VN - Video Editor

VN - Video Editor

  • Category: Photo & Video
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  • Current Version: 0.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Ubiquiti Labs, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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VN - Video Editor App

Using VN (Mobile Phone and macOS) can easily organize your footage and create fantastic videos. The numerous moments you have photographed or recorded will be even more attractive when edited with VN. You can easily edit 4K videos, produce high-quality videos, and experience the fun of creation. Humanized and Convenient Operation • You Get What You See: On the VN editor, you can see most of the editing instructions are displayed on the track, instantly responding to your needs. • Multi-Track Editing: Multi-track material can be added to VN to use, with keyframe animation for more fun. • Interface Expansion: The user interface is well equipped with expandable features and it runs smoothly on your screens, saving you more space! Easier Editing • Flexible Operation: It is very simple to use VN to edit videos. All you need to do is just select video clips, add music, special effects, and subtitles. VN also supports 4K, helping you to produce high-resolution videos. Also, you may use functions such as picture-in-picture, masking, and blending modes to make your video more creative. • Seamless Connection: VN (Mobile Phone and macOS) are designed to work seamlessly. You can start editing videos on your iPhone and then use AirDrop to easily transfer the works between iPad or Mac to complete editing. • Draft Saving: VN supports non-destructive editing and automatically saves each operation step for you, allowing you to edit unfinished videos as you like. Audio Editing • BeatsClips: You can mark the rhythm simply by tapping the icon, allowing your videos to get to the point of the background music. • Multi-Segment Editing: Music fades in and out, creating J Cut and L Cut effects easily. More Efficient Material • Free Import: VN supports more free materials importing. You can easily import and use music, sound effects, fonts, LUTs filters, and sticker materials through the zip, which can easily improve your video editing workstation. • Efficient Management: You can create media folders to manage materials at your will. It is convenient for you to categorize materials more efficiently. Cinema Filter • Preset Filters: VN comes with some filters that make your video more cinematic, adding a few blockbuster feelings to your movie. • LUT Filters Import: You can also import a great number of LUT FILTERS from YouTube or Google to make your videos one step closer to the perfect. Cool Special Effects • Curved Speed: In addition to change speeds as you like, VN also supports CURVED SPEED, which can easily achieve highly dynamic effects. What’s more, VN provides 6 preset curves for you. • Keyframe Animation: By adding keyframes to videos, pictures, stickers, text, and other materials, you can easily create animation effects. VN also build in 19 kinds of "animation" presets. • Freeze Frame: Select any frame of your video and tap the icon to generate a 1.5s picture to make a time pause effect. Creative Text Effect • Built-In Subtitles: VN has a variety of built-in subtitle styles, the text size, position, and angle can be adjusted freely. Text color could be selected as you like. • Text Edit: Text editing is so convenient that you can change the text duration, split the text, and more. • Importing Fonts: You can import any fonts you adore. High-Quality Sharing • Customized Parameters: You can customize the export resolution, frame rate, bit rate, exporting 4K resolution, and 60FPS videos. • Quick Export: The export speed is rather flashy, after that you can share it to YouTube or TikTok instantly! System Requirements: macOS 10.15.6 or above. If there are any bugs or suggestions during the use of VN, please contact us for feedback, we’ll be glad to help you. Email: [email protected] Instagram: @vn.mac FaceBook: @vnvideoeditorapp Twitter: @vnvideoeditor Official Website:

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VN - Video Editor app reviews

  • a complaint 4/5

    By Thrashing smoke
    i wish there was a shortcut straight to youtube
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By trininjablue11
    This is Way better than any paid apps! please dont make it paid!
  • Alternative for iMovie in Mac OS 5/5

    By Ara-Ebr
    i used VN on my iPad and thanks for this great free apps. i bought an Macbook Air M1 and i was shocked when i see this app now can work in Mac OS with ne M1 chip.... it's definetly a game changer because you have very easy and powerfull UI with a lot of feature like importing LUTs and color correction, especialy when you compair VN to iMovie. I just delete the iMovie and use VN as my main Video Editing Software. i think Developer should
  • Its pretty good 4/5

    By tekegbrybrybshy
    its actually really good but im having trouble adding more than audio but i dont really another button that tells me i can import another one, but overall its great
  • bestedit app ever 5/5

    By luvin_my_5piexe
    this app has made my life so much easier. its nothing to create content now
  • This is dumb 1/5

    By Yurrtrashkid
    it wont let me put in videos
  • Auditions 5/5

    By kharris1974
    This is an amazing and easy to use editing program. I absolutely love it and made my work 100% smoothier. Thanks
  • Easy to use but some doesn't work 2/5

    By ivy_blackthorn
    I thought that the app was easy to use and it everything you needed but, when I tried to play the video it wouldn't show up at all. Please fix this!
  • good app 4/5

    By Inudaro
    it's a very good app but i wish it ciuld have been better exporting.
  • Nice Product. A pity it doesn't work. 1/5

    By MPGo
    Application crashes whenever trying to export finished files.
  • Wow this is the Future! 5/5

