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Getting a ride: on your phone. Dinner: on your phone. Brutally awkward flirting: on your phone. And it may have taken a while, but now your phone service is right where it belongs: in an app. On your phone. How’d we do it? We took out the stuff you didn’t need and added a bunch of the things you want. With Visible, it’s all in the app: • $40/mo all-in for unlimited messages, minutes, and data at speeds up to 5 Mbps. • On Verizon’s 4G LTE Network, the fastest and most reliable network in the country. • Purchase a new phone, with financing and Visible Protect available on most models. • Free high-speed mobile hotspot. • No stores, annual contracts, or hidden fees. • Free next-day SIM delivery. • Actually helpful customer service via live chat and social. • No more awkward breakups: This is the only relationship it’s okay to end over text. • Pay how you want: Apple Pay™, Venmo, PayPal, and credit cards are all fair game.

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  • Freedom thanks to visible 5/5

    By Schnitzelears_on_the_road
    I work online as a German teacher and I meet my clients on Skype or Zoom, what requires a lot of bandwidth. Before we switched to Zoom, I had to spend days in Starbucks, etc. for reliable WiFi on the go. Now that we switched to Visible, I can literally work from anywhere in the USA. I was sitting on the Texas beach the other day and connected my laptop to my phone hotspot and worked from there. Visible has a much better signal than my previous provider and it's truly unlimited- for 40 USD a month. I'd take that (even with some occasional hickups) over any other more expensive providers anytime!
  • Promotion lies 3/5

    By bellaxprincesa
    I activated my service in December and paid 2 months and their trying to tell me I’m not eligible for the $50 gift card in which I am especially when my account shows my service was activated In December but yes let’s lie because you don’t want to give a loyal customer a gift card they actually earned and were eligible for 😡
  • Not great 1/5

    By lensoflove
    Using Verizon’s network visible should have the same dead spots as Verizon. However, it doesn’t work more than it does. The price point is for slower speed unlimited, not poor connectivity. It isn’t any of “our” fault they fail to deliver a positive experience. Porting alone is a disaster of a process.
  • The Best Phone Service in America! 5/5

    By Hammy_B
    This is by far the best service I have ever had for a killer price. I highly recommend everyone to switch l!
  • Impressed 5/5

    By ekallday123
    I recently switched to visible from boost mobile, so the bar was set kinda low, but I have to say that visible has well exceeded my expectations. The customer service has been excellent, and I much prefer live chat over calling a real person. The app has a few bugs, but nothing to complain about. Switching my number over was also a breeze. Just be sure to get your account number from your previous phone service before you sign up for visible. The 5mbps speeds (which I was skeptical of) have been reliable and plenty fast for using Spotify, google maps, instagram and YouTube. I haven’t noticed any lag or compromised quality. Also the mobile hotspot has been awesome as well. Where I live in New Jersey, the coverage and call quality from Verizon is noticeably better than sprint/boost, so I am a happy customer. Definitely recommend this service and hope you’ll consider giving it a try.
  • Not good not bad 2/5

    By 23*75=#4786
    The service is ok, it’s probably worth the $40 a month. There’s days where I won’t get text messages from certain cell phone providers. It seems to be specific to one provider at a time. For example few days ago I couldn’t receive texts from anyone on Verizon. If I turn my phone of and back on the texts all come in and it works for a few days. Then I’ll need to reset it again and again. Seems like it’s best to reset the phone once a day. When I say reset I mean power it down and back on. Today I wasn’t able to receive texts from friends on AT&T’s network. I turned my phone off and back on and my texts came in. The absolute and only way to contact customer service through the app and they task you to do the regular stuff to fix it. Reset phone, reset network, check that your software is updated, check that your app is updated, do a complete factory reset ( yes they literally asked me to do a factory reset). After all of this didn’t work they asked me for the phone numbers of the texts that weren’t going through. 🤦🏻‍♂️ I explained any and all numbers from AT&T were not coming thru. The rep explained he would need the phone numbers in order to do a diagnostic ticket. I like anybody else was not going to give out my friends and family personal contact information. I concluded the online text chat and thought I should just share the information with everyone. In conclusion it’s worth the $40 but it’s one of the situations where you get what you pay for, The Internet is slow, you must dial an area code for every number you call even if you’re in that area code, The phone service is spotty but not too too bad.
  • Bummed & Confused... 2/5

