Vont - Text on Videos

Vont - Text on Videos

  • Category: Photo & Video
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  • Current Version: 1.6.26
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: youthhr
  • Compatibility: Android
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Vont - Text on Videos App

Vont is a simple app that allows you to add text to videos. ・ More than 400 fonts are available. ・ You can install other fonts. ・ Text size is changeable. ・ Text color is changeable. ・ Text gradient is changeable. ・ Text's stroke color is changeable. ・ Text's shadow color is changeable. ・ Text's background color is changeable. ・ Text is rotatable. ・ Text kerning is changeable. ・ Line spacing is changeable. ・ Curved text ・ URL scheme: vont:// Try Phonto app, if you want to add text to photos. Phonto is a free app that is available on the App Store. -------------------------------- LANGUAGE -------------------------------- Vont supports only English (US), Chinese and Japanese, so when the priority of Chinese (or Japanese) in your setting was higher than English, Vont would be launched as Chinese (or Japanese) mode. To solve this problem… 1. Open the Settings app. 2. Choose 'English' in 'General' > 'Language & Region' > 'iPhone Language'. 3. Turn back your 'iPhone Language' to your favorite language. -------------------------------- HOW TO INSTALL FONTS -------------------------------- Using iTunes, you can copy font files between your computer and Vont on your iOS device. 1. Select your iOS device from the Devices section of iTunes. 2. Click the Apps tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page. 3. Select "Vont" in the "File Sharing" section. 4. Drag and drop .ttf or .otf font files into "Documents". 5. Restart Vont. More detail about how to install fonts. https://vont.phon.to/install_fonts - Using videos below as screenshots http://www.videezy.com/nature/180-red-flowers http://www.videezy.com/abstract/160-roadtrip-abstract-stock-video

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Vont - Text on Videos app reviews

  • very glitchy 2/5

    By collin bothwell
    whenever i’m adding text to my videos with audio, the video gets super pixelated and glitchy and starts to drift away from the audio. this app needs major fixing, but i have to give credit for the amazing selection of fonts.
  • vont fail 5/5

    By beianna snaksbjansja
    okay so i tried doing that famous vont trick that u always do and this time all it did was double the texts. please fix this, i still love vont though—xoxo
  • i love it sm! 💕 5/5

    By noooooo noooo
    i love this app! this app is great for videos to add text on. i am a fanpage and this app is very important and useful and i want to say that this app is a 10/10
  • I love this app 5/5

    By robloxstifflol
    I love this app very much it even helps me with my vids on tiktok to add my own water mark this app really helps even with my coloring on tiktok
  • Suggestion 4/5

    By ccccaaaammm
    I have been using Vont for over 9 months now and other than the app crashing every once in a while, I’m pretty satisfied with it. One suggestion I have is to add a feature that is available on Phonto. I think it would be really nice to be able to replace the video but keep the text. I think many people would find it helpful!
  • Fonts 5/5

    By Emily Ivett Garcia
    I have Vont a 5/5 because I get to use all of my favorite fonts on videos and post them on tiktok
  • Needs bug fixes! 3/5

    By Letang58Tangradi25
    I love this app, it’s great! But it currently keeps making imported videos lag and freeze frames. Making it impossible to save nice smooth playing videos. Didn’t know how to bring attention to this issue other than leaving a review. Needs an update ASAP!!
  • time consuming 3/5

    By KHoy93
    there has got to be an easier and quicker way to upoad my own fonts. i can only do one at a time and i have to use files app at the same time. i cant just import from the app. i have about 200 fonts. omg
  • it’s okay 4/5

    By wowrate
    I like this app but it’s hard to get fonts since it’s on a different website so you have to download them :( but otherwise I like it I use it for my fanpage account!
  • AMAZING app! 5/5

    By average app :)
    awesome app! Helps you so much with the fonts and editing. Cant find any cool fonts until i found this. Thank you!
  • OkY. 5/5

    By make edots
  • Love it .. BUT 4/5

    By Hajnsuhs
    I loved everything but it’s one thing that’s driving me crazy that the dot is now actually looks like a dot and I was working on a theme on the old dots so if you could please bring it back thanks for having time
  • Never loads 1/5

    By dogs sksk
    When I’m in it, it always crashes and I don’t really like it because of that and when I try to download it again it never work so I don’t consider getting this app but you can it has a bunch of fonts for free tho, but it crashes every single time your DONE and being a fanpage with that is very freaking hard so if you a fanpage this is not the right app for you
  • Free version too limiting + can’t upgrade 1/5

