ViX: Stream TV & Sports

ViX: Stream TV & Sports

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  • Current Version: 4.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: TelevisaUnivision Interactive, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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ViX: Stream TV & Sports App

Enjoy ViX, the world's largest Spanish-language streaming service application, always FREE. We have more than 100 live and on-demand TV channels for you, with novelas, movies, comedies, series and 24/7 news. Download NOW! Open the app and start enjoying our FREE streaming service immediately on all your favorite devices. Watch ViX anywhere, anytime. ViX offers the best in series, Hollywood movies, funny comedies and live sports. On ViX you'll never have time to get bored. It's totally FREE! Unlimited entertainment, anywhere, anytime. ● Enjoy full episodes of your favorite novelas. ● Classic comedies that make you laugh out loud. ● Dramas, action, reality TV and documentaries ● FREE movies ● The best of live soccer ● 24/7 news ● TV for every member of the family ● No credit card or subscription required ● Totally FREE, you won't spend a penny! And to access even more content, subscribe to ViX+ where you can live a PREMIUM experience! Much more of what you love. ● The best original series produced in your language. ● Exclusive movie premieres every week ● Best-in-class live sports such as UEFA Champions League, Liga MX and the most popular soccer classics in Latin America. ● Cancel ViX+ whenever you want *Some content will only appear in certain regions or countries. Terms of Use:

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ViX: Stream TV & Sports app reviews

  • You guys have a lot of bugs to fix 2/5

    By baddddd ✌🏼
    I would like to start with the app just crashing mid show or when I try to screen share you can’t watch anything it will continuously stop it’s not the it wasn’t the connection or the phone cause I tried it on a different ones also every time I open the app I have to go look for my show again scroll down to me episode it will never save them movies or shows i even bought the premium thinking it would make the app work better but in honesty it made it worse.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By dipwke
    You pay and still get adds. Gotta try to open the app multiple times to get past the "error connecting to vix" message. If i try to airplay to my tv, i lose connection to vix and get error messages. What am i paying for exactly?
  • Let me cancel my purchase 1/5

    By bdj dhd
    Horrible app it won’t let me cancel my purchase
  • Fernanda 3/5

    By Lou{}
    Hola es bueno pero no se puede conectar a la TV con tu cuenta xq tienes q pagar otra ves y la serie o nevera que está viendo ni te permite ver aunque tienes pagado la subcripcion… no me parece eso es muy malo
  • Takeover disappointing 3/5

    By zarei323
    Et me start off my saying I love all the variety of novelas, películas and new and old. But one of the most disappointing things has been there are no English subtitles. How can I share with my American husband my culture. Before purchasing Pantaya(which had English subtitles available) we were able to sit as a family and enjoy this app. Now I am a solo rider … barely. The app does have glitches on fire stick. Doesn’t always start you were you left off. Doesn’t recognized you may be signed into a phone or an iPad and are at a different location and have moved on to a different episode. I still love the app and all that it brings to us. Just needs more work.
  • Mad 2/5

    By nais ehs
    This app it good I paid for ViX + and they just still your money is not fair
  • Me Tv 1/5

    By Guatemalan dude
    This is the worst app and they try to charge for watching this piece of garbage, and if you call to complain; they even make it harder for you to watch it’s contents, they also charge you like if they are showing you the best there’s on tv or movies or docs but they are only mafia specially that they come from Televisa which is Mexicans dominant tv company and they are always doing bad not good things for people specially poor people. I’m not paying not one more pennie for this garbage!!!
  • So slow and too many adds 1/5

    By Robert 1334
    Is too slow and is always freezing and everything tome is getting worse I don’t Really recommend this add you pay the ViX+ and is still wit the adds is annoying paying the Vix+ and you have too ser the adds. Don’t downloaded
  • App has many flaws 2/5

    By Ndhssbs
    Can’t connect to any roku tv’s around the house, the Vix application on the actual television shows no image when you select a broadcast just a black screen and audio, and certain live games can only be found on the phone application and are nowhere to be found on the tv app, overall it’s a big mess, needs major fixing.
  • Hate to be negative but 🙂 1/5

