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  • Current Version: 5.88.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Vestiaire de Copines
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Vestiaire Collective App

Buy and sell preloved designer fashion with Vestiaire Collective. Join our global fashion activist community and discover thousands of carefully curated new bags, sneakers, shoes, watches, and more. Sustainable fashion shopping has never been easier. Every week, we add designer items from brands like Gucci, Prada Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Fendi and Dior Designer fashion marketplace - buy and sell with Vestiaire Collective, and get: • Access to thousands of unique preloved clothing and items. • Quality-checked designer pieces from brands like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton and more. • Clothing, shoes, sneakers, and more: use search tools to find exactly what you're looking for. • Personalized notification for designer fashion items you're looking for. • A convenient marketplace for selling designer clothing and shoes you no longer wear. • An easy payment process, with the option of interest-free payments. Join the designer fashion revolution now and discover preloved items sold by your community - or sell your own designer clothing, shoes, or even sneakers, straight from your phone. From Prada to Gucci, Fendi to Burberry, we have an unrivaled selection of vintage and designer clothing for your sustainable fashion shopping. BUY DESIGNER PIECES - HOW DOES IT WORK? 1. Find that must-have item - we add over 3,000 pieces to our marketplace every week. 2. Your item will then be sent to us by the seller and quality-checked by our experts. 3. Once the item has passed Quality Control, it will be shipped to you! SELL PRELOVED DESIGNER ITEMS - HOW DOES IT WORK? 1. Submit an item (for example, designer clothing, sneakers, accessories) for sale using our simple online seller form. 2. Once your item has sold, you will receive a pre-paid shipping label to send the item to our HQ free of charge. 3. Sold! Once your item passes Quality Control, you will receive payment directly into your bank account. JOIN THE FASHION ACTIVIST COMMUNITY We're driving positive change in the fashion world - by revolutionizing the way we shop designer items. Our sustainable marketplace empowers fashion-lovers to buy and sell fashion and share their style. Join now and become a fashion activist! With the Vestiaire Collective app, you can: · Keep in touch with the Vestiaire Collective fashion community. · Make offers to sellers and negotiate the price of an item. · Add items to your wishlist and share the products you're currently coveting. · Follow members whose products and style you like. · Buy and sell designer items in a fashion-loving community. · Support a sustainable way of shopping designer items. Whether you're after a Louis Vuitton bag or want to sell your Gucci dress, download the Vestiaire Collective app now to get started. Looking for something special? We've got vintage pieces that you won't find anywhere else - discover stunning Rolex watches, vintage Hermès handbags and so much more. Follow us for behind the scenes action, events, and preview top products before they go online @vestiaireco on Instagram.

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Vestiaire Collective app reviews

  • Fees 1/5

    By chon billy
    Pretty useless app unless you don’t mind paying ridiculous fees. For a pair of $85 shorts I want the fees are $45 extra. That’s pitiful.
  • Shipping and fees are now outrageous 2/5

    By vn7g3r
    This used to be my preferred site for vintage shopping. However my last purchase saw 35% in taxes, fees , and shipping. It was not that outrageous in the past.
  • Worst customer service of all time 1/5

    By kac765
    I bought an item a couple months ago. It was shipped from France to the US via FedEx. For some reason the package has been stuck at the import hub and hasn’t moved in 1.5 months. I called FedEx and they said only the shipper can request the package to continue on. I’ve tried several times to get help from vestiaire and they often no help. They want me to give them a copy of my ID, which I could see if I was asking for money or something, but all I want them to do is call FedEx! They refuse to assist and I’m not sending my ID to anyone especially since they are behaving so suspiciously. I have NOTHING good to say about this company. I feel totally scammed.

