Video Saver PRO+ Cloud Drive

Video Saver PRO+ Cloud Drive

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  • Current Version: 3.8
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Incpt.Mobis
  • Compatibility: Android
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Video Saver PRO+ Cloud Drive App

◉ Are you looking for a powerful media (files) toolbox to download and upload file from cloud drive or website? Well, Video Saver PRO, the all-in-one toolbox to manage multimedia files, is going to be your best companion. No matter you want to have a basic file downloader to manage your downloaded media files, or looking for an advanced media file organizer to download/upload or import/export files, we’ve got you covered. ◉ Video Saver PRO comes with a clean and neat design and the interface is so user-friendly that you’ll get the whole idea after browsing through different menus for a couple of times. This file downloader toolbox application delivers everything you should expect from such file viewer and manager apps, and it even sets the bar to a higher level by offering the support for Google Drive and Dropbox, simultaneous downloads and uploads, the option to export video files to camera roll and a lot more. ◉ Video Saver PRO Main Features at a Glance: ▸ Universal App (Works on All Devices) ▸ Support: Google Drive & Dropbox ▸ Direct Link Download ▸ Wifi-Transfer ▸ Support Zip Compress ▸ Support Share & AirDrop ▸ Desktop (Like) Mode ▸ Media Player & Playlist Support. ▸ Play Music & Video in Background ▸ Simultaneous Downloads/Uploads ▸ Upload / Post (Repost) Videos ▸ Built-In Video Player (for your Preview) ▸ Import / Export To Camera Roll ▸ Passcode Lock Download Video Saver Pro for free and let us know about any bugs, questions, feature requests or any other suggestions.

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Video Saver PRO+ Cloud Drive app reviews

  • Developers 5/5

    By sama bahar
    Can you please change the age rate from 17 to 9 for this app. I downloaded this app for me and I loved it but now I wanna downloaded for my 9 years old son on his laptop so he can listen to his favorite song. But unfortunately I can’t cz I have parental control and restricted many other apps but I want to have this app for him. Can u please change the age rate from 17 to 9?
  • It’s a ok app 5/5

    By great weirdo
    I think It’s a good app beacuse it’s not like all those other apps it’s free like actually free
  • Slightly “Glitchy” 3/5

    By 305 Skillet
    Most videos over 10 seconds tend to have random spotty gaps in playback once exported.
  • Better than documents 5/5

    By Noah Taulton
    If you are downloading this app strictly to stream music/youtube videos offline after downloading the link than this app is GOLD. I previously used documents but the link stopped working for me and gave me a weird error code so I was forced to switch to Video Saver and that was the best thing I have done in a while. When downloading ANY youtube video it’s as simple as going to the “Direct URL” option and after copying the link it directs you to download the video and all you need to do is rename the video whatever you like and click download and then the check at the bottom right that you will be prompted with and now you can stream that video offline. You can only download 5 videos in 1 day then you have to wait 5 hours but I have found a way around this, if you have a iPhone simply go to Settings - General - Date and Time - Set Automatically (turn it off) and put the date to 5 hours later or the upcoming day and it will download it (just make sure to put it back to your actual date afterwards). You get Pop-Up Adds only once or twice a month witch you can easily exit out of. THIS APP IS AMAZING.
  • Great app 5/5

    By truthfulbatman
    Works well in downloading videos for watching later. Pretty much any website work the upgrade
  • No need to pay YT premium to download to watch offline , this is it! 5/5

    By Koi_1022
    Ive always been skeptical about ‘free apps’ that allows you to download videos to watch later. But I can I stand by my words, this app does the job and no need to pay monthly fees. Like most people, I didn’t want to pay monthly subscriptions for just few videos I want to watch awhile on the treadmill at the gym with no WiFi/limited data plan. The Free version of the app allows download of 20min long videos. Upgraded version $3.99 charged just once/use for life, allows for as far as I know 1.5hrs, since most of the shows I watch is about that length. I tried the app in airplane mode to watch my downloaded videos, and it works! But the Video quality will only be around 480p, which I don’t mind as I just need something to keep my mind off the boring aerobics workouts. Direct URL mode is the one I used on the YT app, copy&paste it into the video savers apps direct url tab and you’re good to go. You can name your show files, and each videos too. You can name the files in other languages besides English too. Highly recommended.
  • Need repeat button 1/5