    By LittleBull85
    A year in and AirPlay isn’t available to any smart TV or streaming decide I’ve tried (home, school or work). Tonight while watching the Lazos de Amor channel it, along with the Canales Vix+ Tab and all the channels under it, disappeared. Even though I’m in Mexico, I can only view the channels accessible in the US. Those channels are the ONLY reason I kept my subscription when BLIM “went away” (you all promised there would be no changes) and now they’re gone (at least for me). I miss Blim more and more every day. My suggestions: 1) the guide needs to be improved (the one on BLIM was fabulous and let’s us to see a week ahead. 2) I’d love for Lucero (the most awarded Spanish language actress—including an Emmy) to have her own channel but thankful I can access all but one of her novelas. 3) being able to add shows to a “Mi Lista” would be great. 4) give me my channels back, please. Honestly, all the things that made BLIM so great! PS: uninstalling and reinstalling and contacting the Help Center has accomplished nothing.
  • It’s ok! 2/5

    By Yari13villa
    There’s a lot of memories going through the app but there’s to many commercials way to many and it makes it even worse that is the same ones over and over again. It gets tired seeing the same thing over and over again!!
  • Caption 4/5

    By ddd33caption
    Everything is good so far but the only feature that is missing is the captions. I can barely watch anything without captions. I mean not even in Spanish.
  • Problema 2/5

    By Joseti23
    No se puede conectar a my televisor yo udo crome cast no me da la opsion no me agrada eso
  • Estafa. 2/5

    By estefany godinez
    La app tiene buen contenido, PERO ofrecen ser una app GRATUITA PERO , hay compras integradas a la app, y los que aceptamos ser un usuario gratuito, nos meten de 8 a 12 anuncios Para obligarnos a comprar el plan eso me parece ridículo, desde que inicie a ver una película ni siquiera ha empezado y tiene 15 min reproduciéndole solo anuncios 🙄🤬
  • Muy mala la aplicación 1/5

    By vix+👎👎👎👎👎👎
    Tome la supuesta oferta de 26.99 por un año y solo he podido ver un partido de la liga me es por eso que me subscribí a esta aplicación y ahora no puedo meterme a mi aplicación porque tengo que nuevamente subscribírme un nuevo plan cuando aún no he terminado el que que pague por un año perdí 30 dólares no se las recomiendo al menos que quieran tirar su dinero
  • No funciona ya van 2 veces que me pago el vix plus 1/5

    By leonalvarez821
    Arreglen eso o devuelvan mi dinero
  • Irritating 1/5

    By Martinjr333
    I subscribed to Vix+ and Pantaya. However, every time I login the app keeps asking me to upgrade. I like the content specially the exclusive Vix shows. The error keeps coming up every time I try to play the exclusive content. !Ups! Ocurrió un error intenta de nuevo código SP002-5.
  • Ads 5/5

    By Cristian E Lara
    Love the app especially because I can watch my favorite shows only thing I hate about it is that when I get an ad it plays the same one all the time I don’t care that it has ads what I want is different ones not the same exact one every single time
  • I love novelas 2/5

    By buggyboo6
    Hi! Love the variety you can choose from. The only thing that bugs me is that the subtitles are only available in Spanish. I think if you expanded your horizons and started hiring people who could translate them into many different languages you’d get more non-Spanish speaking people downloading it and keeping it. I love a lot of these shows but there was no translation for my language. I tried my best to follow along but sadly I couldn’t:( Just something to think about:) English subtitles would be a good place to start!
  • Me encanta, pero ODIO los ads 4/5

    By NoosesAreSwings
    Queridos Televisa y Univision: Gracias por Vix. Gracias por el contenido y gracias por que es gratis! Ahora bien, me gustaría que tuvieran una opción sin comerciales (ads). Yo seria FELIZ pagando una subscripción (tipo Hulu que no es extremadamente cara) con tal de poder ver las cosas que me gustan sin un ad… Gracias
  • .. 1/5

    By cisconrosie
    It’s has a lot of good shows and all but It crashes way too much on both the tv and mobile devices and it takes forever to work I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall so many times
  • Pantaya was better 2/5

    By murrillo franco ale
    Always kick me out if I login in my tv and only one profile it doesn't let you get another one for your husband or kids!
  • English subtitles 3/5

    By ndjenwsnisk
    I honestly love this app but I can’t really watch the telenovelas because I don’t speak Spanish and I don’t understand anything, please add English subtitles
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Beli12345678910
    Don’t create an account. As soon as I created one, I was blocked from accessing the free content. I watched so many episodes of a novela, but my history wasn’t saving so I thought that by creating an account, it would save. Instead it prevented me from moving on. It keeps requesting that I subscribe to Vix plus.
  • Interface problems 2/5

    By Axl_3012
    This app have some issues that bother me because when I’m trying to play some sports they don’t play because the app doesn’t operate well. I know that every app have their issues, but this type of issues makes bad experience with the app
  • 🫥 1/5