    By AlZrn
    STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLATFORM - SELLING FAKE GOODS THAT ARE SUPPOSEDLY AUTHENTICATED!! I bought a pair of Valentino rock pump kitten heels pump. The shoes arrive and they are OBVIOUS FAKES. Two straps instead of three! You have to be blind to not see that! and no serial number, all Valentino shoes have one. VC won’t reimburse me and instead are suggesting I should keep the shoes or re-sale them on their platform which is EVEN WORST!! Im so shocked and disappointed by this company. STAY AWAY, WE ALL WORK WAY TOO HARD TO GET SCAMMED THAT WAY!
  • Items being labeled as “Sold” when it is not really sold 1/5

    By Grace Gayle
    I’ve been using Vestiaire Collective for a few years now, and I’ve never experienced what I am currently experiencing. There is clearly a bug or some sort of malfunction when it comes to items being listed and labeled as “sold” when it is indeed not sold. Sellers are legitimately confirming how the item that they have listed is being labeled as “sold” but the item is still available. I have been trying to buy a few items that is experiencing this malfunction and it has been completely stressful and such a big inconvenience for both parties involved. Also there should be more resources and different ways to contact customer service from a buyer point of view because the options that we have to manually pick from is not ENOUGH! Please fix this issue ASAP, this is very unprofessional and very disappointing!
  • So disappointed and disgusted 1/5

    By ES456329
    I use to love this company! They had such good service and were very quick. However, after a recent purchase I do not recommend them at all. I bought a bracelet back in April that never came so I was refunded which I did not mind. So the bracelet randomly gets shipped two months later to my address that I do not reside at during the summer. I contacted support about this and was reassured I would not have to pay for this. However, I then receive a borderline threatening email from another associate telling me I had to ship it back or pay for it within the next week. I explained to him I didn’t want the bracelet anymore, but could not get it back before august. He then told me this was not an option. So I tried to pay for weeks with there extremely faulty links for credit cards which never work and then they suggested I pay 100 dollars of my own money for a bank transfer. There customer service is horrible, very repetitive, and borderline rude when they are the ones who screwed up. I have asked multiple times to be connected to someone higher up and everytime they refuse. Additionally, when communicating with the seller she claimed they were very difficult to work with even claiming she never sent the bracelet. Do not use this company if you want reliability and people who care about you because all they care about is your money. Update: I tried to trust this company again and sell an item which was bought from them. However, my listing accidentally had EU instead of IT sizing which I told the buyer multiple times in the comments as I cannot change the listing. Vestiaire let her return the shoes because I am assuming she didn’t want them or something despite the fact I told her they were a 39 IT a solid 6 times. When I contacted them about it they told me that even though I was honest with the customer it didn’t matter and I would get a worse seller status anyway. There customer service is still horrible and half the employees do not have any clue what is going on. Beyond disappointed, but also not surprised at this point. Shame on them.
  • Seller experience 2/5

    By Vagsjdhs
    I wanted to love this app so much because it has many users and I thought I could sell my vintage luxury pieces easily. 1. The app tells you to lower your price all the time, by giving ridiculously low recommended prices (240€ for an Hermés blazer???) 2. Once you sell there is no detailed description of how to ship/ when you'll get the money/ if you'll pay extra for shipping...The customer service doesn't help you either. My overall experience as a seller is bad since everything on this app is allover the place, but I'm giving 2 stars because as a buyer you can find many pieces
  • No item No money 1/5

    By Pakalolox
    Svmaya moronic system of sale. Sold the goods. Sent by mail using the label. The label is not displayed in the system. Authenticated, everything is ok! The item has been sent to the buyer. The buyer received the goods. I didn't receive the money. ✔️ Customer service is not responding.👎
  • I received a counterfeit 1/5

    By ice320pisces
    DON’s use this app. I bought a Messika necklace and paid for 15 usd authentication service, but I received a counterfeit I later knew it doesn’t even match the original design. I contacted the customer service, and they said it’s authentic because they checked it. Then I sent them the detailed pictures of the differences between the counterfeit and the authentic one on official Messika website. Now they sent me a return form and said they would check it again for me. But if they decide it’s authentic, they will keep it in their hub and resist it on my page to resell it for me. Even a non- professional authenticator can tell the huge differences just by looking at the pictures. But their professional team can’t. I strongly suggest you google “ vestiaire counterfeit ” before you decide to pay for anything. This company isn’t trustworthy I swear to God.
  • Please update Euro to USD conversion rate on your platform 1/5

