VideoTyper - Typing video

VideoTyper - Typing video

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  • Current Version: 1.7.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Yvz Digital Lab
  • Compatibility: Android
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VideoTyper - Typing video App

Take all the time you need to write your messages. Videos are automatically accelerated for a consistently fast-paced result! Backspacing gets recorded, so you can show corrections being made on your messages if you wish... You can use a picture as background and style the text however you want it. This is a simple app with endless possibilities.

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VideoTyper - Typing video app reviews

  • Crashes every time 2/5

    By Cqrolyn
    This is a great app overall, and just what I needed to make a video. It has great cosmetics and would make fun videos. After I typed everything I wanted and hit Create Video, it crashed. Every time I try and open the app, it crashes. It’s useless now because I can’t do anything on it. Wouldn’t recommend since it continuously lags and crashes.
  • Was Great 1/5

    By Reborn M. Powered
    Used to love this app and use it on a regular basis. Now it won't finish rendering the videos. Uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times and still does nothing but crash.
  • Ehh I dono about this 3/5

    By Issy and Alex
    I got this app for Texting story and I kind of forgot about it, I thought that you needed this app to be there for you to be able to have color so I just let it sit there. But then I tried the app, I love to type so I thought that it was a great app and that it made a really satisfying sound when you would type. But then a month after I tried to go in the app but the screen would just go black and kick me out, I was refreshing everything but nothing worked and now to this day when ever I want to use the app it will kick me out until I uninstall it and install it again. Which is a big pain to me as a youtuber who just wants to make good vids with this app.
  • This is cool for my I’d codes 5/5

    By Jolicious1
  • Cool but not working 4/5

    I tap on this app and then when I tap on it it kicks me out of the app!its so annoying please fix this
  • Good but crashing 4/5

    By CanIgetahoyaa
    So when I first got this app I loved it and all but after time I would go on it and it would crash all the time sometimes it works but when I really need it, it just crashes and it’s getting pointless for me using it and sometimes I use the app for Gacha headings or labels or skipping to when they get somewhere or skipping time and I would use this app a lot but now it just crashes and it’s getting useless but it’s still an awesome app ♡♥ت
  • Crashed 3/5

    By Yahkiyah
    It used to start right up but lately it’s been laggy. Even to start typing. Now it’s lagging to start and times out and goes back to main screen. I like the app. It does what it says it will do until recent.
  • ... 1/5

    By JDubs617
    Not saying I hate which I don’t BUT could u remove the trademarks pls? There annoying in my opinion
  • Stupid 1/5

    By 1st doc
    Won’t work at all.
  • Can’t get in 1/5

    By samantha keocher
    When ever u try to get in it won’t let me in even if I have WIFI! It makes me so mad 😡 and I did love it when it worked
  • 😱🤗😰😧😡 2/5

    By diaperlovesthisgame!
    I like this app but it kicks me out randomly and the only way to fix it is to delete it then download it back, I only have this app so on texting story, I can change the color. PLZ DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP
  • It kicked me out 1/5

    By luna asher
    so I was going to make a note for my sister bc today is her birthday and when I got in it took awhile for it to load but then when it was done and I pressed/clicked to type and then it kicked me out so I don’t recommend you to download this app/game
  • Ok 4/5

    By Itz_SpaceStarz
    I got this app because I make little skits and I like writing fantasy’s (this app I feel is best so I can watch them) this app is the best thing to ever happen but I have one problem after making two story’s when I try to open the app it stay in the loading screen and then kicks me back to the page or folder it’s on please fix this I’m in the middle of a good story
  • TERRIBLE... 1/5

    By UnicornMagic427
    I am a person who enjoys Typing! I originally got this app for Texting Story but I decided to put it to some use. I was only able to make a few videos until it crashed and then every time I try to use the app it always crashes! I hate the fact that when you realize you made a mistake previously when reviewing your script or whatever to make sure there are no mistakes you can’t edit it and click on a certain spot to change a letter or something! The only way to fix a mistake is to back space everything you already have and reach that point where you wanna edit it and it is so annoying. Overall I don’t recommend this game if you are planning to use it for a long time because I promise you that it will only last you about a day. Two days if you are lucky.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By hejehdjdjdhshshdjdjdjdndndndnd
    I can use this app to help my children
  • It’s good, however. 4/5

    By Sweet tough girl 2000
    I’ve been using the app for a while now and it was great. Until the app started to lag and bring me back to my home screen. Could you possibly update it to not lag as much? That would be great,
  • Please fix this! 3/5

