Vivino: Buy the Right Wine

Vivino: Buy the Right Wine

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  • Current Version: 8.17.0
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Vivino: Buy the Right Wine App

With 30 million users, Vivino is the world’s largest wine community and the ultimate destination for discovering and buying wines. HOW IT WORKS • Scan: Take a photo of any wine label or restaurant wine list or search by wine • Learn: Instantly see detailed information about the wine and all available purchasing options • Review: Community powered wine ratings, reviews, average price, food pairings and more provided on every wine • Buy: To purchase, tap the green buy button and have it shipped to your door - always buy the right wine • Rate: Add your own ratings and reviews to build your wine profile and enhance your personalized recommendations • Track: Easily keep track of wines you have tried, including personal rating, notes and date consumed • Store: Free cellar tracking to always know what wine you have on hand in your collection STATS • 30 million users • World’s largest wine library with 9.2 million wines • 2 million wines viewed daily • 560 million wine labels scanned to date • 200,000 wineries featured KEY FEATURES • Buy the Right Wine: Vivino is the ultimate online destination for all your wine buying needs - the largest wine selection, personalized wine recommendations, free shipping options and honest community ratings and review • Crowdsourced Ratings & Reviews: Leverage reviews and ratings from the world’s largest community of wine drinkers to always select the best wine. • Restaurant Wine List Scanner: Always select the best wine from any restaurant wine list menu • Quick Compare: Pick the best wine right at the shelf by scanning multiple wine labels to instantly view ratings, region, price and food pairings all on one page. • Taste Profile: Track and organize your scanned and rated wines to determine your personal taste profile, discover new wines and see how you rank against friends and the Vivino community. Privacy policy: Terms of use: Please note that we are not able to reply to comments or questions left in App Store reviews. If you have any support-related inquiries or need assistance, please contact [email protected]

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Vivino: Buy the Right Wine app reviews

  • I’m in love 5/5

    By drew.wildeman
    You are not a wine connoisseur without this app
  • Ratings 4/5

    By Kikipaoli
    I think should be better to rate the wines on a decimal points basics. I have rate wines unfairly because of the way it is now...
  • Great App, just needs a bit of tweaking. 4/5

    By wine2727
    I love the APP, I just wish I could you didn’t have to give half star increments. Often I will be tasting three wines, and I’m forced to give them all the same rating, because I can’t give a 3.8 a 4.0 and a 4.2, even though I clearly have a favorite.
  • StarrElle 5/5

    By StarrElle
    Chardonnay is crisp, refreshing and dry. Very drinkable and enjoyable on a warm summer eve.
  • Vivino is the best 🍷 5/5

    By Zoee T
    Vivino is the best 🍷 it’s also fun to have and instantly have a little information from people who have a lot more knowledge than me as well as the opinions of those who just love wine. What it’s also taught me is that I have a distinctive preference in wines so it makes choosing if unknown a bit easier. Cheers!
  • Liked it before it became so difficult 5/5

    By Laguna Niguel Seller
    Used to be simple and easy to use. So many options now make it less user friendly.
  • Don’t Buy From Vivino 1/5

    By B-Sly
    I made my first purchase, 6 bottles. Delivery process cost me more than the wine. I had to stay home to wait for the delivery as they would not deliver unless someone aged 21+ was there to receive and sign. They never showed up on the day they said they would deliver as they said the wine had been damaged. Then they said they were coming the next day so I had to stay home another day. When the wine was delivered there were only 5 bottles. Obviously one had been broken as red wine had been spilt all over the packaging. I left a message with Vivino and sent them an email. No response. No sixth bottle. No credit to my credit card. It’s been a week now so I am posting this review. Don’t waste your time with this company. Go to the store to buy your wine.
  • Cellar doesn’t show all wines 3/5

    By José_luis
    When I see my user information, the Cellar function shows I have 26 wines. But when I enter the Cellar function, it lists just a few wines, showing I have a total of 9 wines. When I look for all my wines and open some of then, it shows me I have one or more bottles in my cellar, but it is not listed in the Cellar function. Is there a way to fix it? Something I am doing wrong? Thanks.
  • Gets about 90% on the label rec 4/5

