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VeryFitPro App

----The main function of VeryFit - Smart Band---- 1. Includes checking exercise, sleep quality, the state of the heart rate monitor, a smart alarm clock to wake up, APP message alert. 2. etc.Application through physical activity and calorie consumption, monitor the effect of walking and running. 3. When Veryfit sleep monitoring, recording deep and shallow sleep, sleep, sleep help users monitor their sleep quality. 4. Because the application needs to remind background, it has been running in the background. 5.This app may use your location even when it isn’t open, which can decrease device battery life 6. Connect to synchronize data to Apple Health (HealthKit), to achieve data movement, data and consumed calories sleep simultaneous recording to Apple Health (HealthKit)

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VeryFitPro app reviews

  • Rating the App, Not the Device 2/5

    By graphixgeek
    The device is what it is, an inexpensive knock off of a Fitbit. The app, that’s what this review is for (as reviews should be in the App Store). It presents the information well enough. Graphs are easy to read. Colors aren’t obnoxious. Where it fails is in its usability. Interface isn’t terrible. What would be intuitive, swiping left or right to see a different metric, isn’t there. You tap on the metric name to bring it into focus. When you tap on “Today,” it allows you to scroll left and right, unlike the main screen, to see values for different days. You can even go to that day to bring it up but as an afterthought, they added the words “back to today” in the upper right. There’s a catch though: there isn’t enough room so it actually reads “back...oday.” A simple “back” would have sufficed. Lastly, the details screen is lacking what it purports to even contain. It’s just overalls for the three categories. That is more a function of the device only measuring what it does. But the graphs, especially the heart rate graph, just show overalls, or in the case of heart rate, your resting heart rate each day. Why? It would be nice to switch what the graph shows, but alas, that function doesn’t exist. Missed opportunity. I guess you get what you pay for, it in this case, got for free.
  • Some effects to add 4/5

    By birdythecheerlover
    I have only had one problem which was getting the weather on my watch. I think somethings to add are: - Timer - Stopwatch -alarms for if heart rate is low - play music downloaded - answer calls
  • Inaccurate 1/5

    By slcao
    A waste of money. Didn’t record correct sleep and activities. Don’t buy!
  • It keeps kicking me out 2/5

    By JadedXReaper
    Look, I love my fitbit but every time I try to “update” it, I get kicked out of the app every single time! Now it’s not recording my sleep algorithm anymore and it makes me very annoyed. Please fix this.
  • Eats my iPhone battery life 1/5

    By ngsr gfe
    My phone needed charge everyday. Deleted this app and battery life was restored. Should be a law against these type of apps
  • worth the money 4/5

    By caitlyn_1312
    i really like this watch and think it’s pretty accurate but i don’t have some complaints. I turned on find my phone but now every time i’m not by my phone it starts to vibrate even if i’m not trying to find my phone. It’s really annoying and i don’t know how to get it to stop so i’m about to turn off find my phone. my other complaint is i can’t figure out how to switch the time because of the time change. i’m a millennial and i can’t figure it out so either i must’ve missed something or you can’t. please help me if i’m just being dumb other than that i like everything about it besides my watch band died because of my blue hoodie
  • Music Control Gone! 😲 5/5

    By weirddino
    When I was checking the app I few seconds ago I found out that there was music control. Well I knew I just forgot. And I was like really when I’m at school during recess I could put music. But then I was like dang it they removed it. Please add back more activities. One of the reviews I did was the workout one. Please add both workout and music control back. If you do I will be like this when I see the thing back, 🙂😀😃😄😁😎 if you don’t I will be like, 😟😕🙁☹️😣😖😫😩🥺😢 So please add them back🙏🏻 pleaseeeeeee.
  • Good product worth the price 4/5

    By onyxah53
    The only trouble am having is the sleep monitoring not working correctly and the lift to wake too. So please fix it ASAP
  • Can't share on WhatsApp 3/5

    By Hurathi
    I can't share my steps on iPhone using Whatsapp. Could do it on Android. What a shame.
  • App is terrible, device works ok 1/5

