Viber Messenger: Chats & Calls

Viber Messenger: Chats & Calls

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 14.5.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Viber Media SARL.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Viber Messenger: Chats & Calls App

Viber is the FREE, simple, fast and most secure messaging and calling app. The messenger of choice for over 1 billion users worldwide! Text now for free and make high-quality crystal-clear phone calls. Viber is completely free. All you need is a data plan or Wi-Fi connection and you’re good to go. Make free international calls, send text messages, open a group chat, and so much more! Download Viber today to connect with people, no matter who they are, or where they are from. Why is Viber the best messaging app for you? Send Free Messages Staying in touch has never been easier. Send a free text message, share a photo, a sticker or GIF, a video or any other file. Make Free Audio and Video Calls Make crystal-clear audio and instant video calls to friends and family for free! Open a Group Chat Catch up with friends, family and coworkers by opening a group chat for up to 250 members. Chat and Call with 100% Privacy Thanks to end-to-end encryption, any type of information you share on Viber will always remain between yourself and the person you’re talking to. Any message you send makes its way from your device to the recipient’s in the form of an encrypted code that only their device can translate to plain text using an encryption key. Encryption keys exist only on user devices and nowhere else. So, no one — not even Viber — can read your messages. Self-Destruct Your Secret Chats Start a Secret Chat which will let you set a self-destruct timer for every message in your conversation so that after your message is read, it’s automatically deleted from your recipient’s phone. Express Yourself with GIFs and Stickers Words can only say so much! Express your every emotion with over endless of GIFs and over 35,000 stickers from the Viber Sticker Market. Start a Viber Community with Unlimited Members No matter what you’re interested in, you can now start your own Viber Community! Interact with an unlimited number of people, about a shared topic or passion. Enjoy more admin controls than ever before as well as new conversation features in a unique chat space where you get to call all the shots. Enrich Your Conversation with Chat Extensions Spice up your conversations with a variety of useful Chat Extensions including easy access to your favorite links, GIFs and videos, Yelp, YouTube, Booking, Spotify and more. Make Low-cost Calls to Landlines with Viber Out Call landlines, non-Viber users or anyone who doesn’t have an internet service or a mobile phone with Viber Out’s low-cost international calling service. Viber Out Subscriptions are a bundle of minutes to call a specific destination, which are purchased in-app and renew monthly or weekly depending on your plan. If you subscribe via iTunes, payment will be charged to your iTunes Account when the purchase is confirmed. Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your Account will be charged for this renewal up to 24 hours before the end of the current period at the rate of your selected plan. You can manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal at any time by going to your iTunes Account settings on your device. And so much more: ● Mention friends in a group so they don’t miss out on anything ● Broadcast messages to multiple contacts ● Pin messages to the top of your group’s screen ● Reply to any specific message within a group chat ● Share your location ● Exchange contacts with friends Viber is part of the Rakuten Group, a world leader in e-commerce and financial services. Install Viber Free Messenger Now and Start Connecting! Terms & Policies:

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Viber Messenger: Chats & Calls app reviews

  • um h-hewo sendpie >///< 5/5

    By UnicornDreams735
    H-hi sendpie I just wantwed to say thwat I weally w-wike dis a-app and u-um yeah uwu I hwope you mwake mowre in dwa fwutwue! *blushes uwu* >//////< a-and sendpie? I wantwed to twell ywou swomthing ewse... I w-wove ywou! *blushes a lot and ears go down and hides face with tail* >////////////< I h-hwope ywou w-wove me bwack b-but it’s o-okway if ywou d-dwont *cries cutely and runs away cutely while crying in sadness uwu*
  • Mão na roda!! Excelente!! 5/5

    By Lupa1320
    Adoro esse app e uso muuuito, tanto em casa qto qdo viajo pro exterior. Excelente!! (Se a ligação não estiver boa, o problema é do seu WiFi...!) O VIBER Out tem os preços mais baratos para ligações internacionais e funciona bem q é uma beleza (e seus créditos não expiram nunca!!). Melhor App de mensagem q tenho (pena q não tem mais os videozinhos customizados q havia no início- espero q um dia voltem ! ❤️)
  • Очень плохо 2/5

    By Alex Dikal
    Таких багов как в этой программе давно не видел
  • Won't let me add contacts 1/5

