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Vivint Smart Home

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Vivint Smart Home App

The Vivint Smart Home app is a complete smart home control system that connects doorbell cameras, security cameras, smart thermostats, door & window sensors, smoke detectors, and more into a single user interface. Our simple, intuitive app eliminates the need to switch between different home control apps or walk through the house flipping switches by hand. With the Vivint Smart Home app, you get to live more and manage less. Note: Vivint Smart Home SkyControl panel and service subscription required. Call 877.788.2697 for free installation. With the Vivint Smart Home app, you can: • Arm home security systems from bed to sleep more peacefully • Optimize climate controls for comfort and energy savings at once • See and speak with front-door visitors from anywhere with Vivint Doorbell Camera • Remotely lock and unlock doors for visitors with Vivint Smart Locks • Get mobile notifications when garage or front door are left open • Operate garage doors from anywhere within cellular or Wi-Fi networks • Make sure kids arrive home from school with the Ping indoor camera Note: If you're looking for the app that supports the Vivint Go!Control Panel, search and download the "Vivint Classic" app. This software uses code of FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1. More information about FFmpeg, LGPLv2.1, and Vivint's usage of FFmpeg can be found in the app under Support -> Licenses.

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Vivint Smart Home app reviews

  • Love the system 5/5

    By compi32
    Have my doorbell Which is amazing, outdoor camera !! Amazing images and do the job
  • You are lucky if the app works 1/5

    By Slayr24680
    App is terrible. Doesn’t work more times than it does work. Live camera feeds never seem to work. Totally dissatisfied.
  • Apple Watch complication still isn’t updated 1/5

    By Taxidriver1138
    It’s been over a year now since the Apple Watch series 4 came out, and I still can’t use the Vivint watch complication on the new watch faces such as infograph and infograph modular. It can’t be that hard to update the complication for the new faces.
  • Brings Peace of Mind 5/5

    By Handmaidens baldly
    Worth every penny!
  • Videos won’t play on app 2/5

    By fisherman73
    My cameras suddenly stop displaying on my phone app. They played like clock work in the past. This needs to be fixed in the next update very soon!!!!
  • SECURITY 3/5

    By Portezy
    My 4-year old got my phone, and was setting and disarming the alarm. This brings me to my security issue. If not pin, face id, or anything... ANYONE can disarm my phone if they know we have Vivint. You may want to change this...
  • Rules by Day? Where are they? 3/5

    By Smeegs1
    Latest update claims they added rules by day, but you still can’t add them. I’ve wanted to be able to schedule the alarm to activate on weekdays for years now. Thought the day had finally come, but the function still isn’t there.
  • Continuing issues 2/5

    By ShouldBeASimpke
    Playback using my iPhone or iPad has issues of you go to the calendar and try to select a date - it doesn’t function. I have had my system going on 2 years now and I have had to call them at least once a week because the doorbell camera stops notify person seen and also the “events” section and playback have no markers that someone was at the doorbell so you have to scroll through all the footage. They have to “reset” both the panel and the doorbell and act like they don’t know of the issue - and again I have been calling for over 2 years now!!!! 30+ minutes of my time every week to contact them to fix this... this is not a “manage less” system!
  • Instructions 3/5

    By bsprogram
    Some people need written instructions for reference after the installer leaves.
  • The app is amazing but... 5/5

    By rambowidlambo
    It’s needs a layer of security before logging in to the app like a pin code other than that the app is greatly designed
  • You’re creating issues then supposedly fixing them 2/5

    By Nick name taken by me
    Playback wasn’t a problem before. Then it became one. Now it’s supposedly fixed. I have no idea why apps need continuous updates especially when it’s not doing anything new. I don’t even use the service like I did in the beginning bc you turned it into a headache. ‘Bugs squashed’ isn’t cute anymore. Hire developers who know what the hell they're doing.
  • App quit recording 1/5

    By Linktol220
    My app has suddenly quit recording. Whenever I open the app and tap on the camera feature it shows an image from Monday. It also has recorded any images since Monday morning. This is extremely frustrating.
  • “Command failed” 3/5

    By I_Blonde
    System worked great for a year, but now trying to change the thermostat from my phone results in a “Sorry, your thermostat did not change” message. Very frustrating that my thermostat can tell me “no”... Edit: now my smart lights won’t turn off when I tell them to in the app. App is updated to the latest version; not sure what is happening!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By dissatisfied in Brandon
    I hate this security system, my cameras will go up to 24 hours not recording. It never fails me when I need to see what happened it doesn’t record. A 5 year contract is crooked at the most. Don’t get this system
  • No longer works! 1/5

    By JonnyMcJonJon
    When I first started using the Vivint system and the app everything worked great. But a few weeks ago my panel and app updated and it has been a nightmare. My system is so delayed and slow now it’s basically unusable. And I lost all access to my cameras. I can’t view any playback. A member of my household was assaulted outside my house and I needed the doorbell camera video for the police. When I could not access playback I called Vivint support and for hours we troubleshooted the issue till the agent said well looks like all your videos are gone and just wiped my drive. Found out days later he was wrong and there was just a bug in the iOS app but my videos were still on the drive till he deleted it. No one else at Vivint support seem to think this is an issue and just keep pushing me off. All I get is “wait for the next app update” which has been going on for weeks. Wouldn’t really recommend.
  • Great when it works 2/5

