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  • Current Version: 3.102.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Virgin Pulse App

NOTE: If you’re participating in the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge, please download the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge app instead. The free Virgin Pulse app lets you access your company’s wellbeing program. Get all the core features at your fingertips for on-the-go healthy living: • Track your steps, active minutes, calories burned, and sleep • Track your program rewards and progress to the next milestone • Sync your Max Buzz™ activity tracker to rack up points (must have Bluetooth 4.0 on your phone) • Connect tons of other devices & apps for automatic tracking • Easily sync your iPhone or Apple Watch steps • Share your Virgin Pulse stats with Apple’s Health app • And so much more! Let the journey to a healthier, happier you begin. It’s going to be epic. Virgin Pulse supports iOS 10.0 and higher.


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Virgin Pulse app reviews

  • Latest update not syncing 2/5

    By aaronworks
    The latest update does not sync my Apple Watch activity. The rest of the app is still good. Please fix. Thanks.
  • Fixed 4/5

    By Boodee330
    My steps sync now, but the navigation could use some optimization.
  • Constant updates 1/5

    By scottmcdonald1977
    It seems like once a week there’s an update and It resets all of my personal settings. I gets extremely annoying. Since the latest update unless you log in right before bed you will lose your steps since the last log it.
  • Stop updating 1/5

    By grknss
    Unusable since update again. Almost every update makes the app useless.
  • Fun and fitness in an app 5/5

    By kitchenwalker
    I love this app, there are so many ways to earn points. Easy to sync with my device. I love the daily challenges and cards. I’m having fun while I get fit!
  • Nice app 5/5

    By catoe diem
    It’s awesome to use since I monitor my activities in a day and it inspires me to do more for me to improve my healthy habits toward a better quality of life
  • Heart rate track 1/5

    By kukuzana @ A
    It helps to track ones fitness
  • Let down 2/5

    By lissa309
    Have used this app daily for almost a year to participate in a work incentive program and was very happy at first. However, I noticed that I started having real trouble logging back in after an update. At the close of last quarter I was unable to even get a cursor to appear to enter my username, despite many tries over several days. I don’t have a computer at home and wouldn’t be back at work until a few days after my challenge had ended, which resulted in failing to reach my goal by just a few points (and $20! But, that’s not the point). It was disappointing because I had worked so hard for 3 mos. to reach 16,000 and had nothing to show for it. Oh, well...hoping this gets figured out at some point.
  • Just got 5/5

    By Yoly1968
    So far it’s just what I need
  • Not very autonomous/intuitive 3/5

    By singsongacol
    I agree with other reviewers that the app shouldn’t wipe my syncing method with every update. I am also annoyed that if I want the widget to update, I have to go into the app, defeating the entire point of a widget.
  • Mahalo (thank you) 5/5

    By Maui Craig
    I like the accountability and tracking of points.
  • IWatch Steps and active minutes not counting 1/5

    By Balajiarun
    All my running and steps with iwatch are not consistently captured in this. It only syncs occasionally.
  • Me 5/5

    By LadyHolla
    Virgin Pulse keeps me on my toes.
  • Literally a piece of crap 3/5

    By crkeen
    Every time the app updates it turns off all syncing to iPhone and Apple Watch and you have to go in every time and turn the settings back on, sometimes multiple times a week (depending on how often the app updates). I’m not sure why my company and health insurance provider chose such a poorly designed program.
  • Since updates my app doesn't work 1/5

    By saw3016
    Since am update about 1 month ago, my app is not working right. I am an Ohio Health employee and we get money back for our participation. I have to logout and log back in everyday and then when I switch I between healthy habits and stops working! Very frustrating.
  • I Love Aspects About This App 5/5

    By I<3Pintrist
    The app led me to FitBit, and helped me lose the weight I had goaled ❤️
  • Virgin pulse 4/5

    By UNGOYka
    Nice apps great app to track your daily activities
  • Unauthorized data 1/5

    By FatElectrician
    I turned off iPhone step. Fitbit successful connect. App still uses iPhone steps I did all the steps delete app restart phone Reinstall app Still it access my data without authorization.
  • I loved it but not so much anymore 2/5

    By Jojoacv2
    I used to love this app. We need it at work in order to cash in our points towards HSA. Now the app doesn’t sync my steps with my Apple Watch. Grrrrrrr. What’s the point of a fitness tracker app if it doesn’t sync to your fitness tracker???
  • Pebble no longer works 3/5

    By Putti buddi
    Since the update my pebble no longer records steps. It is showing up in my Apple health and on my pebble app but it won't sync to virgin. Forget pebble. I moved to the Apple Watch and everything works again. Except for sleep :(
  • Always crashing 1/5

    By HollyCNU
    The app is always crashing. I bought the max buzz fitness tracker to go with it and they never sync properly. It often does not give me credit for my fitness tracker steps and will only pull from my iPhone. I get a discount on my health insurance through work by using this app and it is the reason why I will not be earning my discount this quarter :(
  • Opens, Then Does NOTHING 1/5

