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Vestiaire Collective App

Buy and sell preloved designer fashion with Vestiaire Collective. Join our global fashion activist community and discover thousands of carefully curated new bags, sneakers, shoes, watches, and more. Sustainable fashion shopping has never been easier. Every week, we add designer items from brands like Gucci, Prada Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Fendi and Dior Designer fashion marketplace - buy and sell with Vestiaire Collective, and get: • Access to thousands of unique preloved clothing and items. • Quality-checked designer pieces from brands like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton and more. • Clothing, shoes, sneakers, and more: use search tools to find exactly what you're looking for. • Personalized notification for designer fashion items you're looking for. • A convenient marketplace for selling designer clothing and shoes you no longer wear. • An easy payment process, with the option of interest-free payments. Join the designer fashion revolution now and discover preloved items sold by your community - or sell your own designer clothing, shoes, or even sneakers, straight from your phone. From Prada to Gucci, Fendi to Burberry, we have an unrivaled selection of vintage and designer clothing for your sustainable fashion shopping. BUY DESIGNER PIECES - HOW DOES IT WORK? 1. Find that must-have item - we add over 3,000 pieces to our marketplace every week. 2. Your item will then be sent to us by the seller and quality-checked by our experts. 3. Once the item has passed Quality Control, it will be shipped to you! SELL PRELOVED DESIGNER ITEMS - HOW DOES IT WORK? 1. Submit an item (for example, designer clothing, sneakers, accessories) for sale using our simple online seller form. 2. Once your item has sold, you will receive a pre-paid shipping label to send the item to our HQ free of charge. 3. Sold! Once your item passes Quality Control, you will receive payment directly into your bank account. JOIN THE FASHION ACTIVIST COMMUNITY We're driving positive change in the fashion world - by revolutionizing the way we shop designer items. Our sustainable marketplace empowers fashion-lovers to buy and sell fashion and share their style. Join now and become a fashion activist! With the Vestiaire Collective app, you can: · Keep in touch with the Vestiaire Collective fashion community. · Make offers to sellers and negotiate the price of an item. · Add items to your wishlist and share the products you're currently coveting. · Follow members whose products and style you like. · Buy and sell designer items in a fashion-loving community. · Support a sustainable way of shopping designer items. Whether you're after a Louis Vuitton bag or want to sell your Gucci dress, download the Vestiaire Collective app now to get started. Looking for something special? We've got vintage pieces that you won't find anywhere else - discover stunning Rolex watches, vintage Hermès handbags and so much more. Follow us for behind the scenes action, events, and preview top products before they go online @vestiaireco on Instagram.

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    By Mayaleen
    I purchased Gucci sandal I paid extra 15$ that they can checked before it come to me . So the sandal their is issue with tight it’s too short you can walk even !!!! How did they check that !!!! I hope I can add picture to see Now the customer service she don’t answer to my msg just she write two ligne and she left what is this !!!!!!!!! Veryyyyyyy cheap company they don’t want to refund me AVOID THIS APP their is so many app more professional like The real it’s the best service and price . They have FAKE items too
  • Horrible app and experience 1/5

    By User111111111111
    Had to move to VC from Tradesy and found some surprises. Not all my listings moved, which is annoying and now I need to manually re-add each one, VC doesn’t have nearly the number of brands popular in the US so many of my high end listings show up with no brand (defeats the purpose - please update your database for the US market). Then, VC used the lowest possible price to move my listings, not my original price, on many not sure how they got to such a low number without my approval. There’s no way to edit listings in VC so if I want to make any changes - description, price, etc I need to delete the old listing and start a new one. It’s not user friendly from that perspective. Even with VC’s low ball prices still no sales so with the other quirks of using it not sure I’ll stick around on this one. Unless they make it easier to use. With that there are some positives- seems east to navigate once things are listed and don’t need to make changes, tracks likers etc, but can’t make private offers. Not sure how I’m supposed to “promote” my listings if I don’t want to sell things for pennies. Also their suggested prices are ridiculous and not sure what they’re based on, considering they don’t even have 60% of the brands in their database. This service needs more time to develop and the app needs to be improved for sellers. After a few months of using VC I’m behind annoyed and frustrated - not good. Bring Tradesy back
  • Absolutely the worst !! 1/5

