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Vivint Smart Home App

The Vivint Smart Home app is a complete smart home control system that connects doorbell cameras, security cameras, smart thermostats, door & window sensors, smoke detectors, and more into a single user interface. Our simple, intuitive app eliminates the need to switch between different home control apps or walk through the house flipping switches by hand. With the Vivint Smart Home app, you get to live more and manage less. Note: Vivint Smart Home SkyControl panel and service subscription required. Call 877.788.2697 for free installation. With the Vivint Smart Home app, you can: • Arm home security systems from bed to sleep more peacefully • Optimize climate controls for comfort and energy savings at once • See and speak with front-door visitors from anywhere with Vivint Doorbell Camera • Remotely lock and unlock doors for visitors with Vivint Smart Locks • Get mobile notifications when garage or front door are left open • Operate garage doors from anywhere within cellular or Wi-Fi networks • Make sure kids arrive home from school with the Ping indoor camera Note: If you're looking for the app that supports the Vivint Go!Control Panel, search and download the "Vivint Classic" app. This software uses code of FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1. More information about FFmpeg, LGPLv2.1, and Vivint's usage of FFmpeg can be found in the app under Support -> Licenses.


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Vivint Smart Home app reviews

  • Alright 4/5

    By La Curiosa
    The danm app is alright it worked fine for about 1month after that it freezes on me it wont open up.
  • Getting worse 2/5

    By Grandpoopaw
    In the beginning everything seemed to work great, then noticed that one camera would pick up sunlight changes every 30 seconds all day long, but a person walking by wasn't detected. Then the doorbell camera stopped detecting people and half the time the mic wouldn't let you talk to the person at the door. Then one camera went offline and multiple calls and a technician visit, they replaced that camera for the 3rd time. Now....the outdoor cameras record as little as 3 seconds and at most 15 seconds of video when it should be 20 seconds. This all makes having cameras useless. Their response, spend more money and get the DVR. Well, if your equipment worked like it should, I wouldn't need a DVR.
  • Secure 5/5

    By ll2047
    This app is easy to use and fast to load. All I need out of this app I get. Mobile arm and de-arm, camera view and notifications.
  • Cameras 3/5

    By MRLTY
    The app works well when the cameras are actually working. We shouldn’t have to reset our panel every month.
  • Inconsistent 3/5

    By NvrQit81
    The app seems to work as it’s designed to on Android or Google based phones. I’ve compared the app on my iPhone to a family member’s Google phone. The live stream is choppy on my iPhone but fluid on the Google phone. I’ve restarted, reset my internet connection, my iPhone, the Sky Panel, everything! App is still choppy.
  • It works well most of the time 4/5

    By Casper89
    I only have the alarm, front and rear door locks, and one camera on it, but it works well most of the time. Once in awhile it shows a door unlocked when it is actually locked, so I couldn't give it 5 stars, but 4 1/2 stars is probably the most accurate rating. The other couple of times I had issues, it was due to the panel needing an upgrade, and once Vivint performed the upgrade, it took care of the problem I was having with the app. I would highly recommend this app.
  • Awesome and very cool! 5/5

    By Rich Carver
    So easy to use! Great to be able to arm/disarm our system from our phones. The options available to get notifications about your system and visitors to your door is awesome! Also, being able to see and talk to a visitor on your porch, while you may or may not be home is fantastic! Can’t believe I waited so long to get this system installed! Great job app developers and Vivint!
  • Doorbell camera? What now? 1/5

    By Cuprinsky
    Very exited to get a doorbell camera because it’s the “only one to be installed by a professional”. Wish that statement will make it work better in connection with the app. This app is BAD!!!! Takes forever to open when someone rings the doorbell (have tried in many instances, so it isn’t the internet connection). Something needs to be done, or Ring or Nest doorbell here I come.
  • Location 4/5

    By GoDZZon
    I’ve seen where some ratings for this app and comments are listed as “crap”. I myself said the exact same thing for months; however, check your location. I wanted my Sky Control box in a certain location and here are what my issues were: false notifications, having to attempt to close garage doors on multiple tries, cameras being offline, doors not locking from the remote app, etc. Location of your Sky Control box is paramount. Once my box was relocated it solved 99% of my issues. Also, your wireless speed MUST BE AT LEAST 25Mbps. Anything less is a waste of money.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Fatso122
    I love that I can control my security system from my phone!
  • Vivint Failed to work first day installed. 1/5