    By Ayakochu
    Video typing is great app and I like how you can change the font of the text and color, but there’s an issue regarding the opening of the app. Whenever I try to open the app, it kicks me out. I tried again multiple times but it keeps kicking me out, please fix this!
  • Fix plz 2/5

    By -(Anonymous11)-
    So I love this app but I spent about 2 hours writing a story and every time I turn the app on again it crashes and I didn’t save my vid yet plz help I don’t want to restart
  • Fuhsbs 1/5

    By not fun to me
    It’s not that fun if you wanna a 5 star rating you should make it better
  • UGH!! 1/5

    By Hatari34
    I purchased this app and what does it do, crash and not reopen after I spent 30 minutes typing. When that’s fixed we’ll talking about a review with more stars. UPDATE: after deleting the app, restoring purchase it works. UNTIL IT’S TIME TO DO SOME WORK ON IT! It’s a great app when it works, as of right now I’ve lost about 20 short stories. I’m stuck between requesting a refund or waiting for them to fix it. COME ON PEOPLE!
  • Ages 5/5

    By brookiebear23
    I love my Family
  • I love it/ help! 2/5

    By chaos447
    I love the app but I need help. The app keeps crashing and I don’t want to lose the file I have on there. I can’t lose that file. I was trying to make a video and a incoming call interrupted the video making process and now the app won’t open without crashing. Can someone help?
  • Crashes . Doesn’t even open 1/5

    By msali79
    The app was good for the first 1 or 2 days. After that every time I open it, it crashes. Same behavior in iphone and ipad app. Developer can you please fix this.
  • Don’t get app 1/5

    By urnitso321
    Sooooo stupid because: bad graphics, you can only do one at a time! Soooooooo so so so so so boring and also never ever get this app whoever is reading this review! You better fix this before my reviewer friends come hating this app
  • Kinda Laggy 3/5

    By alexinwonderland844
    Don’t get me wrong, this is a really great and fun app, but there are some flaws; 1) I’m not sure if this is on purpose but when I type it’s as if I have sticky keys on because I type a sentence and after I’m done typing it has sorta slowed down I guess and was still typing after I finished. 2) I was lagged out of the app a lot and can’t get back into it. Other than those two things it’s a great app!
  • Bad.... 1/5

    By Niceonebutnope
    So when I first played it today, I made a video that took me about 1 hour. Then I pressed “Make Video”. I kept on look at it typing what I wrote and it took so long. Then suddenly, my screen turned black and I CRASHED! I tried to go on again but I just crashed. I suggest you fix this or if this didn’t happen, I would have given this at least a 4 star. Why would I give it a one star? It doesn’t check grammar at all. I always mess up on grammar. If your the person about to get this game or app, be careful how long your thing is needed to type. Don’t waste your whole time just typing and crashing a million times. Obviously you can use this app, but it glitches a lot. I would not really say you should get this app if you don’t like to crash. If you want make a story and record it, you can use VideoTyper if you want to, but I think texting story has been a good one for me. It doesn’t crash and you make your own characters. Well, not like real but names. This doesn’t even have names in it. Once again, I don’t suggest you get this app. If crashes MORE THEN YOU EXPECTED!!
  • Cool program 5/5

    By voiceover reviewer2018
    This is a very simple app to use. Nothing better than having a video with the old style typewriter effects. Love this app and you should too you will love it after you try it
  • Laggy 3/5

    By animelobster
    This app is cool and all but I would have to agree with someone. Someone wrote a review saying that it would lag you out of the app when you tried to do something and you really didn’t want to restart it again. So I typed everything I wanted. Took about 1/2 hour and I pushed make a story with it and it lagged me out of the app several times. I did it final last time in it would just show me to screen of video Typer that’s all it would say on my screen. At first I was going to rate it a 4-5 but when it did that I thought that’s definitely not a five star bc I took me 1/2-1 hour to do it and I don’t want to restart the whole thing. But I like it definetly. I can choose background color, sound, format. And texting story I can not do that. Another thing was if I messed up and it was at the top or something I can’t fix it I have to delete everything up to that point. And then fix it and then restart it again hopefully you can fix that cuz I’m getting used to the app so if there is a button to fix that then that would be nice to know.
  • Review 5/5

    By Catnoir15
    I love this but after a while it starts not letting me into the app
  • I’m kinda sad 2/5

    By ImpossibleNameToGuess
    It was a good start the first day it worked fine and amazingly... the second day it crashed every single time I tried to get on... disappointing...
  • It won’t let me on the app anymore. :( 1/5

