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VIZIO SmartCast Mobile™

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  • Current Version: 1.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: VIZIO
  • Compatibility: Android
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VIZIO SmartCast Mobile™ App

With VIZIO SmartCast Mobile™, you can control your entire entertainment experience with your iPhone. Browse & discover movies, TV shows, music, live streams and more across multiple apps at once. Power on/off devices, play/pause content, modify advanced settings and more. Effortless Discovery. VIZIO SmartCast Mobile brings together all your favorite entertainment from multiple apps into one simple experience. Launch Apps on your TV Build your own list of favorite apps. Simple controls wherever you are. Power on/off devices, play/pause content, adjust volume and more, all from the palm of your hand. Watch free content. Enjoy easy access to free TV shows, movies, music and more. Type with a keyboard. Enter text on your TV/display from your smartphone using a full keyboard. Swipe to navigate SmartCast Home. Use the touchpad to quickly play your favorite entertainment from featured content to the most popular apps right from your TV/display. Easily access advanced settings. Adjust aspect ratio, select input, calibrate picture and more. See All the Details. Get a quick look at show ratings, synopsis, cast, crew, clips and more. SUPPORTED VIZIO SMARTCAST™ PRODUCTS. 2016 and 2017 VIZIO SmartCast UHD Home Theater Displays 2018 and 2019 VIZIO SmartCast TVs VIZIO SmartCast Sound Bars VIZIO SmartCast Crave™ Speakers COMPATIBILITY NOTES VIZIO SmartCast Mobile is not compatible with legacy VIZIO Internet Apps® and VIZIO Internet Apps Plus® Smart TVs. VIZIO Crave Speakers cannot output audio from TVs/displays or be connected as an additional channel to an existing sound bar or sound system. Additional supported SmartCast or Chromecast-enabled audio products are required (not included) for Multi-Room feature. Streaming different songs to different speakers at the same time is not supported when using a single app running on a single mobile device. To stream a different song to different speakers at the same time, you’ll need to stream from a different app or a separate mobile device. ——————————————————————— The applications and content pictured herein or described on this page may only be available in certain countries and languages, may require additional fees or subscription charges, and may be subject to future updates, modifications, interruption and/or discontinuation of service without notice. VIZIO has no control over third party applications or content and assumes no responsibility for the availability or interruption of such applications or content. Additional third-party terms, conditions and restrictions apply. High-speed/broadband Internet service and access equipment are required and are not provided by VIZIO. Not all Google Cast-enabled apps are integrated with VIZIO SmartCast and may require additional steps to cast. Select features of VIZIO SmartCast Mobile require a myVIZIO Account (available free).

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VIZIO SmartCast Mobile™ app reviews

  • does not work 1/5

    By Brenen's Drumset
    Do not download this app. It doesnt work anymore! Asks for location and then turns into a blank screen. It was fine before the update. FIX YOUR APP ASAP!
  • Works like 25% of the time. Annoying as hell 2/5

    By Oldballsbaby
    Will not consistently connect to the tv to turn it on or off. Won’t work at all unless you give it your location. Garbage
  • Not working with ios 13.4.1 2/5

    By Dennixo
    Hey my app stopped functioning after I updated to ios 13.4.1 any body else?
  • So much wrong with this app 1/5

    By b3774785468
    NO I DONT WANT LOCATION SERVICES! NO I DONT WANT LOCATION SERVICES! NO I DONT WANT LOCATION SERVICES! NO I DONT WANT LOCATION SERVICES! PLEASE Stop the app from asking every time. I just want the remote to adjust the volume, everything else is pure bloat and getting in the way. And if I have one device, please don’t make me have to select it every time I load the app.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Kiki McD
    Terrible just terrible tv. I got this tv 2 years ago and it work fine until one day I was going on smartcast and it said no internet so I connected it to the internet and it said unable so I did a factory reset and i did that but it won’t to this day go past where do you live part. I don’t recommend this tv
  • App doesn’t update surround sound 2/5

    By welp11223344
    I try and update my surround sound and it asks if I am sure, with the option of yes or no. This pops up for less than a second. I click on update again and a pop up comes up for less than a second that has a button to dismiss. But you cannot tap it. Hoping either there is an update for this and also something gets figured out about why the voice sync falls out after a commercial on hulu live. Hulu doesn’t seem to want to admit it’s their fault and doesn’t seem like Vizio does either.
  • Too bad I can’t give this a 0 1/5

    By kpsychorock
    The absolute worst. Can’t get the remote to work. I can’t get the apps to work. Unable to contact support. Hate it completely will be selling the damned tv
  • App that makes TV work 1/5

    By Hhfgjjbfddfgvvv
    Does anyone make an app that will make the Vizio TV work?
  • bad update! 1/5

