Vocabulary - Learn words daily

Vocabulary - Learn words daily

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  • Current Version: 4.32
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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Vocabulary - Learn words daily App

Looking for tips for improving your vocabulary? Whether you are trying to strengthen and broaden your vocabulary for school or personal growth, the key is a commitment to regularly learning new words. Why expand your knowledge and use of words? You'll be able to communicate (speak and write) more clearly and concisely, people will understand you more easily, and you will increase the perception (and reality) that you are an intelligent person. Besides, learning new words is a fun activity -- and one you can even do with the people around you. Privacy Policy: http://monkeytaps.net/privacypolicy.htm Terms of use: http://monkeytaps.net/termsofservice.htm

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Vocabulary - Learn words daily app reviews

  • Perfect, all it needs is a Quiz mode 5/5

    By Mykedieseljr
    Would make the app much better by being tested on the words in my favorites. I'll keep it 5 stars for now lol
  • No pronunciation 3/5

    By Bryan in SF
    Good app, but they forgot to tell us how to pronunciate the words.
  • Fantastic and addictive 5/5

    By Eskaaay
    This vocabulary app is a fun and addictive way to learn new words. There are a couple of things that I think would improve this app immensely, if not boost the users knowledge in learning new words. One would be to show synonyms of the words. The other would be to show the Greek and Latin root words and prefixes and suffixes. I find that these often help in strengthening the retention of words. One issue with the app I noticed is that it crashes whenever you add a word to your list. Otherwise, I think this is a great app and hope I am able to expand my vocabulary. Thanks.
  • Too easy even at advanced level 1/5

    By xx??!!
    Waste of my time because I have to receive and look at too many words to get any I don’t know. All the messages about don’t give up, you can become erudite are just annoying. They are not allowing me to express why I am not interacting with the app which is that the words are not challenging. One word in 10 or 20 at the advanced level might be new to me. Please offer a way to indicate need for higher challenge level
  • An app everyone needs! 5/5

    By DeadFeetMossy
    This is an app I didn’t know I needed in my life; or on my phone, rather. I’ll admit my vocabulary is not great by any means, so I’m hoping this will help!
  • # sneaky add‘a 2/5

    By SeeBeeDee
    Sneaky pop-up ads that block the word you are trying to read, I feel like you are tempting me with something that I might like, but who knows cannot enjoy or find a use for this app because of the ads, If it’s a subscription fee you would like be upfront about it and keep those ads or YouTube or something else good day
  • Fraud and scam, keeps charging you. 1/5

    By ysh8an
    The words they feed you everyday is rarely used nowadays. Even though I cancel the subscription in time, they keep charging me. I am charged twice. I will report this issue to Apple.
  • Hard to change the level 3/5

    By Mehdi(Mehrdad) Rafat
    I’ve tried many many times to change my level from elementary to beginners but I couldn’t. It’s not an app with varieties of options. 😕
  • Great app! The devs only want money 5/5

    By brunao614
    Don’t get me wrong tho, the app is awesome ! But it’s kinda sleezy to make the user have to pay for different colors as a background. Talk about using learning to make money 🤫❤️
  • quick and easy! 5/5

    By bella739104
    Great way to learn new words! I really like it :)
  • Love the new animated backgrounds! 5/5

    By PBBaisas
    App has been awesome thus far. Good UX. The simple UI design is GOOD! Hope you maintain that aspect in future versions. 👍
  • Needs a dictionary backend 2/5

    By juanvaldezzz
    The app is perfect but for the lack of content. Everything i was looking for, seriously, except for the words.
  • Thanks 5/5

    By cityboy8596
    Thanks for the lessons in proper speech
  • Pronunciation??? 1/5

    By Dad.Vader
    I kinda liked this app, but it’s basically worthless without pronunciation.
  • Good but needs less notifications 4/5

    By nakkamsndndnkoqo
    to many notifications
  • Not difficult enough 3/5

    By dandelyons
    Not bragging or trying to be a know it all but “aisle” was in the advanced category. Some are decently difficult but 50% are every day words.
  • You Can Use For Free ✨🫶🏻 5/5

    By blazed_brat_creationz1
    Do appreciate that they still all you to use the app for free . Knowledge is power ✨
  • Not good 1/5

    By bruceleedrgn
    Not sure why there aren’t any good vocabulary apps. This one could be good if it didn’t just have a brief definition of the world. You only get one definition, no pronunciation, root word or history. No flash card feature in r anything got reinforce learning. It’s just a word and less than 10 words to describe it. If you want to learn more it just opens a browsers and Googles the word. It’s not that hard to just call Google api and render the results instead of taking you out of the app. Also the app cost money, like for real?
  • So far so good!! 4/5

    By genesis 2018
    Today is my first day using the app so I cannot rate it a five just yet. One thing I noticed right from the start is that if I have it set to 10 reminders per day, it would notify me with 10 NEW words. Like another review, I agree that there should be a function that would allow me to set reminders of the same words at various times throughout the day. Also would be great if I can create flash cards with my saved words to quiz myself.
  • Enamored 5/5

    By Slobtek
  • This app is a blessing. 5/5

    By ExplicitWalrus
    It’s simplistic design, straightforward concept and excellent execution make it a pleasure to learn all of these different words. I especially love the charmer who writes all the creative example sentences. Thank you all so much for making such a great app.
  • Notifications: 2/5

    By rome33333333
    I don’t receive daily notifications as expected.
  • Boring 2/5

    By Go to bed 45
    Poor presentation
  • Great App 5/5

    By Erotic lover
    I really like this app.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By mansurucuoql
    I really like app reminders are great
  • Mostly good, but could use a flash card system 4/5

    By xnickkcinx
    The interface is clean and the selection of words is good. But some of the organization could use work, like being able to easily access your custom collections of words on the main screen. Also it really needs a flash card system to test your knowledge.
  • Mind blowing app 5/5

    By hazel e moss
    It’s like it reads my mind and presents words that fit the moment
  • Great app 4/5

    By Payton kato
    Great app! Very helpful in expanding your . The only thing I’d change is making it to where you can see how to pronounce the word
  • Helpful! 5/5

    By Almostthere55
    Very good words
  • Krido Odirk 5/5

    By Dimitri2u
    I really like this app guys. I’m learning. I’d recommend it. I let the notifications run so the app itself introduces me to new words. I get it on my phone and watch. Cool learning tool.

