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  • Current Version: 2.0.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Visible Service, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Visible Phone Service App

Getting a ride: on your phone. Dinner: on your phone. Brutally awkward flirting: on your phone. And it may have taken a while, but now your phone service is right where it belongs: in an app. On your phone. How’d we do it? We took out the stuff you didn’t need and added a bunch of the things you want. With Visible, it’s all in the app: • $40/mo all-in for unlimited messages, minutes, and data at speeds up to 5 Mbps. • On Verizon’s 4G LTE Network, the fastest and most reliable network in the country. • Purchase a new phone, with financing and Visible Protect available on most models. • Free high-speed mobile hotspot. • No stores, annual contracts, or hidden fees. • Free next-day SIM delivery. • Actually helpful customer service via live chat and social. • No more awkward breakups: This is the only relationship it’s okay to end over text. • Pay how you want: Apple Pay™, Venmo, PayPal, and credit cards are all fair game.

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  • Nope 1/5

    By Maylin222
    It’s been one week of no cellular service whatsoever. I can’t make or receive calls or use data. I’ve chatted customer service with no resolution. I finally received an email today saying that I’m experiencing poor call quality due to marginal coverage in my area. Lol, “poor call quality,” calls don’t even go through at all but are immediately canceled no matter where I am in Los Angeles. I’m trying to get a refund but their records are showing I’ve made over 9 hours worth of calls. How? Please, just give me my money back.
  • I would rate lower if possible 1/5

    By 098123820
    Absolutely terrible and unprofessional. Im going on the 5th day without service, while they keep claiming it has been fixed. I’m paying for data that I’m not even able to use. This feels like a scam. The customer service is TERRIBLE- they literally don’t let you talk to someone on the phone unless THEY contact you (if it matters enough). Just pure garbage.
  • Great 5/5

    By CarelessHades
    Service has been fast and reliable in every place I’ve traveled.
  • Pretty cool 5/5

    By adamalj
    First off, use my referral/promo code vzfZV when you sign up to get $20 off your first month, secondly, you can’t go wrong with $40/mo all in on Verizon with hotspot included. Port and activation were smooth as silk and I was up and running in no time flat! ...
  • Piece of cake. 5/5

    By Logan.riddlee
    Love it. I suggest to everyone I can. And they’re so friendly! On Visibles b-day they sent me a cute card with a pin I put in my work hat!!
  • Love Visible 5/5

    By beckerg
    Some people may complain about the speed but I used to complain about high phone bills. There really isn’t much difference in service and I like only paying 40.00 a month!
  • Thank 1/5

    By 5836
    This company has a lot of potential. As a start up it feels that 3-5 days without service is great. It is not you pay for a service you expect to use it from day one. Not 3-5 days later. It gives customers the impression your not a real company. This is a verizon customer switching to Visible. There should be no problems same system right. This was not the case. Your crazy to think I might stay with no service. Shame on your company for this perception it is unprofessional and takes away customers. Come back when you have figured out how to deliver great service and the product people are buying.
  • Oversold wireless spectrum 1/5

    By BrianDigital
    This is Verizon’s backbone. I live in NE philly btw. I am constantly getting No Service most places I go. Also getting not reception in my bedroom, with no WiFi calling this is huge huge issue. This is like being on T-Mobile back right when and the first android phone came out. Customer service is only text message based. Not good when you need actual help quickly. All and all I lost forty dollars for trying out the network 18 hours. This isn’t like the shill review in here making fun of people for not getting service. This is purely and oversold wireless spectrum, the wife and I were at the supermarket both on visable. She had a bar or service I have nothing, which indicates that there are too many people in the area that have Verizon handsets and not enough nodes on the tower to handle them and plus
  • I hope you don’t plan on going back to Verizon. 1/5

    By Visioneer5000
    Support # 17th person and counting .....
  • Use my code for twenty off your first bill 5/5

    By Ron628_2000
    Just use my referral code to receive 20 off your first bill : tRRGG
  • Average Service but Shady Company 2/5

    By janet and marcus
    The service is solid in Houston 50% of the time. I live 5 miles from downtown and I usually have 2-3 bars during the day and 3-4 after 8pm. It does not affect call quality that I can tell but it does affect internet surfing. What’s more annoying is when I enter buildings and the signal becomes weak or drops it often does not come back even when I’m outside until I restart the phone (6month old iPhone se). It will show no service. I have given it up to 5 minutes but without the restart it will still show no service. The shady part is that they were running a virtual MasterCard promotion where you get a $100 dollar “gift card “ after 6 weeks. Well I’m at week 9 and have chatted with them twice only to get a assurance of a fix right away but it has not happened. Asked for a credit instead since they clearly are stalling. No can do allegedly. It’s not worth the time to pursue further although it does not sit well with me. Maybe if enough people have that problem we can file...
  • Wack 1/5