    By ItchyRytNut
    the latest update made it stop working on the app!it shows that the device is connected to the tv but it’s not responding.only thing that you can do is to turn it on and off and it’s take time before it responds.why update when everything was working perfectly fine!smh
  • Great 5/5

    By 020o1
    Works perfectly.
  • App opens but nothing happens 1/5

    By arbme7ze
    I downloaded it today and when I go to open the app it asks to use my location and then just goes blank
  • It’s useful 3/5

    By ShelbyMayFire
    It’s nice when I loose my remote but at the same type the swipe function refuses to work for me.
  • Don’t waste your time!! 1/5

    By LalafromTN
    This app is a joke... we have a 2018 model 65 inch Vizio Smart tv with Chromecast built in. I downloaded the app just like all the other apps I have, when I opened this Vizio app it’s nothing but a blank black screen. Ha! The ‘write a review’ doesn’t even work on this piece of crap app!! If it does let me leave this review just know it took a freakin dozen ‘tries’ to get it sent!
  • No longer launches 1/5

    By TheKis3r
    ... just a blank screen. And why do you need my location when I've been forced to connect via WiFi to get updates?
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By jaky
    The app is poorly designed. The touch pad for some reason is separated from the rest of the controls which requires me to switch back and forth. Hint: checkout Roku remote app for a better UI. Also the touch pad stopped working.
  • It took a while. 2/5

    By Kev_coy
    It has been a long time. Glad the app is finally working and no longer insists on location access. Realized that the app keeps turning my volume up. Very annoying. What’s up with that? Dropping rating down to 2 star.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By jervws
    Nothing but a blank screen and within blank screen...nowhere to go to troubleshoot. Uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail
  • Not working 2/5

    By slar2020
    Ap isn’t working. It doesn’t allow me to scroll on the ap. The remote broke a month after purchasing the tv.
  • Terrible. Unbelievably broken 1/5

    By jd2020
    This app is useless. Can’t connect to my sound at all. Not by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Endless attempts; Vizio support is not existent. Stick to Bose or Sonos.
  • Lame 2/5

    By Corinagaloia
    Our remote control broke so I downloaded this app. It doesn’t work for Disney plus or nbc. The space bar doesn’t work when typing on netflix and you can’t type with the keypad at all on YouTube. The app won’t allow you to swipe or click anything on Disney plus or nbc. Very bad app. Two stars because I can at least use Netflix a little bit.
  • Doesn’t even open 1/5

    By Michael Bleu
    After hours of trying to get my cheaply made vizio soundbar to pair to the subwoofer, I tried to download the app to see if that could help and its just a black screen. I’m so incredibly frustrated, buyer beware. Won’t be purchasing from Vizio again, they obviously don’t care about their products
  • Awful app 1/5

    By KatieCakesLife
    This app is terrible. It constantly crashes and when an update is pushed I have to delete it and reinstall in multiple times before I can even get to a working setup screen to resync my TV. Then, the sync only stays connected for a short time. This app needs serious help.
  • Almost perfect 4/5

    By Jayy_1999
    I can only control certain apps for example I can go on YouTube and Netflix no problem but when I go to Hulu the remote on the app doesn’t work at all
  • Location requiered 1/5

    By MrSlim.Shady
    For some reason this app needs access to my location in order to work. There is absolutely no need for this app to ask for location when the tv/devices it controls are ALWAYS static in the exact same place.
  • Don't work 1/5

    By Hambone.
    This is the first time I have ever used this app, and it is extremely disappointing. In the five minutes using it I had to reset the app Everytime I try to click on anything. I will give it one more try, and if it still buggy then I will be deleting the app.
  • Bah hum bug 3/5

    By Schrade88
    SmartCast used to be great, but now main apps like Hulu and amazon won’t launch, only thing that works on here is netflix
  • Don’t buy a Vizio 1/5

    By TruthWill set you free
    This app is horrible, it makes me want to take my tv back!
  • App doesn’t swipe 1/5

    By rgravine
    Used to work. Now swipe is broken. Everything else is fine but swipe functionality has been lost
  • No enter button or okay button 1/5

    By sksjek r
    This app does not have an okay or enter button so I had to download two apps in order to function my tv
  • I just want Spotify:( 2/5

    By maddiepetrick
    I really don’t mind the TV or the app as a whole. The problem is the limited channels provided as well as what apps can be casted onto the TV. If I’m being honest I’d they had Spotify I would probably up my rating to a 4 star but that’s just me!
  • Hope this works 5/5

    By cg123456789011
    I hope that this app works if it don’t I’ll be give it an update !
  • Horrible 1/5

    By bigzeez24
    Doesn’t work as a remote what so ever. It turns the tv on and off but you cannot navigate thru anything waste of storage and time
  • Pretty Much Useless 1/5

