchronize data to Apple Health (HealthKit), to achieve data movement, data and consumed calories sleep simultaneous recording to Apple Health (HealthKit)

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  • Sleep time 3/5

    By Dyv rwm
    The sleep mode used to be somewhat accurate but now after a couple of updates it is off by hours. I’ve quit wearing device to bed.
  • Meh 1/5

    By Finally!!-!
    Worked okay for a few days, no longer recording sleep stats. Seems really buggy and the app has non working “functions” like the problem section that is non-reactive. Do yourself a favor and just get a nice lunch instead of purchasing this.
  • Often “resets” itself so data is lost 3/5

    By Spins mill
    Great when it works. But the app periodically “forgets” my device and me so you have to reconnect and set up the device from scratch which means all my data history is lost....VERY frustrating!
  • 5 star 5/5

    By Andrew Barbare
    This is a very good fitness tool and a nice smart watch. There is only one thing I wish it had; I wish it had an option to make your own clock background. You know, like an Apple Watch does. Overall I love it. -Andrew Barbare
  • Want bad but now... 2/5

    By The_McGuffin
    I’ve had this app for a little over a year and used it every day and it was really good. Then an update came that either removed every feature or put it behind a paywall. It doesn't keep track of anything. Sure, it'll update when I manually go in and sync it but it will erase the previous days every time I do it. I'd give it a one star but I really did like this so a year ago.
  • Notifications 3/5

    By riallllll
    I would like to see notification support for Snapchat
  • Not useful. 2/5

    By Aavnet
    It seems ok until you start using it. GPS is completely inaccurate. It would only record positioning sometimes. If you loop around neighborhood it will record few points, not the actual distance. Like 0.47 miles instead of 1.75 for example. You get the point. Few time it would not record calories for no reason. Along with an inaccurate pulse tracker device Lintelek there is no way to tell if you see anything useful.
  • I like the app but it doesn’t have my sport 4/5

    By Nightstone5
    I think the app in general is fine, it sends the data just fine. It reads my steps and tracks my sleep fine. My problem is where you can pick your sport I have walking and dancing but I ride horses and that’s not an option. I really wish you would put a horse on there cause riders work hard it’s not just the horse so you should put that in there. Most equestrians use fit bits to time how long they ride and we don’t usually use our phones at the barn so when we get off we can tell our hart rate.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By hcjfirur
    Records at first then stops recording. You have to sync it everyday. Only holds data for so long, so if you forget you will lose your data. Charts look blank, you have to click on each day to see data. Give me my Fitbit back!
  • I think I may be missing something. 3/5

    By Gfarrell002
    I like the Letsfit Id205 watch. This app is supposed to be used with it but I keep looking for features that SHOULD be there; I just don’t see them. For example, I see a screenshot of a map on the app download page. Where is that in the app? Is gps available on the watch? I am mainly interested in heart rate analysis but I can’t see it for days in the past. Not just resting heart rate; the whole day. I have used the amazfit app and I like it. This app isn’t quite there, but this watch measures heart rate more accurately.
  • Meh at best 1/5

    By VLClark
    I bought my fitness tracker in October 2018. It worked fine until I went from the West Coast to the East Coast (USA) in April (2019). Now it’s hit and miss! I have to reboot the VeryFitPro daily (sync and reboot daily) or it doesn’t always record my activity. Last night I had about 60000 steps for the week until I rebooted and synced - I lost half of my activity!!! Wow! It was inexpensive and it’s CHEAP. I’m on Social Security and very much into fitness, so I was looking for a good deal. This is not worth the $40!!! Spend more and buy a fitness tracker that is dependable!!! Thank you!
  • Was good a few months ago... 2/5

    By Magicfly6
    I initially really liked this app, but about a month or so ago I started having issues with it. I noticed that I was no longer receiving my notifications. I tried deleting the app from my phone and downloading it again but that didn’t work. My kids had the same fitness trackers as me and I thought maybe it was my fitness tracker. So I tried one of theirs and still no notifications. On top of that, the app wouldn’t let me adjust my notification settings. It kept saying it was refreshing and wouldn’t move past that point. I tried everything I could think of to get it to work again and nothing. I was also missing some bits of data, like sleep, even though I wear it every night.
  • Some app creators are brainless this is one of those apps 1/5

    By JABOY112
    Like seriously do I need create a better app ? Simple and easy ! Just make all messages come through the watch and allow for watch faces. What a lazy group of developers it’s like they built this program for people to complain.
  • App won’t sync 1/5