    By It's black!
    If the app didn’t completely shut off and not let me on it, I would give it five stars. Over all, the app is great, so it is unfortunate that this incident has occurred.
  • It stopped working overtime. 2/5

    By Le danke Memays
    I had this for a while, and it was working so good until it stopped working all of a sudden, I opened it and the app just took me to my home screen. I enjoyed it while it lasted and I also tried shutting down my phone, even deleting the app and trying again. But overall, if the app worked again, I’d give it 4 stars. But I am giving it 2 since it stopped working. But if you are planning on writing a note to someone on video, this is a really good app, I just recommend being careful.
  • 😐 App.. 4/5

    By bangtan21s101
    Well I love This app to create videos. But sometimes (and recently) when I open the app it sends me Back. It annoys me please fix’s this. I don’t know if is my phone.. but I’ll love to be fix..
  • AHHHHH 1/5

    By Bbjon
  • App for an app 1/5

    By ekc!!!
    I had to get this app to have something from another app! LIKE WHAT IS THISSSSS
  • VideoTyper keeps kicking me out 4/5

    By Scarlett Heks
    I was writing a story to post on YouTube and as soon as I was ready to create the video it took me out. I didn’t think much of it because I’ve had other apps do this in the past, but when I tried to go back into the app it closed out again. I was baffled because it seemed to be working so well.
  • My best friend 5/5

    By cottencookiecandy
    So, I really love this app because it’s like my mobile BFF. I can type what ever, even if it’s what I’m feeling, my personal problems, or just something random. Again, I really love this app.
  • Advice please 2/5

    By ┌╏ º □ º ╏┐
    It’s great so far but I can’t go to the menu! Fix and I add more stars
  • I love this app but... 4/5

    By FoodieLover🦄🍫😂🍭
    I love this app so much also texting stories! Whenever you type in both apps it’s satisfying but anyways today I downloaded this app and I was playing with it then I trumped a story up it was long and then it just glitched me out the app then I went back to the app then it kept on glitching me out and still right now it’s glitching and I do this on IPhone 8 So I need help thanks! Ps love your app
  • Hello 2/5

    By Angel2738
    I keep trying to open the app, but it keeps closing me out. Can you fix this?
  • Someone help me!!!!! 2/5

    By Emmeline❤️'s gaming!!! whenever I tap the tap here button to go to the takes me back to typing again!!!!!!I hate this if developers see this can you please help me.Thank you😞😒🥺
  • AAAAAH HELP ( so far ) 5/5

    By ZingBro
    I can’t go back to my stories ( so far ). I’ve tried to press the Tap Here button, but kept on sending me back to typing ( p.s this is the same story I did that other comment about ). So maybe somethings wrong with the app or my story 😒. But thanks for reading my second comment! 😉
  • Great app! 5/5

    By B.amazing
    I personally think this app is great! You can change the backgrounds, and you can change the FONT and the FONT COLORS! This app is really fun for SHORT story making, and sending SHORT, CUTE information to FRIENDS and FAMILY! Cute to upload to apps such as; Instagram, TikTok, and, SnapChat! You can send little bits of information to others, and SCREEN RECORDING isn’t included, so, the app does ALL of the recording for you! I would HIGHLY recommend this app!
  • Lagged 2/5

    By Marais Jo
    I was making a video and it lagged out and I went to get on it again and now I can’t get on it at all.
  • Chelsey And Brooke 5/5

    By Chelsey And Brooke
    This is such a great app I love to use it for my YouTube videos
  • It won’t let it me create a video 5/5

    By kittie kittie CAT
    Ok I love this app but I wrote a story and when ever I press “create video” it crashes and it’s still crashing please fix that. Thank you I still love this game 👍🏻
  • Don’t Make Me Restart... 2/5

    By Pyro785
    I was making a fan made video and it was REALLY long. But I didn’t want too long so I made it to be continued. Then I hit, “Create Video” And it lagged me off the app. Tapped it again, lagged off. Did an iPad restart, still lag. All my time to waste. Please, fix this. I was planning to give this a 5 star review but since I can’t get on my work that took at least half an hour, I give it a 2 star review. I WANT MY WORK BACK.
  • Reveal 5/5

    By CD heart line
    That is very good. I am actually in YouTube Twitter video app. It was great with you. And I am blind but I will need to create more and I want to move anymore. It is a great app you support the one who didn’t make me wait don’t always with you and the girls
  • Danny 3/5

    By kyngdany
    You guys just add the ability to copy and paste in this app I think that would be a cool feature. And I’m sure most people would enjoy it I know I would.

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