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  • Current Version: 19.12.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Tigervpns LTD
  • Compatibility: Android
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VPN Plus App

VPN Plus is free to download with unlimited free traffic. Nowadays, Privacy is a Luxury! Whenever we pay our bills, manage our bank accounts, or log in to our favorite social networks, our credentials, account numbers, billing address, and other private data may end up in the crosshairs of identity thieves. VPN Plus lets you keep safe on the Internet. ##### VPN Plus features: UNLIMITED ACCESS VPN Plus is free to download and does not require login. You will be surf the Internet with bank-grade protection for free. TOTAL SECURITY VPN Plus offers a variety of VPN protocols implemented in both UDP and TCP, each with its unique strength and capability. UDP is a little bit faster and offers better performance for streaming. TCP is extremely secure. WEB PRIVACY Keep your internet activities anonymous and untraceable wherever you are. Zero-log policy, traffic encryption, IP and DNS masking. These all mean that third parties are not able to monitor you any longer, and that your privacy is reliably secured from obtrusive website and ISP surveillance.

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VPN Plus app reviews

  • VPN quit automatically when click connect button 2/5

    By ihatebeijingbank
    VPN quit automatically when click connect button
  • NIce 5/5

    By zhangqifd
    This VPN do work!
  • Very well,but Something wrong now 5/5

    By Iris version
    There seems to be something wrong. Today it is not available on the macOS High Sierra 10.15.4 platform. Hope to use it again.
  • worth 5/5

    By yiliyvvy
    worked well until today, it worth 5 stars
  • hassan 5/5

    By Fgtrkli

    By si_izi
    Although it was working great, today out of the blue the connect button was grayed out. I uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted, but it did not fix the problem. Unfortunatley there is no support of help to fix the problm either.
  • Works well,but... 4/5

    By MagicMasterRod
    I cant use it while watching hulu. It says it's an unrecognized vpn
  • its good 3/5

    By Eve LaClaire
    its good, not fantastic but it is free and i cannot complain about that. sometimes it is a little slower than what i am used to, but again free so its good
  • Works Fine 5/5

    By juarezsuarez
    No complaints.
  • nice one for free 5/5

    By wxyzzt
    seems it is just broken. hope to use it again.
  • GREAT VPN 5/5

    By Adam Tie
    Though it only provides 500mb per day,but it is enough for me
  • Best Free VPN 5/5

    By ScalSurfer
    Had for a few months. So far works flawlessly every time. 5 Stars best Free VPN I have tried to date...
  • The best free VPN EVER! 5/5

    By Theniknamethathasnotbeentaken
    As a prisoner in the god-dam China-mainland, it is impossible to get access to any foreign wedsite. Although it crashes sometimes, it does help me to be connected with the world outside the dictatorship of the party. XOXO to the developers.
  • Cannot delete this app 1/5

    By kiranphuyal
    Why can't I delete this. It is asking for some PIN for my username. I never created any PIN so it now feels like a malware. Please respond.
  • Excellent Program 5/5

    By 1Silverado2006
    VPN is an excellent tool and very user friendly. The VPN developers were very thorough in making sure their product met the needs of their users. Well done.
  • Worst VPN ever used 1/5

    By GenevieveLynnwGmW
    Although it has been said that I have used a relatively difficult VPN before, but after I downloaded and used this VPN, I found out that the previous one is still okay. This VPN completely subverts all my previous knowledge of VPN. It not only takes you a long time Click the connection button, and in the connection process, the connection will always be disconnected for no reason, more importantly, he will crash in the middle of your use, my god, I do n’t know what I ask Downloading and using this vpn, I already regret my operation, I just hope that everyone has not encountered such a thing. Every time when I want to connect to a certain country, I usually need to click the Disconnect button no less than 5.6 times. Each time it takes us to wait a long time before the VPN will show that it is connected. Compared to the time I paid for it, In general, this vpn usually only works for 5.6 minutes or even a few seconds. I do n’t know the courage. I ’m still looking for a solution to this problem. No matter how I operate this vpn, these problems will always happen. I ’m really going crazy. Now, what do I do? I download this vpn to facilitate the communication with some of my foreign friends. If I delay every minute, I do n’t know when I can complete the instant communication. I I can't stand the devastation of this vpn anymore, I have changed another vpn.
  • Pretty good App 5/5

    The app is great, I have not encountered any big problem. The minor problem I have encountered is that it does not support Netflix
  • Brought some trouble 1/5

    By JoIngramuGwHdJ
    I thought that downloading this VPN would make my work faster, who knew it would cause so much trouble. Because the current studio as a foreign trade staff may need to have video or email conversations with people from other countries, so I downloaded this vpn to help me complete this thing, but from the download to the present, the vpn has not been very good I have never been connected to the VPN in the office. I do n’t know if it ’s the reason for the VPN or the network I ’m in, but my colleagues were able to use the VPN to complete the job, which confirmed that this is the VPN It is not allowed to work in this environment, it really wastes my afternoon time on this vpn. There is also a relatively small number of countries that this VPN can provide. In this way, if we want to watch videos from those countries, wouldn't we have to download other VPN software to help us complete this behavior.
  • very bad 1/5