    By disappointed with VC
    I chatted with a customer rep name Paul and he states it was VC’s financial partner’s responsibility to take care of the exchange rates and never provided a solution.
  • Wish I could leave a 0 1/5

    By Dismayed009
    I’m sorry I wasted my time. Purchase cancelled with no reason stated, just a waste of time and false hope I found something I really wanted.
  • Love this websites/apps and store 5/5

    By LDMercury
    It’s easy to find what I’m looking and a lot of good deals. And seller/people are nice as well. I haven’t tried selling stuff here yet , but maybe one of this day’s. Highly recommended. And I will share this to my friends as well.
  • Could be better! 2/5

    By Fuego911
    Does not allow you to go in and modify product details - Why? Sellers should be able to add/delete product details for their listings as they deem fit. Seems a bit ridiculous to not have that feature.
  • Bad customer service 1/5

    By CaralisaFox
    I have 2 daughters living with me - 18 and other in college - all have own accounts and credit cards. Vestiaire deactivated ALL accounts randomly saying we cannot have more than one account in the house. Wth? Chat said make new one - cannot get accounts back. Or even SEE past purchases! Now months later the chat is gone. I can’t get in with my password now - reset it - works on app but said wrong password on computer (it’s the same obviously) so now there’s no way to contact anyone. I was trying to just find referral button. I have spent a ton with them and are very disappointed. My app is showing it has the latest update. And I have an iPhone 13. So the update was not the issue. The accounts should not have been closed they had no reason for closing them -three adults living in the same house should be able to have separate accounts. I’ve never heard of such a thing. Please advise
  • Stay away 1/5

    By TeflonA
    This company is a Ponzi scheme. First off, they have no phone number, huge red flag. It gets better. I recently purchased a wallet on their site and they said it was authenticated and I received it. About a month later I didn’t need it anymore so I listed it and the geniuses at their so called authenticity department said they couldn’t authenticate it. So I sent them the receipt of purchase from their own company and the idiots had nothing to say. I had my lawyer file a lawsuit in nyc because it’s very obvious that they choose who they want to authenticate and I’m looking forward to them explaining this to a judge. They know nothing about nothing. Stay away. And the customers have no money.
  • Fake!!!! 1/5

    By margarita pita
    I purchased a David Yurman bracelet and the color faded and was fake and I feel so sad to be ripped off like that. I don’t trust this page. I also paid extra for authentication. HA! Save your money

    By Mr. Blammit
    I made a order on a pair of Versace sport jeans which they made me put down a users name and when it was time to pick up my order from the local Walgreens they said I couldn’t get my package because the users name that I put on there did not have a identification card. So they forced me to have to call FedEx which was giving me the runaround stating that I needed to get a hold of this company. I tried reaching out to this company multiple times and I have yet heard back from anyone who runs this company. So now I am taking action into my own hands by placing a lawsuit towards them. My advice to anyone who is using this app…. Please reconsider another website because they will gyp you out of your money and never reach out to you to see if anything can be resolved
  • Help 5/5

    By World Impala
    An amazing platform. Every item submission is examined by experts to ensure authenticity, so good overall but I have one complaint. I can no longer submit items under category men’s jewelry. So I ask that you bring back that category please. My mens jewelry isn’t selling in womens girls category obviously
  • Still your money as a seller 1/5

    By penny218905
    Worse online store ever, they never gave me my money and the client received the item!
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By MsmmmMargaret
    I’m having a terrible time with this site. There is some confusion with my account so they closed it and won’t let me back in. But the issue was actually resolved several months ago. I buy handbags for a collection and spend quite a bit of money. I have tried several different ways to contact them but no one will help me. The phone number and emails don’t work. The people on the chat say someone will get back to you but no one ever does. It’s the worst! I wanted back on because they have decent selection but now I don’t think it’s worth it. I’ve asked repeatedly for them to send a record of my transactions because I can’t log on to get it for myself, and I get no response. It’s very insulting. I don’t cause any trouble. I go on there and buy bags. I don’t know who the business genius is there who thinks it’s a good idea to treat your paying customers like garbage.
  • Scammers & horrible service! 1/5