    By tr893
    I’ve had the Vivint system for about 6 months now and it’s been decent, but the app needs major improvement. At least once a week I will have to manually lock doors, close the garage, or arm/disarm the system. Which I know sounds like I’m just being lazy, but it’s the times when I need to access these things remotely that it becomes an issue. I’ve had items delivered to my home or needed to give a repair person access while I’m at work and I’ve gone to access the app and it simply refuses to connect to my system at all and that’s incredibly frustrating. There’s times when I’m in my driveway trying to arm my system after I’ve locked my doors and closed my garage and I go to arm my system and it won’t cooperate, so I have to go back inside and do everything manually. Whats the point of home automation when you’re app refuses to cooperate with the hub, which in turn negates the convenience of your app? If the convenience of the app is a big selling point for Vivint’s system for you like it was for me when I was shopping systems maybe look elsewhere because it’s definitely not the convenience they claim.
  • Terrible Service 1/5

    By Delta805
    From their hardware to software to customer service I have continuously had a terrible experience. I have been a customer for almost two years and I have had inept installers, video recording devices that aren’t capable of storing the video for the cameras they sell (something the company knew about and negligently kept from their customers). I learned about this after someone tried to break into my house and was unable to pull up the video to show the police. To finally, customer service agents that gathered incorrect info and consistently were unable to fulfill their “promises.” I would stay away.
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By Elderjdh
    Works. Never a problem. Home is safe. Wherever I am.
  • Vivint is exceptional! 5/5

    By Val Dumond
    We researched home security systems for over a year and found Vivint to be far above the rest. Affordable, easy for beginners to use the app, 24-7 security and peace of mind. Notifies you when anyone comes to the doors, is in our front, side and back yards and any attempt to break a window. I can see all areas from the inside panel or on our phones. I can talk into my phone at work to someone who has rang the doorbell at home. The 24-7 live video is very clear even at night. It will alert you if anyone is on your property and will playback the event. The service is excellent but the best thing is we are safe and also knowing if our property is breeched the alarm will sound and the police will be here faster than any other service we researched. Denver Colorado
  • So over it! 2/5

    By QueenPinky81
    I own a business. We use Vivint for our security cameras also. Today I had an incident that I need to go back and view the footage and I can not get it to load. This is not the first time this has happened! It happens all the time! Going back and looking at footage should not be this hard. Especially when I have employees and I’m always having trouble going back and looking at footage.
  • 100x better than Ring or 5/5

    By Bachesh007
    I have used vivint for 4 years now. The app is very easy to use. The system works flawlessly. I used to have and it was awful. Then I got the ring, it was worse. Cameras would freeze up, and not record. Vivint, is seemless. Its like iphone for the house. Beautiful intuitive design.
  • It’s a very good System And Vivint and work with you 5/5

    By milly & sue
  • Last update is garbage 1/5

    By Gagirl2
    My app has not worked right since the last update. i have deleted and reinstalled multiple times and it still says system armed for over 10 hours. It will not disarm, it does not update the camera picture from night to day and vice versa. I have to alarm my system at the panel if I'm going somewhere and when I'm ready to go to bed.
  • Great service, product and app!!! 5/5

    By AGiblet
    We love Vivint, will never change companies again!
  • Great system 5/5

    By Davieboy29
    Big peace of mind being away from my family all week. Love this system.
  • Don’t waste your money 2/5

    By Irratated j
    Have had so many problems with the thermostat connectivity to the panel. Received a new thermostat and was online with tech support for over an hour trying to connect with the panel. The Vivint app doesn’t work properly when trying to schedule on and off times for the air conditioner. It takes forever to talk to support and when you do they are useless. I wish I never purchased this junk.
  • Love this New alarm app 🙌🏾🙌🏾 5/5

    By 8241966
    I’ve only had it a week and I love it 🥰. Thanks
  • We love it!!! 5/5

    By dbaldwin910
    Really nothing to say. We love everything about Vivint! Helps give me that extra sense of security that a dog or gun won’t give me😂😂
  • Garage door sensor 1/5

    By MerodriTx
    Why can’t the app trigger the garage door sensor??!! It used to work for several years. Starting this year, it’s no longer compatible? Why??!!
  • Vivint App 5/5

    By Jay Loren 6
    The Vivint app is very simple to use & makes it easy to turn on and off the security in my home from my cell phone. My wife & I love our Vivint System.
  • Can’t view cameras. 3/5

    By PrttyBrwnSista
    The app was great until a few updates ago. Now I’m having problems with viewing my cameras.
  • The system never works 1/5

    By Frstrated & upset
    I have had Vivint for over 18 months and it has never worked correctly. My system constantly goes down, my app hardly works and each time I call customer service I spend over an hour with the representative going nowhere. I do not recommend the system. Stay away from it.
  • Won’t arm system 1/5

    By Jay29617
    The last update will not allow to arm system with the phone always says arming and doesn’t get off that screen.
  • Hate this app 1/5

