VIZIO SmartCast Mobile™

VIZIO SmartCast Mobile™

  • Category: Entertainment
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  • Current Version: 2.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: VIZIO
  • Compatibility: Android
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VIZIO SmartCast Mobile™ App

With VIZIO SmartCast Mobile™, you can control your entire entertainment experience with your iPhone. Browse & discover movies, TV shows, music, live streams and more across multiple apps at once. Power on/off devices, play/pause content, modify advanced settings and more. Effortless Discovery. VIZIO SmartCast Mobile brings together all your favorite entertainment from multiple apps into one simple experience. Launch Apps on your TV Build your own list of favorite apps. Simple controls wherever you are. Power on/off devices, play/pause content, adjust volume and more, all from the palm of your hand. Watch free content. Enjoy easy access to free TV shows, movies, music and more. Type with a keyboard. Enter text on your TV/display from your smartphone using a full keyboard. Swipe to navigate SmartCast Home. Use the touchpad to quickly play your favorite entertainment from featured content to the most popular apps right from your TV/display. Easily access advanced settings. Adjust aspect ratio, select input, calibrate picture and more. See All the Details. Get a quick look at show ratings, synopsis, cast, crew, clips and more. SUPPORTED VIZIO SMARTCAST™ PRODUCTS. 2016 and 2017 VIZIO SmartCast UHD Home Theater Displays 2018 and 2019 VIZIO SmartCast TVs VIZIO SmartCast Sound Bars VIZIO SmartCast Crave™ Speakers COMPATIBILITY NOTES VIZIO SmartCast Mobile is not compatible with legacy VIZIO Internet Apps® and VIZIO Internet Apps Plus® Smart TVs. VIZIO Crave Speakers cannot output audio from TVs/displays or be connected as an additional channel to an existing sound bar or sound system. Additional supported SmartCast or Chromecast-enabled audio products are required (not included) for Multi-Room feature. Streaming different songs to different speakers at the same time is not supported when using a single app running on a single mobile device. To stream a different song to different speakers at the same time, you’ll need to stream from a different app or a separate mobile device. ——————————————————————— The applications and content pictured herein or described on this page may only be available in certain countries and languages, may require additional fees or subscription charges, and may be subject to future updates, modifications, interruption and/or discontinuation of service without notice. VIZIO has no control over third party applications or content and assumes no responsibility for the availability or interruption of such applications or content. Additional third-party terms, conditions and restrictions apply. High-speed/broadband Internet service and access equipment are required and are not provided by VIZIO. Not all Google Cast-enabled apps are integrated with VIZIO SmartCast and may require additional steps to cast. Select features of VIZIO SmartCast Mobile require a myVIZIO Account (available free).

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VIZIO SmartCast Mobile™ app reviews

  • Recent update some improvement 3/5

    By MickJoseph
    This newest update has now allowed me to pair my tv again which is great. But still can not pair soundbar. Says a temporary network has been created. But yet it’s nowhere to be found to access to finalize setup
  • Does not always work 2/5

    By MissALW
    Every other month I get lucky and it work. When I first downloaded the app it worked sometimes but now it never does. I think the idea of it is cool but I wish it would work. Or I wish I at least new a trick to make it work.
  • App is broken please fix 1/5

    By iDaveUltra
    Vizio, Are you aware that this app is broken? I’m having the same issues as the recent complaints. I have 2 Vizio sound bars. Everything worked fine up until this recent app update and now the app is unusable. I’ve tried everything possible to get both my sound bars to sync. The only thing I don’t have is another device with the older version app. Please fix. Thanks
  • Crapware 1/5

    By Art (Imitating Life)
    This app is useless crapware. Will not pair with my Vizio soundbar. Just simply doesn’t work. Period. Guess I’ll have to use the equally crappy physical remote that came with my soundbar instead. Grrrrr.
  • Update messed up connection for my tv 1/5

    By Ran diesel
    Every time y’all update this app I get connection failure and tonight I deleted app and now the app can’t even find my tv to pair!!! The remote is useless cause you can’t do anything with it. I want a sleep timer set and can do it. Fix this issue before updating the crappy app.
  • Still no fix 1/5