    By Krytonone
    The only thing this app is good for is as a tv remote and to help with some settings on your tv. Other then that it's crap. You have to fight to get it to pair with your tv while it glitches out constantly. None of the browse/channel features work. Most of the menus on the screen are way to big to be useful especially if you are using on an IPad because it doesn't resize itself by what electronic device you are using. You have two options for size 1x or 2x neither of which menus fit on the actual screen. So you basically have to do everything the round about way manually on it. Oh and it locks up. Did I mention the glitches. I think the app designers must have been high on crack when they designed this app. A year or two ago it worked half way descent but then they kept pushing crap updates. They should just give you physical remote with your tv that actually works for everything on the tv. Not the tiny wand they call a remote that does nothing but control power, volume and channels basically.
  • Will no long connect to airplay 3/5

    By Cass77
    After the last update, my tv no longer connects to airplay.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Bubbly55
    Smart cast app Does not work during initial Smart TV setup. I just keep getting the spinning wheel when it gets to "detecting location"
  • Swipe doesn’t work 1/5

    By SugarSlippers
    When I swipe it clicks so yeah the app is useless. Can turn the tv off and on but no volume control for the sound bar. Used to work great. iPhone 11
  • This is a joke 2/5

    By SixStringAxeMan
    I have list count of how many times i have had to reconnect my device to my tv with this app. This has honestly made me not want to buy a vizio tv again. This is a joke and i shouldn’t have to jump through hoops just to use my tv as intended in the first place. If vizio would have given me an actual remote rather than a piece of plastic with a couple buttons and on it i wouldn’t have to resort to using a “smart tv” app
  • Terrible app!!! 1/5

    By Tropix3
    Why doesn’t this app have up down left right arrows to actually control the TV? Why doesn’t this app more closely function like Vizio TV remotes. Please fix this ASAP! Thanks!
  • Why do you need my location 1/5

    By Miss May Tag
    The ui design is awful. Who designed this garbage. Jony Ives.
  • Useless 1/5

    By seahawks fun kyle
    I can use only one time when it’s paired. Once disconnected never work again.
  • Worst Television Experience Ever 1/5

    By BradBeck555
    The VIZIO SmartCast system is the worst “smart TV” system I have ever experienced. Whoever thought it was a good idea to connect the television to the WiFi through your smartphone clearly does not understand convenience. The television loses connection to the WiFi and has to be reconnected often using this awful app. Spending a few hundred dollars extra for a different television manufacturer would have been well worth it. I sure hope VIZIO has moved on from this system in their current TVs.
  • Worked fine until it didn’t 2/5

    By mla776
    The only functions that work on the remote are the power (most of the time) and the volume. When ever I try to pause or select anything it won’t respond. It’s unbelievably frustrating and needs to be fixed for this to be worth downloading. I’ve deleted and redownloaded this app as well as trying to up date it. Nothing helps. I’d definitely love this app if they fixed the issues with it
  • Messed up tv 2/5

    By kaylierosebee
    My tv was working now it doesn’t let me use the simple channels I had . I tried to fix it it goes to different channels that aren’t even good and are nonessential to me . I like watching the news I can’t even watch it ! Horrible!!!!
  • Not good 1/5

    By Savedhsh
    This app is perfectly fine WHEN IT WORKS. Half the time it literally does not let me move around at all, so I cant do anything with my TV since my real remote is broken.
  • No longer works 1/5

    By mhoman
    It goes all the set up but will not connect to google. It didn’t require I to connect to google before. Tried on iPhone and iPad. The iPad app lets you connect to google first but later it can’t connect and spins like the iPhone app. This app used to work.
  • Was really good, then they "updated" and messed it up! 1/5

    By LaraCroft_NYC
    Tv goes on by itself. I have only one tv and it keeps asking me to "select device" which takes several steps. App indicates tv is on but yes off. Then you tap power on the app and it indicates off again. Free stuff hard to navigate. Far from user-friendly. Pretty Screwed up.
  • Total failure 1/5

    By Lib basher
    Won’t connect to either of my Vizio TV’s or soundbar. A total failure. Why can’t I rate this a ZERO? Thanks for nothing Vizio.
  • SmartCast doesn’t work with my phone 1/5

    By Ms_Ruiz729
    Was really excited to use AirPlay when I got my vizio d series tv. I’ve been trying for almost a week to setup my SmartCast tv with AirPlay it can’t find my iOS device ☹️
  • Could end up LOVING it... 1/5

    By La1010
    However, the touchpad NEVER works, unless it’s on Netflix. So, I can’t scroll on the main screen, or any other app. I can watch digital tv and use the channel buttons and other regular buttons like menu. Other than that.. it’s only Netflix or Digital TV. For the past few days.. it’s been stuck on this screen with the new coronavirus app because I can’t swipe or anything... so irritating. It’s like I might as well get a whole new television.

VIZIO SmartCast Mobile™ app comments

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