    By Hfjfbfbfhv
    Repeat button
  • I LOVE IT!!! But A Few Suggestions/Complaints 5/5

    By awesomegamer55567800
    Hello! I Really Really Love This App! Thanks For Making It! I Do Have A Few Suggestions/Complaints Though.If You Could Please Please Please Make The Video Length Limitation From 20 Minutes To An Hour,I’d Be Really Happy! Again,Thanks So Much For Making This App ^^
  • Sketchy Phishing App 1/5

    By alexjaxpowell
    When you try to export a video: “Video Saver require access to Photo Library to pick video for uploading and export download video. Please enable access in settings -> Video Saver -> Photos.” To save a video to my phone.... they want to upload a video from my library and then export that video back into my library?
  • Uma bosta 1/5

    By Caahhh___
  • ???? 1/5

    By GKeene13
    Sending videos from online games I play and when I click to watch it says the video is an unsupported file.
  • Completely Confused 1/5

    By Diamondwater755
    This app is anything but intuitive. I tried contacting Support, but it takes me to an “oops!” page. Very frustrating. I know it’s a novel concept, but how about some instructions?
  • Great...but still... 4/5

    By its yum time
    Alright, this app is GREAT!!! It downloads the videos fast, and is an ACTUAL video downloader. There haven’t been any major problems, and is as advertised. My only problem is that the free version only lets you download 5 vids a day. And they have to be 40 mins long, max. But, then why would there be a paid version? I believe you should spend the 3 extra dollars and get the paid version. Then it would be PERFECT.
  • Great 5/5

    By ludihfnnch
    Works 👍
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By I love Zumba!
    I use this app to store musics in my iPhone and it’s been working pretty good. I wish it gave me more edit features.
  • Use literally any other app 1/5

    By poliu
    I downloaded this and spent about 15 minutes trying to find out how to actually save a video so I decided to try the next top app in the App Store and it took 30 seconds.
  • Good 5/5

    By Richenord
    Like this app
  • My bad experience 1/5

    By horny-horn-dog
    I was trying to download some porn but it downloaded the ad on the porn instead.
  • Prbolem 1/5

    By meheka jabin
    I didn’t find YouTube in the direct url.Actually I want to save video in my gellary from YouTube bt alas I am not able to do this!
  • Good 2/5

    By Josh11299
    I got the free version, and love it, but then I bought the full version and it did not upgrade, so I’m pretty bummed about that.
  • Video limit 🤡 1/5

    Do not download this unless you want to download 1 video every 24 hours 🤡 Worst app on the market. Find another app. 0 star.
  • So the best!... 5/5

    By sxklass
    So been using for quite a bit and I can honestly say this is the best video downloader on IOS by far. I had great video downloaders on Android and was worried when coming to IOS that I wouldn’t be able to use anymore but this app works like a charm so far. I will be buying the premium. I say it the app you’ll be pleasantly surprise.
  • Used to work 1/5

    By BuMmR
    App used to work, now it doesn’t offer to safe videos.
  • The one and only👍🏻 5/5

    By zen_lilas
    This app help me each time to save my video lessons! It’s a life saver. Thank you for the great app!
  • Charged me more than once for pro 3/5

    By thatnino01
    I spent the $ to get pro and I thought it was a one time charge but it recently charged me again, idk if it was by mistake or they lied about it being a one time charge. Also I can’t seem to cancel pro, if its one of those were you have to pay every month or something I don’t want to keep paying for something I’d rarely use ??
  • 8-8 no... 1/5

    By Trisha_CuzICan
    Ok so none of the vids I want are downloading that’s it 😳 plz help I got an iPhone 5
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Muzikjedi
    Too confusing! Make it straight forward! Only converted like 3 of 50 videos! There goes my time and money! 😞

    By thisgameneedstodie
    Yeah no this isn’t worth it don’t install it this has no purpose and tried to take my VPN. Do not install.
  • This used to work perfectly 1/5

    By ZZzzZZzzZZZzzzzzxxx
    I can only download 2 at a time now
  • Nice but... 4/5