    By Volleyball256
    The fact that you can only use 4 things of text in the free version is pretty limiting but even then when I tried to upgrade it kept throwing me an error so the app is useless to me now
  • Helpful 5/5

    By lemoncoffezoes
    This is really helpful for my editing on my aesthetic account on TikTok (lemoncoffezoes)
  • quick question 5/5

    By bdrthhnk
    is it verified on mac because i want to edit on my MacBook thats all
  • Doesn’t always work 3/5

    By Ilovegolden_retrievers
    It’s hit or miss. Sometimes the videos will not save to my camera roll after adding the text. Very frustrating.
  • Crash 3/5

    By Leonightus1
    I’m on a iPad and it’s a useful app but I would grade this higher is it didn’t keep crashing after 13 text
  • Bug needs to be fixed 3/5

    By bdnznzmzk
    hi, i’ve been using vont more recently and I have one complaint, it may be a bug that really does need to be fixed, I've been trying to save videos from vont, and it won’t let me. This may be a bug but i do need vont and its really hard that it wont let me save the video. Hope that if this is a bug it gets fixed.
  • It’s not working 😭✋🏾 2/5

    By Tink 🌴
    Firstly when I installed the app a couple months ago it was working completely fine but when I deleted and I was about to reinstall it, it started to act weird now I tried to deleting the app and reinstalling it but now when I try to load my videos in it just keeps saying “ Sorry, an error occurred “ and I have a IOS WHYYYYY and when I tried “Phonto” that app doesn’t work either it’s annoying because I have to keep install the sant Joan Vont for some many timesssss fix yo app 🏖
  • Glitchy but Nice 3/5

    By Booby1972
    Vont gives a lot of options to add texts to mobile videos. But the app can get glitchy. In mid-project it can get hard to re-access and fine tune texts. The app just shuts down. Also, it is a deficit that the timeline cannot be expanded. A problem when using longer videos. Text segments get too packed to open with finger movements. But if Vont works properly (1 in 3 attempts), it is easy and super nice!
  • it’s been crashing for a month? what is this 3/5

    By iiRetaal
    It’s been crashing for a month and I’ve been using it this past months well it’s really annoying me please help I really can’t edit with this app anymore I’m furious it’s literally so annoying at this point istg 🤨
  • Nice App 👍 5/5

    By Motawe
    Thanks 👍👍
  • It keeps crahsing! 2/5

    By Awesomemelol
    Whenevr i want to export my video, it crashes :/
  • The quality 3/5

    By jcfgiu
    Whenever I have a good edit and I need a wm I got to vont but the thing is the quality goes down a lot so please fix that
  • No audio 1/5

    By Stayskz2
    Can no longer hear audio
  • New update 2/5

    By ♡︎𝕄𝕒𝕕𝕕𝕖𝕣𝕫_
    Before this update it was good by now you have to pay to use videos :/
  • It’s good! 4/5

    By addizzfrogs
    Hi there! So as your reading this and probably about to download the app, read this before you do! So vont is a very good app very good fonts you can even download a couple, so I would like to say you have to pay to add 5 or more stuff so you can only do 4 but it’s amazing otherwise it’s a bit confusing at the start but you can always watch tutorials! Thank you so much for reading have a good day!
  • Love it get it!!! 5/5

    By veronica1234567891928
    Love it, for tiktok, anything! But if you are reading this and want thoose coll fonts on tiktok ill explain. Go on dafont.com then go to the top and seach up hug me tight. Its my personal fav. You can also look up on tiktok “font pack“ and find more amazing fonts! Btw follow me tiktok accounts 1. editinq.sienna (main) 2.ari..bubz 3. kidcore.karl 4.lala..astro 5. not.checking.inbox.12 thanks for reading and ill follow u back if you follow me ok tt
  • Limiting 2/5

    By Buddy Vampire App
    Like every text app, can’t change the width or control word wrap. Limiting.
  • SO GREAT 😀 5/5

    By xmuffinx1
    I love this app so so much and it makes it so easy to edit TikToks and I just love it so much!!!!!! 💜💜💜 follow my TikTok @melaniefxz if u want🥺🥰
  • Something you should add 4/5

    By kindof_shay
    Hello! I absolutely love Vont, but I have an idea that I really hope you guys can add because it’d be really useful. I think you guys should make so when you select everything, you can add the transition style to all of the fonts at once instead of doing it one by one. I added 111 fonts to my video and now I have to individually go and add fade to all of them. Please consider this.
  • Great app but.... 5/5