    By trin4590
    Having the most difficult time trying to activate the service. Did everything step by step and it still won’t work
  • Love, Love, Love 5/5

    By WI customr
    I have homes in two areas of WI where most cellular service is bad at best. Not with Visible!! Very affordable and excellent signal, wow!!! Was really easy to order, and activate.
  • Very Good Service, Just be aware of the small drawbacks 5/5

    By Vince25reviewer
    It’s $40 a month..for unlimited talk, text and data on Verizon’s network. What more do you want? You don’t get Cadillac white glove service for this price. You don’t get a customer service line that will baby you. You don’t get a brick and mortar store to complain to. You don’t get blistering fast 4G speeds to watch HD video. Be realistic people!!! Based on my use it’s been more than sufficient. On the rare occasion I call people it works fine and never drops. The text messages always go through and work great, the data is..ok. Once in a while it times out, and in some areas the congestion will make the data pretty much unusable. This is any network. It’s 4G no legacy 3G network to fall back to!! Which means in some places there will be dead-spots. I RARELY run into them. With video it’s fine for 480p video on YouTube and Netflix, and at night I can get away with 720p. Music streaming is ok, loading webpages is excellent. Again this is dependent on your area and how congested Verizon is/backhaul etc. You also get to use your phone as a hotspot on your phone! It’s included as a free feature!! So far in my trips around California it’s been great!! The point is, it does what it needs to do!! And for the price it’s more than worth it. It’s the cheapest “unlimited” service your going to get so there’s absolutely NO reason to complain. You get a more than decent “unlimited” service on a huge reliable network for unbeatable price. Metro, Cricket, Boost, Virgin..I’ve had all the prepaid carriers. They don’t hold a candle to Visible. If you can live with the small concessions (and the occasional frustration) then it’s perfect. If you need blistering speeds, top network priority, brick and mortar stores or a 24/7 Customer service...this isn’t for you! If your not aware of basic phone troubleshooting or you need to be walked through everything by CS...this isn’t the service for you! If you want Verizon’s HUGE network for an amazing price and all the features the average person ACTUALLY needs ? Tired of overpaying? Visible is for you!! Give them a try!! :)
  • Very happy. 5/5

    By SFarmer:)
    I was hesitant about switching phone service because I was with my previous carrier for 20 years. With the service it is just as good, maybe better than my previous carrier. Customer service is great as well. Not to mention the $$$ that I’m saving!
  • Keeps signing me out, Face ID doesn’t work 2/5

    By mish4901al
    Love the service, zero complaints. But this app is just so bad. It logs me out whenever, and Face ID just doesn’t work with this. Please fix your bugs.
  • Loving Visible! 5/5

    By Christmasbell
    In the beginning there where some issues but that’s to be expected with any new startup. They have taken care of any problems swiftly and my service has been excellent. I recommend Visible to everyone!
  • More like INvisible 1/5

    By Jenève
    I have had my phone and service for about two weeks now. None of those days have I been able to send group SMS or photo messages. I have been completely without service for the past 3 days and the support team has done nothing. I also apparently don’t qualify for a refund. Don’t switch to visible, it’s a disaster.
  • Very Good! 5/5

    By MasterBC
    This phone service is great I took a 14 hour trip to Arizona a couple weeks for a vacation, and only lost service 3 times. And that was usually going through mountains so it didn’t last long because I had service back very quickly. My phones not slow YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Dish Anywhere app, etc ... I haven’t had any problems with buffering or anything. Love this service it’s the best service out of all of them with the best price.
  • Great service 5/5

    By Wes Hiatt
    Great service, value and payment options on phones (Affirm!🙆‍♂️) Only downside, no Apple Watch support.
  • Tom Anglin 5/5

    By TpaEl
    Got in early. Very happy with the service, features and price. Have had NO problems with it. Watch Netflix over the hotspot, always works great.
  • So far it's great 5/5

    By LoriD1986
    The SIM arrived to me the day after I ordered. I popped it in and activation was super easy and fast. They don't charge your account until activation completes. Not to mention the $100 prepaid card that you'll get after you sign up within 6 weeks of activation for new members and $200 if you port your number from your previous carrier. I tested the speeds which were not too bad and videos play in 480p which is like dvd quality. Another perk is mobile hotspot is unlimited... All this for $40 and no taxes or other fees... My Verizon bill was $191+$175 for new bill. They can kiss me goodbye. Can't beat all this for $40.
  • Apple Face ID? 3/5

