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  • Current Version: 7.5.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Via Transportation, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Via Driver App

Want to ride instead? Download the Via Rider app. JOIN TEAM VIA - THE COMPANY THAT CARES Via is the ride-sharing service that is revolutionizing transportation - and we’re looking for Driver Partners! With Via, everyone benefits from shared rides: higher fares for drivers, more affordable prices for riders, and a city with less traffic. Safety is our #1 priority, and our driver support team offers real-time phone support whenever you’re on the road. THE FLEXIBILITY YOU WANT - THE PAY YOU DESERVE Be your own boss and make your own schedule. Via Driver Partners earn guaranteed rates for every ride they complete in the Via System and earn a premium when rides are shared. Plus, our commission is the lowest in the industry! USING THE VIA DRIVER APP Via’s technology is smart and efficient and will guide you along your route. Since Via is a corner to corner service, riders are asked to walk to nearby corners, so no unnecessary detours. To get started, apply online at Qualified drivers will be invited to complete their registration, download the ViaPartner app, and get on the road with Via! Notes: The Via Driver app requires up to 2GB of data per month. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. As the app provides navigation services, it is essential for the GPS to run in the background while you are driving with Via in order to provide continuous navigation. Via Driver will automatically stop using GPS if you are not currently driving with Via or if you haven’t driven in a while.

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Via Driver app reviews

  • Very bad 1/5

    By 310159Luisa
    Hello, good afternoon, they robbed me again with my payment, they are terrible, they offered me for $ 41, and after two hours, they only pay me $ 72. $ 10 is missing and it's not the first time. It's a bad company to pay. I do not recommend it.
  • Regular rides 4/5

    By Jc078994
    So far haven’t get none regular rides just on blue mode or flash mode. I want to make money both ways not just one way
  • Driver with via is good but they don’t pay tolls especially when you take customers to Newark 1/5

    By hass abii
    They don’t pay tolls when you take customers to New Jersey or Newark Airport whenever you work always check you tolls
  • App is amazing 4/5

    By Damian277
    The app works great but sometime while accessing it shuts down automatically.there are some bugs that need to be fixed.
  • Best app NYC and money to driver. 5/5

    By Miguer
    Thank you.
  • The Via is the best Ridesharing app in the DC area 5/5

    By cnhhenry22
    I love Via and the entire Via team. Keep on with the good work!
  • V 5/5

    By zhsbsbs s s. s dxnxxj
    Via best
  • Maps 1/5

    By kioi6
    The maps and the gps and the navigation is worst maps I ever used
  • A great company to drive for 5/5

    By Lolife718
    Via is one of the best rideshare companies to drive for i first started driving for Uber and Lyft but nothing like via 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  • Review 4/5

    By Slickdickrixk
    GPS could be better
  • Always had some kind of problems 1/5

    By Essen chohan
    Cash out problems passenger pick up problems route problems it’s not via app it’s problem app 😡
  • Payment 1/5

    By macy hu
    They pay $15 per hour but show $30 $40
  • Okay App 4/5

    By Ez dine
    Not enough info for the driver, app needs to develop more
  • Such a crazy and random app😳 3/5

    By A Woman of Press
    Many times driving downtown Chicago can be the absolute worst. It becomes detrimental when the app starts to have a crazy episode. It will lose reception during the height of rush hour traffic. The directions with stop and then it will resume. Here's the kicker -- when the directions resumed it played back 3-5 minutes worth. It was embarrassing. I apologized to my passenger--it was ridiculously giving all the previous steps! My hope is that this can be resolved.
  • Via is not capable of using its own navigation. 1/5

    By Tiarafhhhh
    Like title says, Via need to stop forcing driver to use its navigation because it’s not up to the level as waze and google maps. I miss lots of exits and my first day was horrible because I took passenger on 30 min ride for 15 min due to Via navigation. They really should improve driver app like they do on rider app, else passenger will run away due to driver taking wrong turn and wrong exit. Or else make waze feature available. Until then 1 star.
  • Enjoying 5/5