    By sinnersinss
    I sold a purse on there then it was said to be “unauthentic” now they charged me to pay money to send my item back, I paid didn’t get a receipt sent to my email & now trying to charge me double! Customer service called me a liar saying I didn’t pay. Give me my Item back , or check it thru to be sold or I swear I’ll get my lawyer involved! Absolutely horrible & super stressful! I’m literally at the edge of crying
  • Worst Customer Service 1/5

    By Sheenacr64
    I don’t know why VC’s customer service support is so awful. Everyone sounds so robotic. No empathy and no compassion in their tone even if it is just over chat. One guy I chatted with yesterday about a different issue got sassy when I tried to reiterate their policy for buyers which was that the order would get cancelled and refunded after 7 days if the seller doesn’t ship. It seems like this is how customer support sounds like in the UK and that is not good. Anyway, the reason for this review is for a package shipped out on 5/28. The last tracking was on 5/29 when it was on its way to the next destination. I checked again on 6/1 and I see that it’s still not moving. I decided to give it the rest of the week before I check again. I differ since 5/30 was Memorial Day holiday, they might be backed up. EOW arrives and tracking is still the same place where It was last time I checked. The following week arrives and that when I called FedEx. Guy said at this point it looks like it is lost but the driver and to file a complaint. I contacted VC to inform them of the situation. Lady Ann A. Is the rep that I happened to get get paired with. I gave her all the pertinent info that she requested except for one. The last info she needed was PROOF that I shipped my item and then should would open the investigation. The second time I emailed to follow up on the status and she said this: “I understand that you already provided a proof that you dropped off the item since it is visible in the tracking number. However our expert team needs a proof of shipment. A receipt that confirmed you shipped the item. A screenshot of the email or SMS that confirmed the shipment. As soon as we receive those documents from you we will open an investigation with the carrier for your missing item and will keep you updated as the investigation progresses.” I DO NOT have receipt that I dropped off my item and shipped it. That’s what the tracking number is for. It’s not in VC’s seller info when they send us the label to please get a receipt that is the seller has sent it out. How would I obtain a screen shot of an email or SMS when I did not create this label. This is a label created by VC once your item is sold. So no, I won’t even get a receipt or SMS that I shipped my item because the label isn’t set up by my own personal FedEx account. It’s from you guys!It’s crazy that the tracking number alone which says when it was received at the drop off location can’t be used. At this point, since I don’t have that info, they are saying I’m not going get my money? This should ultimately fall on them to take responsibility for this instead of giving us sellers a hard time to open a claim for a missing package. I don’t know how many times to say that I don’t have the info she needs. I don’t always get printer receipts for items I drop off at FedEx! Especially under $500. And they should know that I wouldn’t get an email or SMS just by dropping it off. That’s what the shipping label tracking is for. This is ridiculous. Maybe they should say to everyone that from now on we need to get confirmation of receipt of shipping items out to avoid this mess down the road for anyone else or do a better job on the backend of keeping track of these things. This lady Ann person should already be giving guidance as to what will happen if she doesn’t gag the info she needs from me (which can’t be produced). This needs to be resolved!
  • Horrible Customer Service 1/5

    By this company can lick my nuts
    These guys have robots as customer service reps. Not only that but they charge like $40 fees for every purchase no matter what purchase it is. You can get a t-shirt for $50 and then it’s $90 because of there shipping and authentication fees. I’d say message the sellers and buy from somewhere else this company tries to get as much money as they can from you.
  • Stick to Grailed 1/5

    By jftb333
    The first time I made a purchase on this app my order was confirmed and then denied during the authentication process. The following day I saw the exact same listing posted by the official VC account. When I reached out asking how this happened and why it was denied but then available to purchase again I received no response. I deleted the app and swore off of it. A week ago I tried again, I purchased an item and after purchasing I realized it was listed incorrectly. When I reached out to VC they said only the seller can cancel the order but I was unable to message the seller for any reason VC could not explain. The situation has been resolved but at 0 help from the company. The app itself is ugly, buggy and not user friendly. The security for buyers is non existent as is the customer support. Over all extremely unsatisfied. Stick to Grailed.
  • Add feature to upload from album when selling 3/5