    By 1CindyLDR
    So disappointing to have Vivint installed and hoping it was all that AND a bag of chips. Unfortunately the tech (so nice) Left with the panel still charging and repeatedly sending errors (every 30 seconds) to my phone from the app stating: -Panel battery is low -Panel Is currently not connected to the home network -No power to panel I mean come on!!! Tech said it takes 24 hours for panel battery to be fully charged. Tech gave me his personal cell phone in case I needed questions answered. I called him before he got to the end of my street. He said just ignore the errors that’s going to happen until the panel is fully charged...24 hours. Okay I’m trusting he knows cuz he’s the tech guy. I leave I arm my house from my car From my app on my phone...soooo cool!! I get home a few hours later. Walk in and the panel is black and my home is unarmed. I touched the panel button and it reboots itself which takes awhile... I’m at the other end of the house and I hear the panel telling me to disarm it because now I guess it’s got power back and panel realized Ive entered and needs me to disarm. I call tech guy again he tells me to call support to have a tech guy back out to resolve the issues 🤨 Wait a stinkin minute this is the first few hours of being installed and It’s not functioning right? Panel cycles in and out of power and continues to send me error alerts every 30 seconds!! So I call customer support. Nice guy answered and looked at my situation. Said it was the worse he’s ever seen. Said maybe -panel came unplugged? Ah no duh 🙄 -outlet is a GFI outlet? (I literally LOL) no -the cord connecting panel and outlet is faulty? That I have no idea...maybe. Kicker is he can’t get another tech to my house to fix or replace the panel for 5 days. Really? I’m a new customer and definitely not a priority to Vivint So the beautiful ending to this story tomorrow at 6am I will be canceling my Vivint security system. They can just come and uninstall the system that never worked and failed to bring me peace of mind and all the other promises Vivint made in the greatest sales pitch ever by the nicest guy on the planet (Matthew in Utah) Great experience with everyone at the company, really so kind. But after reading all the reviews I’m not about to be locked into a 60 month contract. I’m out ...🎤
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By UptopJay
    Great App!
  • Cameras going offline 4/5

    By cskychance
    My neighbor and I had the same problem for months that the cameras would go offline. After many phone calls to customer service and having Spectrum , our internet provider, adjust the strength of the Wifi we both added another modem hooked to the Spectrum modem just for our Vivint cameras and we have never had a problem since. Long story short is that the internet provider did not allow for all of the video streaming needed to have the monitoring working properly and Vivint needs its own.
  • Worthless!!! 1/5

    By Duecebuster
    This app is completely worthless!! We have it for Home and business. Received an alarm activation and the cameras will not load!! Same thing happens at home when someone rings the doorbell!! I do not recommend Vivint products!!
  • Needs to update!!! 1/5

    By Hello friends
    Doesn’t work well, always show as my door is locked when is unlock, very slow to change the status We deserve a best experience for the price I pay. PLEASE UPDATE!!!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Purplekross
    Had some bumps last year, but the app works quickly and perfectly!
  • Issues with app 2/5

    By CorpusUser
    I have the same issues as noted by Jedimaster. I look forward to the app being upgraded to eliminate the annoying problems.
  • Missing features 1/5

    By Steven huseman
    It would be really nice if I could do a quite exit from my phone like I can on the panel
  • Inconsistent 1/5

    By Molokai Ike
    The App doesn’t work, the security system drops off your WiFi, other people show up on your bill. Terrible service!
  • App works fine on my phone 5/5

    By JimSmithtampa
    Just got Vivint a few weeks ago & have had no problems w the app not working. I currently have an iPhone 7 plus w IOS 11.2.5
  • Works Great! 5/5

    By Stangbstang
    This can’t get any easier, one touch and you can turn the system on and off!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Allah99!
    Easy to use and works great
  • *Edit #2* Orientation on iPad 4/5