    By jerazin
    Device seems to be tracking data fine, but app doesn’t capture the data. Even when you resync the device, the data shows zero the next day. It worked great for the first six months then started having these problems. Wonder if app updates screwed it up
  • Text is WAY too small 3/5

    By Kulwick
    Come on guys got to give us older folks a way to increase font size.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By n0T_mE•
    For the price it’s very nice but maybe add add a few more functions like being able to check the weather or being able to check gmail or reddit, discord, hangouts and maybe if you have the ring doorbell maybe notifications for that. But overall very nice
  • need to update app 3/5

    By spen soen spen spen
    I think you should add a food option to properly count calories and know how much you lose. also option to add custom excersize stats. the braclet is inaccurate. the treadmill told me i ran 3.5 miles but the braclet says 2.5. calorie loss is inaccurate too.
  • Bad sync with Health App 2/5

    By Ga738
    The Apple Health App only syncs data sporadically and only morning readings from VeryFitPro. I have missing data from Feb 27 to March 3rd. Would be nice if it improved.
  • App won’t sync heart rate to Apple health 1/5

    By Mike0807
    App won’t sync heart rate to Apple health and won’t sync heart rate to Apple health tried using it for almost a year.
  • Clearly not designed by an English-speaker 3/5

    By Wee Meggie
    In the help section it says things like “The back of the hand ring automatically hair green light why?” and “Whether to wear a hand ring to sleep, do not wear a hand ring sleep synchronization after the app will not work produce sleep data” as its advice if you’re having trouble getting the bracelet to record sleep data.
  • Update failure 1/5

    By LSF5
    It literally just crashed my watch and it’s stuck on the update sign
  • Not impressed 3/5

    By innaccuarte
    Not very impressed. The band tracks your wrist movement so is not accurate at all. Things like folding laundry, brushing my hair, doing dishes etc. all count steps so the reading is completely inaccurate. Deciding if I should return or count it as a $25 watch...
  • Heart rate 1/5

    By StoopsTroops
    Completely worthless. I will buy a Fitbit now
  • Can’t upgrade and shuts off 2/5

    By Love2playGames1234567890
    Quite often the app just shuts down. There is an upgrade and it starts to sync for the upgrade and then just shuts down. Very frustrating. Love the fitness tracker, but not the app.
  • Doesn’t sync with Apple Health 1/5

    By arttmislove
    App is pretty easy to use, but doesn’t always sync properly and save my data. Specifically when I was traveling in a different time zone, the whole app “reset” and only showed data during my vacation. When I returned home, all of my previous data displayed but my data during my vacation has no data. My biggest issue is that it does not properly sync with Apple Health. It only uploads information when I open the app, but even then the data from this app isn’t transferred over. Thinking of switching to Fitbit.
  • Totally inaccurate on treadmill timing 1/5

    By harlhail
    I look at the clock before I get on the treadmill. Start the treadmill app and instantly noticed it was lagging way behind. I did 70+ minutes and 5+ miles and it recorded 25 minutes with 3 miles. Given the fact that I walk between 3.5 and 4.1 mph that makes zero sense. I also did 20 + minutes of weight training and the watch showed 7 minutes. I timed everything by the clock and can only assume you get what you pay for. Heart rate appears to be somewhat accurate and it does have a good long charge on the battery. I do not track my sleep so no comment on that. Update. It also keeps resetting my stride to the default 25 inches. Resting heart rate shows 98 bpm and average 68 bpm?? Yes you do get what you pay for. I’ve ordered a simple pedometer for my exercise until I can afford the real thing. Used a simple pedometer today in addition to the band. Pedometer showed an accurate reading of the 5 miles I walked and the VeryFitPro band was at least 3000 steps behind. Conclusion - this is a nice watch but or fitness recording is pretty useless
  • Not to bad 3/5

    By chef cycler
    Decent app. Would be a lot better if the timer continued to work even if the phone sleeps.
  • Good value for money but room for improvement 3/5