    By Califonia Gurl
    The worst selling app they take down listings for no reason. They don’t have anybody in customer service to help. They don’t pay in a timely manner. The customer service could careless if you have a problem logging into your account. I make thousands on Posh & Mercari so I wanted to try this app & it was the worst experience I’ve ever had.
  • Buyer Beware 1/5

    By Minty9596
    VC are not always honest about the custom fees. They will get you to purchase and state that there are no custom fees but you will he contacted later saying you have to pay a fee. If you don’t pay the fee VC will not refund you and will not correct the issue by refunding you the fee.
  • They scam sellers 1/5

    By Erinleaerwin337
    This company ran a promotion- add 10+ listings and get $100 credit… they drag out their review process intentionally so your items are not added in time to avoid honoring their promotion- scam artists! All this on top of the large selling fees, and that they lack features like allowing you to crop your own photos. Just as bad if not worse than Tradesy. Back to eBay, at least they are honest and respect sellers. Update: I received an email hours after a online chat with the company, issuing a $100 coupon but only on a $500 purchase… which I quite obviously will not be making on such a horrible site. The fine print to everything on this particular app is absurd. The excuses for everything, and exclusions abound! Other reviewers have noted so many issues, and I will confirm all of them. But it really is ridiculous to call a $100 credit a credit or “voucher” when isn’t a credit or voucher at all if you must spend 4X that amount of your own money to use it… it’s a coupon at best. And $100 off $500 is only 20%, the SAME discount you can get on nearly ALL items on TheRealReal at any given time. It’s not worth the gamble to even use it. Due to Tradesy shutting down, there are not many places left to sell designer items, however it’s a gamble at best on VC, and listing is significantly more difficult, Just beware. And from what others have said- always get a package you ship out to a buyer scanned at the shippers physical location (UPS Store, USPS, FedEx etc) and get a receipt you dropped it off. I also always place my own return address sticker on any platform provided shipping label, so it won’t go back to a random warehouse if the package is refused.
  • Mala atencion al vendedor 1/5

    By chlochlo10
    Les empleades que tenen el telèfon males respuestas, decepcionant,
  • BEWARE 1/5

    By Annslyse
    Do NOT buy from these people. I have been moved over from Tradsey with an account credit I can’t even use nor will they refund. I have ordered 4 things between Tradsey and Vestaire. One came a fake bag and the other 3 were canceled for an unknown reason, and I wasn’t notified until I asked about it since I never received the bag or refund. Their customer service is terrible being the only source of communication they have is a chat that takes 1-2 days to respond. Take your money somewhere else
  • No edit button? Really? 2/5

    By Avengers1!
    I transferred my closet from Tradesy and posted some items. It takes far too long for Admin to figure out the name brand even when it’s written on the item clearly and the list to choose from is anything but extensive. Also, it would make it more detailed if I could include specifics about the item rather than the limited list provided. So the item shows as non-signe or no name. If I make a mistake on the description, I can’t go back and edit! Additionally, there’s no way to edit the price! I strive to list a fair price for my items. But if I list an item at $225, then don’t send me a message encouraging me to drop the price to $37. Wherein if I did drop the price to $37, I’d be encouraged to drop it again. Not much assistance from the site regarding these issues. Im about to remove my items and leave this app.

    By Kiy F
    I’ve been waiting 2 months for payment on something I sold . The customer service is horrible . DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP
  • Listings denied all day 2/5

    By LucaChar
    The two things I hate about this app and waist my time is they take down my listings or deny them on a constant basis. They say it’s a stock photo or model but they are not. They are on a dress form with no head or feet. Then you cannot get customer service to get back to you. They say they will but never do or ask you the same question over and over. Useless. Also you cannot edit anything on your listings. They change the words on you in your listing too.
  • Buyer beware 2/5

    By joeftl
    If the items doesn’t fit, which is highly likely, you will be stuck with that item. You may re-list it, but then only asked to lower your price over and over. I bought a jacket. The same size as all the other jackets in my closet. It fit everywhere fine except the sleeves near the armpit were unusually narrow. So much so that it is not wearable. Now I am stuck with a poor fitting jacket that really no one should buy. It is listed on their website now along with many other poorly fitting clothing items I am sure people are desperately trying to return. Do yourself a favor and buy in a store where you can try on an item before buying it. If you can’t afford a designer clothing, you really shouldn’t pay for something that doesn’t fit well. Lesson learned
  • This may be the worst reselling app 2/5

