VIP Access for iPhone

VIP Access for iPhone

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  • Current Version: 4.2.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Symantec Enterprise Division, Broadcom Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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VIP Access for iPhone App

Symantec VIP Access helps protect your online accounts and transactions by using a strong authentication process when you sign in to your VIP-enabled accounts. • Strong authentication: Provides strong, two-factor authentication when logging into your VIP-enabled accounts. • QR/App Code: Scan a QR Code to generate site-specific security codes for strong two-factor authentication to your favorite websites. Use VIP Access at participating organizations such as eBay, PayPal, E*TRADE, Facebook, Google, or any one of the hundreds of sites within the VIP Network: : Features Strong Authentication VIP Access adds strong authentication to your normal login in one of the following ways: • Dynamically generate a one-time use security code on your mobile device. Use that code along with your username and password. • Receive a push notification on your mobile device that you approve as authentication. If your organization requires you to define an additional device authentication mechanism to meet the security requirements, you will be prompted for the additional local authentication such as passphrases or biometrics. • Use Touch ID, Face ID, or Passcode in a push notification to authenticate yourself on your mobile device. Note: Touch ID or Face ID authentication requires that your mobile device is Touch ID or Face ID capable and that you have registered a fingerprint or facial recognition authentication on the device. The strong authentication method you use depends on the method implemented by your participating organization. You can generate a security code even if you do not have a network or mobile connection. QR/App Codes Scan a QR Code at participating organizations such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, and more to generate a security code every 30 seconds to securely sign in. Enter this security code along with your password to add strong authentication to your favorite websites. Be sure to read the VIP End User Agreement after downloading VIP Access:

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VIP Access for iPhone app reviews

  • Not necessarily the app’s fault 2/5

    By Lapinek
    From my observations, at least for some vendors, the generated key is appended to the password, and the receiving system is expecting it when two-factor authentication is enabled. This fails when the resulting password string exceeds the maximum number of characters allowed in the password field. So, for example, with E-Trade, you need to limit your password to 26 characters if you want to use two-factor authentication although you can actually use passwords up to 32 characters long. Why? Because you will need room for the additional 6 digits generated by the app. Given the number of negative reviews here, it is strange why this has not been discussed with the vendors and explained to the customers as a potential problem; hence, reduced rating for the app itself.
  • Absolute Joke 1/5

    By bid96
    If I could give -10 stars, I would do so gladly. The app is buggy, non-responsive, and provides incorrect codes. As a result, I missed out on an important and time sensitive purchase that I will not have the opportunity to buy again. If your financial institution uses this as its authenticator, find a new bank that doesn’t :)
  • Do they not have talent? 1/5

    By TheOnlyDoom
    Was annoyed we had to start using this for work, but push notifications made it easy. Within the last updates they removed push notifications. Are the members working on this app not talented enough to have a simple push notification that has been in existence for year and is in every single app. I know this may sound harsh but either they need a leadership change or need better developers because this is just sad.
  • App works great 5/5

    By Apppepe
    Been reading all the bad reviews but the app seems to work great. Not sure what people are talking about
  • Forced to use this app for etrade 2/5

    By daMacBookAir
    Had to use this app for etrade. Seems to be mostly working for etrade but the app keeps losing my secondary authentication for MorganStanley such that I have to use my backup authentication code. I suspect it has something to do with opening the vip app on watch maybe but I’m not sure. Either way pretty terrible quality app
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By finnigansdingodog
    I have spent an hour of my life, that I will never get back, trying to log into my account MULTIPLE times using this app. VPN on or off makes no difference. I’m a reasonably intelligent person -having piloted airplanes, surveyed land, and built engines. This app refused to allow me to log onto my financial account using the access code as stated. I don’t believe it interfaces when the code is sent using my iphone11. Thankfully, lives don't depend on this app, or there would be bodies strewn everywhere. Go back to the drawing board. I’m deleting this catastrophe.
  • Needs FaceID 1/5