    By cWill5184
    My potential 5 star rating turned into a 2 pretty quick. I noticed the ad for their service on a website last night & it sounded perfect, because I'm considering leaving AT&T. So I downloaded the app, signed up & created an account then went through the compatibility check. No bueno, apparently I’m not compatible. Huh? I have an iPhone 7 Plus that I got from AT&T. I checked the FAQ section afterward & it said that iPhone XR & 2 models of the 7 AREN’T compatible with their service. So now I’m wondering why MY 7 plus isn’t compatible, but in their store, they have BOTH the 7 & 7 plus available for purchase... but “2 models of the 7 aren’t compatible” according to their FAQ section. Bummed & confused... 🤔
  • Really bad 1/5

    By 5836
    This is a young phone company. It is very reasonably priced product. It does have bugs in the service. They are working on fixing them. If you can live with these problems then this is a great value. It is only $40.00. It also includes a hotspot. Customer service leaves a lot to be desired. If it is verizon’s system it should not have dropped calls in the same area they don’t. Also their response to problems are slow taking 1 to 5 days to fix. Leaving you with out service. Please be careful when choosing this company.
  • Great company! 5/5

    By Cartel gee
    Visible is really great especially for what you pay. If you just want one line to pay I would choose them. They are easy to work with if you are someone who hates talking to customer reps. Plus, the service is awesome considering they use Verizon’s awesome coverage! I wish I could post a picture but they have sent me a ton of stuff for being a customer. Never had a phone company do that.
  • So great! I love Visible! 5/5

    By NateGrand
    I’m saving $60 a month using the same towers (Verizon) and loving every minute of it! I haven’t noticed any more lagging or dropped calls than I had with Verizon. Perfect for me and just what I wanted/needed!!!
  • Some issues 2/5

    By andrewornot
    I like Visible, but I keep having problems with SMS. I’ve already been through Visible support, who told me to enable Airplane mode for 15-20 seconds, then turn it back off. That works, but I’ve had to do that twice now. Not sure if this is an issue with iOS or Visible, although I haven’t had this problem until I switched to Visible. Also, app notifications don’t work. The dialog box to enable notifications doesn’t appear.
  • Great service ; useless app 4/5

    By dcddonnelly7
    I love this service already and it's been 3 days. I get more than the 5mb, I get around 5.50mb upload and download speed. Some older reviews say the service is no good but the company is now available for the general public and I always have signal. The app needs improvements. Some things just don't make sense for one the home page is horrible. The 3rd tab should be the home tab. the middle tab should be at the end.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Jdsibsuganlrj
    Speeds are worse than dial up 90% of the time. Had the service for one day, visible REFUSED to refund our money. We basically paid 80 dollars to have paperweights instead of cell phones for a day. None of customer services suggestions changed a thing. Save yourself the headache and spend a few extra dollars on a reliable provider.
  • Brooklyn 5/5

    By Imranuddin939
  • The service is great, but your due date is really the day before. 3/5

    By Ariel1293
    The service on visible has been amazing during my first month. 0 dropped calls, no issues with internet speed or connection unless I’m in an area of town already known for having poor service. However, my first months due date is February 28, which also happens to be my pay day. I have to physically pick up my check in the afternoon and go cash it, so o don’t have the privilege of a middle of the night direct deposit, sadly. Anyways, Visible shut my phone service off promptly at 12:01AM on February 28. Of my bill is DUE on a date, I expect my service to remain intact for the entirety of that date. I’ve used many other prepaid service in the past, and none of the discontinued your phone service until the following the day.
  • An act of god 1/5

    By Blackcobra4494
    Signing up seems to take an act of god. Page redirects fail or sent to the wrong page frequently. Number porting is all kinds of messy. Info for the wrong carrier is given (im trying to port a number from ting and its telling me i need info associated with an at&t account).The app and website are slow. Overall i’m not pleased with the experience. The only reason i haven’t given up completely is because i’m familiar with the cell network coverage in my area and know i’ll get better service than what i have currently. Hopefully my issues will be resolved...
  • Buggy and bad customer service 1/5