    By AlyssaL1111
    To the developers: please add the option to select from album when uploading photos when trying to list an item for sale. There is no option to sort right now, so I have to scroll a lot to get to any older photos.
  • App has Too many Bugs 1/5

    By anonmyster2019
    Keeps logging out stating Legacy: Body Empty error message
  • App is usually a mess 2/5

    By Demmy Gee
    I have a love- hate relationship with VC because they have really Good stuff with decent prices. However, the App constantly logs you out on its own, and when you try to log back in, it becomes a big problem. A very big one! Also, the new update is a complete mess. Can’t read notifications, can’t view your favorites, can’t sort / filter. Whatever update was done needs to be reversed or improved, but as it is now, it is a serious headache. Another thing is what I call “Rigid Template”. VC doesn’t give sellers enough freedom when it comes to description of their items (that includes pictures), which makes it a little difficult when buyers are searching. All in all, there needs to be some serious improvements with the App. VC has a lot of potential to be bigger than the likes of Poshmark & Mercari, and I am hoping they can tap into it properly.
  • Do not recommend 1/5

    By Dmore3306
    1. Filters do not work. I’m constantly shown alerts for items that are nowhere near my size or location 2. The people verifying your item only check if it’s real but not if the item aligns with what is advertised as I’ve had errors 2x! 3. Customer service is to protect the company. NOT the end user. When i noticed the blatant sizing error it took TWO WEEKS of back and forth with this company to get the issue fixed. This is after i has already shared BLATANT PROOF. I dealt with several copy and paste email instead on truly investigating my situation. They would ( on record) rather me resell the item to another unsuspecting customer. Ultimately, i will never use this company again. I’ve spent thousands until now, over their 300.00 mistake. The way they handle their errors let’s me know everything i need to know about this company.
  • Receiving items 1/5

    By mariana nyc
    I buy Lanvin scarf till today dont received.I sell items shipping label unable to found till all transaction was canceled due impossible shipment. I contact seller nothing I contact bestiary nothing . Fee are so high for internationally items . Local I don’t see way must be pay 15 dollars for check authentication… is ridiculous. I buy couple items not recommended so sorry your costumer service need lot improvement Szoke nyc
  • The WORST customer service!!! 1/5

    By mochnnz
    PLEASE do not try to sell any item here, they have one the poorest customer service I’ve ever encountered. I fully regret the decision I made to let go of such a special item for me. If only I had known of all the trouble that this company has created. I have a month trying to understand what happened with a pair of Manolos that I sold. They stopped sending me updates of my item once it arrived to the department of authentication. No update, no payment, no response from customer service. I have sent various emails, try to solved it through their chat and when I tell you this is horrible, it’s HORRIBLE. Their answer to my item being lost is that “by now it should of been fully paid to you” yes I know that, that’s why I’m contacting customer service because I can’t get an answer, it’s seriously so frustrating. DO NOT SELL OR BUY ANYTHING FROM HERE.
  • Worst customer service 2/5

    By LadyNic730
    If you need customer service you are out of luck. No help whatsoever
  • Very satisfied with my purchase 5/5

    By angelgetbands03
    Despite all the bad ratings, this is my first time buying from this app. I had no issues, got my item at a great price, shipped fast. It was still in brand new condition, with packaging and tags. Item looks even better in person, overall very happy.
  • Unstable stock and size descriptions 5/5

    By Jmar80
    The selection looks great, but size description and stock is unstable. Customer is not right on this platform…..the platform and seller are right. Size is sort of a big deal in the garment world.
  • I wish i never purchased anything from here 1/5