    By kawirus
    Not sure why this day an age I still have to sing in. Service is ok hopefully things will keep getting better.
  • GREAT customer service 5/5

    By ladylauren7
    Not only do they have a live-chat on their website, but their customer service gets back to you within like 30 minutes and is so helpful. It made me feel secure so I signed up with my existing phone. Saving SO much money and it’s wonderful. If you have questions or problems, just live chat them because it’s like getting one-on-one help ASAP.
  • OMG 5/5

    By amineyukine
    This service is amazing I’ve been with them little over a week and I am so grateful for Visible. I hope they get to 5G in the near future that would be awesome. Thank you Visible
  • Update 3/5

    By sandro900
    After update the app is very glitchy
  • I did not find this to be a good service 2/5

    By Jaymcbee12389
    The primary place I use my phone is at home and I have never had more than two bars in my apartment. I have an iphone 6s plus, I updated it and still... two bars. In this day and age it is not acceptable to have to go to your front window just to take a call. I also find the internet and tethering to be quite slow. Worst of all, at least once per day my phone says “No Service” and it stays that way from 3 to 10 minutes and I just have to wait like a jackass to use my phone. That has never happened with any other service and I’m not sure why its such a persistent problem. Tech support was unhelpful, the only thing they will suggest is that you update your phone, that’s their only move. They also have no idea where you are in the world, apparently. My service person asked me if I was around any hills or mountains, which might explain why I never have more than two bars, but I live in downtown Chicago so the mere suggestion was laughable. I don’t think its acceptable for a company to say “I dunno, maybe its all the buildings or heavy traffic” when you ask for help. why are they guessing? Overall, I think $40 a month is way too high a cost for what they’re bringing to the table. I will not continue using this cell phone service after my month is up.
  • App never works 1/5

    By poplinhgy
    App never remembers me. Have reregister every time I open it. Tried to buy a phone but app crashes ever time I try to purchase. Would not recommend.
  • Absolutely horrible customer service 1/5

    By shiv1996
    Do not switch to visible!!! I placed an order through visible on a Friday and just minutes later realized that the address I entered was incorrect. So I got in contact with visible and was told it would be changed before the item ships, 12 hours later on Saturday I contact them again to ensure it is changed and am given the same assurance. Later that day the device ships to the wrong address so I cancel the order and was told that addresses cannot be changed once an order is placed (so I was previously lied to by different representatives). So I am told that Fedex would return the package to them and finally on Tuesday I get a call from their warehouse saying the device has been received and the refund will be issued. The refund was issued minutes later, so great! I can now place the order for the right address, wrong. The order needs to be deleted from the account before I can place a new order. That’s understandable so I wait a day. I contact them on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and am told that it will be taken care of within 24 hours each time. I decide to just dump the idea but wait, since they couldn’t remove the order yet I can’t even switch to another carrier since my phone number is in limbo. What’s worse is since I was ready to switch, my last day of service with my current provider was Wednesday and I was told by visible i would be able to have the order for the new phone placed by then. There is no phone number to call, promised callbacks and emails with status updates are all lies that are never delivered upon. For a company that boasts no stores and simplicity, they are absolutely and completely terrible at customer service.
  • Integrity = 0! 1/5

    By jaalamuffs
    I signed up under a promotion... I held up my part to pay the service charges on time but Visible never gave me my gift card as promised. When you speak to customer service, it’s different stories... I should not have to continually ask for something the company proactively offered. I don’t like being lied to! 😡 Bait and switch!
  • so amazing for the price 5/5

    By kirby nv
    Wonderful value and they send so many fun treats in the mail.
  • Good quality service 5/5

    By Hiydfgfddd
    I swapped from Verizon and have been really impressed with the service and call quality
  • Visible has been great so far. 5/5

    By Bo1d
    Ordered an iPhone SE through their shop and received it next day along with their cool sim kit. When you order through their shop you get free next day shipping. Loved that. Service has been great. Data is unlimited but limited it 5 mb/s. However since it is on Verizon’s network speed has been a solid 5mb/s or sometimes even more. For $40 flat a month you get a pretty good deal. Would recommend. Only issue I’ve had is a few automated verification texts not coming through. However turning on airplane mode on and off for a sec fixes the issue and the texts come right through.
  • Exact same coverage as Verizon 5/5

    By Verve love!
    I love the great coverage that visible provides. Having unlimited data is very nice. I just wish they had Wi-Fi calling for those of us that live out in rural communities.
  • Love the network, app needs help 2/5