    By SF 345
    Not bad...pretty good with the labels
  • My only wine app 5/5

    By NanaNoey
    I like it stores all my pictures of the wines I have had or bought ! Very accurate re: prices- I’ve become very dependent on it !
  • Filtering Feature 4/5

    By lele1432
    I REALLY love this app. I think my only issue/complaint would be it lacking the ability to filter based on my star ratings. Right now, you can sort based on Avg user rating, or sort on my best rated. I constantly want to go back and compare wines I gave a specific rating, but I'm unable to filter, on say, my 3-star rated wines. I have to sort based on my rating and then scroll for a while. This becomes more problematic the more wines I rate. Other than that, I love the app. It's great for following other reviews, cataloguing wines I want to try in the future, learning about particular wines, and storing my personal preferences and ratings on wines I've tried. I've even purchased from the app and had a very positive experience.
  • Love Vivino 5/5

    By I cannot live without book
    This app is so helpful and actually very convenient. Thanks!
  • A must for wine lovers 5/5

    By Maxd1990
    Gives you access to peer reviews of wines. Very easy to use + you can buy great wines from your home / office.
  • Deceptive marketing 2/5

    By das cabras
    While the app is good for scanning and learning about wines, I was very disappointed to learn how deceptive the marketing practices of the app is. I recently bought some wines which were listed as 57% off. Upon further research I learned the wine sells for $47 vs the $70 advertised by Vivino. Buyer be aware
  • Great tool for wine help 5/5

    By TakomaJ
    A wine bar in San Francisco recommended this app and it’s been a wonderful resource for me as I know very little about wine. Love the user reviews, wine details, camera to track labels I love. I haven’t bought any wine through the app but it’s a huge help documenting my wine preferences. Uncork and enjoy!
  • Extremely useful and educative 5/5

    By Elmir.misirzada
    I don't know who recommended this app to me a long time ago but I wanna thank that person. There are some wine regions that you can't find info about in the app, but overall this app doesn't disappoint.
  • Need help finding good wine? 5/5

    By DavidMoum
    Living in the land of beer, it can be hard to find knowledgeable people who can point you in the direction of good wine. With this app we have connoisseurs from around the world rating wines as giving pointers. I highly recommend it, as you’ll learn a lot about wines from different regions and taste wines you’ll never have tasted before!
  • The BEST of the best. 5/5

    By JLord1994
    Such an amazing unique app for all the wine lovers out there 🙌🏼
  • Great app, needs a better low connection way to work 5/5

    By Bamafutbal
    Love the app, not sure how so many people have so many wines rated? Do they go to a grocery store and take pics of every wine in there and rate them? In Publix, my phone had zero connectivity so I can even look up a wine to see what it’s rated. A definite must have app, just don’t worry about your rankings, use it to help identify a wine your unsure of and to keep record of those you have enjoyed...or not enjoyed
  • Fine Wine 5/5

    By Huntress75
    I truly love this app. It is so helpful when I’m standing in front of the wine display at Tom Thumb to pick the best
  • I trust this app 5/5

    By The Old Time Time Guy
    When I need advice, I usually take wine that’s rated 3.9 or better. Very reliable!!
  • Rating reality 5/5

    By calif. commonsewer
    Vivino compiles the rating folks like you and I give a particular wine. Pick up a bottle from the wine store shelf open the app and snap a picture of the label - If it’s your type of wine and several hundred people have rated it highly then it is very likely you will enjoy it well.
  • Fun learning 5/5

    By Valley ann
    Enjoy reading and comparing and learning about the wines.
  • Happy except for one thing 4/5

    By HoboLoco Inventor
    I think we should have the option to rate wines ate the upper end with more granularity. A 3.8 wine is not a 3.5 or a 4, yet I’m forced to choose. I suspect many of us tend to rate the 3.8 wine a 3.5 because it would feel more inaccurate to rate it a 4.
  • Must have app. 5/5

    By Vraniol
    Fast working app. Very useful. Users, just leave more honest reviews !
  • Always spot on 5/5

    By Johnny1951
  • Goede wijnen 5/5

    By mobi sunray
    De voorgestelde wijnen zijn zeer goed en voldoen aan de beschrijving die door Vivino worden gesteld. Zeer snelle en correcte levering! Prijs/kwaliteit zeker een aanrader !
  • Ótima referência 5/5

