VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

  • Category: Photo & Video
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  • Current Version: 289.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Visual Supply Company
  • Compatibility: Android
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VSCO: Photo & Video Editor App

VSCO is a place where expression matters most. We offer creative photo and video editing tools, inspiration, and a place for you to be you. Share your photos and videos with #VSCO for a chance to be curated by VSCO. We can’t wait to see what you create. FREE PHOTO EDITOR Take your photography to the next level with 10 free VSCO presets. Easily import and edit your RAW photos. Use editing tools like Contrast and Saturation to make your photos pop or use Grain and Fade to add texture and mimic analog film effects. Adjust or play around with your photo perspectives with Crop and Skew. Save and recreate your favorite edits with Recipes. ADVANCED PHOTO EDITING TOOLS Join VSCO Membership to access VSCO’s complete preset library with over 200+ presets. Recreate vintage film looks by Kodak, Fuji, Agfa, and others with Film X. Use advanced photo editing tools like HSL and Split Tone. Frame your images with a touch of color using Borders. VIDEO EDITOR Transform your videos on mobile with the same premium VSCO presets and advanced editing tools from our photo editor. Adjust white balance and experiment with color control with HSL. Easily create short video GIFs with DSCO. VSCO MONTAGE Tell a video story and make a moving collage by layering videos, images, and shapes. Celebrate moments, illustrate a mood, or experiment with photos and videos you already have in your Studio. Adjust the opacity of any media layered in to create an eclectic range of customized gel colors and double exposures. CONNECT WITH A CREATIVE COMMUNITY Explore inspiring photos, videos, and editorial in Discover. Find people you know and connect with friends already on VSCO. Create with Journals. Try something new with weekly photo Challenges exclusive to your VSCO membership. MEMBERSHIP TRIAL AND SUBSCRIPTION TERMS Start your VSCO membership with a free 7-day trial. Once the trial is over, you’ll be charged an annual subscription fee. Your VSCO membership will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can go to your Settings > iTunes Account & App Store > Apple ID > Subscriptions to manage your membership and turn auto-renew off. Your iTunes Account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed. Read more about our terms and conditions here — http://vsco.co/about/terms_of_use Read more about our privacy policy here — http://vsco.co/about/privacy_policy

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VSCO: Photo & Video Editor app reviews

  • Took My Money 1/5

    By lue7777
    I signed up for a monthly subscription - wanting to see if I liked it enough to keep long term. I was charged the $7.99 but still have no access to any of the locked features… Even after attempting the recommended resolutions.
  • paywalls are dumb 1/5

    By Remove Create Mode
    this was a great and fun app, until they decided to put a paywall on everything:)
  • Pointless to “Trial” 1/5

    By revgrove
    Don’t even download if you’re wanting to try it first because they clearly don’t understand what a “trial” is and they’ll just take your money. When you first download this app, they give you an option that says “7 day trial” and then $29.99/year after, but then when you choose that trial, they charge you instantly??? How is that a trial if you’re making me buy a year out front before my 7 days is even up and can’t cancel?
  • user from the very beginning 2/5

    By sad to see this app now
    been using vsco since their first app. vsco v 2.0 was a significant jump. somewhere around 2015-2017 it was their prime. then they changed the entire UI and made it confusing to navigate. now they charge you money to add grain. this app is everything that’s wrong with giving people creative freedom for their own photos. I’d recommend them years ago but now i wouldn’t.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By EugeniaValiente
    it’s currently 10/01/22 and i open the app and now half of the editing tools are locked :/ , this is truly unfair to those who aren’t able to afford to buy a membership or whatever it’s called. A while back since 2016 all of the tools were free and i truly enjoyed being able to edit my photos with no problems at all but it’s very disappointing to see that i’m unable to edit my photos freely.
  • Long time user, but 3/5

    By Stōner
    I’ve gotten upset with the changes VSCO has been making over time. The biggest problem, for me, was removal of access to some editor tools—or even filters—that I once had access to, resulting in more options placed behind a paywall subscription. It’s one thing for NEW features, but placing original features—and filters—now behind a paywall is shady. If it weren’t for some of the filters I bought—when you could also buy those in sets—waay back that I enjoy, I’d prob have ditched VSCO. The iOS photos editor these days gives freely a wealth of editor options.
  • love it but, 4/5