    By Jason4446
    I’m getting full bars, but zero data or voice service on my phone for three days now, and Visible’s customer service has been supremely unhelpful. They just keep saying it’s high priority (which one rep said they might resolve in 3-5 days). In what world is that high priority? Please don’t get this app/service until they work out the network and customer service problems. It’s not worth it.
  • It not what’ll you thank it is 3/5

    By Galvant
    So I thought that phone service in an app meant I wouldn’t need a sim car this wasn’t true They will send you a SIM card with out charging you for free but the system they use for checking combatbilty is flaud they said my phone was compatible but when I pout the SIM card in it gave me the same problem T mobile did so this app was Bailey useless but I did get a free SIM card out of the deel and I could probly melt it down for gold so it get 3 stars instead of 1
  • Please improve Face ID. 4/5

    By ThəL
    It needs to blind the app when it’s locked. Also, when I turn off the phone with the app open, the Face ID goes to roop and won’t let me swipe up to unlock.

    By Alex_Andrea321
    Y’all hear me out...yah it takes 3-4 days to get the SIM card and work out the bugs .ONCE IT GETS ONLY THOUGHHHH!!!The service of Verizon with Apple Store customer service. I’m happy with the seeing and plan on keeping it as long as Visible is a company true to its great beginnings
  • Great service, terrible app 2/5

    By Mijuco
    It’s easy to understand that the service would have great coverage as this is just resold Verizon product, however, the app is currently terrible. It constantly says session times out and you have to re-enter all information, even with FaceID enabled. It also asks if you want notifications every time it is opened, even after you have indicated “yes” the last 20 times it asked
  • App 2/5

    By evadaa
    I understand that app is under development but it is horrible. I get no notifications. I have been trying to resolve issue with phone number transfer and cant even get to customer service. Also i placed order on sim 5 days ago and it only got shipped yesterday. So much for one day shipping. So far not satisfied.
  • Doesn’t have my address 3/5

    By Isaiahw2005
    Everything was good until I found out they didn’t have my address so I can’t order anything The quality of everything else was good
  • Finally!!! 5/5

    By Mikezgurl
    Great affordable service! No complaints whatsoever! I came from a different Carrier with full service and Visible is just Sooooo much better
  • Perfect for solo account 5/5

    By case135246
    I love how inexpensive this is for someone, like me, who is the only person on their account. Works so well, even with an older Apple phone like mine. Service has been wonderful, only issue is the voicemail but I check it daily. Seriously can’t beat the simplicity of this carrier.
  • Didn’t have problems at first 4/5

    By momty74
    Well I really love that fact that the service is only $40 flat out with no extra charges. That includes having truly unlimited data, text and phone plus I can get hotspot. I was hooked. I didn’t have any problems at first but then I started to not get text messages or calls. I didn’t know this until all of a sudden they would come in at one time. I’ve called customer support and even Apple. Done everything they said to do (even completely reset my phone) but nothing has fixed the issue. Other than that I think the service is great.
  • Beta but going strong 5/5

    By nickthenerd
    I joined early access when invite codes were still required and Visible has been alright for me. The perks have been great such as the little lunchbox of stuff and the $50 Amazon card. Service has been solid on the Verizon network though there have been some voice reliability issues. It’s to be expected since they’re using a totally new cloud-based IMS (think VoIP) to provide calls and texts. I still rely primarily on my T-Mobile line but Visible has worked just fine when I’ve needed to use it.
  • Now I can’t even use my old cell service 1/5

    By thankmyluckystars2178
    I have spent my whole day off chatting with Visible on their live chat. The initial sign-up is fast, the sim card also came fast. But getting onto their network is slow, and you may leave with less than what you came with. Here’s how my day went: I inserted their sim card into my phone and followed all the directions. My phone was restarted, updated. I also had service with my current carrier through the end of the month. The visible service doesn't start working, but I wait. In the app it tells me to contact them, so I do. In the end they send my ticket to engineering, and they say it may take 24-48 hrs. In the meantime, they tell me to pop my original sim card back in. It doesn't work. I have no service there either now. I ask visible if they know whats going on and they say “not at all.” They tell me to call the other carrier, because it’s their mistake not visible’s. I call. They can’t reactivate my account because my number has been ported over and they no longer have access. I tell visible this and they say that my ticket is in engineering and actively under review. I ask if I can just leave, and they tell me it'll be another 24-48 hrs to transfer it back. I get mad, and without asking me to confirm they begin the process of transferring it back. I have screen shots of it all just in case. They also just charged my venmo $40. Don’t transfer service unless you can be without a phone for a while. Don’t be surprised if the staff is unhelpful, but nice. Please let others know if you’re having issues, this has been a waste.
  • Not bad 4/5