    By khan muhammad (usa)
    I love it
  • Via Diver 2/5

    By Via DC driver
    I started driving with Via in D.C. yesterday. The app doesn’t allow you use Waze or maps which makes it very difficult to navigate as Via app is very weird and confusing for navigation. Also what I see for payment is not even half what I was told in their presentation and not even a quarter of what It is on their ads for bringing in more drivers. Not so much motivated, but will give it another try before moving back to Uber.
  • If you love making money join via 5/5

    By Najam7
    If you want making good money join via
  • Higher other hours 5/5

    By via guy
    Really the biggest problem for sedans is the $20 via blue for “other hours.” It’s just too low. Really it’s minimum-wage when considering expenses. Expenses comes to about $6 per hour. for a while I was getting $23 and it made a difference. Especially in a 40 hour week. If only you can bring it back I’d be able to drive Via Blue all day. Then I’d recommend it more.
  • Needs to improve the GPS. 2/5

    By Rotten tomato!!!!
    The GPS in this app is freaking awe full to bear the punishment of driving for VIA. It lacks the clarity and specificity of Waze or G map. Slow to let you know where you are and when to turn. That is life and death in Manhattan. !! And won’t let you drive with waze in blue mode. Fix the darn thing already.
  • Horrible navigation 1/5

    By Simonleaksa
    I’ve been driving with Via for well over a month now. It pays great and all but I wouldn’t recommend driving for them at all. The app is absolutely terrible when it comes to the navigation. I’ve missed many exits and places I need to go to because of this stupid navigation. I’ve had angry passengers and the commute time going up 10 minutes more because of Vias antiquated navigation system. Why not have the option to use Waze all the time? It often switches to Waze when you’re driving in Brooklyn and when it does that it’s perfect to use. I have stopped driving for Via and went with Lyft because I never run into issues with navigation because they use google maps. Less stress and less hassle. And sometimes this stupid app crashes and freezes. Takes too long to reroute destinations and switches drop off locations last minute. Just drive for another app until they fix their app
  • Drive for via 5/5

    By Big ed 003
    It is a wonderful experience and I’m learning new things
  • Best rideshare driver app /company 5/5

    By mrflaco21
    I been with company for the past couple month stress free unlike uber/lyft. I earn 90% commission
  • very stupid app, i don’t want use it again 1/5

    By rovw0703
    very stupid app, i don’t want use it again
  • Via Driver 1/5

    By victim via driver
    It is backward and poor driver app. You don’t feel safe while you are driving because it doesn’t consider traffic rules and signs so it is normal to violate traffic rules and get a ticket. It is the worst to drive on highways because you don’t know where to make exits.
  • I don’t like Via for this 1/5

    By Motiviri
    They don’t let me use flex mode when I get a ride in flex mode they switch me to blue mode. In blue mode they paid you $20 hour if I do flex mode I can make more than $30 hour but they switch me when I get a flex ride.
  • Very very bad experience with via driver 1/5

    By Rajagee
    I drive with via is most worst experience in my life. This company have no help line nothing you drop far way and you don’t get tolls and to much cheep price. Not good for us.
  • Instant pay 1/5

    By hbrij
    It’s been three months now that my instant pay hasn’t been working and to this day no one could tell me why. I still haven’t gotten it fixed because no one replies to my emails. Do what I did and save yourself the headache, just don’t drive for them. Worst company ever
  • Slow and unresponsive 1/5

    By Zaybal1
    It used to be much faster. Now its like sea tutle out of the sea laying eggs.
  • The worst company in earth thee pay the drivers from jfk to the Manhattan for 20$ th 1/5

    By nyc ride
    The worst company in earth thee pay the drivers from jfk to the Manhattan for 20$ bunch of cheaters
  • Improved app 5/5

    By Woldegeorgise
    The via app has progressed quite a lot and thanks to the developers. Via staff are also friendly and helpful! Keep it up
  • Bad experience 1/5

