Via: Low-Cost Ride-Sharing

Via: Low-Cost Ride-Sharing

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  • Current Version: 3.8
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Via: Low-Cost Ride-Sharing App

Via is the new smart, affordable & easy way to get around your city. Request a ride on your phone and share with other riders going your way. You can Via in NYC, Washington D.C., Chicago, and more. Via is an easy, fast, convenient and smart way to get around. Via is an on-demand, shared ride service that picks up multiple passengers heading in the same direction, keeping rides affordable and little more than the cost of public transit! • Book a ride on your phone • Get picked up on a nearby corner • Share your ride with others • Save cash and reduce carbon emissions >How it works: Set your pickup and drop off to request a ride. We’ll match you with a Via driver headed your way. Our smart pickup coordination will direct you to a nearby corner to meet your driver, so your Via and its passengers never have to go out of their way. We pool riders into the same car efficiently and without delays, keeping our price point affordable for everyone. >Efficiency at its best: With Via in NYC, Washington D.C. and Chicago, you can stop the busy and bossy rush hour commutes. Our drivers take you straight to your destination at low costs. Our smart algorithm was built for ride sharing and our corner to corner pickups make the ride faster and affordable for everyone. >We promise low-fares for everyone: Save money on cabs and ride anywhere within our service area for affordable fares. Passengers get premium, convenient rides for only a few dollars more than a city bus or subway. Eligible users can pay using pre-tax transit dollars through approved commuter benefit debit cards. All payment is directly through the app, making paying for your ride fast and completely seamless. >Superior customer service: Having transit troubles? Send us a text message anytime, and we’re happy to help! We offer real-time customer support so you can enjoy your ride. >Community: We’re proud to represent such a diverse community of riders and drivers. Via recognizes the value of sharing with our neighbors and believes that everyone benefits when we work together to make our city a better place. When we ride together, we benefit our city, our planet and one another. Welcome to the new alternative, transportation system. >Your friends are our friends: Share the Via love! We’re sure your friends would rather ride with us than expensive taxis. That’s why we make carpools fun. Refer friends to Via and you will earn free Ride Credit when your friend takes a ride! >Environmentally friendly: Help keep our cities clean. Similar to carpools or shuttles, we can reduce congestion and emissions by sharing rides with one another. >Where and when can I Via? You can ride Via in New York (including JFK, EWR, and LGA airports), Chicago (including O’Hare and Midway airports), and Washington D.C. You can also use the Via service through our municipal partnerships in L.A., Seattle, Arlington and West Sacramento.

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Via: Low-Cost Ride-Sharing app reviews

  • Stick with Uber of Lyft! 1/5

    By IG @Zumwithlyss
    If I would give them less stars I would. I downloaded the app for the first time today. TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE THUS FAR! My first driver cancelled and I had to wait another 15 min for a ride and almost missed my flight because we got stuck in traffic. Then I checked my bank account to see Via charged me twice! I’m waiting to hear back now but STICK WITH UBER OR LYFT. Not at al worth the headache over a few dollars.
  • Poor 1/5

    By joshuaellingson
    It’s frustrating because I really want to give them a chance, but when it makes you wait 15-18 mins for a ride you’re better off with public transit or just simply walking.
  • Shoddy Payment System Leads to Overcharges 1/5

    By B Care
    Was excited to try a new service when I landed in NY. I booked an express ride (means it was going to be shared) for ~$34 with the other option being ~$57. The driver picked me up and saw the other rider had cancelled. I had only authorized the first amount but instead was charged the second amount. Very frustrating when I had to re-enter my payment information 2X before I could even call a ride.
  • Wow... 🤨 1/5

    By Sunkist2144567
    Outside of their zone, walked to the point where i was in the zone and requested a ride only to be told there were no rides currently available and to try again in a few minutes, waited, tried again to get the same message. Terrible service, took a lyft instead.
  • excellent service 5/5

    By manhattan native senior
    driver very helpful w 2 handicap people w canes polite and assisted
  • Great service and app 5/5