    By VictoriaMG
    I had to migrate here from Tradesy, where I sold a lot! Most of my listings transferred (some did not, not sure why), but some of the descriptions are totally wrong and it looks like it is impossible to edit a description once it’s up. Why make this so difficult for sellers? Why would I have to waste time and contact customer service to change my own listing. It’s ridiculous. Another glitch is that when someone makes an offer and I accept, it goes back to the buyer again to confirm. Why? The offers should stick if accepted. On both sides. That’s how it works on every other website. It is not user friendly, takes too long to upload listings, and is to rigid. Can’t edit anything and if a brand isn’t on their list, it’s listed as “unsigned.” That’s great for sales. I think I’m just going to stick to Poshmark. This has been a colossal waste of time. I miss Tradesy.
  • Sophisticated VC is not 1/5

    By Lill Lisa
    This app is the most horrible..If I didn’t know Any better I would say a Pre-Schooler or someone who knows nothing about technology.. have so many complaints don’t know where to start. When my listings were moved over from Tradesy.180 of my handbags/shoes were removed.The time and effort I already put in.These weren’t low-end handbags.Then lowered my prices. My handbags my price. When you buy them then you make the decision.Also rejected items rejected with no explanation.I had a vintage Chanel circa 1980 with Authenticity Certificate.Rejected You can’t change the cost unless you are lowering it.I can’t upload any photos from 3 iPads or laptop.I have to use my phone contacted VC ..Nothing.Also blocked a sell for me a Chanel. The purchaser wanted direct shipping VC would not.Once again I have two forms of authenticity..Tradesy had a sophisticated site. You should take more than a few points from That site.I positive that many of Tradesy sellers are disappointed because I am I wish I knew Tradesy was selling to VC. I would researched VC also can’t get into my account.Contacted Customer service sitting here for a hour and a half. Still nothing.VC really should have a US customer service. We are paying them..Badges take them away I am not purchasing items for a badge did it and they still took the badge. I was a professional seller on Tradesy sold over 500 handbags. You took my listings at least give me my stats.. I am a trusted seller. No longer. People don’t see that I have over 500 sold. They see 11. Regardless feel stuck in a situation I have to repost 180 items. Which ma or not be rejected so not amped at all about VC. Really needs a updated app.
  • Great for Seller not for Buyer 1/5

    By Review83838429203
    This app is great if you are selling, NOT if you are buying. Absolute headache. I will NEVER purchase anything on here again. It’s not worth it.
  • Don’t recommend 1/5

    By internationalheather
    My first purchase was a disaster. They have unethical business practices. Stay away.
  • To get your sales money, you must jump through hoops 2/5

    By Allison Marie 233
    Cons: They keep your money sometimes. They wait until a buyer "approves" a purchase after receival to release a seller's payment. If the buyer doesn't go through the trouble of opening the link on the email, logging into the glitchy site or app, and "approving" their purchase from you, your money is supposed to be released after 72 hours, but it never is. I have sold over 30 items on here and this happens 50% of the time. Most recently and extreme, I sold a Moncler coat for $1000 (commission = $880) in October, had to send more than 10 support emails and chats, and then received my almost $900 2 months later in December. I ponder if they purposely try to keep your money longer so they can use sellers' pending transactions as a pool of cash for investments. They have high sales volume with at least $10 million in transactions a week (800 employees x $50k ave. salary x 1.25 for extra profit / 12% sales commission = $500M annual rev.). For every transaction, they hold the buyer's payment from the seller for an average of 20 days (sellers have 3 days to ship, 2-5 days shipping, buyer either approves in 72 hours or never, in which case after contacting support ave. seller gets payment at 30 days). They have a constantly rotating pool of $28 million at any given time. Right now a high yield savings account will give you about 4% APY. Anyone can open one, there's no minimum and you can deposit and withdraw whenever. Vestiaire could be making $1,120,000 in interest on holding transaction payments annually. That's a conservative number - they probably have higher-yield illiquid investments and a much higher transaction revenue. Pros: You can sell European* designer items (American labels don't do well on here) for more than you would get on Ebay or Poshmark, but both BUYERS AND SELLERS DO NOT HAVE TRADITIONAL PROTECTION like on Ebay or Poshmark. Example: buyer buys $3000 purse and it gets lost in the mail? buyer just lost $3k. Ex. 2: buyer returns $500 dress to seller and it gets lost in the mail? seller just lost $500. In both cases unless you purchased additional shipping insurance, which Vestiaire doesn't give you the option to do as they automatically send you prepaid shipping labels, either the buyer or seller is financially responsible.
  • Steer clear 1/5