    By malo👎🏼
    Muy mala. Nada que añadir
  • La Verdad. 1/5

    By Ayala.11
    La Verdad No Sirve Está App, Errores Tras Errores. No Se Puede Compartir Del Móvil A La Tv. No Vale La Pena Pagar Mensualmente Por Una App Como Está. Siendo Mucho Mejores Otras Por El Mismo Precio.
  • Worst app ever!!! 1/5

    By AnaO.
    They only stole my money for a whole year and their app never let me watch anything that wasn't free!! On top of that they kept stealing my money because they don't have any customer support number to call and cancel and the email where you can supposedly contact them is just a robot answering messages and writing "sorry, we can't fix your problem right now” This app is literally just a big, big scam!!
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By hey.hi.hello.90
    I tried watching a show through my phone, and it was fine until I was halfway done. Once I got to an ad, the show froze and I had to exit from the show. It’s the same issue over and over again and this app can’t even take me back to where I had left off. This is the worst streaming app I’ve ever used.
  • Bad app, decent content 2/5

    By BeckyBeccaReba
    I don’t understand how this app is unable to track any progress I’ve made on the telenovela I watch. I created a ViX account to watch on my Roku and it doesn’t matter whether you have an account or not; it’s a bad app. I constantly have to do a fresh search for my show because it doesn’t remember that I’ve watched over 60 episodes of one novela. If that’s not bad enough, it randomly logs me out. How do they expect anyone to get a premium account if the free version is so bad? The content is decent, though I wish they had a wider selection of old Venezuelan novelas like Cristal or Rubí with Mariela Alcalá. They have La Intrusa 1986-87 version which is outstanding. But what’s the use of having good content if the app makes it impossible to watch any of it?
  • Worst app 1/5

    By whatever 😐🙄
    I wish I could give a 5 star but I can’t . I used to have a good experience with the app but literally is the worst now . Everything seemed fine until the episode won’t load anymore and it would say sorry we can’t connect you to ViX check your internet when their is in fact internet
  • Very bad app 1/5

    By karl503
    I pay $6.99 to watch the champions league, the game already started and I still watching Toyota ads 2 minutes later started playing the video streaming and obviously wasn’t live any more can’t update to live event, so decide to cancel just moments after pay the subscription , and stay with paramount + no the same emotions but a least I watch live games .too bad can’t enjoy ,las noches mágicas de la Champions narradas por el señor Luis Omar Tapia,please univision do something with this app fixed, hear the people we are paying for the app and we need better results,2 minutes delay is too much on live events like the champions league or any other sports transmission
  • Urgente agregar lo siguiente VIX+… 3/5

    By solecito123
    Ya tengo 2 meses usando Vix+ desde que me trasladé de PANTAYA. Mi cuenta no puede conectarse en más de 1 dispositivo a la vez, tengo que iniciar sesión en cada Tv que quiero ver en casa, hasta en mi celular se desactiva y es molesto estar iniciando sesión en cada uso. No hay una lista para guardar la programación. La programación “SEGUIR VIENDO” nunca aparecen lo que uno deja de ver la última vez. No hay perfiles para hacer o un pin o código para resguardar la seguridad por edades para protección de los niños. Ya que no hay una lista para guardar favoritos, debería quedar guardado lo que se busca para acceder más rápido. Para ser una aplicación de paga hace falta muchos detalles de estos que PANTAYA si tenia. Mi critica es para que sea una mejor aplicación no para derrotar, la programación es buena.
  • Too many ads and glitches even when paid 1/5

    By Eb821
    Too many issues with the app, on top of that there is a quadrillion of ads that repeats to the point I memorized the whole ad word by word and top of that paying $7 a month for this. The upside of the ap is they have all the older novelas. Like agujetas de color de Rosas to la mentira . But the ads and bugs is a big downfall! Too many bugs, kick you out here and there, wont play where you left off and keeps loading.
  • The subtitles 3/5

    By Carla McClintock
    I do love everything about this , thanks for putting on my favorite telenovelas in there but I’m English and it’s soo hard to translate, no substitles In English or any other languages. Makes it hard to really understand what you’re watching.
  • Horrible!!! 1/5