    By musicfan357
    I wish you would provide more info on how to operate your app. I’m not electronically inclined and still a bit confused, though I have been able to download some stuff.
  • Just Okay 3/5

    By Kendzp
    It has good features like you can organize your files BUT the videos you can download is limited to 20mins max
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Asstsman
    This is app is what i needed , no b.s. get what u need and thats it . Fast n simple man , get this and get stuff from everwhere, even fb 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 holla
  • Finally 5/5

    By KavorkianPrime
    Great app. and does what it’s supposed to,it’s also very user friendly. Don’t let this app die!! Nice work.
  • Good app 4/5

    By Malik1776
    Just wish I didn’t have to download and export to gallery one by one
  • Unable to save full clips 1/5

    By daredjean
    Every single clip I’ve tried to download is always cut short even though the size is correct.
  • So great 5/5

    By Early Lollipop
    This app is wonderful! I can watch all of my favorite videos whenever I want! I had a little difficulty downloading a few videos, but I only had to change the skip video thing. I highly recommend this and have nothing bad to say about it
  • Paid for Pro and Doesn't Work 1/5

    By hollybeth328
    I paid for the people version of this app to download a video that's an hour long. It will download but not export. When I click the app support link on the app page on the Apple store, the link is broken.
  • Absolutely useless 1/5

    By KailaUli
    There’s no option to download to your phone, all you can do is share it through messages, email, Snapchat, etc. so basically what you can already do in a browser. I have no idea why this trash is so highly rated.
  • 😍😍😍 5/5

    By Sh W A
    It is the must wonderful app, it is perfect, easy and lovely, I like it 😍😍.
  • Amazing App! 5/5

    By LSJII
    Very reliable
  • Decent 4/5

    By Quacky//Quack Productions
    This is a great app! Now I can watch the videos I like offline whenever I like, all I got to do is paste in the URL for the video then I click download! Yes it may be simple, but since I never download apps that cost money, I can’t download more then 5 videos until another 5 hours. I’ve only experienced this once but I’ve seen a glitch we’re all the videos you download are gone, I’m gonna download my videos again but I am hoping it won’t happen sooner or later. It’s a great way to save money if you don’t plan on spending money on cellular data, you can even save storage! All in all, if you are still reading I recommend you download this app and give it a go, especially when you watch a lot of random videos and you don’t have a lot of WiFi or Cellular data.
  • Video 5/5

    By Prabjoat
    I loved it A lot
  • Love it but 3/5

    By feralbaebie
    Once you use a url to download and export a video, the download notification no longer pops up on other videos. I love this app, but it’s irritating when it stops downloading videos after the first one
  • Please fix. 2/5

    By Revjoshv
    1) Your latest update has disabled all downloading and freezes the app. 2) Can’t use multiple tabs 3) If you’re away from the app for even 20 seconds, the page you’re on closes 4) Quirky, inaccurate download speeds 5) Fake “downloaded,” notification when its only partially downloaded. 6) Now the app is crashing every. single. time. Without. Exception. Paid users deserve so much better. I’m a firm believer that anyone who designs such software should be forced to use it every day.
  • How to 2/5

    By Sexy de
    This update brings picture in picture now the question is how to get it to work I have the pro version
  • The exports 4/5

    By dbdosvs
    Okay, so I’ve been trying to save a video to my camera roll, right? And it says the video has downloaded, but at save the video, only copy or airdrop. And it says to export, which I’m hoping that it’s a way to save to my camera roll, and it says that if it doesn’t export on HIGH or LOW quality, try MEDIUM. Which, I’ve tried them all, and the export fails when it reaches 49%. Can you fix this please?
  • Video saver 1/5

    By Master-and-Commander
    The app looks really neat. It pretty much has all the function I was looking for. I usually just purchase after the first or second test, but while I was able to download a video from the internet and or my personal files, this application seem to freeze when performing the second download. Too Bad... So sad. For not making this a subscription based application, you get extra points. I never consider, "ever", any app that is subscription based. If you ever get this application working, let me know. I would be happy to purchase and support your efforts. iPhone 7 plus IOS 13.3
  • Great 5/5

    By Vee 4456
    Amazing app keep up the good vibe
  • Wow 1/5

    Nice way to humiliate users

Video Saver PRO+ Cloud Drive app comments

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