    By sumdogqueen816
    This app if amazing you can download millions of fonts and make cute themes but I wish there was a way you can save the theme so you can put it every time for fanpages
  • Near Perfection 4/5

    By TommyInNJ
    I really usually don’t write reviews, but I’ve been using this app for quite some time and I’m really pleased with it. There’s only one reason that I chose four stars out of five. While placing text on video is made extremely user-friendly, it would be an absolutely perfect app... if you were able to place photos like a watermark on the video as well. That’s it that’s all this app needs to be absolutely perfect. It never fails on me it never crashes is always there. I hope this review is helpful and you’re making a decision.
  • . 4/5

    By jhournei
    the app has been super laggy.
  • Sharing not working 3/5

    This app is a 5 star, it is very user friendly and i’ve been using it for years. However, i’m giving it 3 because i don’t think this app is taken care of as much as it used to be. Everytime i try to save it to my phone, share it, or download it as a file after i finish the video, it will say it’s loading or “exporting” and it’ll never finish. I’ve tried reinstalling, refreshing the app, and other methods as well and nothing works. Just trying to get this out there because i love this app and i use it for marketing for my business.
  • Just a suggestion lol 5/5

    By Strxberri_bxba
    Ok so, Vont is mainly used for aesthetic pages on TikTok (such as myself!) and usually we spend 30-50 minutes on a Theme so I good suggestion Is to make a button where you can copy your text and put it on a new video so we don’t have to keep re-doing it! I really hope u consider this idea because I’m sure many people will enjoy and use Vont more!! Anyways have a great day and I hope you see this message!
  • Let me replace the layer 4/5

    By A person Writting a Review??
    this app is good but its very annoying on how you won't let us replace a layer if we put so much its so annoying because i'm trying to make a video and i put it on the wring one and now i have to restart so this is super annoying please fix your app.
  • Help anyone? 4/5

    By ToxicKitty91
    So this app in all is an amazing app and I’ve came across a problem for noobies like when you can only have 5 texts just swipe to the side and press the copy button and you may do that multiple times so you won’t only have 5 texts but a problem I’ve came across as a person that uses this app a lot is that when I text something it comes out as one line instead of a paragraph and that bugs me so much I hope the creator understands this problem.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By ElsaKrasniqi
    honestly its the best app for if you wanna put text on a video but it takes a wile to fownload the fonts you want
  • not really that good 3/5

    By this_isuasoyeah
    vont is a app i use to add texts on my videos, the app is kinda good but not that good, it crashes whenever it wants, it makes my whole entire phone laggy, it glitches 24/7 it’s not that good tbh.
  • I love it 4/5

    By hulbwelhjb4rf
    I love it but I wish I didn’t have to pay for anything because it gets a little annoying sometimes because I can only place five text so yeah that’s only thing I don’t like
  • Used to be great 3/5

    By Gabriella rich
    To many bugs it’s annoying I’m so close to deleting
  • Glitch/Complaint 4/5

    By darklycharli on tt
    Hello so I have no idea if this is happening to me but when I use emojis and play the video in the app it changes the size? Now I asked a fanpage for help and it seems like they had the glitch too so they told me just to save it and the video saved to your camera roll Isnt glitchy anymore but it is to me and it’s not the right position and size I want it at, so I would simply ask if you can fix that for me and the other fanpages/ people who are having the same problem, thank you!
  • Crashing now 1/5

    By nyabella
    Was working now crashing won’t even do what needs to be done
  • this app Is AWESOME 5/5

    By ILY have a nice dayy!😋
    I really love this app. It helps me with my fonts, and I can flex my fonts on my friends 😎. All love to this app🥰!
  • Amazing app but 2 suggestions 5/5

    By Elizabeth Magin
    I love Vont I use it so often but I have 2 suggestions 1) to be able to select multiple texts and copy them from one project and paste them to another project and the text would stay when u copy it 2) is that for there to be no text limit it’s honestly VERY annoying
  • Why i love vont 5/5

    By yarione
    I love vont becauase it helps me with my tiktoks i really recomend i also told my friends to check out the app they now love it♡︎♥︎
  • Needs fixing and updates 3/5

    By its so bad!!
    This app is great but a good update would be to add something sort of like Phonto where we can just change the background video. Also it’s recently had a lot of bugs like when I save the video to camera roll all the text is so blurry and that bugs me a lot! Please fix these things! - I love this app I recommend but it has some bugs for me!