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VeryFitPro App

----The main function of VeryFit - Smart Band---- 1. Includes checking exercise, sleep quality, the state of the heart rate monitor, a smart alarm clock to wake up, APP message alert. 2. etc.Application through physical activity and calorie consumption, monitor the effect of walking and running. 3. When Veryfit sleep monitoring, recording deep and shallow sleep, sleep, sleep help users monitor their sleep quality. 4. Because the application needs to remind background, it has been running in the background. 5.This app may use your location even when it isn’t open, which can decrease device battery life 6. Connect to synchronize data to Apple Health (HealthKit), to achieve data movement, data and consumed calories sleep simultaneous recording to Apple Health (HealthKit)

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  • Time issues 4/5

    By NelsiPhone
    Ok so I’m having problems currently with the watch telling the proper time. It is now approximately 15 minutes slow. I have rebooted the watch. Synced it many times. How do I get the watch to be time synced again? HELP please.
  • Update 1/5

    By Cupcake1235789755
    When are you going to fix the notifications? This is ridiculous FIX THE NOTIFICATIONS
  • Skygrand 4/5

    By JRA58
    The watch was exactly as described and works well. After pairing and setup, I would suggest watching a YouTube video on function.
  • Good 3/5

    By hscdycdsbedgcb
    Love it I use it as a watch and a step conter
  • Exactly what I’ve been looking for! 4/5

    By NeneSunshineBaleek
    I needed something to track my steps and workout plan without the night cost of apple... this is it and more.

    By Valentino-5
    The watch I got only works with this app, and this app is very mediocre, it could be better, with better graphics and and better stats
  • Worked well before update 2/5

    By SeaWolf20
    App worked well before update. Now does not show history on second page of today screen.
  • It’s okay 3/5

    By Frog zillion
    The app was working great but the backup synchronization between the apple health button is not working anymore. Says my last synchronization was 10/11/19. The place too click is still there, but it doesn’t do anything when you click on it. All the other features on that page and other pages of the app work. I used to be able to click on it and it would update the last synced time. The band works fine, sometimes though it resets itself, but that doesn’t take much to fix. I just open the app and reconnect the watch to the app.
  • Needs Work 2/5

    By jbm1947
    In theory this is a great watch/app but it is not very accurate. 1. The calories burned algorithm/seems way off compared to my Wahoo and Polar apps tracking the same activities at the same time as Very Fit Pro (off by more than 50% compared to the other two which are always within 5% of each other)! 2. If my blood pressure was as low as these readings, I’d probably be dead. 3. The “problems” section doesn’t work. 4. There is no way to contact the app developer. It’s a neat device-I just wish it was more accurate with fewer bugs!
  • It’s ok; it does half it’s job 3/5

    By JulMar281982
    I’ve had this watch now for several months. It tracks activity well, so that is good. The sleep tracking really needs some consistency improvements. They say it only tracks sleep in increments longer than 4 hours, so it won’t pick up a nap. But even that isn’t really true as I’ve had results saying I slept 3 hours and change. But when I have a very solid night’s sleep, it still shows less than what I did sleep, but it’s around 7 hrs and not 3 or nothing at all. Because of this unreliability, I’ve since started using limited version of another app (Pillow) to track my sleep. The downside there is I have to remember to start as automatic isn’t an option. So yeah, I would say this watch gets a 50% in what does accomplish, but that which it does, it does well. Now I just wish developers would fix it so that does at least 80% of what they say it does
  • 😡 1/5

    By YellaQu
    Notifications are not working. I have the lastest iOS 13.3 iPhone 8plus. I restarted the watch and my phone. This is bs.
  • Seriously? 1/5

    By Eh, Steve!
    Pairing lost every time iPhone restarts. Loses everything - all settings have to be redone for notifications and everything. Very frustrating.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By rajsienaosn
    The app works well for me. I wish there were more options to get notifications. Snapchat, tinder, etc.
  • Suddenly not very good at tracking steps 2/5

    Was working pretty good. I just walked an acre &1/2 & it recorded only 600 steps?! Feedback option is not working either
  • Weather 5/5