    By calijigmom
    OK button on the app sync page doesn’t do anything. Can’t get it to sync at all. So frustrating.
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By thatsleekduud
    This has absolutely changed my life! Truly an amazing invention! 10/10 recommend.
  • The notifications need more apps compatible 4/5

    By xXStingleXx
    There are some messaging apps that I use such as GroupMe and Google Hangouts that don’t work with the notifications. If they were added to the list of compatible apps, this app would be a five star app
  • This is for the App, Not the Watch 4/5

    By Robstruck15
    The watch is great, but there is a couple of things I might change. First I want to have more apps that I can get notifications from. I also want to be able to create a custom name for my alarms. Other than that, it’s great.
  • Messaging 4/5

    By Very fit pro user
    The only problem I have so far is that the app doesn’t have (facebooks) Messenger kids
  • Help 3/5

    By 36hidbabe
    It won’t let me sync the bracelet. So it does not give me the right time.
  • Eh 3/5

    By pettysetgo
    It doesn’t always save my workouts so I had to install a calorie counter app to keep better track other than that this app is okay just needs some updates
  • Shoddy, unreliable 1/5

    By SkyPieces Radio
    Tired of hearing people defend this piece of junk by saying “it was cheap, you get what you pay for”. Sure, the device is bad enough, but this app doesn’t belong in the App Store with other good products. If you change time zones (e.g. vacation), it erases all the days you were gone once you return. If you update the app, it erases EVERYTHING! On an update! Heart monitor doesn’t do squat unless you are on that screen on the app, and then is is wildly inaccurate. Device doesn’t register exercise without specifically hitting button to start, and even then randomly decides to stop exercise mode, even if your pulse is racing away. The sleep tracker has 3 modes: deep sleep, light sleep, and something bizarrely called “awake sleep.” Which may be the perfect oxymoronic metaphor for this device and app. It’s a glorified pedometer with a dim, unnecessarily-complicated interface. Some of the “features” might as well be stickers. Boo.
  • App 5/5

    By telling the trouth
    I love the app it is so helpful
  • Please Allow ALL Push Notification Alerts 3/5

    By Celesguy
    Please allow this to send all push notications to the watch, not just certain apps.
  • The app is rubbish 1/5

    By expatinnyc
    I’ve had this fit watch and app for six weeks - ample time to test, record, track, measure and compare. The app will record data daily, and for a whole week, but the “fun” stops there. The problem is: the data then disappears. So, when you click over from your weekly to your monthly review of your progress, and then to the yearly review - you’ve done nothing, zero, zilch. You can’t actually track any of your progress. This app is absolutely useless. This fit tracker + VeryFitPro App is not worth the money or download. There are other comparable fit trackers/apps that are working much better.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Lmdp081305
    This product is the best! I love being able to track my steps, running, biking and my sleep!
  • ... 3/5

    By jenny4544
    I was really excited about the watch. I love the look of it and everything. My bro bought the itouch air but it was t compatible w his phone so I gave him this smart watch and kept the itouch to return. I wore it and was like I really liked my original watch I’m going to repurchase it. So I just got it and I can’t get it to deliver my messages. It doesn’t tell u on the face the amount of steps u take like the itouch. So being that I paid the same price for each I’m gonna keep the itouch since my messages and fb notifications actually come through on it.
  • Not altogether useless, but... 2/5

    By ezpkns69
    I got it mainly to record sleep, and as another reviewer noted, this is far from top of the line and is priced accordingly. Still, that only excuses the inaccuracies and frequent syncing problems and the hardware, but some of the app defaults just don't make any sense. Why is awake-in-bed time counted as light sleep, if it clearly knows the difference? What made me finally write a review is that suddenly it's decided to change to date to a year from now, and there's no way apparent way to fix it. Why would they put so much effort into making something almost work?
  • Wow 5/5

    By Alana Y
    Just look how good it works with the watch
  • My Thoughts 4/5

    By Graces grac
    I like the app. The user interface is easy to use. And notifications have been thought out but could stay on the watch screen a little longer. I love the app but the only reason I gave four stars Is that I cant get notifications from telegram. I use telegram more than any other app so it's a bit of a bummer that I cant get the notifications but other than that It's a very nice app.
  • Deleting steps 1/5

    By CClio2013
    The app is now deleting steps - not just for the day, but goes back through the week. Please fix this
  • It’s alright but has connection issues 2/5