    By Karoliux
    Fantastic service
  • Low price not worth the screw-ups 1/5

    By Mela R.
    Of all the share-ride apps that I use (and I use plenty), Via is the absolute worst for so many reasons. For starters, they ALWAYS take longer than eta suggests, for pick up and drop off. Even if it’s a delay on THEIR part, they don’t always waive the cancellation fee— this one time it said my ride was 8 minutes away for 6 entire minutes and my cancellation fee wasn’t waived. The drivers are oftentimes rude— some examples are a driver not letting me sit in a front seat, a driver not turning on the AC at request (in the middle of summer) and lastly a driver outright driving away completely b/c he couldn’t figure out where to park for pickup (I had to run after the car!) Sure, Via is low in cost, but that doesn’t mean they should throw good customer service and reliable ride-share service out the window. I will no longer be using Via.
  • Awful ride-sharing service 1/5

    By LeeSkiing
    I stood in the hot sun for more than a half hour. First driver cancelled, then second driver said he was here but he wasn’t where I was. When I called him to try and figure out where he was, he didn’t speak English so was useless. Finally canceled and called Uber, which I should have done in first place. Too bad they don’t allow negative stars on reviews or I would give it a minus five
  • Better than Uber!!! 5/5

    By duke francisco
    The interface is great, straightforward, simple. Arrival times are accurate. No games. Have been using for probably two years, use it to commute home at night, have never had an issue.
  • Very reliable 5/5

    By follechanson
    Most efficient way to get around the city. Routes are straight and don’t usually backtrack, as Lyft Line rides do. Occasionally pickup is too far away with too little time to get there. Prices have been creeping up, however.
  • Referral Code 5/5

    By Beatrice Fakahany
    Hey! Use my referral code (beatrice8j2) for 20 dollars of ride credit when you join! ☺️
  • HORRIBLE APP!!!! 1/5

    By ❤️❤️🏹
  • Was good now it’s not 1/5

    By jkucracy
    The app lags they let people that do not speak or read English drive imagine where you end up very poor customer service
  • Mixed 3/5

    By 87MB5
    Overall a decent service. Very affordable and usually pretty efficient but you can’t rate the drivers (and they can’t rate riders). I’ve had some extremely bad drivers (rude, taken long, driving unsafely) so that’s a little worrisome.
  • cheaper - but lacks reliability 3/5

    By BriceStewart
    cheaper than lyft and uber? yes. longer wait times? yes. more problems/cancellations? yes. as in all things, there are trade offs. for what it’s worth, i do think via’s worth it, but it has a ways to go.
  • Best shared ride app 5/5

    By domzaddi
    Always the best prices and great service
  • Great work 5/5

    By dashawn b
    Get service love how quick they come👌🏾💯
  • R. Colon 4/5

    By Sue & Deliana
    Hi: my experience has been good except for when Via has me walking way out of my way to meet the car. I have bad knees.
  • Great price with mediocre service 3/5

    By Piemaster-p
    Riding with via is like buying the generic Chinese clone from Amazon. It usually works just fine, and saves you a ton of money. Via is hands down the cheapest ride service I've used, and for that, I will continue using it. To hit that price point, sacrifices need to be made. It looks like via picks up drivers that have been dropped from other, bigger rideshare companies. In a month of semi-regular usage, I've only had one ride where I didn't feel in some danger from the driving, and a good quarter of those rides in that timeframe smelled like they were part of the via hotbox service (unfortunately not a real thing, but you'll probably get lucky anyways). Bottom line is, it's the cheapest rideshare out there, and usually gets you close enough that the convenience rivals uberX or other direct dropoff carshare services.
  • Love it 5/5

    By jromeo22
    Fast pick ups and plenty of great ride options!!!
  • Good luck getting a ride 1/5

    By cshashaty
    I have used this app for a while but lately the drivers are beyond unreliable. I have been left waiting for cabs, relying on cancelling and reporting ride after ride. This company rarely covers the reimbursement and when they do you may or may not see the credit back to your account. AVOID if you like your money !
  • LOVE this app! 5/5

    By kiqieenki
    Okay I NEVER write reviews unless I am mad or something but this app is AMAZING! The same rides on Uber and Lyft cut in HALF! And if you share the ride(pool) it’s so cheap! I don’t see why anyone would use Uber or anything over this app unless you are going somewhere out of range! But if you are going local, please download VIA! You will not be disappointed. Uber charges you when you miss your ride, Via refunded us without us even asking when my phone died after I booked a ride and missed it! I love this app! 10 stars!
  • Via 5/5

    By nbbbbbbbbtr
    Good app good service
  • Good first ride 4/5

    By MrLane5
    It was quiet and easy.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Klawja118
    Cheap rides and always efficient
  • Legendary 5/5

