#VPN - Wi-Fi Hotspot Security

#VPN - Wi-Fi Hotspot Security

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  • Current Version: 1.18
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Apalon Apps
  • Compatibility: Android
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#VPN - Wi-Fi Hotspot Security App

Stay private with #VPN - DOWNLOAD NOW! #VPN provides online anonymity and mobile access to websites and apps while keeping your information secure as you browse! Enjoy private web-browsing simply by pressing a button. Features: > ANONYMITY - stay anonymous while browsing the web with a dynamic IP address. > PRIVACY - be protected against someone sniffing your connection with advanced AES 128 bit encryption and IPsec protocol on all our servers. > SECURITY - get the extra level of security for your personal data when connected to public Wi-Fi hotspots or shopping online. > HANDY WIDGET - tap Edit in the bottom of your Home Screen and add #VPN to the list! How to use VPN: 1\ Open the app and pick the server location you want to connect to from the bottom bar 2\ Tap the trigger to connect 3\ Enjoy private and secure web-browsing Disclaimer: Even with the VPN service enabled, third-party advertisers may be able to access your mobile device ID, including your Apple advertising identifier (IDFA/AAID). Further, Apalon Apps cannot control third-party sites’ use of browser cookies and similar technologies to collect data when you visit their sites. For more information please see our Privacy Policy (located at https://www.apalon.com/privacy_policy.html). Upgrade to Premium version to unlock premium servers and remove ads! * Subscription payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of your purchase and upon commencement of each renewal term. Subscription with a free trial period will automatically renew to a paid subscription. You can cancel your subscription or free trial in the iTunes settings at least 24-hours before the end of the free trial period. The cancellation will take effect the day after the last day of the current subscription period and you will be downgraded to the free service. * Please note: any unused portion of a free trial period (if offered) will be forfeited when you purchase a premium subscription during the free trial period. For complete access to all #VPN features, you will need to allow access to the following: *Notifications setting, to keep you informed when the rewarded Premium access and free VPN times are winding down. Privacy Policy: http://www.apalon.com/privacy_policy.html EULA: http://www.apalon.com/terms_of_use.html AdChoices: http://www.apalon.com/privacy_policy.html#4

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#VPN - Wi-Fi Hotspot Security app reviews

  • Sagholim 5/5

    By sagholim
  • Mohammad 5/5

    By mohammmad reza foudeh
    It’s a essential and nice
  • vpn 5/5

    By ngdsaadghh
    great app for iran beacuse its very fast and strong app for ios but in iran cant get gif card beacuse the technology shopping centers haven't good facilities for ios . thanks misagh in iran 🙂🙂
  • Good #VPN that works 5/5

    By alistairproz
    Its really good and strong but it has one problem is sometimes doesn’t connect. But a five star for when it works.
  • Connection 5/5

    By Meb1378
    It doesn't connect many times please fix it
  • 虽然好用 5/5

    By 丯彡彡
  • Best vpn 👍🏻 5/5

    By morteza stanciu
  • Fast and easy 5/5

    By hp0251
    Fast and easy to use
  • I want payback 1/5

    By saemsitar
    You said free between 3-7days. It was good and work After free days I delete this app. But still taking money almost every a weeks! Plz check and i want to refund
  • Awesomely fast 5/5

    By droxynet
    I swear it connects faster than the laws of physics should allow! Brilliant!
  • Awful 1/5

    By el_sln
    So awful it’s very bad
  • it works! 4/5

    By pidan1997
    i have downloaded dozens of VPN. Even those said free for 3 or 7 days, after you downloaded them, you have to do the payment first. You can’t even have a free try. i used to use another VPN for 4 years but now it updated and can’t work here due to the policy. btw, i am in China. thanks. i nearly give it up and then find it!
  • members of Iran 5/5

  • Works hreat 5/5

    By am idiot
    Works well for watching videos i’m not supposed to in school.
  • Speed 5/5