    By Aiyette
    Absolutely unusable and disappointing. Uninstalled.
  • Long term user 5/5

    By KoprivaBgd
    I’ve been using this app for over 10 years, never had an issue. Has so many options, such as private chat protected by pin code, tons of stickers, decent call quality, easy file transfers. Most importantly the chat is encrypted, which will bring many whatsapp users here, so I hope they will not change user privacy ever.
  • Please add more features like video group chat, and group creation, personalization 5/5

    Please add more features like video group chat, and group creation, personalization
  • Very bad 1/5

    When i use ipads the connection cuts out all the time
  • complain 4/5

    By alale_sl
    i have one problem with this app, when i'm trying to delete my message it leaves a mark "you deleted a message" and it appears for other people as well. i hope no such message appears in the future and my message just disappears without leaving any mark.
  • Can’t instal 3/5

    By Elena Pravica
    I can’t instal Viber on my IPhone!!!
  • Ошибки и глюки 3/5

    By Eugene_1976
    В последних версиях что-то накуралесили, бекап в айклауд растет в математической прогрессии, за неделю занял весь объем облака, и не удаляется. Мало того, само приложение начало подвисать на несколько секунд при каждом включении. Пользуюсь давно, никогда такого небыло, начало происходить недавно.
  • App keeps crashing 1/5

    By ccb888
    App constantly crashes making it unusable.
  • App is freezing 4/5

    By Pupton7
    I love this app and have used it for years but lately it freezes. I hope there is an update coming soon to remedy.
  • My account blocked 1/5

    By tegategatega
    This people are keeping blocking my viber account , that’s to much
  • Great support team service 5/5

    By maamela
    I had an issue with Viber out calls and viber support team was very responsive!
  • MY NEW NUMBER ISN’T changing 1/5

    By 9inty9ine
    I bought about a new number and it’s updated and everything, but when i text my friends it shows them that i texted from the old number and that my new number doesn’t have viber. Do something about it asap please it’s urgent. Thank you.
  • Super 5/5

    By Jovana Trivunovic
    I 12 year old app is nice
  • Viber out issue 2/5

    By abdihakeem
    I had $4 and few cents in the my viber out account, made a call to Kenya, could not hear. It was less than 25 seconds and my account was down to $2. This is not affordable.
  • Worst version ever 1/5

    By otar1983
    No preview of notification, Messages come late
  • Why?? 2/5

    By j Groff
    Love the app....except for being notified every stinkin’ time someone has a reaction to someone’s post. Why would I need to know that and what would I ever do with that information?
  • Реклама 1/5

    By Я, опять Я и снова Я
  • هلووو برنامج الفايبر ضعيف جدا نرجو تقويته 5/5

    By Jwana Ahmad
    هلووو برنامج الفايبر ضعيف جدا نرجو تقويته
  • Pretty standard App 3/5

    By Tsaoulas
    This messaging app is pretty standard. Nothing extraordinary, nothing wow. Pretty standard stuff. What I would ask the developers is : when you search through messages, only the last message, with the keywords typed in, comes up. Only the last message. Not the previous ones, which is pretty useless in most of your searches. I’d ask the developers to included all the messages, in a thread, when you type in to the search bar anything
  • Notifications are not working 2/5

    By Amir_gh
    Hello, After the new update, notification preview no longer works.
  • Viber getting worse not better 1/5

    By Dean viti
    I don’t think viber is improving it is getting worse. The previous version was more user friendly.
  • Can’t do backups anymore 2/5

    Worked fine up until November 25th. Now it won’t backup and gives me an error immediately. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and checking iCloud settings as well. All is right. Still can’t get it to back up. Don’t know what happened?
  • get it 5/5

    By coo—girl
    Cool app
  • notification 1/5

    By rośn
    not shawing message preview even notification not accurate
  • Viber crashing 1/5

    By blazemage
    Hi Viber Dev team, My Viber on iPhone X is crashing every 2 seconds I open it. Please patch this
  • Bug (problem) 2/5

    By كوری كوردستانی خوێناوی
    Hi, I can’t share short & long video in group. Please, fixed that. With my respect... .
  • Useless 1/5