    By carlieb20
    I STILL. NEVER RECEIVED MY ITEM OR AN EMAIL UPDATE. It has been almost two months since i paid for my item, I’ve reached out to customer service a handful of times, each response they say i have an open case with their expert team and I’ll be updated in 48hrs, i never receive any emails with updates as to why my item STILL hasn’t been shipped. If I would’ve known it was going to be such a problem I would’ve done direct shipping. LONG STORY SHORT THIS APP IS A SCAM. A refund is necessary i don't even want the bag anymore.
  • The “Favorites” Section 4/5

    By Abimcmxc
    I love that they put the favorites on the bottom screen on the app, but I would really appreciate if they also had the option to see our shoes, bags, clothes separated how it was before in “favorites”. You only have the option to see what high and low prices, low & high, and old to new.
  • ZERO STARS 1/5

    By rNunez776
  • Terrible business 1/5

    By plastictena
    I am never shopping here again. I purchased an item off of Vestiaire Collective over a month ago, the item reached their warehouse within days of the order and was authenticated. But it still has not been shipped from the warehouse to me. Even though it says that it will be sent to me within 24 hours. I’ve reached out to customer service on numerous occasions, they repeatedly have told me they will get back with a resolution within 48 hours, but I never receive any response. I’ve been charged for an item that I have not received, and I have been offered zero help or resolution from customer service.
  • Garbage shoes 1/5

    By ssbka
    If you come to buy shoes don’t they selling $200 shoes for 400+ it’s insane and some are fake
  • Vestiaire didn’t pay me 1/5

    By robertwag
    I sold an item on April 15 and it was sent direct to New York for authentication. They received it on April 22 and it was signed for. To this day they have not paid me for my item and nobody helps after contacting them 60 times. All they say is the experts are looking into it. There are no experts. They’re just a bunch of robots who repeat the same thing over and over and never find a solution. I am sick to death of explaining to them over and over again that I have not been paid and that the item was signed for and delivered a month ago. Watch out if you’re selling on this app.

    By Someone5238
    LITERALLY HOW IS THIS APP RUNNING? I reached out to VC customer service a week ago about how I requested a seller cancel my purchase but they shipped it anyways, so i was asking for a refund given the circumstances. AND THEY LITERALLY DELETED MY ACCOUNT FOR IT. zero response to my emails, not a penny returned to me ( i’d spent over $450 on this transaction ) GENUINELY WHAT IN THE ACTUAL SHANE DAWSON is GOING ON????
  • No way to contact 1/5

    By Katiemommyf
    I ordered my first item, I was updated with a reminder for seller to ship which said on the 10th we will remind seller to ship and if not shipped you’ll be refunded… unfortunately no further shipping updates, now it shows no seller information and no refund in addition to absolutely nobody to reach out to, just an AI chat - I’m so disappointed I was excited to shop this app more often
  • If I could give it 0 stars I would 1/5

    By CHI twh
    Customer service breaks this company. This company is going to zero.
  • Stop using UPS!!!! 1/5

    By NO TO UPS
    I have serious troubles receiving my orders when they are shipped with UPS and i am tired of this!
  • Absolute scam, zero customer service 1/5

    By Colli166
    I was excited to purchase a LV wallet for my birthday. I had the seller ship the wallet directly to Vestiaire Collective for authentication, and it was lost along the way. Trying to get any customer service was like yelling in void and no one can hear you—zero help, unresponsive, and that’s when you can finally contact them through email. Their chatbot is a sham. Buyers beware!!
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By 420vegan
    Twice now I’ve had vestiaire cancel my order upon inspection, citing “stains” but not providing pictures or a chance for me to approve the purchase anyway. Recently, an order was canceled at their hub, due to “stains” but when I contacted them saying I wanted the item anyway - they still continued with the return and suddenly told me it was not because of stains, but actually because “the seller wanted their item back.” Ridiculous. I asked for a coupon or some sort of incentive to keep shopping from them, and was told they would send one but they never did. They also have a subscription service which allows users to buy into listings and save them in the bag. Apparently I cannot subscribe and it was incredibly disappointing seeing an item I was looking for for years sit in someone’s bag for hours while they kept renewing it before checking out. Sometimes don’t even see new items from brands I like because the subscribers just purchase them before they reach the general market. I’d rate this app 3/10.
  • Never received my money 1/5