    By Presdad12
    Is there a reason that the app is not compatible with landscape mode on an iPad? It would be great to use it as a secondary touchscreen mounted in another room of the house. All of my other smart home apps have the ability to work in portrait or landscape mode. Please work on this, Vivint. Thanks for fixing the issue I stated below regarding the cropped screen. Not sure yet about the Nest functionality. I updated the panel to 3.10 so I’ll have to give it a few more days or weeks before I can tell. I’m glad you guys added support on the app and the panel for Philips Hue lights but what about adding it for the Apple Watch? Any idea when this might be updated?? Thanks in advance! I’m pretty sure the “fix” you guys did for the iPhone X has caused an issue with the resolution on all other iPhones. Whenever I pull up a camera now, the image is lowered at the top and cut off at the bottom. Please fix this for users who haven’t made the leap to the X. Also, I consistently lose connectivity to my Nest. I have talked to tech support and performed a reboot on the Sky Panel at least 6 times and it will work for a few weeks and then stop. It’s not my WIFI.
  • This app is terrible 1/5

    By RoxzillaGata
    The app is the only thing worse than the actual Vivint products. Every time I want to go back and see something, that seems to be the moment it decides not to capture. App always says garage doors are open - but they aren’t. That’s why they have a four year contract, otherwise you would leave long before that. Every time they say they are “providing an opportunity for significant impovement” expect the app to me harder to use and less reliable than before you updated.
  • Issue 2/5

    By 2isaac31
    Every time some rings my doorbell and I am at work it does not let me talk to the person. I dislike this very much about the app.
  • Customer Service 5/5

    By Jd Arwood
    The customer service is amazing! What an honor to be apart of a company built upon a Christian foundation! My family is more safe and secure because of Vivint.
  • Needs to have a Landscape View for iPad Use 3/5

    By bosetb
    This app needs to have a landscape view for iPad use; it’s a real pain to flip your iPad around when using other apps...
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Brentwilson0524
    When I first got my system I had some troubles with the app. Talked with some techs a few times and they suggested it could be my WiFi so I had ATT come take a look. When you have the whole street using the same type of router the WiFi can over run. I wasn’t happy with ATT anyway so I went with another internet service provider and bought a very nice router firm amazon. First let me say that the new router has been up and running for 6 months now without a reboot! The crap routers you get for free for your internet service are not made to run the modern day home. I have not had one problem with my Alarm home system or the app since I got the new router. So before you believe the reviews of a horrible “App” ask them what router they are using! I bet it’s a free crappy one!
  • Buggy 1/5

    By sinfultreats77
    I cannot wait until my 42 months are over. I really dislike this app. The service is great, alarm works just like it should but the app is Crappy! I update the app but it still buffers, or give me an error message that the app is unavailable. I can be right outside my home attempting to disarm and it won’t work. This latest update hasn’t helped fix the kinks. I have to open the door, run to the keypad and disarm. What’s the point of the app? Please provide the option of a key fob!!!!
  • Great 5/5

    By Decarlo242
    Great app, very convenient
  • Top automation company in the industry 5/5

    By L'o (the real one)
    If you have the ability to understand that this is TECHNOLOGY, and isn’t IMPERVIOUS, to flaws and hiccups, you’ll love the system. You’ll see low reviews from people who expect things to ALWAYS work smoothly... this isn’t the case with ANY technology that exist on the market... companies like Apple, google, amazon, etc ALL deal with hiccups with equipment... get over yourselves and be realistic. Go try some of these other companies like ADT and slomins and let us know how THAT works for you. Lol these same people would come back begging for the service. #vivintSwag
  • Never works 1/5

    By jwburks
    Even with fast wifi at home or my ATT 4G LTE outside of home the cameras never load. Tap the notification and wait forever, by the time it loads whoever was at the door is long gone. Playback of my upstairs camera is nothing but total lag. Can’t talk through it due to delay, takes minutes after to actually come through and then is choppy and can’t understand what I said. Always tells me I left doors open... even came home from work a few times to find everything shut and locked. Terrible system and app. If they didn't make it impossible to break contract it would be gone. Basically a waste of $90 a month for 5 years.
  • App doesn’t communicate with the thermostat 2/5

    By Mazric26
    The app and the thermostat don’t properly communicate. I was told that the app works much better with Vivint’s thermostat and not the Nest. My response is then why are you selling products your system doesn’t properly integrate with.
  • Can’t control Lamp 1/5

    By Sadseasong
    I have a box that I plug my lamp into to be able to turn it on and off from the app in case I’m not home. With the latest update there is no option to power on the lamp. It shows the lamp under settings but no options to turn it on or off however there is no longer a “devices” tab.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Marín77
    Great security system!!
  • I agree with jedimaster0416 1/5