    By RicardoSOC
    I would leave 0 stars. Whenever I try to watch something it would ask me to upgrade for the paid membership which I don’t want. It’s advertised as been a free platform and yet it always asking you to upgrade. As of now I can’t watch a soccer game which is advertised as free. But when I try to watch it just wants me to upgrade to paid membership. When I decline the paid membership just kicks me back to Home Screen. Not allowing me to watch an advertised free soccer game. It’s crap. It should be taken down from the app store.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Lar3248
    I pay for Vix+ and everytime I try and see a game the app is crashing terrible for a paid app.
  • Exageradamende horrible la app. 1/5

    By Landazuri!!!!
    Es la peor app de las 8 en las que estoy subscrito, los pratidos de futbol aparte de que estoy pagando tengo que ver comerciales aunque el partido se este jugando y pierda minutos del mismo no puedo regresarlo, en roku es lo peor porque ni siquiera puedo verlos porque me saca de la aplicacion, terrible terrible y muy terrible experiencia
  • The worst service 1/5

    By Lauren Jackson Jimenez
  • Cambiare el rating una vez que hayan arreglado el problema 3/5

    By dianaqmbar
    Quiero empezar con decir que me encanta la app esta súper. Pero hace unas semanas cuando quiero seguir viendo la app en mi televisión (Hisense) Rokutv lo que estoy viendo no me aparece en continuar viendo tengo que buscar lo que estaba viendo y de ahí continuar de verlo pero se me hace mucho trabajo ya que tmb tengo VIX+ urge que arreglen el problema
  • Amazing show selections, but the mobile and tv app needs work! 3/5

    By azalyyy
    Love this app and all that’s on there, but it gets frustrating because it never shows where I leave off. I always have to search for the show and scroll through to select the episode I left off on. Sometimes I’m lucky and starts where I left off, but for the most part, it takes me back to episode 1. When watching on the tv app, I have to exit out of the show and manually go to the next episode after the first episode I watch that day because it’ll jump right back to the 1st episode rather than continuing onto the next. After that, it continues to the next one without me having to select the episode myself. It gets really frustrating, especially when I am paying for no ads and am not use to having to remember where I left off. It also doesn’t let me skip some intros. Hopefully these issues get fixed soon because it makes me want to cancel my subscription as soon as I finish my mom and I’s shows. It would also be nice to be able to set up profiles like other streaming devices.
  • Ads 1/5

    By repetative verizon ads
    Good app but way way too many verison ads. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Unstable 2/5

    By wwwwxyznjwarren
    It hasn’t been working recently. Always says “intenta de Nuevo”
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By @c__aniat
    I don’t like that it has ads and the program on tv is not good. No ads but it messes up a lot.
  • Deleting app. 1/5

    By aseretV
    I LOVED ViX, but I hate how they took down the series I was watching, it says it’s no longer in my state!!! I was literally watching it last night and out of no where it no longer let me watch it. The one I was watching is called “Totalmente Diva”. So so sad they took it down. Deleting the app no reason to keep it no more since they’re just going to be taking down shows not letting us finish them.
  • It’s ok 2/5

    By Atorreszxc
    I enjoy the selection of all the old novelas I grew up watching. However this app has so many technical glitches it’s ridiculous. If it was free ok understandable but I pay for the monthly membership so it’s beyond frustrating. I almost always have to remember where I left off and select the episode because even tho it’s on my keep watching list it’ll play episode one. Or it continues on the episode I left off on but with the audio of the first episode. Among other little annoying technical glitches. Disfruto la selección de todas las novelas antiguas que crecí viendo. Sin embargo, esta aplicación tiene tantos fallos técnicos que frustra a cualquiera. Si fuera gratis, es comprensible, pero pago la membresía mensual, por lo que es más que frustrante. Casi siempre tengo que recordar dónde lo dejé y seleccionar el episodio porque aunque esté en mi lista de seguir viendo, reproducirá el episodio uno. O continúa en el episodio que dejé pero con el audio del primer episodio. Entre otros pequeños fallos técnicos molestos.
  • Vix + 3/5

    By Luie Rodriguez
    The app is good to watch champions league games, there’s just one issue remove the ads. There’s way to many ads that the app has you gotta watch 3 ad commercials just to watch a game or see some video content. Another issue is, for iPhone users why can’t we use the picture and picture, I don’t understand that part, other apps have picture and picture to multitask.
  • Profile 4/5

    By goofy2476
    We need Profiles Easy to manage and everyone in the house have is on Playlist
  • No sirve 1/5

    By Chuche71
    Su plataforma está para que sea gratis no sirve para nada. No es posible que la baje para ver un partido y termine viéndolo en TikTok porque esto nomas nunca lo cargo