    By Juju viva
    As a seller I don’t recommend this app. It’s rather easy to sell but every few weeks they’ll ask you to confirm your items are still for sale or they’ll remove them. It’s time consuming and inconvenient. Also, they have issues with updating the shipping information, so you’ll have to reach out to them constantly to update the tracking, to release your money and then on top of it they’ll slap you with removing your trusted seller badge because you “didn’t ship on time” when in fact you shipped within 24h. Customer service is decent, 1 out of 3 conversations will lead to a resolution.
  • Donot download 1/5

    By dreamhustle

    By Hgsyibdtijgd
    35$ dollars PER ITEM! I almost bought 7 items but the fees were $245 EXTRA just for shipping and authentication. Do not recommend. Taking my business elsewhere!
  • Scam. 1/5

    By moonlitclouds
    How many people have to warn the public about this app? I unfortunately didn’t listen and was scammed out of my money because I was a few hours late to request a return on an item that was COMPLETELY not as described when I opened it on christmas. Vestiaire will not be there to help you when you need it—I’ll guarantee that. They’ll let sellers sell you things that belong in the trash.
  • VERY disappointed and upset 1/5

    By baiaff
    I’d give them zero stars if I could…first off, I sold one of my Louis Vuitton bags on this website for a good amount of money. I shipped my bag off and it never started “tracking”. I contacted support multiple times and it took days to respond to me. The buyer messaged me and told me they received the bag (when the bag still didn’t have tracking). The buyer had my bag and I have STILL not been payed for my bag and it’s been 7 days!!!!!! I’ve messaged support about 30 times and NOBODY is responding to me. This has been super frustrating. I’m out a bag and the money. They are a joke to work with. You will never get ahold of anyone when you have a problem.
  • Message to the developer 1/5

    By boyllc
    How are you responding back to a review and requesting a order number and not leaving an email or contact info. My point proven that customer service is non existent. Sellers beware. I got an update on a sold item that was canceled. The buyer received a refund and kept the item I shipped out because the tracking failed to update on the Vestiaire platform. VESTIAIRE is a SCAM. My order number is 28753954
  • Rejecting posts 1/5

    By LorixAnn
    Keeps rejecting all kinds of posts. I’ve been using apps to sell stuff for years and have never run into this many problems. Sometimes they ask for more photos etc and happy to update. My issue is when they fully reject & you don’t have the opportunity to adjust. Meaning you have to start all over. What a waste of time. Better apps out there.
  • Lackluster first time experience 2/5

    By Tylerb41
    Was told yesterday by a representative that my sold item was canceled because it was not shipped within the 7 days. Even though I shipped the item off literally the same day as it was bought. Now it’s stating it’s in “quality and control” Estimated payment was yesterday 12/15/22. Yet it has been saying that since Tuesday when the item actually arrived at they hub. Representative told me that they did receive it and to disregard the cancellation she mentioned. If it takes up to 2 days to verify something that would be great but if not give a update at least. First time ever selling on the app and it hasn’t been great to say the least.
  • Terrible at checkout 2/5

    By Jgatti06
    Never had so much trouble trying to make a purchase! Get all the way to final step and checkout and instead of getting my purchase I’ll I get is perpetual errors.
  • Functionality 3/5

    By KCHutchinson
    I am coming to Vestiaire from Tradesy. I find Vestiaire’s filters do not drill down to meet my specific searches. Tradesy did a great job of organizing a massive online market place. I want to love and be loyal to Vestiaire as I was to Tradesy but I truly believe the search algorithms need to to be reconfigured.
  • Terrible customer service and buying experience 1/5