    By Maat13
    Not automatically updating like it should, not letting me do anything either. So sick of this app not working—problems since December. Sometimes it works, then nope!
  • Wont sync 1/5

    By Tboo14
    I’m losing steps because my max buzz won’t synch to the app. It is however paired to my phone but the app will not detect the device.
  • Journeys 5/5

    By gud heart
    I love challenges 👍🏻👍🏻
  • Support not helpful 1/5

    By Teddyntyson
    Unfortunately we have to use this app for work to get insurance money, but app doesn’t always work and when you contact support through chat they don’t help you. I am not sure that they know how to use the app, if THEY ever have to use the app, but they never seem to understand what the problem is, it’s a lot of back-and-forth and a huge waste of time.
  • Security upgrade? How bad is your security? 1/5

    By TravelPC
    As others have noted numerous problems with the app... so won’t highlight them again. The app keeps saying “due to a security upgrade you need to log in again, sorry for the inconvenience” . I’ll understand if this is an occasional inconvenience. But if every two weeks I have to login because of a security upgrade, there is something really really really wrong with your app or your security. Which tells me I really should not be using your app...
  • Log out issue 1/5

    By nonono5432112345
    The app would be great if it didn’t log me out every couple weeks....very annoying!
  • Frequent Updates 3/5

    By geoffd27
    Generally the app works good. There are frequent updates, however, that require the users to re-accept the setup of the app (including having to go through an app walk through as well as having to re set up tracking devices.) If you are going to keep frequently updating the app , can you bypass all the re set up stuff and keep our settings and devices from before the update? Thx
  • Need sync with MyNetDiary 3/5

    By Jitterbug01
    UPDATE: I received multiple emails stating that VirginPulse wanted to investigate this further and I should contact support... which I did (04/27 @ 9:23am cst - in case support wants to find my call and listen to the recording)... WHAT A FREAKING NIGHTMARE!!! The support tech basically told me it was a automatic letter and there was nothing he could assist with - I realize he’s probably not the app support team, but he could have at least put me in contact with the proper person/team. He and I went round and round until finally I was so frustrated I said “I’m done” and hung up on him. If this rating wasn’t directly related to the app, I would drop my rating to 1, because their customer service was pitiful! Not everyone in the world uses MyFitnessPal as their nutrition/activity tracker. I, and many others, use MyNetDiary. Within my organization, we get health points and ultimately a health bonus ($) for tracking this information. I do not like MFP, and because I don’t use it, I am penalized for it. PLEASE ADD SYNCING WITH MYNETDIARY! Thank you. Once this sync option is added, I will change my rating to 5 stars.
  • Reminder 5/5

    By Mesososad
    This app helps remind me to think about my overall health on a regular basis.
  • Any worse and it would cease functioning altogether 1/5

    By BrewRef
    2/12/18 If I could stop using your app I would. If I could give you a zero rating I would. I’m losing money that I could be earning from my company because your app won’t sync. You stink! 2/8/18 I don’t understand why you can’t fix basic functionality. Still doesn’t reliably sync with Fitbit app. The only reason I put up with this crappy Virgin Pulse app is because my employer gives us discounts based on VP points. The problem is that the app is so lame, it doesn’t give credit for activities done. So what good are you? Not much. More aggravation that function. If I could give you a zero rating, I would. 1/7/18 The last update is horrible! Restarting the app 3-4 times just to get it to sync. It is on the verge of useless! 1/4/18 Runs even slower and doesn’t sync at all about one time in 3 or 4 - has to be restarted once or twice to sync with Fitbit and reset menus for current day. Still generally terrible. 10/22 update: here we are a year later and this app is as bad as ever. Still doesn't reliably sync with Fitbit. Still can't deal with time zone changes (even tho my phone does). Unbelievably bad. Wouldn't use it at all if I didn't need it to get discounts on insurance at work. Fitbit app is way better for just about everything Virgin Pulse tries to do. Pretty sad, and occasionally frustrating. Poorly designed app. Requires logging into the web site for certain functions that could/should be handled by the app. Can't even deal with time zone changes. Really? Virgin, who run an international airline, can't deal with time zones. Amazingly bad. Doesn't sync with Weight Watchers food log - no one wants to enter data twice. Does not sync reliably with Fitbit Charge HR; takes at least two tries to sync, sometimes won't sync at all. Major updates needed to bring this app up to 2010 standards.
  • Password annoyance 2/5

    By gabelle
    Without fail, every 3 weeks (like clockwork bc I’ve started to mark the days on my calendar) it will spontaneously log me out, and when I go to log in it says my password is invalid. I then go through the reset process and use the password it just rejected multiple times and it says I can’t use the same password that I just used, so it was obviously correct. So then I have to recreate yet ANOTHER password (I’m now on my 5th one) that I guarantee you will somehow become invalid in exactly 3 weeks. I’d give it 5 stars without this.
  • staying activity is awesome 5/5

    By shiearl
    It’s awesome. I feel more happy.
  • Paul Panakal 5/5

    By matureaging
    This has been very motivating, inspiring and positively pushing to do things for mental and physical wellbeing.
  • Rewards in app are $0 2/5

