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VeryFitPro App

----The main function of VeryFit - Smart Band---- 1. Includes checking exercise, sleep quality, the state of the heart rate monitor, a smart alarm clock to wake up, APP message alert. 2. etc.Application through physical activity and calorie consumption, monitor the effect of walking and running. 3. When Veryfit sleep monitoring, recording deep and shallow sleep, sleep, sleep help users monitor their sleep quality. 4. Because the application needs to remind background, it has been running in the background. 5.This app may use your location even when it isn’t open, which can decrease device battery life 6. Connect to synchronize data to Apple Health (HealthKit), to achieve data movement, data and consumed calories sleep simultaneous recording to Apple Health (HealthKit)

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  • Last update is not ever updating my data 1/5

    By I dislike mizzou
    I liked this until the last 2 updates. Wrist unit works fine. Phone ap has been trying to update all my past data for 4 hours. What the heck!!!
  • This fitness watch is great! 4/5

    By sarahyy13
    I love this fitness watch and it’s affordable!!
  • crashes 3/5

    By F.Corsiglia
    Update causes app to crash! Please fix When will it be fixed?? After newest update everything seems to be working again
  • Nice tracking app 4/5

    By smrazavi
    I don’t use my watch for calls or texts, just for activity tracking and heart rate monitoring. It also records my sleep but that function is questionable, report on the app always says I go to sleep way later than I actually do. The app is easy to use and gets the job done.
  • San 3/5

    By snpt22
    New version 3.0.0 on iPhone 6 crashing when opening the app! Please fix. Update (6/24): The latest update fixed the app loading problem and now it can be opened, however the activity graph from 3/10/2019 onwards shows a straight line instead of actual steps taken. The graph looks okay for data prior to (3/10/2019). The actual steps can be seen if you first select the older date, switch between sleep and activity sections, but graph still remains flat.
  • Freezes after update 2/5

    By slade_51
    Used to do what it was supposed to, but since the update, it undid my personal settings (age, weight) and the user update screen freezes & will not update. I clicked on app support instead of reviews but it was in Chinese. Other system preferences appear to still work. I rebooted the device, and reinstalled the app with no luck.
  • More issues... 1/5

    By QAF000
    More issues after last update. HR monitor isn’t working. The calorie count is wrong. Have to keep binding/unbind to change settings on the watch. Counts many less calories than before when I walked the exact same amount of steps or same activity. Please fix.
  • Seems to work, could do with knowing the date 3/5

    By Ssicely
    I’ve had this watch for almost 2 years, seems to have held up fine and the app seems to work for the basic features. Pros: - Alarm - I think this is a practical feature which many people need in their lives. - Sleeping - Good to know how well I’m sleeping, accuracy always questionable but I think it may be 70% correct which is not bad. - Heartrate - this feature seems to work and is another practical one when running. Cons: - Steps Counter - wouldn’t completely trust your steps because brushing my teeth or even working on computer (mouse clicking) seems to trigger the counter. - Multiple apps on watch I never use - Walk, Run, Cycle. I mainly just use the watch for knowing the time and how well I’m sleeping. This is because I never find that it even saves or is accurate when I use the features. Also can be very annoying cycling through them just to know the time. Suggestions: - Date - If I could ask for one simple thing it would be, guys can you add the date to the watch?! This would be very useful to do many on a day to day use. I like most people don’t really bother with looking to their watch to know the temperature/weather. I would much rather know the date and time Some of the most basic things we take for granted. - Add a stop watch - to replace all other features. - Simplify - remove the other features on the watch (walking, running, cycling) and use the stop watch feature instead and maybe ask at the end of finishing the stop watch which one of the three they did? Or if they just needed the stop watch for basic use. I hope this is received well by the developers. Thanks, Shanen
  • BUG: Can’t edit personal info 2/5

    By Russ Busskiss
    Thanks for fixing the bug that would cause the app to crash. I am now having an issue where I can’t edit my weight in Personal Info. The app seems to freeze at this point.
  • Update will not load 1/5

    By judig101
    Gets to 3% and shuts down.
  • Update 1/5

    By jdmattin83
    Not working with new update. Hoping it is still storing my stats.
  • Update made it unusable 3/5

    By Piscean Siren
    The current update keeps crashing the app. It no longer works at all, won’t even load.
  • App crashes. Won’t load data or show correct time 1/5

    By Ey2Jay
    App crashes. Won’t load my data or show correct time or info.
  • Crashes after update 1/5

    By assoppoqq
    Won’t open on iPhoneX after most recent update. iOS is current version
  • 3.0.0 update won’t work 1/5

