Via: Low-Cost Ride-Sharing

Via: Low-Cost Ride-Sharing

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Via: Low-Cost Ride-Sharing App

Via is the new smart, affordable & easy way to get around your city. Request a ride on your phone and share with other riders going your way. You can Via in NYC, Washington D.C., & Chicago. Via is an easy, fast, convenient and smart way to get around. Via is an on-demand, shared ride service that picks up multiple passengers heading in the same direction, keeping rides affordable and little more than the cost of public transit! • Book a ride on your phone • Get picked up on a nearby corner • Share your ride with others • Save cash and reduce carbon emissions >How it works: Set your pickup and drop off to request a ride. We’ll match you with a Via driver headed your way. Our smart pickup coordination will direct you to a nearby corner to meet your driver, so your Via and its passengers never have to go out of their way. We pool riders into the same car efficiently and without delays, keeping our price point affordable for everyone. >Efficiency at its best: With Via in NYC, Washington D.C. and Chicago, you can stop the busy and bossy rush hour commutes. Our drivers take you straight to your destination at low costs. Our smart algorithm was built for ride sharing and our corner to corner pickups make the ride faster and affordable for everyone. >We promise low-fares for everyone: Save money on cabs and ride anywhere within our service area for affordable fares. Passengers get premium, convenient rides for only a few dollars more than a city bus or subway. Eligible users can pay using pre-tax transit dollars through approved commuter benefit debit cards. All payment is directly through the app, making paying for your ride fast and completely seamless. >Superior customer service: Having transit troubles? Send us a text message anytime, and we’re happy to help! We offer real-time customer support so you can enjoy your ride. >Community: We’re proud to represent such a diverse community of riders and drivers. Via recognizes the value of sharing with our neighbors and believes that everyone benefits when we work together to make our city a better place. When we ride together, we benefit our city, our planet and one another. Welcome to the new alternative, transportation system. >Your friends are our friends: Share the Via love! We’re sure your friends would rather ride with us than public buses, trains, subways, and metros or expensive taxis. That’s why we make carpools fun. Refer friends to Via and you will earn free Ride Credit when your friend takes a ride.! >Environmentally friendly: Help keep our cities clean. Similar to carpools or shuttles, we can reduce congestion and emissions by sharing rides with one another. >Where and when can I Via? You can ride Via in New York (including JFK, EWR, and LGA airports), Chicago (including O’Hare and Midway airports), and Washington D.C.

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Via: Low-Cost Ride-Sharing app reviews

  • Better than Uber 5/5

    By That guy in NY
    I haven’t taken an Uber in two years since discovering VIA — better and cheaper
  • Bad customer service 1/5

    By Applover42
    For some reason was locked out of my account. Contacted customer service, and was told to send an image of my ID and credit card over email. I told them I wasn't comfortable with this and got a rude response - they obviously didn't care. There are too many other options out there than to deal with this nonsense!
  • Save time, order an Uber 1/5

    By em991903
    I ordered a Via to the airport and was told it would arrive in 9 minutes. I walked to the meeting spot (yes, they did not pick me up at my input location) when there were two minutes left. For at least three minutes, Via said the driver was two minutes away. It was raining and very early in the morning, so I tried calling the driver to check his ETA. He sent me straight to voicemail. I could see on the map that he kept driving around in circles. About five minutes later he called and said he would be arriving soon to take me to a different airport than I had input, and I had to correct him. A few minutes later he canceled the ride altogether. Via automatically ordered another ride which was going to take another ten minutes to arrive. Thankfully, Via said they would waive the cancelation fee for me canceling the ride 😂. Obviously, when trying to get to the airport, there is no time to waste. I ordered an Uber and it was there within 5 minutes and the driver knew exactly where he was going. Not worth standing out in the rain for, save time and order an Uber.
  • Great ride 5/5

    By HughNYC
    Sweet ride and lovely conversation
  • Too good to be true 1/5

    By Tunatan
    I was getting $3 rides across DC. Seemed great! Took advantage of it. Issue number one: rides would often be available only 15-25 from when I wanted it. The reason I deleted the app: ordered a ride one night, and the driver never arrived though the app said he was there. I called twice and he never picked up, even leaving a voicemail. Was not worth walking a few blocks from my pick up in winter weather for. Not worth it!
  • Slow 4/5

    By MNKahan
    He did drive a bit too slow...
  • Super easy 5/5

    By Scotty Parmesan
    Love Via and the app! Finally decent transportation in Arlington.
  • Very friendly driver 5/5

    By yehandyyeh
    Clean car, friendly driver, smooth ride
  • The worst 1/5

    By Jujuice8
    Expect to wait longer than the time indicated on the app for pick up. One experience I was stranded , I left my wallet at home. So I had no other choice but to use the via app. I waited over 40 minutes for the driver to arrive and drive right past me. I did everything for the driver to see me, except stand in front of the moving vehicle. But every time I use the app I wait longer than it indicates on the app. Use any other app than this one
  • Will never use 1/5