    By wifi seeker 111
    Vestiaire requires prepaid gift cards ($200-500 USD) to verify payment for sellers and will suspend sales , not releasing funds to the buyer or the seller unless they submit an additional $500. They will not cancel the transaction or release funds without an ADDITIONAL $500 in prepaid gift cards. Customer service refuses to cancel the transactions, blaming it on customs fees that are "pre generated".
  • Horrible authentication 1/5

    By gm8080
    I’ve purchased a lot of clothing on the RealReal and eBay over the years and finally decided to give Vestiaire a go as well. Huge mistake. I purchased 6 different items each labeled as new with tags and had issues with 3 of them that were missed during Vestiare’s authentication. Two of the items were visibly damaged and the 3rd was 3 sizes larger than the listing. Opening a ticket with Vestiaire to dispute the transaction is painful and returns generally aren’t allowed from private sellers. On the two visibly damaged items I eventually got them to take the items back but the mis labeled one I’m stuck with despite being 3 sizes larger than listed in the measurements. I’m now stuck trying to sell this enormous jacket on my own and am out hundreds of dollars until it sells. I have zero confidence in their ability to properly look over items in the authentication process and less faith in them as a company fixing an issue. I can’t imagine how unreliable their authentications are for used clothes. As a buyer I would steer clear of this site. There isn’t enough protection for you even when the item clearly doesn’t match the description.
  • Worst customer service, beware. 2/5

    By Corporate Vampire
    I used to be a fan of Vestiaire but first their app is terrible, if you do saved searches, it doesn’t really update on the searches you get notifications for right away by the time you go click items are gone. It’s constantly spamming you. If you sell they are constantly bothering you to lower your prices, their commission fees are high, on top of that you can correct your listings and it doesn’t let you add more photos like it kinda picks what it wants, which if you are trying to sell / buy an item is better to have as many photos of it as possible with the item worn! I had an issue recently with buying a pair of shoes that when I got them they were not the size marked in the shoe, I contacted costumer service, which is the worst, every time you get a response from a different person who seems to not have an idea of what you are contacting them about, their only job is basically to tell you “our experts have refused your claim and request for a return” only to then offer you “re-list your item for sale on your account with small amount of selling fee” not even for free, you pay for this quality control and they can’t bother to check something very important that the size is correct. If you google this company they have terrible reviews.
  • Nightmare Customer Service 1/5

    By Ayaka B Ito
    I purchased an item through VC, and have been spending weeks now talking to multiple representatives about an issue with my order. It’s been a true nightmare. I will never shop from VC again.
  • Only Buy from People With Selling History 3/5

    By SwipeSwipeGoose
    CONS: A lesson I learned after buying numerous Moncler jackets that never got sent to me - sellers create fake posts, take in the funds until the shipping expiration date, then never send the product. You essentially have to wait 13 days every time for a refund. Quick advice to the Vestiaire team: don’t release funds until a package has been sent with tracking. With new sellers, don’t remit payment until the item has been received. I’ll likely get a response: ‘Well the seller has 7 days to ship otherwise it cancels, then a refund.’ Also, my promotion codes haven’t worked on the app since I started. PROs: Incredible access to a wide network of vintage/used products. App user experience is great.
  • Wasn’t for me, but had good selection. 4/5

    By chxdudglfdkfkvg
    I didn’t realize it was an only luxury brands app, so I decided to delete it, but other than that, I would recommend it to anyone looking for Luxury brands on sale. Also, they allow you do deactivate your account very easily if you decide you don’t want an account anymore.
  • We’ll see with the transition 3/5

    By ribbons snd bows
    I may just start selling my own on my own. You all said that fees will be lower than Tradesy it does not appear to be maybe I’m wrong. The posting of items is crazy takes too much time to keep going back to add because you think you have added. Redundant. My description area froze so I had to delete the app to possibly try and post again. We’ll see. Weird site overall. Make it simple for heaven’s sake. I miss Tradesy already. Why when you are looking at an item this screen covers what I am looking at…another annoying thing on your site.
  • Absolute WORST Customer Service- a Joke!!! 1/5

