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  • Current Version: 6.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Via Transportation, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Via Driver App

Want to ride instead? Download the Via Rider app. JOIN TEAM VIA - THE COMPANY THAT CARES Via is the ride-sharing service that is revolutionizing transportation - and we’re looking for Driver Partners! With Via, everyone benefits from shared rides: higher fares for drivers, more affordable prices for riders, and a city with less traffic. Safety is our #1 priority, and our driver support team offers real-time phone support whenever you’re on the road. THE FLEXIBILITY YOU WANT - THE PAY YOU DESERVE Be your own boss and make your own schedule. Via Driver Partners earn guaranteed rates for every ride they complete in the Via System and earn a premium when rides are shared. Plus, our commission is the lowest in the industry! USING THE VIA PARTNER APP Via’s technology is smart and efficient and will guide you along your route. Since Via is a corner to corner service, riders are asked to walk to nearby corners, so no unnecessary detours. To get started, apply online at Qualified drivers will be invited to complete their registration, download the ViaPartner app, and get on the road with Via! Notes: The ViaPartner app requires up to 2GB of data per month. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. GPS running in the background while you in a service session in essential for continuous service and driver navigation support. ViaPartner will automatically stop using GPS if you not on service session or if you haven't driven for a while.


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Via Driver app reviews

  • Worst app and driver support 1/5

    By Akash.P
    Via has a worst app ever. Need more work on the app. Always make sound in navigation which is annoying. Very bad driver support. Trying to contact with via support team about missing toll for a long time. Still no response. Each time I call they say an agent will be with me shortly but after couple of minutes they hang up.
  • Stupid Driver app comparatively 1/5

    By Navneet Multani
    It’s it’s the worst driver app comparing to other ridesharing companies lack of features, no in app integration of earnings, STUPID developers. Developer must resign and go back to college to learn coding.
  • Big waste potential the app will kill the company 2/5

    By Sheyd botz
    The app does not support the driver instead to help him to be efficient team is driving it’s making all the experience very bitter and unpleasant. You should make sure that when I want to disconnect from the app it will be one click like one click get on back to drive. I rated you two stars Instead one because there is great thing going with you guys but you don’t make it to work
  • Even more dangerous 1/5

    By duddud
    The driver has to touch and interact with the screen and app more than ever making this app even more dangerous to use. The idea is for the driver to keep eyes on the road, not the app. I have to believe that via does not consult with drivers before releasing apps for drivers. I can only assume that the developers do not have drivers license and commute using citibike. It’s almost laughable at how bad the new app is for drivers. Be safe out there my fellow drivers!
  • Omg 1/5

    By bcdappwnfakllskdncn
    Omg the GPS is very very irritating asf smfh wow can’t believe 2018 and still those kind of gps still exist the won’t let you play your music or so ever is very frustrating as a driver
  • Please make drivers life easy by updating to easy module 2/5

    By Jankhankhan
    First it take 1 minute to load then it turns on .on iPhone X.. Like seriously we have to wait 1 min for it start shift .. pls bring the easy module navigation that makes drivers life easy its very hard to focus on New york city crazy traffic and on the app that does not navigate accurate .. Just be more simple like other companies where u just click Online and offline within seconds.. Thank you
  • Vision problems 3/5

    By Nnaemeka Uzor
    Via app needs improvement in these areas: 1. The letter on blue background is very poor in visibility, please consider black background instead. 2. There should always be option for others gps to make driving job easier, some drivers are more good with a certain gps. 3. Consider audio in your gps, personally I drive most times with gps audio direction. 4. The express pay is more attractive to drivers than waiting for payments after next week. Hope I have contributed to making Via more viable by this contribution. Cheers
  • Great Dc Area limited 2/5

    By Kike-Van
    Operation area is still too limited to some blocks from DC city. At April 2018, it does not cover Maryland, Virginia, and common with DC
  • Horrible app. Sound notifications stop music playing 1/5

    By Omskie
    Every time the app dings to indicate an upcoming turn, the music gets disabled. This means I have to go to whatever app had been playing my music to un-pause. I’ve tried turning off the sound notifications built into the iPhone and have looked for similar one within the app, but non exists.
  • Notification is not working for new rides. 2/5

    By Sam.Siddiqui
    Notification is not working for new rides. Please get this fixed as soon as possible.
  • Fix issues 2/5

    By WillM69
    Music stops when we get a ride! That’s a mayor setback
  • A lot off problems 1/5

    By izatrini2DBone
    I have work as a driver for 3 yrs with all the app base in New York so far this the worst app so far, both drivers and passengers are having these problems, very bad experience
  • Via driver 3/5

    By Vanerodrigues
    Some costumer give different address for pay less and we have to the right address for free they have to give us to the option the change the passager address
  • Via doesn't care about drivers 1/5