    By mikes63737
    Nobody should use this app if you can avoid it. Just about any TOTP app is better. You should only use VIP if your bank or something forces you to. But… it is completely inexcusable to not have Face ID. For a company like Symantec that pretends to be security-oriented, this is crazy. If your unlocked device is swiped from your hand, someone can easily get into your OTP codes through VIP.
  • Doesn’t work 95% of the time! 1/5

    By chknise
    Don’t get push notifications 95% of the time when trying to verify. Also don’t get the option to enter code manually. I wish our large company went with another vendor.
  • Works for what I need 3/5

    By OK-PDX
    I use this app to confirm prescriptions that have been eprescribed. It works well for that. I use the watch app and it makes the otherwise clunky process work smoother. I REALLY REALLY wish that they would make a complication for the Apple Watch which would make launching the app that much faster for me and other physicians that need to launch it several times an hour. Add the complication and this becomes a 5-star review.
  • Trouble 2/5

    By Daffydebb
    I have had nothing but problems with this app. I hate 2 - step verification. It tells me it’s sending a push alert but I don’t know where cause I can’t find it.
  • Stupid app 1/5

    By Blah2009
    My employer decided to add two authentication for our login away from work… worse decision ever! I hate it, had to reset my phone and now I have to call tech support so they can enroll the SAME phone I’ve been using since day one
  • Needs push notifications 2/5

    By Ru4455
    Too many manual steps. Okta Verify is better.
  • Trash 1/5

    By wraithequestrain
    Absolute garbage just like Symantec.
  • Dark mode 3/5

    By Richie Cue
    Works well. Would like a dark mode option.
  • Account locked 1/5

    By gtrevino2006
    It’s ridiculous that it doesn’t include a contact phone #!! Unfortunately, I had to update my phone due to it breaking. Turns out I’m unable to register this device, due my account being locked or something like that!!!! RIDICULOUS
  • No authentication to open 1/5

    By JohnnyBattery
    Anyone with the phone can open the app and get the code. No pin, password, or biometric support. Not very secure and makes me think the whole infrastructure is probably just as immature. Product is trash along the same lines as other Symantec products these days. They’ve fallen very far and don’t seem to be bothered.
  • Embarrassing 1/5

    By QC bull
    One entry I found for Symantec’s valuation is 10.7 Billion. That’s billion with a B. I’m bringing that up because it’s simple RIDICULOUS that a company with significant enough resources to reach a 10+ billion dollar valuation (and one that supposedly focuses on digital security!) could produce an app that functions so poorly. Not being able to effectively link accounts, copy the OTP, or set up the app with a new phone is, well, absurd. The number of other poor ratings indicate that I’m not alone in my feelings about this app. But hey, maybe it’s my fault. Maybe I shouldn’t expect billion-dollar companies to produce software that functions properly and is easy to use. As with most things, it seems Symantec spent the lowest amount they could and as with most other things, you get what you pay for. Kudos to Symantec for saving as much money as possible for a security application!!! **update: given how *hit this app is, I’ll be turning off my 2FA for E*Trade so I NEVER EVER have to use this app again.
  • Awful 2FA App 1/5

    By Drgut101
    I enabled 2FA on my E*Trade account. They forced me to use this app vs my other 2FA app I use for all of my other accounts. Got it set up. Just went to sign in and it’s saying I’m entering in the wrong code for 2FA. How is this already out of sync? I just set it up. So what’s my other option? None. For E*Trade you have to use this Authenticator. So now I’ve been on hold for 30 min waiting to talk to someone at E*Trade to resolve this issue. I hate that my employer uses E*Trade. I would advise no one use VIP Access or E*Trade. 0/5 do not recommend.
  • Help I don’t know what to do 3/5

    By meganclaxton
    So I got a whole new phone and number deleted this app off my old phone now I’m signed out on my new phone and can’t get back in because it has all of my old stuff and won’t let me redo the 2step to even delete my old vip access that I had on my old phone I don’t know what to do but I use it everyday for work to clock and and see my schedule
  • Lost data when I upgraded my iPhone. 1/5

