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Vrbo Owner

  • Category: Travel
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  • Current Version: 2023.5.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: HomeAway.com, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Vrbo Owner App

The Vrbo Owner Mobile App makes it easy to manage your vacation rental. Stay connected with travelers, manage your bookings, and run your business, anytime and anywhere. NEVER MISS A BOOKING Get alerted every time you receive an inquiry or booking request! You can reply to an inquiry and approve or decline bookings directly from your smartphone. QUICKLY REPLY TO MESSAGES It’s easy to stay connected to guests before, during, or after their booking. You can read and reply to your messages quickly, with all of your conversations in one place. EASILY UPDATE YOUR CALENDAR Add, edit, or cancel a reservation in your calendar in just a few taps. Need to block dates? That’s easy, too. AND MORE Edit your listing, update your house rules and policies, and stay in control with the convenience of an app.

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Vrbo Owner app reviews

  • Slow and not upto the mark 1/5

    By sawantnc
    VRBO Home owners app is slow and not upto the mark. There Re many glitches. Browsing is one of the complicated matter. There is a big need of improvement in dashboard and reporting.
  • Still needs work 4/5

    By Workieworkie
    I like the new improvements made- But from the app it’s still lagging- (too long load time/ or logs me out frequently for no reason) And I’d like to be able to leave a review for my clients from the app- as well as have more valuable questions asked - cleanliness/ communication/ follow house rules/ have more specific criteria in leaving reviews- Also- VRBO needs to be more disciplined about vetting out SPAM!! We get people all the time that are spammers - wanting their “company to pay by check “ - I’ve had more SPAM on this platform than any other platform combined!! - it’s exhausting as this is not the clients we deal with!! 2 forms of photo ID- (a selfie with the client holding their drivers license- maybe a utility bill/ bank statement with there name on it from the correct address that’s on their license)in order to sign up as a “booking client” with VRBO-
  • App needs some work 2/5

    By Darryl do
    Slow to update with mew bookings and messages. Hard to find alerts such as reviewing renters. With some improvements could be a good app.
  • Support 3/5

    By Sinclair & co
    I didn’t get anything resolved or backing, when a guest smoked marijuana in the house. She clearly broke a house rule and I was told it wasn’t property damage. I had to pay for extra cleaning and I canceled my next booking. Also, this app isn’t user friendly, as the other one that I use for my platform:
  • Love vrbo 5/5

    By monica nowicky
    I love how they rate their customers so you know how people respect other properties
  • Easy 5/5

    By Kilshot91
    I find this app very IT friendly
  • Don’t use the Owner App 1/5

    By Kermit.2
    Don’t use the app, instead, use your web browser. It works much, much better than the app, for a long time now. especially if you have more than one property. Software Engineers at Vrbo are COMPLETE IDIOTS for having produced the Owner app which is so full of bugs, bugs, bugs!!! They should all be fired, immediately!!! I wrote commercial software, deployed globally, to geoscientists all around the globe for over 30 years. I have 3 software patents. My opinion matters after having used the Owner app for many years. I have 3 properties with Vrbo, since company founding in 2005. Software Engineers should be ashamed of the garbage they release to the world in Owner. Look me up in LinkedIn to view my credentials.
  • If Only… 3/5

    By Bellasweet
    App would be great IF only it was not buggy.
  • Guest Reviews 3/5

    By Nate TPX
    There should be a better review/rating system on quest who are making booking request for owners to evaluate. It’s a blind draw.
  • Great App 5/5

    By oaraya69
    Super easy to use and I can answer no matter where I am Thanks
  • Getting Better 3/5

    By richbone
    When I first started using this app it was basically useless other than looking at the calendar and replying to an inquiry or guest message. They have finally updated the Dashboard to display something other than internal marketing. I wish VRBO would take notes from AIRBNB with their interface and functionality. I want to be able to schedule check-in and check-out messages like I do in AIRBNB. For some reason, VRBO does not have this feature and I’m not sure why. As a small owner/operator I don’t have the resources to purchase a PMS. These features plus others would be helpful for others like me. Please keep improving. It’s encouraging to see. I would have rather have more functions to help guest experience rather than see that VRBO is sponsoring the Fiesta Bowl.
  • suggestion 5/5

    By kukita01
    I would love for the platform to notify us the day before or 2 days before that a guest is going to enter. In the messenger area that guest appears above.
  • Booked Revenue Section 1/5

    By Sandman Out
    The Booked Revenue Section needs to be more detailed to the level of providing Cash Flow actuals for months passed and projected (Based on bookings) Cash Flow statistics for the remaining calendar year, by Month.
  • Poor 1/5

    By Rg181-
    What is % down time? Oops error messages galore!
  • App needs work 3/5

    By meelggren
    Things appear, then disappear. I had to click accept several times in several different places.
  • App 1/5