    By 13hkfc
    Via is terrible about the drivers They don't pay any cancel fee by any mode They hesitate to answer drivers email for half month. They are nothing Delete the app. They are ruin this market!
  • It is not we developed. 1/5

    By Tesppd
    I appreciate your effort to develop the app however is has a lot of bottlenecks. When you use the Via app GPS for tunnels and complex highways you cannot get exact exit ahead of time. It is weird by using its GPS to pass Virginia highways and tunnels. When I changed the routes the Via GPS app is not responding the route change immediately. As compared to other apps on the high speed roads, highways and tunnels, I am afraid to use it. I am not confident for your expansion to Virginia to use it as an app GPS. It is better to tuned to other GPS apps alternatively. If I will get offer to go Virginia by Via app GPS, I will cancel the offer before I start to drive. So I strongly advise you to link the Via app with Waze and google map app. Based on the problems I rated one star because it needs a lot of improvements. It is not well developed.
  • Has not received my earnings for more than a month 1/5

    By Максим Z
    Very bad experience with VIA. In addition to all the other shortcomings of the application described below, I also can not get my earnings. After my request to the support team, they wrote to me that they would send money as soon as possible. Then they apologized, and said that they need to update the bank information (although it was complete and reliable). After that they wrote to me that everything is in order and that the money will come soon. Now they write to me that I should come to their office and pick up a check (they did not send my check to my post office). More than a month have passed. It turns out that I should now spend my time and money on parking and go to their office to pick up my money. It's very terrible. Disgusting service VIA !!!
  • Uber. San Francisco. They want to speak spanish. 5/5

    By Aleks 04
    Uber complaint all the time. Uber navigation shows to go straight and there was WALL !!!
  • Could be better. 3/5

    By Hziahhb
    I’ve had an, overall, pretty average experience with via so far. As far as alerts and promotions go, I’m content. Via is on the money, and I find myself in the best position to make a decent earning on a daily basis. What disappoints me, however, is Via’s sub-par GPS that I’m forced to depend on. Via’s GPS doesn’t provide any information about turning lanes, or any lanes for that matter, and it can make the driving experience quite exhausting. I suggest you improve the app itself, or provide drivers with an option to use other GPS. The app doesn’t provide any. Also, I find it difficult to keep accurate track of my daily earnings on the app. That’s because it counts any earnings made after 12AM as earnings made on the next day. As a driver who takes a lot of late-night trips, it can get extremely tedious.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By trustandsmile
    One of the worst app ever built in riding industry
  • Start cheating with Drivers 1/5

    By Towhdul Choudhury
    Via are not like before anymore.
  • Driver app is dangerous for drivers 1/5

    By Shabdoss
    This app needs a lot of improvements driver has to jeep his eyes on the app for directions. Also the pick up rider names are so small in font cannot read their names. Worst is when they add another rider to be picked up no big flash on screen as notification just that tiny small font changes colors to pick up xx. Hard for drivers to watch driving and keep an eye on the app. Very dangerous. If I get in an accident due to the app VIA will have a big lawsuit.
  • Greater service Even for the drivers 5/5

    By Jonsalinas10
    I have to say I’m impressed with vía customer service m. They literally are the greatest team I have encounter considering I have drive for other ride-sharing companies. I consider is just about a little more of time for people to find out more about vía and they will take over the ride-sharing world.
  • not good money... 3/5

    By bulagaa_00
    im a driver... but they don’t give me the good options..! i saved just 390$ for a week..i working at least 8 or 9 hour..
  • Navigation 3/5

    Consider swapping your colors from dark on the roads and light in the background for better visibility. Also larger zoom on transitions. See waze or google. Or add option to link to those options like Lyft or Uber.
  • Needs work 3/5

    By Arj0327
    No instant pay and can’t listen to music
  • Nothing better! 5/5

    By Dmcruz23
    Nothing better!!!!
  • Sound & map 1/5

    By elhowary
    Very poor app
  • Great platform 5/5

    By Annoyed18364
    Love driving for Via - pay, customer service, and routing are all better than other options!
  • Beta stage 4/5

    By TConney
    I know the map God function is improving everyday
  • Very good app. 5/5

    By Wilman1969
    Via App is the best for gets a job
  • Navigation 1/5

    By ΔV
    The navigation view is horrible
  • Absolutely far better then uber loved VIA 5/5

    By B22b55b22
    Great company
  • Love navigation app 5/5

    By Cahuliva
    I think that this app is by far the most accurate of all the ridesharing apps out there. It has the best way to locate the rider and for the driver to quickly react with a new route. Most other apps such as Waze, or too slow.
  • Clumsy 1/5