    By Annabananafofanna
    Other apps like Duo saved info and account information but this app didn’t. Now I’m on the phone trying to get into my account.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By MrFixIT_UT
    Completely useless garbage
  • I wish E-Trade implemented proper 2FA 1/5

    By TheHat162
    Was forced to use this to get two factor on Etrade, as far as I can tell, there’s no way to make a backup of the secret.
  • Stopped doing the only thing I need it to do 1/5

    By Jaye2kay
    In truth, I never understood why my job ever made it necessary to have this app and now that it doesn’t work, even more so. This app hasn’t been working for me for months, but I was still able to sign in to my work app so I didn’t concern myself with it. Now I can’t even do that. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and no change. The only thing I need from it os to verify my identification so I can ho about my workday and it has long stopped doing that. I have no idea why and it is extremely frustrating. I can’t perform basic functions since they want us to use our phones rather than rely on equipment and I definitely can’t help customers at all. The only reason this app exists is to verify my login and it can’t even do that?
  • Stopped working on Apple Watch 2/5

    By jeannineqw
    I loved this app, but it recently stopped working on Apple Watch. Uninstalled it and reinstalled on watch and it still doesn’t work.
  • Security weakness 3/5

    By Asdf1963
    This app and others similar were created because of poor security habits and more sophisticated attacks. This app has failed to keep up with the free apps when it comes to user’s poor security habits. 1. Not automatically making the generator blank after XX seconds. 2. No facial recognition on IOS. 3. Since it doesn’t support multiple credentials that also causes some limitations
  • Not working on watch 2/5

    By Martharae719
    My watched just updated and now the app is not working on my watch. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled and paired my watch again to my phone and it still doesn’t work.
  • Horrible with Salesforce 1/5

    By Patton Pending
    When I log into salesforce and use the credential for MFA I am taken back to the salesforce login page and have to re-enter my user ID, my password, and my VIP Access credential. Sometimes I have to do it twice! I do not recommend this MFA application.
  • Disabled my account 1/5

    By Eagle Eli
    The newest update apparently does not work and resulted in disabling my bank account. After more than an hour with my bank’s tech support, only the codes from their cybertokens would work to allow account logon. No longer using Symantec as my security option for login.
  • App is malfunctioning on iphone 13 1/5

    By MusicinM'Soul
    This app runs a 60 second pin for longer than 60 seconds in the display - someone from Symantec contact me, I have screen video of the issue which is preventing auth into systems
  • Okay if you only need it for one site 1/5

    By evo3333
    This app works fine if you only need it for one site. If you need it for multiple sites (a lot of financial institutions seem to be in love with this app specifically) then you will be sharing the same security code across all of these site which is a huge security risk. Yes amazingly there is no way to generate multiple sets of codes for different sites… on an authenticator app. Symantec tried to reinvent the wheel with this app and failed miserably. Also there is no way to back up or recover your credential ID that the app generates with every install of the app so if you ever lose or break your phone, good luck getting into your accounts. I went back to just using a strong password and PIN rather than share the same code across all of my financial accounts. Terrible implementation here.
  • Disappointing Mobile experience 2/5

    By want food not pain
    The desktop login worked well but the mobile was clunky. The authentication would not work on the mobile app until I reset my password. I also found that the mobile app believed I was logged in already from another device but that was not true as I had logged off the desktop hours before. From there it just felt like a poor experience in usability from the mobile device. It also doesn’t work well with aggregators.
  • can’t automate via shortcuts 2/5

    By ThatSeattleGuy
    Try as I might, I can’t get this app to show up in Shortcuts. (For greater security, I want to create a shortcut so I can hide the app itself -Sense another missing feature is the ability to change the home page icon.) Basically, I think this app is just a cash cow for Broadcom and they put no effort into updating or improving it.
  • No backup. Lose phone lose access 1/5