    By eve.holl
    i love this app, i just wish there was a way to edit photos after you post
  • Locking previously free features behind subscription 1/5

    By inkkling
    Insane. Been using this app since they put it on the App Store. Had a free trial for their subscription so I went ahead and tried it, only to have them lock GRAIN behind their subscription, along with other basic editing features. Used to be a good app until they got greedy. Goodbye.
  • Updates Took away my paid presets 1/5

    By alannxjsjn
    I have been using VSCO to edit my photos since 2015 and I loved the app. I had purchased many filters that now, after this recent update I cannot use because you have to get a membership to access them? I’m deeply frustrated that services I paid for I now have to either not use or pay for again in membership form. I’ve been a loyal customer for years and to be undercut without warning in this way is deeply troubling and upsetting. I will definitely be using a different service after these updates.
  • Grain 2/5

    By mzidnfjsnak
    Why do u have to pay for it now !!!!
  • So bad now 1/5

    By Em_Anne
    This app has progressively gotten worse and less user friendly over the years, I ended up deleting it a couple years ago. I redownloaded it solely for the Grain feature and you have to pay for that feature now! Ridiculous.
  • OMG 5/5

    By robloxgothfan123
    OMG I love it sksksksk
  • Charged me for multiple memberships but no access to my account 1/5

    By thelittleflowerpetal
    Took my money but when I submitted a help ticket they didn’t help resolve issues with my account… a scam mostly — won’t be renewing my membership.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By melkisedeck
    I wrote a bad review before because I thought I lost all my presets! Turns out that I didn’t, I was just signed into the wrong account. Thanks so much y’all!
  • it won't let me create an account 1/5

    By wibblewobble06$$
    im not even going to explain how many times i've tried to create an account or at least sign in and it just keeps saying "could not connect" and when i'd put in my email/gmail it keeps telling me it couldn't connect to the server which is bull. i've tried every single option there is to get in and nothing works. fix ur app
  • Worst possible app to post photos on 1/5

    By Alex Candel
    No menus, no intuitive navigation, and an absolute failure of an application within the past 3-5 years, enjoy…
  • journal feature gone 1/5

    By Hammocks common
    i see that the journal feature is no longer in the app however on my vsco link (from instagram for example) it still shows it and im not able to delete or edit it. please fix it to where i can delete and edit existing journals or just take all journal features away completely INCLUDING a link to my vsco
  • Absolutely disappointing money grab 1/5

    By kayla danforth
    There are literally only 3 filters available for free and the rest are locked for members only. The balance of free vs paid content is completely off. This used to be the best photo editing app out there and now it’s just a pathetic money grab to try to get people to buy the membership. So sad.
  • Char charging for everything now? 1/5

    By Daraxxy
    i’ve been using vsco for the past 5 years. and now they wanna charge for the simple futures that’s were already free before? (the grain and other filters). when u would put grain before it would also enhance the clarity of the pic now it’s just ode blurry. seems like instead of improving u guys are taking a step back.
  • The Best but 4/5

    By strangerthings🫶🏼🫶🏼
    so I like the app I love the velocity but the thing is I can’t save it without doing the free trial or paying for the membership which annoys me so un downloading.
  • Just another subscription service 1/5

    By atxanon
    I’ve been a member of vsco since 2015 and loved using the app because it was easy and I loved how it made my photos look. Vsco unfortunately is now another subscription based app and took away simple functions that used to be free, such as grain. Will be moving on to another photo editing app.
  • Change the layout back 1/5

    By Bieberloverforevernsn
    I have been using VSCO for years, this layout is horrible. I literally have no idea how to use it now. Everything is messy, and just not well executed. Wish I never updated my app. Update: I don’t know how they managed to do it but they made it even WORSE! Taking away features that have been free for years? Really just going to stop using this app for good. Greed for what?
  • Progressively getting worse 2/5