    By Mrs Antigua
    This app makes it clumsier for a seamless operation. It's not a driver friendly app as it requires several steps just to complete a simple pick up, no shows or drop off. NYC is a hectic city. Keep it simple!
  • Stay humble guys 5/5

    By Samu Ayalas
    Great company. The opposite of corrupt Uber. Very good to their drivers. Only 10 percent they take to Corrupt Uber's 20-25 percent. Please stay humble guys and keep it this way.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Ivanoff99
    Used it for a week and love it so far, good GPS and easy pick ups/drop offs
  • Driver 5/5

    By HULKFan7!
    This app is Absolutely Awesome❗️❗️❗️
  • Poor and clumsy 1/5

    By Schamuck
    Bad app. no navigation option. Bad at all .
  • Geatv 5/5

    By Viadp
    Great app every driver should get via
  • Love Via 5/5

    By Rdawgsul
    Driving with Via is super easy and they provide exceptional support. The new app allows you to call your riders (wasn't an option before) but Via still has the live support line to help out. They're great
  • Having terrible problems 2/5

    By Hereigns1000
    My app keeps shutting off which cost me my daily earnings. Please fix your driver app.
  • Mute 1/5

    By Tknnnsjdiemdncj
    Please add a mute button during navigation
  • Driver 1/5

    By Niaz mohammad
    I hope via improved it self for the better driver friendly ,I like the system of thier app and money they pay but ,they do not have Tip option,if passengers no show driver does not get anything,$00 for the driver but via take the money from passenger if the passenger is not there ,I hope they improve that .
  • Unlock the Hidden Handwarmer Feature in your iPhone 1/5

    By NixoN 567680515
    Thank's to Via's software engineers you can easily unlock the Handwarmer function inside every iPhone easily - just open the app and the Handwarmer feature will activate automatically, and stay on until your battery dies or you go to settings and turn off location services for the app. Your iPhone's battery from now on will deplete quite quickly but the added feature of the Handwarmer the benefit outweighs those concerns. The way that Via is able to accomplish this is due to the use of location services at all times, even if you accidentally do something silly like force quit the app it'll still run down your battery to achieve the hand-warming function. Why would one need a normal or typical battery life over a warm phone is not a concern for most iPhone users, so download the app and keep a constant source of heat in your pocket at all times, you will never be without that is until your battery dies but who spends more than an hour at a time away from a charger anyway?
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Drummer Hall
    This app is horrible. Poor design with no other navigation options. This app needs to be redesigned ASAP.
  • Lack of features, cheats drivers, and non-stop text! 1/5

    By ChicagoRealtor
    So I have driven for Via for about a month now. I don't believe I will driving for them anymore. They claim that they treat the driver better then the rest but they do not. First of all, the app has no features at all other then a navigation system. So if there are issues while on the road you have to text Via for every little thing. Can't pull over where Via wants you to? Text Via. Passenger doesn't show up? Text Via. Passenger decides to bring a friend along for the ride? Text Via. To top things off, you don't know if anyone ever reads the text because no one ever writes back so you know what is going on. They should give more control to the drivers through the app. Then the money issue. They promised me $400 sign on bonus. I only received $390. I emailed them twice about it with no answer over a 2 week time. It's only $10 but then I notice that cheat me off of money with rides I give. They offer "Rocket Rates", you give the ride and don't give you the money. And it is not small amounts, it is extremely visible how much they cheated me on. Leaves me to wonder if they do not cheat me on time and miles which are not visible. And if you contact them about it, hey either do not answer at all or just say that everything is correct as is with no explanation. I know another driver and Via cheats her on money on every day she drives! $2 here $10 there, It adds up. Also they sent you non-stop texts. You get multiple text throughout the day for the same promos. When you ask them to stop, they say they will and then send you another one to piss you off. Next day they do the same. Sorry but this is just another company that treats their drivers like Uber does! If they do not want to pay the bonus' they should not offer them!
  • The weirdest app ever had 1/5

    By Menge121
    Everyone has the same issue with this app. I agree with all of the above reviews. Where is the representative's reply?
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Einonic
    This app need a complete overhaul. 1. Unable to contact passengers 2. You can't start the trip if the passenger isn't on the street corner the app says. The passenger can only say that he's in the car and then you can start the trip. 3. The gps is in app, and is horrible to use.
  • What's the stupid app (for drivers) 1/5

    By Dominic En
    App is really slow and make me nervous because works really bad and everybody hear annoying stupid signal when u want turn
  • Not supporting their drivers! 1/5

    By SimarH
    This company don't care about their drivers . Their rider damaged my door by opening in the middle of the street and it got stuck in rear end of bus in spite requested her not to open until I pull on safe side and now company don't want to cover damage . I had more than $3500 damage. It's a shame . Son please think twice before you join this app!!😡

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