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  • Current Version: 7.4.18
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: VIZ Media, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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VIZ Manga App

VIZ Manga features the largest digital library, with all your favorite series. Read them from the OFFICIAL source! TOP SERIES ALL IN ONE PLACE! My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, One Piece, Junji Ito, Chainsaw Man, Demon Slayer, Komi Can't Communicate, Naruto, Zom 100, Bleach, Death Note, Dragon Ball, Boruto, Skip Beat, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Spy x Family, and so much more! A HUGE LIBRARY! With hundreds of titles across a wide range of genres, we've got something for everyone – whether you're an action addict or a shojo romantic at heart, a fantasy fanatic or a sci-fi aficionado, a comics geek or an art lover. MANGA ON-THE-GO! Stream your favorite series anywhere, anytime on our advanced manga reader! Use landscape mode to view awe-inspiring 2-page spreads as they were drawn. Download to read offline! Create an account to sync your reading progress across any device and pick up where you left off! Light and dark modes available! BUILD YOUR GRAPHIC NOVEL COLLECTION. Get into a new series or finish collecting your favorites. Read free previews of paid volumes before purchasing. READ SHONEN JUMP MANGA FREE! New chapters weekly, with brand new series added regularly! Latest chapters are always free! Questions? Comments? Please let us know at [email protected]

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VIZ Manga app reviews

  • E 5/5

    By ianspian182
    Cheap, easy to read
  • Royce Kravitz aka Royse K: Viz Media GANGSTER NERD anime/manga goon fiend review 5/5

    By ThugginRocker
    Since I was young I always read shonen jumps back when they were huge tankoben greaphic novels.. Have we came a long way of course I was still single digit in age although I’m ageless. Bout 5 in human years when I start reading Shonen Jump and boy has it been a. Journey. Im so greatful for the ease of use of the new app and although I miss the HUGE tankobens. It’s nice too have all the manga I want right there without worrying about spotting pages, messy page turning, etc. It’s simple sleek and if your in the know the Viz Media app is the killer app you really want and best yet for just 2.99 you can have it all every month I’m so nerded out over this whole thing I should’ve signed up sooner SHOUT OUT all my manga and anime nerds worldwide Big ups too all my Anime Goons out there too keeping it G like Giorno This is LIT YO 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • could be so much better 2/5

    By watsoon4
    it’s nice to be able to read manga but this app works against you, example how do you know which mangas you can read it’s so complicated many bugs such as when you rotate ur screen on a tablet the app breaks and the images look weird and when sometimes pages don’t load, finding which mangas you have to buy and which ones you can read is very hard please fix this by making a section only for subscription and add a community rating service
  • Free 1/5

    By black broke man
  • A viable legal option, but is missing some features. 4/5

    By Vision's Blade
    First of all, this and the Shonen Jump app are identical. This one is just better because it uses less storage and offers non Shonen Jump works published by VIZ. Second of all, subscription is insanely valuable. You basically get access to a library of manga for a few dollars. Granted, there's a 100 chapter per day limit, but that's reasonable with the context provided. Pirating sites are still better, as you are getting even more for free. Ironically, I'm actually more motivated to read with VIZ rather than using a pirating site because the chapter limit compels me to make the most value out of my subscription. While I definitely recommend a subscription for legal consumers, I cannot recommend buying single volumes as ebooks. There's basically no reason to use VIZ for this purpose; you can get even more ebooks for cheaper on other services like Kindle and Nook. The only reason to use VIZ is to keep all your manga connected to one service and post anime blogs. Now to talk about flaws. The app is missing key features, some of which are on the website. You can't search by genre, which is problematic for those looking for a new story to pick up. However, you can on the website. You also can't find the chapters in volumes. For example, if I wanted to find the chapters of JoJo Part 4 that are in Volume 9 of the series, I can only do so on the website. This means you may have to use the website to find the content you're looking for, then switch to the app for more fluid reading. This is suboptimal and should be corrected. In conclusion, the VIZ app is honestly nothing special besides its subscription service, which is excellent if you're looking to legally read Shonen Jump manga. If you refuse to spend the money, then you should obviously pirate. If you're looking for manga that's not on VIZ, then obviously don't use VIZ and use something else. If you don't want ebooks, then obviously buy physical copies. If none of that applies to you, use VIZ! Just make sure you've logged in on a browser too…
  • Love it but wish they had more to read! 5/5