    By Bene 19404726
    I bought the watch to measure my sleep and it does this well - most of the time. If you have an early night and wake/get up during the night it does not record the early part of the sleeping. If this could be improved that would be wonderful. I have been swimming with it and the display started blinking but pressing the button on the watch for a few seconds got it working again. The greatest deficiency (for me) is that when you change time zone all your statistics recorded in that time zone will be saved in that particular time zone but don’t transfer to your “usual” time zone; e.g. if you live in NY and travel for a week to LA, your LA statistics will not show when you go back to NY and equally your NY statistics won’t show while you are in the LA time zone. As someone who travels much this is disappointing and it would be great if this could be fixed.
  • Answer Calls & Make Notifications 4/5

    By kittycrafter9000
    Hello! Can you add an up date that lets you answer FaceTime calls and regular calls because I am always to late to answer them. Also, can you put a slide that lets you make your own notification anytime you want? (ON THE WATCH!!!)
  • Great App, Bad Watch 1/5

    By PeevedCustomer1
    I bought this and I was quite impressed at first. Unfortunately, it lasted two days prior to losing a charge. I know it says to use a usb charger to charge it and the first one didn’t work, so I ended up doing another charging port, that one didn’t work either. Now it won’t even show me a battery charging on the watch face screen. I am not impressed and definitely returning this. I’m not paying $30-40 for something that doesn’t work. Save up the money and buy something more expensive because it’s probably more reliable and not going to die on you two days after use on a half charge.

    By Slthmas2
    They want to access all of your personal information! Credit Card information, Bank accounts, email, birthday, browsing history, EVERYTHING... I read the privacy policy in depth and disagreed and you cannot use the app at all without agreeing to those conditions. The watch is trash as well... everything is miscalculated. Check amazon you will find similar products around the same price but waaaay better quality and they do not require you turning over all your personal information to use them.
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By Japeps1992
    The app looks clean and well put together, however functions like weather aren’t available (as shown on smart watches) as well as sms messages, calls, notifications, etc. won’t work all the time even if you have Bluetooth connected and nearby.
  • Redhairgirl 1/5

    By sneakernut
    The app cannot be set for accurate sleep time. Mine starts at midnight. Impossible to change! No replies from developer because my messages are stuck in “sending” mode. Don’t recommend. When it croaks going in the trash😱
  • Not great but it’s adequate 3/5

    By Alaska nights
    You get what you pay for. The hardest thing with this app is trying to understand their English explanation in the problem solving section.
  • App Won't Open - Should I have bought this Fitness Tracker? 1/5

    By lillebekk
    I have an iPhone 6 with over 2 GB free space but the app will not launch. I touch it, it flashes on for a fraction of a second then crashes. I tried the link for support but the page was in Chinese. It seems you need the app to set the date and time on the tracker. This makes my admittedly modest purchase of a fitness tracker not very useful. :-(
  • Health App Sync 3/5

    By Really? R u kidding me?!
    My steps have been sync-ing to my Iphone health app in the way that the data shows up. However my steps that are solely from my lintolek fitbit do not add to what is in my health app and show up as steps in there fully. Please fix this
  • It does it 3/5

    By ädêłÿñ
    The watch is pretty nice tracks heart beat and steps etc. The app does track your sleep but not accurately because sometimes it says I went to bed later and woke up at a time I'm already up and out but if you want an idea of your sleep the app will give you that
  • Needs Improvement 3/5

    By draymond2.3
    + /Nice watch for the price. /Counts steps. /Measures heart rate. /Alarm feature. /Great and long lasting battery . /Receives messages and calls. /Connects to Bluetooth pretty quickly. - /Some features have been removed (music). /Inaccurate sleeping tracker. /Camera feature is pretty much useless. /A lot of spelling errors and translation errors /needs more frequent updates In conclusion I think it is a good watch for its price. I hope that in the future there are more updates for example: timer feature, music feature, more accurate sleep and step data...
  • Wish I had a lesser rating option than 1 star 1/5

    By Lon Stolarsky Solon, Ohio
    A piece of crap. Best way to describe is hit and miss. Some days it records my sleep, other days it doesn’t. Most often, it will show I am participating in an activity, but the steps and activity won’t register on my phone. The “problem” solving function in the App is riddled with poor grammar and more importantly poor directions. Lon Stolarsky, Solon Ohio
  • Cannot connect watch to app on iPhone 5c 1/5