    By Dave Hansan
    I deleted and reinstalled the app, several times now, reset the sound bar, checked and verified Wi-Fi connections, unplugged and plugged in the sound bar, tv, etc. but it still doesn’t connect to the sound bar. Vizio must not fully read reviews as I stated all of this in my last review and the developer response was to try what I already tried numerous times. Please listen to all of the same comments and fix the app. thank you.
  • Cannot connect soundbar to app 1/5

    By iahmed4
    I have tried to connect my soundbar to the app countless times and all I get is false hope that it might work this time. I’ve done everything from factory reset, re-installing the app, and resetting my wifi but I cannot get the app to connect. It’s frustrating because a few months ago everything was working fine.
  • Not working on iOS 15 1/5

    By DougLife.
    The app works fine on my Android devices but does not work on my iPhone 13 and yes I am connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the TVs. It magically worked for one day and has not worked since. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app many times.
  • Unreliable Controller App 2/5

    By Mixtnutz
    I’ve had my 65” Vizio E-Series and sound bar for a few years and this app is helpful and does the job… when it works. At its best, it’s a very slow and laggy connection. However, sometimes it just stops working entirely. When this happens, it gives no indication as to what’s wrong. It behaves as if it is connected to the device but none of the controls have any affect. When this happens the only thing I’ve found that gets it to work again is to remove the devices from the app and reconnect them. It’s not easy to reconnect the app. I’m currently in the middle of doing it again and everything I’ve tired so far has been ineffective. It looks like I’m going to have to complete factory resets on my TV and sound bar and start as if they are entirely new devices. Pretty frustrated with the poor performance and unreliability of these apps. I won’t be going with Vizio products when it comes time to update/upgrade in the future.
  • Remote 5/5

    By Sapaqhases
    So I recently lost my remote to my tv… and remembered that I could just download the SmartCast app… I love it thank you!
  • Vizio pls fix this 1/5

    By VictorSinclair
    Just got a new sound bar from Vizio and was look forward to using this app to control the bar as the physical remote is so limited. Set the app up as instructed in the app, but then after the app updated software of the sound bar, and I was now ready to use the app: all I get is when Iit trys to sync is: COULD NOT CONNECT
  • No sleep timer 1/5

    By Yucky mess
    Cannot Connect to use remote to set sleep timer. Have been frustrated with app since I bought this tv. Never again
  • Totally Frustrated and Disappointed 1/5

    By P Chearmonte
    The app was working almost flawlessly on my iPhone and iPad until the lasted update : Version 2.1.0 (210924.18.26) . I had total control and access to both the TV and Soundbar. After the update neither device would connect to the app controls! I consider myself fairly tech savvy and have reset and rebooted everything and even spent well over an hour via chat to Vizio tech support with someone who was trying to help and research until we were disconnected. I’ve spent countless hours trying to get the app to connect. Nothing has worked and there is no way to manually set up the connection even though I have all the network info and all appears fine when accessing my router control utility. I give up!!!! Can I have or get previous version back at least??? After deleting the app completely and all data several times all I can do is reset up the Soundbar and that’s a challenge. Won’t even find the TV or Soundbar from the initial find and pair devices screen. Both products still work very well but now I’m forced to use the crappy Remotes provided… shame on you Vizio. Fix this mess…..I’m no longer a happy customer!!!!
  • Soundbar issues 1/5

    By Billips1002
    This app has worked off and on with my two Vizio soundbar systems over the years. The current version does not work at all and will not complete its connection with my 3-6 year old soundbars no matter what I do. I am attempting to use only a 2.4 Ghz WiFi signal so that is not the problem.
  • A waste of time 2/5

    By SSJ4Gokou
    Ever since the update, I cannot connect to the soundbar. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app with no luck. Vizio doesn't seem to want to fix this issue. UPDATE: Vizio responded to me letting me know that the devices both need to be connected to the same network. They are, the app does not work. It does not connect to my soundbar anymore. Tons of reviews are having this same issue and yet there is no fix in sight.
  • Frustrated but… 5/5

    By rydos
    I’ve used the app for several years now. Always worked great so I’m keeping my five star rating. However, latest update seems too have broken being able to connect to a tv. As a developer myself I’m happy to help support troubleshoot if necessary. It is very inconvenient to not be able to change picture quality and various other settings currently.
  • Connection problems 1/5

    By hunnys babyboy
    I’m having problems trying to turn off my tv using the app and I even deleted the app and installed it again and now it’s not working can’t even find my tv
  • TV does connect to my iphone anymore after update. 1/5