    By elevstyle
    This is literally the WORST customer service I have ever experienced after making over a $1000 purchase! They are money hungry and once you pay, DO NOT EVER EXPECT TO RECEIVE A REFUND!!!! Clearly theyre system was not working properly at the time of my payment and they refuse to refund the money they over-charged for. Instead- they offer a coupon to use on my next purchase. HAAAAA! What a JOKE! Like I will ever make another purchase through VC!!! Right! I will NEVER do business with them again, and I hope you do not either. Awful experience to have spent so much money. Ive reached out multiple times for a resolution but theres no phone number or email…and the live chat is a joke. VC- Please dont reply to this review suggesting I reach out for a solution. Been there, done that. Yall failed and lost a customer for life.
  • Don’t sell on here 1/5

    By TianyunLan
    Buying has been a good experience but selling on here has been the worst. I never received my payment or heard back from the company when I submitted a request. Even after months

    By Susanml
    I attempted to buy items twice on this site and both times the item wasn’t available yet I was charged for both purchases and they didn’t even have the item!! Ridiculous and a HUGE WASTE OF TIME
  • How is this app so bad…. 1/5

    By Pokemasterofalltime124
    I deleted this app 6 months ago because of how frustrating it is to use and more importantly I do not trust selling on this site.. Tradsey now converting with this garbage company forces sellers to transfer listings. Re download and shocker it’s still awful.. can’t login, can’t reset password can’t do anything without getting error codes. Make a new profile on the website then log in on the app which still had glitches just to find out you still can’t upload photos 🤣 like what?… choose upload photos and you get the last photo in your album and that is it.. same as 6 months ago. Clearly it is not well maintained or developed. Try using your own app and see how easy it is!! Took me 20 minutes to post ONE listing on their website… not seamless not user friendly. curtsey and mercari way better……….. DEVELOPERS- how am I supposed to list an item when the picture function does not work! One large photo shows up… and you have no help or contact area! Took 30 minutes to list one item on the website which was refuse with ZERO EXPLANATION (check email well I checked and there is nothing) same item I have listed on Tradsey so why would it be refused… Why is everything so difficult with no help options!? website and no better! Can only upload 1 photo at a time… dumb and takes forever! The most frustrating selling app/site! Get it together!!!

    By frances stock
    they recently removed the filter option in your “favorites” it is nearly impossible with the sorting options to find what I’m looking for. I have a ton of favorites and i need to be able to sort by brand or category - it’s totally ruined the user experience. For all my years using the app they ALWAYS had filters for favorites and then one day it’s just gone :( I love the app by its driving me insane

    By DypDybb
    If there’s an issue with your order customer service claims that they have no way to contact the seller. They barely even followed up with my emails. I had to keep reaching out to see if they could contact the seller. I was instructed to leave “comments” on the item and the seller would reply. Well of course they didn’t reply and the company didn’t care. First and LAST time I’ll be using this app. It’s far fetched to believe that a company would have no way to reach “trusted sellers”. Actually ANY SELLER! If you’re a business you need to have a business model that’s fair to buyers and sellers. I’ll stick to Poshmark because Vestiaire needs a bit more growing to do as a business.
  • Don’t take my money if the item isn’t for sale 1/5

    By Bgangawer
    I ordered 11 items from Vestiaire in 4 separate orders over a week. All but 3 of my items were canceled by the seller more than a week after my money had been taken by Vestiaire with the explanation given being “The item is no longer available.” We had to wait another 5 days for the return to hit our account. One of my orders was for 4 sweaters that I wanted to take on a vacation to somewhere cold. Every single item was canceled after more than 8 days. Vestiaire, don’t take money for items that aren’t available. I’m not happy giving anyone an interest free loan for 2 weeks. Confirm the items are available BEFORE taking the money! If the seller doesn’t deliver, REMOVE the seller from your platform. Until that changes, I’m sticking with ThredUP.
  • Shoe size 1/5

    By Terran Webb
    I like the store, but HATE the shoe size options. It’s basically “select a range and hope for the best”. I don’t want to waste my time searching through stuff I can’t wear.
  • So elementary 1/5

    By HillsofRome
    This is such a poorly put together app. The web version is not much better either. You can’t search within your own listings nor sort. This is so elementary and a poor reflection of this company.
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By Maggie73628
    This is by far the worst, most unprofessional company I have had the “pleasure” to deal with. Beware
  • App bugs and customer service 3/5