    By Kabam's Fool
    Just updated the app and now the app is crashing. Will not open or load, the app just kicks you out.
  • Crash 3/5

    By sara pourfallah
    I can’t open new upgrade app in iPhone 6s. App closing when i open it what is problem!!!!!!!!
  • App shuts down on my iPhone 2/5

    By T Geezie
    I’ve had my tracker for 3 weeks. It works fine. Just recently, the app on my phone started shutting down. Now I can’t access my data. I’m afraid that if I delete and download over, all data will be loss. I also don’t like how the sleep patterns are clumped together on the chart. Specific times of deep sleep, etc., should be clear and easy to identify every time they switch.
  • App doesn’t work after upgrade. 1/5

    By Nellie_1965
    Says the data is loading then crashes after 3% is loaded. Worked fine before the upgrade but it’s useless now. Terrible.
  • App keeps freezing 2/5

    By Sandieincali
    This is my second watch. Just because of the color. The watch is great, does what I need it to, the app however, won’t let me navigate and keeps freezing up. There’s no .com to go to soooooo....I guess I just wait for a upgrade? Fix the bugs!!
  • App Crashes - Cannot upload v24 firmware! 1/5

    By jzeisloft
    App does not properly upload v24 firmware to ID132 Color HR tracker Very disappointed in application version 3.0. Please fix immediately!
  • App update 3/5

    By takww94
    Things were working fine until an app update yesterday, now the app won’t load. When you try to open it, it says version upgrade, then tries for a few seconds to update, then it closes.
  • Cant open the app 1/5

    By Kittylew926
    I cannot open the application after the update!!
  • Latest update crashes iOS 12.1 & 12.3.1 3/5

    By tidbkg
    Worked great before on my iPhone6s now won’t load Update: crashes when upgraded I get “Version upgrade Data loading” screen Then crashes After I uninstalled and installed it again I’m up and running
  • Stopped working yesterday 1/5

    By katetravels
    Says it’s updating but won’t even open
  • New upgrade does work 3/5

    By Jimmy1949
    After loading new update program does not work.
  • App crashes 1/5

    By AppRate_Cali
    App crashes with new update. I can no longer get my results.
  • Crashing 3/5

    Keeps crashing after latest update.
  • very fit pro 3/5

    By Mac Maxine
    with update download the app crashed. had to delete app and reload. will be back if it doesn’t work. lot all history and could not do anything.
  • App won’t even load after update!!!! 1/5

    By westephen
    Cmon man!!!
  • Crashes and atrocious English 1/5

    By Anclife
    Just got the tracker and set up the website. Tracker seems good. Website is the worst I’ve ever seen. If English is not your first language, hire an editor!!! What’s probably more important to tell you is that it is just one big crash. It lets me change settings, but when I go back in, it has changed back to the defaults. “Nothing happen yet.” Honest to God sentence I have to look at every time I open the app, on the assumption they quickly fix it and make it usable.
  • What am I Doing Wrong 2/5

    By Rhea Good Dog
    I purchased for the step meter. Consistently it reads 1000 or more steps behind my other 2 apps on iPhone 7+. Right now it is 2500 steps behind. Easy to set up, easy to read for old person with glasses. Looks fine. When I can purchase a better one, I will.
  • App crashes 2/5

    By Logan S_1
    App worked great until I updated to the 3.0 version, then when I tried to open it, a loading icon with the text “Version upgrade, data loading” appeared. After a few seconds, the app just crashes, and the same thing kept happening even after a phone restart and a couple reinstalls.
  • Update Quits 1/5

    By Mike95843
    There was an update today and after downloading the update starts and then quits. What's up with that ??? I just purchased this a week ago. Please advise.
  • Latest update 3/5

    By 1Vicki
    The app no longer works after the update of June 19, 2019. When I open the app it crashes. Please fix.
  • Can’t open app 1/5

    By 12321254
    Can’t open app since last update
  • Snapchat notifications please ! 3/5

    By cameron💕
    Hey I’m a teen who wants to get all notifications from all my apps,so can you guys allow the watch to receive Snapchat notifications...thank you .
  • Works But Could Be Better 3/5

    By ChristinaB14
    I really wanted to track my step for the day and did not want to spend so much money on a tracker. It works, but kind of difficult to change things on the app. When I saw there was a sleep tracker, I wanted to test it out. However, it defaults to going to bed at midnight. I tried changing the times, but the app would not allow it. Since the time is wrong, it doesn’t give an accurate reading. It is not user friendly. I guess you get what you pay for.
  • New update 1/5