    By kill The Star
    Driver had arrived in a cur full of people and the wasn’t any space for two. How to book ride for too people in your up is completely not clear.
  • Poor app infrastructure 1/5

    By epicfdgd
    I was at the spot where my driver was to arrive. The app told me my driver had arrived but didn’t see him so I tried calling him multiple times but it went to voicemail. My ride was canceled and I was required to pay. I feel like this wouldn’t happen with Lyft or Uber not impressed. No reason to try Via other than promo.
  • Good Idea, Bad Excecution 2/5

    By mjdhdhhdh
    The Via app was a wonderful idea destroyed buy illogic. The idea of the rider AND the driver having an agreed upon meeting location is an system that Uber and Lyft have failed to perfect, but Via does it beautifully. Plus, the rides are justly priced, saving you money (unlike other ridesharing apps). Unfortunately, these are the only two good things about Via. Upon trying to get a ride, I realized that I needed to run an errand so I cancelled. The app notified me that I would not be charged for the ride, but there might be a small fee next time- which I thought was understandable. What I don’t understand is why I was charged THE FULL PRICE of my ride, PLUS the extra cancellation fee. I tried contacting Via, but I just recieved a reply saying that my email was recieved. And they don’t even have a phone contact number! Then, I read other reviews, and I discovered that you cannot get a refund, only ride credit. The absurdity!! Just as I was about to delete the app, smiling at the blue Via icon trembling on my phone screen, I understood that by doing so, I would lose the money stolen from me. So, Via, you win. But heed my words: as soon as I use up my ride credit, I will win the war.
  • Nothing beats it 5/5

    By Rhoguish
    Wish it was more available at times, but when it comes to the drivers and mapping and obviously prices are top notch!
  • Want free rides use via promo code usman7y5 5/5

    By freerides7y5
    Via is a great app to use to get around. If you want your first ride for free use the promo code usman7y5
  • Getting worse every day 1/5

    By Lalalalalaaaaah
    I’ve been using Uber, lyft for years now with Via being a new service that I wanted to try. In 6 months of every day use, I can tell you this....Their service is really bad. Do not use it for urgent appointments, work commute, or anything important unless you wanna be late every single time. Wait times are so off. As other reviewers say, multiply it by 2 in 99% cases. Some drivers don’t know how to use the app even though it is simple so apparently the training is not proper or doesn’t exist at all. I was helping one driver with the app through out the ride because he didn’t know how to mark a person as picked up so he just kept looping around downtown. Some drivers are just passing you by without picking you up or just keep driving in a wrong direction after you’ve waited for 15 min already. There is no call or text button as of recently so I can’t even call the driver to ask why is he driving in an opposite direction and if he going to pick me up at all. Yes, Via is half as cheap as Uber or lyft but the service is just terrible. They are not reliable. They need to get it together ASAP. I will be giving it up soon if they don’t improve and honestly I highly doubt they will.
  • It keeps getting worse and more expensive 1/5

    By Taylord28
    A loyal rider in DC who just can’t take it anymore. This rise share platform used to be cheap, but they keep raising the price and the service keeps getting worse. Even the customer service is bad. If you have another option, use it. I’m switching to biking next month.
  • What a scam 1/5

    By Fam1233444
    I have a 4 week pass and I ride within the time 6am and 9pm and every other ride is charged still. I don’t understand how you rip people off like this. What a scam
  • Do not use this app 1/5

    By Sunik007
    Worst app to use ever. I couldn’t find a driver and I only had one option which is to cancel and after I cancel the trip they triple charged me. I need further help with this. Unbelievable.
  • Bonnie 5/5

    By Anthony131358163
    Awesome savings
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Jordrah524
    They put a bs eta to get you to use their app Do not download
  • Great ride-share app 5/5

    By SamVeeee
    Ive been using via monthly for a six months. Great deal for ways to get around DC. Drivers are usually good and get you where you need to go. The app itself can use some work but I'm sure they'll figure the kinks out in the near future.
  • It’s better now 4/5

    By Tibmex
    Used to be a mess, now it’s much better
  • Great rides 5/5

    By Moran O.
    I love using VIA!
  • A new Via rider 5/5

    By another patient
    Best drivers, safer rides !
  • Do not use this app if your time is valuable to you 1/5

    By Boiv998
    This is what will happen to you 3 out of 5 times you use this app. They will say 13min wait, then the driver will cancel. They will waive the cancelation fee. Then you have to wait ANOTHER 15minutes for the driver to come get you. So what was already a long wait ends up being 30min just to even get in the car. NOT COOL
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By mrOverdriven
    I’ve been using this app for a while cause is a couple dollars cheaper than uber or lyft but the app has so many issues i even got sick one because i was waiting for my ride which never appears and after that i placed some claims and they said I’m sorry u got sick and late to your things here you have 5$ to compensate such a bad experience well after that i thought the app will improve and I re installed the app but it still giving me so many issues ad the ETA is terrible also it always send the pick up location blocks away and the app is meant to put the pick up location in the nearest corner
  • Rating Your Driver 4/5