    By Joeawsome
    So I love being a part of a phone plan that’s student friendly and offers a lot. I have told all of my friends to do the smart thing and switch over to visible, but this app needs some help. I don’t appreciate that I’m forcefully logged out of my account after a certain amount of time. I know it doesn’t take much to log in, but I’d prefer not to every time I open the app. There is also a bug in my app whenever I try to look at the store. It always rings up an iPhone 10, as if I was getting ready to put my shipping address in to buy it. I never asked to buy an iPhone 10, and this has been an issue for over a month now. I’ve tried logging out, restarting app, updating app, updating phone, nothing works. Whenever I go to the store I’m prompted over and over again to buy a new phone when all I want is to browse options. Whenever I back out of the purchase, it goes back to the store page but doesn’t load any of the content. Just a blank page. I love visible, and plan to use it for a long time, but would love if these small problems could get fixed!
  • It's OK 3/5

    By AbeCR10
    I decided to give Visible a try on my iPhoneSE. Pros: - $40 unlimited everything - Minimalistic company - Pretty good customer service Cons: - Service cuts off at least once a day for minimum 5 minutes - sign in required EVERY TIME you use their app. - 1 bar of service at home vs 4 bars with MetroPCS. - Phone battery cut in half due to slow data speed. - random phone calls at least once a day. - No international service - Being owned by Verizon isn't as impressive as expected. Overall it's a pretty decent cell service but clearly the cons outweigh the pros in my situation. I will try another service provider and maybe come back to Visible if significant improvements are made.
  • Stuck with no service 1/5

    By diplomatictiger
    I paid my $40 for the month of April. At about 7am on April 1, I noticed I had no data coverage. Long story short, I am still currently without voice or data coverage. I’ve jumped through the basic troubleshooting hoops multiple times advised to me by Visible customer service. They say my ticket is “open” and have repeatedly said they’re having a “specialist” look at the issue. First, I was told the issue would be fixed in 24 - 48 hours, then 3 - 5 days, and now unknown. I tried to switch back to the parent company, Version Wireless, and they’re unable to port my number. So my phone # is stuck in limbo between Visible and the Verizon mothership. This is an awful, awful situation. I *cannot* even make a phone call! Stay away from Visible Verizon.
  • If I could give them negative 5 stars I would 1/5

    By Cook4thanksgiving
    People talking about dead sports this and that. How about living in Los Angeles and not being able to receive or make any calls for 3 days. They said they have excellent coverage in this area. That is a false promise. In addition I was just in Vegas and was unable to make a call to friends because there was no service coverage there. Absolutely ruined the trip for me and I need to be connected Wi-Fi to do anything on my phone. Now I am back in Los Angeles and it is messing with my business. No one is able to contact me and I am unable to make calls in the middle of the day during business hours. It’s horrible. I switched from T mobile to this scam of a service. Don’t let the flashy marketing fool you like it did me. There is no substance or reliability at all. The price was so much cheaper I had to give it a shot because what did I have to lose. You definitely get what you pay for. Their trouble shooting was to turn airplane mode on and off. I hope they do figure it or one day because the idea is nice but the execution is laughable. We are all their test dummies as they try to figure it out. I could not recommend this less to anyone if I tried. Stay away. Just trust me!
  • I like visible 4/5

    By duncanmorley
    I like visible, it’s a good phone service and they have been great so far giving me all sorts of perks (mug chocolate and hat, $50 amazon gift card, etc). The only real issue is that about once a day or once every other day I will suddenly lose service, no reason why, but I switch my phone to airplane mode and back again and it always works again. If it were to ever not come back, that would be a problem, but right now it’s just a minor inconvenience, I would definitely recommend to others as it’s absolutely the best for the price
  • Read Me :-) 1/5

    By Hsjenellm
    I really was rooting for Visible but Visible doesn't live up to it’s sexy looking perks or much of anything it promises. $40 a month with unlimited everything and an unlimited hotspot really is too good to be true. Restarting my phone 15+ times a day just to complete work is far from acceptable and far from ideal. Over the span of 3 months or so, I went from having perfect service, to subpar service and to having absolutely no service this morning as I write this review to you all, using WIFI from a local Starbucks at 9 in the morning lmaoo. Tragic and embarrassing! Good job Visible, you’ve managed to get a nice $120-$180 from me, very good guys! I don’t blame the reps really, everyone’s gotta make a living somehow, but whoever trained Visible reps need to be forever locked away in a mental institution. Guys, I know you want service for less, I did too, but please run as far away as you possibly can from this application!! I spoke with reps about Visible’s connection issues, to which they told me to turn on airplane mode for 15 seconds or reset my network settings and I’ll magically have service again. Hahaha, nothing has worked, nothing ever will work with Visible. I want a refund of $40 for the month of March issued back to me immediately!!!
  • Connections lost causing hung session outages, require power cycle of phone to reconnect. 4/5