    By joplaf
    I always have a bad experience with Via app. The GPS is not accurate, the app is not reacting quickly, sometime it sent you were you are not suppose to pass, and I have been seen rides removed to me without my knowledge and affecting my my productivity. It just don’t make any sense to me when you got penalized for actions that you don’t have any control. When you accepted rides and they removed it to you it affect your productivity, when the customer cancel the ride, it affected your productivity, when you come to the pick up location, and call the customer after the waiting period, he don’t answer the phone, or it goes straight to his voicemail, you hit no show, it is also affected your productivity. Last night I made 22 rides, 20 rides before 12 am and 2 rides after 12 am. But checking my activities window, it showing 19 rides. This is ridiculous, Via need to fix this problem, if not they will be loosing partners. Via systems is unfair, you can even know if you got the promotions bonus or not because even you got more rides than required during that time periods, they will still telling you that you are not reach 80%, even you accepted all rides that they sent to you. This is ridiculous. At the pay day, you realized that promotions that you have expected are not paid. You sent them and email, the response his you have not score 80% . They will said, example(16 rides , 5 canceled) but you did not cancel any rides, you accepted all rides that sent to you. Since I am working in this industry, I have never experienced this type of unfair systems.
  • Returning Lost Item Plan 4/5

    By hehxhdjdn
    The company needs a better policy in place for returning items to customers .
  • Mode 5/5

    By altruista79
    The mode need to be switch at the airports
  • Very bad app 1/5

    By khaleddeyab75
    Very bad app
  • Map. 5/5

    By Munir Vaie
    It’s a great app to survive and better than others. Thanks
  • Need more 4/5

    By Sr sparky
    Meetings location in NJ as well , phone customer service for general issues , not just when on the clock
  • Rating the passenger 1/5

    By izatrini2DBone
    When and why can’t driver rate passenger, you are also breaking TLC rules, look it up and see how many you are breaking
  • Text message 5/5

    By BlueSeaEyes
    Great Via Driver system; but hopefully it will work with a partnership somehow to provide text message to reduce customers’ frustration each time they attempt to call Deaf drivers to meet at proper locations they wish. Uber partners with CSD (Communication Service for the Deaf) to make it happen - text message to ease between Deaf drivers and customers. Thank you so much for reading this.
  • Beautiful improve! 5/5

    By Rodo_CR
    I am happy with new version. I have a more controls of my time driving I know now how much money I make it that helps a lot.
  • Horacio de loera 5/5

    By ouky team work
    All I can say is that I’mvery to work for via why because they are really care about the drivers in the riders did so much help from them that I never had from somebody else thank you via for all of the opportunity that you’ve given me to drive for you I love it😀😀😀
  • Terrible app! 5/5

    By Sen Wang
    Running slow. Always black out.
  • Driver support is the worst 1/5

    By duddud
    Out of all the Rideshare services in NYC Via is the worst of them all, they are probably the worst on the entire planet. They never have a solution to an issue and the take forever to respond with said never having a solution. Not one time has support ever helped with a problem, and believe me they are minor issues that thankfully I was able to eventually figure out.
  • Driver 1/5

    By bunty singh multani
    Driving with via is blue not cause they sign u off whenever they want too. so,u end up those places where never find riders.
  • Vía quick pay 5/5

    By alam 3030
    I love the vía quick pay But I don’t see no more
  • Specifics 5/5

    By Bill PRL
    Voice and map coordination should improve a little bit better. Direction instruction should be more specific with Street names like Google and Waze. But adding the voice system was a major breakthrough.
  • Great app but 5/5

    By mel-mel_69
    Good app but when are the instant pay gonna be back on it ?
  • Very nice 5/5

    By dalakpa
    Very nice
  • Best job ever had 5/5

    By wamodoma
    I’ve been driving for Uber and Lyft for almost 3 years after I started driving with Via I felt the different the raider are very respectful and I enjoy what I am doing I hope the company will get bigger but do not change anything it is good as it is thanks to via .

Via Driver app comments

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