    By mamakass72
    I had the worst experience ever! I have been reselling on other apps without a problem. I sold one item on here and shipped it out a bit later however the buyer knew the situation that was going on and understood . And I never received my pay out for a Hermes beautiful Men’s Neck Tie and on top of that they locked me out ! I had contacted support during the whole process to No Response . So now not only am I out of my payout I am now locked out and can not contact support any more . I have never received such lack of seller support than I did with them. Awful experience! I have NEVER written a 1 Star review before . I thought long and hard before doing so .
  • Incomprehensible 1/5

    By erinlizlink
    UPDATE: It’s a thousand times worse than I thought. I sold an $800 pair of shoes on March 9th. Vestiaire told me if I didn’t use their shipping label I wouldn’t get paid. I used their FedEx label and dropped the package off in an after-hours box AS INSTRUCTED. The tracking never updated. They wanted a “shipping receipt” in order to start a FedEx investigation but then they couldn’t tell me WHEN and HOW exactly I would have procured a receipt when their specific instructions were to “Affix the label and drop off at any FedEx site.” If I needed to go out of my way to get a receipt, why didn’t they tell me that in the first place?? I know the buyer has the shoes because she’s never contacted me or Vestiaire (as they have repeatedly confirmed) but that’s not good enough for them. It’s now been over two months and I’ve been lied to REPEATEDLY and told a million different things. Now they’re claiming they will not pay me because “it’s been over 7 days” and “the documentation wasn’t provided for a courier investigation.” DO NOT SELL EXPENSIVE DESIGNER CLOTHING THROUGH THIS COMPANY!! It’s too risky. I’ve hired legal representation and initiated complaints with all the regulatory bodies, but it’s going to take a lot of time and a lot of money since they are 100% international and therefore not subject to any US consumer protection laws — again, extremely risky if you’re in the US. My advice — avoid these guys and use Poshmark. They’ve never done anything shady and they’re US-based. I opened an account for the purpose of selling one pair of shoes. I listed them for exactly the same price I found on the brand’s retail website. I accepted an offer for $100 less than that price. The company required me to send the shoes to their website so they could authenticate them and they sent me a label. I packed them up and dropped them in a FedEx drop box. Four days later, the tracking was not updating. I emailed the company and they brushed me off and just said the tracking is often slow and not to worry. The next day I attempted to log in to my account to track the package again and my account was deactivated. I emailed customer service and was told this: “As per checking, we still didn't receive any updates in our tracking number we need to open an investigation for us to locate the parcel.” When I asked about my account being deactivated and asked them for the tracking number, they told me this: “Our experts confirm that we received report that the owner of this account was putting luxury items on sale at prices far below the market that's why our experts decide to permanently closed the account.” I literally had nothing listed and had only ever listed the shoes. They refuse to give me the tracking number. I really think they are just going to keep them and never pay me. They have no customer service phone number and they’re located in Europe. I’m so upset.
  • Got Scammed and They Didn’t Help Me 1/5

    By Foamposite Jesus
    Got scammed on some fake clothes and their customer support is a joke. Don’t use. Also their authentication is terrible, make sure you don’t buy from non US located sellers.
  • App Not Working For Me 2/5

    By Vetiver Oud
    I’m thinking of closing my shop, as this is just one more of a few other issues I’ve been experiencing. When using the app, Vestiaire for what ever reason translates & changes the wording in my item descriptions. As a result, the grammar becomes confusing & words are changed. This is mortifying because buyers read this, and a lot of it doesn’t make sense, and often provide false information on what I’m selling. You cannot quickly edit the descriptions. You have to talk to chat support and wait at least 24 hrs for someone to approve. Sometimes they never update my listings after submitting my changes to them. It’s been a 50/50 chance of having the listing updated properly by support. Strangely, if I use the mobile site instead of the app, there are no translations to my descriptions. I think this site could be amazing. But we need to be able to edit descriptions & add additional photos on our own. Or it’s just too much time wasted in chat support.