    By Matt_from_NC
    My wife and I each have iPhones and often while in the same location she or I will have strong connection and other no service. Sometimes it is her connection session out and sometimes mine. To re-establish requires a power cycle of the iPhone. My conclusion is Visable network lost connections ‘sessions’ are not reestabishing automatically. They need to fix this Business Critical issue. I opened a ticket with their support staff a month or so ago and asked that they contact me with the case number so I could track. I never heard back and the issue is still repeatedly occurring.
  • 3/5 it’s ‘aight. Compare your options. 3/5

    By Zebranch
    Been a customer for half a year now, and it’s been a wild ride. No Service happens at least once a month nowadays. Times may vary from 5 minutes to 3 hours or more. Back then customers had no service for weeks on end. Luckily for me, it was just one week. The unlimited text, call and internet for $40 is pretty nice. It was a helluva price to pay in exchange for some internal problems. Worth it though. I can’t stream 1080p most of the time, but I’m sure most of you folks can run 1080p all the time since I’m always at 1-2 bars at home. They have personal hotspot which is awesome, thank you for that. Customer service is a plus. Thank you customer representatives. Haven’t had a bad experience from them so far. When I ordered my phone, I never got a tracking number. For the sake of anxiety and panic.. Please do not state in the email saying you’d send a tracking number when I never received one. Ever. And I quote from the email, “To see your tracking info sign on to your Visible account and navigate 'view account' and then 'overview' on desktop (If you aren't seeing any tracking info yet, check back in a few hours)”. I hope to dear god this doesn’t happen to everyone who orders their phone. Still some great prices though. Thanks for that I guess. When I open the app I still get the "Stay in the loop" screen even if I press "Yes". It never goes away even after factory resetting my phone and reinstalling the app. I’ve done it twice, and it’s not on my end. It's been happening ever since the small overhaul on the app. V2.0.0 I’m guessing.
  • App feature 2/5

    By User98349
    Stop making me sign back in every time I tab away to answer a message or look something up. It’s annoying and unnecessary
  • Service and price are *chef’s kiss* 😘👌 5/5

    By AndyT2K20
    Loving Visible so far. Great deal going on at sign up. Shipping was as fast as they said it’d be. Customer service gets to you faster than most providers with actual stores. The app has occasionally been buggy, for non critical stuff like asking you to allow notifications even when they’re already enabled, but it updates and improves fast.
  • Excellent until “no service” issue 1/5

    By joyjay27
    Looks like a decent concept with potential but has a very big bug. Phone loses connection several times a day, no matter where you are. Most of the time it comes back automatically or else you need to toggle flight mode. Without this bug, it would have been a 5star review.
  • Won’t save login Info 1/5

    By Uicemon
    Keeps “session timeout” forcing me to log back in. PITA -iPhone 6 updated
  • Will the Developer respond to this comment? 1/5

    By tj bruse
    I’ve been attempting to buy a phone & service off you app & website since 18 FEB 2019, but have never made it past the screen where I enter my billing/shipping address. I get the witty message “Uh oh, I can’t validate your address. Let’s go back....”. I’ve chatted with your agents; explained the problem multiple times, wait 1-4 days for “Care Team” to send me an email that all is well, only to find that NOTHING EVER IS FIXED! my correct address was manually loaded on 25 Feb 2019... still never works. I’ve tried the “Google maps” recommended format, but that doesn’t work either. I’ve talked to at least a dozen different agents over the past 35 days - all willing to help but all are impotent in fixing this issue. SO, I ask you Developer: 1. WHAT are you validating my address against, because it ain’t working. 2. Does your CEO know that your App & website are turning away customers because your coding can’t validate my address? I would REALLY LOVE to review your phone service, but I can’t get there just yet... maybe some day.
  • Service decent, CS great, app poor 3/5

    By LennyOynnel
    With the app, I’m prompted each login to enable notifications, though I have them enabled. Also, regarding the Shop, I considered buying a phone, even got to the cart, but now I can’t empty the cart or view any phones offered due to a blank list of phones. App is buggy, but the rest of the service is fine for my needs
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Imalthia Shadow
    I just got candy and popcorn from this phone company. In. Love. Also, I had Verizon before, and I get much better service (and a waaay better price) through visible than I ever did through Verizon. I had some issues in the registration process, but the online chat they had helped immensely and the people were very kind. 10/10 would recommend.

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