    By UND Chem Eng
    The internets a little slow. But other than that I really don’t have any complaints it’s $40 a month and it’s a great deal. Buy it.
  • Unable to activate 1/5

    By BGO6
    I’ve gone through troubleshooting twice now with customer service. I’m unable to activate due to a delay in transferring my number, despite the previous carrier having the number unlocked and approved for porting. According to customer service it might take up to 2 days to hear back from whoever this is being escalated to. What Visible offers sounds appealing, but I wish I’d gone with another prepaid carrier that’s more established and has this kind of thing sorted out already.
  • I’m so happy with the service and price 5/5

    By Erick Servin
    I have no complains about pretty much anything, I do phone calls frequently and last mont my data usage was more than 50GB, this is an awesome service
  • Unable to sign in since latest app update 3/5

    By richierich1rd
    Since latest app update I cannot sign in
  • Pretty Satisfied 5/5

    By OliviaIero
    So I’ve been using this phone service for some time now and I’ve got to say I’m pretty happy with it :) for only $40 a month and unlimited everything, pretty neat. I have also gotten a few gifts from the company and it’s so sweet :’) what other phone services do that? When I was using Sprint I was paying $80 a month for crappy service where you couldn’t even use data while on a call. Visible pretty much already has everything you need in a phone service, I would say the only thing now is to bring in roaming calls where you get service in other countries. I rarely have issues with connection for data and for calls there are sometimes dropped calls but I’m sure it’s still a work in progress. I really 💜 this company and wish Visible all the best!
  • Happiest I’ve ever been with a carrier 5/5

    By chubs_
    The service was rough at the start about 6 months ago. A lot of the negative reviews on here are from that period. Since then it’s been smooth sailing. Customer service is also excellent and they have a cool brand going.

    By youdickholes
    I’ve been using visible for a quite so time now maybe a few months and of course they are new so not going to be perfect but you can’t beat the price. But I use it more than my home WiFi, data is always great. Now they have phones and a phone of their own. I WOULDN'T recommend using there loaner because it seemed like a scam because they ask for your personal information to “check your bank account” (Never give your bank account login to anyone). But a great phone service.
  • 2wk transfer finally resolved *update* 4/5

    By TheycallmeElla
    Changed from 1 star to 4, explained below. Would be 5 stars if some concession and apology would have been made by the visible team. After creating an account with visible and trying the service I had an awesome experience so I decided to create a new account to transfer my number and become a full time visible customer. I did not cancel my service with sprint, I followed the transfer instruction to a T. The app promised a 48 hour transfer. It was a 2 week transfer. I’ve received two SIM cards, neither worked. I spoke to countless optimistic and seemingly amazing support staff that each promised to resolve my issue ‘soon’. Each walked me through the same 1) take sim out 2) power cycle convo and each time the problem was not resolved. I escalated my ticket and chatted with supervisors who made the same promise that the developers are working on it. No one has proactively reached out to resolve my issue, of offer any temporary solutions to ease my transition. I even asked for an extension on my original Visible line since that one ended but they were not able to offer anything for the major inconvenience they were putting me through. I reached out multiple times daily asking for updates, only to hear that they are still Working on it. *update: 2 weeks in and I finally got an email saying the issue was fixed by the development team. [Insert happy dance here] So far no issues and I’m back to having a great experience with half the phone bill. I do think the support means well and they are trained make sure people go through standard procedures that may help resolve the issue BUT they also make empty promises that they are going to be able To help you resolve which after a while makes you feel frustrated and angry that they keep promising to resolve. I personally would have been happier if they would have said that some rare support tickets can take 2 weeks to resolve. And then offer me some sort of concession like a first month of free service for the trouble. Ultimately this had a huge impact on my ability to conduct business during this time so consumers are taking a gamble and should expect to wait up to 2wks to get service going. For me it’s worth it the bring my bill down if service continues to be as good as it was during my trial. During the trial I didn’t notice any difference on speeds and I am a power user of apps and video. I will continue updating because I know many people like me, were super curious about Visible. My phone is an iPhone 6s if that helps anyone make their decision.
  • Finally 5/5