    By Playtimejava
    I like app, it has been extremely helpful. Drivers are nice and the routes are pretty direct for the lost part. I just wish that you go back to rate your driver after you close the app. I accidentally closed the app before rating my last driver and now I can’t give him the 5 stars that I want to. It is a shame because he deserves it. Thanks Jinguan L.
  • THIS IS NOT IT 2/5

    By Rah rah1-2
    DONT & I REPEAT DONT USE THIS APP UNLESS YOURE READY FOR THE BS! They literally hire any and everybody, on more than one occasion my driver did not speak English and therefore it was hard to communicate the pickup address and I got a no show fee that took 2 days to get debited back to my credit card. Also the ease of cancelling the ride is not the same as other ride sharing apps. They take the money off your card and if you cancel the ride, you have to wait 3 days for the money to come back on your card and they will charge you again if you take a ride. This app is only for the people who have time to waste money on ridiculous ride sharing prices and have their money on hold when rides are cancelled. This app has inconvenienced me at the worst times and it’s no good. I will be switching to Lyft
  • Vis now a must in my life 5/5

    By arthritis in my feet
    Not only are the drivers polite but what is most impressive is that Via contacts you if the car is late or will change drivers if they are having major delays. You never have to walk far ever. With the new raise in cab fee’s Via is a must in my life.
  • Unacceptable 1/5

    By Kiara3699
    Terrible used for the first time today and will never in my life use again. Hate unorganized pickups and drivers who don’t know where they are going.
  • Free rides with promo code usman7y5 5/5

    By usman777
    This app is amazing if you use this promo code you can get a free ride usman7y5
  • Options 4/5

    By Dpdoakak
    Sometimes the express highway option doesn’t show up.
  • Love you guys! 5/5

    By Wuinby
    I’m just trying to understand why my pickup spot that I have been leaving from For the last 9 months has moved from Wall Street and William to a new spot of William and Exchange Place. We pick up no one else and the car has to pass by Wall and William regardless of the destination. The computer algorithm needs to be corrected. Thnx very much
  • Chronic wrong ETA and Route Errors 1/5

    By NYC1999
    Recently this app has been giving the wrong ETA of the drivers arrival which you could be waiting 10-30 minutes longer. The routes the drivers are following constantly takes them to closed sections or there is a poster sign which they can’t make a proper turn which adds on to the commute. The drivers are always complaining the Uber app never made these many mistakes. Might was well change the VIA abbreviation to MTA.
  • Scam! Beware! 1/5

    By AsyaGorina
    They say that Via pass is 229+tax for four weeks, but they charge you EXTRA 75 CENTS FOR EVERY SINGLE RIDE, which is extra $80 a month!!!
  • Promo code 5/5

    By davidshsohn
    I really enjoy using this app! You can get 10$ off if you type below promo code when you sign up: sanghyun2x2
  • So cheap, don’t know how they do it 5/5

    By QueenLoriG
    Thanks! Saves me on weekends when the subways are all messed up. And I’m an artist so I can’t afford the $ for regular cabs nor the time for broken subways systems.
  • Exciting updates. Not so exciting description. 4/5

    By ericmeds
  • worst app ever 1/5

    By chicken nugget war
    This service is utter trash. I’ve realized that when ordering a car, if the wait time says 6 minutes, doubling that will be a more correct estimate. also, never has the app given me an ETA that was less than 7 minutes too early. It’s not the time that I mind, but it’s the incorrect estimates that have made me late one too many times. just use uber or lyft pool
  • Excellent driver 5/5

    By JamesA380
    10 Stars
  • Free rides with promo codes ! usman7y5 5/5

    By usman7y5
    Via is the best you can earn free ride credit with promo codes! Here’s a free ride credit for your first ride: usman7y5
  • Horrible 1/5

    By The Person You Want To Be 101
    If I could I would give this app negative stars. Connected me with a driver who didn’t show up after 15 mins on a 7 min arrival time and them had nerve to hang up on me when I called him!
  • Love It! 5/5

    By JanayDash
    Very Affordable And Easy To Use
  • Very bad experience 1/5

    By Dr. D..B
    Inconsistent information. I had a really bad experience with via. I made 5 trips with them yesterday 23 Feb 2019. I noticed today 24 Feb that they charged me more than what they give me when i booked the ride for all 5 trips. And they don’t say it’s an estimate cost. They leave it as definite cost for the trip. Then i was surprised when they charged me 2 dollars more for each trip. This is not acceptable at all.
  • Loving my via app it saves me all the time 5/5

    By Ralphs h3
    I was always late on the trains but now thx to via I’m always on time or early. The drivers are great down to earth people.
  • Update 5/5

    By Needmoresaves
    New update with arrival times is great.
  • Great 5/5

    By AZanaG
    Great driver
  • Terrible 1/5

    By euqitjqlgn
    Takes you on a route with 8 stops and the most traffic possible. I could walk to my destination faster.
  • Only in the dc area 1/5

    By ksnddn
    I was exited to use it. Then I see that for my area it said out of area . I was confused then I Summed out and I saw that there was a tiny scare & you have to use it within the scare. Very disappointed

Via: Low-Cost Ride-Sharing app comments

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