    By the al fonz
    Most powerful editor for iOS. You can literally edit 4k 60FPS footage on a tablet. I stumbled upon this app when I was buying Luma Fusion for my iPad Pro. I figured this might just give me some extra title options and I would do all the major editing in Luma. But after editing a few clips I think it may even surpass the abilities of luma. I really cant wrap my mind around (1) why this app isn't as popular as luma and (2) why people regard this as an app nor novice/amatures. From what I have seen so far this is the most powerfull video editor for an iPad. If the app did stabilization and noise reduction on par with Resolve and Premiere, I would pay $200 for this app.
  • best app 5/5

    By Minecraft club
    i love it the fact that it isen't like Movie Edit Pro - Video Editor
  • This is a great app on mobile but... 4/5

    By unprofessionalbookreader
    I downloaded this app after seeing an ad on youtube so I installed it on my android and I made a video with ease but yesterday I procrastinated on a project where we had to make a video so I did it with a little ease but you can't have too much words on a slide (I don't know what to call it and I'm used to Google Slides) but I pulled through an made the video but we have to have copyright free music and I found some great sad music but I could not import the music to the video. That is really only my issues with VN, it's really great for beginners not procrastinators.
  • app is a waste! 1/5

    By andy12456678910
    wasted hours to edit video only for it not to save!!!
  • Amazing app, highly reccomment 5/5

    By Tropical Crepes
    I don't do reviews often, so if I do that means that I am extrememly satisfyed with the product - and I can say wholeheartedly that I am. It is extremely easy to use, fast, and completely free. In addition to downloading videos onto your computer for use elsewhere, you can choose to publish it on VN. If you're looking for video editing software, VN is the way to go!
  • amazing 5/5

    By jhvvv. cvhhhh
  • VN 5/5

    By Ms.Raza
    I love this app.This is very easy and mind blowing
  • Best free video editor ever! 5/5

    By LetMyWordsBeTruth
    I have tried various programs over the years for creating videos, and this is by far the best. Despite being so simple and easy to master, it has a plethora of highly-accessible customization options, allowing for a high level of creativity and expression. It also runs smooth, and doesn't crash or overheat/overwork my computer (an issue I had struggled with in other video-creation applications). If I could, I'd give this more stars!
  • Perhaps the best idea ever, but .... 5/5

    By papabear38a
    Beautiful, total fit with the Apple artistic environment, I gave it hours of effort because I can just tell this could be a game changer. But frankly im stunned that a developer with this kind of talent has no online presence, no documentation of even the most simplistic sort. until you exhaust yourself hunting - once you find it - i guess all is forgiven. it's good documentation - but no link is setup, no help, no support link, the home page is gorgeous, but there's nowhere to go ever for a quick start. I am a 30 year editor - and it took hours just to find "settings" which then was like a Hansel and Gretel bread crumb trail to settings that explained some things - and at long last the YouTube video links. Listen - this thing is a game changer for anyone who cares about a soothing environment and some beauty and artistry while you do your thing. Throw us a lifeline - it's amazing.
  • Barriers to Entry for Novices 2/5

    By jholmes_jr
    VN may be a wonderful video editor, but if a novice like me downloads it and imports a video clip, there is literally nothing that tells you what to do next. I have a 2-hour mp4 video of an interview, and my goal was simply to delete certain parts so that the roughl 20 minutes I care about could be saved as a single file. This is a baby task for a video editor, but my guess is if it were given to ten people with no prior experience, I'd be surprised if even one of them could do it. The solution, of course, would be some sort of starter manual to allow a new user to find the basic tools. If it exists, it doesn't appear when you click Help within the app, so I find myself defeated.
  • love it good for gacha vid 5/5

    By laylagirlmama
    i use the app for gacha vids its a free app good thank you
  • This video editing app is a must have for Mac, iOs and iPad 5/5

    By Haightmale
    I was looking for a video editor 'lite' for my iphone. We don't always want or require all the bells and whistles that iMovie provides, especially if we're just trimming a few seconds, adding a title sequence, or adjusting the audio. I stumbled on this app for iPhone and it's terrific, and you'll find it on my Mac, iPad and iPhone. I now use both iMovie and VN to edit and produce my videos, and I've added VN to my list of esssential apps for each f my Apple devices. It's simple and easy to use, it's not a resource hog, and has intuitive editing controls, and you don't need a manual to figure it out. Kudos to the developer! I highly recommend VN for anyone shooting video. It's a terrific and powerful video editor. Download it and see for yourself.
  • Great for basic task 5/5

    By Flora-1010
    I was in a rush to complete a class project, and it was easy to use that i was able to navigate all the tools fast enought and completed the assignment.
  • AMAZING!! 5/5

    By omgomgomghehehe
    It's an amazing app but you have to really figure out the app inside and out and you have to really think about what ur gonna do.
  • this should be on every mac, not imovie 5/5

    By Joseph32717273
    I don't know why this app is not more popular, it is by far the best i've tried. This is truly a revolation.
  • First Time User 5/5