    By Alinaprokopiv
    Got the app. Registration kept failing for days. It just went “try again later”. when I went on their website to find resolution to this issue - the page that supposedly had answers was showing 404 error. Lol this is a joke.
  • App is crashing after 2-3 seconds every time 1/5

    By Jacek_the_ultimate_buyer
    Time to uninstall this joke of an app I guess. I sent crash reports couple days ago. No improvement no update available.
  • Sending Videos In Chats 4/5

    By sharon dutt
    Have been using this app for a while on iOS, however, the only issue I have is that whenever I send a video in a chat the receiver is unable to view the video but it is only displayed in a audio. Please fix this issue. I had to use WhatsApp to send out the videos. I am not very sure is it only iOS system is having this issue or it is generally.
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By Vinh Khoa
    Switching sevice and all photos are lost. What a terrible service.
  • Very poor customer service 1/5

    By nazaneenaziz
    Well if I could give zero or mines stars definitely I did .it’s been a month I’m trying to activate viber on my new number I can’t . I get in touch with viber customer service but the only thing they do they sent you an unless email that can’t help you . No phone number lack of customer service. Use WhatsApp or Facebook messenger instead. NOT RECOMMEND IT .
  • Great App 5/5

    By Peshawa Muhamad
    Great to contact with my work
  • Ad is playing when I make viber out call 1/5

    By licooperk89
    Why do I have advertisement playing in my ear when I make viber out call? I pay money and still have it play in the middle of the call!!!
  • Save button? 3/5

    By cworoszylo
    I have the iPhone 12 pro and the save button for pictures has disappeared! I don’t have the option to send any pictures sent to me.
  • Viber App 5/5

    By icy rose
    Thanks for all the updates and keeping me in good shape. Keep up the good service👍👍👍👍👍
  • How Viber is OK 3/5

    By kind battle234
    Fiber is not the best app. It has very bad Wi-Fi and it’s just not the best.If I try to call my friend or someone call me it just has a ringtone do it doesn’t go to the app YouTube clip on click on the app it is really bad.
  • Viber 3/5

    By Sjavozja
    Lately I cant send pdf-file via Viber.
  • Crashes after 10 seconds 1/5

    By Yuriy3819
    I made a mistake and updated to the latest and greatest version that has ads everywhere. The special about this release is that it crashes after 10 seconds. With turned off network the app works. So looks like it crashes while pulling new ads. I am on iOS 12.4.9 and iPhone 6.
  • 发送不了图片 1/5

    By Rong_Judy
    已经2个多月了 同时一起发送图片 都发不了 以前没有这样的问题 现在发个图片很慢很慢 希望官方尽快解决一下
  • Report and block spam 3/5

    By aliquis_pe
    Viber desperately needs tools to report and block spammers and other unwanted callers/senders right from the chat list. Controls for "who can add me to the group" should be much more granular, ensuring that at least blacklisted callers cannot do it.
  • No Notifications Since Latest Update 2/5

    By PeterW76
    Notifications and message status (sent/delivered/read) are totally screwed up since the last update. Why do you have to keep messing with it?!!!
  • Last 11.6v release is very buggy 1/5

    By FromMe99909
    12/22/2020 update: latest update to 14.4 is causing the app to freeze when its pulling ads. Works fine when offline. Many bugs in the last 11.6v. release. Either can’t create a group chat (list of contacts not shown), or after clicking on a chat - Explore appears with no way to get out of it, plus other bugs. Haven’t seen this many bugs in one release since I started using Viber 4+ years ago. Heavy user. Running IOS13.1.2 on an iphone 8 plus those newly added ads within the chat list? What an annoyance!
  • احبكم 5/5

    By عسول عسول
    البرنامج جميل
  • Was good once 2/5

    By theG2626
    I liked it once, but that time is gone since the last update. If I’m trying to back it up, it’s just freezes up and quit the app. One of my partners can’t hear me anymore, nothing has changed!
  • Not getting notifications 3/5

    By Alyx1
    Loved the app until the newest update, since then I’m not getting any notifications until I open the app. Pls fix that bug!
  • Stop asking to look at my photos 3/5

    By It's.Ok
    Good app, but get constant notifications about them wanting access to all your photos. For the millionth time “KEEP CURRENT SELECTION”. If I have to keep denying you access to my personal life I’m gonna delete.