    By Hostwithmost
    My calendars don’t sync, every time I get a text message for someone who wants to request a booking or ask a question I tap on the text it does not open then go to the app and the question is not in apps it’s a 3 to 5 minute process. When I do book, it doesn’t show on my calendar that it’s booked but yet Airbnb who is the other company I use when I book with them and immediately shows on your calendar a lot of tightening up on this tech side
  • Poor Quality App 2/5

    By AllOuttaBubbleGum
    Calendar needs to be manually refreshed, calendar doesn’t load half of the time. App is clunky and slow.
  • Does mostly what is needed, but not w/o issues. 2/5

    By Teamabel
    The app accomplishes most of what we need. Often we get error messages, or “cannot connect to server.” sometimes it says a message did not send, but it did. The app also will tell you, you’re all caught up, even though you have a new message that needs attention.
  • Use a competitor if you want to succeed 2/5

    By Yuuuuup12
    The app’s calendar feature is extremely wonky. Can’t consistently block out the night before check in or after check out almost always. It also doesn’t load half the time to confirm dates. Same with the inbox/messaging feature. Doesn’t load, doesn’t share responses with renters, etc. Room pictures and updates are extremely painful to load and often require reloading multiple times, restarting the app, etc. Beyond that, the company doesn’t offer great support. It doesn’t automatically pay your state/local taxes for you (or give you the option) doesn’t respond to queries or damage claims nearly as well as competitors. I’ll also add that the usual clientele that uses VRBO are pretty terrible and have treated my home or me like garbage. There are better options out there.
  • Alex doesn’t know how great it is to stay at Riverview. 5/5

    By Ms Walnut Cove
    I tried to help him . It appears he only needs a place to sleep And keep his equipment secure. That’s what I offered him . It would only be the essentials by renting the lower level .
  • Full of spams 1/5

    By Mathew Airbnb
    I receive on vrbo spam inquiries, million times than actual ones. That never happens on other platforms.
  • Double bookings and calendar mistakes 1/5

    By emnurse26
    I placed blocks on my calendar months ago, which vrbo then switched to as “tentative “ which then embarrassingly allowed double bookings to go through. The calendar that renters can view does not align with what I have selected on my owner calendar. Dates are blacked out that are available on my end and despite having Saturday check in/out, it alerts as double booking when someone tries to check in or out on a Saturday. The calendar is a mess and it’s costing me money
  • App is ridiculous! 2/5

    By Wifeyjake
    We have properties on VRBO and every time I go to check messages from potential guests, the app makes me log in. This would be fine if it would recognize my password, but it says it’s wrong every time. It’s pointless to even have the app because I can log in on the web every time without fail.
  • Get it Together 1/5

    By leesssaaa
    Nine times out of 10. I get an error message with the owner app. This owner app is so unreliable and inconvenient for owners. I have the app on my phone so I can use it any time in anywhere yet there are constant errors and it's time for you to get it together and work out the bugs.
  • Disaster of an app 1/5

    By McBryanO
    This app has always been a disaster, I waste a tremendous amount of time trying to get different elements to load. This latest version has totally disabled my calendars from showing up. I just get an inactive or hidden property message every time I try to log in.
  • Fox your web services 2/5

    By i.am.glenn
    The inbox is unusable as it only returns “Oops”. Fix your web services or upgrade your Azure capacity plan. This has gotten ridiculous. Calendar times out. Inbox times out. I cannot respond to inquiries or manage my property on my phone.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By eftgbbn
    Always an issue, hard to use.
  • Put us on the Map 4/5

    By Little Red House
    We live in upstate NY on Lake Champlain in a beautiful little town called Willsboro Point. VRBO put us on the map and it is very easy to navigate. I find I get a lot of fraudulent inquiries. Not sure what their scam is and I ignore them but irritating just the same. Thank you VRBO
  • Some challenges 1/5

    By CSantoro
    Too many scammers on the site. Had an issue for 2 weeks where I couldn’t log into the app, and it took that long for VRBO to resolve.
  • Slow 1/5

    By grenbyt
    Slow to get messages
  • Managing extra fees for guest who’s already booked 4/5

    By 12912Dig
    When a guest asks to extend their reservation or stay an extra night, after you “edit” the dates accordingly, you are then taken to a screen where you can create an additional fee. The fee “name” must be selected from a predefined drop down menu. None of these “names” make sense for this situation. There should be a “name” like “Extend Reservation” or “Additional Night(s)” or “Extra Night(s)”. Instead I’m forced to choose and usually pick “Late Departure”. But then I feel it’s necessary to message the guest and explain why they’re getting an extra fee request named “Late Departure” because I’ve had so many question this previously. It would be much simpler if there was a “fee name” that made more sense for this situation”.
  • Awful communication platform for guests 1/5