    By SuperFrigginIrritated
    These words were majority negative and had a bad influence on my days. Please try nicer and interesting words. not just long and hurtful ones. EVEN THE EXAMPLES.
  • Great app 5/5

    By T. Lashai
    Great app i found the name of my company from this app.
  • Vocabulary words 5/5

    By Madera MD
    It’s a good way to keep up with words and definitions of the words
  • Good but not quite 3/5

    By Chip Desormeaux
    I love the idea of learning a new word every morning. Just the definitions are too abbreviated. For instance, this morning the word “ameliorate” was defined as simply “to improve.” That is not enough of the correct definition to be able to use that word correctly. Granted, this app isn’t meant to supplant a legit dictionary. If you find a word you’re interested in, a trip to the Oxford or Webster should be your next action. But a definition shouldn’t be so abbreviated that it obfuscates the meaning. The app seems very well put together otherwise.
  • Good!!! 5/5

    By 😂4565556
    I think this is an awesome app the let you do things with out having to pay and have awesome words to learn. They also provide examples and audible as well as visual ways to learn the word.
  • greatest of all apps for learning new vocabulary. 5/5

    By Ferdows Raid
    This is the best app for learning new words and to strengthen your vocabulary, to able to speak grandiloquently is one the most important skills for me to learn, even though I am using the free version yet this has helped me a lot to learn. I’m just considering to change to the version.
  • ohmygod 5/5

    By ayalikesthisappalot
    it has been YEARS since i have written a review. and oh my god, this is literally the PERFECT app, what??? its so cute and simple (in a good way) i love it so much. there’s not too many ads which i am undoubtedly happy about (and pretty sure like 90% of people here) PLUS the way you put the advertisements where you scrolled was actually so nice; it’s different from most apps that randomly have an ad pop out from no where OMFGKWGSKQBW RHANK YOU FOR MAKIJG THIS i
  • Improvement 2/5

    By SanDiegoSalman
    Need better enunciation on the sound out loud part
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By Tot4499
    I’m really enjoying the vocabulary application. This app makes building my vocabulary very easy. The app is straightforward to navigate and personalize. I strongly recommend it. It deserves a five-star rating.
  • Use it or lose it! 5/5

    By The Hope Healer
    I enjoy this app because even if you know a word, such as appeal, it will give it to you and use it in a sentence to give you a FRESH NEW PERSPECTIVE of said word!
  • Question about the ‘dislike’ feature 5/5

    By peter_JL
    Hi, I’m loving the app but I have a question and thought I might post it here. I’m assuming the dislike feature is used to keep disliked words from coming up on my feed in the future (pls correct me if I’m wrong), then what do I do if I’ve accidentally disliked a word and want to undo the action to have it back on my feed?
  • Screw you greedy jerks RUINED 1/5

    By Pixie289
    With the update they put a paywall for your favorites. I already paid for this app now they are calling it premium for what the app used to be. So all the words I saved I can’t get to anymore unless i fork out a Subscription or an annual Fee. NOT WORTH IT.
  • LOVIN THIS APP!! 5/5

    By Nolan Baker
    A fellow pupil is my F block sports and entertainment marketing class recommended this to me and I couldn’t be happier. I CANT STOP SCROLLING!! I can’t describe my agonizing addiction to this app in words, only sounds in which my family is beginning to get concerned for my mental health. MY LOVE FOR THESE WORDS IS INDESCRIBABLY POWERFUL. I genuinely think I’d end it all if I didn’t get the chance to use this app again. I’ve sent hundreds of messages to all of my friends telling them to get the vocabulary app…I got blocked. I’ve lost so many friends and family on this fierce journey but it’s all worth it once I get that notification of a new word bright and early at 3:00 am. If I am being honest I haven’t been sleeping at all because the adrenaline rush of an anticipated word shoots throughout my body HAHAHAHAHAHAH😳 thousands of hours of my life wasted on this app. I miss my family. I miss my house. I’m living under a bridge mindlessly scrolling until I pass out and I can’t take it anymore. Beware of this app, it will change you…❌
  • Great app 5/5

    By larrry1111
    I keep coming back for more, excellent app
  • Vocab 5/5

    By siknow💯
    I love the English
  • Great App 5/5

    By Capt. Howie
    I’m learning wonderful new words, and resurrecting great words I stopped using or just forgot about.
  • Words alive 5/5

    By El Roberto 427
    This app will turn the real world into real words
  • Only on for first five minutes 5/5

    By Mxyzptlklex
    I just started this five minutes ago. And already I’ve learned someone vocals that I’ll use for the rest of my life
  • Great quick reference widget but one improvement needed 4/5

    By Tris763
    I use this app for it's widget, never opening the actual app. It enjoy being able to expand my vocabulary through this simple addition to my home screen. Improvement: Please add a phonetic pronunciation to the widget (alternatively offer a choice of phonetic pronunciation or sample sentence).