    By emoneyyyyr
    Amazing app! I love it because I can read manga anywhere I want to now! Just wish they had more options but that’s more of a personal preference
  • 👍🏽 5/5

    By Dark Sssnake
  • Viz manga 5/5

    By hdnsnakc
    Viz manga is a great deal with unlimited reading for many great shonen mangas!!
  • VIZ media rating 5/5

    By askhun_02
    Love this aap!! It’s really good!! There are no ads, which is the best part
  • My thoughts 5/5

    By user3528372
    Great app. Has an excellent flow between chapters. But there’s not enough manga titles to read.

    By A$VPXROB_
    the app is amazing and the landscape issue was resolved but there's a little bug when i switch from portrait to landscape only one page appears instead of the 2 page spread and puts me on a negative page number until i turn to the page was at but other than that the app is really good
  • Can’t get to shonen jump 2/5

    By odem0
    Only have the app to read shonen jump, but I can’t get to it on mobile. I’ve literally spent the last 10-20 minutes trying to find the shonen jump section.
  • needs accessibility options 3/5

    By Jconnorw
    it’s so difficult to turn the pages without physically swiping the screen which makes the app less accessible. iOS accessibility options are inconsistent with this app as well.
  • UI needs work 3/5

    It’d be great if we could search things with categories such as genres/completed etc. aside from that I’m happy can read manga somewhere.
  • Good 4/5

    By Yamoleon
    It’s a great paid app with limited amount of mangas
  • Good 5/5

    By gehegegehe
  • Manga 5/5

    By Fluffyxcv
    I love reading manga
  • Great app! 5/5

    By MegaNova09
    Love this app. every page looks amazing
  • Gaoted 5/5

    By Slim3Season3
    You can download like 100 or som chapters if you gon get on a plane n wanna read. Supa fye
  • I LOVE this 5/5

    By Todo Roku
    Thanks for all the great manga
  • Amazing🔥🔥 4/5

    By Xbox263572
    It’s very good I think it needs improvement though
  • Great, except for the last pages 4/5

    By riskupdatesblow
    App is fantastic except the very annoying popup that happens when you’re on the last page of a chapter. If you accidentally touch the screen, it will popup as if you’re done with the page. Would be much better if there was a button instead of a swipe trigger to indicate chapter completion.
  • Great app…. But 4/5

    By Bot_Master
    Great app and I love the selection of manga however the inability to change the the card I want to use is a bit of a pain, if you guys would add say a card connected to your Viz account instead of Apple account it would be way easier and a 5/5
  • More content 3/5

    By eiejejsme,e
    There is more manga that could be added to the library
  • Mostly Amazing 5/5

    By Stonks_Deltan
    The app works perfectly but at times, the app slows down and needs to restart.
  • It was good 4/5

    By Noah slay
    I really liked it I thought it was good and had a of mangas to didn’t like that it was in chapters I wish it was in volumes but-you have to buy volume which kinda sucked.
  • Brilliant 5/5

    By PandaSavage23
    Every manga keeps me on my toes for such a good price!
  • Alittle buggy 5/5

    By Chesiray
    Get kind of buggy and slow when switching backwards and forwards from app to app a save feature or copy and paste feature would nice to have just a thought
  • Limited viewing 3/5

    By Darkgray1
    I really like the app however, the online version is a much better experience because it has at least two to three times more content available.There are a lot of popular titles that you can’t see on the app that are available on the website and I hate that.
  • Too Much Freezing 2/5

    By Vello Swose
    The app is cool. I can’t stand it when it freezes while reading a chapter. You either have to wait or close the app altogether. Very frustrating especially if reading on the train with limited service.
  • Why are some mangas not on the app 3/5

    By Grading Papers
    I’ve been looking for a new app for manga but couldn’t find anything decent till this one. Viz is good and a low monthly cost of 2 bucks for unlimited reading. But why are so many manga missing from the mobile version? Can’t read fire punch or dandadan to name two. I keep going back to the web browser cause it has more options. Quick to load and smooth controls on the app though. Everything else is great
  • It’s ok 2/5