    By molly weasley 1234
    IF YOU’VE NEVER USED IT, DON’T START! I’ve been using VSCO for nearly a decade, and am beyond disappointed and frustrated by the recent changes to the app. Some of my favorite filters (A6 and C1) and editing tools (clarity, grain, and highlights/shadows adjustments) have all been locked behind a pay wall. A few years back, VSCO changed how the app worked with your camera roll, and that was the first sign that things were heading in the wrong direction. Fortunately, they went back to how it previously interacted with your camera roll, so I was optimistic. Their latest and greatest idea has been to lock customer-favorite features behind a subscription-based pay wall. Listen, I know everyone is switching to this model now, and I understand that as the app became more popular and grew, the need for VSCO to bring in more money became vital to the apps survival. Adding features behind a pay wall is inevitable, I suppose, but those features should be new and innovative, not fan-favorites. Rather than giving your current users a reason to want to upgrade, you’re attempting to force them by backing them into a corner. If you can’t give us anything new to be excited about, what’s the incentive to keep using the app? I’m perfectly content looking for a new app, or paying for a better one. 2 stars, creeping closer to 1.
  • 3 Small Great Changes! 4/5

    By hotspot2008
    I love VSCO. So much. I’ve used it for years. The only 3 things I would suggest is making a page where you can see who viewed your profile just like all the other apps. Because if I don’t know someone that viewed it i can just block them. Making accounts available to be private. That would be awesome! And making it to where you can leave comments. A lot of people if they knew that VSCO had this so many more people would feel comfortable with a private account and all those other features!
  • Alright but… 3/5

    By ka_23
    The older version was better and had better features. Paying isn’t worth it anymore
  • another sell out app 1/5

    By Maddymb98
    I remember the days that all the tools and filters were free. Now the app has become yet another sell out company that has taken away once free tools once the realized no one was going to pay for their lame subscription feature. On to the next.
  • Not many free options 3/5

    By Spaghetti7779
    Not a bunch of free filters, I feel like there used to be more.
  • ugh 1/5

    By 76384857;@37363
    every time i try to sign up, it says cannot connect. When i sign up with google it says there was an issue connecting to your account
  • I know what you’re doing 2/5

    By Swagg_till_death
    Don’t hate the player, hate the game🥴
  • New Update Bugs 4/5

    By Horanlover212
    I love this app, I’ve been on it since 2015 and a member since they came out with it. Since I installed the newest update, I cannot load half of my feed. It shows a few here or there but most of them are just the square w the icon (like if i were to have poor connection) I have tried this on multiple different wifi networks with different speeds as well as cellular network. I love this app and will continue to use it for editing however I would like to be able to see my friends’ pictures and hope they can fix this in the next update.
  • Love/Hate 4/5

    By Jessygurl338
    Won’t let me use certain features unless I try to subscribe and pay the outrageous monthly price of $7.99. Try to subscribe because I like how my photo turned out and want to save it, so I click subscribe, download, approve the monthly subscription charge, all that, just to go back to the app for it to say I’m still not subscribed and still can’t save my photo. 🙃
  • membership 4/5

    By vsco reviewer
    i love vsco but i wish you didn’t have to have a membership to post the dscos, it didn’t used to be like that
  • Images not loading - very slow 2/5

    By ChapelProtester
    See title. App is now not loading 20% of photos.
  • sad 3/5

    By iwantthefreetrial
    used this app since it’s launch, have had it forever but am considering moving on to different platforms because of the price increase for a membership, which I already thought was steep.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    This app has been freee since 2009 and it’s a shame how people who has always had access to all the features now has to pay… I don’t understand this and I am very disappointed this app used to be my favorite. I would also like to add that for the GRAIN filter it has now changed … so if I edit something on my iPad and send it to my iPhone it’s less grainy. I rather just not use the app at all or just use no filter lol !! Esspecially when it used to be free this is crazy.
  • Rip the VSCO I loved 1/5

    By soccagal397 :P
    I’ve had VSCO since 2016 and have a been a huge advocate for the app. I loved the UI, editing tools, and the mini feeds you can get without “liking” images. Unfortunately after they put their most popular features behind pay walls, I’m very disappointed like most avid users. Paying to use the highlights & shadow feature? That’s a typical tool that should be free. Not to mention the grain tool. Moreover, took their most popular presets and put them behind paywalls. I understand subscription services, but there has to be a better way. Very disappointed and will be switching to other editing tools now and just not using VSCO anymore for that reason.
  • Miss DSCO ! 4/5