    By fxslymm3
    Easy tools to use for project demo. Definitely will use this again for future projects
  • No M1 support yet 3/5

    By Bbrundage
    I can't even get the mobile version so it will run properly on the M1. Rosetta runs hot for stuff like this so uninstalling on my M1 but might try on my Hackintosh
  • TYY 5/5

    By makaylh
  • The best video editor. 5/5

    By Sarixtube
    It's an application 100% free it's the best. You can do professional edits without paying 1$. Download it. The best application.
  • this app i incredible 5/5

    By Myenta
    the only thing i wish they would add is voice over and the spinning effect, overall GREAT
  • Audio? 3/5

    By ~Jae.~
    I really enjoy editing on this app but have had some trouble with my videos audio falling out of sync. Plus there doesn't seem to be a audio recording option in app. Maybe I'm missing something
  • Very good but.. 4/5

    By Lupiscas
    The app is good for casule edting but please add or do something about maybe a copy and paste it took me a long time to add and cut thr same thing to the project.

    Im mostly editing my music videoa with VN for mac. Once you get the swing of it; it becomes easy. The only draw backs are the chroma key which doasent take out all of the green. hoping thhat improves as the app gets updated.
  • The Best lightweight casual video editor 5/5

    I have been looking for a light video editor for causal editing. I have came to notice VN which is relatively new release in Mac appstore. But I am really impressed with the software. Its interface is really simple, well laid down with clear instruction. I highly recommend people to try this software. I always like to support developer and hope if VN release a paid pro version it should be priced resonably so that more people can buy it. Futhermore by supporting developer, they can add more feature. Best of luck for the developer.
  • Amazing App 5/5

    By No-Shot-Impossible
    To start, the user interface is so seamless and amateur-friendly! I have been using the app for a while now, and I love the fact that everything included on the app is free. They make it incredibly easy to export your videos to a variety of destinations and the creativity aspect of the app is incredible. The only thing that I can possibly think of that might need improvement are the (text) titles, as there are not a huge amount on the app. To solve this, I occasionally go to another editing app, do the title, and come to back to VN. While I'm making titles on another app, though, it just reminds me how bad other apps' free modes are. Many apps watermark your videos obnoxiously if you are not on a paid plan, are not user-friendly, and have way to many expensive subcription plans (from $50-$1,000); however, this app has it all without any in-app purchases: tons of stock music and SFX sound effects, filters, color grades, layers, and more. I rarely need to use another app, but if I have to, it is for something very minor. From family montages to full commercials, this video-editing app has all the attributes, and more than I could have expected, to create a fantastic video! If you are an amateur or even an experienced editor, this app will provide and sustain all of your video-editing needs.
  • gg 5/5

    By EzKiller0
    Love it amazing app i use it every day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Exporting 4/5

    By Burnt toast💀
    This is great for editing videos and/or putting clips together for commentary videos. I like that it's easy to use and you don't really have to do any digging to figure anything out. My main problem is when I export. I don't want to export my videos to the VN app because that is kind of dumb. There is also a drop arrow which should give other options such as Youtube, Instagram or other platforms. Because if not that completely defeats the purpose of the drop arrow. I also don't like saving a Youtube video to my camera roll to post from there. Other than that I recommend you get this app because its free and easy.
  • not the best 3/5

    By rafiachristensen
    this app does not function in an easy to work way and there isnt even a way to change the placement of my clips? kind of hard to navigate even THOUGH its so simple. did not like it and i thought this would be my lower storage alternative to imovie but i think ill be going back to imovie for my basic clip trimming and putting together as this application makes it so hard to do such a simple thing as that.
  • WOW 5/5

    By Molly CC.
    this is so great!!!
  • I love this app 5/5

    By bhvhvhvy
  • VIDEO IS BLACK when it finished exporting 1/5

    THE video came out black when it finished exporting took me a long time and I cant do anything else Ima just have to move on too another app.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By You_average_person
    Highly recommend better than imovie.
  • Best 5/5

    By rex7464
    I can do everything on this app
  • tt 5/5

    By isjevskshevnxu
    love it
  • It won't let me export 2/5

    By Those eyes
    Everytime I try to export it says video generation failed and i've tried everything it suggested. I want to delete and re download the app but am worried that my video will be deleted.
  • so amazing app just download and check 5/5

    By tanji bilal
  • Bugs!! 3/5

    By Ray-Mound
    The app functionality is pretty good, you can do almost anything you need to do with only one video track. But the app crashes a lot when handling longer files, and it stops playing the project after a while, until it's restarted.
  • Great app overall! 4/5

    By AliaHassan
    VN is one of my favorite editing apps on my phone and so when I heard it was available on mac I quickly downloaded it. One of my favorite features on the mobile app was the exporting music from videos option and I couldn't do it on here which does make me a bit sad but overall the app is great and super easy to use!
  • Great, but need some work. 4/5

    By Ajai_FrasureYT
    Its not bad! but when i tried to change the picture, it wouldnt let me. ill give it 4 stars!