    By Ejsinko222323
    Downloaded the new update 6/20/2019. Now the app doesn’t work at all. Great update
  • Update 1/5

    By mc1994PT
    After the newest update I can’t turn it on.
  • Not good so far 1/5

    By fitnessman65
    I can’t register a user. I enter email and password to register and it just sits there
  • App and watch are both pretty awful 2/5

    By writingEachDay()
    I can successfully track my heart rate while doing an "activity". Then when I get back to my phone, it successfully syncs via bluetooth and displays the data I'm interested in, heart rate over the course of a walk and/or run, how many steps, etc. But when I disconnect the BT connection after syncing, the app erases the data I just synced and the graphs and info disappear. And "My Day" now says "Nothing happened yet". Frustrating. Useless. Anyway, other than the above trouble, the app is WAAY too complicated, visually and not intuitive at all. When you try to use the help files in the app, called "Problems", it lists 25 typical problems users might have. Unfortunately, this is where I just gave up. I'm not quite sure which country these developers are from but they reeeeally need to hire a professional translator to write their help files and the whole app for that matter. The English is horrible and renders 80% of the help files unusable. It made sense why the rest of the app was just so awkward. The app needs a major overhaul. And the syncing glitches need to be resolved. As far as the watch itself goes, it seems semi-functional. I know other users complain about accuracy, ie: of heart rate. Normal healthy heart rates fluctuate upto 10-20bpm or so at any moment even in steady activity. That was a medical discovery in the last decade that most amateur and even some pro athletes still haven't learned. But with steady exercise the unit fluctuates much more wildly than that, up to 50bpm. And yes, I've followed very closely the instructions to be sure I'm wearing it "2cm from the carpal" as their awful instructions say. And yes, it's on snug and doesn't move around. And yes, even when I'm standing still "for most accurate reading" I still get wild readings. Bottom line: I measure by feeling my pulse while the watch is also reading. It's just all over the place. Realistically, if you want good heart rate readings, get a chest strap. These wrist readers are all pretty wonky. The new Apple Watch has apparently made some strides to improve accuracy reading from the wrist. But who knows? Not sure I want to spend several hundred$. Just some thoughts.
  • One big issue 2/5

    By 2coolbaby
    Alright, this is one of the best Fitbit knock offs I’ve gotten. Returned two others. Seems to measure everything accurately, including sleep and HR. So the majority of my exercise is dancing. I loved that this had a dance function. The problem comes in with it not syncing any of the dance activity data to my iOS Health App. Only syncs my non dance steps. So instead of iOS seeing I have 8,000 steps with 2 hours of activity exercise. It shows I have 750 steps and no activity. I rely on this to sync the correct info to iOS health which then syncs it to MyNetDiary to accurately determine my calories burned and allowed. I have to go in each meal and manually add it into the app to get what I need, but then the iOS app overwrites it with incorrect information. Kinda driving me batty. I got photos showing the total steps to be completely off from the app and the iOS Health app recordings. It also stopped sending sleep data. The last update broke all the! Fix the iOS Health syncing for ALL activities and I’ll revise my review.
  • Cheap 1/5

    By max_sad
    It does not sync with the app all the time and it will go days without recording if I don’t physically open the app on my phone.
  • Great app! 4/5

    By graphicneeded
    The app is great! It tracks all your stuff but sometimes it goes overboard and tracks a little bit too much.
  • Love it 4/5

    By swmsharon
    I like my very fit pro, does what I want it to, at a lower price. Wish it was waterproof, so I could wear it to water aerobics.
  • Like it for what I paid 4/5

    By times123456
    I wanted to track my steps. This device and app does just that. Yes it is a cheap knock off brand and isn’t that fancy. It does struggle with recording sleep and the app is different. It isn’t very easy to use. Too many buttons and you can’t zoom in to the sleep patterns or anything. I struggle with connecting the device to my phone while running or hiking- and I can’t find the GPS map of the trail I just ran even with the GPS on and location services on. I don’t like that even though I have it set to manual for the heart rate it lights up green on the back randomly (specially at night and wakes me).

    By dkim19375
    The app doesn't open; it opens for less than a second!!!
  • Rating app not product 2/5

    By ktsarg
    Misses steps doesn’t track some days doesn’t track everyday step on app but does on product. I use what it says on the product not the app i hardly look at the app anymore. Has never logged sleep
  • Really pretty good 4/5

    By Tommybomb the real
    If users could change the alerts to more apps or even input other messaging apps(discord) then it would be great.

VeryFitPro app comments

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