    By Terryfly
    Uninstalled/reinstalled but the app still shows $0 in rewards even though I have a balance when I log in on a computer. Update April 20, 2018: I chatted with Emir from support and provided screenshots. Emir said, “I’ll have to check with our tech team.” So then...go get the screenshots I sent him. And yes, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app before I wrote my original review.
  • No longer syncing steps 1/5

    By Klus263
    Since the last update, the app will no longer sync steps from either iPhone or iWatch. I have to manually add. Very disappointed since this is affecting challenges I have been in. Please fix this in your next update!
  • 👍🏻 5/5

    By 897adnDIazzz
    Great daily reminders and motivation to keep yourself healthy
  • Used to be good... 1/5

    By Hindude13
    This app has send to be good. Ever since the update it has stopped importing my steps from the Apple health app. With that feature not working, this app is useless. I will keep this review updated if they ever fix this major issue.
  • Keeps me very active 5/5

    By kham2829
    Keeps me active
  • Broken update 4/5

    By Scorpial
    I think the new version 3.1 fixed an issue with my Max not being able to sync. But I had to manually reconnect my Max under the Bluetooth settings menu in iOS to get it working. Not sure what went wrong with the last version that broke the sync 🤷‍♂️
  • Ok but there are issues 2/5

    By Hughbert Quisp
    Overall does an okay job of very basic self-tracking behavior and (for me) was easy to get in the habit of entering info every day. It is limited in capability and lacks much in the way of functionality. Where it really falls short is tracking steps. I have a MaxBuzz wrist device. The app does not accurately counts steps - and sometimes just stops recording. I have noticed this in several different scenarios but especially when flying. I travel a lot for work and noticed the app gets locked up when I get off the plane. I recently got off the plane on concourse B in Atlanta and walked to baggage claim. That should have been at least 1000+ steps. Instead, it recorded zero steps. I tried turning the phone off/on but the app refused to update. This happens too often and is very frustrating. Maybe it can’t handle the phone being put into airplane mode. The app also doesn’t recognize my time zone no matter how many times I enter it in the profile; it always shows the last sync time 6 hours ahead - as in UK time. I am at home today and logged my stats first thing this morning and checked my steps through out the day but the app says last synced yesterday. This app could be so much better if they would put some effort in the development.
  • Constant Login Issues + Password Requirements 1/5

    By rgyure
    After recent updates I have constant login issues. The app will kick me off and I am required to login again. There will be some kind of error and my account gets locked. The password requirements are wayyy too ridiculous for a health app. Good luck.
  • Makes me self-competitive 5/5

    By Finally 40 and fab
    Love this app, it helps me reach my goals and set new ones...setting higher expectations. Wish I would have done earlier.
  • Surprisingly bad 1/5

    By lrpiccolo
    Badges disappear then reappear at random, clicking on one trophy opens up data for another, the rankings icon refreshes to show the step count number instead of the ranking number. The step counter does work well, but the rest is VERY glitchy.
  • Password reset again 1/5

    By blew888
    I use this app and my old password doesn’t work again. I also forget the password, now I have to keep resetting the password to a new password, frustrating when you cannot use the same password. I think I have generated 10 different passwords and I have to create a new password again. Also, a security update asked me to login again. This time I sent myself the new password to my email and it doesn’t work!! This has happened multiple times. Developer needs standardize passwords just like other apps.
  • Great APP ! 5/5

    By Thadeous VonSlapp 3
    It keeps you moving and aware of your activity, or lack of..LOL. Let's get moving people
  • App review 5/5

    By Brittie21
    Love this app!!!
  • Each update makes app crash 1/5

    By XX918273
    Worst development team there is: after each update the app crashes up to next update. Who cares about newest and greatest if it does work?
  • Inaccurate Daily Point Distribution 1/5

    By mikemilzz
    App is buggy and unreliable to issue the points you should earn in a day. My company uses this app to distribute quarterly incentives and Pulse will regularly not give me the points I should receive in a day. One example is doing 45 minutes of workout in a day and taking 11,000 steps in a day - Pulse will give you 110 points for the steps but not the 140 points for the workout time. Doesn’t sound like much but 30 points a day across a quarter adds up and could mean I don’t earn my medical plan reimbursement. Considering that Fortune 500 companies use this app to financially incentivize employees, I expect a higher level of accuracy.
  • Address your updating issues. 3/5

    By dirtbound
    For day to day use this app serves its purpose, but every time there is an update or a backend security fix the exact same issues occur. 1: The Connect to Apple Watch slider gets toggled to ‘Off’. Because I’m mindful of this I’ve managed to fumble to the setting within a few hours to sync my activity properly. Here’s an idea though... don’t disable these settings. 2: The stats section gets completely populated again, meaning that all the categories that I’ve intentionally disabled are flipped back to ‘On’. Here’s another idea... don’t enable these settings. There is a reason people set their preferences within an app... it’s usually due to those being their preference. Use the data we provide in the way we want it displayed. Stop resetting crap to default settings every single time you fix a bug or require a re-login.

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