    By GiGi&Chris#1
    Help please! I can't find on the device or app as to where to activate the weather l. It would be great to have some information
  • Use to be better 2/5

    By Rymgcee
    It wasn’t bad for what you paid. After an update, I wasn’t able to get alerts anymore. I still don’t get them. So it’s more just a watch now than something that I use to find useful.
  • Will no longer receive alerts 3/5

    By Nicn30
    I’ve had the watch for about 2 years and have enjoyed it. But upon updating to IOS 13.2, it no longer receives text alerts or any notifications from any of my apps. I hope this issue is resolved soon
  • Costs hidden 1/5

    By jagfgwt
    This should state the cost of the app up front. Unhappy
  • Stopped syncing with my pedometer 2/5

    By Zaiah McC
    I am a student taking an “online PE” course where students must report their steps weekly. I’ve been using the pedometer itself for awhile now, and have had no problems with it, and initially it synced with the app without issue. But then, halfway through the course, the app stopped working. It didn’t display previous weeks, and wouldn’t correctly sync with my pedometer for the present week. This is information I have to turn in, for a class, from images of the app, and it stopped recording my steps. There is no other program I know of that works with this pedometer, and I need this information. I am incredibly unhappy, and may fail the class if these issues are not fixed.
  • Crap 1/5

    By Toxicmosh
    When I try to login it freezes up
  • App freezes 2/5

    By Countryspiritedwmn
    I was just given this as a gift but I can’t use the app at all. As soon as I select login to register it freezes. I have uninstalled and re-installed and it’s the same thing. So I can’t use some of the features bc you can only access settings through the app.
  • All past data missing from App 1/5

    By 4buns
    UPDATE APP & fix the bug!! The app no longer keeps week to week data. Last week I found no past data when trying to track my sleep & step patterns over time. I made sure to sync over and over during the week. And yet now it’s a week later and last week’s data is gone from my app too.
  • Cannot handle time changes 1/5

    By Sonoma CA
    Every time I fly into another time zone, or when my phone auto-sets for seasonal time change (standard, daylight savings), all previous data is wiped out.
  • App Developers Need to Fix Bugs 2/5

    By Annie :3:3-4
    Every time I click the button to register, the app freezes and goes black. This also happened when I pressed the button to provide feedback. There also is no way to see your progress regarding weight loss.
  • Update broke app 1/5

    By OperationMommy
    Same as other review. Trying to log in freezes the app.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Grinnellyboy
    This app is trash.. The settings NEVER stay where I put them for my watch. I have to reconnect it pretty much everyday. I have everything updated and it’s working just fine and the next day I’m not getting messages or calls showing up on my watch like it should be. It’s a horrible app and works 30% of the time. Save the frustration for something else and just get an Apple Watch.
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By Crack Berry David
    Latest update broke logging in. App just locks up and becomes unresponsive. Only thing to do is force close it. Please fix. In addition to above now I’m having to rebind the watch in the mornings.
  • Something is wrong with the app 1/5

    The dates are wrong. 1 day behind and some past dates appear twice while omitting a date. It just started doing this after the last update.
  • No option to register 3/5

    By Marchay94
    My number one issue is that if I click login or register the whole app crashes and I feel like because I’m not logged in, data that was there for last week is lost. This bug needs to be fixed because I have to rely on other apps to keep a record of my activity.
  • Bad App 1/5

    By jbslas
    The smart watch is ok but the App is Crap, it’s not user friendly at all, I’m going to return the watch because of the POOR App
  • Just 1 Thing 4/5

    By mkarol0208
    Please add more watch faces..... that’s it
  • Not impressed 1/5

    By S E Miller
    This app does NOT run in the background app Refresh on IOS. Running in the background is required to receive text messages. It worked until IOS 13 came out. I am not sure why the app has not fixed the problem, but it’s very disappointing!!
  • Misrecording / not recording data 3/5

    By oomuzicnoteoo
    I had a great experience with this watch and app until recently. It’s easy enough to use, but recently my app started saying “0 steps” “0 hours of sleep” on one of my days on the graph, then it copied the data from the day before when I viewed that day. I was wearing the watch the whole day, and on the details page, the data is correct - but everywhere else in the app is not. I have rebooted my phone and synchronized several times and the problem persists.
  • Useful when working... the key is when working 1/5