    By Jenni450
    You are like a bug that is brining so many problems to my modem and router and computers..... so sorry I have your cameras... totally disappointed .
  • Bad video quality with doorbell camera 4/5

    By Ishc27
    Just got a doorbell camera installed yesterday, works great and all but the quality looks like it’s in 360-480p at best. Is there any way we can get a future update to improve the quality of the camera to give us 720p? Since that what’s advertised for it anyway. Please!
  • Everything works great 5/5

    By bluerye704
    Smart home works excellently. The cameras are excellent. Car guard works great. The experience with Vivint representatives has been excellent. They worked till everything was working great. Excellent experience!
  • Terrible system 1/5

    By Chespi97
    Don’t believe the fake “employee” reviews. Take It from me. I’ve been a vivnt customer for about two years. It’s an absolute regret to be there customer. I find myself playing part-time tech at least twice a month. I’ve had to go outside up on the ladder in the cold to reboot their cameras easily twice a month. Quite frankly I don’t think they should provide a product that doesn’t work accurately. God for bid my family get Robbed during the 75% of the time that the system doesn’t work. Do yourself a favor go with another company. I’m through with Vivint I wish I could get my money back for everything I ever spent with them.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By bdjp fl ym
    Has anyone else had this happen???I agree with the previous reviews in terms of only working a percentage of the time and my neighbor across the street and two houses down was able to access my camera and watch live feeds of my front yard/ driveway from my camerA and I don’t understand how
  • App will not update events . 1/5

    By angelicaobregon
    App will not update events from panel. Have not had an update since cameras installed.
  • Not really sure 3/5

    By iloveustew
    Works ok I guess
  • This is a fantastic way to live-Improve the App! 4/5

    By Nite Lites
    Vivint is wonderful and has exceptional customer service! I highly recommend this smart home alarm system. The only reason I did not rate it 5 stars, is the App needs improvement. It requires too long to access the iPhone App to either talk to someone waiting outside the door or to unlock the door.
  • Buggy and inconsistent 1/5

    By Beep4511
    Buggy, slow app. Doesn’t accept my password. Can’t reset password after five attempts.
  • Wouldn’t recommend to my worst enemy 1/5

    By meutod2
    We’ve had it long enough to know this wasn’t a wise purchase Way over paid for what we get Every night the system updates between 11:45 to12:00 and stays off about an hour- ok who in the hell over heard of a security system updating and not having video coverage due to s nightly update!? If your cable or internet did this - there’s no way people would pay for that kind of service!!! There have been about six times now where had the cameras not been rebooting for over an hour we would have caught video of people breaking into a neighbors car, someone doing donuts in our intersection, and another car break in The first year was constant problems with the panel and constantly not connecting Techs were kind but couldn’t help until the company updated their software wth? We would have been happier getting a system from Costco
  • App stuck on loading screen 1/5

    By MoQzen
    Something went wrong with the last update. App not opening..
  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    By Mag💿💎🎀
    Worst experience ever. I used to work for them. They lie to their customers and employees. I feel SORRY if you have Vivint. They slap a loan on your credit. They tell you everything is free but really just a loan. They aren’t giving you a deal!!!!! Vivint also pays for their positive reviews so ALL FAKE.
  • Be ready to do a long list of trouble shooting. 2/5

    By Pekins
    I understand they keep costs down by having you do some trouble shooting but when it is very long...I think that is ridiculous. I don’t like to write bad reviews but if you are looking into a system, do your homework. I was very happy, even did some trouble shooting when it didn’t work correctly. No problem. I get and understand it. However when I have to unscrew this, pull this out, do this, do that first before the tech comes out or I pay $49 to have the tech come out??? Why am I paying over $70.00 a month again? That is over $840/year. Guess I am the fool!
  • RIP OFF!!! 1/5

    By RichThames
    I bought a Vivint system 3 years ago through Best Buy with the understanding that I already had a monitoring system and I would only buy if I could JUST use the cameras, app and not be charged monthly. 3 years later, they are no longer honoring that agreement and trying to charge me $20 a month for a service I had for years for FREE! I tell them to cancel my subscription, I no longer want their system, service or anything to do with Vivint. I get a call today about a $60 bill when I already sent them an email in writing saying to cancel the subscription! Stay away from Vivint unless you want to get RIPPED OFF!!
  • New System 5/5

    By RR44G
    It works. Finally an alarm system that is with the 21st century. Got cameras that work and zoom also talk. App works and have Face ID on app. 7 days worth of extra items we had installed. Cost of items may be too much for many customers but we felt it was a reasonable cost $$$.
  • The worst!! I advise 100% against Vivint! 1/5

    By aesongbird
    It’s always, ALWAYS missing things that should be recorded and always says video unavailable. It hardly notifies me when someone is at the door and other activity, even though I set it all manually. Another horrible thing is they snag you into thinking there is a short contract and it ends up being a six year contract?!!? Because they know, as soon as you receive their “service” you’ll most definitely regret it! I’ve had them going on 4 years and have NEVER liked them and I found out now that I’m stuck with them until 2022 🤬🤬🤬🤬

Vivint Smart Home app comments

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