    Low speed
  • this app works really good! Amazing 5/5

    By AMY the FOX
    I’ve tried a lot VPN but they always can’t be connect. But this one works really well, it’s fast and safe. I told my friends about this app and they really like it too. Amazing job!
  • 😍 5/5

    By alip amir
    The best vpn
  • bghj 1/5

    By bgdergj
  • Bad 1/5

    By foldingg-
    Don’t download it it’s too bad because you can’t on it 😕😕😕don’t download it(never)
  • 非常好 5/5

    By winnyyunn
    以青春之我,创建青春之家庭,青春之国家,青春之民族,青春之人类,青春之地球,青春之宇宙。长征路上小战士背着识字板,衣衫褴褛但不忘为革命胜利读书识字;抗战时期,无数青年宁为玉碎不为瓦全,只为光复河山;建设年代,荒漠戈壁之中多少青春光荣绽放,让“蘑菇云”腾空而起;改革开放初期,天安门前的一句“小平您好”,是青年群体对改革开放最由衷的支持。 当代青年需要敢于有梦、勇于追梦、勤于圆梦,把爱国情、强国志、报国行自觉融入坚持和发展中国特色社会主义事业、建设社会主义现代化强国、实现中华民族伟大复兴的奋斗之中,在知行合一中主动担当作为,不负韶华,不辱使命。 青年志存高远,就能激发无限潜力,青春岁月就不会像无舵之舟漂泊不定。 奋斗是青春最亮丽的底色。 新时代新青年在劈波斩浪中开拓前进,在披荆斩棘中开辟天地。 要树立远大理想,以高远之志激发奋进潜力;要热爱伟大祖国,胸怀忧国忧民之心、爱国爱民之情,不断奉献祖国、奉献人民;要担当时代责任,勇挑重担、勇克难关、勇斗风险,在担当中历练,在尽责中成长;要勇于砥砺奋斗,勇做走在时代前列的奋进者、开拓者、奉献者,用青春和汗水创造出让世界刮目相看的新奇迹;要练就过硬本领,以真才实学服务人民,以创新创造贡献国家;要锤炼品德修为,追求更有高度、更有境界、更有品位的人生,在实现中国梦的生动实践中放飞青春梦想。 看得见山,望得见水,记得住乡愁 在打造“国之重器”的国防科技领域,像马伟明这样的“探险者”并非个例。“一生为国铸核盾”的“核司令”程开甲,倾情“北斗”的“牧星人”谭述森,甘心做“沉默的砥柱”的“歼一10之父”宋文骢……他们胸怀一颗赤诚的心、一腔沸腾的血,忘我工作、砥砺奋进,将一项项高端科技成果推向世界前沿。 “繁霜尽是心头血,洒向千峰秋叶丹” “缺陷是完美的重要组成部分,这个世界上没有完美。”花没有全开的时候是最好的,月亮还没有全圆的时候是最好的,但是对于常人来说这是缺陷,还不够完美,不够达到极致。毁一个人最好的方式就是让他求完美和达到极致。这个世界不是这样的。花没有全开的时候才是最棒的,花一全开,离落花很近了,月亮一旦开始全圆,离慢慢变成残月很近了。(白岩松) 中国好像什么都缺,但是就不缺希望,每个人都觉得前面有问号。但是会不会有一天,我们也变成一个除了希望什么都有的富裕国
  • Horrible 1/5

    By i hared this app
    This app does not work because I tired it for a business call and it won’t work unless I paid for it please fix your app
  • Don’t work 1/5

    By Ava Diem
    It does not appear to work in any ways
  • Not responding 1/5

    By SupremeDorkLord
    No matter what I do it always says that "The VPN server did not respond" and wastes my time while it attempts to connect The only good thing I see so far is that the art is mighty cute
  • avery’s review 5/5

    By avery_elizabeth2000
    this vpn is the best vpn i’ve ever used i would recommend this.
  • A 5/5

    By مخااوي الذياابه
  • Inutiliza mi celular en la mayoría de las ocasiones en que lo activo. 1/5