    By dhaopaowhebfbfjd
    I absolutely love this app, but I miss the videos that auto played on peoples profiles! It was such a unique and cute feature.
  • Errrr sad to see it the way it is 3/5

    By Arilay C.
    I now have to be a member to use the clarity, tone, and grain feature? Lowkey sad they limited access to what their app can offer. Used this app for almost 8 years because the quality of my photo edits came out great and it was really easy to use. Kinda sad to say VSCO isn't what it used to be. Currently looking for other alternatives :(
  • Used To Love This App 1/5

    By Dervvvex
    I’m SUPER annoyed with the new update where I’m no longer able to use features that were FREE for years. Done using this for any sort of photo editing… making you pay for features that you already have on an iPhone for free(clarity, highlight/shadow adjustments) is absolutely ridiculous and I can’t believe that VSCO had the audacity. Hope they correct their mistake.
  • taking away too many features 2/5

    By melisslate
    i have been using vsco for ages and had purchased all the presets i needed. suddenly i can’t access all my presets (that i already paid for!!!) because i have to subscribe?! this is awful and just a super sketchy money grab. shame on you, vsco. i’ll be going elsewhere for photo editing.
  • Horrible now 1/5

    By Bigchrisxl
    This used to be my go to app for quick editing but since one of the recent updates you can’t even do basic editing like adjusting the shadows without paying a premium. It was good while it lasted, sad that I have to delete this app.
  • Manually adding photos to app to edit is awful 1/5

    By Jawsh09
    Prior to a recent update, I didn’t have to press a (+) icon to edit photos. My camera roll just appeared in the app and I edited photos (then, the changes actually affected my camera roll) The new workflows is ridiculously cumbersome and even after a month or so of trying to get used to it, I’m likely dropping my VSCO membership. I dread needing to open app now. Sounds funny, but actually removed VSCO from my home screen as it was causing so much annoyance.
  • Removing features after updating 2/5

    By yerdun
    Why not create more interesting features for people willing to purchase? Rather than removing the basic features for the free users and giving those to the purchasers and calling it special. Capitalist greed is so annoying. Out of principal, don’t purchase this app.
  • vsco :( 2/5

    By opl!!!!!!!
    this app used to be great, but now they took away FREE features and put them behind a paywall subscription service. i’d be okay with paying a one-time fee, but this is outrageous. i will now be using a different app. it makes me so sad, but i don’t know what happened to vsco. bad decisions turn into a bad app, and that is what is happening right now.
  • would be nice if you could mass delete 5/5

    By chleia11
  • You have to pay for basic tools that were free. 1/5

    By Chuqi G
    I am honestly disappointed with VSCO. Basic editing tools have been taken away and you can only use these tools if you pay for membership. This was my go-to editing app. Its annoying and inconvenient. Why would I pay a monthly fee to edit with tools that were once free ? I don’t get it, the tools were already limited enough, now VSCO has taken basic photo editing tools. Deleting the app. Here comes the generic, ignorant and unsympathetic excuse of a response from the VSCO robot. VSCO is a multi-million dollar company and for them to take away basic tools like GRAIN and CLARITY is beyond me. You want more money? My money? To be able to use something that has been FREE since I was in middle school? I’m a senior in college now. Keep it up VSCO, you are losing so much more and gaining nothing. Many of us have been struggling since early 2020, financially, and for your multi-million dollar empire to be greedy, ignorant and let’s just say plain right stupid to think changing these free options was a good move you are terribly mistaken.
  • One star 1/5

    By Stephie N
    Asking me to pay for a membership when I’ve been using this app since 2013 and have already purchased filters in the past. Disappointed to say the least
  • So whats wrong with this app?!! 1/5

    By azarcon
    I have clicked on join membership so many times and paid for it, and it says successful downloads of presets but I still cant use the presets?!! WHATS WRONG WITH THIS APP?? WHY not just leave it the way it was 3 years ago instead of making it so expensive and INEFFECTIVE? super unsatisfied.
  • Unable to use paid subscription 1/5

    By Robinhood = Criminals
    I have been paying for a VSCO subscription for years, but have not been able to use all the paid for features. I tried to figure out once through uninstalling the app signing out and back in. Still no change.