    By HamidReza.s
    500 mb?!!! one star for this app. screen shots is not updated. i report this app to apple.
  • Holy Crap! 1/5

    By VPNsubscriber
    What a wild goose chase that ends badly. You can't even delete from your hard drive! Don't go down this road.
  • Not so FREE when it stops and demands subscription 1/5

    By JustCallingItAsISeeIt
    free is not so free when the app stops working and demands subscription to receive services. I don’t see any glaring disclosure saying you only have a limited amount of free traffic
  • Great but not impeccable 4/5

    By Alex Keh
    Firstly I must say VPN Plus is the the greatest FREE VPN app on Mac apptore I've ever seen. I'm from China mainland and it would be impposible for me to access google, quora and commonly-used social networkings without the help of this wonderful app. However, the lastest version slightly disappointed me. There was no traffic limit at all while there is 200M right now. Although I can still get some free traffic by staying on the advertisement pop-up, it's indeed in some sense bothering and irritating. Anyway, it's still the best free VPN app. I can fully emphathise the dedication and hardwork of the developers. I write so not for complaining. Instead, I just wanna submit my persenal user experience that might be useful for the coming improvement of our VPN Plus!
  • Do NOT Update to New version 1/5

    By Wombat Wanderer
    The previous version (pre November 2019) worked great, but the update has made it non-functioning. You have been warned. The program continues to open web pages and does not ever stop nor does it complete a VPN channel. So sad.
  • update 5/5

    By hermione7777777
    it was great and i love it but now after update it does'nt work please fix it ..thanks
  • Mojave 10.14.4 cannot log in 1/5

    By わしょうじゅん
    unable to find flag icon and there are traffic restrictions in Catalina system
  • It’s good but not perfect . 4/5

    By little HJH
    Have little bit problems after update .
  • Verey bad update 1/5

    By Dukeiiixxx
    Giving 50 MB traffic only.

    By Goodnyou100
    Where do I begin? I trusted that if I updated It would be better. But the previous version worked incredibly well. I could connect and stay connected for hours. This latest version when it does connect will only stay connected for maybe five minutes. And then it tells me I have to wait 10 minutes to reconnect. What the heck is that? APPLE please fix this problem. I'll go back to the older version. This is incredibly frustrating.
  • so good 4/5

    By chase walters
    a clean and plain free vpn application.
  • Bad VPN 1/5

    By AirPodsWithWirelessCharging
    This VPn is great but after some time of using, it just stop working, never gonna download it again
  • Great! 5/5

    By Yuval.Darda
    Comes in handy, helps a lot!
  • I've connected. 3/5

    By Tnydncn
    I just wrote a review saying I couldn't conncect. Now, out of the blue, I'm connected.
  • china 1/5

    By Danielleice
    Does not work in China do not even download its a waste and it wont even connect
  • djfj 5/5

    By 猴子吃玉米
    feichangd haoyong ,,nizhidaod
  • Free but ver very slow 3/5

    By NazGr
    Great it's free! Very, very slow especially for file downloads. Had to get a 150Mb file and over 100 Mb speed dropped from 30 to 8 Kb/sec. Just frustrating
  • Best in Free 5/5

    By _Mehdi
    I think is the best vpn in free group
  • Does the job really well 5/5

    By 1963Cat
    Before initating the app, I could see from my browser that my identity and area could be seen. After starting the app, the immediate effect was seen and my location and identity was hidden . Excellent app
  • vpn بسیار عالی 5/5

    By feri2012
    vpn بسیار عالی
  • cant use 5/5

    By Mr.Chinese
    sry to tell u that it cant used in china now.plz fixs it.thanku
  • easy to connect 5/5

    By fanhobi
    a great app! if you need a strong,fast,easy to connect VPN that is the best one .only need a few second to connect. I recommend you to try it ,you will enjoy!
  • Very nice! 5/5

    By Mika19930304
    It is very nice, and it is totally free.
  • so far it’s great 5/5

    By Morella55
    i’ve only had this for a few days, until now it has worked perfectly. Hope it stays that way
  • Very GOOD! 5/5

    By thisispual
    Free yet useful! BTW, do you provide windows version?
  • It is amazing and woeks 5/5

    By Sam Long 55
    It worked very well for few day,especially it is free. I like it!Thanks!
  • It’s free and it works 5/5

    By neat-brandon
    Loading time is slower, and popup site initially—but it’s free and it works.
  • Good works in china 5/5

    By fqnieuryqehfos
    This a good free vpn that works in china great, just a bti slow
  • Great, fast, free VPN! 5/5

    By Just let me post the review:/
    I have been using this VPN for about a year and it works wonderfully to bypass the restrictions on my university’s WiFi. Highly recommend!!
  • completely unusable 1/5

    By pegleg_116
    Don’t waste your time. This slows down any connection so much it is completely unusable. Can’t even load a search engine page like google.
  • very good 5/5

    By shenzhan
    the best free VPN

VPN Plus app comments

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