    By Locurasenelimperio
    Cuando lo activo, mi celular no agarra internet... o se ralentiza demasiado.
  • Like 5/5

    By Reza.zz
    Whatever I can say is PERFECT 🌹
  • This app 5/5

    By Amir.s.n
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Fhvhxh
    Not recommended for iPods
  • It doesn’t work 2/5

    By it doesn's work
    It says connecting and then does nothing
  • I like itHdgfhdggdh should you look up to your face look what I did to look up what the phone 5/5

    By jddhdhhdgdhdhdytrrh
  • Not 1/5

    By ujfnsj
    I do not recommend this application to anyone does not work as it says what I did the payment for a month to see if it works and everything was for pleasure is a waste of total time.
  • Don’t download at all if you don’t intend on paying the subscription 1/5

    By JohnnySD27
    I used the app for a free trial and then uninstalled it, and then charged me for a subscription for months.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By denismaraidga
    Thank you for making this WiFi so good I can finally play fortnite at school without asking my friends for hotspot thank you once again.
  • Rate 5/5

    By Soheil_davari
    Nice app
  • Umit foooool 5/5

    By Omideyvari1
  • Personal data 5/5

    By DarkIsochron
    I am a fan of this app. It does exactly what I need and it's always being updated. My question is does your company keep track of our personal data such as Facebook's VPN does?
  • Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t 3/5

    By Dayhanna
    Sometimes it just randomly stops working but oh well
  • Messes with WiFi 1/5

    By yoyogorl
    When I turn it on I have to have my cellular on or else I don’t have a connection. And even then it takes forever for my things to load.
  • 不好👎 1/5

    By 大哈哈😄
  • Can you make a free unlimited data 5/5

    This app is the best app I had ever use. I wanted to know if you can make a app that give you unlimited date or it could just be data. That’s all I want to say thank you
  • Amazing 5/5

    By SkyBarani1995
    This app is amazing.
  • Please! 1/5

    By Zhichun Luo
    Hello developer, I tried to contact with you, please I didn’t get any responses. I never use this app, could you please check it and return my money back!
  • VPN 5/5

    By nunez rene
    This it a solid 5 star app I recommend u getting it and it’s free
  • bk 5/5

    By bk4618
    one word I can say Excellent
  • Good but stopped working 5/5

    By Čæthîë
    I was going to watch a movie on my phone, the reason why I bought this was just so I have internet so I’m able to watch it. It worked perfectly! But suddenly, it stopped working, now I’m loosing connection and every time I turn off VPN, it starts working but not really perfect. When I had it on the first time it was perfect then bad. Instantly in one day it became worser. So I turned off VPN because it made it worser now. My phone still need connection though. I really need internet pls fix this. It wont work perfectly anymore. When I was going to the App Store to send this review, my VPN was on. When it was loading, It stopped and said, Connection Lost. So when I turned off VPN, it loaded and worked. VPN became worser. Pls Fix. I still rate it 5 because it worked in the beginning EXTREMELY PERFECT IN THE BEGINNING WHEN I BUY DIS!!!! Pls fix (if you fixed it, it would mean a lot. If you do, I want to send this message: Thank you for fixing your app and it works perfectly now. Thank you for fixing this, I’ll reward you money 💵 but I can’t, I’m only 11 years old. I could’ve send you at least $40 or $50. I know, I’m not extremely rich. If I was, I could’ve gave you $10,000 dollars but there is no way to send money right? But thank you for fixing this now I have no poor connection :) Right now on Jan 15, 2019, 2:44 PM it said that #VPN was enabled because something wrong with my internet, #VPN is suppose to give me internet not enable itself.
  • Dear sir 1/5

    By melisa iran
    Very bad For telegram in iran😭💔
  • Not working in Syria. 1/5

    By alaaj99
    Maybe because of US sanctions?
  • No settings to cancel subscription 1/5

    By cheerla474
    There are no settings which shows you to cancel the subscription.

#VPN - Wi-Fi Hotspot Security app comments

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