    By gnojll777
    Used to work before.
  • Worst app I’ve ever used 1/5

    By kimk217
    This is truly the worst and most frustrating app I’ve ever been forced to use. 95% of time, the app does not work at all. Completely useless
  • Worst app ever 5/5

    By far, the worst app available. Might as well watch Netflix from your phone.
  • Smart cast app 2/5

    By thlip
    I relied a lot on the smart cast app because it’s my only convenient remote for me. It will not sync with my sound bar anymore. It’s wet irritating
  • App not working after update 1/5

    By 13ace;-)
    App is not working after the resent update. I can’t connect to my Visio sound bar to adjust the settings. Vizio please fix ASAP.
  • Holding Buttons 4/5

    By Kommander Kaidog
    I love the app it’s just if I can hold the buttons instead of pressing it Everytime
  • The remote of remotest 5/5

    By Toyeveryday
    Great for everything
  • Used to work. Has not in over 6 months. 1/5

    By fin-boy-jingle-jangle
    Tried everything in the support section. Will never buy another Vizio if you can’t connect your phone as the remote. It is a fix that should be very very very simple. Extremely dissatisfied. Issue In 2021.
  • Update 2.1.0 made ios app. useless 1/5

    By rsq184
    Last update 2.1.0 made iOS app. useless, can't connect to any of my Vizio products, Vizio needs to get rid of the app or support it better, if it isn't usable why have it. Needs a lot of work, always has, example :the Tru volume has to be very very often switched on an off throughout the day.
  • Terrible- Never Works 1/5

    By AlDon1029
    I can never get the app to work with my Visio sound bar. It never is able to sync with my sound bar that I’ve connected it to. I’d like to use my phone for the remote but this ongoing issue doesn’t allow me to. Fix your app.

    By Turbo120
    App is worthless!!!!! I say this because I am very good with tech, computer systems windows, Linux etc.. and after hours of trying to link sound bar to app I give up. And in the past I have connected but not for long. Please if you don’t want to spend hours every time you need to reconnect app buy some other sound bar!!!!
  • Is not working 1/5

    By Hanita mami
    Not work ride, is always disconnected .
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Chris242242242
    As so many other people have posted in their reviews, this app no longer works with my sound bar. Fix this Vizio - don’t bother with your canned responses to these reviews - just fix the app.
  • Rendered Useless!!! 1/5

    By Rodriand001
    I don’t normally review apps but I am frustrated with this one. It has worked for a long time no issues then Vizio puts out this new update which hasn't worked sinc. I have been reading review comments by Vizio and following their advice however issue is still not resolved. I deleted the app and tried to reconnect everything, don’t bother. I can get up to the part where it asks for the Wi-Fi password before it tells me connection failed. Please put out a new update that works something is clearly wrong on your end.
  • Possible Fix?(app wont connect to tv “connection failure”) 4/5

    By Hell_Raised_
    Everytime the app wont connect to tv. I log out of my account and sign in to guest and go to Input and wait for it to pop up and then i can use the app normally. This has worked everytime for me
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Infantryman116
    This app does not work. The swipe will not work. It won’t connect to your internet, and if it does, it forgets it and you’ll have to start over. Do not download
  • App broken! 1/5

    By NormalNathan
    With the release of 2.1.0 the app will not connect to my soundbar. Performing a delete and reinstall of the app and going through the steps to connect fails too. While it appears initially to work with the tone test, it looks like when it tries to transfer the Wi-Fi password something fails and the app refuses to connect after that. Please don't try and tell me it's my fault. The app worked before. Thus it is clearly and squarely a defect with the current version. Please go back and fix the problem.
  • Best Vizio Smart TV App 5/5

    By Cupcakelove7
    I downloaded 2 other apps claiming to be a remote for Vizio smart tv but none worked only this one. Saved me $ from buying a new remote, works great 👍🏼
  • Doesnt Work 1/5

    By D-Man1990
    This app is completely useless. Spend 15 minutes setting up my tv and sound bar only for it to instantly forget them and force me to to start over. Have tried multiple times over the months and it has never worked.
  • Could not connect to soundbar 1/5

    By Fornographic
    That error message is the only thing this app is capable of doing. Good thing Bluetooth works or this speaker would be unusable.
  • App not working since update 1/5