    By ahaiden
    Multiple communication threads with the same person. No alerts that I got a booking request. Guests that don’t have my booking acceptance. AirBnB has a much better communication platform than this junk. Try calling for help and getting nothing useful from the help. Ask to speak to a manager and the manager is somehow always busy every single time. He’ll always contact you tomorrow, but that never happens. How do you expect to beat you competition with such horrible design and customer service?
  • Censoring messages 1/5

    By censored annoyed
    I do not appreciate my personal messages with a guest being censored and information being blocked. So
  • More info on guest would be nice 2/5

    By Jersey flood
    This site may have changed how an owner can communicate with potential guests. I used to be able to ask a potential guest to give me a little background on themselves. Seems like there is now no communication allowed until a request is accepted. I hope VRBO let’s me know if I am wrong.
  • Owner review 4/5

    By Rainbow Hostess
    We are not able to leave a message about our guests, just stars.
  • Vrbo owner is great at helping me manage my business 5/5

    By momenof4
    Very happy with VRBO owner. Simple and easy to use.
  • App never works 1/5

    By Michelle .Y33
    This app never works. It wants me to sign in every time but then it started saying my password is wrong. I tried to reset it and it says its wrong! 3 times of this. I gave up. I have to use a basic website to see messages, in which the password does work. Today I clicked on the email link for a message and it brought me to the app to download on my phone, only I already have it so nowhere to go other than write a review. Not to mention on an inquiry I was told fees would be one amount on a stay if accepted. Once the booking was accepted they charged $30 more and put it in a separate thread. I called up and said that now my payout is much less and they said that there was some kind of glitch and I would be paid out the correct amount and a call if I’m not for some reason. Once the reservation came and I was paid, it was for the lesser amount. When I called to complain they said that the person asked the host a question on the inquiry but booked it through instant booking once they decided to book. This happened in the same day. But VRBO is saying that because they click the instant book, I got paid less. That makes no sense whatsoever. if a guest is presented to me in an inquiry and I am told that this is how much I would make, and I answer questions for this guest, and she books, it should automatically appear in the thread as the same person. The rent amount was exactly the same, no other charges changed except for their fees. I said that this is a bait and switch and said I wanted to speak to a supervisor and no one ever called or contacted me. Scam and unethical business practices.
  • Terrible App. Terrible host support 1/5

    By AngeleahE
    Called customer support to deal with an issue. They hung up on me after I asked why he needed my name for the third time. Never got my help so VRBO lost two reservations over it. Seems like they are getting worse as they go
  • Update is spinning-won’t open! 2/5

    By Rachm31
    The app acts like it’s gonna open pulses but never opens. This is unacceptable for owners who pay a lot of money for this type of amenity. Every tab should work!
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By FrannieWA
    This app is TERRIBLE. I get “oops, sorry the app failed to connect to the server.”, about a dozen times a day. Want to check a calendar, nope, sorry, server unavailable. Want to create a quote, nope sorry, try again later. COMPLETELY USELESS. I have an iPhone 13Pro and the app barely functions. I can’t believe anyone gave this a 5-Star. Must be VRBO Bots.
  • So slow and buggy 1/5

    By mcclurrr
    So difficult to do things from the all you’re almost forced to use a computer. Never loads, always errors trying to book or block dates
  • Property manager 5/5

    By judylovescats
    We’re very pleased with the ease of handling reservations.
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By Eo104
    The app is glitchy, doesn’t update, freezes all the time. The messages don’t update quickly. You have to refresh even when you just opened the app. Needs work.
  • This platform doesn’t have it together! 1/5

    By airbnb is better
    This is not a user platform!
  • New VRBO for Owners? 1/5

    By burgermna
    Can’t find an app for owners just an email thing to open each time
  • The appt is NOT good 3/5

    By asalonowner
    It’s like Vrbo is only user friendly on a desktop computer. And even on the desktop the site is not user friendly or very intuitive at all. My main complaint is that you can see dates are booked, but it doesn’t show the guests name; you have to go back through your inbox to figure out who is staying at your place. The calendar should show the guests name and /or photo.
  • Arguably the worst app in existence 1/5

    By rather use a recordplayer
    Crashes daily, fails to send and notify of messages, gives random pointless notifications
  • So buggy and slow 1/5

    By TomB2170
    VRBO needs to get its act together. App is painfully slow and doesn’t load messages without having to refresh multiple times. Their customer service doesn’t care either always get someone new who tries to get off the phone as fast as they can. Seriously it’s 2023 and their app basically is useless with a new iPhone.
  • App needs work 2/5

    By Nightkittyxx
    The calendar and messages often have error messages pop up when trying to update listings or read emails to contact potential guests. It’s extremely frustrating. The app is also frequently logging me out, even if I had just been on a few minutes prior. Extremely frustrating.