    By Theacademy_nyc
    Great guy
  • Via rules Manhattan 5/5

    By iBryan3G
    Half the price and more often than not get a unshared ride. Drivers have been great and I always tip!
  • Great driving service, all ways need improvement 3/5

    By rishyyyy
    VIA is very smart app practically bus service for cars. There businesses seem to be limited to cities not bad but the maps are horrible. Honestly, I have missed so many drivers because the Maps are that bad. Not just for passengers but drivers as well. That's really the only major problem. It’s affordable and honestly you can use it everyday basis
  • Via Love 5/5

    By mrs whatswrong
    I think it is one of the best reasons to love New York!!!!!
  • Nice person. 5/5

    By local1028
    Good driver.
  • It’s a brand new day! 5/5

    By princewillair
    Massoud was great - early drive to O’Hare on a Monday morning. Enjoyed the conversation and comfortable drive- thanks Massoud for the jump start on a new adventure :)
  • You for what you pay for. Don’t use app after 10. 2/5

    Yes at times the rides can be very cheap for the distance ($5.50 usually). But this is a not an all to use after 10pm as rides are impossible to find or your wait for a ride will be longer than hour trip. Multiple occasions I’ve ordered a ride and it said my driver would meet me in 25 minutes. Also sometimes the driver won’t get the notification that I need to be picked up and just drive in a different direction to pick up another client or to simply go home as. The app needs some tweaking on the communication between drivers and passengers, the system malfunctions way to much. The app is completely unreliable. I rather spend $4 extra on uber or lyft because at least I know i’m getting quality service.
  • Best value 5/5

    By Tap1515
    To date, and years in, Via is the best if the on demand car service providers.
  • Great driver. 5/5

    By Dwalk18
    Super friendly and helpful
  • App has the most economical fares around 5/5

    By I touch player
    These guys are always cheaper than Uber and lyft. When you’re in zone, always use via.

    By pricky comers
    !!!!!Big scam people getting scammed out money for rides they didn’t receive. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Super great 5/5

    By Humbled one of those days
    Love these guys
  • Worst App and even worse routing 1/5

    By Rmolive
    I do not know what system they use to transport people but the algorithms are a mess! I’m sitting in a ride right now and have enough time to write, proof, and spell check this review. If you have endless free time and want to see the entire city of chicago before you reach your destination this is the app for you! Sorry to say this, but this app is bad delete it NOW!
  • No thank you 1/5

    By Robbie529
    I will never use this app again I would rather use lyft or uber than deal with this unprofessional homophobic app. Thanks for the attempted professionalism that o e would expect with a more established app.
  • FRAUD! 1/5

    FRAUD! FRAUD! Don’t use this app! So disgusting tjat you qould steal people’s money like this!
  • Best better than Uber 5/5

    By Nanathegreatst
    I been using them for a while now and I love it don’t have any issues what so ever very people friendly love it :) we use it over and over and over again
  • Great app 2/5

    By Geo5978
    Lately the gps coordinates are acting up
  • Fantastic transportation solution for NYC 5/5

    By happy_jam
    It’s my favorite, most cost-effective way to get around when the subway won’t do. I’ve had a majority of great experiences and recently bought the Via MyPass.
  • Terrrriiible 5/5

    By za13125667743z;):
    I was really disappointed with the app and the customer service
  • Extremely Unreliable 1/5

    By Smalls Daddy
    App will tell you a ride is available in 5 minutes and once you book, it will say your driver cancelled and a new one 15 minutes away. At that point though, you’ve already been charged. Used to be much better, but definitely going to stop using for a while.
  • Amazeballs 5/5

    By Ldphillips
    Cheapest ride in the city and the customer service is on point!
  • Very accurate 5/5

    By Lawsoncomp
    The app can show the driver where to pick up with pinpoint precision unlike a certain competitor.
  • Horrible - trip cancelled 4 times in 20 minutes 1/5

    By Ale-_93
    I rarely write reviews but this time I felt I had to. My trip was cancelled multiple times. -Waiting time in the app is not reliable - it s not the first time that I end up wasting 2x,3x the time initially suggested - very high frequency of cancellation - ride takes too long Cheaper than Uber/ Lyft but the service is poor!!
  • Good service for handicap passengers 5/5

    By Connecticut car fan
    Good service. Rear entry vehicles so consider that

Via: Low-Cost Ride-Sharing app comments

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