    By oldyoungmom
    The app does not allow me to bind my watch to the phone. I was finally able to connect the watch and my iPad, but that’s not what I want to do. Also, I bought three watches, one for each of my children, and can only bind one watch at a time. Would like to be able to record data from more than one watch on the same app. Very frustrating. I am also alarmed by the privacy agreement....
  • Sometimes accurate 3/5

    By MuslimQuranReader1
    Obviously the watch isn’t as accurate as a more expensive brand. It generally reads my heart rate based on my activity level, but I don’t think it’s exact. The sleep monitor is definitely off. I tend to wake up a lot during the night, and it reads times that I’m fully awake as “wake sleep.” The step count is probably as accurate as any other pedometer. Overall, an okay app and an okay product.
  • It’s does what it needs to do 4/5

    By Iv402
    I like the functions of the watch I just wish it was compatible with more apps. Like I would like to get snap chat notifications.
  • The app & product are bad, get a different fitness tracker/wearable device 1/5

    By Ri5val
    The wearable device and app are bogus. I was given the product as a gift. I’m tech savvy and good with devices, but this one is simply not user friendly. I think the product must be from China. Whoever wrote the language in the app certainly doesn’t speak English as their first language. The FAQ says things like: “The back of the hand ring automatically hair green light why?” They call the bracelet a “hand ring” which is hilarious, but it makes understanding anything you read on the app impossible to understand. I was looking forward to reading my sleep data. The device records none, I can’t figure out why, and when I try to read about it on the app, it makes no sense because while it’s written in english, it’s just a bunch of words strung together that don’t make sense. Spend your money on a better product. One that at least hired quality control people to make sure the app language and instruction manual are readable & make sense.
  • Stop working 2/5

    By Dushi_Ro
    It worked fine at first, I have an iPhone 7 but suddenly stop notify WhatsApp messages...
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By cabbie_13
    My activities are no longer syncing and I cannot get help to fix it. I’ve tried everything I can think of!
  • App crashes during Upgrades 3/5

    By Mad pete60
    App does not work well on iPhone XR with IOS 12.1.2. Scroll down, it crashes. Try updating device software and it crashes. Go to developer website and technical support is no where to be found.
  • Please fix activity sync problem 2/5

    By AmberMN
    This app works fine tracking my sleep and waking me up in the morning through my watch, but unfortunately struggles to sync my workouts. I have to manually sync my steps through the app which is a tad annoying and for the past week it hasn’t wanted to sync my workouts. It’s not the watch, because after I exercise it’ll show me my workout stats on the watch for a brief moment, but that is the last I see of it. It never shows up in the app. PLEASE FIX THIS! Once fixed I will change my rating. I have the ID115Plus HR.
  • Not a good sleep tracker 2/5

    By dairyqueen27
    The app works great tracking my steps but it’s terrible at tracking my sleep. I don’t know if the fact that I wake up really early in the morning has anything to do with it or not but, it’s really annoying. I tried looking at the “problems” section in the app to see if I was doing something wrong and it was practically unusable. Please get a person that is better at English to rewrite that section.
  • Always loses history 3/5

    By Jeffwave
    I don’t care about fancy stuff, just steps, HR and sleep. Seems to record fine, but loses history randomly. Very annoying.
  • Just average 3/5

    By needsomerest
    Not everything works. For example cardio. I don’t even know how to get that to work. The heart rate is hit or miss. It records my steps but nothing about calories. It’s just not user friendly.
  • snapchat notifications coming soon? 3/5

    By Comuncentz
    please, please, please add snapchat notifications. in this day and age, everyone is using it. snapchat is the only thing it won’t give an option to notify, which leaves it unnoticed most of the time. please update
  • Doesn’t count elliptical 3/5

    By miss__niki__96
    Please please on your next update include a manual entry for elliptical steps
  • App Freezing 1/5

    By KES51592
    Every since new update the app has been freezing, can’t do anything on phone when this happens and have to restart. Hopefully this gets resolved soon.

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