    By PotatoPlebeian
    I somewhat like it but I don’t want to pay
  • why am i paying to only be able to read 100 chapters , doesn’t make sense , other than that good 3/5

    By Sxtofx
  • Usually Great, Sometimes Awful 3/5

    By Callawaykid44
    Typically the app works great, it’s inexpensive and you have access to so many great mangas however sometimes the pages won’t load, the app will crash, can’t scroll left or right and just now it won’t let me read any story due to “system maintenance” but there is no evidence anything is being done and there is no update available. These days, if I’m paying anything for an app to read… it should work pretty much flawlessly. Lower the price of subscription to 99¢
  • Perfect! 5/5

    By Bluefire14532
    Everything you could ask for in a manga reading app. Has all mainstream and underground mangas, good UI and a neat download feature. Only issue is the app will get unresponsive when I tab out of the app into another coming back into it. Otherwise solid work VIZ!
  • It’s aight 4/5

    By windgladius
    I like it but I mean I just think there should be some features like mass mark as read or a better search function
  • Amazing value 5/5

    By Eli Garske
    DC and Marvel can learn a lot from this Apps Service!!!
  • Not bad, but it would be nice to have more 4/5

    By A,-C,
    I thought the amount of manga you could read in chapters with the subscription is a bit small. I would like it if you guys could maybe change some of the ones that are “buy” the book only into the comic form, because you guys probably can.
  • awesome app 5/5

    By Dorge23
    this app is perfect i love reading manga on my ipad while relaxing
  • put dandadan on or make it available 5/5

    By tania tanaka
    then itll be a star rating
  • This is the best subscription service ever 5/5

    By CleverApple710
    Worth every penny. Something about reading manga digitally allows me to read SO MUCH faster than the physical books. Plus, this way I can afford to read everything I want and not resort to “other” means. I want to support the publisher as best I can, so this is great. Especially since I can afford it on my tight budget.
  • Amazing app and personal request 5/5

    By whynot 91
    I have read most of your manga( just not the reverse haram) that are provided with the monthly subscription and am currently keeping up with all the new chapters when they are released. I am absolutely in love with this form of entertainment and I respect your poling system. I am not asking for non Japanese residents to have a strong impact on what is released locally however I want the creators to know what our country likes and to show our appreciation with the new works with a similar system you guys use with your magazine. Would it be possible to provide a digital poling system (and maybe explain how it works so we just don’t vote for our favorite mangas but on chapters and arcs) so we can also show our love?
  • Love it! 4/5

    By hurhgrgurgh
    I am really enjoying reading all the manga but it really annoys me that you have to pay for almost everything!
  • This is the best app I’ve downloaded 5/5

    By peacedudyt
    I love reading it it’s saved me a lot of money
  • Mega gas 5/5

    By Susboy227
    All gas no breaks
  • Thanks 5/5

    By whenever bbffh
    Love manga and anime
  • Amazing. 5/5

    By SpookyMist
    The manga on here is amazing. I love everything. I am a otaku/weeb defffffff.
  • Good stuff 5/5

    By i_c_u_p123
    This app is great, especially if I’m watching an anime and it ends then I have to wait 2 and half years for 3 episodes to come out. Instead I can just read the manga. Comes in handy when you’re impatient like me.
  • Reader freezes randomly and removed chapters 3/5

    By Samuel J.M.
    Content: 10/10 U/I: 6/10 - reader freezes frequently when going to a new chapter and I have to open another app and return to the reader or close it and reopen it entirely to fix it. *Removed chapters: I occasionally come across chapters that are removed for having a “graphic” scene and then have to hunt for the chapter elsewhere only to find that it was just a single page and not that big of a deal. There needs to be an option in settings to allow graphic or disturbing content that you can toggle based on age or something. This is very annoying and forces people to search websites riddled with ads and spyware just to view one chapter that SHOULD be on the app. You can apparently view it on the site but that’s such a pain having to open up a browser and manually type login details for a subpar viewing experience for a single chapter and then revert back to the app. It should be seamless. *Only 1 viewing option - I like reading right to left but occasionally I want to scroll vertically and I’m surprised this isn’t an option in a paid client when it’s available in literally every other manga reader available, both paid and free.