    By Mlh124
    I like the purpose of the app but when there is an issue with an order or you actually want to talk to customer service it is extremely difficult. You have to go through a whole preset response menu and hope you find a way to say you need more info connect to a person. Then sometimes the app bugs out and when it asks for your order number before connecting you with a representative they keyboard disappears so you can’t type in the order number. I’ve tried restarting my phone and the app and for some train it won’t let me open a new chat it just keeps taking me to the broken one. I submitted a request because my order has been stuck with Vestiaire with a status of quality control within 2 days for 2 weeks. But it can’t get an answer from them, a chat person told me they would contact me by email with more detail about getting my order moving but it’s been a week and nothing has happened..
  • Use with caution 1/5

    By deeken_25
    I downloaded this app after being a trusted eBay seller for over a decade. I thought being geared towards more high end items it would be a good experience. Instead I had an absolute nightmare of a run around for weeks from their ‘Support’ team to get payment for a sold item. During the time I was waiting for payment, I was bounced around an array of representatives, each response I received was from a new person. Not very reassuring when an issue arises. Each person would confuse parts of the ongoing issue and respond without clear paths to resolution or transparency as there was no thread of understanding. It made me concerned about selling more goods and stopped me from wanting to list higher priced items. Sellers beware. I have deactivated my account as the team didn’t even have the grace to return the selling fee the took from my item. I genuinely suffered hours and hours of customer support issues. Returning the fee might have kept me on the platform and not writing poor reviews. I don’t need these added headaches as I’m sure many others don’t.
  • It used to be better 3/5

    By Jayypsy
    As a buyer: I miss the option of filtering the likes, I don’t know why they took it off. So it can be a little irritating scrolling and sifting through your liked items to find what you’re looking for. There used to not be so many spam accounts now I feel they're everywhere. There is a good selection of items, but I notice the app automatically lists items incorrectly and filters them at random (calling a blouse a jacket). Also the sizes do not convert correctly when filtered for example Italian to US, it usually filters a decent amount out. also the fees added onto a single item could sometimes be a little excessive especially when you think you’re getting an item for a great deal it adds on almost $50 in fees. also if you’re in the US you cannot buy any fur or exotic skins you are excluded. however, there is a really great selection I have found so much archival and vintage fashion great prices even with the added fees. As a seller: The selling fees are not so bad, compared to other apps. There is a decent audience that does see your items so you usually have a chance to get a decent amount of likes. However, it can be a while for an item to sell unless you list it very low. The shipping process is easy, however the messaging option can be a little messy especially with the translation and offer process. when posting an item it can be difficult to describe the item when the app can change your description automatically without you knowing or upload the item as something else (ex calling a dress a skirt). and then you cannot change the description only the photos. I also do not understand the estimate amount that they gave you to list that if you list over or under because not every item is the same that they estimated to be. overall it is a decent app however I feel you can be better off selling somewhere else like eBay when it comes to more expensive items.
  • Cannot get a refund from item that does not match the description 1/5

    By avaherr
    I bought a pair of heels on this app. It is worn that what seller described “very good condition”. It has more stains, color change and a noticeable little hole on one of the heels. I contacted them and got in chat with an agent. Well, they asked me to return back the item to them for a second authentication to see if the items are really “does not match the description.” If they did match the description, why do I have to request a return and a refund? Duh I’m leaving this review until I get the result! I’m so disappointed because I have shopped from this app for a while now, bought a lot of items from them, until this kind of thing happened. :(
  • A decent place to re-sell designer brands 3/5

    By ybnchromosome
    Support is helpful, however, they do take a while to respond. Sold an item and I was paid, but there was never a transaction displayed on my account so I was confused for over a week waiting on support to reply. I feel slightly low-balled in my recommended pricing, a $400 belt in nearly perfect condition for only $106. Other than those issues, this app is a pretty standard marketplace.
  • SCAM 1/5

    By ConcernedBuyer!
    I have bought a pair of shoes on this app and I got a full refund which I thought was weird. Then I bought a handbag and I received not even a full refund. I directly emailed VESTIAIRE about this issue and no response. I even went as far as following on Instagram and DM on there and STILL no reply.