    By edwadway
    This computer is a big joke, I been having problems with the system every since I had it, it been about over 10 Technicians at my house, and even the Technicians say it crap, I wouldn’t give it one star, but the site makes you pick a star, over a year of crap, my system have cameras problems constantly, it so much of a problem, no one is trying to work on it now, I pay $100 a month got a system that down more than it runs, and the company knows, but don’t care
  • Could you put a panic option on the Apple Watch? 3/5

    By chandlerashley
    So I love vivint! The app doesn’t always work right which is frustrating. I used to never have issues with the app itself. I love that I can do so much through my phone. Recently my husband got a new job and is living away during the week. The thought crossed my mind that if someone tried to break in and I didn’t have my phone could I access the panic feature through my Apple Watch. I tried but couldn’t. Just curious if that would be possible. I don’t always have my phone and if someone did break in, using a Watch may be less noticeable than a phone. Thanks for all y’all do for us!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Techlady159
    I’ve had Vivint for almost 6 months. App rarely works with thermostat and requires frequent manual adjustments; works even less since latest updates. Vivint outside camera doesn’t catch movement accurately; may be because clips are too short. Door locks, opening and closing door notifications appear to be ok so far. This app has great potential but for now needs major improvements.
  • This System Is A Joke 1/5

    By P-Trzzl
    I keep selecting my notifications and the app would de-select my selection so I never get any notifications. And when I arm the panel to “away”, in the app it shows “stay”. I’ve performed multiple reboots following their call centers directions but still no change. Their customer service reps are a joke, left with a shoulder shrug “oh well” attitude. Glad I’m only on a 14 day trial so I can finally have this piece of crap system uninstalled!
  • Satisfied Customers “The Brown Family” 5/5

    By TheBrown's
    I love The Vivint Doorbell System. I like the fact that when we’re not at home we are able to answer our door and also see what’s going on at home outside and inside. This Product works very well for me and my family. I have already been telling my friends and other family members about how happy we are and to consider trying this great product.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Pinnamal
    This horrible app is useless. On a good week it only works about 50% of the time. It constantly freezes, displays inaccurate information, or doesn’t load. I can’t believe a security company can’t design a more reliable product. It makes me seriously question how well my home is actually being monitored. Disgrace! I am considering finding another security company just because of this terrible app.
  • Works great for me! 5/5

    By BabsInGreenville
    I use this app all the time to check on my kitty cats when I’m away. I also like the option of letting someone in remotely when I’m gone. Occasionally I might have some difficulty, however, the benefits far outweigh minor difficulties I’ve had. And that usually has to do with the signal where I’m at.
  • Internet and phone connection 1/5

    By Kylyyyyyyy
    I am not impressed at all with Vivint. Every couple of months we lose connection. If and when it is on line there is a lag in being able to use my cell phone to answer the doorbell. Again this week I will need to have the connection reset. Last time it took well over an hour.
  • Awful 1/5

    By jlsflapa
    Can’t set the notifications. You set them and then they reset. You arm your panel and all it does is spin till you do it a couple times. The app needs tons of work that I don’t think Vivint is willing to put in the time.
  • Heat and AC Never works on app 2/5

    By Max617
    What’s the point of having the heat and AC option on this app if it only works 10% of the time. Smart assist has actually cost me more money on heat and AC efficiency. It never works. I leave, and the heat is still blasting all day, even though the settings are set to lower when I’m not home. Can you please fix this!!!!? Most likely going to cancel Vivint - waste of money.
  • Very pleased 5/5

    By cabbsman
    I just checked on my family three states away. This is very nice.I was able to say good night to my daughter through the camera which was really cool. Excellent app.
  • 🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮 1/5

    By 23
    Sick of this App and vivint as a whole! App doesnt work, doesnt load and neither do the cameras through the panel! WASTE !!! 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Allison_holly
    Why do I spend all this money on a security system if I can’t look at video from my phone when I’m not at home? It’ll notify me my camera detected a visitor and takes 5 minutes to load? In that time who knows what could’ve happened!
  • Inconsistent 3/5

    By nmwpnut
    I had the doorbell camera install and I have often had problems with the talk button not working and the camera uploading clip. I also don’t like the fact that the clips are just 15 seconds long.
  • Love it!!! 5/5

    By Ginny E in MT
    Great customer service! Plan to switch from ADT on my second home to Vivint!

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