    By mjrchicago
    Neither of my two Vizio soundbars will connect via “SmartCast” since the update. I have used the app for over a year with minor issues, but the last update renders the App useless. This is clearly a developer issue as the hundreds of recent comments by users all have the same issue. For the developer to somehow continuously suggest the users are at fault is disingenuous and harms Vizio as a brand.
  • Useless 1/5

    By kaekaefree
    The app rarely works.
  • Worthless… 2/5

    By mbrady67
    Ugh, this app never connects to my sound bar. It constantly gives me a can’t connect to soundbar error. I’ve done everything I can to make sure it’s setup correctly. Their support site is as the app though. Oh well it’s Vizio, get what you pay for I suppose.
  • People can log onto your WiFi with this app 1/5

    By hsbsnms sn s
    This is a huge problem for Vizio, I have multiple problems with their brand, On how they require many updates on the TVs and constantly how to reboot, not only that but their app as well, for starters I do not like the fact that this app requires you to use log into your Wi-Fi through there app, like what’s the whole point of that I obviously I had to have internet or WiFi to downloaded it from iOS to my phone obviously I have WiFi through my phone RIGHT! So why? Do we have to login again on your app to our Wi-Fi just to use this app for our TV, When doing that you’re allowing your TV to be set up as a some type 2nd modem, it basically allows others to log into your Wi-Fi through your TV with no password! THIS IS REALLY BAD, I have neighbors that constantly Login through my tv display name! How in the F does that happen?? Like are you guys trying to hack peoples IP address or something, You guys honestly have a lot of work to do with this brand, Like my father said you pay for what you get that’s why this brand is very cheap at Walmart. At least fix it stop taking peoples money for these crappy smart devices
  • No access to settings 1/5

    By Arl7935
    The new update won’t let you change setting now I’m stuck with a tv that I can’t make changes. I hope it is fixed soon.
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By ncavazos2231
    This app never works!!!!!
  • Glitchy connection 1/5

    By Matthew-ofFosterCity
    Sure it’s paired and “looks connected” it shows connected to my receiver, and that my Ethernet connection to the Visio is good, but when I try to access menu settings to change picture (my most common need) the app says “connection failed”. The app is a mess honestly and it’s very frustrating because I greatly desire smartphone remote control.
  • Not great but not completely useless. 2/5

    By mdjfhxuidid
    App isn’t the most user friendly, the arrow buttons on the app do nothing and don’t let me scroll around my smart cast tv. Even when you subscribe or pay for premium version of the app, you still just wish you had the actual remote. I don’t uninstall the app though, it’s Great for turning up the volume, lose my remote all the time, the buttons on my tv are dysfunctional and this app fills in some of the gaps in my tv experience.
  • Since the update on the application 3/5

    By Double__six
    The app is not working since the update. Please fix this problem.
  • Doesn’t “sync” with app 1/5

    By Jferdz
    I’ve deleted and reinstalled app several times and set up each time but I get the same message after successfully renaming. “Could not connect to soundbar”
  • Please urgently fix!!!! 1/5

    By Texasdoesitbest
    Latest update broke the pairing cannot pair same problems as all other latest reviews Update: just now (about 5 min from writing this review) I decided to use my old iPod running iOS 9 and my iPhone 5s running iOS 10 and download the Vizio app which of course is not supported until you go to your purchase history and download it there. It then asked me if I wanted to instal most recent version compatible to the device. BAM it worked perfect in fact as soon as i opened the app it instantly worked better than it ever has and recognized device instantly. So clearly this latest update is to blame. Response to developer: My issue? I stated my issue and it’s exactly the same as all the tons of latest reviews…. Your latest update broke the connection and communication with app and soundbar. Meanwhile, previous version immediately connects and works without issue. And yes I’ve reset, removed device on app, attempted re establishing connection, I’ve tried everything possible and no go. I’ve looked at your responses at “solutions” on other reviews and it seems they are all the same a typical cut and copy response to everyone telling you that latest update broke the connection and communication. It’s not an issue with soundbar or network otherwise previous app version wouldn’t connect instantly and work like a charm. But rather, with this latest version of the app you get a message indicating unable to connect.
  • Hardly Works for E43-D2 Model 1/5

    By Hajakfkflsa
    App and tv can't even connect with each other. Doesn't connect to wi-fi or pair properly. A wasteful app.