VOCHI Cool Video Effects Maker

VOCHI Cool Video Effects Maker

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: BLBW LIMITED
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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VOCHI Cool Video Effects Maker App

VOCHI was created for next-level video editing. After using VOCHI, your videos will never be the same! Spice up your stories, videos, and photos by applying insane effects to single objects! VOCHI takes your creativity to a whole new level with its unique AI-based technology built into its intuitive video editor. Add a “Motion” effect to highlight movement, “Glitch” to create a bizarre dazzling effect, and “Clones” to make your vids look insane, and so much more. New effects drop every week! With just 3 taps, you can: - Choose a moment - Tap on the object - Apply an effect Show your best moments in the coolest possible way! VOCHI is a new app that is constantly growing, so stay tuned for updates and upcoming cool effects! Thank you for your support, we love, love, love, hearing your ideas and feedback! Drop us a note at [email protected] or leave a review for us below. - Terms of use: https://static.vochi.app/ToS.pdf - Privacy policy: https://static.vochi.app/Privacy.pdf

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VOCHI Cool Video Effects Maker app reviews

  • THEY STEAL 1/5

    By HateLucid
  • Xmilamex 5/5

    By sexyreaper5753
    This app is outstanding
  • Super easy to use 5/5

    By Rovi oh
    It’s super easy to use and I using it for Tiktok
  • Glitching 1/5

    By MyobBossKL
    Everytime I go to apply FX it crashes
  • 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 5/5

    By necalainsopoltable
    Love this app you can get as creative as you want I love it and highly recommend !!!!!
  • Misleading 1/5

    By cks666
    The ads for this app are so misleading and the eye effects they are selling don’t even exist. Straight up just lying
  • Love this app 5/5

    By nene87!
    This app helps with advertising my business. Thanks

    By Nik's Pod
    I downloaded this app due to some effects that they keep promoting on Instagram. The effects are not even an option. So mad. Advice to promoters: give advice on which effect to use when promoting this app.
  • Love it 5/5

    By dbhines
  • This is a good video and photo editor 5/5

    By chadsterk
    It is an amazing app that lets you get to use whatever highlights, glittered effects, and rainbow lights that you can use. It’s also free something like this shouldn’t be free but I love that it is if I could give it more than one 5 stars I would
  • Super glitchy & Crashes A LOT! 1/5

    By Fhgfbyvhfcnhc
    It’s an awesome app with really cool filters & effects, but PLEASE fix the bugs! It basically becomes unusable because it glitches & crashes WAY to often.
  • Upload 1/5

    By cmilly559
    I keep having problems uploading a video. Keeps telling me to restart my device I reinstalled it and it still says the same thing other clips work and some don’t need help.
  • Not worth the price 1/5

    By Missodessa
    This app is extremely overpriced and I'm not a fan of the motto where I have to agree to share my payment info before I can even try anything out. They bank on charging you early or hoping you forget to cancel and tbh if your product is that good you wouldn't have to live off sneak charges. I wouldn't waste my time here unless you like over paying there are so many free apps that offer these same effects and more.
  • Fun but..... 4/5

    By ikky9
    Cost to much for small stuff but pretty cool
  • Wow wow 5/5

    By ynot rivera
    Just do the free trial and you you’ll understand why it’s a must have for every use personal, content creator
  • Liars! Charging on free trials. 1/5

    By Muvimus
    After receiving a respond from the developer blaming me and apple for the situation all I have write is BE AWARE!. Apple need to stop this practice from many apps doing the same thing, this needs to stop. Claiming that I downloaded the app before (which I didn’t) and that’s why I got charged, doesn’t not change the fact that when I press the agreement I was offered a 3 day trial and I DID cancel the subscription the same day and still got charged. Be aware of this app and so many others apps that are deceiving people offering 3 day to cancel with no charge, and once you accept they will charge you right away, and even if you cancel before the 3 days free trial period they will keep your money. I want my money back since i cancel the same day, I didn’t even use the app, and I just lost $7.99, and this is a $7.99 a week charge, is not cheap and is not worth it neither. Give my money back.
  • Unstable & Missing Crucial Features 1/5

    By Pinneapple Express Man
    I want to Love this app Completely. It has amazing effects and filters that are very easy and intuitive to use. However, i'm experiencing the app crashing often withour saving my progress and getting hung up on the export screen without ever finishing, on my iPhone 11. It also has no open to save projects or EXPORT QUALITY OPTIONS!!! I'm shooting video at 4k 60fps and when I export, it is 30 fps and looks awful. Now I’m having to constantly restart my phone to get the app to import my footage. And currently it’s not even importing after restarting. This is disappointing.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Cornelius5463
    It’s very hard to use, effects aren’t that great. There’s no tutorials on how to create the same type of videos they display.
  • A++ 5/5

    By Daviön
    Great app free and even better with the pro
  • SCAM! 1/5

    By Hahd52
    This app is a scam, paid for the pro subscription and won’t even let me use the features...COMPLETE GARBAGE 🤮
  • 5/10 1/5

    By 127492
    Not reliable. The app crashes constantly. I even paid for the membership :( please fix this I lost a video I spent hours editing due to this crashing problem
  • Not a fan 1/5