    By bribear1257
    I really like the watch but it keeps disconnecting from my phone at really inconvenient times. Like when I lost my phone the find my phone decided not to work, and then I like to see how I sleep and I go to check and it didn’t record anything 🤷🏼‍♀️ I was pretty upset because it has worked fine every other night.
  • I love this! 😸 5/5

    By Cutegirlwithacrush16
    This really helps me, but whenever I lose my Watch I can’t find it! Could you fix that maybe?
  • It’s Good But Has Flaws 2/5

    By Chloe Traff
    Luckily, you don’t have to pay for this app, nor do I think you have to pay inside the app for anything. It works really well and stayed binded, even with my phone contacts to my car and other things. The most annoying I’ve had to deal with is that under Device, it keeps turning off all my alerts when I have most of them on. Because this has happened numerous times since I’ve gotten the watch and app, which was August 24, this is why I’m giving it 2 stars.
  • Doesn’t sync with Apple health 1/5

    By TonyTiger234
    It used to sync with Apple Health. Now it doesn’t anymore. I’ve reinstalled it, I’ve rebooted it, but it doesn’t work. I even tried it on a new iPhone 11 and it doesn’t work. Too bad.
  • China or the United States? 1/5

    By Copy1235
    I don’t understand why people would trust a company like this. I barely trust Fitbit but I feel as an American that I can trust a company in America a lot more than a Chinese one. Especially with something as what I see as precious being my physical data. I suggest to anyone looking just save your money and get a Fitbit their app is much more intuitive, they’re American, in that they aren’t a random Chinese company. Edit: on another note this app literally requires you to turn on location to “connect to your device” but there is no reason if you’re using Bluetooth, I’m sure they just want you to forget and leave it on tracking you like all the other poor invasive applications
  • Not a good gift 1/5

    By duder31
    It’s like calling a friend fat
  • Cheap alternative, But how do you change the orientation to wear on the right hand. 3/5

    By OneGoodBou
    As a left handed person,I want to wear the watch on my right hand. However, as far as I can tell there is no setting to flip the display. Because of this it feels strange to have the button facing away from my hand. If any of you know a way to flip the face I will change my review 4 Stars.
  • Needs another update 2/5

    By Pais1470
    After updating my iOS on my iPhone, I do not receive alerts for calls or texts. I have rebooted and unbind and it did nothing to help. Please fix
  • Text messages 3/5

    By Dsg0861
    Anyone else having problems receiving text messages on the watch? I’ve tried resetting both & nothing is working. All the other notifications are working properly.
  • Top Today activity 3/5

    By WillieBL8r
    Nice has helped me improve my fitness & cardio conditioning.. I would like to see a change in the app under the “Top Today Activity” tab where it shows the distance of each member posted... Along with posting the record mileage run - it would be nice to see the amount of time expended for the distance ran... It would be very useful.... Thanks..
  • More faces 3/5

    By mkarol0208
    Please add more watch faces the standard ones are very boring
  • Not Accurate for Sleep 2/5

    By LotusBud74
    I only wanted this to monitor my sleep after a year of insomnia. Wasn’t willing to spend $$ on a Fitbit for that. The watch itself is fine. The App, however, isn’t up to snuff. It doesn’t log my actual sleep from bedtime to awake time. It only stops calculating once I check the App. For example, if I go to bed at 10pm and awake at 5am, get up and start my day but wait until 10am to check my sleep patterns, the App says I slept for 12 hours!! This makes me question the rest of the data. Why doesn’t it stop calculating once I am up and clearly moving? Because of this it also isn’t logging my steps accurately. Not severing it’s purpose at all.
  • Add family 4/5

    By brownfox2001
    I enjoy this app not sure what I paid for it also not sure how to add family went to help site and it’s only in Chinese any suggestions?
  • Very good app 5/5

    By fit gres
    I love it
  • Needs more but overall good 4/5

    By NorZanne
    i would like to have weather on the device and a wider range in which the phone and the device are connected.
  • Tracking graphs don’t work 1/5

    The tracking graphs stopped working after November 3rd. I don’t know what happened but it needs to be fixed.
  • Need help 4/5

    By conswelle
    My screen lights up but isn’t responding

    By Cupcake1235789755
    PLEASE FIX THE NOTIFICATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is it taking so long? I do not get sms notifications and it’s so annoying
  • No texts on iPhone 11 2/5

    By Scibzmasta
    I bought the watch solely so I can glance at my watch to check texts, and it worked with my iPhone 6, but when I upgraded to iPhone 11 it does not show texts anymore. Please fix ASAP.

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