    By Nilsonic
    Oportunidade de contar com as opiniões de diversos países e troca de experiências
  • Vivino app is great 5/5

    By Summmz
    Track your wines for you to remember and for you to help recommend great wines to your friends. See how you’ve progressed in your tastes and wine knowledge over time. Great app. The Facebook for wine lovers!
  • Nephi 5/5

    By Snoozy Boozy
    Never suffer a bad bottle again, use Vivino, almost always steers you right
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By Brando yo Brando
    Great app and great as a cellar keep as well!
  • Vivino 5/5

    By Gogeta9000
    Spectacular companion for wine tasting, great instrument to expand your wine knowledge horizons.
  • Great App 5/5

    By wino Bob
    This app makes you an informed buyer!
  • For wine friends 5/5

    By Art-Casillas
    It is just an amazing application all around. You’ll always find the right answer and the best wine explanations as well as ratings. And the best recommendations.
  • Fabulous 5/5

    By pswonks
    Could not be better ,, love this app
  • Useless place to buy wine 1/5

    By Michael night10
    Half the time you can’t actually buy what you find because “something went wrong” appears which probably indicates your trying to buy something in demand. Conversely you can buy their “special buys/offers” at huge discounts on super highly rated wines “by them” to find out the retail price is highly inflated to show some great value. It really all seems like a scam at this point.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By cab-cam
    Sometimes an app comes along that you think, “how did I ever get along without this service?!” This is one of those apps!
  • Helpful 5/5

    By brigblue
    This app has been a good guide for wine Purchases!!
  • Shipping 3/5

    By JWB3
    The app was 5 star when they offered free shipping.
  • Best Wine App Ever!! 5/5

    By techmanninety
    Great app! Always checking Vivino before buying any wines. Been very accurate for my non sophisticated palate. Highly recommended.
  • Great Quick Way to Track and Rate Wines 5/5

    By Ramona T.
    My husband and I have been using this app for about two years now to select wines in the store and the restaurant. We also use it as our wine diary, identifying and tracking what we like and what we don’t, and have recommended it to many friends, all of whom have raved about it. I wish I understood a little more about its recommendation features to know whether I could trust them to recommend wines that I would like based off of my past selections. No bugs or problems that I have experienced, and I have repeatedly found full wine lists at restaurants we enjoy - that really helps to navigate some of those often-intimidating catalogs.
  • Perfect for wine lovers 5/5

    By Fyrprinces
    I love this site!
  • Tons of spam 3/5

    By jqb20009
    Cool app and it works well, but be aware you will get daily spam emails if you sign up. It takes about 5 min to figure out how to change your notifications and you have to through every different category of spam they send you to uncheck the notifications you never signed up to receive. Who wants emails about buying wine everyday?? :(
  • Vivino app useful 5/5

    By funnel1
    I enjoy using this app when purchasing wine. I like a bold red and have wasted a lot of money on bottles I didn’t like. With this app I can find out about the wine prior to purchase.
  • Great app 5/5

    By izzyasdoyv
    Easy to use and fairly accurate
  • Often wrong wine, varietal, vintage 2/5

    By Hattie's Dad
    Make sure to look very closely at what wine you’re interested in and what Vivino is showing you. It may be scoring a Ramey Cabernet when in fact you’re thinking of a Chardonnay. Same applies to appellations. If a wine is made from grapes grown in Alexander Valley, it will show you every other maker with grapes from there and often not the one on your wine list.
  • A Great App with Room to Grow 4/5

    By pkwilde
    A great app for learning about and picking wines. I appreciate the space to make personal notes. I would love a feature for grouping my favorites so I don’t have to scroll through everything I’ve listed/rated.
  • Wine’oholic 5/5

    By Hbmeesh
    I love this app! use it all the time especially when I’m at Trader Joe’s. I simply scan a bottle of wine thats $5 and I’m thinking that’s too good to be true! Read the app reviews and see it’s $16 so I buy my wine and I’m happy.
  • Ottima applicazione 5/5

    By Paolo Odierna
    Non ho mai comprato, perché in California non e’ cosi semplice comprare l’alcool online . Ma le valutazioni sono fatte veramente da amatori e professionisti e le schede dei vini sono veramente fedeli e complete .

Vivino: Buy the Right Wine app comments

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