    By hgttgjui
    A service with unlimited everything, including hotspot. What is not to like. And android is coming
  • Amazing. 5/5

    By F00BYY
    Let me just start this off by saying my expectations were super low when moving to Visible. This is also the first App store review i’ve made, which should tell you how great this app really is. But it’s really insane how well it ended up working with me. I haven’t had any issues of there being no service, but I do live in Silicon Valley, where there’s data pretty much every where. The data is unlimited, and holy sh** it’s actually fast; it’s faster than my wifi. I had an issue where it wouldn’t let me register/get the SIM card shipped to me, so I did the live chat customer support where Chris (awesome guy) helped me figure it out. I just had to register on the website, not sure why. I used to have T-Mobile, and I’ll honestly never go back to them to have a LITTLE bit of fast data and then slow data I can’t even use. Thanks, Visible! Also, PSA, support startup businesses like Visible! :)
  • Visible is Fantastic! 5/5

    By Exnavyphotog
    I've been using Visible as a Early Access user and I find that their service is fantastic. I've even ordered the Visible R2 phone from them. I have had no problems with them.
  • I like it 5/5

    By mikenyg32
    Visible is awesome. The service is good. I’m using it on my iPhone XS Max. I hope to stay with visible for the rest of my life.
  • Love Love Love Visible! 5/5

    By dlgivens
    No issues since day one. I'm still on the Verizon Platform yet no more high bills. What could be better than that? Oh I know, now being able to buy the iPhone XS Max through Visible. Yay!!!!
  • Bumpy at first, be patient 5/5

    By cranberry_sorbet
    I’ll admit I got frustrated when I had no service while they tried to figure out why, but as soon as it was fixed I’ve not had a problem since. It’s worth the patience when it’s only 40$ versus 80$ for ONE GIG from AT&T. Me, my boyfriend, and best friend all have visible now :)
  • Excellent Service ! X Max ! 5/5

    By Bubisamongus
    I was reluctant at first but this service had been awesome! I like the app based setup and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.
  • Really great service for the price!!!! 5/5

    By FledPlayer 6 😫
    Was a little skeptical at first because I’ve never heard of it. Decided to try it and it surprised me. Really great service and there are rarely any places I don’t get service! Would recommend this if you are trying to switch phone companies. You won’t regret it!
  • Customer service is really frustrating 1/5

    By Mreynolds33
    If you could talk to a human to resolve customer service questions it would be way better. Instead, you type a question to a customer service rep who is clearly juggling a lot of questions all at the same time. The result is that you type a question, wait for a while, get half a response, clarify your question and then wait some more. I’d rather schedule a call back or something so I can go about my day. Multiple times I’ve had to end the process of getting help on the same issue because it just takes too long to get a response and I actually have to go back to work.
  • Fancy 5/5

    By Small Fry 1938
    Visible works good for Philadelphia/New York/New Jersey areas. Since it’s Verizon, I get cell signal 99% of the time. 😍
  • 4.5 Not bad Not totally terrible either 4/5

    By mrnick68
    Like anything that’s app based you can expect some bugs and hiccups! Never dropped a call, always crystal clear, 72hr port sucked and afew issues with receiving SMS replies fixed but not horrible. So all in all Verizon service for half price with afew bugs until fixed its to be expected when service was in beta.
  • It’s exactly what is promised 5/5

    By Attention:
    The bonus is customer service is helpful.
  • I’m loving it!!! 5/5

    By itsfefe'skids
    Well I’ve been officially an customer for and good three weeks and I’ve been referring people and giving out my referral code which is code 7edb6 anyways service works as advertised so far no complaints on my end. I’m waiting on three amazon gift cards and so are the people I referred so I just hope everything is legitimate on their end of the deal

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