    By Bay101289
    Very hard to use. Can't figure out how to change text. Not able to contact them easily. Subscription annoying. Gotta pay for everything.
  • Magnífica aplicación 5/5

    By Magnifico Pipo
  • The future is now 1/5

    By The look makes me wanna pike
    $149 for a year. Goodbye $5 apps. The future is now.
  • Constantly having to restart device 2/5

    By LetThereBePink
    It’s annoying and not worth it. Please fix
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By jfjdkdjj
    This app makes you pay for everything I hate it it’s so annoying I was doing a text effect then when I type text it said I had to pay for it everything you have to pay for also I use the free things but it is still like it’s hard for me to use I just don’t like it
  • Poor quality but nice effects 2/5

    By ohvjn
    Feels cheap and Glitchy
  • It’s good free imagine paid 5/5

    By Benny Blanko92518
    This is probably the best free app. I think it should be cheaper for the paid subs but I don’t make the rules. If they had the prices at half of what they are now I think they’d get everyone as a paying member but hey. Someone will smarting up over there and hopefully it happens.
  • Keeps switching my “your Text” effect 2/5

    By bag getter
    When I try to export is switches my effect..
  • Cost is absurd 1/5

    By troupkid
    The app looks cool but that is so much money. The developers intentionally hide how much it is until you install it. $8 per WEEK! Very disappointing- do not waste your time.
  • App 5/5

    By mikenadiya
    I love it 🥰
  • Amazing App 3/5

    By JaydrenTNB
    This app has wonderful editing i love it so much but the crash im experiencing everytime i try to use certain edits. Please reply and work on fixing

    By JefFyasko
    The app clearly states you have a 3 day trial yet when you go to start the free trial it just charges your card and begins the three month subscription without any trial. I want my 30 bucks back...
  • Great For Editors 5/5

    By Konscious Kam
    The app has some really cool presets. Make sure your art is already creative or you won’t have a lot of fun with the app.
  • Please 5/5

    By dustydacrib
    Im broke but this app is fun to use 100% useful but gotta pay for the cool sftuff
  • costly. effects are mostly paid 2/5

    By KHoy93
    i like it but it costs way more than other apps. i got picsart for $27.99 for a YEAR and prequel for $17.99 a year - last week. i bought them both because they offered discounts for limited time. which they do often. the 3 day trial is also not long enough. i dont even finish my projects quick enough for that so i would miss out on this quick trial. & because most effects are PRO. i guess i wont use this app as i thought. bummer
  • Only Downside 3/5

    By 8083Kings
    The only downside is it will only edit one person. Also won't let you do effects on texts.
  • A++* 5/5

    By chipmuncker
  • Crashes everyone i apply a filter 2/5

    By True_gamer098
    so i was trying to edit a photo for the love of my life and when i apply a filter the app crashes and it takes me to my home screen.. please fix this issue thank you. (it supposed to be a one star rating but since this app looks so cool i gave it another star) so anyway please please fix the issue so i can impress her. 😔
  • App doesn't work 1/5

    By Dwnlded This
    The app doesn't work, I even paid a one time fee to save an effect on a photo and it didn't even save with it. And to get my money back requires jumping through hoops, so save yourself the time and don't bother downloading.
  • Would Not Save My Work!!! 1/5

    By Qwertyuiophfg
    I was editing an mv for about an hour and when I was trying to save it would get stuck at 16%! I retried multiple times and still no success and when I updated it completely deleted it and no recover option was available! Total bummer bro :(
  • Doppppeee 5/5

    By ivcicjccuccu
    Amazing affects for the App Store
  • App shutdown 3/5

    By thepizzadevil
    The app keeps shutting down when I try to edit, I restarted my phone and it still continues to shut down.
  • Fun effects...Performance Needs Work 3/5

    By Social Butterflyy
    The effects on the app are so fun, but editing is a pain. The masking feature should be more touch sensitive as opposed to just grabbing random pixels so that it can be more precise. There also isn’t a way to delete a clip if you want to remove it from the final video. You have to dump the whole thing and start over. For the price paid, this app should definitely have these features working.
  • I love this app but it’s missing something 3/5

    By JCML Music
    This app is amazing but it’s missing something and it’s a cutting tool to be able to cut the video. I wanted one section of my video to have the red grass and another grey sky but because it doesn’t have a cutting tool I was unable to I hope they implement that in the future because that would be a game changer for this app. And add some transitions
  • Fire Keeps crashing on me 3/5

    By Chasinbens
    Why ?
  • Crashing is whack. 3/5

    By ELifeMoveRight
    There’s some cool features I feel like they limit themselves some areas.I want to keep doing some editing but I’ve already spent $24 this month and this app does nothing but crash constantly I’m editing a one minute long video they should not be this difficult. How dare you charge people eight dollars a week.Why doesn’t it automatically save?
  • Great, but.. 4/5

    By JR.POLL
    This app is really good, but if you guys can port this somehow to iPad or to the Mac, I would be willing to pay for the lifetime access
  • Dope 5/5

    By śkù
    The software is not bad for the price