    By anonynous alias
    The app is fairly useful when it works... which everytime they do an upgrade it promptly ceases. The last update screwed up so bad that you can’t even login now! I guess they never heard of testing. Sad part is they won’t find out about the problem because it is so messed up you can’t send feedback either.
  • Password Reset response time is very delayed, but it’s a decent app when I have access. 2/5

    By ReverseMon
    I’ve been locked out of my profile for some time now so I’m unable to sync my watch to my app/phone. And the response time for a new password is so late that the app times out before you can use it. You get what you pay for I guess. I like this watch and had no issues until now. But since I’ve been locked out, I’ll be investing in a different fitness watch at this point.
  • Does not allow login on IOS 13.2 3/5

    By omancini
    Installed the app and connected with the watch very quickly but so far, after several attempts that included to restart de iPhone 8 I use this app freezes at the moment I attempt login to the account.
  • App crash 3/5

    By Ost45123
    My app crashed last night and I lost all of my activity data. All my previous daily activity shows 0 Steps. Anyone else have this problem or know if it can be retrieved?
  • App messed up 2/5

    By Bovinestein
    Recently, the app has changed background color to black with very light gray text on a number of the linked pages within the app. I cannot read the text. (Not the main pages.) One page with a number of additional links is frozen. This was not the case when first installed. Also, the sleep monitoring goes off the rails now and then.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Shinobi_l
    In order to get the time right on the runme fitness watch sync it with bluetooth through this app. If it dont work next time re install this app and blue tooth should work again. This is totally a great cheap alternative fitness watch.
  • Liz 1/5

    By vgfjti
    Newest update wipes out all info at midnight. Looks like it was never worn. Pretty much useless right now.
  • Notifications Not Working 4/5

    By DoubleeDee
    I had an issue where I stopped receiving notifications (even after turning settings off & on, unbinding the device, deleting the app & re-downloading it, etc.). If you have this issue, go to your Bluetooth settings, choose the device & turn on “Share System Notifications.” This fixed it for me and I get all my messages again. Hope this helps! The app is pretty great. The only other issue I have is that it’s not compatible with Dark Mode. All my settings and menu options are completely black & there is no lettering that can be seen.
  • Login crashes the app 2/5

    By Rafaelappe
    iPhone 8s plus user. App is alright and fairly intuitive , however, whenever I click Login/Register the app freezes.
  • Messages and calls no longer sync 1/5

    By Macrae M
    Ever since the iOS 13 update, I can no longer able to get message and call alerts. I tried reinstalling the ap, unbinding and rebinding the device, turning off and back on all settings.
  • Calories - expended 4/5

    By WillieBL8r
    On the home screen - Activities kCal shows a reading of 390 calories expended - On the same home screen at the exact same time...under fitness it shows kCal expended as 659 for the exact same period of time... I’m confused as to which number is correct - my thoughts are both numbers should be the same.... Tried App Support - but the website is in Chinese - unfortunately I don’t know the language - so the App support site is useless
  • Yamay Fitness Tracker 3/5

    By Pepere08
    I just got the above two days ago and cannot get sleep, heart rate or bp to be read by your app. I have synchronized it several times and no luck!
  • Connects to Noom 2/5

    By conicuts
    I use this because it connects via my fitness tracker to my Noom app. That said this app should auto sync which it doesn’t and I can NEVER register because it freezes the app every time!
  • Problem.... 2/5

    By Maeg1223
    Your app is not compatible with the new iPhone dark mode, it makes it where I just see black lines and can’t see the words under device settings. Up until now I have been nothing but pleased with this purchase.
  • Pretty happy with it 4/5

    By Saltine1023
    I like the watch. It works well. It shows my texts and Facebook and Instagram notifications, as well as tracks my sleep and exercise. Don’t know how accurate the heart rate is on it but everything else seems to work fine. Just wish they would update the app so notifications for other apps could be shown like Snapchat. Otherwise I’m happy with it.
  • Won’t let me log in or provide feedback 1/5

    By nano_lover
    The app freezes whenever I try to log in or provide feedback that I cannot log in.

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