    By ChouDoufu
    Terrible implementation. All good MFA apps, such as those from Microsoft, Google, and LastPass will backup you linked accounts so that if you lose your phone, you can install the app on a new phone and gets the MFA codes for your phone. And if you buy a new phone, you better remember to keep both phones until you can setup the app on your new phone for every linked account, which is very inconvenient. Lack of backup makes this an MFA app to avoid.
  • Bad design 1/5

    By hifi1234
    This software limits your 2FA to having one device. On our joint E*trade account that was not good and it is a risk if your device is lost or stolen.
  • No longer works w Etrade 1/5

    By SW1mini
    This is the app they recommended but it no longer works!!! Total crap between Etrade & this app it’s a flustercluck.
  • This makes no sense 1/5

    By squidfu
    1. Not password protected 2. Can’t view connections 3. No way to restore connections(say new device) I would avoid unless your job requires it like mine there’s many better alternatives like Microsoft Authenticator that are way more feature rich and beneficial. Just convenient and basic that’s all
  • Does not work whatsoever 1/5

    By ptgprndbd
    Required to log in to my business account and e mail for a new job. PC version works fine. This IOS version does not work at all, in any way. Every time I enter the code it is said to be invalid. Even when I go directly to the VIP website and try to test the credentials there it does not work. Customer support is non existent. Not clear answers given anywhere to trouble my issues. Going to call my employer’s help hotline and hope they can help me. Couldn’t be more dissatisfied and disappointed in an app’s performance.
  • Feels like it was made in a weekend and not updated 1/5

    By Why are Nicknames such a pain?
    This app is missing a lot of stuff. The countdown is wrong, switching away from and back to the app causes the number to change which makes using this app to authenticate another app on the same device is nearly impossible. You cannot backup this code. This app is exactly what I’d expect from a company that provides bloated antiquated software.
  • Where do I log out and log in? 1/5

    By Stsms13
    I had the app for another bank but it keeps logging me in under the old account and I can’t figure out how to log out so I can log into my account.
  • Avoid! Causes more harm than help. 1/5

    By David Vogler
    If you change phones or reinstall app, it deletes all your passes/credentials. You’ll be locked out everywhere. GIANT HEADACHES. Do NOT use this app. Regret having downloaded it.
  • Way behind the curve 2/5

    By Ciaran Anthony
    Way behind the curve of other 2FA applications.
  • Like the app improvements. You ave to fix Apple Watch!! 3/5

    By techvreviewer arvin
    Can you please make sure there is no scrolling needed to approve on all sizes of Apple Watch?
  • Update is a big step up. 5/5

    By Disappointed in Lumbridge
    Using this for one account, so I don’t have an issue on that front like many others do, but the swipe right to approve update makes the user experience less cumbersome. All around seamless for my needs, which is what I look for in a security app.
  • Supports Apple Watch 5/5

    By Between Two Parks
    Works great as a Watch app. Convenient for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
  • Pick the best device initially 3/5

    By Dorktor
    Set upon my iPad for work….. as I use it for other things at work as well. It has been near impossible to get a second device set up for the same facility
  • Can't lock the app 1/5

    By SaveOurPeople9
    Not secure when the app is open
  • Useful app but… 3/5

    By iPhone App Reviewer JM
    (1) would be nice to have a website backup access. (2) could really benefit from a Dark Mode. The glaring white background early in the morning is not pleasant. (3) would be nice to be able to add custom labels for each account
  • Won’t work with e*trade and password manager 1/5

    By UBeCalm
    If you’re an e*trade customer that uses a password manage to create and manage complex passwords, your in for a very poor and frustrating experience.
  • It works, nice & simple and easy to use 5/5

    By Deteoj
    To those that want a work around for their single but damaged token or their soft token on a smart device stopped working, I setup token generators on my iPad, my iPhone and I got also got a physical RSA token (from my financial institution) You have to do the same otherwise you will get locked out. Also, physical tokens have a long battery life, but it’s worth getting one.